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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  February 11, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. right now in washington a debate over the use of force in the war against isis. president obama's resolution now in the hands of leaders in both the house and the senate. plus at any minute now, republican house leaders are expected to address the press. also peace talks. the leaders of france and germany bringing russia ukraine and separatist groups to the table. the hope to hammer out a cease-fire in ukraine.
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we begin with this breaking news. troubling developments out of yemen. rebels have seized u.s. vehicles and military weapons that were left behind by american embassy personnel at the airport just hours after the u.s. and u.k. suspended embassy operations and evacuated staffers out of the capital city of sanaa. yemen has been batting chaos since rebels seized control of key government facilities and forced the country's leader to resign. there are major fears that rebels will enter the u.s. embassy within the next 24 hours. let's get the latest from cnn's chief national correspondent jim sciutto. it seems unimaginable to me that the marines would just leave their weapons behind jim. >> they didn't leave them on purpose. they were confiscated from them by the houthi rebels who control the airport as marines and rest of the remaining u.s. embassy personnel left. you now have the u.s. embassy in
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yemen closed and really a departure as they leave showing the instability on the ground there. i'm told by a senior u.s. military official they took all precautions necessary as they left that embassy compound destroying documents, disabling some weapons, which were left there. that's before they got the remaining staff to the airport, carol. it's at the airport with those houthi rebels took everything off them their weapons, et cetera. good news is that those embassy staff and personnel got out of of the country safely. the bad news is you leave behind a really gaping hole in one of the most important countries in the region there. this is where aqap is in yemen and without a u.s. embassy you lose intelligence gathering on the ground political contacts military contacts et cetera. it's not the only one. you now have no u.s. embassy in syria, not in somalia and none in libya for major countries with major terror issues now. it's a real problem across the
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region carol. >> so obviously the houthi rebels do not like the united states so how might this -- i know the geography there. how might the rebels affect the war on terror? >> it's a confusing situation in yemen. the houthi rebels are backed by iran. they're actually against aqap. they found their own battles against al qaeda on the arabian peninsula which is america's chief enemy on the ground there. doesn't mean the houthies are our friends but of course you have these houthi rebels now taking over the u.s. embassy. the focus of u.s. resources on the ground in yemen remains aqap. i'm told by military officials that counterterror operations will continue there. that means that drone strikes will continue particularly over the southern part of the country here the southwestern part of the country where aqap is concentrated. you have the pentagon spokesman
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acknowledging yesterday that losing that embassy presence will have an impact. it's not going to shut it down but it will have an impact. something to keep in mind. embassies do visas and they do diplomatic missions et cetera. but they are listening posts for intelligence. they are cooperation posts in effect for military cooperation, et cetera which is essential to the u.s. relationship with yemen. no matter how you slice it this is a loss and it's not the only country in the region. count them. four. significant issues and no u.s. presence on the ground. >> thank you so much jim. an hour ago president obama sent a formal request to congress asking lawmakers to grant him war powers to fight isis. cnn's michelle kosinski is at the white house with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: hi carol. everyone has been waiting for the exact language on this and debating it before it came out. this was always going to be a balancing act between getting rid of unnecessary or undesired
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breath but also leaving some flexibility to change as the situation changes. you never know what's going to happen down the road. this does strike something of a balance. it gets rid of the 2002 authorization that pertains to iraq but leaves in place the one from 2001 relating to al qaeda. it also leaves some flexibility for fighting groups allied with isis fighting alongside them. it also doesn't set any limits on geography so it allows the president to fight isis wherever they may turn up and gain strength. where it does set a limit though, this has been talked about for a while, the use of combat troops. the language of the aumf says it doesn't authorize the president to use forces in enduring offensive ground combat operations. in the letter that he
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accompanied with this he said would not authorize long-term large scale ground combat like those conducted in iraq and afghanistan. you can say that this does leave the window open for shorter term smaller scale ground combat operations. some republicans disagree even with this limitation. we heard john mccain saying that you shouldn't have congress limit the powers of the commander in chief ever. he was saying it shouldn't happen and that it wouldn't happen as long as he breathes. carol? >> michelle kosinski reporting live from the white house. many thanks. let's go to capitol hill and chief congressional correspondent dana bash. dana you've been getting reaction from the hill. what are people saying? what are lawmakers saying? >> reporter: there are more and more republicans who agree maybe not in as colorful terms as john mccain as saying he won't let this go as long as he breathes but agreed that this is too narrow. speaking right now about the
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house speaker, john boehner. we expect him to show up shortly for a press conference. ahead of that he just issued a statement, which i have here where he says that it is -- it doesn't give military commanders the flexibility and authorities they need to succeed and protect our people. again, we're talking about that important sentence that michelle talked to you about. talking about not authorizing the use of united states armed forces in enduring offensive ground combat operations. we're in this very ironic kind of bizarre world situation where you have republicans wanting to give president obama more flexibility flexibility, more latitude and you have democrats, people in his own party, wanting to give the president less latitude when it comes to the use of military force. again, the flip side of that is that is what we're hearing from democrats. we heard it all day in the halls yesterday. a lot of concern that this is simply too broad and the thing to keep in mind is this proposal is for three years.
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the president is not going to be there. president obama, for three years. so what we're hearing from democrats quietly in the hallways is okay we trust president obama won't take this and run with this but who knows who the next president is going to be. that's why there's concern there and setting precedent with regard to what congress does and doesn't do. >> all right. dana bash reporting live from capitol hill. thank you very much. as michelle kosinski and dana bash just mentioned included in president obama's request to congress an operation for three years, limited use of ground troops for rescue operation and a campaign of air strikes in iraq and syria. let's talk about this from a military perspective. welcome, sir. >> hello, carol. how are you this morning? >> i'm good. i'm eager to know your general impressions. >> i read the letter that the president has drafted and prepared to send to over 500
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members of the legislative branch. i think it's a good move on his heart. it will outline what his strategy is, the military strategy and what he's trying to do but it also provides some good guidelines for the military commanders. this isn't just for congress. i would suggest this is also a signal to the other potential members of the coalition, especially those in iraq. this is what he is going to ask his military to do and it's the same message to the government of iraq saying you've got to step up to do this. we are not going to do this for you. that's very plain to me as i read the letter. >> everybody is concerned about this one line about the authorization for the use of
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ground troops but it can't be for an enduring offensive. what does that mean? >> that tells me what he's saying is we can allow for advisers. we can allow for special operators. we can allow for intelligence and planners and logistics and operations arena but what we don't want is to put a large number of forces in combat formations for large scale offensive maneuvers. i think what he's basically saying is we'll help other people do that but we're not going to be there for a long time. this is a refinement and a limitation of the use of the force in iraq. >> because you know what many americans are concerned about that we'll get ourselves into a huge military conflict once again involving tens of thousands of american troops. does this proposal prevent that? >> i think it does. and, you know as you well know
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carol, being a journalist there has been much debate over the last couple of months. every time a new group of soldiers or military personnel are asked to do something, there is a cry about mission creep or more boots on the ground. what the president is attempting to do is provide unique guidance on here's what we are trying to do and here are the limits of our actions. so you can talk all about mission creep or more boots on the ground but as long as it meets these criteria we can continue to act and that's the criticality of what he's trying to do with this particular military strategy. >> lieutenant general mark hertling thank you for your insight. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. i'm looking forward to. for some every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement
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of preparing for retirement. that's why when the time came he counted on merrill edge to streamline his investing and help him plan for the road ahead. that's the power of streamlined connections. that's merrill edge and bank of america. the truth is not setting brian williams' free but it's giving him free time. nbc announcing last night they're taking williams off the air for the next six months. the network statement reads "while on "nightly news" on friday january 30 2015 brian misrepresented events which occurred while he was covering the iraq war in 2003. it then became clear that on other occasions brian had done the same. while telling that story in other venues. this was wrong and inappropriate for someone in brian's position." for more than a decade williams shared various versions about his time in iraq. he was called out last week
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admitting he got it wrong. then apologized but now you see what happens. he's been suspended for the next six months without pay. we're talking about a $10 million contract. let's talk about this. i'm joined by brian stelter, our cnn media analyst and former military journalist thomas day. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> brian, i want to start with you because -- good morning. thanks for being here. brian, i do want to start with you. you just got off the phone with some executives at nbc. what did they tell you? >> i've been trying to piece together what the strategy is going to be going forward. this is the day after the suspension. now the network is going to try to get back on its feet. what i hear is two different possibilities. imagine two different scenarios here. one is that brian williams will never come back. people are being honest that's a possibility. he won't be able to return. lester holt or someone else will take over "nightly news" even six months from now. the other possibility is this. this is still a chance it could happen. lay low for months. stay quiet.
7:17 am
don't say anything. and then profusely apologize. really truly apologize for what's happened. explain what's happened. and then hope people provide forgiveness. certainly this is an apologetic country. we do tend to give second chances to celebrities and public figures that have done wrong. that may be the nbc strategy going forward. we'll see. >> this has to do with the military. thomas i'm going to pose that question to you. you worked for the military as a soldier and as a journalist. do you think that military personnel will forgive brian williams? >> i think so. i mean let's recognize that what mr. williams did was entirely human. it is sadly not uncommon for folks who were over there to want to feel engaged and want to tell their friends back home their colleagues that they were maybe more involved than they
7:18 am
really were. i certainly have had those feelings at some point. i constantly -- i mean candidly when i was a trooper in iraq fire my weapon. i wasn't directly fired at. you know when i'm asked, what did you see over there? it's a natural instinct to want to say -- it's a natural impulse to want to at the very least -- >> embellish and make it more exciting. i understand that. brian williams is a journalist. credibility is important especially in the seat he occupancy. >> i would say the bar is so high because he's so high because he's the most popular single network news anchor in the united states. also the senior most in that network news chair. the bar is that high for that reason. >> thomas i'm also curious what do military personnel feel when an anchor from new york drops
7:19 am
onto the battlefield to report for a few days and then goes home? >> i can't speak for everybody who served in the military but certainly there is a cultural divide between places like ft. campbell kentucky and camp lejeune, north carolina and as you mentioned, reporters who come in from new york or washington typically have degrees from places like columbia northwestern and frankly are in networks and social circles that are far different than the ones that troops officers and enlisted alike, hang out in back in their installations. there's a real cultural disconnect that i suspect in many ways this brian williams fiasco speaks to. >> and just be more specific by that. do you mean that they just kind of resent him for being there? here's this guy from new york who is going to come in and we'll have to protect him while he tells his stories to people
7:20 am
in new york. is that how they feel? >> you know i'm kind of -- i'm reminded of a standup that kathy griffin did about anderson cooper when he was covering hurricane katrina. she said there is anderson cooper covering hurricane katrina. it's all in jest i know. i have a great deal of respect for anderson cooper. i watch his show all the time. they are folks that serve in the military. i don't have exact figures off the top of my head. the majority of folks that serve in the military i suspect come from rural areas and while not many or most military service members come from disadvantaged backgrounds, many of them do. and there's a social discussion that needs to be had. >> we do get it. i think that brian, that
7:21 am
probably added to the resentment that some military personnel felt when brian williams kept embellishing these stories. >> i think i subscribe to this belief. some people would say there's this reflective embrace and reverence for the military at all times and all reasons with the risk being if you don't, it's unamerican it's unpatriotic and perhaps brian williams fell into that trap. military members of our armed forces are some of the most critical of the wars. they are not as reverent has people who have not served. i wonder if brian williams by trying to celebrate veterans but making it about himself instead of veterans fell into a trap. >> thank you for joining us. i appreciate it. benjamin netanyahu planning to speak in front of congress. why some democrats are planning to boycott that speech. we'll talk about that next.
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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu isn't backing down when it comes to visiting washington next month. the israeli leader was invited to the nation's capital by republican house speaker john boehner. here's the thing. boehner never consulted the white house and many say a visit by netanyahu just two weeks before israeli elections is simply inappropriate. but netanyahu is doubling down
7:26 am
and says it is his duty to deliver an iran focused speech to congress. >> i'm going to the united states not because i seek a confrontation with the president but because i must fulfill my obligation to speak out on a matter that affects the very survival of my country. >> now some lawmakers are threatening to boycott that speech including democratic congressman from oregon. >> good morning. >> why do you plan to boycott? >> it's inappropriate to have a deliberate effort by the speaker and prime minister netanyahu to sabotage the negotiating that we have with iran that are reaching a delicate point to be able to stop them from getting nuclear weapons and to inject us into piz israeli domestic politics. one only has to look at the last
7:27 am
campaign where netanyahu used footage of his previous speech to congress as part of a campaign commercial. i just think it's inappropriate. i think it's unfortunate. i agree with the majority of the israeli people who think that it shouldn't happen. >> so you don't think that benjamin netanyahu is sincere when he says he just wants to address congress because he's so concerned about iran both from israel's perspective and from the united states. >> i'm going to question his sincerity. i'm questioning what he is doing in the middle of a heated election in israel and doing it so at a time where we're undercutting the relationship between the administration and the israeli government and it's an effort as i say to sabotage these negotiations where the iranian hard liners will look for any excuse not to reach an agreement. i think it's unfortunate. it's unnecessary. i don't think it's appropriate.
7:28 am
i'm not going to attend. >> we know that president obama and benjamin netanyahu don't have the best of relationships. you heard what benjamin netanyahu said in that sound bite. he said this is not meant as a confrontation to president obama or anything like that. do you believe him when he says that? or will this just widen the rift between the president and benjamin netanyahu? >> he's a very sophisticated man. he's been involved in the political process. he understands american politics and knows what he's doing. he could have delivered this speech to a large gathering of supporters of israel that are in our nation's capital at approximately the same time. there are other venues and approaches to do this without consultation with the administration with this forum i think was calculated. i understand why he's doing it. i agree with the majority of the
7:29 am
israeli people who think it's a mistake. >> this is a statement by the prime minister benjamin netanyahu. it's from his media adviser. disagreements have occurred from the left and right and american presidents from both parties. none of these disagreements led to a rupture in the relationship between israel and the united states. might this rift lead to a rupture in relations between the two countries? >> i think this is pretty over the top. i think it is calculated to exercise that influence and i think it does so in a manner that is deliberately insulting to the president. they didn't deal with the white house or the state department. i think it's a mistake. i understand there's somewhat of a backlash in israel itself. but it's not what congress should be doing. it's a bad precedent.
7:30 am
i hope that we don't dignify it. >> congressman, thank you so much for being with me. i appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> i'll be right back. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. when the moment's spontaneous, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain
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...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. all right. the possibility of peace in ukraine now rests on high level summit talks that will soon begin. the leaders of france germany, russia and ukraine along with separatist groups are expected to start arriving any time now
7:34 am
to hammer out a cease-fire. that's a picture you're looking at in minsk. if there's no deal ukrainian president poroshenko says he's ready to introduce martial law throughout the country. as the crisis in ukraine continues to spiral out of control, president obama has yet to lay down a red line. mr. obama will not say what action on russia's part will convince him to arm the ukrainian military. the president did say western leaders cannot allow the borders of europe to be redrawn at the barrel of a gun. the kremlin told a reuters radio station that "nobody has ever talked to the president in the tone of an ultimateum and
7:35 am
couldn't do so even if they wanted to." with me is liz walsh who quit her job at the russia funded network saying the company whitewashes vladimir putin's actions. president putin is flying to minsk to take part in these talks. do you think that he will bend? >> well it is hard to say based on what we've seen of his behavior so far. sanction after sanction. doesn't seem to have deterred his actions in ukraine especially the violence there only escalating. the attempt at a peace deal in september didn't hold. unfortunately this is seen as a last ditch effort. based on the rhetoric that you just heard from russian leaders there, it seems unfortunately the possibility is always there but he seems to be emboldened down. i doubt this is going to be a
7:36 am
turning point where he's going to back down and remove his troops. >> here's the thing. many sanctions have been imposed against russia. russia's economy is tanking but vladimir putin's approval ratings are at 90%. why are the russian people so willing to go along with him? >> absolutely. i think that this kind of gets to the core of the problem. we see the power play of the kremlin going on on the ground in ukraine at the moment. we also see it on the airwaves and media over the past year the kremlin has expanded its propaganda organization. they just launched in the u.k. and they launched broadcasts to dozens of countries over 100 cities. they have come under tighter control within russia so you're not hearing a diversity of
7:37 am
voices within russia and as a result you see strong -- he's seen as a hero within russia. and we're seeing the implications of that. the public there is behind him. and that's the result of very bias media that really skews perception of reality and has no incentive or will to report the facts on the ground and unfortunately it's the people of ukraine that are stuck in the middle of this information war. >> thanks for your insight. i appreciate it. still to come a triple murder near the university of north carolina campus. we're learning more about a possible motive next.
7:38 am
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a horrific seen near the
7:40 am
university of north carolina where a man is charged with murder in the death of three mud muslim students all three shot in the head. in the midst of chaos a father desperate for information, and the cops who tried to hold him back. >> i'm his father. take me to jail. do you whatever. i'm going to go in there and see what's going on. >> the suspect, 46-year-old craig hicks, in custody. he turned himself in after the incident and while no official motive has been given, chapel hill police tell cnn it could have been motivated by a dispute over a parking spot. joining me to talk about this cnn senior washington correspondent joe johns and criminal defense attorney joey jackson. joe, let's start with you. what more do we know about this case? >> as you said the suspect is 46-year-old man craig steven hicks. police said an ongoing neighbor dispute over parking may have precipitated this. a statement they put out also
7:41 am
raises the question of whether it was a hate crime. the statement just came in a minute ago. it says our investigators are exploring what could have motivated mr. hicks to commit such a senseless and tragic act. we understand concerns about the possibility that this was hate motivated and we'll exhaust every lead to determine if that is the case. so he turned himself in on tuesday night charged with three counts of first-degree murder. hicks is said to be cooperating with police. police say the victims in this case are all muslim. hicks is not. they are young. one was 19. another 21. another 23. two of them were married. they were all shot in the head. also there's a sister there who is the other victim. all three were students. one was a second-year dennist istdentistry student raising money to provide
7:42 am
dental care to refugees in turkey. that gives you an idea of who these folks were. we do know from facebook postings the suspect in this case said he's an atheist. the news of these killings has gone viral. the council on islamic american relations and others questioning whether it was because of the victims' religion. >> the investigation in its early stages joey. what would constitute a hate crime in police minds? >> what ends up happening is that the net effect of this is murder. certainly that will trump anything else. what i mean by that is the punishment for murder could be the death penalty. what you want to know is what the motivations were. so were the actions of the defendant here predicated upon some type of religious hatred? were they predicated on hatred relating to ethnicity or what he perceived to be something that didn't meet with his internal politics. so that would be problematic.
7:43 am
and so at the end of the day, carol, what police want to do is they want motive here. why would you have someone who shoots three people in the head? what precipitated an action like that? it would go a long way in explaining exactly why this occurred. we know how it occurred. >> we'll continue to follow this case. joe johns and joey jackson, thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," jon stewart is done with the daily grind leaving "the daily show." what could be next for him? we'll talk about that next.
7:44 am
7:45 am
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bulldog: mattress discounters presidents day sale ends presidents day? get up to four years interest-free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection! and, get a queen size serta mattress and box spring set for just $397. ♪ mattress discounters ♪ he made politics cool and the the daily news fun. jon stewart is stepping down. what's next? >> i don't have any specific
7:47 am
plans. got a lot of ideas. got a lot of things in my head. i'm going to have dinner on a school night with my family who i have heard from multiple sources are lovely people. >> so is this the end of the fake news era? probably not. let's talk about it. i'm joined with tim, senior editor of "the daily beast." were you surprised? >> not hugely. i think when we saw jon stewart direct his film which came out at the end of last year we realized there were more strings being added to the bow and clearly mr. stewart would like to do other things and spread his wings a bit. the key and intriguing thing is what direction that will be. his fans love him as you say as a news source. this was not a news show. for many it fulfilled its role
7:48 am
as a news show and as a commentary source for many people who felt disaffected by all of politics. people will be asking has jon stewart got a role as a public figure and would he want to take that on? >> more than one person is probably hoping he'll take over for brian williams right, because everyone is wondering -- christiane amanpour asked jon stewart, you know kind of the same kind of question. let's listen. >> in my mind this is all chicken. i'm just making chicken. sometimes i'm making cutlets. sometimes a nice teriyaki. sometimes i just grind it up and feed it to baby birds but it's still chicken. >> do you think this chicken might decide to be a regular news anchor? a lot of -- >> regular news? like yourself? >> like myself. >> i would say no. >> like "meet the press." >> i would say no. that i don't believe is in danger of happening. that i can pretty confidently
7:49 am
state that i will not have my own room of situations. that's just a name i came up with. a room of situations. >> i totally believe him. there's no way, right? >> the interesting thing about what he said apart from overdoing a chicken metaphor was to say that look he's first and foremost a comedian. a very intelligent one and one with his eye on the news. "the daily show" is about the collapse between entertainment and news. it's how like entertainment for good and ill the news business has become. i don't think he would really want to be in a position where he would have to as it were objectively present broadcast the news every night and actually brian williams is a very useful lesson. if you look at the root of the problem which he's currently facing the criticism is that he went too far over into the entertainment sphere
7:50 am
compromising himself as an objective broadcaster. does jon stewart want to find himself in that position? i would think not. >> i would hope not. you're right about brian williams. just be a journalist. why do you have to be on david letterman's show or jon stewart's show? is there a reason for that? is it to attract a young audience? if they like you they'll watch you no matter where you appear. >> the problem that brian williams had or has is growing demand maybe on behalf of his network and other networks to put anchors as more than people that just sit behind a desk and read the news and they have to be all things at all times and all things to all people and maintaining objective authority. brian williams found himself compromised in that sense. jon stewart, i think, his fans like him. fans of "the daily show" like him because he can take a view
7:51 am
on the news and politics and pop culture and really go between all of them. leap between all of them. not compromise himself because he's not presenting himself as an objective observer of these things. he's presenting himself as the voice of the people watching these events unfold and feeling cynical, disillusioned or sometimes energized and these things are jokes to jon stewart. he's a joke teller but he's a serious joke teller. i think newscaster that would be deeply unattractive to hip and his audience as well i think. >> tim teeman thanks for being with me. i appreciate it. checking other stories for you. three years ago today pop singer whitney houston was found dead in a bathtub. the family is saying little about bobbi kristina brown who was found unresponsive in a bathtub. she remains in a medically induced coma. in australia, two men are charged with plotting terrorists
7:52 am
attacks. police raided a house in suburban sydney and took the men into custody. a bail hearing set for thursday. >> soon we will say gone with the measles. >> meet the youngest voice in the fight against the measles outbreak. the 6 year old is urging his california school district to support a law that would override the personal belief exemption and require every student to get vaccinated. he will get his measles shot in a matter of days. chemo sessions have prevented him from being vaccinated. apple reaches a new status among american companies. it's the first to see value skyrocket past $700 billion. billion with a b. the next largest company, exxon mobil is worth just over half of that. another disturbing detail about kayla mueller's life in captivity.
7:53 am
intelligence sources tell cnn she may have been paired with an isis fighter as some sort of bride. cnn's pamela brown has been working her sources. she joins us now with more. good morning. >> good morning. this is based off direct intelligence of kayla mueller when she was in syria and is upition supposition of how women are treated. kayla mueller may have been paired with a male isis fighter during her time in captivity and intelligence officials said it's unclear whether she was coerced, sold or forced into that pairing. and as we said dana bash my colleague, said during her captivity mueller may have been given as a bribe to this isis fighter. there is a lot to learn about this. we have also found out here carol, that the photographs that isis sent to the family showed mueller in muslim garb and in
7:54 am
burial shroud and that helped forensic examiners and the family come to this conclusion that she had died. the pictures do not provide definitive evidence on how and when mueller died. that is something officials are still trying to figure out. carol? >> pamela brown reporting live from washington. thank you. i'll be right back.
7:55 am
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the dog is supposed to be man's best friend so when a company built a robotic dog, jeanne moos found out that not everyone is getting a kick out of it. >> reporter: when a company famous for its robots robots with names like cheetah and big dog, released video of a new little dog, named spot robot fans get their kicks. not one kick but two. >> what's wrong? >> did they just kick the dog? >> reporter: keep watching. >> wow. >> reporter: the wow factor is over the kick rather than the robot robot's ability to recover after being kicked. spot can run up steps. electric power makes it quieter. it beats the pants off older gas powered models. what's circulating online is a vine of the kick captioned omg.
7:58 am
faces flinch. >> it's equivalent to being an animal. >> reporter: find a different way than kicking the dang thing to get your folks across folks. goodness. come on. it's not alive. >> it's a machine. you do the tire kick test when you go get a new car. >> reporter: maybe the engineers at boston dynamics are amused. they seem to have a sense of humor evidence by the time they put horns on big dog and played matador. spot isn't the first robot they kicked. big dog, by the way, was so famous he was parity in a comedy video that included an encounter with a real dog and, yes, he got kicked. the spot video ends with no robots were harmed in the making of this video but they are still getting grief. >> don't kick the robot. that's bad etiquette. >> reporter: it's impressive to see all of these robots bounce
7:59 am
back. unlike the humans. jeanne moos cnn, new york. >> thank you jeannemost. violence continues in ukraine and there's a ray of hope that they will meet soon right here in this palace in belarus. hopefully they'll come up with a peace deal or cease-fire in ukraine because people continue to die there. president obama has not decided whether or not he'll decide to arm the ukrainian rebels although the united states is now training some military personnel within the country of ukraine. we're not sure how many ukrainian soldiers or what exact military personnel that involves. that's under way as well. of course we'll continue to talk
8:00 am
about the situation in ukraine and the peace talks throughout the day on cnn. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. another hour of "newsroom" straight ahead. at last a call to vote for war against isis. the president seeks new authority. why some democrats, members of his own party, are now standing in his way. >> funny man jon stewart, newsman brian williams tv giants whose careers are changing course for very different reasons. could it change tv viewing habits as well? high drama at the murder trial of aaron hernandez. the ex-nfl star's fiance granted immunity and will testify for the prosecution. is this the bombshell that could sink him? you might be surprised.


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