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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  February 17, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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new york. i'm brooke baldwin. we'll send it a little early here to jake tapper. "the lead" starts right now. the secret u.s. kill list of isis terrorists. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the world lead. a state department spokesman says the u.s. cannot kill its way out of the war with isis but the u.s. has a classified list of isis commanders at the top of the terrorist food chain marked for death. plus their acts of terror paralyzed paris and killed 17 people. now new details on how the terrorists/gunmen coordinated the charlie hebdo slaughter and supermarket slaughter over texts. and the national lead. boston running out of places to pile the snow. but the messy monsoon of weather has killed six people. with folks sitting in the dark, emergency crews are scrambling to prevent the next potential casualties.
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good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we begin with the world lead. the u.s. names the isis commanders it wants dead or alive. cnn now reporting the u.s. government has a secret list of the isis leaders green list kill or capture missions. number one on the deadly agenda the leader of isis. government sources say this came from months of intelligence work, this list and it's just the latest part of the u.s. effort to annihilate the terrorist group. i want to go to barbara starr live at the pentagon. how did u.s. intelligence officials build this list and will it reshape the coalition air campaign in any way? p . >> well, let's get to the air campaign question first. you talk about it as a capture or kill list but let's be clear. the u.s. isn't capturing anybody. the u.s. doesn't have troops on the ground. so fundamentally this is a kill list. this list has been in the works,
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soming that top officials have been aware of for months. but now we're learning more detail bz it. al baghdadi, the leader of isis number one on the list. it's about two dozen people. you'll recall the pentagon the military has talked about killing some of the top leaders already. that's about a dozen or so people. but what they're doing is continuing to gather intelligence, add people to the list as other people come off the list from being killed in confirmed air strikes. one of the key things about this list, we are told is they're not just focusing on who we think they might want to get, people like jihadi john the british accented executioner who's been seen in so many of these violent beheadings videos. yep, they want him. but the list focuses fundamentally on the top leadership, the ones who if they could be killed might fundamentally degrade isis'
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operational capability. now however another complication, as we've all reported and we've seen over the last several weeks. isis expanding to areas like egypt yemen afghanistan, pakistan. what about the isis leadership in those countries? right now the u.s. doesn't plan to expand its anti-isis war to these other countries but we're going to keep watch very carefully because, again, they want to come back to the central question. who is out there that if they could target them, if they could kill that person fundamentally would make isis a less strong organization? jake? >> barbara starr, at the so much. overnight, u.s. and coalition sources struck isis targets in syria and iraq 14 more times the pentagon says. but in the past few days the war has jumped borders to a new front, egypt sent its pilots to
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bomb isis after videos of christian egyptians were beheaded on a beach. there is no other choice, unquote, when it comes to battling isis. let's go to ian lee in alminya, egypt. could we see egyptian troops on the ground in libya? >> reporter: well jake right now egypt seems to be content with an air war striking isis targets in the country, but i did speak to a retired general, and i asked him what would be the conditions where we could potentially see egyptian troops on the ground? he said if isis continues to expand and pushes up against the border with egypt right now, they don't control the area along the egyptian border. they have had militants going toward there. but we haven't seen any cross-border attacks.
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he says that would be the trigger that we could see egyptian troops at least creating a buffer zone in libya to protect the egyptian country, the egyptian mainland. >> ian, there were reports about more isis kidnappings in egypt. any new information about how many people might be in terrorists' hands, how many egyptians? >> reporter: well the exact number is unknown, but there are estimates that there could be as low as four to dozens of people who have been kidnapped. we do know that there are still people in isis' hands, and this is going to be very dangerous because of egypt's bombings of the country, of isis. before we saw them killing and beheading krigs beheading christians. but now they could take muslim egyptians. egypt has hundreds of thousands of people in libya, many of them laborers, working jobs there.
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egypt urges them to leave, but it will be difficult to evacuate all of those people. >> ian lee thank you so much. while more countries rallying around the gold of destroying the terrorists of isis, when it comes to paying ransom to the terrorist groups for the hostages they hold there are visible fractures in the coalition. jim sciutto has some new reporting on this rift. jim, what can you tell us? >> jake this is a real disagreement among the closest western allies. i spoke to a british diplomat who described frainks discussions between the uk who like the u.s. forbids ransom and some who pay. they fuel a $40 million business as they do for isis alone. isis has asked the family of kayla mueller and other hostages for millions of dollars in cash. u.s. and its allies unite ndy siesy sies united in the air campaign but divided on whether to pay the ransoms. british and american officials
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tell cnn they have strong disagreements with close allies on ransoms. the u.s. and uk both consider paying ransoms a form of terror financing. a position that the uk makes, quote frankly a senior british diplomat tells cnn to allies who do pay. on the other side, friendly nations such as france italy and turkey all have been accused of paying large ransoms to al qaeda isis and other groups something one former hostage negotiator says may not be the worst idea. >> if you put a small amount of money in their hands, then you get the opportunity to find out all about how they spend money and who they're doing business with. money is actually remarkably easy to trace. >> reporter: but a state department spokesman tells cnn kidnapping for ransom is financing a wide array of terrorist groups including isil and al qaeda and its various affiliate affiliates, a point the president also emphasized though
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he acknowledged the difficulty of telling the victims' families. >> it's as tough as anything i do having conversations with parents who understandably want by any means necessary for their children to be safe. and we will do everything we can short of providing an incentive. >> reporter: to date, it's estimated isis alone has earned more than $40 million from ransoms and the going price for a single hostage has risen above $6 million per person the mother of slain hostage james foley said when the foleys raised the idea of paying ransom for their son, u.s. officials emphatically warned them away. >> we were told we could not raise ransom that it woz illegal we might be prosecuted. >> countries who pay say they have an equal legal obligation to protect the lives of their citizens, another pressure point i'm told by the senior british
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diplomat that the time line on negotiations is collapsing. jake, hostages now sometimes killed within 24 hours of initial demand being made, far difference from the 1980s when hostages held for years. there might not be time to negotiate. but the real issue here is the disagreement among allies as to whether paying makes the problem worse. uk and u.s. in lockstep saying they believe it does tv. >> an excruciateingeing dilemma. new details on the paris attacks and the connection between the three terrorists. a french newspaper is being told that the three communicated just an hour before the paris attacks began. plus, the plot was nearly called off in the final hours. all the details they have learned from the terrorists' cell phones coming up next.
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we come back. breaking news today on the investigation into the terrorist attacks in france. we have already suspected that the charlie hebdo corresponded with the man who attacked a kosher supermarket. now proof. text messages and a face-to-face meeting on the eve of the attack. cnn's deborah feyerick has been working her sources on this. what's the latest? >> we know the two men were friends and involved in an earlier plot together. we also know they were inspired by the same hardcore al qaeda mentor. now we now through the texts there was direct physical links to these men. it creates a time line of of the attacks and suggested the friends intended to coordinate the attacks both on the magazine
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and the jewish market. investigators saying cherif kouachi sent a text to coulibali an hour before the brothers entered the magazine and started that massacre on january 7th. the text was sent by kouachi to one of 13 phones belonging to his friend cueoulibali a day later shot a policewoman and went on to the jewish market killing several people as well as taking hostages. before any of that we're now being told through the text messages that the two friends met sometime between midnight and 1:00 a.m. the attack was discussed at that time and there was consideration according to are investigators that the attack be delayed because the elder kouachi brother said had some sort of stomach flu. the men decided to go ahead with the attacks anyway and of course everyone knows the outcome there. it shows that even though the kouachi brothers were acting on behalf of al qaeda in the
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arabian peninsula, coulibali was acting on behalf of isis. it looks like the friends decided to coordinate the attacks but we have no evidence that the two terror organizations even though they share an ideology were coordinating at that level. >> and the larger significance of this i suppose for law enforcement is that these homegrown terrorists don't have to be getting commands or orders from the al qaeda in the arabian peninsula or isis to coordinate attacks in a way. we haven't seen this before. >> it also shows an interesting cross-pol niceation between the two groups. even though al qaeda in the arabian peninsula financed the kouachi brothers they seem to have turned around, discussed it with coulibali and he decided to do a similar attack but instead on his own in the name of isis. during the attack he was trying to download some of the video that he had shot to get it out to other sources. we know that the kouachi brothers were in touch with authorities during the attack itself. very interesting use of cell
1:17 pm
phones and communication. but it really shows that the terror organizations, they willdon't need a hierarchy as you suggest. >> chilling information. deb, thank you so much. there are also new developments in the investigation into the deadly terrorist attacks in denmark over the weekend. today we're learning that the gunman who swore his allegiance to isis on what is apparently his facebook page he grew up in a hardcore gang culture but then turned to radicalism after he was kicked out of the gajng for being too erratic. pamela brown is live in copenhagen. you just spoke with an i imam who worked at the suspect's prison. >> reporter: he said he noticed isis has influenced inmates there. the inmates here watch a lot of television and are influenced by
1:18 pm
isis and would often go to him and ask him questions about isis. it's interesting in light of the fact we know the suspect in this case pledged his allegiance to isis just before the shooting here a few days ago. cope the koeppen hager shooter used an automatic weapon in his attack. >> it takes quite a lot of effort to fire 25 30 rounds in a row against a target. in order to kill people. so he used -- my impression he was very calm. >> reporter: danish officials zs it's not believed that he trained with terror groups but it appears he swore allegiance to al bag daudy on the shooter's facebook page after killing a filmmaker and wounding three officers a ever prosecutor said
1:19 pm
two of his associates provided him a place to hide a new shirt and another weapon before continuing his attacks at sh jewish synagogue. the two men have been charged. it's believed al hussein was radicalized while siv radicalized serving time in this prison. in a psychological profile, he describes himself as a positive, open, and social person who was calm of temperament. the report found no suspicion of mental illness. he was released from prison two weeks ago according to officials. >> he was more of a gang member than he was a violent extremist. they did not keep track of him after he was released. >> reporter: investigators are looking to see if he may have been inspired by the terrorists in paris who left 15 dead. recently we were told copycat attacks are a major concern for u.s. officials as well. >> they want to conduct an
1:20 pm
attack just to make the news like the folks they saw on tv. they may be at one level of intent, but community events or world events at least through their eyes spurs them on to mobilize to conduct an attack. >> reporter: and we know that right now u.s. authorities are working with danish authorities scouring the social media web sites of the suspect, his telephone records, trying to find out if he had any connection with americans. we're told at this point there's no nexus to the u.s. but also jake, authorities in the u.s. want to learn from this and try to glean information so they can prevernlt ant a similar attack in the homeland. >> thank you so much pamela brown. when we come back how do you battle a terrorist group that is so skilled at propaganda? the obama administration has admitted it's been a struggle but they now say that they believe they can by targeting certain communities in the u.s. with information. that new plan, next. plus nashville hit with its
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we're dwoing to continue in our world lead,ment battle to defeat and destroy isis and the battle again the west. president obama insisting the coalition's military campaign is going well and saying isis will lose. but there is another war that the add minute traigs isministration is losing, and that is the heart and minds of would be be jihadis mainly in cyberspace. the isis propaganda machine producing up to 90,000 tweets a day not to mention those sickening videos and a call to fight a holy war that, however twisted, is bringing in thousands of recruits from the west. cnn's jim acosta is live at the white house where the administration is trying to counter all of that with a summit on violence extremism today. >> reporter: that's right, jake. and the white house countering violent extremism summit is just getting under way. there's already controversy. critics are pouncing on the
1:26 pm
summit's name and wondering where the references to radical islam. with the isis cancer spreading quickly to denmark where gunman's rampage was inspired by the islamic state and to libya where christians were beheaded -- >> we need answers that go beyond a military answer. we need answers that go beyond force. >> reporter: vice president joe biden opened up this week's summit on countering xrie lent extremism talking about u.s. city leaders about the root causes of radicalism with air strikes carried out on isis, the summit's goals are aimed at the home front, identifying vulnerable communities, brainstorming ways to counter extremist messages and sharing the techniques globally. while it's not singling out isis, the obama administration is ramping up efforts to combat the group on social media,
1:27 pm
adding staffers for communication. a u.s. propaganda outfit spreading the campaign think again, turn away on facebook and twitter. and on youtube, videos boasting about the u.s. coalition. president obama told cnn he wants to win miz lum hearts and minds. >> it's important for us to align ourselves with the 99.9% of muslims looking for the same thing we're looking for, order, peace prosperity and so i don't quibble with labels. >> reporter: but texas republican senator ted cruz complains the name of the summit doesn't even mention the word "islam." >> the words "radical islamic terrorism" do not come out of the president's mouth. the word "jihad" does not come out of the president's mouth. and that is dangerous.
1:28 pm
>> reporter: attorney general eric holder says critics are missing the point. >> we're having this conversation about words as opposed to what our actions ought to be? this is a difficult problem. >> reporter: just before this summit kicked off senior administration officials were asked why they avoid the term "islamic extremism." one official said we'll call them terrorists. you call them what you acosta thanks. let's talk more about the fight against islamic radicals or terrorists or whatever you want to call them. cnn national security commentatorcommentate or mike rodgers join uz us along with a special representative to muslim communities for the u.s. state department. both of you thanks for joining me. congressman is this really something that can be combatted with an information campaign? it seems to me that if you want to cut off the head of an innocent aid worker or journalist in the name of any god, there's only so much a
1:29 pm
public service announcement from beyonce can do to stop you. >> that's certainly right jake. in this case i think we can effective live put together a counter propaganda campaign but we should do it under the guises. just like we did in world war ii and vietnam and other places. but it needs to be more aggressive and more pointed to the people they're trying to recruit recruit. remember, they're seducing kids. younger kids. to take this step to violent jihad. what is that process? there are ways you can on that continuum from just a worshipper to a jihadist, there's a continuum that you can disrupt along the way. but it has to be on a two-front war. that's where i think the president is missing. you have to have a propaganda campaign focused, also engagement militarily to make sure that the organizations that are doing the recruiting don't look and appear like they're winning and are able to i think attract the kind of fighters that they are. >> fara help us understand why
1:30 pm
are so many thousands of young muslims from the west, not to mention from the middle east joining isis in iraq and syria? what is the appeal? >> you know, this idea of the narrative of an "us" and "them" extremists have been using over the past many years manifests itself in a lot of ways. what's very specific about isis is they have been able to do a great job obviously in the online space of making the appeal real for the myillennialmillennials boys and girls. it doesn't mean they're going to win. it's not as though think have tools we haven't heard of or tactics we can't outdo. what has been missing along the way is the scale-up and the creativity of how to get into that space so we are beating them at their own game and moving forward to do exactly what we have to do which is to stop the seduction of young muslim kids both in the west and
1:31 pm
around the world. >> i want you to both take a listen to this from state department spoeshgkesman on "hardball" last night. >> we cannot win this war by killing ging them chblt we need in. we need to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups. >> now, she went on to talk about lack of economic opportunity. is that the problem, farah? or is it something else? because as the british and others argue, the brynnitish government, a lot of the people who do this are not poor. the london bombers were not poor. mohammed atau came from an affluent family. >> we get into a lot of problems when we say theory are the thing that's are going to make things go bad. you have to be uneducated be poor, come from a broken home. you must be of this ethnicity or be male. we've proven all of those things
1:32 pm
wrong. what we have to do is we have to understand as i said it's the demographic. what's happened to my legalians. it's like a petrie dish. you can have the same thing in the petrie dish. depending on the light, sun and water, some things grow some don't. we need to be diligent understand that that's the case and we need to go back to the loel local level and understand that in order to stop the appeal and stop a young person from moving along that conveyer belt the community must be activated and their ideas need to be scaled up. >> congressman, there's a new story in "the atlantic" that compares followers of isis to those of cults led by the likes of david koresh or jim jones. if that's the case doesn't this really limit the ways this problem can be solved? or if it can be solved at all? >> there are probably elements of that, but what we have seen for years, decades really in the united states is this sense of empowerment. we saw this with street gangs. they took good kids from decent
1:33 pm
neighborhoods and were able to draw them into something that allowed them to feel empowered. it's more to me like that than what you would describe as a cult. so there's a way to disrupt that and plenty of ways to do it. remember zau wa hirry the head of al qaeda is a surgeon. you have very educated people very poor people joining together in this move, now you have to discard what i think are the easy talking points and get at what will motivate someone to go from their life that may be normal and decent and take the step and go into either criminal or terrorist behavior in this case. i think we have lots and lots of information here to move on but, again, the first thing you have to do is show that these folks are not winning overseas. that is one of the first and foremost thing that's draw these new recruits into this fight. >> former congressman mike rogers and farah, thank you for injure insight.
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what cease-fire? the violence raging in ukraine and the report of prisoners of war taken by the pro-russian separatists, neither side apparently willing to back down at all. nick paton walsh is on the front lines. he's next. financial noise financial noise across america people, like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins, are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time.
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owe owe." it's not that the cease-fire in ukraine is falling apart. it's that it really hadn't been respected to begin with. that deafening blast from shelling that hit a pipeline near a crucial city in serious danger danger to falling to pro-russian separatists. this comes just three days into the deal to end the karn r carnage in eastern ukraine, a deal that russian president vladimir putin was supposed to be enforcing. the u.s. government blaming russia and putin for violating the cease-fire but impartial observers on the ground say there seem to be plenty of
1:39 pm
ukrainian soldiers eager to bombard the russians as well. those caught in the middle it really doesn't much matter. nick paton walsh is live in ukraine. nick, ukraine's forces struggling to hold their ground there. >> reporter: absolutely. and i think it's remarkable that we can be talking about who holds what when we're supposed to be in the middle of a cease-fire. we started the day with the separatists claiming they hold 80% of that city. that was denied by the ukraine yanls yaens. we're hearing the ukrainians say they have controlled parts. they also accept that some of their troops are captured by the separatists. we've been saying for days that they're actually encircled. the question you have to ask yourself is, who does it belong to. under the minsk accord ss --
1:40 pm
listen to vladimir putin who effectively says the ukrainian troops should surrender. here's what he said. >> translator: i expect that the officials in charge in the ukrainian leadership would not prevent the ukrainian troops and servicemen to lay down arms. if they cannot -- if those leaders cannot make such orders by themselves. and i hope they would not persecute people who want to lay down arms and save lives. >> reporter: here behind me in donetsk hearing the impact of something incoming, it's clear the cease-fire doesn't exist on paper anymore vladimir putin is
1:41 pm
negotiating a highly separate point, that is what happens to the hundreds or thousands of ukrainian troops without resupply, without ammunition caught in a town that has been encircled for a very long time now. what happens to them? that's going to be what may provoke a very angry response from ukraine's military, meager as it can be at times. the question you have to ask yourself now jake are we seeing the terms of the minsk agreement laid out? are they finally finishing off their border or beginning a new phase of their campaign. >> nick paton walsh live in ukraine, thank you, my friend. be safe. when we come back snow and ice leaving 250,000 people without power, this time not the northeast. how far south can this wicked wisht winter go? plus, a state of emergency for parts west virginia after this train derailment. there are concerns again that the drinking water could be contaminated. that's ahead.
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today after a federal judge in texas blocked his immigration orders that would keep millions of undocumented immigrants in the united states. the judge agreeing that the president had overstepped his legal authority. joining me now with what this might mean moving forward is cnn's joe jones. joe? >> jake, for now, the homeland security department is suspending implementation of the new policy so it can comply with the court order and take the legal fight to the next level. at the very least, this is a time-out on relaxing the deportation rules for illegal immigrants thoeshgz without papers. and it comes just hours before the application process for children was supposed to start. less than two days before the government was going to start taking applications for immigrant children who want protection from deportation, a huge last-minute setback. a texas federal judge brings the administration's new deferred enforcement policy that's could affect up to 5 million people to a screeching halt. at least temporarily. republican texas governor greg
1:47 pm
abbott filed the lawsuit on behalf of his and 25 other states. >> in texas, we will not sit idly by while the president ignores the law and fails to secure the border. >> reporter: judge andrew hannon said homeland security secretary jeh johnson did not follow the law and administrateive rules when he launched the new policies. hannon wrote, the public interest factor that he was the heaviest is ensuring that actses of the executive branch comply with this country's laws and its constitution. the judge is an appointee of former president george w. bush and a sharp critic of president obama's policies. the white house, girding for a fight over its executive angsctions that could affect funding of homeland security said what it did wasn't against the law at all. those policies are consistent with the laws passed by the congress and decisions by the supreme court as well as five decades of precedent by presidents of both parties. attorney general eric holder promised a quick appeal.
1:48 pm
>> this i would view as an interim step in a process that has more to play out. >> reporter: the ruling means people who are planning on filing for deferred action on immigration for their children starting on wednesday will have to wait. >> these people who were so excited in november now can gather their papers together but they can't participate in the program. >> and the president's supporters were urging immigrants who want to change their status to use the time -- >> we're going to run some tape coming in right now. president obama weighing in on this and other issues. >> everything making sure we are dismantling isil not only stabilizing the situation in iraq but addressing the foreign fighter issue and countering the narrative of violent extremism that has been turbo charged through the internet. we had a chance to talk about
1:49 pm
situations like ukraine. we also had an opportunity to talk about how we maintain the strongest and most effective military in the world and how we we -- i could not be more confident that the secretary of defense will do an outstanding job. he has hit the ground running. ingning i want to thank the senate for confirming him almost u nan anonymously and look forward to working with him in the years to come. i think america will be very well served by mr. ashcroft. [ inaudible question ] i disagree with the texas judge's ruling and the justice department will appeal. this is not the first time where a lower court judge has blocked something or attempted to block
1:50 pm
something that ultimately was shown to be lawful. and i'm confident that it is well within my authority and the tradition of the executive branch's prosecutorial discretion to execute this policy which will help us make our borders safer, will help us go after criminals and those we don't want in this country. it will help people get on the right side of the law and get out of the shadow ss and keep in mind that this is something that we necessarily have to make choices about because we've got 11 million people here who we're not all going to deport. many of them are our neighbors. many of them are working in our communities. many of their children are u.s. citizens. and as we saw with the executive action that i took for
1:51 pm
d.r.e.a.m.ers people who had come here as young children and are american by any other name except for their legal papers who want to serve this country oftentimes want to go into the military or start businesses or in other ways contribute i think the american people overwhelmingly recognize that to pretend like we are going to ship them off is unrealistic and not who we are. so i've also said throughout this process that the only way we're going to get a immigration fully fixed is by congress acting. and we know that there has been bipartisan support in the past for comprehensive immigration reform. i held off taking these executive actions until we had
1:52 pm
exhausted all possibilities of getting congressional action done. with a new congress my hope has been that they now get serious in solving the problem. instead, what we've had is a series of votes to kick out young people who have grown up here and everybody recognizes are part of our community and threats to defund the department of homeland security which would make it even harder for us to protect our borders and to keep our people safe. so my strong advice right now to congress is if they are seriously concerned about immigration, about our borders, about being able to keep criminals out of this country, that what they should be doing is working together and working with this administration for a comprehensive immigration policy that allows us to continue to be both a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants. and certainly they need to start
1:53 pm
funding the department of homeland security so that they can go forward with all the functions that republicans say they want carried out, including strong border security functions. but with respect to the ruling i disagree with it. i think the law is on our side and history is on our side. and we are going to appeal it. for those who are now wondering whether or not they should apply, we are going to refer those questions to department of homeland security that's already begun the planning process, and we will be prepared to implement this fully as soon as the legal issues get resolved. [ inaudible question ] well, keep in mind we're not going to disregard this federal court ruling. know, the law is the law in this country and we take things a step at a time.
1:54 pm
so we're not going to be actually taking applications until this case is settled. but we are doing the preparatory work because this is a big piece of business. and it's important for us to do in order for us to actually secure our borders effectively and allocate limited resources to the most important paths and functions the department of homeland security has. we should not be tearing some mom away from her child when the child has been born here and that mom has been living here for the last ten years minding her own business and being an important part of the community. we should be focusing on stopping people at the borders, reinforcing our effect ifiveness there going after criminals and felons who are in our midst who
1:55 pm
we can't deport strengthening our systems for legal immigration. those are all the things that we could be doing through a comprehensive immigration reform bill, and in fact we know that there has been in the past bipartisan support for that. but, as i said before i'm not willing to just stand by and do nothing and engage in a lot of political rhetoric. i'm interested in actually solving problems. i'd like to see congress take that same approach. in the meantime the department of homeland security will continue with the planning because we want to make sure as soon as these legal issues get resolved, which i anticipate they will in our favor, that we are ready to go. thank you very much everybody. thank you guys. appreciate it. >> president obama in the white house just a few minutes ago sitting with the new secretary of defense ashton carter talking
1:56 pm
about the immigration action that he took and a judge in texas that blocked it. i want to bring back joe jones. joe, how significant do you think it is that this judge in texas blocked the president's immigration orders? what do legal experts tell you? >> i think to be perfectly honest it's certainly seen as a setback for supporters of the policy. but on the other hand i think there was a bit of a surprise in that the states were actually able to get a judge to say, the states have a stake in this. because this is a fight really between the white house and the congress. but they found a judge to do that. some say it was a bit of forum shopping to sort of locate that judge who is highly critical of the administration especially on immigration issues put it before him, and they got it. so the next step, of course is an appeal. the administration is going to test whether an appeals court actually will say that the states have a stake when this
1:57 pm
fight is between the congress and the white house, jake. >> more to come on that. joe johns thank you so much. let's turn now to our national lead. big winter storms slamming the eastern haflt united states with snow and ice paralyzing cities throughout the country. arctic temperatures creating dangerously icy driving conditions. watch as an out-of-control car hits another vehicle, nearly taking out a camera crew in virginia. oh, that's brutal. in d.c. the federal government shutting down today as the area faces its biggest snowfall of the season, some places with up to 6 inches, of course worse in other areas. a state of emergency issued in places across the south. kentucky, north carolina virginia and in tennessee where at least three people are reported dead because of the weather thousands remain without power. nashville, tennessee, is dealing with its worst ice storm in 50 year 20 years. they have canceled school. joining me is dean fleener, the officer for the tennessee
1:58 pm
emergency management agency. dean, thanks for joining us. describe for us what's going on in tennessee right now. >> well we're seeing traffic move better this afternoon than last night. we are still working to help motorists, encouraging people to not drive because it is still treacherous out there. but the tennessee national guard tennessee highway patrol, tennessee department of transportation, tennessee wildlife resource agency, a number of state agencies have worked very very hard last night and today to help stranded motorists to get the interstates back open and moving. we've had the american red cross tennessee department of health department of human services working to make sure people are taken care of. we've provided water, food and we have people on standby tonight to monitor the ongoing situation. we're still concerned about roads. we're still concerned about incoming weather. we are still very concerned about protecting people who may
1:59 pm
be out tonight. and we are really encouraging people to limit travel if at all possible. >> dean, i know tennessee is not immune to winter but this is not usually an area that has to deal with weather like this this bad. do you have all the resources you need? >> we do and we have brought those resources to bear on this storm. we started watching the potential for this on friday having calls with the national weather service, talking with tennessee highway patrol tennessee department of transportation, other state agencies about the potential for a severe winter situation. the snow didn't get as deep in middle tennessee as what we expected, but we did get sleet and ice which made that treacherous. and we had tdot out, tennessee department of transportation salting brining roads. so we have brought to bear our resources to make sure we are
2:00 pm
protecting people who are living in tennessee and out traveling. again we just really want tomorrowto emphasize how dangerous it is and avoid unnecessary travel. >> join me on twitter and facebook facebook. turning you over now to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, breaking news. coordinated attacks. the terrorists behind the paris magazine massacre reportedly texted the kosher market gunman just ahead of their deadly strike. is it evidence that al qaeda and isis are joining forces? the white house convenes a summit an isis kill list. we'll get more with congressman peter king. explosive disaster. trains derail setting massive


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