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tv   New Day  CNN  February 16, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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day." it is monday february 16th, president's day. it is 6:00 in the east. questions cuomo is off today. we had breaking news overnight to tell you about. egypt launching airstrikes after gruesome video shows the beheading of more than a dozen coptic christians on a beach in libya. this appears to show a shift in crisis for isis. they show past prop been da that showed before and after shots. could this latest fatality bring egypt into the u.s.-led coalition? coverage on the ground in cairo. >> reporter: what we know this morning, in the early hours, under the cover of darkness f-16s flying out over libya, becoming the city. what we are hearing is they were targeting weapons depots as
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well as isis training centers. they made it back safely. the city about 200 miles from the egyptian border on the mediterranean coast. der na has sent militants in wars, jihadis to fight abroad. this is a city that isis took quickly, recently. now this video that we saw shows these 21 christians being brought out onto the beach, as you said some saying oh god, jesus, a message from one of the militants giving warning to the christians here in egypt. to the egyptian government. europe libya is on the doorstep. what this video shows most is how isis has a firm presence in libya. last month they attacked a hotel if tripoli, showing how they're expanding, taking advantage of the political and security void that is libya after the 2011
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uprising that tloefr through mow mar go davie backed by the west. for egypt, this is concerning they have iskis militants they are with theling, hundreds of security personnel who have died in that with thele. now they have another front in libya. alisyn. >> ian, thank you for all that background. it's so sickening to see this video. thank you the white house slamming the terror group following release of the latest video, calling the murders despicable and cowardly. let's go to the white house. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. well the white house says this is a heinous and cowardlying a of murder a. strongly worlded statement coming from the white house. the press secretary reading in part isil's br bric. it knows no bounds it is unconstrained by faith, sex or ethnicity. the killing of innocence is the most recent of the many vicious attacks perpetrated by isil
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affiliated terrorists against the 350e78 of the region which further galvanizing the international community to unite against isil. secretary of state john kerry spoke on the phone sunday with the egyptian foreign minister. she expressed his condolences and agreed to stay in close contact with egypt. i should note all of this serves as a.ynt back drp to a white house summit they will host here in washington this week with foreign mintersent how to combat violent extremism. the white house continues to insist it won't solely focus on islamic extremists. of course given this latest attack and a long list of others you can imagine that will largely dictate portion of the conversation. >> we thank you for that. we turn to denmark. two men charged this morning with helping a gunman after his deadly rampage in denmark. we are also learning more about that man who stormed a forum
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being attended by a cartoon artist listed on an al qaeda gun list. cnn international correspondent nic robertson is joining us from copenhagen with these new details this morning. nick. >> reporter: yeah michaela what we are hearing from paroles securities is these two men arrested sunday they have by prior agreement had agreed to help the gunman t. implication there is that they had full only in of all of these attack possibly one attack, possibly both attacks, so that's an indication now of the net if you will is spreading out here. we are beginning to learn more details about this gunman. this morning, copenhagen the latest european city traumatized by an apparent act of terrorism. >> i am shocked, exactly. >> reporter: as new details emerge about the 22-year-old gang member who killed two
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civilians and injured several police officers in a frightening attack over the weekend. his name omar abdel amid hussein. he recently served time if jail after being convicted of a knife attack on a commuter plane. according to police there were no islamic ties to extremively and they believe he didn't travel to syria or iraq. the chilling moment the gunmen opened fire saturday afternoon in the middle of a free speech dewitt obtained by the bbc from the turning point is but, why do we still say but when we -- >> you can hear more than 20 shots fired through the cafe windows. the suspect killing 55-year-old film-make were norguard and injuring three officers before escaping. cnn is unable authenticate
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recording t. sergeant large vilks, lars vilks. the satire cal mohammed. >> they arrested on the scene and took them in threw me into a storm room. >> reporter: hours later, the same suspect attacked a synagogue three miles south t. gunman killing a 37-year-old guard providing security for a batmitzvah party. >> we will do everything we can to protect the jewish community in our country report. the terror-filled weekend ending sunday outside these apartments when police killed the 22-year-old in a third gun battle in less than 24 hours. >> those attacks in copenhagen have reignited fears in jewish communities all across europe. we want to bring in a former chief rabbi of denmark.
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thanks for being with us this morning. >> you are welcome. >> we want to start with the deadly attack on the sen gock. it happened on saturday. there were 80 people philadelphia and they were celebrating a batmitzvah. and the beloved security guard, 37-year-old, was killed in this attack. we understand that you were with his family afterwards and, in fact you delivered the news to them of his death. can you tell us what you said to them? >> listen you can't imagine this is something which nobody wants to do. but the unfortunately, i have some experience and i went with two policemen. we waved the fans off in the middle of the fight and because they did not hear us in the first time i was able to contact them by phone, so when i came
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they knew that something was wrong. and i was very clear and i said to them listen something veried be happened. and they've, i wouldn't say they were not very surprised because we knew that something could happen but, of course they were shocked and we are shocked. >> in fact i heard you said just that that you were shocked by this violence not surprised. can you explain that? >> listen as the day goes we know that denmark is on the top list of countries where terrorists will try to do whatever they can and where there is terrorism, there there are fightings against you, so we have prepared ourselves for years as but we didn't think
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that we should use all the preparations. it happened. we are shocked. we are not surprised and we are sure that we will be able also to overcome these moments. >> the day after the shooting at the synagogue, in northeastern france hundredsle of jewish graves were desecrated. do you believe that these are both part of arising tide of anti-semitism in europe? >> listen we have a problem of anti-semitism in europe. but i will tell you that if you have seen the danish population from the prime minister to children number of children coming outside the synagogue, placing flowers, giving writing memos, sending mail being
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unfaithful. we fell that we the not have any problem and if we have we have a lot of people who are behind us. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu made a statement saying that jews in europe can find basically safe haven in israel. let me treed you what he said. he said jews deserve security in every country. >> i know this. >> he is saying to his jewish brothers and sister come to israel if you want safe haven. do you think that's the answer rabbi? >>. listen i am one of many where all the children went from denmark to israel. i think that the prime minister of israel is allowed to say what he wants. i don't think defense the right time. i don't think defense the right
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way to say it. i hope that other danish juice want to live in a cell. but i think if they are going to israel it is bus they want to live in israel. not because they are afraid of living if denmark. >> do you believe the justs are safe in denmark today? >> yes, i believe it. we live a normal life and we have our security. we have to do the things and we live a normal life. we had mourning service already and we will continue to mourn the jewish di again and our people who want to deny us our rights they will not see a victory. >> rabbi, thank you for being on "new day." our prayers are with denmark
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this morning. let's go ever omichaela. >> all right r. we have learned several ukrainian forces were killed in battle scarred eastern you crane. the cease-fire remains in place, largely holding the terribly fragile. let's go to fred pleitgen from eastern ukraine with more. >> reporter: good morning. i got away from a briefing with the ukrainian security force, they say so far as many as 129 infringement it's the southern part of the with thelefield, a place called mariupol. there is apparently fighting today on the outskirts of the town mortar fire. the ukrainians are saying pro-russian separatists are amassing forces. >> that is of course the
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opposite of what is supposed to be happening today. it's actually a key day today in the cease-fire. stood a day that beth sides are supposed to start with heavy weapons from the battlefield. neither side is doing that like i said both sides are blaming each other for the infringement. the ukrainian forces say as long as there are these infringements, they are not going to move their weapons being. they know exactly where they want to put the heavy weapons, they are not going to do it right now t. overall situation right now is that both sides are saying the cease-fire is holding but there are a lot of infringements hanging,al sen. >> fred thank you so much for that background. back here at home gripping temperature gripping tense of millions it feels leak ten below zero including boston new york philadelphia.
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temperatures nearly as cold in washington, d.c. they could be responsible for a pipe burst at dulles international airport. workers had to evacuate the tower for a brief period. officials say they are working to restore the full operation operation. the faa would allow drones weighing less than 55 pounds to fly up to 500 feet above ground. these rules would help television producers, police departments, operators would need a special certificate. would have to follow strict rules, including avoiding reflict i stricted airspace. this proposal faces a lengthy public review process. we need leavety. "snl" delivered. it was a star-studded trip for the 40th anniversary special. jimmy fallon and justin timberlake kicked off some of sfl's most memorable moments.
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>> we are. >> we are are. >> we are. >> we are two wild and crazigys. ♪ i'm down by the river ♪ >> they are so good at that. >> so great. >> mikaela, this was a nearly four-hour long special. it included several "snl" alumni re-creating their most beloved characters. they put in performances by miley cyrus, paul mccartney. paul simon who wrapped the show with "still crazy" after all these years. >> my goodness the stuff of our youth. >> totally. >> saturday nights are spent watching the show. i remember all those skits, to see how many of the past "snl" alumfy showed up. >> every catch phrase we have culturally said. >> are you kidding me? it was fantastic. we will have more on that coming up. back to breaking news because egypt has started the biggest offensive against isis
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following the grewsome death of thousands of christians. will this prompt even more action against terrorists? we'll brick that down. in france the faith many smeared with nazi graffiti. can a rise in anti-semitic crime be slowed down? we will take you tloiv france live to france.
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egypt launching airstrikes against isis targets in libya, following the release of an outrageous and heinous video showing the beheadings of over a dozen egyptian christians. egypt's president vows to aven him those murders. could do more that could be in the works. now isis is expanding, though what could only be called a religious war. let's bring in lt. col. harris reed and the managing director of quillium foundation. gentleman, we need your smart minds on this. this is a hard thing to understand this brutality, colonel, reed i want to talk to you other than the sheer viciousness we see in this outrageous video. what else stand out to you? what is significant that we
3:21 am
should see from this video? >> mikaela, good morning. what i took after watching the video unfortunately i had to watch it several times was that one is the plethora of different ethnic aspects that isis has brought. there are some african aspects there, there is anglo members of the executioners. that was very interesting to me. what i also believe what we are starting to see here is really isis is bringing together just a band of mercenarys. there is a lot of military age men out there who have learned to fight in all these different conflicts around the world. now they're out of work in a lot of cases and isis can pay them. i believe they are using this islamic peace as a crutch. >> what an interesting economic. i want to pick up on that a little bit more first, harris,
3:22 am
let's talk about this atrocity. it's a new level of brutality. they show the entire beheading. it's not a before and after. i understand this is difficult to talk about and very graphic. but this also speaks to a sort of a new level that isis has reached. no? >> isis actually had a video very similar to this about a month ago when they showed the actual beheadings and the marching down of people with victor and a number of syrian members of the military. so it's something that they have done before and something they probably will do again. isil are running out of western hostage, so they're actually looking at other ways new ways of trying to instigate this so-called who holy war they see is inevitable. it's within they are continuing to use and grow this so-called
3:23 am
british jihad john brond d brand of executioner and speaker. secondly is that they are trying and insuring that they actually try and exploit the crusade anal. bus they mention ltd. rome in the video. they are trying to create further polarization to try to get support of people in other countries to be influenced and inspired by these kind of attacks, of course what we are see figure europe right now over the last month or so, they are more prevalent on home soil. >> it's interesting, colonel, you talk about this achievement of reaching this band of mercenaries. you talk about the branding harris how they are reaching out to people. we seen the slickly produced videos. but there is captivating a group of men that theyical control and have them the their bidding. that is a difficult thing to
3:24 am
counteract. is it not, lt. col.? >> it is mikaela. you know i really lock at the whole libya perspective right now. in that video, you see all the members dressed in plaque. >> ye. >> you remember months ago we saw that with isis up if syria and in iraq. but now in syria based a off the execution of the jordanian pilot, they were now all in the camouflaged uniforms. so now what i see is it shows the development of isis in libya with the one lone speaker there dressed as the syrian member who comes down and kind of leads this new element into libya and is the expansion of isis throughout the region. >> that's a concern that libya is another front, harris. it is awfully close to europe. it is a place having its own challenges within its country. talk to us about the threat it poses and do you see a way for the western forces to confront that? >> yeah well, first of all,
3:25 am
absolutely. this is closer to home. closer to europe. isil has been expanding both idea logically and in real terms over the last six-to-eight months and right, as we mentioned before they are paying people. they are bribing other people around the world. also giving people a cause as they seem as men of action. however we can sell this there really has to be two elements of how we counter this. first of all, we need to insure that from the military perspective, we've got to strike at the center of gravity. you got to insure or make sure that we take out this threat and we by we i'm talking about the coalition forces as best we can. i think we put too long around isil to exist in syria and iraq. to i guess the whole inadequacies of the arab nations in the region in terms of ground troops marching them into the field. the other thing we've got to do
3:26 am
we've got to take the propaganda war on terror. we are not doing that, we are talking about it. we had lots of conversations. how do we counter the propaganda elements of isil and al qaeda and let's not forget them and other groups around the world as well. we need to do more on that. we now need to be people of action rather than people of words. >> i want to thank you both. we appreciate you joining us today. al sen. >> mikaela, jewish graves smashed and smeared with anti-semitic remarks. we have the disturbing details ahead in a live report for you. and $1 billion swiped in a record-banking bank heist. wait until you hear how the hackers were able to steal from 100 banks, including some here in the u.s.
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3:31 am
graffiti. cnn's jim bittermann joins us live from paris with the latest investigation. what do you we know jim? >>al sen, pressure is little on this. it happened somewhere between friday and saturday nights. the mayor of this town where the secretary is located. they didn't know xa exactly happened here except there were about 300 tombstones that were turned over and broken and that sort of thing and so it must have been a number of people. these are heavy tombstones. there must have been a number of people involved in this. yet they have not been able to find anyone who was an eyewitness to the attack. in any case they rendered an investigation this morning. there will be a ceremony this morning which president hollande will atevenltd he said about making a remark about the out rage of this attack this event requires the strongest reaction. it comes on the heels, as you mentioned, alisyn on the heels of a number of anti-submitic
3:32 am
attacks. of course, there was the big attack last month on the kosher supermarket on the edge of paris and it has put the jewish community here on edge. according to those who keep track of security in the jewish community. they say, in fact there were twice as many anti-semitic attacks last year as in the previous year. mikaela. >> okay jim, thank you for that. isis in libya is under attack in libya. cnn found out jets took off bombing camps and training areas. it is unclear how much damage was caused. this action by egypt follows a gruesome beheadings of more than a dozen christians on a libyan beach. house speaker john boehner says he is allowing funding to run out for homeland security. this is a spat who they say the move would put american lives in danger. the senate blocked the house bill three times since it contains an amendment to roll
3:33 am
back president obama's executive action on immigration. an international hacking ring making offer with around $1 billion in one of the biggest bank heists ever. they say hackers covertly installed spying software on bank commuters and used the da to to make transfers into bogus accounts. the firm says more than 100 banks were hit in 25 countries, including some right here in the united states. >> scary. well, "fifty shades of grey" heated up the movie theaters over the valentine's weekend. the racy film earned the top spot with more than $90 million. a few record for president's day weekend. it jumped into the top five biggest r-rated movies of all times, the 50 shades director sam johnson also made history. the movie was the biggest opening ever for a fe pail director. >> it was a debut of your racy voice. >> i reserve it for bondage
3:34 am
stories. happy monday. >> bondage? no. >> all right. so obviously, a big, big weekend in new york. we had valentine's day the "snl" 40th anniversary, oh by the way the nba all store games. it has become quite a show last night. andy schols was at the game he is bleary eyed. >> what a great weekends it was, you had the all star dunk contest saturday night. seth curie was great t. main event was the game at madison square garden. we had a first and last night's game. first brothers to ever start in an all star game. they jumped against one another. the elder pal winning like he did, everything you did growing up in spain. the west at one point jump out to a 20-point lead russell westbrooke. he put in 27 points in the first
3:35 am
half alone. lebron already kept the east in it. here he is. the reverse slam on the alley-oop. the teams combine to hit an all star record 483-pointers in the game t. west came out on top. it was the highest scoring all star game ever. westbrooke your mvp after scoring 41 points one point shy of wilt chamberlain's all time record. >> you never want to take no gains for granted especially in the all star game to go out and show your talents. i am blessed to be able to play the game i love and definitely we got the win. >> it don't get no better man, you playing the guard in front of these fans they know the game of basketball to go out and represent this team and the league at the highest level. this means everything. >> what a great weekend it was. the dunk contest. >> we kind of soon it all. but zach levine wow! those first two dunk the house,
3:36 am
the whole crowd got off. >> he nailed it and that kind of set the stage. >> exactly. >> every time he got the ball after that to the whole crude stood up. it was an awesome night saturday. last night was great as with el. >> it was fun. thanks so much. well, boston is breaking winter records. it is already the snowiest month in the city's history, if you can believe it. we are only halfway through. we are taking you there live to see first hand what this historic winter is doing to bean town. boy, this show has been making us laugh in years. four decades, some of the best clips from "snl's" star-studded 40 yeth anniversary. my favorite. .yeth anniversary. my favorite. .tyeth anniversary. my favorite. .hyeth anniversary. my favorite. .anniversary. my favorite. . anniversary. my favorite. .
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snowiest month in recorded history. we are following extreme weather all across the country. let's go to cnn's ryan young in boston. ryan to say boston is breaking records, it snows there on a typical winter all the time. so how is the city dealing with this? >> reporter: i can tell you people are definitely frustrated with all the snow. it's negative 1 and feels the wind chills are negative 21. they are trying to pack their patience with this one. just yesterday, 16 inches of more snowfall t. crews are cleaning up trying to get the walkways clear. this is more than $30 million clearing the snow. few think about this where do they put all this at this point? they have been trying to move this outside the city get it off the streets. that's a real impact for people to walk in this direction. one of the things we worry about is keeping the streets clear. obviously, with all this snow
3:42 am
it's a problem. when people are standing on the corners, you can't see them. we seen the impact. roof co lances happen all over the city. it's something they watch trying to make sure no one else gets hurt. mikaela. >> ryan you are having that affliction known as frozen mouth syndrome. it is very difficult to talk when you are really really cold. you are finding it out the hard way, isn't it? >> reporter: negative 25. you try to do the best you can. >> you are doing excellently, my friend. please get to a warm truck. we will check back in with you. folks, we are hearing there is more on the way the next major storm is hitting, missouri kentucky and tennessee right now. yes, it's next stop will be the snow battered northeast. in nashville folks are being told to stay put. no point in trying to get out there. >> reporter: no point at all. good morning mikaela. it's not quite what we are seeing in boston.
3:43 am
i can feel my mouth. it is cold out here. we have seen that freezing rain pick up here on the streets. you pan down a little bit. you can see this thin white coat of ice layering these streets here. this is broadway. one of the national drags behind me the streets very well would be during this hour anyway. this is a terrible situation for this part of the year in nashville. about a quarter inch of ice expected on the roads. the department of transportation out this weekend, salting, brineing those roads, spokesmen for the dot telling folks to stay inside. >> we will be out there until it is done we will be continuously salting and plowing the roads to clear the roads as quicklies a possible. >> reporter: and the worst is still yet to him co. between three and seven inches of snow predicted to fall here and accumulate over the course of the next 24 hours. so the mayor is really emphasizing to everyone stay indoors. alisyn. >> yes, so unusual for nashville. thanks so much nick for that.
3:44 am
>> reporter: absolutely. >> so how long will this last? let's go to meteorologist chad myers. this is the winter that will never end, chad. >> now we are spreading it out. we are not only talking about boston. we are talking memphis, little rock nash victim. these are big cities in the way of big icing problems today already icing in memphis and little rock. >> that ice coming down where nick is. it will be sleet, freezing rain and sleet are the pellets. the ice is all the way through raleigh, through the triad and there with will be snow as well. richmond you may get ten inches of snow. nashville to your north. at least a all the way through parts of kentucky and the coal fields there in the southern parts of west virginia a foot of snow. we are not only talking about the big cities. we are talking about the big city, too, philly new york bun, you will get more snow. there goes the low right there spreading ugly weather into parts of tennessee, kentucky parts of north carolina and up
3:45 am
into d.c. by late tonight. by tomorrow morning, still seeing snow in d.c. probably four-to-six inches in washington, d.c. that is enough to paralyze this city. i live there many years working for the weather service. then you go boston finally moving out for you tomorrow. finally, the snow spreads across an area that's very very cold albany right now feels like 31 degrees, new york city walking through the city right now, it feels like ten below. the snow continues. over the weekend, if you didn't pay attention, boston picked up more snow. 95.7 this season. >> uncle. >> indeed my goodness thanks chad. stay with cnn for updates on the changing forecast and to post your photos from the storm on twitter and instagram. use the hashtag cnn snow. >> or snow brit.
3:46 am
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you never said what happened to that balloon operator. >> oh yes. he took good care of me. >> if you know what i mean. his name was -- >> his name was greg. oh greg. and he's been a long gone woman. >> that happened. yes. the californians. it may have been sunday. three-and-a-half hours in new york city it was the best of "saturday night live." you saw bradley cooper and betty
3:51 am
white intergenerational makeout sess' media correspondent, this was a task you'd enjoyed very much i am sure. >> yes, it was. >> balking through the 40 years of "snl." >> i think "snl" sfooil styling the haters last night. i think it's fun to say sfl isn't as good as it used to be. we always have we always will this is a reminder to how much it's contributed to our culture. >> let's talk about some of the throwbacks. that was really well done. how much they had the current stars of yesteryear blending together old and few together. >> yeah. >> let's take a listen. >> there are letters beginning with g for 400. >> did do the monkey? >> this show is actually live. so you have to stay in the down and locked position.
3:52 am
so that means you too, kanye. west. >> imagine having kanye west and waynes world in a room together. fantastic. >> i love seeing will ferrell come back for that. they were able do this where it didn't feel hokie. they didn't feel like they were forcing it. >> last week we were talking about what was happening with brian williams and jon stewart. doesn't this show just illustrate how much "saturday night live" has become a part of our country's consciousness. all of our catch phrases. we are familiar with these skits. this is the fabric of our country. >> it's the beauty of live tv event. this is the original. i love they did it for as long as they did last night. some people wondered how they will fill three-and-a-half hours. "snl" is a mixed back a. few jokes don't work.
3:53 am
overall, they pulled this off. >> they were very much on point of what was happening in the news. >> i wondered if they wouldn't mention that name. >> brian williams was mentioned. take a listen to this. >> where are you hiding brian williams? where is he? oh look i want to say something in his defense, okay. if the helicopter in front of me gets hit, i'm taking the story. okay. >> thank you jim. >> so many things about "saturday night live" that people don't know like for example, i just found out that one of the original cast members in 1975 was brian williams on tv. i don't know if that's true. but i never heard that. >> you knew what you have. >> you have to. >> i was afraid matt lauer looked a little uncomfortable. i thought they were expecting some of those jokes. the only thing that would have been better is if brian came on himself. >> and dlfls a little controversy with eddie murphy. she was supposed to do more.
3:54 am
he said a couple sentences. >> i think "snl" would have loved him to be in a sketch. he hasn't been back for many many years. to have him honored was completely appropriate. you do wonder if all is forgiven in that situation. >> with lorne michaels and eddie murphy. >> i think his departure from the show was not all that comfortable. a lot of people's departures are not all that comfortable. it's a show that has to always bring in new talent and there was rivalries behind the scene. there was a cast member and a host at one point. you got a lot of that. you got the sense the most important glue of the show are the writers and the crew. ive was so glad at the end of the show they paid tribute to the crew the writers on the show, that get it on the air every week. when we watch those sketches with eforget those people keep it alive and on the air even when there are rivalries among the cast and interesting feuds and things like that. >> one of the things i like
3:55 am
about this show as you mention, sometimes cast members become stars. they come back and make quite a hit on the show.l also there might be a surprise comedic genius a whether a justin bim timberlake. 4e and jimmy did their thing. watch this i think the two of them are genius. >> we are. >> we are. >> we are. >> we are. >> ♪ two wild and crazy guys ♪ ♪ delivering the fans down by the river ♪ >> oh such a delight to watch these two on screen together. anything they do. >> i could have watched that for three-and-a-half hours. one of the viewers said they did too much a job summarizing the first 40 years in that manontage. it was the ultimate reminder. they had all these people coming on. >> the cameos were so great and special. i was afraid to watch. i thought if i got a little taste, i would be up all night
3:56 am
watching it. i turned it on for one second. i saw the jeopardy skit. it was so funny. watch this for a second. . >> oh sorry we don't have it. we will play that later in the show. it was hilarious. will ferrell as alex trebek. they did a bill cosby joke. >> they did. people like will ferrell have been on to a huge career. they owe it to "snl." even folks forgotten decades ago were there. it was the kind of program can you only do. >> overall, getting good reviews, everybody loved it? >> i would say so. you can knit pivenlg i think they silenced the haters. >> right on. right on. all right. we are following a lot of news this morning. let's get right to it. >> gruesome video shows the beheading of more than a dozen egyptian coptic christians. >> this is just 200 miles from
3:57 am
the southern shore of the european union. >> could this latest brutality bring egypt into the coalition. >> this islamic state is nothing like i have ever seen before. >> i was shocked. >> bang, bang bang. very few could understand that something was going on. >> we heard a lot of noise and we realized -- >> we will do everything we can to protect the jewish community in our country. >> stay calm and stay focused. stay off the roads. stay indoors, stay safe. >> i don't see anything positive soon. i mean it will be a tough week. >> i hit him. someone else hit him. >> you can't see anything. >> there is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and mikaela ferrara. >> good morning. welcome to "new day." breaking overnight, egypt rocking isis targets in libya. the country launching airstrikes against the terrorists in revenge for a gut wrenching
3:58 am
video appears to show the beheadings of christians in libya before they were slaughtered screaming, oh god. they have pulled egypt into the u.s.-led coalition. ian. >> reporter: oh am sin, early this morning, we saw an egypt f-16 slip into the night sky under the cover of darkness. their targets, isis training camps and weapons depos in the city of derna in libya. this morning we seen pictures on social media of the damage caused by that. this comes just after these isis militants beheaded 21 coptic christian egyptians on the beaches. a militant in the video gives out a warning to the christian community here in egypt, also the government and european union, libya is right on the
3:59 am
doorstep of urine. for the ejigs, though they are taking a firm stance the ministry of foreign affairs is calling for greater international intervention in libya. this could be a continuous thing, continuous airstrikes against us. egypt is already with theling isis militants in the sci-fi peninsula. they have killed hundreds of security personnel so far. but this is another front for them and isis in libya. this video shows that they have a lot of control in certain areas of the country that they have expanding, taking advantage of the political and security void that has been libya after the 2011 uprising that overthrough moammar gadhafi an uprising that was backed by the west of libyans inside the country are wondering, or complaining that the west has abandoned them and that has created a ripe scenario for isis to take control of the large parts of the country.
4:00 am
alisyn. >> ian lee, thank you so much for that background. back here at home the obama administration blasting isis. will the u.s. change course in the fight against the terrorist group. we are live with >> alisyn the white house is calling this a heinous and cowardly act of murder a very strong statement coming from the white house pressing is overnight reading in part quote, isil's barbarity knows no bounds. it is unconstrained by faith, sex or ethnicity. the killing of innocence is an isolated act against terrorists net region which only galvanizes the community to gal van eight against isil. john kerry spoke with the u.s. foreign minister extended condolence of course also offered to stay in close contact with egypt as they make their response. i have to say this it all comes and provides a poignant backdrop
4:01 am
to the white house summit that they are hosting this week in washington, encountering violent extremism. the white house says it won't focus solely on islamic extremism. you can imagine giving up the latest attack an a long line of others it will largely dictate a good portion of the conversation. >> we appreciate that. we also have new details this morning about this weekend's shootings in denmark, police in copenhagen are saying the gunman that killed two people was born and raised in denmark and he had a history of violence and a connection to gangs. authorities have charged two other men of hiding him before police killed that gunman in a shootout. nic robertson is live in copenhagen with all the details. nic. >> reporter: good morning, mikaela. what we are learning ability, those two men have been charged with hiding him. this is something that had been pre-planned according to prosecutors. it gives an indication that these two people now charged had
4:02 am
the sum or foreign knowledge as well of these gun attack that they were hiding the gunmen between the attacks. we are learning more details about this young ma'an gunman. this morning copenhagen the latest european city traumatized by an apparent act of terrorism. >> and we were shocked exactly. >> reporter: as new details emerge about the 22-year-old gang member who killed two civilians, and injured several police officers in a frightening attack over the weekend. his name omar abdel hamid el hussein according to righters. el hussein recently served time in jail after being convict oddf a knife attack on board a commuter train. according to police there were no known ties of islamist extremism. they believe he didn't travel to syria or iraq. the chilling moment the gunman opened fire saturday afternoon in the middle of a free speech
4:03 am
debate obtained by the bbc. >> the turning point is but, why do we still say but when we -- >> reporter: you can hear more than 20 shots fired through the cafe windows. the suspect killing 55-year-old film-maker noergaard and injuring three officers before escaping. cnn is unable to authenticate the recording. the assumed target lars vilks, a controversial cartoonist on al qaeda's most wanted list for satire cal drawings of the prophet mohammed. >> they rushed on the scene and took me and threw me into a storm room. >> reporter: hours later, the same suspect attacked a synagogue three miles south t. gunman killing 37-year-old dan uzan, a guard preparing a
4:04 am
batmitzvah party. >> we do everything we can to protect the jewish community in our country. >> reporter: the terror ending outside these apartments when the police killed the 22-year-old in the third gun battle in less than 24 hours. and these, the police operations are still not over. security is very high in copenhagen. the concern possibly more accomplice possibly a copycat-type akatrina. >> thank you for more on that. went to bring in the minister for northern affairs of denmark thanks for being here. we are so sorry what your country has been going through this weekend. do you believe these attacks are an act of extremism on the rise if den park? >> it is difficult to say right now. we know as much that this guy who is expected to be responsible is not involved in
4:05 am
any terror cell or something like that. he has been a gang member his criminal not until now not connected to the more islamist groups in denmark. we know there has been an increase of islamives in denmark. we are not sure if this specific event can't be linked to that. >> the danish intelligent service in december said denmark faced quote a difficult threat from radicalized citizens returning home from sir why and iraq. in fact denmark has the highest number of citizens per capita who have joined the fight in syria and iraq and then atheed to come home. so what is denmark doing about that? >> well actually this problem started back when we had a big cartoon case as you might remember in 2005. and since that there has been extremist groups in denmark. we are countering that by all
4:06 am
means, both professionally by means where we try to get into these environment, trying to so to speak catch these young people take them out of the environment, giving them alternatives education, jobs things like that. but, of course we have also increased our department apples when it comes to actually infiltrateing these involvements trying to do what we can, also by laws and to jail them and to put them to courts whenever they have trying to do things that are ill local. >> but mr. lidegaard, there is a third thing denmark is doing. it's quite unconvention am as we understand it rather than locking up some of these so-called extremists or terrorists when they come back denmark is attempting a program of rehabilitation. you have begun off courage, admission to schools. outreach. can you say with confidence that the rehabilitation program is
4:07 am
working? >> i think, definitely it is working. i think it's fair to say that we have been able catch people who have been through syria. we actually are implementing this in other countries, because we have tried it and in the middle east and do it in north africa and it is working. but it's of course no germany tee that you whether not still have people. but as you just said the assumption right now is that the guy was responsible for what has just happened in copenhagen. it's not a bonfire. he has not been to syria or iraq. he has not been connected to any terrorist environment in denmark so far. so of course it's not a guarantee that you have good programs and that you have more you know not tips. we have to face that so-called lone wolves are extremely difficult to catch before nay go out with their fruitful activities. >> mr. lidegaard, let me play
4:08 am
something for you the danish prime minister said about the foreign fighter, i'll tell you, he bisqually said we're concerned about people going to syria and iraq to fight. in the very near future we will come up with new suggestion regarding resources, we will also look for new tools that our authorities will use to combat these types of people. that sounds as though there might be a shift in tactics. what does he mean by that? >> well it is true that after we had the serious conflicts in syria and we have seen that around 100 things have taken to syria and has been the fighting there, we have agreed in the base parliament one is that we make it possible to confiscate passports if we get the idea that few are on the way out, if we can prove they are going to syria to be qualified, we can confiscate their passport. right now we are looked at
4:09 am
well it is possible that also people who wish to seek permission to travel to these countries, it is difficult to do by law. we are looking at this for the moment. of course we are also looking at if we can do anything else in order to be even more sharp on how to deal with these things. we have many initiatives. i have a feeling that we have already a very good force in this regard. but you can never make a guarantee. that's also our experience. >> yes, of course that is the tragic truth. mr. martin lidegaard, thank you for taking the time to be on "new day." we are thinking of your country right now. >> thank you very much. breaking overnight, several ukrainian forces have been killed. dozens more wounded since a cease-fire with pro-russian separatists went into effect over the weekend. meanwhile, european leaders have continued to broker talks on a longer-term peace plan. additional sanctions against rebels and their supporters are do you to go into effect today.
4:10 am
exchanges are given to half a million people to sign up for obama care after a last-minute glitch stifled the website t. glitch prevented some people from getting their income verified on health and exchanges. they were up and running smoothly saturday evening as the deadline approached. conan o'brian goes to cuba. he was spotted with material over the weekend on tbs. the sek segment is scheduled to arromanche 4th. it's supposed to give us a rare look at daily life in cuba. conan is the first late night host to host there since the embargo took effect in 1962. it will get a lot of people watching. well this is the winter that will not quit. boston was slapped with another round of brutal weather. records are being broken it seems daily. now the bitter chill sets in. we are live with the details for you on this cold snap. house republicans start to stop
4:11 am
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even if you are inside. bus if you are along the east coast, it is extremely cold life-threatening temperatures settling over tens of millions of americans this morning after snow records were set in boston. we are barely halfway through february. it is the snowiest month in recorded history. we begin with ryan young who is braving the elements for us live in boston. how is it looking, ryan? >> reporter: well, so far the sun is coming out. but i can tell you, it's still very cold negative 25 with the wind chill. we are looking at this mound right here to give you a perspective. this is taller than a city bus with all the snow left behind. this snow is just light and fluffy. it's all over the city. in fact as we sit out here we have seen trucks big dump trucks trying to get this out of the city. it's very tough. obviously, they have been dealing with this quite some time. 60 inches fell yesterday. i can tell you, while we were
4:16 am
out. we saw snow covering our faces as west germany trying to drive through the city. it's very difficult to get around. that's what everyone is talking about the roadways so people can get to work in the morning. can you see crews now working in this direction to clear the sidewalks in the mall area. over and over people are saying they are tired of the snow hitting the city. hay are hoping it stops some time soon. they have already spent over $30 million trying to clear the streets. >> that's the problem. s to expensive the snow removal, getting the roads back opened it's a priority. we know that boston is not the only city seeing record snowfall. wooster mass actually the snowiest city in the nation racking up a whopping 103 inches of snow so far t. city's mayor, hopefully he has unburied himself. mayor petty, how are you faring? >> i'm doing okay here.
4:17 am
we received ability 7.5-feet of snow in the last three week, since the season. so it's been chaling. the streets are a little narrower than they have in the past. we are dealing with the cold weather now. right now, it's minus 30 with the wind chill factor today. >> mr. mayor, you say we got 7-feet of snow in the most casual way. are you just at a point where you are so stunned you can barely stand it? how are the citizens managing? >> it's been frustrating that when the plows go back on the streets and replow the streets, the sidewalks and driveways. they were arriving and it's difficult to reshovel driveways and sidewalks. but in just getting out, it's been opened. dpw has done a great job in the
4:18 am
blizzard a week ago, they were operational the next day, the streets. we picked up gar badge one day in the last weeks. >> oh my goodness it's amazing are you business at usual with an after the rick i suppose. how about schools? i imagine you are concerned about the number of snow days your students are having to have? >> yeah. we have to address that over the next couple weeks. we have about nine or ten days left stood a holiday this wooex week kids have off. it gives you time to get out there and clean the streets and work with the governor's office many night since wednesday in the intersection of wooster. >> i imagine your city will need a land from the state. what are your priorities today? what is the biggest concern for you for the next 24 hours? >> right now, it's the wind
4:19 am
chill. it's below 32. so we have a homeless population. we have to make sure that they seek indoor facilities in the city of wooster. also they will be on the streets all day before we get ready for the next storm on wednesday. >> you can't add insult to injury. you have another one on the way. i want to show you the tweet that your governor put out yesterday declaring the week valentine's week. i think we can bull that up. obviously, it's going to have a real impact on your local businesses and restaurants if you have this string of bad weather preventing them from having business as usual. >> that is a real concern. >> it is a concern. of course the snowstorm occurred on valentine's night in the city of wooster and all the site state. so reservations were cancelled. over the last three weeks the restaurants especially with
4:20 am
packing situations. to him have to deal with. they are trying to get the retail business and stores and stuff. >> we are seeing images of all over the state how the snow is affecting homes and businesses. just for a little context for those of us at home who don't know what 103 inches really looks like we have a little graphic here. that's taller than shaquille o'neill, people. that's how much snow shaquille o'neill is 88 inches tall in his 7' 1." just an idea. mayor joseph petty thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> keep us posted on how things go there in your city. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. is it two danny devitos? and maybe a quarter o shaq. >> it's bad. interest it's a lot of snow. >> i never seen measurements like that in the weather field. i like them.
4:21 am
the next major storm hitting missouri kentucky and tennessee with snow ice and freezing rain. in nashville, people are told to stay inside. what's the problem, nic? >> reporter: look around me alisyn the snow-covered streets, a thin layer of ice. this is broadway. the pain drag in nashville where all the news and entertainment happens, these streets are empty. because the residents were told to stay inside. precipitation started at 3:00 a.m. it's been consistent. three-to-seven inches predicted. not ased be as in new england. certainly for this area an odd winter event. nevertheless we heard reports of accidents on the interstates. so if you are watching us in the tennessee area be sure to keep in mind what your mayor has told you to stay inside. already some bad conditions on the roads, but the crews were hard at work this weekend,
4:22 am
salting, brningining those roads. this is expected to continue into tuesday. so prepare for more here in nashville. alisyn. >> oh my goodness nick thanks, so much for. that stay warm. >> soaking and brineing it sounds like you are in the kitchen. it's the needed tools for our outside streets. so this next stop for that next storm system. 67 million people are under a wind chill advisory or warning. >> that spans for virginia up to michigan and to maine. let's turn to meteorologist derek van dam. he is making his "new day" debut. so we decided to send him into the elements outside off studio. welcome to "new day." >> reporter: thank you very much. nothing like a weatherman freezing out in the conditions. i love seeing that stuff. in all honesty, i'm a part of hundreds of thousands of new yorkers braving the elements
4:23 am
this morning. normal temperature 42 degrees in central park today. right at this moment it's 4 degrees fahrenheit. we are running 30-35 degrees below where we should be the time of year. >> that raises concerns of hypothermia, all kind of problems that people need to be well aware of. we have talked about this nor'easter that came through. chad has been discussion it. if i can use an anal it's like wrapping up in a nice warm plank et all fight long keeping toasty warm and having that blanket ripped off of you. all the warmness that you kind of held up next to wour body radiates right back into the atmosphere. that's water happening behind us. >> that is why temperatures have so cold today t. cloud cover is non-existent. the blanket, the analogy, not there to keep us all warm here in new york city and across the eastern half of the united states so it's no doubt we have a cold day ahead of us. we are going to continue to do our brisk walk to and from the subway systems and to our
4:24 am
offices to keep as warm as possible. >> you left a digit, you made a mistake. you said 4. we add didn't its to our cold weather traft. >> one two, three, four. i have it on my head. that how warm it is. >> wow, mikaela is having a hard time getting past that number. >> i'm upset about 4 degrees. >> reporter: i have studio enjoy. >> come on inside. >> all right. great job. >> nice seeing you, you guys. >> oh my goodness. remember when barbara bush said there had been enough bushes in the oval office. now a possible change in tongue from the former first lady. does jeb have his mom's blessing to run? we go inside politics with john king next. re yet. a car that can see trouble... ...and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety
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and we have to move faster. to learn more or support the cause, go to it's frustrating being stuck in the house. good thing xfinity's got 2
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4:29 am
danish police charged two men with hiding the shooter after two deadly attacks in copenhagen. they have identified the gunman at omar abdel el hussein. he had a history of violence. they say they don'tbelieve he was on the radar. he was killed after targeting a free speech event and synagogue afternoon. a father-son sailing duo who set during the weekend's storm had to be rescued south of fan tuck. they sent out a stress call. they were rescued through hurricane force winds. >> my goodness. >> i want to show you this an unaltared photo of super model cindy crawford has the internet a buzz this was a leaked image from a shoot back in december 2013. the magazine says the image is real it's honest and gorgeous.
4:30 am
the photo has sparked as you can imagine quite a discussion online how women are portrayed in the media. most people praised the 48-year-old and called for changes to america's beauty standards him i'm very proud of her. that's impressive and bold interest she looks great. let's get to "inside politics" on "new day." >> that's the third most beautiful woman i have seen this morning. >> you are a diplomat. >> chris is not here. he won let you get away with that as well. >> good to see you. >> let's dive into politics. the president asked for congress where is congress now with all this? >> congress is divided. just about everything but listen here to the president's chief of staff, you have liberals on the one hand who say the language the white house sent us. they think it's too vague. they're worried it gives the power essentially to do
4:31 am
everything. conservatives saying you will not use ground roots, they want something tougher. the ball is in your court. >> it's very important questions of war and for congress to be heard. the president has given them a road map to follow. they can take that or come up with something else. but they should not take a pass on this important issue. >> they don't plan to take a pass. but because nobody likes the president's language. it's tough in this environment t. left doesn't like it. the right doesn't like it. it will be interesting to take it through the committee process. we are about to talk to one of them. we will see what bring it together? a lot say if it will be messy, it will be strong for the world. >> i didn't think we would be having this conversation so the possibility of a government shut down john let's listen to what governor boehner had to say. >> what if the department of homeland security funding runs
4:32 am
out? >> senate democrats should be to blame. >> you are prepared to let that happen? >> the house is active. we've done our job. >> have we talked to mitch mcconnell? he says nothing happened on his watchspeak were boehner was re-elected speaker. the republicans took over for the senate. yes, we have a democratic senate. we will be a part of a divided government. on this issue, it's bus of i call it the quicksand issue and the republican party is immigration. you have huge dwiesd. mitch mcconnell says he would not shut down the government. he believes that will hurt the party and a republican president. speaker boehner, it's a little bluff there. he is playing to conservatives in h his base. does he have a plan out right now? >> no. part of it is because the republican versus this divide over the president's actions on immigration. >> is it a divide between republicans or senate democrats and house republicans? >> it's mainly a fight between and among the republicans. they control that chamber.
4:33 am
the issue is republicans might be able to get a majority for the senate. they need 60 votes to get it to the floor. so this is a game of chicken right now. democrats say they will not blink. they believe if you shut down the department the american people will blame the government. >> let's talk about first lady barbara bush. she is known to never pull any punches. she famously said she thought there had been enough bushes who had served as president and saying jeb, she was not encouraging jeb to run. has she changed her tune? >> she has, and jeb just before the weekend was at a big barbara bush foundation. you can salute the barbara bush foundation. it does work to teach children how to read give them other skills. jeb was there to raise money for the foundation. you are right, remember barbara bush famously said we have enough bushes and clintons. she says it's time for some other family to come forward. barbara bush change of heart,
4:34 am
listen. >> what do you mean too 'bushes? that's not what i'm talking about. i've changed my mind. the voice of god there. you don't see barbara bush. in the bush family that is the voice of god. there is a part of jeb bush's march to run. he says he is still exploring. he is hiring staff. there is the good house keeping stamp of approval for mom. she is probably now will say not much bush i am guessing the next appearance she will say we have had enough clintons. i don't know if you have gotten a coveted ticket to the "snl" 40th anniversary, the reason i bring it up, one of the biggest arguably the greatest what is the word i'm thinking impersonation, thank you, of tina few of sarah palen. it's brilliant and spot on. she appeared on "saturday fight live" last night. let's take a look. i want to see what your reaction
4:35 am
is. >> i'm just curious, jerry, how much do you think lorne michaels would pay me if i were to run in scent 16? >> run for president, sarah, i don't think there is a number too big. >> okay. hype thettic ally what if i were to choose donald trump as my running mate? >> sarah, you are teasing us that's not nice. >> it's the right place for that conversation, a comedy show. governor palen says she might think about it. you sure that wasn't her? it's tina few? >> it's hard you have to do a double look. don't you? >> this is my eighth campaign would i love to caesar ra palen and donald trump out there? sure. will that happen? >> i think it's significant she is willing to do something so self deprecateing as she did when she was running and went on "snl," when she was going to be a key candidate. i mean she has a history with them. it always gets a huge response. >> what you see there, is look
4:36 am
sarah, a great debate depending on your politics what kind of a vice presidential candidate was she, was she ready to be a candidate for the united states? that's in the past. we have learned if you are not in the 2008 campaign she has amazing skills she's a great performer. will she be a great president? i don't think she will run. is she a good performer, have good timeing? absolutely. >> it makes her a great guest on "snl". >> we will try to bring her in their on "new day." >> will you come back more often? >> i might be here tomorrow if d.c. gets snowed in. we'll see if i get back or not. >> great to see you. all right t. isis video machine watches on. the terrorists releasing a new propaganda video displaying again their brutality. now egypt is fighting back after northern a dozen egyptian christian were beheaded. what where the implications of this latest video and egypt's move?
4:37 am
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4:41 am
new isis propaganda video. the men kidnapped in libya are seen crying crying out to jesus as they are beheaded one by one. the video is drawing strong international reaction. let's discuss all this a contributing editor and senior fellow for the new american foundation and robert grenier the author of "88 days to kandahar," a former director of the cia counterterrorism center. gentleman, thanks, so much for being here. bob i want to start to you. isis caught isis beheaded contradictions simply for being contradictions. is this a new wave in isis' mission statement? >> well unfortunately, this is nothing new with isis. we saw what they did to non-muslims in northern iraq. just a number of months ago. unfortunately, this is very much in line with the pattern of
4:42 am
activity that they've established wherever they've had influence anywhere in the muslim world. >> beter, isis likes to claim that the west is at war with islam. but clearly, they are launching a religious war. is there any other way to see what they've done to these coptic christians? >> reporter: no not at all. this is a tragedy of historic proportions. the middle east historically has been an area committed to adversity with large jewish and christian populations. what we are seeing under the influence of isis and other jihadi like groups is there are few christians left in iraq. isis tried to wipe out the ancient religion in iraq. now they are going after cops in libya and elsewhere. these minority populations are tremendously vulnerable to a totalitarian ideology which have
4:43 am
a tendency towards genocide. >> they're wiping out christians as peter said. they are wiping out muslims who don't adhere to their particular extreme brand of dogma. so what -- you how can you interpret what isis' message is? is everyone to convert or are they happy to annihilate anyone in their way? >> they follow a very literal interpretation of islam going back to its origins. they interpret islam according to tear own likes. as far as they are concerned, anyone over whom they have control las a very simple choice to make. they either accept i slam and tear brand of islam or they face death. that's what we have seen as peter mentioned with the izitis in the north. that's how they justify what they did to this group of kovt coptic christians work income
4:44 am
egypt. >> airstrikes launched overnight. does this clang the makeup of the coalition? >> it could be the beginning. there were reports that egypt had lawnched airstrikes in labia back last year as well. the key issue in libya is can there be a united anti-isis front. libya is split now between two governments. it's completely fragmented. i think what we really need from egypt and the united states is try, to try to unify behind one libyan force that can take on isis. if libya remains fraurtd, it's open season to continue the game around there. we see a hor risk prospect that is. >> bob, how significant is it this beheading video happened in libya outside of sir why and iraq where we have seen them previously? >> well you know what i think we see going on here is essentially a branding exercise isis is clearly in communication with others who have taken on
4:45 am
the isis name and isis brandsh not just in libya, elsewhere in the islamic world as well. this really isn't so much an idea of isis spreading the word if you will sending people out and somehow recruiting new adherence to the cause. these are established extremists who for their own local reasons are assuming the isis name the isis brand, in order to give themselves greater credibility or appear to be a part of a much larger or important whole. >> peter, does this mean their foot print is expanding geographically? >> well i think, the brand is exmanneding. these are may be initially local groups with their own local agendas. but they clearly share our totalitarian ideology. what we are seeing throughout the middle east is you know perhaps the closest equivalent we have seen to something like world war i. i mean this is a war that has now taken place in a variety of different countries, in which a
4:46 am
variety of different countries are falling apart and splintering. we have no idea what will come out of this in terms of the map of the middle east. but this is clearly something that is engulfing the entire region. we have sales states in syria, to some degree in iraq. in libya, in yemen. i think we have no idea what the map of the middle east is will really look like when this all over. >> flats frightening bob, because if the -- is from anyway to see this as anything but frightening moving forward for that isis can get a toe hold? >> well of course it is frightening because there are extremists at work here in various parts of the region. as peter mentioned in the context of libya, what we need to see throughout the region is the majority of muslims who clearly want to part of this extremist ideology to come
4:47 am
together and unify in their respectist ways in their respective countries, in order to effectively fight this movement. so long as there is division so long as these communities are fractured, that creates an ideal environment for isis in order for it to spread its message and to move forward militarily. >> peter, in the video, an english speaking terrorist mentions rome. of course that, has all sorts of historic am significance. what message is isis sending with that? >> well, this is bravado. this is the idea that isis is leading the war to take over the entire world, which is an absurd idea but potentially a way to galvanize and rally support by claiming to be the defenders of muslims against christians. you know the ab surtdity of that claim of course becomes clear when you realize most of their own victims have been muslim and the christian populations they have been killing are deeply
4:48 am
indigenous to the middle east. cops have been around is insurance the time of jesus. what you are seeing is a group that has no tolerance for diversity ever. this is a totalitarian ideology in the spirit of nazi germany. with no tolerance for any religious diversity. any diversity of thought and willingness to use the most evil methods. >> bob, peter says their claims are absurd and we certainly hope they are. yet, look at what happened this weekend in denmark. if extremism does exist. it is alive and well in europe. the fact that isis is so close to europe there in libya, that it makes it seem as though they believe that's a victory. >> well, yes, and this appeal unfortunately is not confined geographically to the middle east. this is an appeal which is potentially effective anywhere there are muslims. >> that doesn't mean we should discuss our muslims.
4:49 am
far from it. but they are trying to appeal with their ideas to the muslim community at large and unfortunately, there are people wherever they may be geographically susceptible to that message, particularly when isis is seeing that as we see it now. >> we see it so sadly this weekend. thanks so much for all the information. let's get it from mikaela. >> alisyn, a brazen billion dollar heist. how on earth did hackers access over 100 banks around the world and steal money without raising any suspicion? cnn money now is next.
4:50 am
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that's what i'd like to do. e financial noise financial noise
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financial noise financial noise all right. time for cnn money now. chief business correspondent, christine romans is here with a look at what is moving your money and what's moving it out. >> first, the markets are closed today for the president's holiday. the dow and s&p are closed. inside the biggest winner 3.3%.
4:54 am
and s&p 1.8%. closed today. this is the largest bank heist ever. hackers stole as much as a billion dollars according to the security firm. the breach covers more than 100 banks. 25 countries including the u.s. this firm is not naming the banks but says the attacks remain active and could be happening right now. here's how they're doing. i so interesting. hackers install spying software and watch work flow and how they move money in and out of accounts and use to it transfer money into their bank accounts. they're taking millions of dollars in cash out of atms. they send their money to the atm machines and the money comes spewing out. from russia and ukraine and it's like "oceans 11" except with a screen. they're using small enough
4:55 am
amounts of money banks don't catch it as well. >> it's happening here as well. >> u.s. banks. >> we will hear more about this and there has to be something that's done. >> your deposits are now protected by the fdc. >> i can sleep at night now. isis targets after a gruesome video shows isis beheading christians. we'll take you live to cairo. but the m-class scans for danger... ...corrects for lane drifting... ...and if necessary, it will even brake all by itself. it is a luxury suv engineered to get you there and back safely. for tomorrow is another fight. the 2015 m-class. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables
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4:58 am
this islamic state thing is nothing i've ever seen before. >> this gruesome video shows the beheading of more than a dozen
4:59 am
coptic christians. could this bring them into the coalition? >> bang-bang bang. quickly we understood something was going on. >> a shooting in copenhagen during a free speech forum. >> we realized it was a shooting. >> and shots -- >> stay calm stay focused, stay off the roads and stay indoors and stay safe. >> someone hit me and someone else hit me and someone else hit. good morning, everyone. welcome back to new day. it is monday february 16th. it is president's day, 8:00 in the east. chris cuomo is off today. we have breaking news overnight. egypt on the attack. its target is isis. the country launching air strikes against the terror group in libya after horrifying video
5:00 am
appears to show the beheadings of more than a dozen christians on a libyan beach. >> there is growing outrage. will this latest round of bloodshed prompt egypt to join the u.s. coalition. live on the ground in cairo, ian. >> reporter: meichaela early this morning we saw egyptian m-16s slipping into the night sky trying to hit isis. supply depots weapon depots and training camps. this is revenge for the beheading of 21 egyptian coptic christians yesterday that we saw the video yesterday. these christians brought out on to a beach, some saying oh, god, oh jesus, before they're executed. a militant in this video gives out a very serious warning to the christians here in egypt, the egyptian government but also europe. libya is roughly 200 miles from
5:01 am
the southern shores of europe very close. what this video show us the most is that isis has a very firm presence in libya, exploiting the political and security vacuum that is the country after the 2011 uprising that overthrew moammar gadhafi, an uprising backed by the west. in egypt, this is another front in the battle against isis. they are already fighting militants in the northern sinai. we heard they are calling for greater international intervention. the president of france called the president of egypt and said that he would try to help him push something through the u.n. security council but this looks like it is just the beginning of a wider egyptian involvement in the conflict in libya. >> thank you for all that background. the obama administration calling the terror group cowardly
5:02 am
following that attack in libya. will this help the president's push for military against isis? good morning. >> good morning. the white house calls this a heinous act of murder and a strong statement came overnight reading in part quote isis's barbarity knows no bounds unconstrained by faith, sect or ethnicity. this wanton killing of innocents is just one of the most recent of the many vicious acts perpetrated by isis affiliated terrorists which only further gavelnizes the international community to unite against isil. and the egyptian foreign minister expressed regrets on behalf of the american people and promised to stay in close contact with egypt as they make their response. all of this in a poignant background of the terrorism
5:03 am
summit the president is hosting this week with foreign leaders. the white house continues to insist it will not focus solely on islamic extremism during this summit but given this long line of attack and others previously most likely that will be the large discussion point. michaela. >> it certainly will be. thank you for that. we head overseas where new details are emerging from copenhagen and police have identified the gunman 22-year-old omar abdel hamid el hussein. two other men have been charged for allegedly helping him, helping hide him after those attacks. cnn international correspondent nick robinson joins us from copenhagen with more details. >> reporter: good morning, michaela. what we're learning about these two men that helped hide the gunman according to prosecutor they helped hide him by prior
5:04 am
agreement, an indication they had some prior knowledge the attacks would take place, that, of course, a big concern for authorities here and we're learning more about the gunman himself. >> reporter: this morning, copenhagen the latest european city traumatized by an apparent act of terrorism. >> i'm shocked. >> reporter: as new details emerge about the 22-year-old gang member who killed two civilians and injured several police officers in a frightening attack over the weekend. his name omar abdel hamid el hussein, according to reuters. el hussein recently served time in jail after being convicted of a knife attack on board a commuter train. according to police there were know known ties of islamic extremism and they believe he didn't travel to syria or iraq. the chilling moment the gunman opened fire saturday afternoon in the middle of a free speech
5:05 am
debate obtained by the bbc. >> the turning point is but. do we still say but -- [ shooting ]. >> reporter: you can hear more than 20 shots through the cafe windows, the suspect killing 55-year-old filmmaker finn noergaard. cnn is unable to authenticate the recording. the assumed target larsville k-- lars vilks, a wanted cartoonist for cartoon drawings of mohamed. >> they rushed me into the seen threw me into a storage room. >> reporter: hours later, the same suspect attacked a synagogue three miles south. the gunman killing 37-year-old dan uzan a guard providing security for a bat mittszvah
5:06 am
party. mrk >> we will do everything we can to protect the jewish community in our country. >> reporter: the terror filled weekend ending sunday outside these apartments when the police killed the 22-year-old in the third gun battle in less than 24 hours. police operations are continuing here. the concern, possibility of more accomplices and all the threat of a copycat type of attack. alisyn. >> nic, thank you for that. let's discuss the latest. the ambassador of denmark to the united states thanks so much for being with us. can you help us understand what happened over the weekend and what we saw? was this an attack on freedom of speech or was this an attack of anti-semitism? >> it certainly looks like both. we have still investigations going on to figure out what is actually behind this to understand why did this person who was known by the police who
5:07 am
had been engaged in crime and gang activities why did he suddenly become an extremist? this is some of the questions we're trying to answer now. it looks as if it was an attack on free speech and also unfortunately an attack at the danish synagogue in copenhagen. both could be true but we're still investigating that. >> is there something particular about denmark? is there something going wrong in terms of fighting extremism there? >> i don't think you could say something was going wrong. if you look at the two attack the police were extremely successful preventing a much larger disaster. we have to rewind the film and think about the cartoon crisis in 2005/2006. at the time the danish -- denmark became on top of the terrorist target list. unfortunately, we have been there since. there's been some attempts over
5:08 am
the years. this time was the first time a real attack was carried out. i think this is something we have been preparing for and have been expecting could happen. unfortunately it happened this weekend. >> these are not just threats from outside of denmark, these are threats from inside denmark. in fact we learned, denmark, per capita has the second highest number of fighters who leave denmark to go to syria and iraq join up with isis and then attempt to come back. it seems as though something is going wrong in terms of different communities in assimilation in denmark. >> we are working very hard. we have a lot of foreign fighters who have gone to syria and some gone back. we have authorities looking at these persons and trying to put in place programs that can actually reintegrate them into the danish society. this person that carried out the attacks over the weekend was actually not affiliated with
5:09 am
anything else as far as we know now. therefore, it's extremely difficult to protect yourself from a normal criminal so to speak to becoming an extremist. >> in addition to the threat of lone wolves and that sort of extremism you're seeing within denmark, there also seems to be a wave of anti-semitism that is picking up in denmark or across europe. why is this happening 70 years after world war ii? >> i don't think you can say there's a wave of semitism going on in denmark. i think we have a very long good tradition with jewish community in denmark and been integrated and part of the danish society for many many years. we have a brave story about the rescue of the danish jews in the second world war. this attack the fact a young man decided to attack a synagogue is unfortunate and deplorable but really not an example of rising anti-semitism
5:10 am
in denmark, i wouldn't say that. >> the danish prime minister talked afterwards after these attacks what she believed. let me read a little portion of it. we have tasted the ugly taste of fear and powerlessness terror would like to create. they want to rebuke our freedom of speech. this is not a war between islam and the west. one of the things denmark is doing has been unconventional trying to rehabilitate extremists rather than lock them up. will this change anything? >> i think the next step is get things back to normal. if you have a situation having people thinking twice before they go to debate meeting about freedom of speech we actually have lost the fight. we have given up on some of the basic pillars in our democracy, so therefore the genesis to get things back to normal and not
5:11 am
have so much change and our law enforcement authorities have to see if they can learn anything to protect the danish society even better going forward. >> absolutely. ambassador for denmark, thank you very much. >> thank you. breaking overnight we learned several ukrainian force have been killed since the cease-fire went into effect this weekend in battle scarred ukraine. it is largely holding yet terribly fragile. joining us from ukraine with more on this cease-fire if in fact it even exists. >> reporter: yes michaela. i tell you, we really are in a very delicate situation at this point in time in ukraine. we talked to people who lived in the areas along the front line. said in places it's holding, it's great for them. for the first time in weeks they can leave their houses moving around and in many places it's
5:12 am
very quiet and there is in infringement of the cease-fire causing problem. so far the cease-fire has been infringed upon as many as 129 times. the russian separatist for their part are saying the same thing, ukrainian force are shelling them even though the cease-fire is in place. that's significant because today is a very important day after the cease-fire after the 24 hour period both sides are supposed to start moving heavy weapons out of the immediate conflict area to create a buffer zone and ukrainians say they're not going to do that as long as these infringements of cease-fire continue and pro-russian separatist s say exactly the same thing. right now, it's holding and infringements of the cease-fire going on but the big problem is these infringements are stopping the cease-fire moving into that next important stage. we will wait and see what
5:13 am
happens in the next coming hours and coming days. it is a decisive important time right now for this country. alisyn. >> thanks for that updated. the u.n. warning rebels to give up power in yemen and plan to take further steps if the houthi do not comply but did not spell out the steps and release the president and minister from house arrest. more than 200 teenagers began fighting in a food court and half of them rushed into a nearby movie theater. police say teens had drugs and guns and carried the mayhem to a nearby gas station. eventually officers were able to get them under control and miraculously no one was hurt. sarah palin at saturday night live and it would not be
5:14 am
essential "snl" if they did not make fun of what's in the news. jerry seinfield was on hand to take a swipe at a certain embattled news anchor. just found out one of the original cast members in 1975 was brian williams. i didn't -- i don't know if that's true but i never heard that. [ laughter ] >> it doesn't sound true. it might not -- it might not be. >> i miss jerry seinfeld. it included musical performances by paul mccartney paul simon and miley cyrus. >> imagine if you were among them. you have to be at the top of your game. the best of the best were there. >> it was an entertainment bonanza, music and comedy. killed for being christian, isis tactics getting even more extreme, if that's possible. the mass beheadings stirring outrage worldwide.
5:15 am
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5:18 am
egypt taking aim at isis targets in libya overnight after a new video showed the horrendous beheadings of more than a dozen egyptian christians these murders
5:19 am
raising concerns isis is shifting to even more brutal tactics to expand its deadly message. joining me former terrorism expert phillip mud and co-author of agent storm, my life inside action. gentlemen, i know you both had a chance to view the video. phil obviously, this is a new level of brutality that we're seeing here. i want you to tell us what you see in this video that is significant to you, the markers that you noticed. >> look what's significant to me here is a story we haven't discussed. that is whether isis is expanding too rapidly. back when we saw al qaeda expand 15 years ago, they were very cautious about allowing people to use the brand. now, we had in the space of six months or so isis showing up in places like yemen, afghanistan, just in the space of the past year libya. you have these local groups
5:20 am
accepting or adopting the isis brand and using this kind of brutality to try to quickly show they are the biggest players on the block. in the short term this intimidates the population. in the long term talking over the course of years, i think what we will see as a result of killings like this people start to say, this is a brand we don't want any part of. you won't see it in the short term because people are intimidated. >> you feel the same way? >> there will be a backlash. this is a very calculated move for isis to get into libya. al al-baghdadi sent one of his top aides to build up the organization there and 300 returning to lead the charge. they've been expanding at a very alarm ing alarming rate. they have control of the city with a population of 100 thousand thousand all along the coast and we saw that attack against isis
5:21 am
an american hotel in tripoli where an american was killed. >> and we saw the airstrip on derna that you talk about. tell me about the proximity. is this a new front in the war near isis? >> it's very near europe. the southern shores are just 200 miles from derna. on a clear night, you can actually see the southern hills of crete from libya. this is a few miles in a speedboat. the europeans are very -- the fact they drenched the mediterranean in the blood of those poor coptic christians, sending a message to the europeans, we're coming after you, we want to retaliate against you for the air strikes in iraq. >> the level of brutality clearly knows no bounds. the barbarity has reached a new level. we know they have killed their own countrymen and fellow muslims. they have killed jews. we see here a dozen christians
5:22 am
being killed. that is significant. this totalitarian ideology is literally about equal opportunity murder. >> it is. there's another aspect of this related to those murders we have to think about this. we're looking at this from a western optic in attacks in denmark and paris. if the tide over the course of years will turn against isis this is important. in a lot of place they're moving into libya, yemen and isis flags in afghanistan there are already obviously locally entrench ed entrenched islamist groups. what isis is doing as it moves so quickly is alienate these local groups. in addition to attacks on christians and trying attacks in western europe and i suspect the united states we will also see fighting among islamic groups where local groups less extreme
5:23 am
than isis take on isis but i hate to say this there will be a spasm of violence as this islamic group of violence takes place over the next few years. >> some are quick to label this as a religious war. do you believe as such? >> isis believes it's a religious war. in 2010 they said they would attack christians right across the middle east. there were a couple of egyptian women who were cops who supposedly converted to islam. the rumor was they were abducted and taken to monasteries. and in 2010 isis said they would take revenge for this across the middle east and ref reynolds -- referencesed this again as a beheading and it's obviously a religious war. >> you talk about this isis almost a tribal war that's happening, the violence against their own people you see that as a point of weakness. and then on the other side of it how do western coalition
5:24 am
force battle that? >> i do think it's a point of weakness but again, only in the long term. in the intermediate range 1 to 2 years out you have villages so intimidated they're unwilling to take up arms because the option is to be beheaded. a couple options you have to think about and this relates to the president's move to get congress to discuss a continuing authorization for the use of military force. let's step back for just a second. the u.s. can't intervene regardless of what political stripe you have in this country, simultaneously in yemen, pakistan afghanistan, iraq syria, it's not physically possible. one of the questions will be how we enable local force to intervene. this has been successful in a place like somalia, how we help armed organizations egyptian military like the yemeni military in the midst of a civil
5:25 am
war and how we continue to extend the use of drones. this is a debate in america but drones are very effective when you don't want to put your own force at risk. in contrast to what we have seen in afghanistan and iraq light footprint, aiding security force and use of drones will be the debate in the next few years. >> we appreciate you joining us to talk about this grisley video. i'm horrified we have to talk about it but important to keep shining a light on it. alisyn. small changes for devices flying in the sky, the faa set to unveil new drone rules. [engine revving] [engine revving] [engine revving]
5:26 am
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5:29 am
here we go. the five things you need to know for your new day. egypt retaliateing with air strikes after isis killed more than a dozen men beheading them on a libyan beach. >> authorities say a shooter had links to gangs but was not on their radar for extremism.
5:30 am
and 400 graves vandalized in france. authorities say every effort will be made to catch the perpetrators. >> by no rest for the weary. another major storm set to hit the northeast next and means more snow for boston which has seen the snowiest weather ever. and a 40 year anniversary celebrating 40 years of saturday night live recapturing the most memorable moments. be sure to visit new day at for the latest. and faa proposing rules for drones. what are the new rules? >> this is huge. a huge step towards changening what's allowed to fly overhead talking thousands of drones that would fill the sky with passenger planes. and they are responsible for
5:31 am
making sure it happens safely so here's how it would work. the drones would have to weigh less than 55 pounds fly no faster than 100 miles an hour. they can only fly during daylight and they must remain in operator's line of sight. it cannot fly higher than 500 feet. adding onto that they would not be allowed to fly over people nor near airports. realtor, tv producers, farmers, bridge inspectors those are the kinds of companies that would want to use drones for business. as you know commercial use has been almost entirely banned in the united states. companies like amazon they have been itching to start deliveries by drone, but this proposed rule still would not allow that. back to you, michaela. >> i'm actually glad they put the clause in there for not flying over humans. i feel a little relief. i don't know about you. >> sometimes they forget common sense things.
5:32 am
glad they didn't this time. >> three weeks, four storms nearly 5 feet of snow this month alone. boston getting hit once again, the hardest hit as a cold snap freezes more than a dozen states. how much more can we take? that's the question. your cold forecast next. sir, we're going to need you on the runway later don't let a severe cold hold you back. get theraflu. it has the power of three medicines to take on your worst pain and fever, cough and nasal congestion. theraflu breaks you free from your toughest cold and flu symptoms. so you never miss a day. theraflu. serious power. i'm louis, and i quit smoking with chantix. i told myself for so long that i needed to quit smoking. i would quit then i'd go right back to it. chantix absolutely helped me quit smoking. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix helped reduce my urge to smoke.
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much of the east coast is under the grip of blistering
5:36 am
cold. >> keeps burying new england. boston is enduring the snowiest month in that country's recorded history. we're following weather across the nation. ryan young live in boston. i was giving you grief last hour about not being able to talk in the cold because your mouth is frozen. is this the coldest temperature you've ever had to report live from? >> reporter: yes. i've never experienced negative 25 windchill. one of those things you want to walk and say, i did that. look where i'm sitting right now. one of the reasons why we did this look this is a park. the park is full of snow. no way any can walk through certain sections of this. when we first arrived, people were walking their dogs in this park. look at the roof that was one of the things we were worried about. all the snowfall is impacting this area. we had roof collapse and the sun
5:37 am
is out and warming up. we reached 1 degree so far. they're making sure streets are clear. they've been doing a good job with that spending more than 30$30 million to make sure there was no knowsnow on the roads throughout the city. and they have to clear those fire hydrants and it is very cold and people are told to do the best they can to get inside as quickly as they can. yesterday, it was hard to see in front of your face. i can tell you people are tired of this winter so far. >> everybody is saying saying #snowverit because it's been incessant. last time around they were doing what they could to get the snow out. got waivers to put it in the bay. >> have they just given up?
5:38 am
>> or have they just given up? a good point. >> reporter: five states are helping out to try to get rid of the snow. what do you do when you have snowbanks the size of buses out here in the city. you have to put it to the side as much as possible and hope mother nature turns on the natural heater and turns some of this out. can you imagine what that's like on the roofs when it starts to melt and ice starts to drop. it will be something to see. >> ryan where are you from? >> reporter: i'm from miami originally and spent the l.a.ast two years in new hampshire. i have a great crew. >> you do have a great crew and props to your photog out there working with you with the camera on his shoulders. it's team work we get that. but this is not miami, son. >> reporter: when the sun started to come out, yes. but it never got any warmer.
5:39 am
what do you do at this point? it's okay. [ laughter ] >> reporter: we're doing a lot of that. >> ryan warm we appreciate it. go in the truck and get warm. thanks for that report. >> thanks. we're laughing but this weather is not to be taken lightly, a father-son duo found that out the hard way and can now thank the coast guard for saving their lives. check out this video. the pair set sail for some reason during this weekend's storm, south of nantucket. but their boat lost power and the wind tore their sails. they then sent out a distress call on sunday and they had to be airlifted to safety through low visibility and near hurricane force winds. the coast guard does yomen's doughty dugout duty risking their lives saving people. >> this is frigid conditions and the fact these people went out begs the question why did they
5:40 am
feel the need go out when the weather was so inclimate. >> they are safe. >> great video. >> it is getting into the coast guard's helicopter. wow. parts of the midwest and south are not immune from this either. they are getting socked with snow ice and freezing rain today. cnn cnn's reporter is live in nashville where people are told to stay put. what's going on on the streets behind you? >> reporter: good morning, alisyn not as bad as those pictures where ryan young is. still pretty bad here when you consider what part of country this is happening in. this rain nonstop since 3:00 this morning. take a look at the ground all this ice, a quarter inch of ice covering the streets already. this is broadway. this is the main drag in nashville, entertainment district if you will of the city. we have seen surprisingly cars still out on the roads despite
5:41 am
warnings by the mayor to stay off the roads this weekend. and they did the best they could to prep for conditions they were expecting expecting. 3-7 inches expected over the course of the next 24 hours in nashville. already, you can see the freezing rain starting to stick now. we have heard reports of minor accidents on the interstate the department of transportation stress stressing them to be safe and they did a lot of prepping salt ing and prepping these roads. the buss are still out on the roads but if you are watching us in this area best to stay indoors today. >> absolutely. nashville is not used to 3-7 inches of snow. do they have all their snow removal and ice removal set to go? >> reporter: absolutely. they had 28 pieces of equipment moving throughout the weekend and they had a press conference yesterday, the office of emergency management in coordination with the metro public works here.
5:42 am
they were definitely prepared for this. we've been talking to a lot of residents on the street and a lot came out because they said it was so peaceful and quiet and hadn't seen the city like this in so long. last year they had a similar event, but it is a scale up. and hopefully we won't see many people to bear these conditions. >> it is peaceful. thanks for that report. next the snow weary northeast. warnings and advisories in effect we're told from virginia and michigan and maine. that's 70 million people that will be affected. let's turn to our meteorologist, derek van dam, braving the conditions out there. it is brutal out there. >> reporter: it is. i'm having to remind myself i actually volunteered to do this
5:43 am
on commercial circle in lower manhattan. temperatures are actually 4 degrees. i can count that on my hand. we should be 42 this time of year. i just went down the road to get coffee. because if you ever stepped foot in manhattan, you know how densely packed together the buildings are and create a natural windchill. i have a device to measure windchill. it is well below freezing. a concern is skin and people need to bundle up. i don't need to tell you that because we all know how brutally cold the eastern half of the united states currently is. and the reason is this current weather behind this storm system. we have blizzard conditions across the new england coast and behind it we have high pressure clear out the skies. if i can use an analogy and bundle up at night time in our nice blankets keeping ourselves warm and rip that blanket off and that heat you had escapes into the atmosphere.
5:44 am
that's exactly what's happening over the eastern half of the u.s. we don't have cloud cover to keep us warm and the blanket, per se it's just not there. >> no blanket and cold. we've been giving our correspondents grief. we found out ryan young is from miami and not necessarily raised in this cold weather. i did some research. your cnn biography tells me you're from michigan so you can do just fine in this weather. let's test your meteorological knowledge? when's the last time it got this cold? >> remember that infamous polar vortex last year that's the last time it got to 4 degrees in central park. today, we have reached those temperatures and temperatures tonight will drop into the single digits another round of cold air, winter gripping hard on the east coast. >> no blankets for us. >> reporter: no blankets for us. >> he took your pop quiz and got
5:45 am
it like that. >> nailed it. >> nailed it. how long will all this last across the country? let's get to meteorologist chad myers. what's your answer? >> if you're asking punxsutawney phil he thinks it's over but it's not. we have very cold air, that memphis nashville ice storm, little rock as well. 54 million people in a winter storm warning right now from cincinnati through louisville back to charleston and richmond. ice on the southside of it snow on the northside of it over a foot in many areas across parts of kentucky and west virginia. then it finally lingers and moves away with 2-4 in new york city less than that probably in new hampshire and maine. there's the low. it will make a rain event. it's supposed to be a sleet in atlanta but it just -- i think it's going to be 34. the snow is north of there,
5:46 am
bowling green and there could be 3 inches of snow tomorrow in d.c. and snows all day, could see 6-8. that will certainly slow that city down. by tomorrow night, it moves away from boston thank goodness. the cold air is already in place, windchill factors are everywhere including where derek is there, at 11 below. 17 below in boston. if you're out with the pets not too long. out with the kids make sure they get inside and check with the elderly, too, because this is a very cold event. if you missed it over the weekend, another snowstorm hit boston. they're up to 95 inches of snow for the year! even for buffalo. i was born in buffalo. none of this is on my bucket list, by the way. but 95 is too much. >> i think we can all agree with that. so 15 more days of this. i stopped listening at that point. >> you're okay with that? >> i stopped listening. >> i'm done.
5:47 am
you can just carry on. cnn anchors battling for sy supremacy in a new quiz show that premiers and which one of us did the best and which one of us would you want on your trivia team? a look behind the scenes at the quiz show next. shopping online is as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. start shopping online from a list of top-rated providers. visit today.
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5:51 am
i just have to do that. this music makes me happy as does what's happening tonight. today is president's day. tonight, we are treating you all to a celebration. it is a no holds bar quiz on everything presidential. the cnn quiz show president's edition. i want you to take a look at some of the strategy behind the scenes. >> i think the team that gets the most right will win. >> jake tapper he asks me the most obscure random questions.
5:52 am
>> he was trying to physically intimidate me. >> who said strategy ary. >> i say the biggest threat is don and chris. >> i have been doing this everyday 1,000 times a day. >> he asked me which president had 15 children? i said i don't know. >> i want tapper to go down. >> i'm in the middle of my show and he's sending stupid questions about presidents. >> we actually really like each other. >> is it true? is it true? i want to know all the dirt behind the scenes. >> i will reveal some secrets for you. it was barrel of monkeys, it was so much fun >> i feel bad for anderson cooper having to wrangle you. >> there was surprises and suspense and lots of drama. >> intimidation. i noticed our guy was using intimidation factor chris. >> not only chris, but so was my
5:53 am
partner, jake tapper. he realized i was the weak link and try to quiz me because i didn't know any of the answers. everyday he would grab me by the shoulders, you are studying right? you will read the books? >> you did? >> i had to because i realized i would be publicly humiliated and it was so important to jake. i thought i would go heavy on the personality. >> charm. >> quips. what did he say? you need to study. >> this is hosted by anderson cooper and all of you had a team charity you played for? >> we did homes for our troops which is a great charity because they especially design homes for severely injured vets returning from iraq and afghanistan. they are mortgage-free homes. a great charity. if we win tonight they get a chunk of change. >> do we know how much? >> i think $40,000. >> my the extra stress.
5:54 am
>> everybody had great charities. some for homeless and save the children. stakes were high. >> how badly competitive did it get? >> my gosh you get a bunch of type a people in one room together for bragging rights and charity, it was very competitive. >> i find it interesting you can get all those cnn anchors in one room because we work such different schedules. erin burnett, john berman of an early early start. you can watch alisyn chris, john anderson. you can watch it at 9:00 p.m. eastern conveniently on cnn. >> should be pretty great! meanwhile, do you have unfinished business to take care of? so did one rhode island man whose high school diploma was delayed seven decades. why and how did he get that
5:55 am
fixed? the good stuff. stick around. i bring the gift of the name your price tool to help you find a price that fits your budget. uh-oh. the name your price tool. she's not to be trusted. kill her. flo: it will save you money!
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introducing new flonase allergy relief nasal spray, now available over the counter in full prescription strength. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. the leading allergy pill only controls one, flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase the 24 hour relief that outperforms the #1 allergy pill. so go ahead , inhale life. new flonase. six is greater than one. this changes everything. ♪ i love that song. >> i do too. it's perfect for telling you of
5:59 am
a high school graduation over 70 years in the making. meet this 92-year-old, an army veteran sharing his inspiring story with students at a high school in west rhode island and he made a revelation to the students he never got his diploma because world war ii broke out when he was 17 and joined the army. the principal was so impressed he rallied his staff. guess what last week he donned a cap and gown and received an honorary diploma. the importance of the efforts summed up in his own words. >> education is something i always said everyone should get. there's no reason why they shouldn't. it's the gateway to the world. >> it is all of that. but, sir, we thank you for your service at 17 going off to serve your country and then come back and get this honor, 70
6:00 am
years later, you deserve that and so much more. >> that handsome man is in his 90s? what is he eating? wow! wow! that's incredible. time now for newsroom with carol costello. have a great day. happening in the "newsroom." egypt hits isis after the beheading of more than 20 christians. new this morning. two people arrested in denmark accused of supporting the man who opened the fire at a copenhagen cafe and synagogue. what we're learning about the gunmen and why police knew him. plus a


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