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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  December 16, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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but the comfort it provides is it's justimmeasurable.ece the america red cross brings hope and help to people in need every 8 minutes, every day. so this season give something that means something. hey, there, everyone, i'm errol barnett here with you for the next two hours. a big welcome those tuned in from the u.s. and all around the world, pakistan resolves to fight back after a horrifying attack on a school. they don't have the courage to fight the fighters. they are now attacking little children. this is absolutely unacceptable and it is time to teach them a lesson once and for all. >> as the country observes three days of mourning we'll bring you a live report from pakistan and
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get reaction from around the world. also, coming up remembering the heroes down in sydney learning how the two victims in that cafe attack spent their final moments. the sony movie "the interview" has been canceled. we'll tell you what we know about new threats from hackers who targeted the movie studio. well, a lot of interesting stories to get to you. 24 hours ago there was this horrifying attack in pakistan. today it's a day of funerals and mourning after a taliban massacre that's caused shock and anger around the world. militants killed 145 people inside an army-run school in peshmerga. most of them students. our atika schubert has more on the deadliest attack in pakistan in seven years. [ sirens ] >> reporter: gunmen stormed it around 10 a.m. local time just
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as some the children were taking their exams. >> they started indiscriminately firing at the staff members and students. >> reporter: the militants wearing suicide vests sayed the wall of the school. pakistan a education minister told cnn it was a targeted attack. >> they had a view from the backyard of the school and blew up a car and crossed the wall and the security got the attention and somehow they managed and got inside. >> reporter: the gunmen rounded up children and staff killing many instantly. "we were doing our schoolwork and heard firing and the teacher told us do not be afraid. maybe the college drill has started then we saw army officials come in the school suddenly an army official said you'll go out the back door." >> reporter: the military moved
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in and after an eight-hour standoff secured the site. all the gunmen were killed but the ordeal was not over. at the local hospital, chaotic scenes as the scale of the bloodshed became clearer, the death toll climbed. sorrow for some boiled over into anguish. the pakistani taliban has claimed responsibility. the prime minister vowed not to give in to the group. >> i think this war and struggle will continue until terrorism is completely rooted out of this country. >> reporter: nobel peace prize winner malala yousafzai who herself survived being shot in the head by the taliban sent a video message. >> we stand with all those families and all those children who are injured right now and who are suffering through this big trauma and now it is time that we unite and i call upon the international community, teachers in pakistan, all political parties and everyone that we should stand up together
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and fight against terrorism. >> reporter: a message to a nation in shock and to a community now asking itself why so many innocent young lives had to be cut short. atika schubert, cnn, london. now hundreds were wounded in this attack. many of them are at one of two main hospitals in peshmerga. "the washington post's" pakistan bureau chief tim craig visited one of those hospitals and talked to cnn about what he saw. >> a lot of the focus has been on the number of dead but remember more than 300 students were also injured. many shot multiple times and the hospital has been overwhelmed trying to treat so many casualties. parents here standing over their children. children getting bandages changes and redressed. many will likely survive but they'll survive with a lifetime of injury and pain.
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>> those who were wounded will carry these wounds for a very long time. as you see journalist michele stockman joins trust islamabad to bring us some of the latest on all of this. michele, as i mentioned a few minutes ago it's been a full 24 hours since this all really started so it's still early days but what new information have you been able to gather as far as how the pakistani taliban were able to get into this army school? >> reporter: good morning, errol. well, what we understand is that there was some security at the school but it wasn't very heavy. and it's apparent that these fighters paced the school ahead of time and found a weak vulnerable point and they were able to scale the wall in the back of the school. that's where they were able to gain entry. they went in, they were armed to the teeth and they had guns, they had suicide vest, they had ieds. they were prepared with
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materials to build more. they were prepared with rations to have a long siege. and when you go into a school with that amount of weaponry, no matter what kind of security is there, they were determined killers and they went in and wreaked as much havoc as they could. took as many lavas as they could. that is the mind-set of a taliban suicide bomber to go in there, to kill and then to take their own life. to leave no survivors if they can. >> much of the conversation moves on to how do you prevent this from happening again. the prime minister promises a tough military response but the military there is already involved in a long and difficult battle in south and north waziristan with the pakistani taliban so you wonder what more could be thrown at these militants and at this effort? >> reporter: that's a very difficult question and that's one that the nation has been grappling with for years now. the taliban is a force that can
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go around the country also into afghanistan there's a porous border there so finding them is a difficult task because they're able to hideaway often. it's something that the nation hasn't had a consensus behind. but now public opinion seems to be turning towards really going after them firmly. we're seeing today there's a meeting of all political parties in peshmerga today. that's pretty significant because there has been a lot of political tension in the country between the ruling party and opposition parties who claim that the election that saw him come to power was rigged. that is all being swept aside today. they are concentrating on uniting in the war on terror but, again, the question will be what can they do? what more can they do because they're already at war with the taliban. >> and considering this is
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something this ongoing war with the taliban something that pakistanis are used to but this was so brazen, children, you know, students, seen as the most innocent and vulnerable people to protect in our world. i'm wondering if support for the pakistani taliban in the borderless region, they don't have support throughout the country, i'm wondering if this could backfire for them and their support would weaken. what's the sentiment on that? >> reporter: that could be the case. civilians in that area are caught in the cross fire. they are caught in the cross fire with taliban attacks but also as the military goes after them, they're caught in those attacks, as well. so it's a very difficult situation for them. their loyalties can sometimes be split. but we're talking about the nation at large. this shocked pakistan. a country that has been the victim of terrorist attacks for more than a decade, this really
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hit the heart of the nation. the taliban said in a statement they have experienced many dark nights and it was the country's turn to experience a dark night. well, this certainly was a dark night. it was a despicable statement. it was a statement of cold-blooded revenge but the country is just full of grief over what has happened. >> yeah, absolutely cold-blooded. journalist michelle stockman live for us in islamabad approaching ten minutes past midday. thanks very much. now, another story we're tracking, almost two days after a deadly hostage standoff ended in sydney, australia, the leader is now demanding answers. most of his questions involve hostage-taker man haron monis. at a news conference a short time ago prime minister tony abbott announced a formal inquiry, the results of which expected next month. >> we do need to know why the perpetrator of this got permanent residency.
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we do need to know how he could have been on welfare for so many years. we do need to know what this individual was doing with a gun license. we particularly need to know how someone with such a long record of violence, with such a long record of mental instability was out on bail after his involvement in a particularly horrific crime. and we do need to know why he seems to have fallen off our security agency's watch list back in about 2009. >> meanwhile, the people of sydney are trying to come to terms wi s wits with what happe. thousands of cards and flowers and a healing and memorial to the hostages who were killed. one politician called this the beating heart of sydney. sky news australia correspondent cameron price described the scene to us a short time ago.
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>> this is what the premier describes as the beating heart and people felt drawn to come here to lay some flowers, perhaps leave a card with a message on it and they have. there's been a queue to get into the memorial around about 45 minutes long snaking down away from where this siege took place in the early morning hours. for a short while today, though, the memorial was closed off while the family of one of the victims tori johnson spent some time sifting through the flowers reading some of the messages understandably and visibly upset but afterly little while they let the public back in and there was a spontaneous show of support for the family. complete strangers taking time to speak with them, comfort them and the family spent some time thanking the public for the
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enormous amount of support they have shown to them. >> also learning more about the reported acts of heroism and anna coren has more on that for us from sydney. >> reporter: today as harts of harrowing escapes and desperate moments emerge exact details about the final moments of the sydney siege are still unknown. >> i do feel we've lost our innocence. ♪ >> reporter: citizens of sydney attempt to replace the grim scenes with blight memorials to those whose last hours were so dark. >> he's wasted two very precious lives and one of them was my friend. >> reporter: the gunman who traumatized so many at the lindt chocolat cafe died. tori johnson, age 34 was a beloved manager at the chocolat cafe. >> he was a really sweet, loving, caring person. >> reporter: johnson's family released a statement monday
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describing him as the most amazing life partner, son and brother we could ever wish for. reports that johnson attempted to grab the gunman's weapon have not been confirmed but come as no surprise to his friends. >> if he was in there he wasn't coming out until everyone else was. he just wasn't the kind of person to put up his hands and leave. >> these were decent good people going about their ordinary lives. >> reporter: katrina dawson, 38-year-old mother of three also perished here but was far from ordinary. the local bar association president described the accomplished legal mind as one of our best and brightest bar barristers who will be greatly missed. according to local reports dawson was killed trying to shield a pregnant friend from the gunman. unbearable to report for a local broadcaster who knew her family. >> a sister of one of our
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channel 7 staff. >> sandy dawson who i know and have friends who know she was a mother of three children. >> reporter: as the flowers replace footsteps on one of the busiest thoroughfares, the process of healing begins one embrace at a time, anna coren, cnn, sydney. >> still to come on cnn, the manhunt set a community on edge. now that the body of a suspected killer has been found, questions are being raised about missed warnings. stay with us. yeah so with at&t next you get the new iphone for $0 down. zero down? zilch. nothing. nada. small potatoes. no potatoes. diddly squat. big ol' goose egg. the new iphone, zero down. zero. zilch. said that already. zizeroni. not a thing. zamboni. think that's a hockey thing. you know what, just sign us up. okay - this way. with at&t next get the new iphone for $0 down. now get a $150 credit for each line you switch.
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welcome back. the search for a man suspected of killing his ex-wife and five of her relatives is over. if you remember we talked about this at this point yesterday, bradley stone's body was found after an intense manhunt in pennsylvania. the killings shocked a quiet community there but as jason carroll is about to show us one neighbor says there were warning signs. >> reporter: the end of a manhunt for an alleged mass murderer came early tuesday afternoon in a wooded area in eastern pennsylvania. this after bradley stone apparently took his own life. >> we have not received official confirmation from the coroner as to the cause and manner of death but based upon what we found at the scene we believe that he died of self-inflicted cutting wounds. >> reporter: politician say early monday stone shot and killed his ex-wife nicole hill and five former in-laws as well
11:18 pm
as wounding another former in-law. stone did not hurt his two daughters who were living with hill. >> all of a sudden i heard pop like and i knew -- i was pretty sure that was a gunshot. >> reporter: one of hill's neighbors who didn't want us to show her face heard gunfire monday and knew instantly hill was in trouble. >> he was threatening all her the time and told her he was going to kill her and her family. he actually told her that. >> reporter: that's what she said to you. >> she said it to me and said it to everybody. >> reporter: investigators developing a profile of stone, one which could help uncover a motive for the horrific crime. he's a former marine reservist who spent about three months in iraq. he was awarded several medals including the iraq campaign service medal. stone's friend says he had a love of country and cannot understand how he would be capable of murder. >> the guy was just outgoing. i mean he just -- he was full of joy. i don't understand why he would do something like this let alone
11:19 pm
how many lives were taken. >> reporter: aside from traffic violations his record was clean. he was seeking custody of his two daughters and neighbors said the couple fought frequently. >> my personal opinion is it wasn't so much about his children as his loss of control over nicole. >> reporter: among stone's likes on what is believed to be his facebook page, the marine, the national center for ptsd and ptsd set van self-help links and this quote "i come in peace, i didn't bring artillery but i'm pleading with you with tears in my eye. if you [ bleep ] with me, i'll kill you all." hill's neighbor and friend relieved the mannen hunt is over. she only wishes someone had heeded hill's warnings. >> she actually said he's going to put a bullet in my head and nobody believes me. nobody will listen to me and when it happens everybody will be like what happened. oh, my gosh, shocked and she said nobody listens to me. >> reporter: jason carroll, cnn,
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eagleville, pennsylvania. it's been a few minutes since we've talked about bill cosby, the legendary comedian, will not face charges in one of the alleged incidents that surfaced in recent weeks. judy huff sued him. los angeles district attorney's office says the statute of limitations on the case has run out. huff is one of at least 23 women who accuse cosby of sexual assault. his attorney denied all allegations and cosby has not been charged in any case, it's important to note but this growing scandal has led to canceled projects and tour dates. his family is rallying to his defense. in a statement to the entertainment program "access hollywood" cosby's daughter evan said "he is the father you thought you knew. the cosby show was my today's tv reality show. thank you, that's all i would
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11:24 pm
the ruble has lost more than half of its value this year. now, russia's foreign minister is blaming western sanctions for destabilizing the economy there but insists his country will rebound. >> they can assure you that russia would not only survive but would come out stronger out of this. we have been in much worse situations and every time we were getting out of this much stronger. >> meantime, the white house has announced u.s. president barack obama's expected to approve new sanctions against moscow later this week. now, western sanctions just one of the factors that have the ruble in ruins. our own richard quest explains what's fuelling this downturn. >> reporter: these are the pieces of the russian puzzle that's making up the economic crisis. starting with the price of oil which is now down 30% since
11:25 pm
june. russia, of course, is a major oil exporter. the revenue from oil is crucial to the government's balance sheet. so the cost of this fall in oil is roughly $100 billion a year to the russian economy. for every $1 that oil falls on the barrel russia throughs $2 billion to $3 billion in exports. the dramatic drop is crucial to what's been happening in russia. then, of course, there are the sanctions imposed by the european union and the united states and others. the sanctions are over ukraine and the russian finance minister says sanctions will cost around $40 billion a year. this could be made worse with the announcement from the united states that president obama will sign new sanctions into force. the last thing the russian economy needs. with all this misery in the markets, there's been a serious
11:26 pm
episode of capital flight. the russian finance minister says he expects $130 billion to leave the country in 2014. to try and protect the dollars, the revenues, the cash that's there, there's now talk of capital controls if the latest interest rate moves and other measures don't work. put it all together, and you end up with market uncertainty. now, the rts index is down nearly 54% since july. another crucial picture in or piece in this puzzle. when the puzzle is complete, you see the russian crisis for what it is, a serious long-lasting debilitating drip, drip, drip effect for the russian economy. and perhaps more importantly, one in which there's no obvious or easy solution. richard quest, cnn, new york.
11:27 pm
now, the crumbling economy is meant disaster for many of president putin's inner circle. russia's 15 richest men lost $50 billion this year. you can read more about those losses at a hacker group is threatening us regular moviegoers as well. we'll bring you details on how one movie these ser already responding to it.
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victims and any survivors of the deadliest attack in the country in seven years. 145 people were killed. all but 13 of them schoolchildren. pakistan says all seven militants are dead. the pile of flowers and cards are growing. at a news conference the prime minister says he will be seeks answers to obvious questions about the alleged gunman. man haron monis was out on bail for violent crimes at the time of the attack. pennsylvania authorities have found the body of a man suspected of killing his ex-wife and five of her relatives. bradley stone's body was found not far from his home with apparent self-inflicted wounds. they were searching for him since the killings early monday. now, back to pakistan where the country is observing the first of three days of official mourning for the victims of the school massacre in peshmerga. funerals have already begun for the 145 people killed by taliban
11:32 pm
militants. pakistan's prime minister calls eight a tragedy tragedy released by savages. they want his country to observe two minutes of silence as a show of solidarity and britain's prime minister also con tells the attack. >> the scale of what has happened in pakistan, i think, just simply defies belief. it is a dark, dark day for humanity when something on this scale happens with no justification. there is no a belief system in the world that can justify this sort of appalling act. i think what this shows is the worldwide threat posed by this poisonous ideology of extremist terrorism. >> bob behr joins us from newport beach. this is the deadliest attack in pakistan in some years and by targeting children and especially a school on an army
11:33 pm
base, it is quite an escalation. what do you make of this in the larger context of anti-terrorism efforts in pakistan? >> well, it's more complicated than anti-terrorism. i mean what's happened is the pakistani army has been the middle of a campaign in north waziristan. only a matter of time before the pakistani taliban responded and as you -- they responded against the military target essentially, a soft target but still symbolically a military target so i think the pakistanis in a sense were prepared for this. >> as far as how it might impact u.s. efforts in the region. osama bin laden was killed in pakistan back in 2011. he was near a military base. it caused a bit of a rift between the u.s. and pakistan since then. does this incident prove that it's time to heal that divide somewhat? >> well, i don't think the divide has been healed at all. and there's still drone attacks going on. american drone attacks in north
11:34 pm
waziristan and the rest of the tribal areas adding to the tension. the pakistani taliban is not just in peshmerga but karachi, in lahore, it's in the punjab, all across the country and the target is the army. you simply -- the pakistani army cannot get off the main roads in north waziristan and attack targets and not expect a response. >> is a return -- a returning to the peace talks the only option left or is there a middle ground, something else that hasn't been tried yet? >> well, i know what's not going to happen is the pakistani military is not going to take control of north waziristan or the tribal areas. i don't see them doing it. they're going to have to go back -- as you said to the peace talks. there's no choice but on the other hand the pakistani taliban is becoming more and more like isis. uncompromising, and their demands may go way beyond islamabad's capacities to meet them. >> so as we all watch this as
11:35 pm
observers from the outside what's the maintainingaway. is it that they have in some ways been weakened by the taliban? >> i think they've been weakened. i think pakistan is on the edge as it's been for many years of a failed state. it certainly can't control land within its borders. how much worse it's going to get no one can say. you know, but the army has in this war on terror has not succeeded in pakistan. they've been retaliating today, the army, in north waziristan but i think that's only going to beget more violence. >> bob baer speaking with me earlier. even the fellow militants in afghanistan are condemning it. the afghan taliban released a statement that some might see as deeply hypocritical but take a look it reads "deliberate killing of innocent people, women and children is against the islamic principles. every muslim organization and government should consider this.
11:36 pm
the taliban has always condemned the killing of innocent people and children." now, it's important to note that the pakistani and afghan taliban are technically allies but operate completely independently. jim sciutto breaks down the differences. >> reporter: they focus on attacking international security forces there including u.s. forces and driving them out of the country. the pakistani taliban focused on attacking the pakistani government. brings it down and establishing sharia law in the country. to that end they've been responsible for some of the most horrific terror attacks in pakistan, an thatting on a market in it 009 that killed more than 100 people and an attack on a protestant church and the assassination of the former prime minister benazir bhutto and shooting of the recent nobel prize winner, malala yousafzai. the pakistani taliban has attacked americans and american interests. in 2009 a suicide bombing that
11:37 pm
killed seven cia officers in eastern afghanistan. in 2010 the failed bombing inside times square in new york city traced back to the pakistani taliban. and following the killing of osama bin laden by u.s. forces in pakistan, the ttp leader, the pakistani taliban leader called for attacks on americans inside america and the u.s. has attacked back. drone strikes inside the tribal areas in 2009, 2013 killed the leaders of the pakistani taliban. washington has long pressed pakistan to take on the pakistani taliban more aggressively on the ground. it was in the tribal areas of northeastern pakistan has had great effect. the view in washington and in islamabad was that the group was weakened. some see this attack on the school as an act of desperation but the group clearly still has great capability and the fear is not only to attack inside
11:38 pm
pakistan at home but possibly on american interests abroad. >> our jim sciutto there. the taliban massacre in pakistan is now the second deadliest recorded attack on a school anywhere in the world. the worst was ten years ago in russia where 32 chechen militants took around 1200 hostages in a school. russian commandos stormed the building but more than 300 people, half of them children were killed. now another big story tracking for you, the group that claims it hacked sony pictures is threatening anyone who goes to the new movie "the interview" about an assassination attempt. it prompted the cancellation of new york city's premiere. u.s. authorities say they don't believe it's a credible threat but they are investigating. more from pamela brown. >> reporter: tonight the fbi is investigating a threatening message purportedly from the sony hackers promising a bitter
11:39 pm
fate to anyone who sees the controversial north korean comedy "the interview" set to release on christmas day. >> the cia would love it if you could take him out. >> reporter: they'll see what an awful movie they have made. the world will be full of fear. remember the 11th september 2001. >> with this hack in particular, information is just leaking out day after day after day and now they've got all these threats against people, you know, if you go see the movie, you know, be careful. they're threatening the families of sony employees. i mean, this is taken hacking to a level that we've never seen before. >> reporter: a leaked scene from "the interview" slows the grew many i -- gruesome attack on kim jong-un. law enforcement sources tell us the strong suspicion is that the recluse i have country is the instigator and possibly
11:40 pm
outsourced it elsewhere. tonight the fbi is scrubbing sewn think's computer system trying to gather enough evidence to be able to definitively point the finger at the hacking culprit. >> it is a complexioned nuanced investigation and involves not just going into your own i.t. systems but the more sophisticated hackers have gone through multiple, multiple infrastructures to get to where they've gotten to so it's not something that's going to be solved by sony in a day or week or month. >> reporter: it's had a devastating affect on the company. revealing personal information and salacious e-mails. it's believed the sony hackers began penetrating their computer system as early as this past summer. but it wasn't until later the company reported it to authorities who began investigating in november. pamela brown, cnn, washington. now, a person close to the situation says sony has no plans
11:41 pm
at the moment to completely pull the movie from theaters. it's supposed to release on december 25th but won't object if some of the independently and privately owned theaters decide not to show it. we will see what happens on that front but meantime, the plot thickens, a former sony or we should say former sony employees have now filed two class action lawsuits against the company over this widening hacking scandal. the suits allege sony failed to secure its computer network and waited too long to notify employees that their personal data such as social security numbers and medical records had, in fact, been stolen. both cases aim to represent current and former sony workers. so far no comment from sony. still to come for you here on cnn find out why a preholiday announcement was a big surprise to many beyond jeb bush's tight inner circle. stay with us. surface: so's my surface, it's just as powerful.
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11:45 pm
another woman survived. >> i never thought that we can be in a situation like this. never ever. the first initial was crying like kind of crying and praying for god to finish safe and no one will get hurt and that's the first thing. >> how do you find out she was inside? >> she kept sending messages to her husband from inside the cafe because she sent message to her husband that i am in the cafe being hostage with the others and i'm afraid and i hope god will help us to get out alive. after we had been on tv for the whole night watching what will happen and when they went in i saw her personally the first one, they're carrying her and then from her face i knew that was her and i was relieved at
11:46 pm
that time. when i saw her alive, in the hands of soldiers the first thing, the first thing i clapped my hand like this and there was tearing and crying. and after i was alone early in the morning 5:00, 4:00 in the morning. tears of happiness because she was alive. >> when did you find out she had been shot? >> right away. i could see the blood on her feet and they're carrying her away and i saw her the first one and the only one they're carry ago live without the stretchers. so i look carefully. i look down to her feet and i could see the blood on her feet. it was very nice looking girl. she is very smart. she is a hard worker. she is a person that you should be really proud of. if she's in an ordeal like this, everybody is at risk in the world. >> our thanks to the cbc for that report.
11:47 pm
we can give you an update on marcia's condition. she's recovering from surgery on both legs. her husband and much of her family are at her side and we certainly wish her a speedy recovery. now, another member of the bush family may make a run at the white house. how do you feel about that. former florida governor jeb bush says he's actively explore a presidential bid. he is the brother of george w. bush. suzanne malveaux looks at his prospect in the crowded field of republican presidential contenders. >> reporter: the possibility of a second bush/clinton showdown has the political world spinning. after former two-term florida governor jeb bush posted this. "i have decided to actively explore the possibility of running for president of the united states." criticism from his own party was swift. particularly from conservatives
11:48 pm
who see him as too moderate on immigration reform and education. this tweet from a political commentator. "another bush versus another clinton, political vomit" and this call from the conservative action fund. on the hill a more measured and nuanced response from potential republican opponent rand paul who told cnn off camera the more the merrier but a bush run would undoubtedly shake up the potentially crowded field. >> this is bad news for three candidate, one, chris christie, he was the other big name establishment candidate. two, marco rubio, senator from florida who is close to jeb and is now unlikely to run for president and, three, to the extent he was running, mitt romney. >> reporter: in fact a recent cnn/orc poll shows if romney doesn't jump in the primary jeb bush becomes the number one choice for republicans. he's popular with the party establishment. brings in big donors. speaks fluent spanish and was governor of the state needed to
11:49 pm
capture the presidency. florida, the narrative is rich. in 1992 president george h.b. bush was smacked down by bill clinton robbing him of a second term. could his son avenge him by taking on hillary? a little more than a year ago when barbara bush said this about a presidential run. >> we've had enough bushes. >> she's since come around but many fellow republicans agreed noting jeb has little grassroots support, financial dealings heavily scrutinized and a lack of experience in the new political world. but the 61-year-old had a little pushback for his mom. >> i don't have to like listen to every word she says. [ laughter ] at some point you got to make these decisions kind of like a grown-up. >> reporter: thanks to suzanne malveaux for that. his decision comes 13 full months ahead of the iowa caucus, the first major electoral event of the nominating process for u.s. presidents, so he's making the announcement early.
11:50 pm
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11:52 pm
to bill withers who will become one of the newest members of the rock 'n' roll home of fame. the museum just announced its 2015 class of inductees and they include the man you see here ringo starr, the band green day and joan jett and the blackhearts. inducted in the first year of eligibility for one. the five royale. the paul butterfield blues band, lou reed and stevie ray vaughan and double trouble. if you ever wondered what the world is curious about, google is happy to provide the answer, the search engine just released its annual roundup of the year's top global searches, can you guess what's on the list? too late i'll show you what's on the top five. first with the horrific news of the death of robin williams people searched that quite a bit followed by the excitement over
11:53 pm
the world cup. that was followed by fears about ebola, the mystery of what happened to malaysia airlines flight 370. we still don't know and the ice bucket challenge. so a bit of an emotional roller coaster. recent rains in california have been a welcome site. tuesday nasa released fascinating information point extent of the drought situation. our meteorologist pedram javaheri joins us now with more. we said this rain has been needed. >> yes. >> but not so quickly all at once. what is nasa telling us. >> nasa, this information we'll get to shortly. touches on how much more moisture is necessary to get us out of the drought and touched on, of course, the years necessary but put the maps in motion and you brought up the ice bucket challenge. that was one thing. frowned upon across california in the summer season when that was trending for lack of a better word but here you go. showers scattered about. ventura county, flood warnings
11:54 pm
and advisories in place until 6:00 in the morning local time because of the wet weather still prevalent across southern california and northern california too could get maybe a half inch over these spots. higher elevations, 4 to 7 inches of snow accumulating across this region but on tuesday nasa releasing information that 11 trillion gallons of water to end the drought situation. keep in mind 99.7% of the state of california is under drought. if you're curious, 0.3 is far across del norte county on the oregon border. 0.3% not experiencing drought. 17 million olympic pools worth of water would be necessary over california or about 130,000 football stadiums filled with water to get them out of the drought situation. not possibly over a few months
11:55 pm
but a multiyear event. at least a good start across in december but want to take you to japan. pretty impressive snow. the snowiest place on our planet as far as major area, major cities are concerned in recent days. we picked up over 00 inches, 150 or so centimeters of sea-effect snow that has come down, another foot or 25 centimeters left in the forecast around western japan and with all of this, we know we had major flight delays, about 125 flights out of tokyo delayed or canceled on tuesday and a flight left out of seoul, south korea left significant turbulence. upper level wins over 225 miles per hour upstairs or 370 kilometers per hour. the plane went right into it, some 12 people injured, errol. made an emergency landing in tokyo and that was the scene there but very scary situation above the skies of tokyo there with this. >> yes, severe turbulence never
11:56 pm
enjoyable. pedram, thanks. more than a week left to finish up your christmas shopping and if you want your little one to dress like a prince, jeanne moos has some tips. >> reporter: you are looking at the royal shoe salesman. now we all know that whatever prince george's mother wears steps to fly off the racks. the tory burch jacket, but when the palace released three adorable christmas photos of the prince, shoppers were swept off their feet by his shoes. sales of this unisex navy blue leather shoe with a buckle skyrocketed. >> it's ten types more than this time last week. >> she says with a smile. >> i'm happy. i'm hoping i'm saying 0 times tomorrow. >> reporter: first walking shoes they're called made by a company that's manufactured shoes for two centuries. the name that's resting on the little prince's foot. >> start right england. >> now your kid with walk in the
11:57 pm
shoes of a principally sum of 57 bucks. shoppers didn't just go gaga. over the prince's shoes george's $26 sweater vest decorated with the london guard sold out that listed it under gifts fit for a prince. the folks at the shoe company had already been tipped off that kate had visited a retail store with prince george in tow and purchased their shoes but when they saw the christmas photos with him wearing them -- >> oh, we were jumping up and down, yes, we certainly were and wanted to jump from the highest mountain possible. >> reporter: with most mesmerized by his rosy cheeks who knew prince george's subjects would be falling at his feet. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> very cute stuff there. you are watching cnn. i'm errol barnett. i'll be back in a moment with the world's biggest stories. you used to sleep like a champ.
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♪do the walk of life ♪yeah, you do the walk of life need to lower your blood sugar? ask your doctor about farxiga and visit our website to learn how you may be able to get every month free. a nation in shock after a massacre at a school. take you live to pakistan where the government can promising to keep battling extremists. in australia, officials want to know how the man behind the siege in sydney wasn't caught sooner. and in russia, the economic crisis is deepening with its currency hitting all-time lows. an hour ago it was 60. now it's like 85. i'm afraid because we got our wages in rubles and don't pay in dollars it's scary. >> all those stories coming up in a moment. i'm errol barnett at the