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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  September 12, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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there is a great need for news and analysis and for that we get you to "the newsroom" with ms. carol costello. >> that's right, i got it all! have a great weekend. thanks so much. "newsroom" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. for the first time since the baltimore rafbs released ray rice and the nfl suspended him the team returned to the field to play. the ravens beat the pittsburgh steelers 26-6 last night and while rice has been castigated all over the world many fans still support him. fans, including women, showed their loyalty by wearing rye rice jerseys to the game and we're learning more about the
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nfl's investigation into rice's assault. this bombshell dropped overnight, espn quoting four sources who say rice told goodell at a meeting in june he had indeed punched palmer. the report seems to credit goodell's account to cbs news. >> when we met with ray rice and his representatives, it was ambiguous about what actually happened. >> but what was ambiguous about her laying unconscious on the floor, being dragged out by her feet? >> there was nothing ambiguous about that. that was the result that we saw. we did not know what led up to that. we did not know the details of that. we asked for that on several occasions. it was unacceptable in and of itself. >> cnn's andy scholes was at last night's game. tell us about it. >> it was a sellout at mit stadium, fans as loud as ever and ray rice still on everyone's mind. this story seems to take another turn every few hours.
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roger goodell continues to be under fire, many people don't believe what he's saying. amidst controversy the ravens had to get back to work. the baltimore ravens taking the field for the first time since their teammate ray rice was let go amidst a domestic violence controversy. in a new report, four sources tell espn rice met with commissioner roger goodell in june, admitting he punched his fiance in a casino elevator months before tmz posted the surveillance video. on tuesday goodell told cbs news rice's account of what happened was ambiguous compared to what the video showed. >> what was ambiguous about her laid unconscious on the floor being dragged out by her feet? >> there was nothing ambiguous about that. that was the result that we saw, we did not know what led up to that. are. >> the number of current and former players calling for goodell to be held accountable is growing by the day. >> roger goodell failed to act plain and simple. he failed to act. there should be consequences.
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>> reporter: former philadelphia eagles running back brian westbrook tweeting "being a leader is not a part-time job. if goodell holds the players to a high standard, he should be held to that same high standard." mere hours before thursday night's kickoff, cbs officials nixed a pre-recorded rihanna opener considering the singer's own hands at domestic abuse with chris brown instead devoting a discussion of the abuse scanical knocking the nfl culminating with james brown making a powerful plea. >> according to domestic violence experts more than three women per day lose their lives at the hands of their partners. so this is yet another call to men to stand up and take responsibility for their thoughts, their words, their deeds, and as deion says, to give help or to get help, because our silence is deafening and deadly. >> reporter: after defeating the steelers the ravens voiced their support for their ex-teammate. >> he's always been unbelievable in the community here and people have grown to love him and they
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support him as do we. we acknowledge the mistake he made. >> ray is still a great guy. he made a mistake. you take away the two minutes of his life and you look at a model citizen, a model man. >> reporter: fans also showing loyalty to rice by wearing his jersey. >> i stick behind ray rice 100%. and i will rock this jersey every day until he is back on that field. >> this is a situation that is between his wife and himself and i feel that everybody should leave them alone and let them deal with the situation. >> carol, i couldn't believe it. i was shocked to see so many ravens fans wearing their ray rice jerseys and surprisingly most of them were women. the ones i talked to were much more upset at the nfl and roger goodell than we were at ray rice. >> i can't say i'm surprised, andy, even though that female fan told you that she thought it was a matter between rice and his wife. domestic violence is a crime and
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it's an assault and it's not just between a man and his wife. it's a crime, and it should be investigated and prosecuted just like any other crime, so i can't say that i'm really surprised. it's been interesting reading tweets in the twitterverse, too, because some current players have also commented on roger goodle and what's happening within the nfl. >> yes, that's right. we've seen that happen over the last few days. andy weddell of the charges said basically all the current players are saying that roger goodell needs to be held accountable like he's held them accountable for years. we saw the new orleans saints involved in bountygate, keeping a close eye on the situation because of the strict punishments goodell handed down to them and they want to see the same thing happen to roger goodell if it's proven he's been lying to everyone. >> andy scholes reporting live for us this morning, thanks so much.
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the mother of beheaded american journalist james foley says she's embarrassed and appalled by how the u.s. government dealt with her son's kidnapping by isis. you certainly remember james foley was killed by isis fighters weeks ago, his mother says the government was not there for her family. she had to brief the fbi on her case, and her family was threatened with prosecution if they paid any ransom money. diane foley sat down with anderson cooper. >> i really feel that our country let jim down, and -- >> reporter: in what way? >> well, anderson, i -- we met wonderful people, our government, good people who care, who wanted to help, but the reality of the bureaucracy and really was such that we were not helped. >> reporter: did you feel that
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your family, that jim was a priority? for the government? >> no, we really didn't. i don't want to blame people. that's not going to help. >> reporter: did you feel that your family, that jim was a priority? for the government? >> no, we really didn't. >> reporter: you saw that in what the resources that they had you interact with, the people they had you interact with? how did you get that sense? >> as an american, i was embarrassed and appalled, you know, i think our efforts to get jim freed were an annoyance, you know? and -- >> reporter: an annoyance to the government? >> yes. jim would have been saddened. jim believed 'til the end that his country would come to their
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aid. >> did you know what was happening to him where he was? >> we tended to know everything before the fbi or anyone else. >> how so? >> because we did everything we could. i went to europe several times to interview the european freed hostages, just so i could find out how jim was, what's going on. where are they? what were the chances of this or that? it was frightening and the fbi was -- everyone was kind and supportive but the fbi used us for information. >> reporter: really? they came to you for information? >> absolutely. >> reporter: about his location, about -- >> absolutely. >> reporter: it's amazing to me that you flew overseas to actually interview -- >> no it's not, anderson. as a mother, i was frantic. >> reporter: you'd do anything. >> anderson, jim was an
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incredible human being. he was very courageous and had a heart. anyone who knew him loved him. jim had an ability to be present, to listen, unlike so many in our world. jim had many gifts, anderson. i did all i could. is i was unable to do enough. >> reporter: what did you learn from the hostages who had been with him and who had been released? >> that he continued to have that compassion and goodness to the very end, that he continued to believe that our country would find a way to free them. he passionately believed in america and our goodness, and that he was valuable as a citizen, and i also found out that the prayers of people from all over the world gave him incredible courage. >> he felt that? >> oh, without a doubt, anderson.
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>> reporter: i understand he actually got a letter to you through one of the other hostages. >> he did, anderson, thank god. >> reporter: which is an extraordinary thing. it wasn't a physical letter, the other hostage memorized the letter. >> exactly. >> reporter: i have an excerpt, can i read it? >> of course. >> reporter: i think it's extraordinarily moving. "dreams of family and friends take me away and happiness fills my heart." it's such a sign of resilience that in the midst of this -- >> jim knew, anderson, that he was privileged, privileged in a very ordinary american sense. he was very loved. he grew up in a community of love, crazy family, he was the oldest of five children, lots of crazy, wonderful memories. he was privileged. he was privileged. as many of us americans are. >> the national security council released a statement after diane foley's interview saying "the administration's goal has always been to do whatever we can within our capabilities and with
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the bounds of the law to assist families to bring their loved ones home." dan o'shea, a former navy s.e.a.l. and coordinator of the hostage working group of the u.s. embassy in baghdad understands foley's frustrations, in fact he says she's not alone. >> well, i've talked to many families after my tour, i came back and met with many of the families that expressed very similar frustrations about what they perceive is the lack of an effort by the u.s. government to try to bring their loved ones home and the reality is we spent two years in iraq and hundreds if not thousands of folks that worked on many cases hundreds of kidnapping cases, many folks, many of my peers included went on nightly missions and raids, hundreds of missions to three and find actual intelligence on just say one kidnapping. so it's a complex environment. the family is not getting a lot of information from the government. it's challenging and brings back
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a lot of bad memories and hearing her thoughts and concerns about her son. >> james foley and his legacy foundation visit still to come in "the newsroom," as the united states puts its strategy in motion against isis, shocking new numbers show a dramatic increase in its ranks. hi, i'm henry winkler
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counterterrorism operation. shorthand, a vsco or you could just call it a war which by definitionen is aorganized and often prolonged conflict generally characterized by extreme violence, social disruption and economic destruction, and when you look at the group that we're not at war with, we're seeing a dramatic rise inside their ranks. according to the cia there are up to 31,500 isis fighters across iraq and syria and what he's more shocking almost half are foreign-born, including 2,000 westerners. defeating isis will be a tall order for retired marine general john allen. he's been picked to lead the united states' efforts against this terror group. our senior washington correspondent joe johns joins us from the white house with more. good morning, joe. >> reporter: good morning, carol. that's abanticipated appointment for john allen. he's got vast experience in the region. he would be leading the international coalition, really just a tight rope for him, because the idea here is to take on isis without elevating their
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international status. this morning, u.s. surveillance flights over syria are under way. the military now developing potential targets for future air strikes against isis militants, a u.s. official has told cnn. this as cnn learns the cia's estimate of the size of ices doubled, now said to be between 20,000 and 30,000 fighters and the number of westerners in their ranks up to 2,000, including about a dozen americans. secretary of state john kerry in the middle east building a coaliti coalition, nine arab nations signing on in the battle against isis. saudi arabia agreeing to train anti-isis fighters, but none of the nations expected to participate in military strides. >> i think that's the wrong terminology. >> reporter: in an interview with elise labott, kerry took issue with this action being called a war. >> we are engaging in a very
6:18 am
significant counterterrorism operation. and it's going to go on for some period of time. if it somebody wants to think about it as being a war with isil, they can do so, but the fact is, it's a major counterterrorism operation that will have many different moving parts. >> reporter: moving parts including money to arm seenon rebels to fight isis. >> i have deep concerns about us investing taxpayers dollars at $500 million to a group of rebels we're not sure how it will be used to our benefit. >> reporter: many parts of the president's plan receiving skepticism on capitol hill. >> an f-16 is not a strategy. air strikes alone will not accomplish what we're trying to accomplish. >> reporter: with one house republican and former air force surveillance pilot in iraq predicting a long slide. >> i think we're looking at a multiyear war in front of us and i hope the american people are patient for it. anything short of destroying this group will lead to many, many problems in the future.
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>> reporter: of course a big question is whether congress would actually vote to authorize use of force to fight isis, and there are a lot of people in congress right now who are not itching to take that vote, at least before the midterm elections. carol? >> i think that's an understatement. stick around, joe. i want to bring in chief congressional correspondent dana bash. welcome. >> thank you, carol. >> one more question for joe before he goes away. when will the second phase of this operation take place? when will we start arming the searon rebels? when will the money go to train the iraqi military and the syrian rebels? >> reporter: well, we're told the infrastructure for all of this is already in place, and what they need is the $500 million to sort of scale that up. so it's really a question of when congress gets around to voting this, and certainly dana can tell you more about that than i can but the simple version is either they're going othrow it into a temporary
6:20 am
spending bill or do it in a standalone bill and it could come i suppose as early as the first week of october, carol? >> what do you say, dana? >> joe's exactly right. the question after the president's speech was whether congress was even going to give him this limited legal authority that the president says he needs to arm and train syrian rebels. there was a meeting yesterday morning with house republicans, i'm told that the house speaker said basically look, this is not the commander in chief we chose, the one that we would have wanted but he is our commander in chief. is he asking for this. i think we should give this to him, despite the fact there is as you heard in joe's piece some trepidation, even from some democrats, because they're saying people are asking how do we really know who we're training, whose hands these arms are going to get in, and so forth. it does sound like the republican leadership in the house, despite their differences with the president, they are
6:21 am
going to push to have a vote as soon as next week to give the president this limited authority. the bigger question, though, is what about broad authority for this broader, new mission that the president is clearly on and right now, congress is punting on that, carol. >> all right, dana bash, joe johns, thanks so much. still to come in "the newsroom," some americans who depend on social security are having money taken out every month to pay back decline queli student loans. alison kosik is here. >> even if you're 65 years or older the government can reach into your social security income and take part of it if you still owe money for student loans. i'm going to have details coming up. wait, wait, wait, it's wait, wait, wait...whoa, does she have special powers when she has the shroud? no. guys? it's the woven one the woven one. oh, oh that gives her invincibility. guys? no, no, no... the scarlet king is lord victor's son!! no don't. i told you! you guys are gonna be so surprised
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if you are mind on your student loans and collecting social security, the government might start taking some of your money to pay back those loans. if you're caught in this situation, is there any relief? can that means you're 65, ready to collect social security and forgotten about the college loan you had 20 or 30 years ago and now the government's going to collect? >> that's a problem. you shouldn't forget about the student debt that you know. do you for get about the mortgage? do you forget about your car payment? you probably don't. there's one person i talked to at, greg mcbride, he tells me this way. if the u.s. treasury that cuts that social security check, if that student debt isn't paid off, guess who is on the hook to pay it? me. you out there, the u.s. taxpayers, so the point that
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greg mcbride is making is this, whether you're 65 years old or 25 years old, federal student loans are not an obligation that you can walk away from. you need to really get out in front of it, if you look like you're having a problem paying them back and really, you can't run and hide your obligations. >> what took the government so long in discovering you owe on your student loans? >> it is up to you to sort of call the company that services your loan and say will be, i li having a problem making the payments. let's lower the payment. couple things you can do if you are in default, if if you've been in default for a while. you can consolidate and promise to pay back the money or you can spend a good ten months paying, making at least nine on-time payments, then you show you can handle it and you can file for what's known as income-based repayment, ibr, you have to file for this, and then get those monthly payments that you can handle but once again you have to file for that, not a lot of
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people realize, they think once i show in this sort of trial period of ten months that i can pay it back i'm in good standing, right? that's not the case. you have to file for this income-based repayment to do that. >> interesting. alison kosik, thanks so much. still to come in "the newsroom," the ray rice controversy prompts a major change to thursday night football, just hours before kickoff. coming up next, why cbs and the nfl network yanked pop star rihanna from the opening act. [ female announcer ] you get sick, you can't breathe through your nose...
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for being with me. the baltimore ravens won the game last night, but is it winning the pr war raging on right now? the team faced off against the pittsburgh steelers in the first game since ray rice was cut amidst a growing domestic violence troers. despite an explosive video of rice knocking out his fiance in an elevator, many ravens in ravens nation say they still support rice. >> even though what he did was awful i think people need to take a stand for him. his treatment by the league was horrible, the way like being punished twice for the same thing, i don't believe that's right. i've spoken to him. i think a lot of us here have. he's genuine and he means well and he made a mistake under the influence of alcohol, him and
6:32 am
his wife, and people are letting that define him and i don't think that's right. >> yes i'm making a statement. i'm making a statement because ray rice, yes he was wrong, yes, i don't agree with what he did, but, man, it's like double jeopardy. they shouldn't have thrown him out of the leak. that was wrong. >> i believe that everybody deserves a second chance. this is a situation that is between his wife and himself. i feel that everybody should leave them alone and let them deal with the situation. >> i wore my ray rice jersey because i support ray rice. it's double jeopardy what roger goodell did, you know? i don't agree with what roger goodell did at all. he got his punishment and i think they should have stuck to that. what the ravens did, i think is a little messed up, but i know they had to do what they do for the organization, but i stick behind ray rice 100%. >> i don't support what he did but i support him as a person. i believe we're all human and we
6:33 am
all make mistakes. >> there you have it. if you tuned in to last night's game, there was something missing from the opening show -- ♪ >> that would be this that's "run this town by jay-z" featuring rihanna, supposed be part of the thursday night football prerecorded open until it was yanked before kickoff. changes were made to make time to discuss the ray rice scandal, an awkward decision, considering rihanna, like janay rice, is a victim of domestic violence. the singer was assaulted in 2009 by then boyfriend chris brown. now i know cbs's heart was in the right place but removing rihanna, a survivor of domestic violence, seemed a little off to me. it was like punishing her because she is an ununfortunate reminder of something the nfl
6:34 am
wants fans to forget about and i'm not alone. "the washington post" reporter sorian nadia mcdonald is here. she wrote an article "rihanna didn't do anything wrong so why was she the one cbs decided to nix." also joined by "reliable sources" host brian stelter. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> thanks for being here. brian, here's what sean mcmanus told "sports illustrated" about the program change "rethought jurnistically and from a tone standpoint we needed to have the appropriate tone and coverage. lot of the production elements we wanted in the show are being eliminated because of time or tone." so my question for you, did rihanna's history have anything to do with cbs's decision? >> i try to take a skeptical eye on these things, carol, but in this case i believe cbs. they were fitting in a lot of news coverage into their
6:35 am
half-hour pregame show. they went to scott pelley the anchor of the "cbs evening news" for more objective news lor reporting on what was going on with the scandal. they were right to make time for more news corrage. >> soriah, you write this, "she, rihanna, through no fault of her own reminds people of domestic violence, the very thing the nfl wants everyone to for get it. it avoided a night of tweets with rihanna being juxtaposed with a team missing one of its players because he's a lady-basher." terrell suggs and ben roethlisberger, two players accused of sexual assault were playing last night. they weren't pulled. hypocrisy? >> so i think one of the main things that we're seeing with this story that really has people outraged is that it seems as though the nfl wasn't really moved to do anything about the
6:36 am
ray rice situation until everyone called them on it because they saw this video. and that's come to light even more as we see that, you know, domestic violence isn't a problem that just sprung up in the nfl with ray rice and the situation with his wife in february. this has been sort of an ongoing problem for them, that they've sort of ignored and tried their best to sweep under the rug. and so you see them dealing with this because they've basically been rushed into a corner and they have no other choice, because the outcry based on the footage that we've seen of him pumpbling janay rice is just so awful, but we have all these other situations in the league that still aren't being dealt with. not just involving players. i mean, roger goodell still hasn't said anything about the sexual assault allegations levied against dallas cowboys owner gjerry jones.
6:37 am
>> a good point, right? back to the matter at hand because it is seen that cbs tried to do what she is suggesting because james brown spoke about domestic violence, how how did that play? >> they went straight at the topic because they knew they'd be criticized. cbs and other networks have multibillion-dollar deals with the nfl, that's why their news coverage of the nfl is so closely scrutinized. it's true for espn well which has monday night football. i think they bent over backwards to cover this objectively and seriously, and by the way, even though rihanna was not part of the show last night, the video that was not on last night, it is scheduled to air on all the other thursday night football broadcasts, so whether we like it or not, she will be in some ways a reminder of this issue on thursday night football, all season long. >> interesting. so soriah, after this is all
6:38 am
over, will we have learned anything about domestic violence? >> you know, i think we've learned just from the segments that you played leading into this, you know, that people are very willing to forgive domestic abusers. i think one of the things we've learned is how complicated this issue is. it's not as simple as necessarily saying, well, she should leave, without sort of considering the other factors that go into that, when women are trying to make those difficult decisions, and you saw that play out on twitter earlier this week with the hashtags, "when i left and why i stayed." this is something that has to be approached with a lot of nuance and care, rather than judgment. >> right, and i hope you're
6:39 am
right. i hope at least -- well at least we're talking about the issue and i think that's helpful. soraa mcdone add and brian stelter, thanks to you both. the rice scantal brought the issue of domestic violence as we said into the national spotlight. in fact, 16 female senators have already called on nfl commissioner roger goodell to do more when it comes to domestic violence. they're asking for a zero tolerance policy, so i want to know what you think about that. should congress get involved? tell me what you think on my facebook page, or share your thoughts on twitter and don't forget to use #cnnnewsroom. i'll be right back. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you.
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olympic track star oscar
6:43 am
pistorius has been granted bail after being convicted of culpable homicide in the shooting death of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. culpable homicide is the south african them for killing someone unlawfully but doing so unintentionally. pistorius faces a maximum of 15 years in prison but he won't be sentenced until next month. cnn legal analyst kelly phelps is live in pretoria, south africa with more. he's out on bail after being convicted of essentially killing someone, even though the judge ruled it was unintentional. kelly, can you hear me? kelly? i'm thinking we're having some transmission problems. you want to take a break and come back when we get this fixed? that we will. we'll go back to south africa after this. ♪ ♪
6:44 am
imagine the luxury... of not being here. the power you want with the fuel economy you dream of. performance with a conscience. this is volvo innovating for you.
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all right our transmission problem solved. as i told you earlier, olympic track star oscar pistorius is granted bail after being convicted of culpable homicide in the shooting death of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. kelly phelps is live in pretoria, south africa, with more on this. he's been convicted of culpable homicide. why did the judge grant him bail? >> reporter: well, it's not unusual for an accused person or convicted person to be granted bail pending sentencing, especially for an offense like culpable homicide, which is not
6:48 am
governed by any mandatory minimum sentencing. so it is discretionary sentencing for the judge. she will need to determine at the sentencing hearing how severe a version of culpable homicide this conviction is, and then she will need to determine what is a fair sentence to attach to that. so it's not a foregone conclusion that he would get custodial sentencing. he certainly may get a direct term of imprisonment. because it's not as serious an offense as murder he is eligible for bail at this point as long as he is not considered a flight risk. the most important thing in this bail determination was securing his attendance at the completion of this criminal process, so that justice can be done. >> it seemed that the judge didn't believe any of the prosecution's witnesses. >> actually, quite to the contrary, she was very complimentary of the state witnesses, particularly the neighbors, who claimed to have
6:49 am
heard riva steen camp screaming. she was at pains to distinguish in her judgment the difference between reliability and credibility, so what she said was when you compared what they said they heard, with the objective time frames that we know from all of the phone records available to the court, it became patently clear that although they were given very honest and truthful testimony, they were genuinely mistaken as to what they had heard, because the time at which they claimed to have heard reeva steenkamp screaming was a time she had already had the very mortal wounds inflicted upon her, and it would have been a physical impossibility for her to have been screaming at that point. so the judge was complimentary of their credibility, but ultimately found their evidence to be unreliable and genuinely mistaken. >> so it was oscar pistorius screaming and not riva steen camp? >> reporter: yes, and it was
6:50 am
never contested that oscar pistorius was screaming. what was contested whether they had both screened or whether it had always been him screaming. this is where you heard the discussion could he have sounded luke like a woman when he supremed? and the judge claims he had to have been the one who was screaming because there were only two people in the house, reeva steenkamp would already have been unconscious and therefore the only person left to have been screaming was oscar pistorius himself which must have been very pitched due the hysterical and emotional state he was in at the time. >> tse so he's going to be sentenced in, what, a month? >> we resume for the season tensing hearing on the 13th of october. and during that week of the 13th of act evidence in aggravation and mitigation of sentence will be put forward by the various
6:51 am
parties of the judge and she will have the task to determine what the fair and appropriate acceptance on the facts of this case will be. >> kelly phelps reporting live from south africa this morning. thank you so much. still to come in the newsroom, could a racial controversy sync a second member of the nba's atlanta hawks front office? nick valencia is on that story. good morning, nick. >> good morning, carol. it keeps getting worse and worse for the at lata hawks. new controversial comments by the general motors. we'll play you a portion of the audio after the break. this is cnn newsroom.
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6:53 am
the baltimore ravens are not the only pro-sports team that finds itself in the middle of a firestorm. the atlanta hawks are struggling with a racial controversy that has forced the team's majority owner out. in the meantime, general manager danny ferry faces calls to step down himself following a conference call where he used
6:54 am
racial slurs about a potential free agent and the calls could be getting louder now that the audio of that phone call has surfaced. nick valencia has it. he joins me now. >> all week we've been telling you about bruce levenson, the hawks controlling owner and an inflantory e-mail. the investigation was triggered by another set of controversial comments by the team's general manager danny ferry. he was talking about free agent lual deng who happens to be from africa. cnn has obtained a portion of that conference call and we want to play it for you so you can listen for yourself. >> he'll be fine. he's still a young guy overall. but he is also -- he's a good guy overall but he's not -- he's got some africa in him and i don't say that in a bad way other than he's a guy that --
6:55 am
>> [ bleep ] you sound like sterling. that's going to be on tmz tonight. >> but he's like a guy who would have a nice front store that's beautiful and great but he may be selling some counterfeit stuff behind him. >> that laughter comes from michael gearon and you can hear noticeable gasps. whether or not this should cost danny ferry his job, that's up for debate. we have reached out to the atlanta hawks franchise, they have not gotten back to us. carol? >> i'm just stunned someone would say something like that. anyway -- >> it is a controversial comment,s especially if the wake of donald sister lick's comments earlier this year. the nba has put out a statement themselves. adam silver the commissioner of the national basketball association seemingly standing behind danny ferry for the moment, anyway, carol. he says "the discipline of a
6:56 am
team employee is typically determined by the team and in this case the hawks hired a prestigious an lann a law firm to investigate the circumstances of danny ferry's inappropriate remark." he goes on to say "those comments taken alone do not merit his losing his job." >> nick valencia reporting live from this morning. still to come, flash flooding strands dozens of motorists in memphis and more rain could be on the way. look at where the storm is headed. a look at where the storm is headed next.
6:57 am
at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies, which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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memphis, tennessee, dozens of homes were evacuated after heavy rains triggered flash flooding. several people had to bes redprud cars that got stuck in high water, including this guy. he was pulled to safety just before his car was swallowed up by the rising waters. even more rain is expected later today. andr andrea peterson is tracking the bad weather. good morning. >> good morning. what they saw yesterday was 4.5 inches in just one day and here's the concern, more vain still on the way, carol. take a look into the southeast, anywhere around the gulf, especially around brownsville. two to four inches of rain is going to be expected and it's the weekend, everyone knows it's the weekend. what are we talking about?
6:59 am
the southeast looking for rain but it's not the only system. look in the midwest, there's another one. so two chances here for people to get rained out, especially on the east coast. look at saturday, the entire eastern sea board talking about this threat for showers by sunday. even northeast like we are it feels better but by sunday you're talking about heavy rain concentrated around the carolinas. that's just one side of the equation. we keep talking about this. look at the rainbow. you have to colors. why? the huge temperature drop coming for so many of you. high today in the 40s? summer went away very quickly and that cold air is moving in in into the mid-atlantic a-10, 20 degree temperature drop is moving in. by the time you get to saturday it's going down even more. that's the concern people are looking at. does this sound like a good weekend forecast? sorry if not. >> it's not and i'm not ready for cold weather. >> i'm with you. welcome to new york. >> thanks, indra. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now.
7:00 am
happening now in the news room, keeping the jersey female ravens fans still wearing ray rice's number 27 amid bombshell reports rice told the commissioner he punched his wife. then a growing threat. the cia says isis could be three times bigger than we thought as the white house lines up for a four-star general to lead the fight. plus, the blade runner guilty of culpable homicide in the shooting death of his girlfriend. but he's not behind bars yet. could oscar pistorius avoid jail time all together? let's talk live in the cnn newsroom. good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. there is a new bombshell development surrounding the ray rice investigation. espn reports that the now-suspended running back told nfl commissionerog


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