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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  February 12, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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, put yourself out there and be willing to take the first step and most importantly, putting in the time. next thing you know, you might be in love. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell. ahead this hour three muslim students apparently shot over a parking space. now the fbi is investigating the case. plus the fourth major snowstorm in just four weeks is ahead for the northeastern united states. a cease-fire in ukraine is set to take effect on sunday but the fighters on the front lines have major doubts. we start the show with breaking news though. after more than 400 days in prison a journalist has been released from prison in cairo on bail. on thursday he and al jazeera colleague were granted bail. they've been ordered to a
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retrial for charges of supporting the muslim brotherhood. a charge they both very strongly deny. and we have this tweet from his brother that says my brother has been released from the police station. i'm going on vacation before they arrest him again. thank you all. we move on here in the show and go to the state of north carolina where the fbi has opened a preliminary inquiry into the shooting deaths of three muslim college students. investigators plan to look into whether the triple murder violated federal hate crime laws. police believe the shooting was fueled by rage over a parking space, but investigators say they haven't found evidence that would indicate it was a hate crime. thursday, the three victims, just 19 21 and 23 years old, all were laid to rest. tributes and prayer services were held on campuses of their universities. in the u.s. capital, around
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200 people there attended a vigil at a nation wide show of support for the victims. cnn correspondent jean casarez is following this case for them. >> reporter: heartbreak and outrage over the murder of three muslim students in north carolina. >> i heard about eight shots go off, more than one girl screaming. >> reporter: friends and family deeming their execution style killing a hate crime. >> it's incomprehensible to me that you can murder three people over a parking spot. >> reporter: according to a preliminary investigation, police say 46-year-old neighbor craig hicks may have shot razen, her sister in the head over a parking dispute. hicks wife says her husband was frustrated over the parking issue. >> i can say with my absolute belief this incident had nothing to do with religion over the
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victim's faith. >> reporter: but the family says there had been issues of disrespect and harassment. >> my daughter yusor, honest to god told us on more than two occasions that this man came knocking on their door. she told us daddy, i think he hates us for who we are. >> reporter: hicks, who claims he is an athist posted an anti-religious statement on his facebook saying, if your religion kept its big mouth shut, so would i. >> we love you. we'll never forget you. >> reporter: overnight, thousands gathered on university of north carolina's campus. >> i'm on embarking on a trip to turkey with ten dentists. >> reporter: mourning the loss of three scholars dedicated to
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serving their community. i was able to confer with the chief medical examine's office that autopsies were performed on these victims and we can confirm that the investigation is going forward to determine if this was a hate crime. and finally we're learning a little bit more about craig hicks, 46 years old, the defendant in this case. he's actually a student, a full-time student at the durham technical community college, about to get his law degree in paralegal students. the school says he's on the dean's list but now in a local facility facing three counts of first degree murder. >> that was cnn correspondent jean casarez. we want to recap our breaking news that an al jazeera journalist has been released from prison in cairo. we go now to cnn's ian lee who has been monitoring this
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development and joins us live by phone in cairo. what is the latest you're hearing there on the ground? >> reporter: we're hearing from his brother that he was released about two hours ago from a cairo police station. that he posted roughly $33,000 for his bail and part of his release, he has to check in with the police station at least once a day every day, until the trial resumes on february 23rd. we were expecting his release to come tomorrow but it seems like the government was able to expedite that. mohammed will be freed and we know they're trying to look better care for his shoulder which has been permanently disabled while he's been in prison.
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but we don't know of the status of the other al jazeera journalist. we're still trying to find out if he was released as well. he was held at a separate location than mohammed fahmy. so we're looking into that right now, george. >> so both mohammed and bahir strongly deny the charges against them charges that they helped to support the muslim brotherhood. and they want these charges thrown out. have you heard anything more about the next hearing as it relate tols that? >> reporter: really it comes from the appeals judge who issued the retrial in the first place. he poked holes in the entire case saying there was no evidence that linked them to the muslim brotherhood or supporting the muslim brotherhood and questioned why they were being tried in a terrorism court and not a civilian court, because their alleged crimes were
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nonviolent. so it was mainly the appeals judge that was the rational behind them being released on bail and lit be very difficult for this lower court judge to convict them after the appeal court sent it back down saying you need to re-examine this evidence because we can't find any reason why they should be in prison they should be held. so it's likely from that, that these other charges will be drop eventually. >> cnn correspondent ian lee on the ground there in cairo, following the news that the two al jazeera journalists have been released on bail. federal prosecutors are now charging -- bringing charges connected to the riots in ferguson, missouri last november. the ferguson market was set on
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fire after a grand jury decided not to indict a police officer in the shooting death of michael brown. police are charging a man seen in a video using an accelerant to start the fire. the market was not destroyed in the fire and is still operating. no word yet on the suspect or his attorney. fbi director james comey gave a rare address about race relations and the police force on thursday. while speaking at a georgetown university meeting in washington he mentioned the police in both deaths of michael brown and eric garner saying police need to avoid "lazy mental short cuts that can lead to bias." listen. >> after years of police work officers often can't help but be influenced by the cynicism they feel. a mental short cut becomes
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almost irresistible. the two black men look like so many the officer has locked up. who white men do not. >> he used a line from the popular musical to drive home his point. listen. >> look around and you will find no one's really color blind. maybe it's a fact we all should face everyone makes judgments based on race. you should be grateful i did not try to sing that. [ laughter ] >> he also addressed minority communities during the speech asking them to recognize the dangers officers face trying to keep them safe. parts of the northeast united states could be facing the possibility of back-to-back-to-back-to-back snowstorms. forecasters say a new weather system could bring arctic air to
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several northeastern states this weekend and potentially another snowstorm to boston massachusetts, an area that's already been struggling with snowfall records. >> i don't think it's a matter of disposing the snow at this point, but how do we get it off the street. the reason why it's not about getting -- it's about how can we get our resources to get the snow out of the neighborhoods. and if we run out of space to put the snow we'll hook at dumping it into the harbor. >> meteorologist derek vandam joins us with a look at what boston has in store for it a lot of snow. >> george, almost an inch of snowfall is what it took to put an end to the snowest february of all records, dating past 150 years ago when records began in post. 2015 the february and keep in
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mind it's only february 13 we've seen 342.2 inches. elsewhere across new england things are relatively quiet. we'll call it the calm before the storm. we're starting to sound like a broken record here in the cnn world weather center because we continually talk about these new england nor'easters, and we're edging closer and closer to be on the most historic snowfall seasons of all time in boston. that was set back in 1995 to 1996 winter when they had 107 inches of snowfall. so far this season just shy of 80 inches of snow but look what's coming anywhere between a foot and a half to upwards of two feet of snow bumping us into that fifth place category going forward. we've done some calculations that's 136,000 hours of plowing
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so far this season for boston. 70,000 tons of salt and the roadways that have been plowed that's just shy of 250,000 miles. that's further than the distance from the moon to the earth. unbelievable statistics. so enter our blizzard warning, that neon shading of green that hugs the new england coastline from portland maine to boston massachusetts. remember for blizzard conditions to be in effect we need 35-mile-per-hour sustained winds for three hours, reducing visibilities to under a quarter of a mile. that's what we are expecting out of this storm. saturday evening, that's the time frame we should see the snow fill in for boston. behind it a cold arctic blast settles in. we have the possibility of snowfall totalling over a foot in some locations. george? >> you talk about blizzards. i'm a texas guy not used to the
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snow but i covered that blizzard a couple weeks ago up in in portland maine. look you just got the snow. it's coming at you so fast with the wind. >> and it pelts your face as well. i'm wondering if you had this same reaction as this little girl when she heard about another snow is coming. >> derek, thank you so much. switching gears now, in ukraine, a new cease-fire is set to take effect on sunday but the plan is already being met with skepticism. the german chancellor says the eu is ready to slap more sanctions on russia if it doesn't keep its part of the bargain. the plan calls for both sides to withdraw heavy weapons from the conflict zone and calls for russia to end its support for separatist forces. on the front lines of that conflict the fighters there may have the least optimism that peace will take hold. here's nick paton walsh.
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>> reporter: head to the front lines and you can feel how hard a cease-fire will be. here a thousand yards from the ukrainian army this is the reaction to the news that the fight stops at midnight saturday. i think the cease-fire is so they can gather their strength he says. personally i can't talk peace with these people because they've killed too many civilians. >> reporter: they hear rockets being fired and say, move against the wall. how can we talk to them, he says? only with this. like many of the soldiers on the front lines here he says you give somebody a third chance to
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deceive you? he said this is just to buy time to regroup for further conflict. yuri shows us where that morning a missile landed. it happens every three hours. he doesn't expect it to stop. unlikely he says ukrainians don't go for cease-fires. there's no talk about a cease-fire here because of how many of our women and children have been killed. so until we've freed all of the next region we aren't going anywhere. it is a cold and distant front here. disconnected from the world of the minsk agreements. and its anger is fueled by damage already done. another missile hit here killing one woman, peppering the school with shrapnel leaving many furious at kiev's disregard for them. >> translator: do you think someone would like to be called
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second class people and told get a suitcase, a train and go to russia? >> reporter: these are towns that have found a whole new wretched world underground. paulina and her girls sleep down here most nights. it's so much harder for to imagine a future with ukraine united as it once was. everyone finding a space underground. as a dark mood greets the cease-fire ahead. nick paton walsh, cnn. >> certainly a powerful way to show the conditions that people are dealing with there. nick paton walsh is reporting. thank you for that. coming up later this hour key revelations in day two of the american sniper murder trial, including a dash camera video of the suspect talking to police after the killing.
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welcome back. there are new questions whether the u.s. government did enough to try and save kayla mueller. the white house is pushing back against reports that it delayed a rescue mission for the aid worker who was held by isis for 18 months. president barack obama says the u.s. devoted "enormous resources to try to rescue her." but one house republican says he
10:20 pm
isn't sure about that. >> i'm concerned they're not doing enough to win this war. all we're seeing is a policy of containment. you talked about how isis is now hitting a town that's named after the leader of isis with american soldiers not that far away. we know they're outside of baghdad itself. this policy of containment is not a waning strategy. we need a policy to defeat and destroy isis once and for all. >> the debate is already taking shape in washington as congress considers the war against isis on a larger scale. just this week lawmakers received a request from the president that would formally authorize already six-month-old military efforts against the military group. the latest isis attacks in iraq include one that happened not far from an air base where hundreds of americans that may have been threatened there. more now from cnn's jim sciutto.
10:21 pm
[ gunfire ] >> reporter: isis back on the offensive. the terror group launching new attacks on multiple fronts across iraq. in the north, striking kurdish forces in towns, including sinjar. and in the west striking iraqi forces in the town of al baghdadi. just a few miles from the iraqi air base where some 400 u.s. military personnel are training iraqi forces. despite the u.s.-led air campaign u.s. officials say isis is increasing monthly replenished with foreign fighters including from the west and the u.s. now continuing concern from counterterrorism officials that some militants could return home undefected. >> if i were to say we had it under control, i would have to say i know of every individual training. i don't. so it's not even close to being under control. >> reporter: here's the scope of the threat. more than 20,000 foreign
10:22 pm
fighters in iraq and syria. more than 3400 of them westerners. and approximately 150 americans have gone or attempted to go to the war zone. the nation's top counterterrorism official says the number of fighters flocking to syria and iraq to fight with isis and other terror groups is unmatched in two decades. >> the rate of foreign fighter travel that we've seen in recent years is unprecedented. it exceeds the rate of travel and travelers who went to afghanistan, pakistan iraq yemen or somalia, other prominent conflict zones. >> reporter: isis' reach is spreading to libya, egypt and in afghanistan and pakistan. the pentagon says some taliban are rebranding themselves as isis, hoping the name will attract new recruits and new financing. >> that was cnn's jim sciutto reporting there. there are new questions emerging about suspended nbc news anchor brian williams.
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new questions are being raised about suspended nbc news anchor brian williams. his admission of errors in reporting on the 2003 iraq war mission started the ball rolling, and now an nbc news source says an internal investigation into williams and his other reporting is "nowhere near done." john burman has the latest.
10:26 pm
>> reporter: may 2011. an mh-60 black hawk helicopter is engulfed in flames after navy s.e.a.l. team 6 successfully killed osama bin laden and his compound in pakistan. the special-ops team set fire to the stealth aircraft after it crashed in this courtyard. an attempt to destroy the helicopter's critical technology. in an interview with david letterman in january of 2013 brian williams had this to say about a piece of the burned out wreckage. >> about six weeks after the raid i got a white envelope. in it was a thank you note unsigned and attached to it was a piece of the fuselage. the fuselage from the blown up black hawk in that courtyard. and i don't know how many pieces survived. >> wow. sent to you by one of the -- >> yeah, one of my friends. >> reporter: those friends,
10:27 pm
according to williams members of the highly secretive s.e.a.l. team 6. but that relationship is being questioned by members of the special operations community. and could be one of the things an internal nbc investigation is focused on. in 2011 williams described a long relationship with s.e.a.l. team 6 when talking about the bin laden raid in another letterman appearance. >> we have some idea which of our special operations teams carried this out, and it happens to be a team i flew into baghdad with on the condition that i would never speak of what i saw on the aircraft the aircraft we were on what they were carrying and who they were after. but all of it was shared with me. it's common when covering a war. >> reporter: then in 2012 during another letterman appearance that perhaps raises the most questions, williams goes further. >> i have a throat cutter on my desk at 30 rock which is
10:28 pm
helpful in staff meetings. it just sits there. it was sent to me by a member of s.e.a.l. team -- >> a throat cuter? >> yes, s.e.a.l. team 6. i flew into baghdad with elements of s.e.a.l. team 6 and i was told not to make eye contact with them or initiate any conversation. it was like horses in the gate right before a mission. this guy had a wrist band with his human target that he was after when we landed. it was one of the members of the deck of cards, one of the leadership targets. they are amped. this is the best we have and until he reached into my box of wheat thins, my last remaining american food -- it could have been a wheat thin commercial, because this hand the size of a canned ham goes in. i lost half of my supply of wheat thins. but i chatted him up and admired a knife as part of his utility belt. darned if that knife didn't show
10:29 pm
up at my office a couple weeks later. >> reporter: whether brian williams will be allowed back at that office is now being decided by nbc. john burman, cnn, new york. >> some sad news to report about another reporter. david carr has died. he wrote with remarkable passion about the media, helping readers and other journalists to understand the rapidly changing industry. carr is also known for his 2008 memoir chronicling the struggle -- his struggle with addiction and his subsequent recovery. david carr died at the office on thursday. carr was 58 years old.
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. you are watching cnn. i'm george howell. in the headlines this hour after more than 400 days two al jazeera journalists are out of prison. they a retrial has been ordered in their case. the fbi has started a preliminary inquiry into the shooting deaths of three muslim college students in the u.s. state of north carolina. investigators will look at whether the killings violated federal hate crime laws. the accused shooter called himself an atheist, but police believe the shooting was fueled by rage over a parking space. days of heavy fighting between government forces and rebels in northern myanmar have left 47 soldiers dead and 73 wounded according to state media. there's no indication yet of the
10:33 pm
number of rebel casualties. the clashes started on monday near the country's border with china. a new cease-fire agreement set to take effect on sunday in eastern ukraine, apparently isn't doing much to stop the fighting there. the plan is aimed at ending the 10-month conflict which has claimed more than 5,000 lives so far. the white house says it welcomes the deal but is concerned about the escalation of fighting which it calls inconsistent with the spirit of the accord. senior international correspondent matthew chance has details. >> reporter: from the outset the tension in minsk was palpable. vladamir putin was greeted by the french and german leaders, but only after several awkward leaders did he briefly shake hands with his ukrainian counterpart. president poroshenko insisted he stood his ground. >> translator: i can say everything was difficult and in fact various unacceptable
10:34 pm
conditions were put to us conditions of retreat and surrender. we did not succumb to a single ultimatum and defended our position. >> reporter: the leaders of france germany, russia and ukraine sat for what turned out to be marathon negotiations. only after 16 hours of intensive talks was a deal reached. it was a bleery eyed russian president who announced it. >> translator: it wasn't the best night of my life, but the morning is good because despite the difficulties in the process, we managed to agree on the main issues. >> reporter: those main issues include a cease-fire heavy weapons to be pulled out of the conflict zone and constitutional reform in ukraine. but the big question is whether this will satisfy the kremlin, or has vladamir putin signed a deal that will not last like the one before it?
10:35 pm
this is what the agreement is meant to stop. but even as negotiations reached their climax more people were killed. ukrainian officials say more tanks and missile systems crossed from russia. it's not a good start. matthew chance, cnn, moscow. hopes for a lasting peace in eastern ukraine are not very high in that country's capital. here's our report from kiev. >> reporter: there are still candles for those killed and pictures of the victims here in central kiev. this is where the revolution in ukraine started. we asked people here what they think of the minsk agreement and bot a mixed bag of emotions. some think the deal just won't hold. we spoke to one young man who just signed up to join the fight against the pro-russian rebels. >> translator: i don't believe
10:36 pm
in the agreement at all. we've signed agreements in the past and all were breached. i don't have any trust in any agreement. >> translator: i think we should do everything to come to an agreement. but i just don't think this one will hold. >> reporter: even in light of the fact that this was signed by the ukrainians there are still those continuing to fight. and one has criticized the fact that this agreement was signed at all. but here in kiev there is skepticism as to whether or not the cease-fire that was signed will actually bring peace to this country. fred pleitgen cnn, teach. now to the united states where parts of the northeast are bracing for another shot of potentially brutal winter weather this weekend. some areas have been slammed by three weeks in a row of snowfall. that combination means all the
10:37 pm
piled up snow and it's sticking around. the roof of this sports center at brown university in providence rhode island caved in because of the weight of the snow. i was in providence. i've never seen that much snow. >> it keeps piling up. they just don't know where to put the snowfall. for the first time ever in boston's recorded history, they're allowing people to dump the snow in the boston harbor. but i did get an interesting tweet from someone saying there are clear paths to all the pubs and breweries there. so basically, there is a bit of a concern, though, with people not allowing for paths to be cleared to some of the fire hydrants and that's a concern for firefighters, not to mention the roof collapses. you saw brown university having to deal with the weight of the snow. so let's break that down for you. one cubic foot of snow equals about six pounds.
10:38 pm
now, take that same foot of snow and put that over a 5 1/2 foot snow drift and equate that across to the average size roof of a house in the united states 1500 square feet. that means you have 50,000 feet of pressure on that roof. you can imagine why we see roof collapses. and by the way, more snow to come. we have blizzard warnings. where you see that shading of green, for blizzards to be in effect we snead to drop visibilities below a quarter of a mile and have to have sustained winds of 35 miles per hour for at least three hours. that is what we are predicting out of this storm as it deepens quickly across the east coast. that time frame for boston and the new england coast, saturday night into sunday evening. some computer models indicating
10:39 pm
two feet of snow. a lot of cold arctic air continuing to inundate the east coast. you factor in the wind that's also a concern. talking about windchill values 15 to 30 degrees fahrenheit, below zero. that's what it feels like on your exposed skin. so you were reporting from providence and you felt the effects of wind and what it does to your skin. >> not pleasant. >> so people need to watch out for that. >> thank you so much. the man accused of gunning down chris kyle the former navy s.e.a.l. allegedly questioned his own sanity to police in the moments after the killing. eddie ray routh could face life in prison if convicted of the shooting of kyle and another man back in 2013. our martin savidge has more from day two of the trial.
10:40 pm
>> reporter: day two of system had some very interesting revelations, beginning with the crime scene investigator who said that both victims in this case that's chris kyle and chad littlefield, both had fully loaded pistols tucked in their waist band but were killed so quickly, neither were able to reach the gun that was at their side. then there were two videotapes introduced and played in the courtroom. both of them were very interesting but in different ways. the first one was a dash camera a police camera that's located inside of a police vehicle and it shows the suspect, eddie routh, fleeing from police after he allegedly killed the two men. he's driving in chris kyle's pickup truck. it is a huge truck, and sometimes the speed is close to 100 miles per hour. at one point you see a police vehicle crash into the truck to stop it. apparently the damage was so severe a couple miles down the
10:41 pm
road they were able to apprehend the suspect then. the other video is a body camera on a police officer, and it records conversation. as the police try to talk to eddie routh before that chase to get him to surrender, you hear him talking to them in ways that sound crazy. he says i don't know if i'm going insane. at another point, he begins to ask is it voodoo upon us? another line he says is the apocalypse on top of us right now? in other words it sounds like crazy talk. well that plays into the defense, because the defense is maintaining that the suspect was insane. the authorities will say the video of him trying to escape makes him look guilty. in other words, that he knew he had done wrong and he was trying to escape justice. back to you. >> cnn's martin savidge reporting there. the news continues here on cnn. the pope weighs in on couples
10:42 pm
who decide not to have children. and he doesn't mince his words. his blunt comments coming up after a short break here.
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pope francis is known to make headlines. he did so first when he said spanking a child was acceptable if done with dignity. now the pope is creating a stir again with his latest statement on children speaking at st. peter's square on wednesday, the pope called couples who choose
10:45 pm
not to have children "selfish." earlier, cnn asked our religious commentator to weigh in on the pope's statement. take a listen to his thoughts. >> these comments from the vatican, he said to totally exclude children from a marriage, to have a zero birthrate, or 1% birth rate he says is selfish, because love between a man and a woman in a marriage is for procreation, about the openness to life. >> the pope also said wednesday that "life rejuvenates and acquires energy when it multiplies." supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg says she was 100% sober at the president's state of the union address last month.
10:46 pm
at a panel discussion thursday she talked about the photo, this photo, which shows her nodding off during the president's speech. the 81-year-old thankfully had her colleagues beside her to nudge her awake from time to time. >> you went to the state of the union this year, and you fell asleep. [ laughter ] >> as i often do. >> serves you right, i say. >> the audience for the most part is awake, because they're bobbing up and down all the time. and we sit there, stone faced, sober judges. but we're not -- at least i wasn't 100% sober because before we went to the state of the union -- [ laughter ] -- we had dinner together. >> forgive me there. she was not 100% sober, she said
10:47 pm
there. ginsburg saying justice kennedy brought a bottle of fine california wine to dinner, and she simply couldn't refuse it. millions of movie fans will be lining up this weekend, buying up tickets for "50 shades of grey." cnn's richard roth caught up with some of the fans to find out what all the excitement is about and got caught up in the excitement himself. take a look. >> mr. grey will see you now. >> what was he like? >> he was polite. >> hello, i'm mr. grey. mr. grey hair. >> do you have any interest outside of work? >> i would like to know more about you and how women are fantasizing about the movie release of "50 shades of grey." >> everybody that i know cannot wait to see the film. >> this movie is going to be big and it's going to be a big deal. >> i even have my pant sis
10:48 pm
picked out. >> reporter: groups of women are going together. >> it just gives you the imagination and the sexy part of it all. >> reporter: but there's more than sex in "50 shades," the movie. the saga of mr. grey and anastasha have also changed perceptions of s&m in the bedroom. >> now it's going to be much more main stream. everybody has a set of nipple clamps at home and everybody gets spanked. >> reporter: most of the women i have pursued -- uh interviewed over the years disagree. >> everybody is saying this is moms that are horny. it's not about that for us. it was about a love story. that's what i truly believe what we all got out of this book. >> what a pleasant surprise. >> he found her. the fact that he showed up
10:49 pm
there -- >> do you stock cable ties? >> yes, we do. >> reporter: can i get some help here? >> i can show you, if you want. >> reporter: so who do you bring to see it? >> my husband might be jealous. >> reporter: most men want to sit home. >> just doesn't interest me. >> i've got to see that. >> reporter: may i recommend this reclining seat i was shown? "50 shades" bringing it on. >> the girls are reclining here in new york city on those chairs that are comfy and soft. >> reporter: my name is mr. gray. do you have anything for me? richard grey -- roth cnn, new york. >> somewhere in movie theater, i'm sure you'll find richard there. coming up with help from her friends and a good doctor, a
10:50 pm
drive by shooting victim overcomes a stunning loss. >> the exact same to me. no different. >> find out what the young victim and her doctor have in common straight ahead here on cnn. ♪♪ there's confidence. then there's trusting your vehicle maintenance to ford service confidence. our expertise, technology, and high quality parts mean your peace of mind. now you can get the works, a multi-point inspection with a synthetic blend oil change tire rotation, brake inspection and more. $29.95 or less. doug, we have the results, but first, we have a very special guest.
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welcome back. we now want to tell you about a teenage girl in st. louis, missouri an innocent bystander in a drive-by shooting back in september. she lost an eye, and her friends
10:53 pm
rallied around her by wearing eye patches to match hers. then she met up with a to be for who shared a special connection and a solution. andy banker has this story. >> reporter: lives have a way of colliding that even two good eyes may not see coming. bruce cook is an eye doctor. his team has made more than 15,000 artificial eyes the last 35 years. but still, it's different this time. there's something about that young woman in his chair. >> close your eyes. open. >> reporter: maybe he sees a bit of himself in the eyes he still has and the replacement he's making for the one she's lost. >> there was a strain of pneumonia that was attacking kid's eyes, and i was one of them. it hasn't slowed me down though. >> reporter: a surprise revelation cook rarely shares.
10:54 pm
he lost sight at age two and got an artificial eye six years later. lost her left eye in september. she was buying treats as a reward for good grades when someone riddled the market with bullets in a drive-by shooting. >> i looked down and saw a big puddle of blood and i thought where did it come from? >> reporter: when we first met her, she didn't want people to see her wounded eye. but friends, even strangers, started wearing eye patches in support and posting photos for her called sight beyond eyes. but nothing seemed to shake her mother's sadness. >> starting to look like an eye. >> reporter: until now. cook fits a wax prototype from which he makes a mold from an acrylic eye.
10:55 pm
cook's daughter is the artist who makes nearly an exact match. >> this is after the final painting. we will cure the plastic and polish it. >> reporter: as she sands away any rough spots, an anxious family waits. there's a final buff and polish then it's time. >> that's awesome. those look good. >> just between you and me. >> when she looks in the mirror i want her to be happy and i want everyone to say oh wow, that's what i want to see. >> the exact same to me. no different. >> it's how i used to look. anything is possible. >> when she was a baby i used to pick her up and stair at her eyes. >> you have beautiful eyes,
10:56 pm
girl. >> thank you. >> after what she went through,'9"'s good to see her smile and feel good again. that's a great story. we thank you for watching cnn. i'm george howell. natalie allen is straight ahead with the latest news. but before i leave you, i want you to look at these images of snow sculptures at a festival in japan. amazing. -- captions by vitac -- in my world, wall isn't a street. return on investment isn't the only return i'm looking forward to. for some every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former
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>> out on bail. egypt releases a journalist after more than 400 days in prison. >> only half the battle. a hard won cease fire in ukraine will be tough to implement on the front lines. >> and from bad to worse. nbc says its investigation into brian williams is far from over. >> hello. you're watching cnn live coverage. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world