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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  August 31, 2014 3:00am-4:31am PDT

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good morning. sunday is upon us. we're grateful for your company especially this early, it came early. >> yes. >> i don't know what it is. it came early today. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. welcome to our viewers on the east coast. 3:00 a.m. out west probably still up from saturday. this is "new day sunday." it certainly is good to have you with us this morning. a lot going on in the world. u.s. warplanes taking aim at isis militants in iraq. >> fighter jets destroyed targets near amerli trying to
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help thousands who have been trapped for months at this point. i believe it was in june. >> u.s. military planes also air dropped food and water to amerli's starving, the residents there. iraqi helicopters evacuated some women and children there. it's feared they could be massacred if isis fighters get into the town. dozens of people crowded around the aircraft you see here trying to get some help, hoping to be rescued. a few people are pulled onto the aircraft. >> right. we know australian, french and british warplanes also air dropped supplies as well. the u.s. is getting help from other countries in regards to the humanitarian crisis there. >> the pentagon says it acted at the request of the iraqi government and will continue to provide humanitarian assistance as needed. >> anna joins us live. so anna, fill us in on what you know about the air drops there and the u.s. that's been calling for this international coalition
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against isis. are we seeing anything develop? >> reporter: without a doubt. international community finally coming together to help the besieged town of amerli. let's stress that a week ago the united nations both called for help. the united nations calling it potential massacre was unfolding. there are groups saying that both the united states and the international community have been dragging their feet in regards to amerli unlike the yazidi crisis and mt. sinjar. they feel it's because of the media attention the past week that finally the u.s. and the i want national community is acting. but there were air strikes around amerli yesterday. we also understand that there were aid drops carried out as you say by the united states, austral
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australia, britain, france. certainly delivering that much-needed food, water and medical supplies that they have been without now for weeks. this is a community that has been under siege for two entire months. it's hard to fathom but it's the local police, the local militia, it's volunteers who have managed to fend off isis from that particular township made up of turkmen shia. yes the iraqi military have been flying in the occasional aid drop as well as weapons but it has not been enough. we are hearing from sources some of the aid drops delivered yesterday did not make the township of amerli so they definitely do need more assistance, christi. >> i remember the image of yazidi woman there crying screaming for help at the back of the legislative body there in iraq. and we now understand that what she was fearing has come true, that there are reports that isis is selling hundreds of girls and
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women that were kidnapped. >> reporter: that's right, victor. the syrian observe ore for human rights up to 300 women have been sold, married off to isis militants in the townships of northeastern syria that they have under firm control. we believe through this commission that they are selling them off for $1,000 a woman, we don't know the treatment that they have endured but we can only imagine that it has been absolutely horrific. they have described, this is isis militant, they describe these as the captives of the spoils of war with infidels. it's alarming. we cannot independently verify this but we have been hearing these reports from government organizations, from aid bodies of women being captured, being enslaved, being married off to
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these isis militants. >> terrifying. >> it is. anna coren, thank you so much for the report. now in about 20 minutes we'll talk with a former defense foreign affairs specialist. we'll ask him about the fight against isis ahead. >> we're talking about how australia is pitching in on the fight here. we know that australian military aircraft are going to fly guns and ammunitions to iraq to help kurds fighting the militant groups there. we mentioned they carried out the humanitarian aid drop in amerli. the australian prime minister does say though they have no plans to get involved in a war, they have to do all they can to help. >> while we understandably shrink from reaching out to these conflicts, the truth is that these conflicts reach out to us. >> by the way, australia is helping out, we know, based on a
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response to a request from the u.s. let's get you to ukraine t president says a full scale war with russia is highly likely. he called this, quote, the point of no return. and said thousands of pro-russian and russian troops and hundreds of tanks are now in ukrainian territory. >> ukraine's president spoke at a european union summit in belgium. top officials said new eu sanctions will be proposed this week. the u.s. and germany are also considering tougher action. >> as for russia, it's continuing to deny that it's supporting the rebels or even sending troops across the border. >> ukrainian troops and residents have been working to defend the port city. >> diana was there, she's heading north we understand near the russian border.
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talk to us about the sense. what were you seeing? >> reporter: well, there are two main areas, christi, of military activi activity. in the south and up where we're headed. i'll talk about the surroundings first of all. one town about 45 kilometers away by the russian border has been taken over. it's been taken over by the rebels, ukraine says rebels backed by russian soldiers and tanks. so the fear in mariupol they will push west and take over this city. so yesterday we saw residents digging trenches along side a road block outside the city. this is what they had to say about defending their city. >> translator: today we found a human chain in order to show the whole world that in particular
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to putin we will not give up our city. if he wants to come he will have to shoot innocent people. he will have to shoot women and children. >> reporter: we have combed all of the roads in that area and seen no sense that tanks or further troops are going to be pushing forward over the last two days, not a sign of it. if they did want to push west they would need a lot more troops to do it. >> diana, thank you so much. >> thank you. two people have been killed more than 150 hurt in clashes between protesters and police in pakistan. police fired tear gas as the crowd threatened to march to the prime minister's home. the protesters who have demonstrate forward two weeks say the last election was rigged and they want sharif to step down. >> also in the u.s. 3.4 earthquake rattled homes about
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five miles southwest of napa, california. it happened just before 5:00 a.m. eastern. we have no reports fortunately of damage or injuries but remember, this minor quake is coming just a week to the day after we were all sitting here last week at this time talking about an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.0 in that same area. that caused dozens of injuries and a billion dollars in property damage. >> the nfl's first openly gay player is out of a job. michael sam waived by the team days before the start of the season. >> also, fans are waiting to hear if joan rivers is getting better. she is still in the hospital this morning, we have details on how she is doing and we'll share that with you next. she's still the one for you.
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look at this lightning. >> wow. >> severe weather here, you see where it is. i mean, forced a three-hour delay between the university of florida and idaho last night. this was the gators or was supposed to be the gators' season opener in gainesville. but after three hours when the game started, the game lasted for one play why? there was more lightning. the schools have not decided if they will reschedule that game. >> i'm betting there was a lot of drinking going on. >> beverages were passed. yes. >> i'm just saying. you got to pass the time, people. this is official, the st. louis rams cut defensive end michael sam. >> the former all american football star earned a spot in history when he became the first openly gay player ever drafted by the nfl.
3:14 am
>> sam has bigger dreams here, he wants a career in the league, obviously or as he put it in one tweet, quote, the journey continues. rashaun alley joining us with more. a lot believe that he is good enough to play in the league. what happened? >> well, they were stacked at that position, the st. louis rams. they have two all-pro defensive ends so it was hard for him to make the team but his dream of becoming the first openly gay play tear make an nfl team may happen, just not in st. louis. he was one of the players cut by the rams yesterday. the all american defensive end made history when he was drafted by the rams in a seventh and final round. he faced long odds from the start because the rams are stacked at that position as stated. in the end the head coach jeff fisher said it was a football decision. >> this was a football decision. mike fit in very, very well. he was fun to be around, he was a good teammate. there was no issue there. again, as i said earlier, i was
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pulling for him. it just didn't work out. >> sam tweeted a statement saying i look forward to continuing to build on the progress i made here toward a long and successful career. the most worth while things in life rarely come easy. this is a lesson i've always known. the journey continues. sam got the bad news on the phone because he was on the missouri sideline watching his alma mater play south dakota state. the rams move doesn't mean the end of sam's professional career. he could be picked up by another team or end up on a practice squad. missouri actually won that game, too. >> a phone call? >> usually -- >> is that how it happens? >> usually the coach meets with the players face-to-face. but since he decided to go to the game and he had made the initial cut and teams had until 4:00 yesterday -- >> it was going to be good or bad. >> you think was he sitting at
3:16 am
the game? that's not fun. >> yeah. >> are there teams out there who seem to be looking at him? >> he's a good enough player. he had three sacks in the preseason. teams have until 12:00 today to add him to their roster. if nobody picks him up he could be on a practice squad including the st. louis rams. we'll see. >> the journey continues. >> the journey continues as he said. >> so good to have you. >> nascar driver tony stewart returns to racing tonight in atlanta. >> he actually sat out the last three races, remember, after his car hit and killed the driver during a dirt track race in new york. he was emotional and showed some remorse in his first public comments since kevin ward jr.'s death. i talked to fellow driver and tony's teammate danica patrick how he's doing. >> who knows how long it takes to digest it, to work through it
3:17 am
and i'm sure it will always, to be honest, something that he will deal with the rest of his life. but you know, as driving with him being my boss i'm you know, i'm happy to have him back at the track and as a team we will do whatever we can to help him in any way he needs help. >> the investigation, by the way, into stewart's actions isn't over. the sheriff says it could last a couple more weeks. have you ever heard of such a thing? the corvette museum wanted to preserve, yes, preserve the sinkhole that swallowed eight of its classic cars. >> i remember these pictures. unbelievable. >> preserve it, people. but you know, they ultimately decide against it. >> there's this. >> she looked out at the audience and said you know, i'm 81, you know, i could go at any moment. i could just go over. that was her term.
3:18 am
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(singing) ♪ visine® gives your eyes relief in seconds. visine®. get back to normal. five stories we're watching. first, two more medical workers have survived ebola. a doctor and physician's assistant left a treatment center. both had been give at any zmapp, the same drug credited with saving two americans. ebola has spread to five countriesnd a takes the lives of 1500 people. >> number two, a 9-year-old girl died at a beach when a hole she
3:22 am
was digging caved in. she was playing when this happened on friday. beachgoer were frantically trying to dig her out. the sand kept collapsing into the hole. when police and firefighters did dig her out of that she wasn't breathing and she died later at the hospital. >> three the national corvette museum in bowling green, kentucky says it will fill the sinkhole that swallowed eight of its cars and damaged five of them beyond repair. the 45-foot hole that opened up in february has been both a blessing and a curse because visitor traffic jumped by 70%. people want to see the damage. museum considered preserving the sinkhole but decided against it that it would cost $1 million more than to fill the hole. >> four, dwyane wade and gabrielle union tied the knot. they are official. made so it yesterday in miami. it was a small ceremony including wade's children and a
3:23 am
nephew he's raising. he proposed last year after four years of dating and it's the second marriage for both. congratulations to them. >> five, the world still waiting to hear how joan rivers is doing. we know she is in the hospital. her daughter issued a statement saying her condition remains serious but she is receiving the best treatment and care possible. >> from friends, these trends on social media, you can see here that fans around the country are really concerned about joan rivers' health. miguel marcus looks at how she joked about her death on the recent show the one right before she was rushed to the hospital. >> joan rivers appearing fit as a fiddle and in full outrage comedy mode at the theater wednesday night, even joking about her own death. >> she looked out at the audience and said you know, i'm 81. you know. i could go at any moment. i could just go over. that was her term go over.
3:24 am
i could go over here. you look down and you think it's part of the show. >> shade snapped this pic from his seat. he even got this one with the queen of mean just after the show around 9:30 p.m. he says she was the picture of health. >> this was a classic joan, tough, funny, bizarre, outrageous. >> the best i've seen her. truly, i was really surprised she just gave everything. >> hours later early thursday morning she was at yorkville, a facility specializing in digestive disorders. by 9:30 a.m. during what should have been a routine outpatient procedure she stopped breathing, went into cardiac arrest and was rushed to mount sinai for emergency care. >> how shocked were you when you heard the news? >> absolutely. the world turned upside down, 911. >> in recent days the 81-year-old has been in tip top form, no indication she was
3:25 am
ailing, here she is taking the als ice bucket challenge on e entertainment last week. >> everybody happy? security! >> love you, joan. >> there was rivers walking out on a recent cnn interview. >> stop it with and you do this and you're mean and you're that. you are not the one to interview a person who does humor. sorry. >> are we serious? >> feisty and tough as ever. love for the razor sharp-witted rivers pouring out. actress marlee matlin urging rivers to get well and, quote, moon the doctors for us while you're recouperatrecuperating. so looking forward to joan rivers jokes about this. actor zachary tweeted no one is ready to go on without you, lady. her fans agree. >> joan rivers is necessary. we love her. we love you, joan.
3:26 am
you know, it's something you saw her show, i don't know if it was a couple years ago, said she is so vibrant on stage still at 81. she was crawling around, moving. she seems to be in very good health. >> yeah. you know something i learned is that she keeps all of these one liners in file cabinets. she has years of these. if she wants to go to politicians she goes to the politicians drawer, pulls that out and says all right, this works, that's how she puts together a routine. >> somebody needs to give her an iphone. or something. >> voice commands. she could just -- so let's talk about the other big story we're following this weekend. happening in the middle east. john kerry says the u.s. should help the moderate syrian opposition. he says isis can be defeated. we'll talk with a top adviser to the syrian opposition coalition. >> you remember dennis rodman
3:27 am
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bottom of the hour. so glad to have you with us. >> thanks for staying with us. the u.s. is carried out new air strikes and also aid drops in iraq. the strikes made against isis targets near the mosul dam,
3:31 am
destroyed a fighting position and armored vehicle. >> about 100 miles south u.s. forces dropped humanitarian aid in amerli where isis fighters have surrounded that town we understand, the action comes as a syrian human rights group reports isis kidnapped and sold girls and women to its members for about $1,000 each. >> president obama says the u.s. cannot go after isis alone and is calling for a joint international effort, but, can isis be stopped? >> we are joined now in washington, a former defense department affairs specialist now a senior adviser to the syrian opposition coalition. thank you for being with us. i know that you have called for robust american action in syria. what action do you see needs to be taken at this juncture? >> absolutely. there is no question that in order for the united states to defeat the isis terrorist army real strategy has to be focused on hitting the strongholds of
3:32 am
isis, in syria. primarily in northern and eastern syria where isis leadership and command and control structure is concentrated. there are some real vulnerabilities that can be exploited that we heard is last week that the white house and the u.s. administration was considering, potential air strikes against isis positions. that option is still on the table, still being discussed. but it's very clear that if the u.s. is to truly have a sustained solution to stopping and pushing back the isis terrorist forces, u.s. air strikes against isis in syria will be necessary, in addition to significant increase of u.s. military support to the moderate free syrian army forces on the ground in syria that are actively fighting isis as we speak today. >> so, the pairing of the air strikes and then for the syrian
3:33 am
army to finish off the job essentially, individually to the projects, is the free syrian army strong enough? are they well organized enough, to handle that job? and what's the concern here for those resources that are given to the moderate rebels there compared to what we saw in iraq? the u.s. gave resources to the iraqi army and those were just surrendered at some point to isis. >> the issue of whether or not the u.s. has a capable and willing partner on the ground is really the crucial factor on whether u.s. military action will have decisive impact against isis in syria. in iraq we saw the u.s. partner with kurdish security forces and with iraqi special operations forces after isis made significant gains. that has helped push, turn back the tide against isis. now, in sear yarks ironically, all of that captured american
3:34 am
equipment, taken by isis, is now being used by isis to bombard free syrian army positions in the northern province of aleppo. the forces on the ground have since january made some actually very significant and noticeable gains against isis with little international support. this has made them the primary threat to isis, isis leadership, themselves issued a declaration in february declaring the free syrian army and the syrian opposition as their principle enemy. so now while the free syrian army forces are being besieged by both the assad military and isis, they are holding strong, they are pushing back, but it really requires significant increase of american support to ensure that the line against isis holds firm. >> you mentioned a little international support there, you know that of course secretary of state john kerry called for an international coalition, in a piece in the new york times he
3:35 am
said i'm going to quote this, what the united response led by the united states and the broadest possible coalition of nations the cancer of isis will not be allowed to spread to other countries. when you hear that, i have to wonder who do you think would be the strongest other countries to be part of this coalition with the u.s. and who would be the most willing? >> both secretary kerry and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general dempsey emphasized importance of partnership, of fighting isis with a regional partnership and with fighting isis from, quote, the inside out. from the bottom up. now, that is both are really crucial elements to not only containing isis because containment as we've seen simply is insufficient, but to roll back isis. now, you do have regional countries such as saudi arabia, the united arab emirates, turkey, and now and the
3:36 am
kurdistan regional government that understand that isis is not simply a localized terrorist force, it is a regional and international terrorist force. so i believe the united states does have capable partners in the region as well as a willing partner on the ground with the moderate free syrian army and the syrian opposition forces that are willing to take the fight straight to the headquarters of isis if they have the necessary military tools and that is the big question today, whether the u.s. is willing to provide those tools. >> quickly let me ask you worked inside the government in defense department, now you are the senior adviser to the syrian opposition coalition. secretary hagel met with leaders of the gulf states t defense ministers and promised them that the u.s. would get involved and have a deeper commitment to the people in syria who are fighting assad. that was in may. why hasn't it happened?
3:37 am
>> now, there have been -- we have seen some progress on the ground in terms of what the united states government has been quietly workingehind the scenes to help empower the anti-isis forces on the ground. we have seen -- actually a pretty significant increase in the relationship between the u.s. government and those fighting forces on the ground led by the free syrian army that are actively opposing isis. we have seen numerous regional trips by senior u.s. officials to meet with their counterparts in the gulf and in the region to discuss fighting in -- a strategy to fight isis. that has proved to be insufficient as we saw by the rapid increase of isis territory since june. since january the syrian opposition has been beseeching
3:38 am
the world, particularly the united states, to work in concert toward not only stopping isis from spreading but from establishing the necessary strategy to defeat isis once and for all. i think the u.s. government is getting there slowly, now that this issue of isis has become an international one. particularly that isis is a threat to the u.s. homeland. >> all right. we so appreciate you being with us today. thank you. >> thank you. >> the sports dip plo mass tee the extreme. forget basketball scrimmages and dennis rodman though the world watched those. north korea host add two-day pro wrestling showcase featuring americans and the latest attempt to thaw global relations and cnn was there. >>as a marine he didn't think he would live past 25. he is 90 now. and received one heck of an honor.
3:39 am
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remember when dennis rodman made those basketball diplomacy trips to north korea. >> now the nation is taking a shot, pro wrestling my friend. pro wrestling diplomacy. >> so, it didn't have all of the glitz and glamour of the wwe wrestle main yaxt thousanimania. thousands cheered for the americans and north koreans. some international star who is punched through a two-day exhibition. >> will ripley got an inside look for us. >> reporter: pro wrestlers wrangling in the ring would almost never be international news. but this is north korea, and these are american fighters. saying thanks to a crowd of 13,000. >> we're here to do something bigger and better.
3:44 am
>> reporter: john strongman anderson and former nfl player bop sapp may not be household names to most. in north korea they have star treatment like they haven't had in years, pulling crowds all over, public stunts with smiling kids and a host country keen on any positive international press. we, like the wrestlers, have been invited here and shown a limited view of the country. >> we expected a lot of gloom and doom. >> reporter: the north korea they are seeing is different from the country described by the united nations panel as a brutal state accused of torture, slavery and mass starvation. >> you could find some crappy political view on everything. >> reporter: faux foreichinese, even this american hip-hop artist co-founder of the fugees. >> the infrastructure seemed really good. >> what we're allowed to see.
3:45 am
>> well yeah. exactly. >> reporter: japanese retired pro wrestler turned politician organized this event. he says sports diplomacy can bring north korea closer to the outside world. >> the first time they had a festival like this. back then most of the audience thought the fighting was real. this time they are enjoying the performance but they see through the theatrics. >> it looks more realistic in person than on television, this woman says, diplomatically. the biggest applause of the night for something more familiar to this audience. a perfectly choreographed tae kwon do display. they are here to see what the outside world has to offer but this is their world. this is north korea. >> it's not real?
3:46 am
i'm kidding. just saying. why is it that we get to a holiday weekend and mother nature decides to mess with us? >> there are storms on the way. you got to get ready. we'll tell you where these storms are. jennifer gray is coming up with the forecast. i was lucky. that sounds crazy, i know. but my mom got migraines, so she knew this would help. excedrin migraine starts to relieve my pain in 30 minutes. plus, sensitivity to light and sound, even nausea. excedrin migraine works. [ female announcer ] aveeno® daily moisturizing lotion has active naturals® oat with five vital nutrients. [ aniston ] because beautiful skin goes with everything. aveeno®.
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you got to get up too. though when you get up make sure you take your umbrella when you head out. there will be a few thunderstorms today. humid, wet, 94 degrees.
3:50 am
>> you know, weather was a factor in the college football season openers too. the university of florida had to cancel its game against idaho altogether because of that. what a great shot though. >> whoever captured this, good job. >> nice job. how about the rest of the holiday weekend? why does mother nature decide you got a day off, i think i'm going to ruin it for you. >> i know, right. we're going to see showers push into the mid-atlantic for today, also a respecting of thunderstorms in the midwest. so let me show you the mid-atlantic first. d.c., raleigh, boston, you're fine. through the afternoon the showers will push in your direction. we could see a hail and high wind threat so you have been included in the slight risk area for this afternoon. we could see large hail, damaging winds and a possibility of isolated tornado in the midwest. minneapolis, des moines, omaha, and kansas city. again, just a slight risk. for labor day, though, keep in mind this threat moves to the east so it will include
3:51 am
tomorrow, chicago, indianapolis, st. louis, kansas city, bigger cities and a lot of folks have the day off. so hanging out by the grill keep your eye on the sky tomorrow if you are in those areas. we'll time it out for you, we could see a couple of showers or storms roll through minneapolis. this is about 10:00 p.m. tonight as well as new york and boston. could see a couple of showers by then. moving offshore after that, could see a round of rain again early monday morning in minneapolis and then pushing through chicago late in the day again. some of those storms could be strong. so, keep in mind for that, couple of other cities we're looking at. new york city, sunday and monday looks like rain. tuesday clearing out nicely. as you head back to work, houston as well looks like we'll see rain today and tomorrow. so a lot of cities rainy but we're seeing a couple of those cities getting nice weather this weekend. >> good for them. >> put the lid down on the grill. it still works. >> good point. there is time for roasted meat. >> there's always time for roasted meat. jennifer gray, thank you so
3:52 am
much. >> that's my favorite victorism. never a bad time for roasted meat. one man's life in sports. could this be made into a movie or what. you may not have heard his name with your other baseball heroes. however, he is pretty spectacular. >> william grayson, one of the last surviving players of the negro baseball league. stay with us. deploy the boring potato chip decoy bag. with a variety of tastes and textures, only chex mix has twenty bags of interesting. pick your mix. ♪ ♪
3:53 am
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3:55 am
at 90 years old a lot of people would have enough stories
3:56 am
to fill. >> i say so. >> no one's would be like reverend william grayson's. his stories would include ones from world war ii t civil rights movement and being a player in the negro baseball league. >> he added another honor to his list. reverend grayson, there he is in the white jacket, received a living legend award last weekend from the negro baseball league association and man, he truly lives up to this title. >> those are the good old days. >> reporter: 90-year-old bill grayson has a lot of memorable days. >> what are these? >> you have iwo jima here, you have pacific, you have a good conduct at korea, you have a world war ii and now the presidential citation that was given to us. >> reporter: he is a marine corps combat veteran blessed because only there was a time he
3:57 am
didn't expect to live past 25. >> i went in i prayed and asked god that if he save immediate and whatever, whatever he wanted me to do, i'll do it. >> reporter: his prayers were answered. he got off the island but it's where he ended up that was unexpected. he is one of the only negro league baseball players still alive. >> i never dreamed that i would have been a baseball player. nobody taught me how to play. it was a gift. >> reporter: a gift he shared with friend and teammate willie mays. together in 1948, the two won the negro league world series with the birmingham black barrens. he was a pitcher with a sharp curve. >> i had a good downer. i threw overhand, you know. it fall off the table. >> reporter: he even had a stint as a major leaguer with the
3:58 am
st. louis cardinals, later he moved from the mound to the pulpit. >> you have a favorite spot in this church? >> no. right there. right behind that desk right there. that's my -- that's my spot. >> reporter: the church he says is his true calling. >> just a joy to stand here to be able to speak to people, you know, and you're looking around. everything is going pretty good. >> reporter: but this has always been easy. it was everything else, he says, that hurt. >> this is the area where the bombing took place. >> reporter: in 1963 he was a member here the day that the baptist church was bombed. four little girls were killed, dozens were injured. >> anger the main thing. we were angry. first of all because they were using hoses on people. they brought dogs in like you were animals.
3:59 am
>> attack sparked unrest and the incident servings as a flash point in the civil rights movement. >> this is the fire hose they used on people here in birmingham. the dogs that they used. homes burned. >> you were around for all of that. >> oh, yeah. still am. didn't blow me out. >> reporter: these days as a minister it's the devine spirit that keeps him going. reverend baseball revolutionary and war hero. pretty interesting life by any standards. >> a few more words from the lord. that's all i want. just to stand a few more times and say something. >> stories he could tell. >> the things we can learn, really from him. the hope and the faith. that's pretty remarkable. he should do some writing.
4:00 am
>> yes. thanks to reverend griesen. >> congratulations to him again. thank you so much for sharing part of your morning with us. >> much more ahead on the next hour of your new day. it starts right now. i hope that shot of inspiration got you off to a good start. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. it's 7:00 on the east coast, 4:00 out west. this is "new day sunday." this morning we've got an update on the u.s. warplanes that have been taking aim at isis militants to try to help thousands of starving desperate villagers in northern iraq. we're hearing that iraqi forces have broken the siege around the town of amerli. >> the pentagon says fighter aircraft struck and destroyed isis targets near amerli last night and they are doing this to try to help save thousands, about 20,000 people in that town have been trapped for months now since june.
4:01 am
>> the u.s. military planes air dropped water to amerli's residents and iraqi helicopters you see here, people just crowded around, hoping for some relief. a few women and children were able to board that aircraft. >> you see how desperate they are. forces handing out water, they feared that they would be massacred if isis fighters got into their hometown. here's something else we know. australian, british and french military aircraft did join in the air drops. cnn's anna coren is in northern iraq. >> and anna, let's start with you. iraqi security forces have, as we reported, broken the siege around amerli. tell us how they did it. >> reporter: yes, that's right. we heard a short time ago that they managed to break into amerli, those isis militants surrounding the town of less than 20,000 turkmen for the last
4:02 am
two months. there has been fierce fighting in this area for days now. ever since the united nations really raised the red flag saying the potential massacre was under way. before that it was only the local police, the local militia as well as just volunteers who were picking up weapons and fighting back those militants. certainly the military through air strikes, iraqi air strikes as well as u.s. air strikes yesterday helping push back those isis militants, allowing the iraqi forces into amerli. really averting a crisis. but as i say, there were the calls a week ago a potential massacre was unfolding. militants cut off water and power. we were getting reports from the turkmen foundation, relatives and families there, that dozens of children were dying. so this was a crisis. and thank goodness the
4:03 am
international community has responded. >> this video showing the desperation there. just to get your basic needs. erin, now that we see other nations joining in this aid mission, is there any indication that they may even step up militarily as well? >> reporter: that's a very interesting question because we do have a statement and comments from australian prime minister tony abbott from last night and he said at the request of the united states government, the australian air force is getting involved and transporting military equipment, arms and munitions, but he does go on to say, i want to stress there is no specific request thus far has been received from the obama administration, and he says in that vein if a request is made he wants to answer the question is there an achievable overall objective. but in his remarks last night, tony abbott makes the point that there are 60 australians known to be involved in terrorist
4:04 am
groups in middle east and another 10 or so supporting those 60. so this is a threat to australian security as well and that's why they are getting involved in the transporting of military equipment, but they have not joined in air strikes. so we want to make sure we make that distinction. >> anna, we're also hearing from isis about the women that were abducted and now taken as wives, some sold. tell us about what we're learning from isis about these women. >> reporter: victor, it's chilling. according to the syrian obser observatory for human rights they are reporting that hundreds of women, up to 300 yazidi women captured in iraq have been either sold off or give tune the rank and file of isis. these women being sold for $1,000 each. we were hearing these reports
4:05 am
from the yazidi men who managed to escape, sinjar and the surrounding villages, that isis were advancing on saying that our wives have been captured, our children have been captured. it's hard to corroborate those stories. certainly now hearing from the syrian observatory for human rights, from other governments about the enslavement of women this is an alarming development. >> my gosh, yes, it's horrifying. erin, we know the president is going to travel oversea this is week. what do we know about this trip and the discussions he'll be having and with whom? >> christie, he is traveling to wales for the nato summit and also secretary of state john kerry and defense secretary chuck hagel will travel with him. and that the nato sum submit mostly about how to handle russia, but on the sidelines, what they will be doing is try to rally more allies of the
4:06 am
united states in the fight against isis in iraq and syria to get more countries like australia on board in that effort. >> all right. anna coren and erin mcpike in washington, thank you so much. >> now to the crisis in ukraine and the european union looking to impose stiffer sanctions on russia. ukraine's president says the conflict is nearing the point of no return and full scale war is highly likely. a top official says new sanctions will be proposed as the u.s. and germany weigh tougher action. in the eastern city of mariupol residents came out to defend the city as russia continued to deny it's supporting the rebels or sending its own troops across the border. >> two people have been killed in clashes in pakistan. police fired tear gas as the crowds threatened to march. the protesters who have been demonstrating for two weeks say the last election was rigged and
4:07 am
they want shareef to step down. >> more fallout from the killing of michael brown. two more officers are out of a job. amid these questionable conduct related to the protests in the days following the shooting of that unarmed black teenager by white officer darren wilson. >> we're told one threatened and pointed a rifle at protesters. he resigned. another retired after going on a video rant about the supreme court and muslims. there is a third officer here who was fired for making inappropriate facebook posts as well. >> so many people this weekend sending prayers and well wishes to a comedy legend. she has been in the hospital for several days now. >> and everybody is waiting to find out whether he gendary comedian joan rivers is getting better. we're talking to a card algist is hopefully going to explain to us what may have gone wrong during this medical procedure. and what this means for the days ahead. [ female announcer ] birdhouse plans. nacho pans.
4:08 am
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4:11 am
fans around the world are waiting for word on how joan rivers is doing. her daughter says she is still in serious condition after she stopped breathe during throat surgery. >> the legendary comedian as we're told had been in stellar shape just the night before. at a comedy routine she was giving, even joked about dying. during this routine. but that's typical joan. she's always you know, ready to laugh at herself. >> i hate old people. i say i hate, hate, old, oh, their bodies. the bodies, enjoy your bodies now. oh, this is how i go to the
4:12 am
bathroom. it is just -- i use my left boob as a stopper in the tub. >> she is so funny. let's bring in dr. dave montgomery. he is a cardiologist. so good to have you with us. >> good morning to you. >> help us understand what may have happened here. she was at an enduescopic clinic. and these surgeries i mean, do you even call them surgeries because they are happening outside of hospitals and clinics. this is common. >> very common. this is an outpatient surgical center. it's said she was going to have a vocal cord procedure, something in the vocal cords. and these are centers all over the place and they fully staffed with anesthesiologists and other staff that can handle this. >> help us understand. at 81, to sedate someone of her age, there has to be some increased level of danger here. >> yes. that's exactly right. so just her age alone is a risk
4:13 am
factor for these complications that can happen. for any procedure you are under anesthesia. >> so help us understand the protocol. when her heart stopped beating, you pointed out during the break we don't know if that was after the procedure happened, after she had been given anesthesia. once her heart stopped beating what is the protocol and how much time do you have before damage could be done? >> that's is a great question they saw her heart stopped, the likely thing to happen right away was chest compressions, cpr, because what we learned is that getting that blood flowing again, because it means the heart stops. there is no blood flowing. the key is get that blood flowing again, particularly to the brain. because the brain is very sensitive to not having that oxygen, if the brain cells start to die and get destroyed, they don't come back. something that we call anoxic
4:14 am
brain injury. that can happen in a short period of time if you're not getting that blood flowing again. so that's the likely scenario. they probably gave her medicines, again nowhere to confirm but probably gave her medicines to help boost that circulation. at the end of the day it's all about getting that flow to the brain and some of the other vital organs. >> there are reports she was placed or possibly is still in this medically induced coma. >> so what we call it is therapeutic hypothermia is the name of the procedure. what we've learned is in order to actually stop some of that cell destruction that we talked about, if we cool the body down, several degrees, 7, 8 degrees, we can actually stop some of that destruction. and so, she was cooled, she was sedated and paralyzed so that's why we're using sort of that common parlance of coma. but she is being cooled under
4:15 am
sedated and paralyzed situation. we usually don't do it for more than 24 or 48 hours, so if she really started this on thursday, she's probably being what we call re-warmed. so she's being woken up and really this is where we'll get to see did she really have a lot of anoxic brain injury. we'll have to do a neurological exam, the physicians there, obviously to see how much function she, if any, may have lost. >> how common is it for something like this to happen during surgery like this, and would you trust -- i'm not trying to point fingers but a clinic as opposed to especially at that age a hospital? >> these surgical centers are fully staffed with people that are able to handle this. the fact she is alive is a testament to that. so you know, they set themselves up to make sure that they can
4:16 am
handle this. is it common, it's hard to know. it depends on the patient and the procedure. the more complex or high risk the procedure is, the higher the likelihood of complications. the more high risk the patient is that is age, other risk factors like heart disease, we don't know that she had heart disease. we don't know a lot of her medical history. we don't know if she had clotting disease. if a clot travels to the lungs that can make the heart stop. so we really don't have enough detail to piece it all together. but that relative risk is you know, the procedure, vis-a-vis the patient. >> there are so many people hoping and praying for the very best for joan rivers. we're among them. thank you so much for helping us understand this. the labor day weekend got off to an unfortunately a tragic start in oregon. >> this is sad. a little girl was digging in the sand as kids do and it collapsed on top of her.
4:17 am
>> we heard screaming coming from the beach and first we thought it was just kids, but it was like screaming and screaming. >> the frantic rescue attempt. we'll tell you what happened. listen up... i'm reworking the menu. veggies you're cool... mayo, corn are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals. 9 grams of protein... with 30% less sugars than before. ensure, your #1 dr. recommended brand now introduces ensure active. muscle health. clear protein drink and high protein. targeted nutrition to feed your active life. ensure. take life in. ♪ ♪ yoplait. it is so good for everyone's midnight cravings.
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4:21 am
the beach. isabelle was playing. this was in lincoln city. and then the accident happened friday. beachgoer frantically tried to dig her out. the sand kept collapsing back in the hole. witnesses say this hole was several feet deep. >> we heard screaming coming from the beach. first we thought it was just kids but it was like screaming and screaming. >> my gosh. police and firefighters did finally dig her out. after about five minutes we're told. she was not conscious, she was not breathing and later died at the hospital. you see how mourners left flowers and candles near the hole that is now filled in. >> please keep an eye on the kids this weekend at the beach. hundreds of people gathered this weekend in western massachusetts there to pay respects to lieutenant colonel morris fontaineeau jr. his jet crashed. he was a member of the
4:22 am
massachusetts air national guard and had more than 17 years of f-15 flying experience before he lost contact he reported an in-flight emergency. >> my husband died doing what he loved, serving his country, flying f-15, and what he loved even more was being part of a band of brothers. >> before he died he told his wife he wanted to plant 40 rose bushes for her 40th birthday. his fellow airmen planted those rose bushes. it was yesterday. >> goodness. the nfl's first openly gay player is out of a job this morning, the st. louis rams cut michael sam days before the start of the season. the all american defensive end made history, you know where he was drafted in the seventh and final round. but he faced long odds from the start because the rams, they are pretty stacked at his position. >> the rams' move does not
4:23 am
necessarily mean the end of sam's professional career. he could be picked up by another team or end up on a practice squad. so this was outside of cnn on our commute home yesterday. i saw a woman with the blue face. >>i saw super woman. >> gosh, this is a great time to be in atlanta. it's the time of year when zombies and monsters take over the streets. >> the annual sci-fi fantasy dragon con convention, the only place on earth where you have villains and princesses, all living together in harmony. ♪ ♪
4:24 am
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if this is your thing you love it. if not, may be creepy. yeah. >> you think? >> we've got jen gray wisconsin. look at the highlights from saturday's parade in downtown atlanta. i saw a woman with a blue face, there was a woman running across the street, it looked like there was blood dripping down her face but i realized it was paint. >> look at this. my kid would kill for that costume. i think my kids would love this, don't you? there are some frightening -- >> some are cool and some are
4:28 am
scary. so you see monsters. but they plan these all year. >> this is elaborate. they have got -- people from all over the world we should point out, are coming to do this. it's famous for the highly skilled costumes and the designers and the players who show off heroes and villains. but good heavens. i saw super woman and then i saw thing is didn't recognize. i have no idea. >> there were so many people here a. big year for attendance, record numbers. 400 stars from tv and film. and a lot of comic celebrities as well. >> and they often say there's a sense of camaraderie among these folks, the community and they call themselves the self-proclaimed nerds and geeks. >> i like it. >> here is a look.
4:29 am
>> we got here thursday. and after walking through just seeing the people here we said we're buying our tickets next year and i'm coming the rest of my life if i can. so i live in texas. we'll make the drive every year to come out here. it's an amazing atmosphere. the people t costumes. it's a lot of fun. >> it's the people, it's the crowds, the costuming. and all around the party atmosphere where everyone, it's a big and nerdy family. it's almost like christmas. when you see your family. this is our version of christmas, really. >> it's a good time to see all kind of craziness so it's always here every year. >> it's our little mermaid and my friend is my beautiful mermaid. >> as you can hear i'm from england. >> you travel with the doctor often? >> not all the time. >> you can be just not quite
4:30 am
sure where you're going. not specific plans and a bunch of people will get on and like do you want to come with us? yeah, right. and make a bunch of new friends. >> have fun with it. >> we'll see you back here at 8:00. got a lot to get to this half hour including a fascinating look at pain pills. if you have taken one what did it do to your brain and body? something i thought about a lot recently now that i'm a dad of three school age children. how early should school start? how early in the morning can kids learn? a wake-up call about wake-up calls. first the images on the internet. some of the more gruesome ones such as the beheading in iraq by isis. isis is a media savvy terrorist organization, make no mistake. the likes of which we haven't seen not even with al qaeda. nt


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