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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  February 16, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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happening in the "newsroom," egypt strikes back against isis. watching air strikes in libya after the brutal beheading of more than 20 christians. new this morning, two people arrested in denmark accused of supporting the man who opened fire on a copenhagen cafe and synagogue. what we're learning about the gunman and why police knew him.
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plus a winter blitz for boston. cars piling up on slippery roadways. >> it was total whiteout. could not see a thing. >> roads so impassible even emergency vehicles got stuck. >> it makes us feel like we're a community that's forgotten about. >> now the south is bracing for its first major snowstorm this year. could we see a snow jam repeat? let's talk live in the cnn "newsroom"." good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. let's begin with the spread of terrorism and a widening reach of the u.s. led coalition. egypt launching a wave of air strikes into libya and the isis controlled city. training camps and stockpiles are part of the threat sweeping across the region. ian lee joins us from cairo to
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tell us more. >> reporter: what we're hearing is air strikes could be the beginning. the egyptian foreign minister is on his way to the united states to push the u.n. security council for what they say is to take greater responsibility for international security. what they're asking for in libya is that the same international coalition we see in syria and we see in iraq take place in libya as well. they didn't give any further details but it seems like calling for the similar sort of air strikes that we're seeing in those countries. they also ask for political and material support from the international community as well as they carry this out. i just talked to a former egyptian general who says one thing egyptian military will need is ammunition and the means and the weapons to carry out this mission. this latest video, all of this
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is revenge for 21 egyptian christians who were beheaded. there was a video released. we have pictures of it. very gruesome video. what it does highlight is that isis in libya has expanded its presence. it has a firm presence in that country. it's exploiting the political and security vacuum that has been libya since the 2011 uprising that overthrew moammar gadhafi. an uprising backed by the international community and the west through air strikes. egyptians are asking for once again the international community, those in the west to help them fight isis in libya. carol? >> all right. ian lee reporting live from egypt this morning. let's head now to denmark with flags are flying at half-staff today as police investigate a terror attack that left two people dead and injured five others. this morning officials have charged two more people with hiding the gunman after the attack before he was killed by
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police in a late-night shootout. our senior international correspondent nic robertson has more for you. >> reporter: this morning copenhagen the latest european city traumatized by an apparent act of terrorism. >> i'm very shocked and saddened. >> reporter: new details emerge about the 22-year-old gang member who killed two civilians and injured several police officers in a frightening attack over the weekend. he recently served time in jail after being convicted of a knife attack onboard a commuter train. according to the police there were no known ties of islamist extremism and they believe he didn't travel to syria or iraq. the chilling moment the gunman opened fire saturday afternoon in the middle of a free speech debate obtained by the bbc.
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>> the turning point is but. why do we still say but when we -- >> reporter: you can hear more than 20 shots fired through the cafe windows. the suspect killing 55-year-old filmmaker and injuring three officers before escaping. cnn is unable to authenticate the recording. the assumed target was a controversial cartoonist on al qaeda's most wanted list for drawings of the prophet muhammad. >> bodyguards rushed to the scene and took me and threw me into a storage room. >> hours later the same suspect attacked a synagogue three miles south. the gunman killing 37 year old, a guard providing security for a bar mitzvah party. >> we'll do everything we can to
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protect the jewish community in our country. >> the terror filled weekend ended sunday outside of these apartments when the police killed the 22 year old in the third gun battle in less than 24 hours. so in the following hours after that police then arrested two men. they charged them today of what they say these two men by prior agreement, the prosecutors say, by prior agreement these two men helped the gunman hide out and the implications there are they had knowledge of this attack or he was going to do something violent in advance of it and then hiding him out after the first gun attack potentially whether he was involved in it. more accomplices out here and that's why police operations continue at the moment, carol. >> nic robertson reporting live for us this morning. the copenhagen attacks the latest incident to fuel fears that anti-semitism is growing throughout europe. in france where a shooting spree at a paris supermarket left four
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jews dead after "charlie hebdo" attacks, there are concerns that jewish headstones were found desecrate desecrated. it's leading benjamin netanyahu to call for mass immigration of european jews back to israel. the prime minister of denmark is urging them to stay. >> i want to make very clear that the jewish community has been in this country for centuries. they belong in denmark. they're part of the danish community and we wouldn't be the same without the jewish community. >> joining me now from brussels the director of the transatlantic institute which seeks to foster relationships between the united states european union and israel. welcome, sir. can you hear me? >> thank you very much for having me on the show. >> thank you for being here. >> do you think that benjamin
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netanyahu is right? should jews leave the country and go to israel? >> look at the end of the day, this decision will be decided by effect on the ground which will lead to personal decisions. will it be safe enough for jews to live here and every jewish family will have to make the decision themselves and no statements by the israeli prime minister or danish prime minister or as much as i welcome her statements will in the end be effective. the question is will it be safe to be a jew in europe. >> i spoke to a rabbi at the synagogue that came under attack and says he'll put in bulletproof doors and other added security measures. is it that unsafe there for jews? >> look since 2012 13 jews have been murdered by islamist terrorists and to lose three
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jewish children and a parent last year in brussels paris attacks, yesterday copenhagen it is indeed that dangerous and this is not just a personal assessment. this is the assessment of the security services in europe. put yourself in the shoes of a jewish parent walking the children to a school that has to be guarded by policemen and now these days in belgium, france by soldiers. this is not because of paranoia. this is because what belgian, french and other security services think is necessary. >> what should the government do? >> look at the very least what we need here at the eu level is a really high level conference on the problem of anti-semitism. we need to take on radicalization islamic radicalization in a much more
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coherent and profound way and cut off funding that comes in from saudi arabia qatar and other countries to brainwash the minds of young muslims in europe. we need to also speak openly about the problem. too much we still are too politically correct to really name the problem, which is on one hand radical islam but on the other hand widespread anti-semitism among muslim community but also within the population at large. these are just some of the steps that we need to take urgently. >> all right. thank you so much for joining me this morning. i appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom," a slick layer of ice covering parts of the south. conditions worsening as we speak. live report from nashville next.
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♪♪ parts of the south are facing a wintry mix. louisville is getting a coating of snow and ice. officials are warned to stay off the roads. conditions like this are nothing new for the northeast. in boston roofs are collapsing under the record snow as the city hits the snowiest month
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ever. crazy there in boston. we go to nashville covering the southern freeze and ryan young is in boston covering that -- i don't know what you call it. it's ea balmy 23 from boston. >> reporter: states in the southeast getting hammered by the severe weather. we'll start in louisville kentucky where there was deicing. so much snow there and heavy weather conditions but here the rain has been relentless. freezing rain in nashville, tennessee. a city that you don't really get used to hear about in the severe weather forecast. a quarter inch of ice so far on the roads according to officials. if you just pan down here you can see what this freezing rain has started to accumulate. it's just hard as a rock. we're here on broadway which is the main thoroughfare in nashville and you see behind me the streets are relatively
7:16 am
empty. we have seen a handful of cars and a little bit of traffic this morning. the crews have done their best to try to clear the roads and they spent all weekend salting and brining these streets preparing for the three to six inches of snow predicted over the next 24 hours. with he haven't-- we haven't seen that yet. not as cold as boston for ryan young but people here feeling it. >> i think i can hear people laughing from boston right now. it's dangerous. you should stay off the roads. poor boston. let's head there now and check in with ryan. it's just unbelievable. >> reporter: unbelievable is the right word. 29 degrees. i'll trade him easily any day of the week. people here are really feeling the cold. it's no joke. i talked to friends who have been digging out for days. they hit 58.5 inches so far in
7:17 am
this area in terms of snowfall. the shovels like you see in front of me they are in heavy use right now. now, this digging out effort has had people all across this area involved in a massive operation of trying to make sure even emergency vehicles can get around. we actually saw some efforts to make sure the emergency vehicles don't get stuck. you have to give the work crews in this area a lot of credit for trying to keep things moving in this city. don't forget roof collapses were also an issue. in fact there's been several of them overnight. we talked about the idea that they would have crews knocking out -- professional crews knocking the snow off the roofs here and in fact one mayor closed schools to make sure all of the kids were safe. the sun is coming out. it used to be negative 25. we now moved up to negative 14 windchill. if you look up here you'll see some melting but negative 14 feels great. i have to say it's a warm front moving through. you have to think about the impact to a city like this. over $30 million so far has been
7:18 am
spent trying to clean this city up. i can tell you, where do you put the snow? who knows. that's something that we're dealing with for quite some time. >> i don't think that snow would melt until august. i wouldn't be surprised. it's just crazy. ryan young, thanks to you. still to come in the "newsroom," digital thieves find a way to steal upwards of a billion dollars from banks around the world and you won't believe how they're doing it. thank you for being a sailor, and my daddy. thank you mom, for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are thankful for many things. the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. our world-class service earned usaa the top spot in a study of the most recommended large companies in america.
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sounds unreal. kind of appealing in a way. atms rigged to spew out cash. one of the largest bank heists ever. hackers found a way to steal up to $1 billion, a billion with a b. how did they figure out how to do this? >> it's so unreal. we hear about hacks all the time. this one feels unprecedented. just the scope. 100 financial institutions in 30 different countries. hackers from russia. hackers from china. a lot of eastern european countries. also the way they did it. very basic. someone at a bank got an e-mail. had an attachment. they thought it was legit. clicked on it. they just sat around. hackers sat and watched and learned and recorded all different types of banking
7:23 am
credentials and then attacked. each attack took two to four months. let's say you had $1,000 in your bank account. they would make it so you had $10,000 in your bank account and transfer 9,000 into their own private account. what you mentioned is the whole idea of hacking atms from afar which is what they did. i had the opportunity to speak with someone who helped uncover the hack. i asked them specifically about hacking atms. listen to what he said. when we look at the report, one of the most fascinateing parts is atms spewing money. hackers controlling atms from afar. how do they do that? >> we refer to them as money mules. these are members of the organized crime ring doing this whose job it was to go pick up money and then deliver it at a specified location. we saw instances where the criminal didn't -- the money mule didn't even touch the atm machine. walked up.
7:24 am
money came out and they walked away. >> reporter: it's unbelievable. he compared it to "oceans 11" because so many different people were doing different things at different levels. you talk about the money mule and good security hygiene would have prevented this. >> good security hygiene? >> he calls it good security hygiene. whatever you call it i hope all banks start doing it. an updated microsoft software and hackers exploited microsoft. >> that's just wrong. >> all of the way to the money mules getting cash. uts unbelievable. still to come isis gains ground and another country strikes back. we'll look at the spreading tentacles of the terror group.
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urinary tract infections changes in urination and runny nose. ♪do the walk of life♪ ♪yeah, you do the walk of life♪ need to lower your blood sugar? ask your doctor about farxiga and visit our website to learn how you may be able to get every month free. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. in denmark, police charged two men with helping to hide the gunman after the weekend attacks on a cafe and synagogue. the country's flags are flying at half-staff for two people killed and five others wounded. the danish prime minister urged unity as they explore islam as a possible motive. >> this is not a conflict between islam and the west.
7:29 am
this is not a conflict between muslims and nonmuslims. this is a conflict between the core values of our society and violent extremists. collectively and united we will remain. as one lights in the dark we are once again seen and felt that we're not alone in this struggle. >> also new this morning, egypt launches a wave of air strikes into inlibya. also in western iraq one tribal leader says isis fighters are gaining ground and groups are in danger of collapse. tell us more phil. >> reporter: carol, good
7:30 am
morning. the fight against isis in anbar province hasn't been going well for some time. iraqi army with help of local sunni tribes have been struggling to slow down isis. they've not made much progress. now a sunni tribal leader from that region has told cnn that things are really desperate to the point where if the sunni tribes were to withdraw the support, he believes the iraqi military would collapse quickly. they are fighting for survival but it's a damning assessment. tribal leader believes the only way to change things is greater international support from the air and on the ground with weapons and perhaps even u.s. troops. now, the iraqi government doesn't want to see u.s. troops on the ground but it does want greater assistance in every sense. airpower weapons, intelligence, greater coordination getting it to where it's needed faster is what the iraqi prime minister says. we've seen something of a response from the international coalition.
7:31 am
in the last 24 hours, around half of the reported successful air strikes carried out by coalition aircraft have been in the region of anbar. carol? >> phil black reporting live from erbil this morning. thanks so much. let's talk -- where are we going, producers? i'm not clear. let's bring in bob right now. a former cia operative and cnn's intelligence and security analyst. welcome, bob. sorry about that. i just wasn't sure where we were going. i'm glad you're here to provide insight. you heard what phil black said. what do you think? >> phil's right. the tribal groups that are fighting on the side of baghdad are more or less discredited in anbar province. the main tribal groups are standing this fight out with the united states not reaching out to them. they're not talking to them. the only people that are doing any real fighting are the shia
7:32 am
militias backed by iran. sunnis call them death squads. you're not really seeing a consensus in the sunni areas of iraq against isis. the policy is going to have to change. that's not a surprise to me that isis is gaining ground there. as for egypt, the egyptians are really facing a threat in libya. they can't even fly their helicopters close to the border because isis has surface to air missiles. this bombardment is just the beginning of something. we in the united states have got to get serious about libya because it is a threat to europe. it's an easy boat ride to italy. this is all pretty much a mess. the whole thing. i can't tell you where it's going right now. >> so these air strikes, let's talk about the air strikes that egypt has conducted. they conducted two rounds just within the last several hours. the reason they're doing this of course is because isis killed 22 egyptian christians.
7:33 am
the most gruesome way as you might imagine and we're not going to show video or still pictures from that video because i just don't think it's necessary. so i guess my question is in light of what you just said about egypt's military hardware do you think that these air strikes were remotely effective? >> no. not at all. this is reactive. they hit around derna. that's an isis base there. these people have forces dispersed. you can do some damage. you know libya -- it's not even a failed state. it's just complete chaos there. you know will egypt invade and occupy libya? it becomes bad enough they will. i think the united states has got to step up and find an armed force there to back up the egyptians. this is no longer about democracy, rule of law, it's an out and out war there which we have to show more leadership.
7:34 am
>> so we often talk about mission creep and now you're talking about maybe the united states conducting air strikes over libya and yemen and syria and iraq. when does it end? where does it end? >> carol, you know exactly. it scares me. oddly enough i read local press obituaries and you see a lot of gulf arabs are going into iraq and yemen to fight with islamic state with al qaeda. if this spreads to the gulf we're in trouble. and that's what we should look about is the speed of this disease and come together with a plan. like a manhattan plan how to stop it. i don't know myself. we got to bring some good minds to it. >> all right. bob, thanks for your insight. i appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom," the country of denmark reeling after a homegrown terror attack and now intelligence officials are trying to determine if the shooter had any ties to the united states. we'll talk about that next.
7:35 am
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checking top stories at 38 minutes past the hour. ukrainian official says five of his security forces have been killed despite a cease-fire that was signed just two days ago. an official said that more than 100 violations of the cease-fire have already taken place as pro-russian separatists say ukrainians are also to blame. the pact was supposed to bring ten months of fighting to an end. the council on american islamic relations will urge americans to reject islamaphobia today after three muslim students were killed in chapel hill north carolina. authorities have yet to announce a motive but investigators say they have not yet found any signs of a hate crime. in a move that could impact millions of workers, the white house is expected to move ahead
7:39 am
with the plan that would allow full-time workers who don't qualify for overtime to get it. as of now companies can avoid paying overtime to these workers by classifying them as exempt and paying them as salaried employees instead of hourly. the labor department could change how exempt duties are classified. the nation of denmark was gripped by fear this weekend as an apparent copycat terrorists mimicked attacks on "charlie hebdo" offices. it has led many people to wonder if the united states could be at risk too. cnn's pentagon correspondent barbara starr has more from the pentagon. good morning. >> good morning, carol. here we are again talking about this. i have to tell you that u.s. officials so far say this may be one of those copycat, one of those so-called lone wolf attacks that we've talked about so often in the past. that's kind of a preliminary assessment from u.s. law
7:40 am
enforcement and intelligence officials who say for now they don't see any direct connection between this attack in denmark and the u.s. they don't see any nexus. they don't even think the gunman had a record of traveling to syria or iraq or training with extremists. a person who was known to denmark officials, he had troubles there with law enforcement and now he's been killed. two other people killed. five police officers killed in denmark after a series of these shootouts. two men also arrested. young men, for aiding the alleged gunman and they are being charged as well with murder and attempted murder. so again, another case perhaps, just perhaps at this point, that is being classified as lone wolf attack. certainly danish authorities continue to investigate and u.s. officials also offering any aid, any assistance they can to
7:41 am
danish authorities and looking at this situation very closely to see what they can learn and if there is indeed more to find out about what happened here and the motive of the gunman. carol? >> barbara starr reporting live from the pentagon. thanks so much. this just into cnn from libya. egyptian state media says that country's air force launched a second round of air strikes. the action coming after video from isis shows the beheadings of egyptian christians targeting the city of derna in eastern libya. ian lee is in egypt this morning and joins us live from cairo with more. hi ian. >> reporter: good morning, carol. what we're hearing from the egyptian military now is they're saying they can neither confirm nor deny that they carried out these attacks in libya, second wave of attacks. they were quick to announce they attacked early this morning, the first wave of attacks. they released video showing
7:42 am
f-16s taking off into the night sky to attack derna, that's one of the isis strongholds in libya. they targeted training facilities and a weapons depot. derna is close to europe and close to egypt. about 200 miles both ways. this is a city that is much concern for egypt. we know egyptian foreign minister is on his way to the united states and he's going to ask the u.n. security council to "take responsibility for international security." what the egyptians are asking for is the same sort of international coalition that we see in iraq and syria. also operating in libya. egyptian officials are also asking for political and material support from the international community. and this is a growing threat to egypt. isis in this latest video is making a statement that they are firmly established in libya and that they are expanding their
7:43 am
territorial gains taking advantage of that security and political vacuum that has occurred since the 2011 uprising. egyptian officials very worried about having isis now on their western border as they are fighting them in sanaa right now. the startleing price tag of snow removal next. ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good around ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ [ female announcer ] fiber one. major: here's our new trainer ensure active heart health. heart: i maximize good stuff like my potassium and phytosterols which may help lower cholesterol. new ensure active heart health supports your heart and body so you stay active and strong. ensure, take life in.
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>> just checking out the temperature here in new york city. we're up to 9 degrees and it says that it's sunny, which i'm sure is making a huge difference out there. >> reporter: i'll take it. whatever i can. the sun is my only saving grace right now. carol, you have got to see this. we've got mother nature actually providing just a spectacular display today. this is an iconic fountain in manhattan and this fountain is frozen in time at the moment. unfortunately all this beauty is providing a lot of pain for this granite structure because every little water drop that comes out of this is freezing and it's
7:48 am
adding weight pound upon pound and it's actually compromising the structural ability of this fountain. they'll start chipping away at it. and this fountain usually freezes once or twice during the winter. it's just that the temperatures usually fluctuate allowing for icicles to melt on their own but this cold snap has been so prolonged that it hasn't had an opportunity to melt. we see a spectacular display behind us. this has to be one of the most awesome live shots i've gotten to do because of the sight behind me and i hope our viewers are enjoying it as much as i am because this thing is going to be chipped away very soon here and it's going to look different in about 24 hours because another two to four inches of snow is headed our way in the big apple and boston. mother nature just reminding us who is in charge i guess. >> she definitely is.
7:49 am
thanks so much. the bill to remove snow is piling up faster than record breaking flakes. snow farms are maxed out along with government budgets. millions of dollars down the drain as city after city shutdown transportation for days. let's talk about what this storm is costing governments across theland. >> boston mayor just said in his press conference this morning they have blown through their budget and then some. $37 million in snow removal. they budgeted 18 million. you can see they'll run a deficit on that and in new york city the price there is about $1.8 million for every inch of snow. if you're going to have another couple of inches of snow that's going to be more millions for taxpayers. the cost overall -- this is an estimate for this year. maybe 1 to $2 billion. that's so far. look at last year. 15 billion. this year storms are concentrated in new england, in
7:50 am
boston in particular. last year remember they were spread out all over the midwest and all over the place so economic impact is a lot bigger last year. this year less impact and more concentrated in boston. if you are a tree trimmer, you are getting a lot of business. snowplow driver you are doing overtime. >> i know a guy that owns a snowplowing company, he earned $400,000 in one month. >> someone has to pay that. that's how that works. you look at lost revenue for some people and some companies and lost wages for workers in boston who may not have protections -- they don't get paid days off so those are people who really lose. >> christine romans thank you. i appreciate it. let's check top stories at 50 minutes past the hour. madison, alabama, police officer charged with assault for this takedown caught on police dash cam. it led a 57-year-old grandfather partially paralyzed.
7:51 am
investigators say police responded after reports of a suspicious person in a north alabama neighborhood. the man who speaks little english just recently arrived in the united states to visit his family. now they're suing. the faa has taken a big step forward in helping to clear the way for thousands of businesses to operate drones. under new proposed rules, it will be easier for those who pass a proficiency test. operators would have to keep all drones within eyesight. this is the cindy crawford we're used to seeing. a flawless supermodel. i think she looks just as beautiful. untouched image from a photo shoot in 2013 but caused a debate over what real women look
7:52 am
like. the photo was leaked after crawford appeared on a magazine in latin america. they said the photo where she looks beautiful and flawless in the photo although it was never published at the time. we'll talk more about this later on on cnn. still to come who will reign supreme in the battle of cnn anchors. a preview of our quiz show just ahead. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you wouldn't ignore signs of damage in your home. are you sure you're not ignoring them in your body? even if you're treating your crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis an occasional flare may be a sign of damaging inflammation. and if you ignore the signs, the more debilitating your symptoms could become. learn more about the role damaging inflammation may be playing in your symptoms with the expert advice tool at
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7:56 am
six cnn anchors testing their knowledge about our 44 presidents. here's a behind the scenes look at the cnn quiz show presidents edition. >> it's rare that we're all together in one place so it's an interesting dynamic. jake tapper takes this game very seriously. >> martin van buren. >> erin burnett, you guys are going down. >> dead weight is how i would describe it. dead weight jake. >> anything can happen. >> there's don and the testosterone overload.
7:57 am
>> look out for cuomo. that fancy boy from the governor's mansion. >> nice to see anchors sweat. >> the premise of the question is -- there is no competition. >> i know anderson is right. it's weird to see all of those anchors in one place. so much ego in one room. how did the room not explode? >> not only ego, type a competitors. it got serious in there. >> you were teamed up with jake tapper. >> i was teamed up with jake tapper who is a task master by the way. i kept saying jake it will be funny. we'll be humiliated. he said you are study, are you not? alison? he would send me e-mails saying which president had the most children. quizzing me beforehand like a pop quiz because he would say i hope you're books. you'll take this seriously. okay. i'll read a book on it.
7:58 am
>> are you still talking to him? i thanked him. i would have been even more humiliated had he not forced me to study a little bit. >> so let's back up and tell us more about the show itself. >> it's going to be high stakes competition. that's what you'll see tonight. >> what do you win? >> you win money for your favorite charities. jake and i are playing for homes for our troops. they make specially designed homes for severely injured vets from afghanistan and iraq. there is a lot of money and bragging rights against the other anchors. >> i'll test your knowledge because you said you were studying. >> i expunged it all from my brain. >> no you have not. >> during the civil war lincoln personally introduced the use of what? >> machine guns. >> see, i know you studied.
7:59 am
you're right. ding ding ding. >> they used that question. i never would have known it otherwise. do you want me to test you? >> not really but you can. >> in 1993 which poem was read at president clinton's inauguration? >> a, b, c, or d? "on the pulse of morning." >> i always lose "jeopardy!" competition with my husband, too. >> this is how the whole show is tonight. you'll have to tune in. the questions are so tough that it's impossible to know the answers i thought. >> i can't wait to watch it. it looked like you guys had so much fun. and people will learn something because i love presidential trivia. i say that because you're here.
8:00 am
>> i think you'll like it. >> you can watch it tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. another hour of "newsroom" straight ahead. beheadings of 21 egyptian christians. serenity shattered. new details on the weekend shooting rampage in denmark's capital warning the gunman may have had helped. >> atm machines rigged to shoot out cash at random. hackers lifted a billion dollars from banks in one of the biggest


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