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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  February 12, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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siegel ladies and gentlemen. she mentioned morgan spurlock. "inside man" airs at 9:00 eastern here on cnn tonight. see you back here same time same channel tomorrow. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. let's go to washington. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. the most wanted woman in the world seems to be breaking her silence. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the world lead. police everywhere frantically trying to find her. now in what isis claims is her first interview, the most wanted woman in the world, the suspected terrorist, says she wants others to follow in the footsteps of her late husband. the national lead. three murders fueled by rage at the very least, but the victims' families say hate also directed at muslims is what stoked the gunman. today, new information that hints at the alleged killer's history of anger. and the politics lead. today, president obama, the leader of the free world, as you have never seen him before.
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but will use selfie sticks to sell his signature health care law get anyone to sign up? good afternoon. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we begin with our world lead today. the widow at the center of a worldwide terror dragnet reappeared in a cover story on an isis magazine. there are no pictures but an isis affiliated journal says it interviewed hayat boumeddiene and she is now protected by the terrorists who are deep inside syria. barely more than a month ago, as you might recall boumeddiene's husband rampaged through the kosher supermarket in france killing four innocent men after having killed a female police officer. it's unclear what role she played in those terrorist attacks and the burqa-wearing extremist remains cloaked in mystery as well. but a video unearthed since then shows her and her husband casing
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jewish sites in paris, hinting at her deadly intentions. this interview, assuming it is legitimate sends a clear and chilling message to would-be terrorists throughout the western world. that message is kill. hayat boumeddiene, the widow of the terrorist who attacked the kosher supermarket in france was last seen by authorities here, arriving at the turkish airport just days before her partner, amedy coulibaly, began his deadly rampage across paris. now isis claims they are protecting the most wanted woman in the world. coulibaly pledged allegiance to isis before he killed four innocent jewish men in paris and a police officer. the extremist militant group claims to have an interview with hayat boumeddiene in the latest issue of its magazine. isis says the 26-year-old is now in syria but the publication does not offer proof or photographs. >> anything the islamic state says is suspect but it is
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certainly plausible and plausible even that she's with the islamic state. >> in a two-page q & a she allegedly tells them coulibaly had a heart quote, burning with a desire to join his brothers and fight the enemies of allah on the lands of the caliphate. his eyes shown whenever he watched videos by the islamic state. the q & a does not provide any details about last month's deadly shootings or her suspected role in the attack where four people were killed. in the magazine boumeddiene, seen here frolicking on the beach in a bikini before taking up radical islam, allegedly speaks directly to muslim women, telling them to serve their husbands brothers fathers and sons. french authorities are investigating whether boumeddiene also recently popped up in this isis propaganda video. the woman in the front row wearing a tan head covering. experts say boumeddiene is a powerful prop for isis. >> she becomes a symbol for what can be done in the west. isis and all of these other terrorists are focused on
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attacking the west. the people who believe -- who they believe have done them wrong. >> wherever boumeddiene is she could be a potential gold mine of information. on the paris attacks, terror groups and on how women get recruited. she could offer clues about how a young woman went from a bikini on a beach to a fully veiled crossbow toting islamic radical. but extracting boumeddiene from the grip of isis could be nearly impossible especially now that she's in syria which is virtually a black hole for western intelligence agencies. >> if she is with the islamic state, more than likely she is somewhere in roqqa which is its effective capital of the organization in syria. roqqa is you know a high density urban area so being able to get hands on her within an area like roqqa would be difficult. >> i want to bring cnn terror analyst paul cruickshank to talk about this. paul you think this is
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legitimate? either way, it's likely going to be effective propaganda but is it real? >> as you reported there's no proof in this new magazine that they did an interview with her, but i have spoken to french terrorism experts and they believe that it's certainly a credible claim, not a verified claim at this point, but a credible claim from isis and we know that she entered syria the day before her companion, amedy coulibaly, carried out that attack on the jewish supermarket in paris. we know that he pledged allegiance to isis so it's certainly very plausible that she would now be with isis in syria. >> we know that syria is basically a black hole for western intelligence. if hayat boumeddiene is there, how will authorities be able to find her and how high a priority do you think that is at this point? >> i think it's going to be extremely difficult indeed to find her if she is indeed there, being protected by isis. she's a very very important figure and now when it comes to
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isis, it's allowed them to take ownership of these attacks in paris and as you said it's an intelligence black hole. western intelligence does not have good human intelligence assets on the ground in syria. they are unlikely to send in special forces to risk capturing her because they could lose their lives in any operation so they will have to get lucky, perhaps some kind of air strike. but the french are not flying combat missions over syria right now, just over iraq. >> paul cruickshank, thank you so much. while boumeddiene remains a big prize for the intelligence community all over the world, today we are learning new details about kayla mueller. of course she is the latest american hostage to die at the hands of isis. a spokesperson for her family says kayla's parents asked president obama to trade a convicted terrorist, known as lady al qaeda, for their daughter to save her life as isis had proposed. cnn justice correspondent pamela brown is here with more. so we have new information about
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this potential swap for an al qaeda terrorist. we also have new details about kayla mueller's boyfriend and his role in an attempt to rescue her. >> that's absolutely right. it's clear in speaking to this family spokesperson that the mueller family explored every option possible to bring their daughter home even kayla's boyfriend in syria risked his life to save her. on his facebook page he posted a touching tribute. a heartbreaking message from the man kidnapped in syria with kayla mueller. her boyfriend. he posted this picture of kayla holding a stuffed animal saying on his facebook page i'm sorry i didn't hold on to you with so much strength that even god couldn't take you away. you left our world for a bigger and better place now. cnn learned omar risked his life to rescue kayla. he went to a terrorist training camp pretending to be her husband but the ruse failed.
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arizona congressman paul gozar has counselled the family. >> there is conflicting evidence that the white house and administration didn't do all they could. >> reporter: the white house denies a delayed launch in a rescue attempt to save mueller and other hostages last july. a spokesperson for the national security council says u.s. forces conducted this operation as soon as the president and his national security team were confident the mission could be carried out. the president said he did everything he could. >> i deployed an entire operation at significant risk to rescue not only her, but the other individuals that had been held and probably missed them by a day or two. precisely because we had that commitment. >> reporter: after isis issued an execution deadline of mueller last august her family reached out to the white house in desperation and according to a family spokesperson asked the administration if it would
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consider a prisoner swap trading u.s. prisoner known as lady al qaeda for mueller. even though the swap never happened it was believed mueller was still alive after the execution deadline passed. as some lawmakers seek to change the way the u.s. handles hostage crises -- >> i would like to take a moment of silence to remember all those who lost their lives at the hands of isis especially americans james foley, steven sotlof and most recently, kayla mueller. >> they had a moment of silence on the house floor for mueller. meantime the mueller family spokesperson told us that contrary to media reports, that the family never turned down a rescue operation for kayla after that failed mission last july. there were reports that the family thought it was too risky. i'm being told that is not accurate. >> pamela brown, a heartbreaking story. seemed like such an incredible person. one of the biggest concerns for the intelligence community right now, the thousands of
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westerners including dozens of americans who have gone to join isis. it is a terrifying problem that the u.s. government just admitted is not even close to under control. that is a quote. so what is being done to find all these isis terrorists? we will ask the chairman of the house homeland security committee next. sir, we're going to need you on the
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. continuing our world lead with breaking news isis insurgents are battling for control of the western iraqi town of al baghdadi not far from a military base where u.s. troops are training iraqi security forces. this comes as president obama fends off bipartisan criticism of his plan to defeat and destroy the terrorist group.
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intelligence officials are now estimating that at least 20,000 foreign fighters including 3400 westerners from 90 countries, have joined isis on the battlefield, and in an ominous warning, said many more are likely going undetected. joining me live from capitol hill right now is republican congressman mike mccall, chairman of the house homeland security committee. chairman thanks so much for being with us. first i want to get your reaction to this alleged interview released in this isis publication with hayat boumeddiene, the world's most wanted woman. she is believed to be safely in syria right now with isis. do intelligence officials think this interview is legitimate? >> you know they haven't completely confirmed this. i have no reason to doubt it. we know she left paris, went to istanbul into syria which is the trade route of preference travel route of preference for these foreign fighters. we know the two brothers went to yemen and back and of course
1:16 pm
now we know that she -- i believe she is in syria. she has joined isis in syria. demonstrates how easy it is really for anybody in europe to travel through turkey and syria and back out which is the whole focus of my hearing for these foreign fighters going in and out and then coming back to europe and possibly the united states as well. >> i want to get to that subject and your hearing in a second but i do want to ask a couple questions about kayla mueller, the 26-year-old american aid worker who was slaughtered by isis. there's a story in the daily beast citing a british source claiming that british intelligence sources provided information to the u.s. government on where kayla and some other hostages were but the obama administration delayed acting on the intelligence instead of immediately launching a rescue mission and by the time the mission was launched of course it was too late. the white house is strongly disputing the story. do we know anything about this story? >> well i know there were those communications. how quickly the white house
1:17 pm
reacted, you know, whether that led to the demise of kayla, i can't confirm that in fairness to the family. i will tell you the american journalist we had the same allegations, we are waiting too long to send in these rescue missions and for whatever reason this is getting bottlenecked up in the white house and having a hard time making a decision. i think time is of the essence in these situations to save these hostages. it's very very unfortunate what happened to her. >> are you concerned that the white house is not doing enough to save these american hostages? >> i'm concerned they're not doing enough not only to save these hostages but to win this war. all we're seeing is a policy of containment. you just talked about how isis is now hitting the town of al baghdadi named after the leader of isis with american soldiers not that far away. we know they are outside of baghdad itself. this policy of containment is not a winning strategy.
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we need a policy to defeat and destroy isis once and for all. i think we need to make some serious decisions. we will have an authorized use of military force coming up to the congress we will be debating about what that use of force needs to be to win this war. >> i want to ask you about your hearing. michael steinbach, fbi assistant director for counterterrorism testified about the intelligence community's ability or inability to keep track of all the westerners traveling to fight isis and then return home. i want to play a very chilling remark that he made during your hearing. >> if i were to say that we had it under control, i would say i knew of every single individual traveling. i don't. and i don't know every person there and i don't know everyone coming back. so it's not even close to being under control. >> not even close to being under control. what was your reaction when he said that? what do you think that means practically? >> i think it was a very candid opinion. i applaud the agent for being honest in his answer. to me it's nothing new.
1:19 pm
i receive that in my threat briefings but it's the first time it's come out publicly at a hearing by the fbi and i think what they're saying is that look we have a rough idea that there are 20,000 foreign fighters up to 5,000 with western passports, hundreds of americans who traveled over to the region. some have come back. but the bottom line is you don't know what you don't know. i think they were very candid both homeland and fbi, about the fact we don't have adequate intelligence on the ground in syria to properly determine how many of these foreign fighters we really have on our hands. we know what we do know. i think there's a lot more that we don't. i think these numbers are [ inaudible ] in terms of both americans and foreign fighters from western europe that have traveled the region. that is why i'm so concerned not only in what's happening over there but in terms of protecting the homeland making sure we keep these individuals outside
1:20 pm
the united states. >> we are talking about 3400 westerners and maybe 350 or so americans and those are conservative estimates, you think. we just heard fbi officials say that they do not -- they are not able to keep tabs on all of them. is this a crisis right now? >> well if you look at pre-9/11 in afghanistan, this far surpasses what we had, the situation in afghanistan. it just took the 19 hijackers to pull off what they did. when you are talking about tens of thousands of these foreign fighters, that is a very serious concern. it's the largest convergence of radical islamists in a caliphate area i don't think we have ever seen anything like this in our lifetime so when that threat environment is so high over there, so too to the homeland. >> congressman, thank you so much for being with us. appreciate it. coming up it's a deal but it's far from certain. the cease-fire still yet to
1:21 pm
begin in ukraine. will russian president vladimir putin really play nice this time? that's next. plus the killing of three young muslim students over what police say was a dispute over a parking place. family members of the victims insist this was something else. this was a hate crime. the wife of the alleged shooter says no way. [ female announcer ] knows her way around a miniskirt. can run in high heels. must be a supermodel, right? you don't know "aarp." because aarp is making finding the career you love no matter what your age, a real possibility. go to to check out life reimagined for tools, support, and connections. if you don't think "i've still got it" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp." find more surprising possibilities and get to know us at shopping online is as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. start shopping online from a list of top-rated providers. visit today.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. breaking in world news there is a deal to end the carnage and suffering in eastern ukraine but only time and of course vladimir putin will decide whether this deal is real and whether it will last. the cease-fire is scheduled to take effect on sunday. it includes a withdrawal of heavy weapons from the front lines and it gives ukraine control over its border with russia by the end of the year. but as our nick paton walsh found out, fighters on the front lines are very skeptical. >> reporter: i think the cease-fire is so they can gather their strength. personally i, with these people can't talk peace because
1:26 pm
they have killed too many civilians. they hear rockets being fired as they move against the wall. how can we talk to them, he says, only with this. >> nick joins us now from donetsk, ukraine. nick this deal of course all hinges on vladimir putin and his getting separatists to stand down. do you think that there's a real chance of that happening? >> well the question is how long do they stand down for. what we've seen has basically been the tactic in eastern ukraine for the russian-backed separatists, take a little bit at a time rather than lurch forward and provoke a response from washington or nato wholesale. the key issue is the questions already mounting the obstacles already mounting to this cease-fire. we have 50 hours in which really everyone's going to make their best efforts to try and take as much ground as possible.
1:27 pm
even vladimir putin himself just after the deal seem to have been agreed referenced a key area northeast of where i'm standing. putin suggests the ukrainians should give themselves up effectively, at part of the deal. kiev won't be happy about that. really there's a fight in the next two days to establish what the new boundaries will be then you have the withdrawal of heavy weapons to significant distances but bear in mind in the past we have seen these concessions given at the start, then people seem to rewrite the rules later down the line. i think we have to watch for what happens in the weeks ahead rather than necessarily in the next 48 hours or so. we may see a temporary cease-fire but it may not last or bring a lasting settlement. jake? >> hoping for the best of course. nick paton walsh, thank you so much. when we come back he's no stranger to selfies but you have never seen him like this before making funny faces in the mirror shooting air hoops. the new video of president obama
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. our politics lead now. the white house found a way to get in on those fun and intriguing buzzfeed videos that has millions of you literally clicking away on facebook right now. this new video features president obama with a selfie stick and dropping the line yolo in case you lost your street cred that's short for you only live once. take a look. >> mr. president? >> can i live? >> you do you. >> these are hip references that i don't necessarily get but there is a bigger reason for this silly video. the white house is looking for creative ways to promote the
1:33 pm
affordable health care act, also known as obamacare, and the sign-up deadline is this sunday. the president mentions that in between selfie stick action moments in that video. let's bring in barbara lippert, editor in large of media post and ben lebolt from press secretary in president obama's campaign. barbara, let me start with you. there's a lot of snark out there that this is demeaning of the presidency. what's your take? >> i think it's going to reach the young demo they want to reach and it's so much better and so much more natural and so much funnier than the ads that the affordable care act had to begin with when each state made its own ads, went to its own ad agencies and they were really trying to get down and talk to the youth and use the rap and show the skateboarders with the baseball caps backwards. it was really cringe-making. this just feels natural and fun
1:34 pm
and child-like and that's why it's going to be contagious to use a health care word. >> this is obviously part of a larger strategy to pursue non-traditional media. we saw president obama do those youtube interviews a few weeks ago, the sit-down on "between two ferns." i guess the question is is it effective? >> i think it is. look 71% of young people get their information online right now as their primary resource. the big nightly network news audience where you can reach the entire country, that doesn't exist anymore. the media landscape is very fractured. so when we are talking about something like health care enrollment where you are trying to reach the so-called invincibles, young people who don't have coverage you have to go to new and innovative platforms like buzzfeed. >> barbara, there is a down side, right? there's a risk of as they say in your business, damaging the brand, right? >> right. they find that millenials love
1:35 pm
brands but hate advertising. so they don't think it's going to damage the brand if they find it and they like it. everybody takes selfies. it's great to see him posing like a little kid. it's amazing to see that the white house also has dirty mirrors like the rest of us. >> filthy. >> it's an inside look that everybody likes. no one wants to look away and it's not as -- i think it's got more credibility for millenials than your average tv commercial which seems very sort of forced and dated. >> and it's being seen by more people than will see a commercial. this video already has more than six million hits. but ben, people are not walking away from this thinking oh, i need to sign up for health insurance, the enrollment is sunday. they are walking away from this thinking isn't that funny, the president's saying can i live, the president has a selfie stick. isn't there fear that when you do something like this you are not really -- you're not really selling anything substantive at
1:36 pm
all, even though there is substance there, it might not be reaching those people. >> i got to tell you, this is going to reach many more people than the president's weekly address or the sorts of government psas you see week after week with a member of congress droning on about policy to the camera. it's the type of thing that you see on facebook you share with your friends. they will see they will see the day february 15th and the deadline coming up. it doesn't beat you over the head but it will be seen by many more people and the white house really thinks the "between two ferns" interview was one of the big turning points in enrollment the first time around. >> we have seen the president on youtube, on buzzfeed. what's next? >> well i just want to add that when they do watch this there's a button they can push that takes them straight to applying for the affordable care act. that really works. i just want to say, the controversy within journalism and advertising is that it's branded content or native content which means it's a mix of both and it lives in this
1:37 pm
somewhere/nowhere world that makes everybody very nervous. but it's the stuff of the future, i think he will be doing more of this because it works. i think any president in the past would have had to embrace it. it's just that it didn't exist when they were in office. >> ben, will republicans be able to do this? will they have to do this? >> i think they are. i think you are seeing the republican 2016 candidates look to places like silicon valley to hire digital teams. you not only need a media relations department on the next presidential campaign you need your own production studio producing content about the candidate that could be shared on social metnetworks. >> thank you both so much. appreciate it. coming up next a brutal cold front heading east bringing temperatures so low, even florida will be below freezing. and that winter storm headed for boston is looking more like it could turn into a blizzard. plus forget a will. what happens to your online life when you die? facebook now has a possible solution. that's our money lead, next.
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welcome back the "the lead." i'm jake tapper. our national lead now. the families of three muslim students killed in chapel hill north carolina earlier this week say they have no doubt that hate was the motive. deah barakat, who was 23 his wife yusor al salha and her sister razan abu salha, were killed at an apartment complex. witnesses say the dispute was over parking, and had been going on for a long time in that complex but the victims had a long history of arguments with the shooter, craig hicks. the arguments were so intense one of the women found it necessary to tell members of her family. >> my daughter honest to god told us on more than two occasions that this man came knocking at the door and fighting about everything with a gun on his belt. she told us daddy, i think he
1:43 pm
hates us for who we are. >> hicks apparently posted comments about his hostility towards people of faith in general on facebook. in one post he wrote when it comes to insults, your religion started this not me. if your religion kept its big mouth shut so would i. cnn could not confirm the authenticity of the post and it does not mention a specific religion. cnn's jean casarez joins me live from chapel hill. what have you learned about hicks and his background with weapons? >> reporter: well jake a law enforcement source with knowledge of this case says that the defendant said that he likes guns that he likes to shoot, he likes to go to the shooting range, but he hasn't done it a lot lately because of the cost. we learned a lot more about craig hicks. he's a full-time student at the durham technical and community college. he is working toward a certificate as a paralegal and he actually was due to graduate this may. the school says he is a stellar student, he is on the dean's
1:44 pm
list and that he is always there to help professors and students and everybody just loves him. that's not what we heard from the apartment complex. neighbors there say that he's always upset, upset about cars and parking places and the wrong car in the right parking place or wrong parking place, and cars he had never seen before. meanwhile, he is behind bars facing three charges of first degree murder and today, it was the funerals that took place of the three muslim students. it was one funeral for all three victims. many many people attended and at the prayer service, they talked about how they wanted an investigation into whether this was a hate crime. i have confirmed there were autopsies yesterday with the chief medical examiner's office of all three victims. also it is the capital public defender's office that will be representing this man, that up until this point, does not have a criminal history at all. >> what would a hate crime charge mean for the case?
1:45 pm
>> reporter: very interesting, because ultimately as far as amount of time it might not mean too much. here in north carolina if you get a conviction for first degree murder and it's life in prison it is life day for day or it is death, because this is a death penalty case. what it does is gives prosecutors motive for that jury, a reason why this happened and that could be extremely important. >> thank you so much. heartbreaking story. a triple weather threat across most of the country right now. today's the first round with some snow but very cold temperatures as well. it will feel like below zero for many of you tonight and tomorrow, even parts of florida, believe it or not, will feel the freeze on friday. but wait until the weekend. that's when parts of new england could get another blizzard another foot of snow. that's of course already on top of snow mountains that have piled up over the last three weeks there. let's go to our meteorologist tom sater in the cnn severe weather center. many people in the northeast are not again. >> not again. last time we had a chat was on
1:46 pm
monday. talked about the latter part of the week snowfall. i don't even want to go into next week's storm but there is another one. here we go. watches have been issued by the national weather service, blizzard watches for coastal maine, including boston and the cape. that's not for tonight's nuisance snow. coming down pretty good southeast virginia into lower maryland snowing better there than it is in hartford. hartford 32 degrees, light snow. boston light snow. this will drop a dusting to maybe an inch two inches on the extremities of the cape. this system is going to be too far offshore but it's the next one, saturday night through sunday that takes the same track but it will be stronger and it will hug the coast with blizzard conditions. that means low visibility and winds over 35 with the snowfall. now, notice the crosshairs on this map. historically speaking if the low is right where we have the apex that's where boston has its blizzards. we will go with this top model,
1:47 pm
gfs, 12 to 24 leaning more about 8 to 12 for boston. there will be a foot and a half in some areas but it's elongated across the same states that have been hit over and over but mainly massachusetts. behind tonight's nuisance snow cold blast of air coldest of the season. then back behind sunday's storm, it trumps this as the coldest of the season. then a third round, this is new, this is going to go all the way down and give farmers fits in parts of southern florida. this will be the coldest air of the season. notice the jet stream. it could be this weekend we will watch a snow and ice event in the southern plains take this path again for another nor'easter with accumulating snow into the early part of next week. >> this is nothing short of cruelty by mother nature. today's snow along with what's to come will probably shatter records for february i would think. >> well we already had the greatest snowfall from a storm in january. all we need is a half inch to add on to give us the snowiest
1:48 pm
cumulative snow for february. this is where we are. we only need 11 inches to get to number three. that's 89.2. we can have that by the end of sunday and then if we get into next week if you're going to have this much snow you might as well break the record with all the misery we have been going through. hang in there. >> easy for you to say. you're not in new england. thank you so much. turning now to the money lead your facebook page is forever. you're not, but your facebook page might be. finally, facebook has figured out what to do with pages after their owners' deaths of course. facebook will now offer an option that lets users choose to have their account wiped out when they go to the big social media group in the sky, or you can also designate a legacy contact that will be able to post and accept friends on your behalf and download your photo archive and if they invite anyone to play candy crush in my name i may in fact come back and kill them. it's estimated that tens of millions of facebook pages have already outlived their owners. coming up he survived some
1:49 pm
of the scariest and most dangerous assignments imaginable but last night, correspondent bob simon died in a car accident in manhattan. new details on the tragic crash.
1:50 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." a little lighter fare now in our pop culture lead. let's be honest. everyone in every walk of life has his or her arch nemesis. batman has joker. superman has lex luthor. seinfeld has newman. and i have john berman an anchor man cyborg whose evil
1:54 pm
lair is hidden behind the green monster in fenway park. his latest sinister scheme is to bury yours truly in the latest presidential edition of the cnn quiz show premiering monday presidents day, 9:00 p.m. eastern time. the smack talking got a little ugly between all the contestants. take a look. >> it's rare that we are all together in one place so it's an interesting dynamic. jake tapper takes this game really seriously. >> martin van buren. >> erin burnett, john quincy berman you guys are going down like the dude president jackson shot. >> dead weight is how i describe that. >> dead weight jake. >> anything can happen. >> there's don. there's the testosterone. >> that fancy boy from the governor's mansion. >> just nice to see the anchors sweat. >> what competition? >> the purpose of the question, there is no competition.
1:55 pm
>> i'm nervous already. joining me is my arch enemy, john berman. good to see you. first set up the game show for all the viewers wondering what the heck this is. what is the cnn quiz show? >> that is the exact question that i asked when they came to me and said do you want to be on the cnn quiz show. i thought first of all, i thought who would want to watch this. second of all, i thought why on earth would any of us want to be on this? i saw only downside. but jake tapper let me tell you this. having now gone through it it was incredibly fun. i think it is incredibly entertaining. and i think people will learn an awful lot. some of it even accurate. >> these questions were not easy i have to say. you had erin burnett as your designated partner. i had allison camarota from "new day." who was the anchor of your team? >> there is no i in anchor.
1:56 pm
we came at this from different perspectives. i have a political background like you had. erin has the business background. she was also obsessed. she came in and said i'm really excited about this i have been studying up on presidential mistresses. she had that entire area down cold. >> do you remember during rehearsal when they asked a question about he worked as a tailor's apprentice and she was like andrew johnson. i was like what the heck. she really came to play. i want to ask, we all studied for this big event monday night. what was the presidential fact that you learned that you most enjoyed? >> well there was so much but just because we were talking about erin i will sell her out. she was obsessed with the presidential mistresses. warren harding, it turns out, named his, you know his little friend. he had a nickname for his little friend. it was jerry. which was my father's name. i think completely coincidental. that was the best fact.
1:57 pm
>> this is also we should point out, a thing for charity. we did it for a group called homes for our troops which provides specially designed mortgage-free homes for the most severely disabled veterans from iran and afghanistan -- iraq and afghanistan. who were you playing for? >> we did save the children which obviously does so much work with so many kids all around the world to fill the needs for those who truly, truly need it. i don't want to make light of this but i have to say it actually added to the stress level because if we screwed up i was nervous not only was i letting down myself and my family and my high school teachers but kids all around the world, they would lose too. >> $40,000 at stake. let's also be real berman. this is about you and me. i went to dartmouth, you went to harvard. i'm from philly, you're from boston. i am terrified of you and what you are going to bring to that game. >> for good reason. right? look there are eight presidents who went to harvard. none of them with me.
1:58 pm
but you have none. you have mr. rogers and dr. seuss and i don't know -- >> robert frost. >> robert frost. >> and andrew shoe. >> he was very good at soccer. >> how about again during rehearsal, when they talk about james garfield being shot this was you versus me who was the inventor who like used his special technique to try to scan for bullets after james garfield elected in 1880 was assassinated and you knew it like that. >> that was like alexander graham bell, right? >> yes. >> somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind i vaguely remember reading that once. >> from your days at the hasty pudding club? that's what you guys do at harvard, sit around and do presidential trivia. >> the hasty pudding club we dressed up as women, did presidential trivia. exactly right. >> and told droll jokes.
1:59 pm
you're going down. tune in monday night, 9:00 p.m. eastern for the cnn quiz show presidents edition hosted by anderson cooper. you can test your presidential knowledge at berman, always good to see you. now on a more serious note at a time when media credibility is under fire with the nation's number one news anchor suspended for embellishing stories about his experiences and many news organizations running away from international and political coverage bob simon of "60 minutes" stood as a beacon of what journalism could and should be. but tragically this man who escaped some of the most dangerous situations any journalists have ever experienced died in a car crash last night in new york city. investigators are telling cnn that the town car in which he was riding may have been speeding during the fatal crash. they also say simon was in the rear passenger seat and apparently was not wearing a seat belt. bob simon had a career that
2:00 pm
spanned nearly half a century. he left saigon on one of the last choppers out of the city at the end of the vietnam war. he was a prisoner of iraqi forces for 40 days during the first gulf war in the early '90s. he was working until the day he died on a piece for this sunday's "60 minutes." bob simon was 73 years old. our thoughts and prayers are with his family and with his friends and our friends at cbs news. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. i turn you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, isis offensive. terrorist fighters waging deadly attacks on iraqi forces and now just miles away from a key u.s. military -- key iraqi military base housing u.s. marines. will isis try to attack these american forces? daring rescue mission. we have new details of how kayla mueller's boyfriend risked his life in a bold effort to free her and the white house now forced to defend its own


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