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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  September 23, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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welcome and thank you for joining us for cnn's special coverage for the war on isis. it is 9:00 a.m. in the uae. i'm becky anderson in abu dabi. and it's 1:00 a.m. on the east coast of the united states. i'm michael holmes at the cnn center in atlanta. welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and indeed all the way around the world. ahead this hour, president obama prepares to speak at the united nations, making his case that the entire world should stand up to the threat of isis. this as u.s.-led air strikes pound the terror group strong hold in syria.
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we'll bring you new details about the other extremists on the target list. also the exclusive interview with the iraqi prime minister about the new coalition to defeat isis. >> this is a danger. this is a blood game. it's going to end in a bloodbath if nobody stops it. nobody is listening. >> he says he stale needs from the u.s. in order to drive isis out of iraq. the u.s. president barack obama is going to be rallying support for the battle against isis at the general assembly in new york later today. his message will likely have new impact after the u.s.-led coalition of arab nations in striking isis targets inside syria. the air campaign's impact not yet fully known, but it all comes as the u.s. warns its law enforcement agencies of possible lone wolf attacks from isis members.
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also tuesday, mr. obama meeting with representatives of those arab nations. and vowing the fight against isis is just beginning. >> because of the almost unprecedented effort of this coalition, i think we have an opportunity to send a very clear message that the world is united, that all of us are committed to making sure that we degrade and ultimately destroy not only isil, but the kinds of extremist ideologies that would lead to so much bloodshed. this is not going to be something that is quick. and it is not something that is going to be easy. it will take time and it's not only a military effort. >> bombs and missiles hitting a little known until now al qaeda cell that the pentagon says has been plotting major attack against the west. here's barbara star with more on that.
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>> reporter: the u.s. warned this is just the beginning. there is more to come. >> we need to preserve options that we may want available to us in the future. >> the attack was not shock and awe, but from the outset, a surprise. the initial target was not isis, but the khorasan group of al qaeda operatives the u.s. says was planning an attack against the u.s. or western interests. they say they stopped khorasan's ability to attack the u.s., but it may take a few days to figure out how much damage was infli inflicted. the cruise missile against eight khorasan targets highly precise. thoufs pounds of explosive ps .on the strike against isis, u.s. military commanders watching closely now for a reaction.
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>> they will adapt to what we've done and seek to address their short falls and gap against our air campaign in the coming weeks. >> they're rely on precision bombs. in the first round, firing against a training area and other targets specifically aimed at stopping isis' ability to command its army of fighters. hoping so op its flow of money and communication ps. >> on the after picture, the roof top communications is heavily damaged while the surrounding structure remains largely intact. >> and here, only a portion of a suspected isis command center destroyed. another specific target selected to stop isis leaders from
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talking to their troops. we can now confirm that the u.s. did notify syria ahead of the time about the air strikes, but a senior u.s. official says washington did not ask for the syrian regime's permission to go ahead. syria's ambassador to the u.n. is warning washington not to repeat what he called the fiasco in iraq by launching blind military attacks. >> she conveyed to me this kind of message that they would hit the positions of isil as well as a front within syria. but she committed, of course, that these air strikes would not target the syrian army positions. or the infrastructure of the
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country. of course, i conveyed to her that this position, once undertook by the security council wouldn't be legitimate. >> a key leader of the militant kill has reportedly been killed in u.s. air strikes in syria. the group posted this photo on twitter claiming it shows al-turkey also known as the turk. although cnn cannot independently verify the group's claims, but there have been reports that some fighters were killed in aleppo. the group linked to al qaeda and has been fighting the government in syria. it has also been fighting isis, the very target of these strikes. >> iraq's new prime minister
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told cnn what he plans to say to obama. kbl
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kblap. >> welcome back, everyone. america's top diplomat says isis will be held responsible for its grotesque atrocities and will be allowed no more safe havens. during his visit to the united nations, john kerry also said more than 50 countries have now agreed to join the fight against
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isis in some form or another, including the five arab nations already actively taking part in syria. >> the overall effort is going to take time. there are challenges ahead, but we are going to do what is necessary to take the fight to isil, to begin to make it clear that terrorism, extreechlism does not have a place in building a civilized society. we will work with iraq to make sure they move forward in a democratic and viable way will bear fruit and will be supported by the international community. >> meanwhile, iraq's new prime minister tells cnn that isis controls at least a quarter of the land in his country and has reached the doorstep of baghdad. he spoke exclusively to cnn about why isis was able to gain so much grown, the impact on his country and what iraq needs from
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the united states. >> i think syria has been left over now for three or four years and now they've done nothing about it. million of civilians are refugees. is there there is a new grown terrorist organization in syria. and i think iraq has paid heavy price for that. they slaughter children, they have sold women, they have killed innocent people, destroyed cities. i think iraq has carried the major on slougt of this terrorist organization, and i hope the world will try this time. >> you're going to meet with president obama one-on-one. what will you tell him? >> well, i think we need concrete support. i mean, although the united states has supported us all along stood with iraq, but we need more concrete support on
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the ground. >> do you mind ground forces? >> no, i mean air cover. i have to see that effect on the ground. the united states have their own vision. we have our own. if our armed forces haven't received the support they are expected, because if i'm having -- if our armed forces have an offensive in certain areas then we expect an air cover to support them. if that air support is not forthcoming, then we have to rely on our own. and we can tell our partners thank you very much. your support is not would recollect helping us. we need the support badly but it has to be there. >> and he might say we'll do
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that, once you have a truly integrated armed force because we can't be the air force for one side or the other. >> no, it's only one side now. all sunnis in iraq are calling to join hands. they are calling me to provide them with arms to provide support. i'm telling them look, i can't incorporate you in our armed forces. will you be part of our security forces in that region and create something like a national guard. that national guard will have a local force in their own area. they can control their own force. that force will protect them. they can use it to protect their own territory, their own areas they have like some sort of independence. some sort of federalism in iraq, which i'm very much in support of. this devolution of power is important. >> people would agree from that. we're going to hear more of that
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exclusive interview with iraq's prime minister in the next hour. the first of a series of key players that cristiane will talk to this week in the coming days. she's going to sit down with the secretary of state john kerry. thursday an exclusive interview with the amir of qatar. his first television interview since taking office, by the way. and cristiane is also going to speak with iran's president. that will be on thursday. for more analysis on what he said to cristiane and the expanding air strikes, let's get some regional reaction. >> you and i speak on a fairly regular basis. iraq has paid a heavy price for the emergence of isis, the iraqi prime minister said. a group that the rest of the region now realizes needs degrading.
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the regional group is helping out. that being bashaar al assad. he allowed them to develop in northeastern syria. but to be fair, there's many people who take blame. private people and official sources supporting some of this very militant islamic group. some of whom join isis. and really, it's the last 40 years of police state. all of these things come together and have resulted in this.
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that's why everybody is working together now. many people are. they understand this is an effect to everybody. they probably understand but will not admit they're all partly to blame for letting this situation develop. >> what are one of the worries of many experts is those groups now in the north of iraq, not just isis, but khorasan, for example. some families are in the north. syrian moderates will be trained up in saudi in order to fight them on the rear guard action. >> the regional coalition has to be accepted. helped to a certain extent. al assad in the enclave that he still wants to defend. it's not fair to look south, as
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it were as they look north to try and combat the scourge that is isis in these other al qaeda groups. 4. >> that's correct. and this is a very, very problematic situation right now which developed after 3 1/2 years after the uprising in syria and chaotic and corrupt and inefficient government in iraq. and continued american drone attack against people in the regi region, which was one of the stimuli that helped al qaeda and these groups develop. so we reached this point because of many reasons. the point is we are here and there is no simple black and white linear answer. there's a lot of contradictions. those countries and individuals are supporting militant islamic groups in syria who are actually a threat to the gulf. isis challenging the legitimacy for sunni islam or at least the
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main sites of sunn i and islam. people who want to get rid of assad, but they're coordinating with him as they attack isis. so there's many, many contributions. i don't think we should try to figure them out. they're just there because of the way the situation has developed. and it's developed because syria is the biggest, most kochly kated proxy war in modern history. you've got everybody in the world who's interested in this kind of stuff, the russians, the europeans everybody is fighting in that war show through local proxies. clearly syria is the central node that has to be resolved. the zral problem that has to be resolved. iraq is going to be easier to push back isis in iraq. but in syria, they're more edge trenched. are you going to weaken isis?
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strengthen assad? how do you get what i call the moderate mainstream opposition, which includes islamic groups. how do you get them up to speed to actually fight well and take control of territory if isis is defeated. who will actually take control of the areas. isis is pushed out. the real problem i have is whenever american mitilarism is involved, you get american military involvement, you end up leading to much more complicated and dangerous situations where groups like isis can emerge. that's my real dilemma. >> you let the elephant out of the room, as it were. iran.
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the u.s. just told syria these strikes were to be forthcoming. it seemed defacto headquarters of isis, life in the syrian city of raqqa has never been easy. what's going on now, well, that's for you to take a look at after this. whenwork with equity experts who work with regional experts who work with portfolio management experts that's when expertise happens. mfs. because there is no expertise without collaboration. ...and let in the dog that woke the man who drove to the control room [ woman ] driverless mode engaged. find parking space.
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>> alongside michael holmes in atlanta in cnn, i'm dana anner son. a wife of a hostage held by isis says she's received add tape of her husband pleading for his life. the team of volunteers who went to deliver aid in a message released by the british government. she questioned while isis militants won't let her husband go it was declared he wasn't a spite or a threat. freeing hostages remains an important goal. >> we remain concerned about the fa ouft hostages they have. it's not something we take lightly and certainly not something we stop thinking about. we did attempt one rescue not long ago over the fourth of july weekend. it's something we're watching
10:23 pm
very closely. as closely as we can. >> extremist groups like isis use symbols of powers and influence. jord jordan's government says isis has raised about $1 million from randoms paid from hostages as well as black market oil, all of which keeps it very well funded. >> it's important to look at this to see this differently, because other terrorist organizations struggled financing their operations. this one is not. so they can finance their operations. they can buy operatives. they can pay salaries to terrorists. so that all puts isis in a completely different category that needs to be focused on. >> isis has used the main syrian city as a main base for several months. residents were not surprised
10:24 pm
when the bombs rained down early on tuesday. brian todd with a glimpse into the unofficial isis capital and a warning that some of you may find some of these images disturbing. >> enside the main isis strong hold, one witness relayed what it was like as allied missiles struck. one witness said isis leaders vanished from site. >> they fled out of fear. but previously, some of them were living among civilians. and this is something very dangerous. >> this syrian city is center of isis power. >> they see the severed heads of isis enemies seen on poles. >> are these still common place? raca? >> yes, they are. the number of crucifixions have
10:25 pm
gone up as well as decapitations. >> reporter: music has been banned. and ice sies carries out an extreme interpretation of islamic law. if women don't dress in veils, one woman said they could be lashed or worse. >> some people have been executed because of this, the chal. >> for merchants selling cigarettes, shopkeepers selling clothes have to be careful as well. in this isis propaganda video, a mur chant is told he can't display women's code which don't conform to dress codes. >> you have to display this inside. whoever wants to buy this will wear this for her husband. no problem. she can wear it. but you can't display it on the street. >> cnn cannot independently verify these accounts, but inside raqqa, we're told isis
10:26 pm
uses threats, violence and informants to intimidate residents. teenage boys are recrued a's informants. >> it gives them money. please inform on your parents, your family members, your tribes. in exchange for that, wae eel give you influence. >> how did isis come to control this major city? >> because raqqa is in eastern syria, it wasn't a priority for syria. they were concentrating on western syria and isis stepped into the void. now with air strikes targeting raqqa, he says if the city fall, believes the regime is ready to sweep in. >> let's show you the scene on the turkish side of the border as massive crowds of syrian
10:27 pm
kurds stream through, tens of thousands of them. many telling how isis militants took over their homes. >> we left everything behind and ran away. >>. >> translator: they slaughtered our children and confiscated our goods and belongs. >> the united nations says isis has overrun more than 100 villages in the last ten days. refugees abandoning another 100 villages for fear of being captured. you're watching special coverage as international forces pound isis in syria. the u.s. targets another militant group planning, they say, to attack the west. details on that next.
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>> welcome back to special coverage of the war on isis. >> i'm michael holmes here at the cnn center in atlanta. let's get straight to headlines at this hour. the u.s. president barack obama going to the u.n. general assembly on wednesday to rally more support for his coalition against isis. mr. obama thanking representatives of five arab nations that are taeking part in the operations against syria on differing levels. and he vowed that the fight is just beginning. we could see many more cases of ebola and very soon, unless strong steps are taken to find it.
10:31 pm
ebola cases could spike to at least 550,000 by january unless there is better treatment. there are about 5500 confirmed cases to date. the death toll approaching 3,000. and a new york court has sentenced osama bin laden's son-in-law to life in prison. the cleric has been found guilty earlier this year of helping al qaeda conspire to kill americans. and also of providing material support to terrorists. >> president obama says the u.s. is doing what it must to bring the fight to terrorists wherever they are, and isis is not the only target. >> the pentagon says the first strikes on tuesday hit the al qaeda link near allepo in western syria. arab nations then joined in the strikes on isis militants in the
10:32 pm
north and the east of the country. while all this was done with the tacit approval from the syrian government, reaction on the street is mixed. >> definitely negative. when we see american war planes flying in the air over syria, it is impossible to be optimisting about this thing. >> terrorist has a bad impact on the whole world. this is international terrorism. >> more now for you on the khorasan group. you may not have heard it before. the u.s. says it's been working on some alarming plans for a tax against the west. here's the details. >> what makes it so dangerous to
10:33 pm
the united states is they have one objective. carry out a ter tor attack. >> intelligence reports indicate they were in the final stages of plans to execute major attack against western target and potentially the u.s. homeland. >> an intelligent course says khorasan's potential plots include clothing dipped in explosive material or explosives contained in nonmetallic devices like toothpaste tubes. >> you could possibly get some of these types of devices, bombs through airport security and they could be quite catastrophic on an airliner. >> a u.s. official told cnn the plot could involve a concealed bomb on the plane. terrorists have chosen a final target prior to u.s. strikes on their compound.
10:34 pm
it's possible they could accelerate. >> their leader. >> reporter: a course saying the khorasan cell was focused on external operations. >> we did not target individual leaders. we did, however, target command and control. >> experts say khorasan bomb makers may have been trained by al qaeda master bomb builder ibrahim al asiri. the group has a delivery system in the form of western recruits with european and american passports. >> we will not tolerate safe havens for terrorists who threaten our people. >> a u.s. official telling cnn
10:35 pm
the planned attack was, quote, much further along than anyone was comfortable with. >> i want to give you more information now about the alleged khorasan leader. the 33-year-old was born in kuwait. and he is a long-time al qaeda veteran. at one point, he was the senior leader of al qaeda in iran. security sources tell cnn he arrived in syria last year to join al qaeda's syrian wing before joining khorasan. >> let's get out of the region and the u.s. to britain and russia. britain not participating in the air strike, not for now at least, but that could soon change. reports say prime minister david cameron is expected to recall parliament this week to approve military action. in an interview with wolf blitzer, britain's ambassador to
10:36 pm
the u.n., emphasized the uk will play a role in the battle against the group. >> we made it clear we want to play a significant role in the coaliti coalition. how we do that is something we're debating literally right now at the moment. >> debating inside london, you mean? >> inside the uk government. >> air strikes against isis targets in iraq, you've refused to do that as well, right? >> we've refused to do it, but we're considering it. we're looking at our options. if we decide you want to do it, that's the right way to support the coalition. >> let's get michael in on this as well. for more on europe's reaction to the campaign against isis in syria, we're joined by matthew chance in moscow.
10:37 pm
erin, the british's prime minister's hands are tied. in august last year when the u.s. wanted to launch air strikes over syria, the prime minister went to his lawmakers. they said no. he said i've heard you, britain, and we won't be doing it. we won't be going any furtherer. so how have things changed do you think at this point? what point chance britain may get more involved? >> the prime minister expressing his support for air strikes that have already taken place or already taking place in iraq and syria. downing street saying that he's currently in new york discussing more ways in which the uk can help to address this threat. he's expected to make on address, the topic being isis and situation in iraq.
10:38 pm
>> there's no doubt in my mind it's already undertaken and is planning further plots in europe, including in my own country in order to kill and maim innocent people. and the same applies to the united states of america. >> reporter: some speculate that he could recall parliament as early as friday. political analysts here saying that he does not want to risk another humiliation, that he would want to be sure that there is support for this in parliament. opposition leaders have already said that they would be open to some concrete proposals. meanwhile, prime minister david cameron expected to meet with
10:39 pm
the iranian president later today. in that interview with nbc. he discussed iran eke nuclear program as well as its potential role in fighting isis. take a listen. >> we think they are wrong to have this nuclear weapons program. we think they're wrong to support terrorist organizations. but the fact is if we want to have a successful democratic pluralistic iraq. and if we want to have a successful democratic pluralistic syria, iran can play a constructive role in helping to bring that about. >> and that will be a truly historic meeting, becky. an iranian leader has not met with a british prime minister since 1979. >> yeah, it's going to be very difficult, isn't it, for david cameron to split the two. the nuclear program on the one hand with a deadline in november. and clearly that will be in play at the u.n. and then this sort of necessity,
10:40 pm
as it were, even if it were this covert necessity to have iran play a significant role, or a role at least in the demise of isis. a group that they want less in the region than even those in the part of the region that i am sitting in today. i just want to put this to you as well. david cameron will be really mindful of this khorasan group that the u.s. attacked in syria yesterday. it seems the reason for the attack on them is that the u.s. and intelligence, there was an imminent threat on a western target or on the u.s. homeland. do we know if david cameron knows anything more about that group? an imminent attack on the uk, for example? >> well, not at the moment. we haven't heard anything from the british government specifically on that. we know that it was not too long ago that the united kingdom
10:41 pm
raised its own threat level in direct response, they said at the time to a perceived threat there in syria in reference to the some 500 british jihad dis that went to syria. the concern there was they could potentially be planning attacks upon return to the united kingdom. so we know that was very much a concern. this government considering isis to be a direct threat to the united kingdom. becky? >> erin, thank you for that. >> michael is going to speak to matthew jones now ant moscow and its stance. a critic of what's been going on the past 24, 36 hours. >> yeah, but interesting perspective on it, too. let's bring in matthew chance now in moscow. they're no fans of extremist, either.
10:42 pm
what line are they watching when they come to all of this? >> it's a difficult one for the russians. you're right. in terms of the need to destroy isis, russia is very much on the same page as the west, the united states and its allies. so on the one hand, it kind of welcomes the idea that there is international action against this group. russia says it's been warning against the emergence, or warning about the emergence of this group really since the onset of hostilities in syria. you're right. it is concern that these air strikes took place without coordination with the syrian government. russia's main concern, i think, is that it believes that these air strikes could be expanded away from isis and used as a pretext to strike syrian government positions as well. that's the main concern. there's also a lot of criticism as well with the russian media that these air strikes were in their view against international law.
10:43 pm
that drives a lot of the impressions, a lot of policy here that they say that the united states and the west criticizes russia when it violates international law. but when the united states violates international law, no one bats an i lid as it were. that's partly the reason why russia has been so critical of this as well. >> they are rumored to be from the north caucuses err who are involved like foreign fighters in syria and iraq. and russia is very wary of its own doorstep, isn't it? >> yes, of course. it's got an islamic insurgency that has really ravaged large areas of southern russian, particularly chechnya where russia has fought two wars. and the idea that russian
10:44 pm
citizens, russian nationals are traveling to iraq and syria and joining up with isis is more than just a rumor. the successor organization to the kgb said it's identified at least 800 russian nationals that are fighting in the ranks of isis in iraq and syria, and they say that's a very conservative estimate. there could be many more russians that are there. they simply don't know about at this point. if isis has done anything it's certainly brought together unusual alliance against it. thanks, matthew. good to see you. >> coming up next here, australia debates sweeping new laws to jail citizens planning to fight for terror organizations abroad. we'll have that after the break.
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call today for a low price on speeds up to 150mbps. and find out more about our two-year price guarantee. comcast business. built for business. >> the u.s. is warning of possible violent response to the air strikes. a teenage terror suspect shot dead in australia after attacking two officers with a
10:47 pm
knife. it happened outside a police station in melbourne where the man was actually due for questioning and showed up as planned. senior international correspondent ivan watson joins me now. let's start with that attack and what we know about it. from what i understand, this teenager had been asked to come in and did so? >> that's right. it's an incident that has shaken the city of melbourne at a time when australia has raised its trichlt threat level to high for the first time in the country's history. basically, this is an 18-year-old australian who was a terror suspect, australian officials say and whose passport had been canceled just last week due to security risks. he had been invited, australian explicit say, to come to a police station in the suburbs of melbourne, and there he was met by two police officers. and that's when police say he pulled out a knife and began stabbing them. stabbing one of the officers in the face, abdomen and shoulder. and slashing another police
10:48 pm
officer in the arm before he was then fatality shot by police in what police commanders say was an act of self-defense. now, the young man was found to also be carrying a second knife which was not used in the incident, and australian police say that he was seen as recently as last week at a shopping center carrying what appeared to be the black flag of isis. so again, a disturbing incident taking place with a very young man, just 18 years old, who was on australia's terror threat lift. australian police say they're reaching out to members of the muslim community in melbourne in the wake of this incident and that the two police officers are in stable condition, but they have been seriously wounded as a result of this incident.
10:49 pm
a. >> and it really has shaken australia and australians, not used to this whole thing. >> now in the parliament as well, new laws coming up. >> the timing is critical. within hours, we're expecting the australian government to unveil new proposed laws that would really crack down, give the police more freedom to go after terrorism suspects. one of the laws is quite controversial. would make it a criminal offense to travel to any part of the world that the australian government deems to be a, quote, designated area where terrorist groups are active. for example, the australian government has cited the syrian city of raqqa, the strong hold city of isis being one of those examples. so simply traveling there would put the burden on the suspect so
10:50 pm
prove that they have to travel to that area to defend themselves. they could face up to ten years in prison for simply traveling to one of these areas where groups deemed as terrorism groups are active. other laws making, working with -- spreading -- advocating terrorism rather would be a crime punish. for up to five years in prison. and we heard some groups, particularly islamic groups in australian voicing concern about this, saying this could give added cause for the security forces to target the muslim minority in australia. and questions about infringement on civil liberties as well. >> indeed, ivan, thanks so much. good to see you, ivan. thank you so much. becky? >> yeah, the argument, mike, many people make to dissuade
10:51 pm
young muslims from joining isis isn't that it doesn't represent islam, and in britain, one social media campaign, that message with more than 120,000 views so far. samuel burke has the story. >> a group of young muslims started a media campaign because they believe isis does not represent their religion. >> it's totally unislamic. >> they're killing innocent people. >> you're unjust. >> it started in london with a video produced by the active change foundation and a hashtag on twitter. now it's beginning to spread across social media. it's also being used to call for the release of alan hemming, the taxi cab driver in i think land working as a volunteer in syria.
10:52 pm
>> we must all unite together and try to stop this group. >> the group hopes social media can be used to spread their message about muslims instead of being used to recruit for isis. >> isis and the likes were using social media. we want to be a step ahead, if not at least ahead of the curve. >> not in my name. >> not in my name. >> samuel burke, cnn, new york. >> still to come, cnn on the ground in liberia as a new warning is leased about a worst case scenario for ebola. hoo, hoo, hoo oohh, you got it! i love the looks of it. [garage door closing] nobody touches my dodge dart, jake johnson.
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10:55 pm
liberia, there are young men who have taken responsibility for burying ebola victims who have died. and that's a thankless job. however, they do it to save their country from further disaster. >> this is the morning list of monrovia's dead. >> this must be difficult work? >> very difficult work. very difficult. >> the liberian red cross dead body management team, getting ready to retrieve bodies. bodies that could still be carrying the ebola virus. >> they're quite aware it takes only one mistake to be contaminated. >> they're retrieving ten body. first, suiting up from foot to head, a supervisor making sure every inch of skin is covered. this worker, strapping on a chlorine sprayer to disinfect victims before they're handled. but even the best safety equipment can't protect their hearts from what they see on the job.
10:56 pm
>> reporter: before checking today's victims, a prayer for god's guidance. then winding through monrovi a's poor slum, they trooef the first victim. she was 62. her family and neighbors distraught as the dbmt removes her from her home. her family is lucky. they know someone at the ministry of health and she's allowed to have a burial. that can be time consuming so most victims are simply cremated. we follow the dbm team on a 45-minute drive through rough roads to where she's being buried. her relatives say a final prayer. after this, nine more bodies to
10:57 pm
retrieve before their day is done. elizabeth cohen, cnn, monrovia, lie bear yeah. and elizabeth cohen and her team have much more reporting on the desperate fight against ebola. you can find it all right there on the website. just go to you're watching cnn special coverage. thanks for your company. i'm michael holmes at the cnn center. >> and i'm becky anderson in the uae. rosemary church and errol barnett take over next with details on the ongoing war against isis. cnn will be right back. [ children yelling ] [ telephone rings ] [ shirley ] edward jones. this is shirley speaking. how may i help you? oh hey, neill, how are you? how was the trip? [ male announcer ] with nearly 7 million investors... [ shirley ] he's right here. hold on one sec. [ male announcer ]'d expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one.
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