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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  February 21, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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three british teenagers may be headed to syria to join and fight with isis. the race to find them next. pro-russian demonstrators prepare to hold a rally in ukraine. a live report from moscow ahead. and ahead of the academy awards this sunday we'll show you how this little statue is made. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is cnn news room. and we start the show this hour in dubai. a fire that lit up a luxury apartment skyscraper ironically called the torch power.
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officials still don't know what sparked the fire. they battled the bliezaze for hours before they could finally put it out. it is among the tallest residential buildings in the world. cnn producer john jenson was on the free. >> these are the images of one of dubai's largest fires in recent history. the fire broke out in the early hours of saturday morning. there were no injuries or deaths and the cause of the fire is unknown according to dubai's civil defense. hundreds of people evacuated to the street and described the confusion. >> all of us, we run, run, run, run downstairs. of course it was panic. it was very panic. really i never seen like this before. >> it was a little bit surreal if i'm honest. i was just concerned -- just
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kept looking down to see if there were flames coming up through the stairwell. it was frightening. >> the blaze was extinguished ser sever hours it began. we're about one block away. as you can see all around me are the remnants of the flaming debris that came off the building. right now in dubai, there's a sand storm. the fire erupted in one of dubai's iconic apartment towers. it's one of the tallest residential buildings in the world with 79 floors. the building's management wasn't available to comment. the residents say they were told nothing and have little idea of what to do next. >> nobody tell us anything. nobody tell us anything. i don't know how. where we go? all of us, we are like this. >> reporter: the tragic irony
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lost on no one here is the building building's name the torch. >> scary moments there. onto the fight against isis in iraq. some of the countries fighting isis are concerned about a new plan to retake the iraqi city of mosul. the uae says it will be led by a shia dominated force which could fuel instabilities. shiite military they've been accused of atrocities against sunnis and isis has tried to capitalize on it. barbara starr takes a look at the war plan. >> iraqi forces pled mosul last june. for months isis militants have shown the world their iron grip of terror on iraq's second largest city. >> the terrorists may scream from the rooftops that their crimes are god's will but you
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can't frame god for what thugs do. >> now, with the help of u.s. trainers and advisers iraqi forces are going to try to take the city back. the war plan according to a u.s. military official in late april or may, 20,000 to 25,000 iraqi forces begin to converge on mosul. peshmerga forces will cut off escape routes north and west of the city. the unknown whether president obama will order a small number of u.s. troops on the ground to help iraqis find isis targets in the densely populated city. and questions about why the pentagon was signaling the coming battle at all. >> i certainly think it's a roll of the dice. obviously signaling your intentions to the enemy is unorthodox unorthodox. >> a u.s. official insists, so no that isis knows the coalition is aiming for mosul.
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>> there are a lot of civilians up there who don't want to get caught in this fight. so allowing some time for those who want to get out of there this can help the iraqis prevent collateral damage by giving them a head start. >> isis fighters continue their training what about iraqi force sns. >> they can handle things at small unit levels. when you're brinking 25,000 forces into a city that's a division size operation. i'm just not sure they have the leadership ability to control that type of operation. >> the iraqi army has not exactly distinguished itself as a fighting force. we did this once before. the finest fighting force in the world had a rough time retaking the city of fallujah in iraq. >> barbara starr cnn. >> the new u.s. secretary of defense wrapped up a joint news
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conference with the afghan president just a short time ago. ashton carter arrived in kabul just four days after being sworn in. the defense secretary will also meet with u.s. troops today. on the flight to afghanistan, reporters asked carter whether the u.s. will be sending ground toops back into iraq to help fight isis. here's what he had to say. >> that is one that will be iraqi-led and the u.s. supported and it's important that it be launched at a time when it can succeed. so i think the important thing is that it get done when it can be done successfully. and i -- even if i knew exactly when that was going to be i wouldn't tell you. >> carter will visit u.s. troop on sunday before leaving for kuwait. that's where he'll meet with
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american military members and the cue weighty leaders. british police are searching for three missing teenagers believed to be heading to syria to join isis. they are 15 and 16 years old and last seen in london catching a flight to turkey. we have this story from london. >> reporter: three teenaged friends, 15-year-old, 16-year-old and another whose family have asked police not to identify school friends who told their families they were spending the day together. now at the heart of an international hunt. british police say the girls took a flight to instan bull and they believe they're way into syria to join isis. >> this is an ongoing continuer doctor terrorism operation. there's a good possibility, strong responsibility that we can stop them going into syria
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and our main objective here is to make contact with these three young girls. >> they say they're concerned about the sheer numbers of young girls and young women either hoping to or who have already have made their way to join isis fighters. they wouldn't give us any numbers, but they admit it's a growing trend. >> police are asking other parents to be vigilant. >> if young people are showing interest in passports, trying to get hold of lots of money, there are signs -- anything breaking the normal routine, any sort of evidence, if you like, of children lying about where they may be or where they may not be. >> reporter: british police believe the friends are still in turkey. once they're in syria with isis, it's unlikely they will ever be allowed to leave. the clock for them and their families is ticking. cnn, london.
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the united nations is now weighs whether to publish its list of suspected war criminals in syria. a u.n. commission member says four lists have been compiled but kept secret because the suspect should be given due process. the u.n. may release a consolidated list at a human rights meeting in geneva on march 17th. the bloody civil war in syria has intensified since 2011. more than 200,000 civilians have been killed and millions have fled from that country. at least 15 people were killed on friday when militants attacked a hotel in somalia's capital. two members of parliament and a deputy mayor are among the dead there. it began when a careful of explosives went off near the main gate of the central hotel. then a woman detonate add suicide bomb inside the hotel. a militant group claimed
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officials at the centers for disease control here in atlanta say they've identified a new virus in the united states. it's named the bourbon virus after the county in the state of kansas where the first patient was diagnosed. in the spring of 2014 that man died after a week after he was bitten by tics. the virus likely tralvels through bugs. and a new super bug outbreak in california has been linked to two deaths. it is a result of deadly bacteria. our dr. sanjay gupta went to an atlanta hospital and spoke with doctors about the risks for their patients. >> reporter: simply put, what went wrong? >> i think what exactly went wrong is jet to be determined but icyt cyappears that the tip of
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the scope has some place where's it needs to be cleaned. >> reporter: you're talking about right here in. >> in a special way. >> reporter: what are we looking at here? >> this is a special scope that we only use doing a procedure called an ercp to look in the patient's bowel duct it so it looks out the side instead of the end compared to the traditional scopes used for clon no, sir scopepy. you can hold it up and down. when the catheter comes through this part of the scope, we want to change where we're putting the catheter we move to up and down. a much more complicated area in here here. >> reporter: we got access to
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the cleaning room. keep in mind these are $30,000 scopes. sometimes a $1 toothbrush is part of the cleaning process. >> we're going to put the scope into the water. the problem with these scopes is what's behind the elevator. go behind the scope right here. $1 disposable brush. just to be on the safe side we're going to take it under water and brush in there. it's ready to go. >> reporter: this is what you do? you do these procedures. everything's risk/reward in life. how worried are you that you may inadvertently also be infecting them? >> i've been doing this for 24 years. i've never had an infection that we know of. i'm not worried about it. i know the people here do a really good job of getting the scopes cleaned out. i'm sure they had the same thing
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in california. >> 100% sure that this scope is sterile. i would use it on my two sons or my mom, or me. >> that was dr. sanjay gupta reporting. stay up to date by heading on our website. liberia plans to reopen its land border crossing on sunday after they closed the border during the ebola outbreak. the latest numbers show two new confirmed cases of ebola in liberia, but that's compared to 74 in sierra leon. they have also listed nationwide curfew and schools in the country reopened this week after being closed for five months. nearly 4,000 people in liberia were killed by the ebola virus. >> the former mayor of u.s. city says the president doesn't love
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in the u.s. state of nevada las vegas police say the suspect in a road rage killing confided into his friends before his arrest that he shot someone. police also tell us they're still looking for at least one other person who may have been involved in the killing. we get more now from cnn in las
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vegas. >> we know this boy. i couldn't tell you this before. >> reporter: a surprising twist in a week-long road rage murder mystery. the prime suspect apparently knew the victim. >> she fed him, she gave him money. >> reporter: las vegas police say 44-year-old ta my meyers was shot and killed outside her home by a teenager that lived just one block away. >> there's the animal a block away. are you happy? >> reporter: bursting with pain and grief, robert meyers was there as police made the arrest thursday afternoon. meyers says his wife knew her alleged shooter and had tried to help the 19-year-old accused of taking her life. >> she spent countless hours consoling this boy. i know he's got to feel bad because she was really good to
2:21 am
him. >> reporter: from a smiling high schooler to a young man flaunting drugs and money on social ya media, eric is now behind bars charged with murder and attempted murder. detectives say he confided in two friends that he was involved in the shooting and even showed them the web, a .45 caliber handgun. it happened shortly after an apparent road rage incident a week earlier when tammy meyers was headed back from a driving lesson with her daughter. police say she came home dropped off her daughter and picked up her 22-year-old son that was armed. meyers husband argues his wife was afraid and fled this house trying to hide the car from her known assailant. instead, she came upon the driver and shots were fired. >> it's skiepd of scary. that thing could happen to everyone here. >> reporter: right. it hits close to home. >> right. exactly. it was just right here you
2:22 am
know. >> the suspect involved in the killing of mrs. meyers is in custody and off the streets of las vegas. >> reporter: police are still looking for at least one other person who may have been involved but say it was eric who fired the fatal shot. meyers family mourns and neighbors are left shaken. >> i never thought in my life something like that could happen in here. >> reporter: wondering why and how such a senseless crime could occur so close to home. cnn, las vegas. after months of heated negotiations after lockouts and costly backups, dock workers on the u.s. west coast have reach add tentative contract agreement. the disagreement was between the workers and an association representing shipping companies and port operators. that dispute caused massive cargo congestion at 29 ports and
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threatened to disrupt the u.s. economy. the u.s. labor secretary says work will be back on track soon. >> they'll be back to work in full force starting tomorrow evening. they're already working, but they will be working in full force starting tomorrow evening which is the earliest possible time that they could begin that work in full force. i am confident that up and down the west coast there is an acute awareness of the need to reduce the backlog. and that is job one. >> 12i8, port officials say it was take months for operations to get back to normal. >> the former mayor of new york city is not apologizing for saying u.s. president barack obama doesn't love his country. the remark came at a private dinner for the governor of wisconsin. jim acosta has reaction. >> president obama was feeling the love for america. >> it's about making this nation we love more perfect. >> the comment came as the white
2:24 am
house slapped right back at rudy giuliani after the former new york city mayor questioned the president's love for his country. white house press secretary josh earnest suggested giuliani had damaged his image of the attacks on 9/11. >> i can tell you it's sad to stay when somebody's attained a perfect level of public stature tarnishes that level. i don't take any satisfaction from that. i think really the only thing i feel is i feel sorry for rudy giuliani today. >> he said earlier this week, i know this is a horrible thing to say, but i do not believe the president loves america. he doesn't love you and doesn't love me. he wasn't brought up the way i was brought up. >> i don't feel this love of america. i believe his initial approach
2:25 am
is to criticize this country and then afterwards to say a few nice things about it. >> giuliani defended the remark to cnn saying it has nothing to do with race adding the president was brought up by a white mother and white grandparents. because he made the comments at a conference for a potential presidential contender, others are on the spot. >> the activists are going to say no guts. i want a candidate with guts. >> while walker's trying to dodge the issue. >> i love america. that's the only person i can comment on. >> others are seeking distance. >> democrats aren't asked to answer every time joe biden says something embarrassing so i don't know why i should every time a republican does. >> but it's a line of attack the president has heard before. >> this is not a man who sees america as you and i see
2:26 am
america. >> mr. obama answered the charge repeatedly back in 2008. >> let me be clear, i will let no one question my love of this country. >> jim acosta cnn, the white house. >> and you saw marco rubio in that report. the senator from florida. he took some heckling during a speech on friday night. protest tors in the crowd made it clear they don't agree with rubio's stance on immigration reform. the potential presidential contender halved off the heckling and joked he just hoped the protesters would buy his book. switching over to weather now. to say it's freezing in parts of the u.s. would be kind of an understatement. there's even snow here in georgia georgia. our meet roll list at the world winter center what's happening? >> i don't think i'm alone when
2:27 am
i say i am about to give up on mother nature and winter right now. >> it's too much. >> people are simply fed up with it, especially along the new england coast. seems like this all over the place being played out in several different u.s. states. at the moment this is all thanks to a very strong wind and snow falling freezen on the poles outside on somebody's farm in west virginia. lower parts of new york city frozen in time. we have the hudson river there. now, we're talking about records being broken not just from a couple years ago. we're talking about records that have held for centuries and even the nation's capital. very very cold weather. and of course any weather that's going to move through is going to likely be in the frozen variety. we have icy conditions and chances of snow upwards of a foot possible in west virginia once again.
2:28 am
it is going to be a rough go along i-40 or north or southbound on i-75 through indianapolis. we have a wintery mix across the mid-atlantic states all the way to the new england coast with snowfall on the northern side of it. let's time out this storm. you can see by saturday evening, we're anticipating a rain/snow mix near washington d.c. with more snowfall expected for new york and boston before enough of a warm air surge starts to change the precipitation over to rain for late in the day and into sunday. here's how much snow we're expecting on top of the thin sheet of ice that is expected to develop out of this. you can already see the radar lighting up across the ohio river valley. that shading of white being snow. the pink of course being a mixture of rain and snow. and there's rain just to the south. on to of this we have a winter storm across the colorado rockies. this is all thanks to moisture starting to move in from the
2:29 am
pacific northwest. winter storm warnings all the way through colorado. this storm is looking pretty impressive. i could easily dump over one to 2 feet of snow. before i let you go george i want to pull you in. i'm going to tug at your heart strings. look at this wonderful video. yeah that is a red panda at the cincinnati zoo. >> wow. >> i've actually seen that animal better. nothing better than seeing cute little animals playing around in the snow. >> you got me. >> boom. >> i heard natalie the other hour. she was like let's just play this for 30 minutes. it's good stuff to watch. >> it's just too cute. by the way, this actually an animal endangered. i think they're doing great work on conserving this particular species. it's a beautiful, lovable, furry playful creature. never seen one of those before.
2:30 am
>> thank you for the reporting. >> take care. ukraine, marks an important milestone that dramatically changed the country's landscape. and led to the fall -- the down fall of its president. the scene is much different in moscow. a live report from moscow is next. plus, why thousands of egyptians are risking their lives to leave the country of libya.
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in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell. >> a massive fire that lit up a dubai skyscraper is now out.
2:33 am
witnesses say flaming debris spilled from the building ironically nobody as the torch. no one was injured in that fire. three british teenagers are believed to be on their way to syria to fight and join alongside with isis. british authorities are searching for the girls. at this point, their ages 15 and 16 years old. police say they were last seen on tuesday taking a flight to instan bull turkey. protestors in venezuela are calling for the. >> reporter: after the leader of cara kus. he is accused of helping in a coup plot. they say he is a political prisoner being held unjustly. the cold weather in the united states has turned deadly. at least 23 people have died from the weather across the country. this week including 18 people in the state of tennessee. more than 125 million people in the eastern u.s. are under some type of weather advisory with
2:34 am
windchills at 40 below in some areas. it's been a year since the bloody crackdown in kiev that claimed the lives of 49 people and led to the overthrow of the president. pro-russia activists are holding a rally this hour in moscow. with more on that we turn to aaron mclaugh lynn. certainly people there in moscow a lot of people in that protest, they believe the west is behind a lot of what we've seen play out in ukraine. what are you hearing there on the ground? >> reporter: george there are certainly echoes of the cold war here in moscow today. there's heavy anti western sentiment in this rally. i've even seen separatist fighters from eastern ukraine.
2:35 am
they're calling it the anti-maidan march. analysts say there are growing fears of the kind of popular uprising that led to the former president coup to challenge russian vladimir putin. one woman told me they say they want to get rid of the opposition and the opposition has no chance to take over while president putin is in power. they also say -- one woman i spoke to says they want to stop the war in eastern ukraine. i've seen thousands of people here and there are media report that is this was organized using so-called administrative resource. which means various agencies participate in bringing the people to moscow. the schools were asked to supply
2:36 am
teachers. we saw also ads asking people to come to today's rally. >> sfoorz the fighting in the eastern parts of ukraine, what are you hearing from people on the ground there, especially with this truce that some are saying is in name only? >> reporter: people here that we've spoken to say they very much see the military activity in ukraine has sort of a punitive measure, a punitive operation so to speak, on the behalf of the ukrainian military. that's something we've heard repeatedly from the kremlin. they're very much echoing what they've been hearing on state media here in russia. they're also gathering because they're worried about maidan.
2:37 am
putin himself said maidan served as a warning to russia. fears that the west is conspireing against russia are growing. human rights activists say the kremlin is responding by cracking down on freedom of expression expression. george? >> one other question mixing two different situations here. we're seeing these live pictures there in moscow of this great show of patriotism, at the same time, the country facing recession. what's the mood of people dealing with a tough economy, at the same time such a surge of patriottism for their country. >> reporter: i talked to people here in moscow they told me that they are feeling the pinch, so to speech. the cost of living has increased.
2:38 am
that will be interesting to see how the economic situation has influenced the current position of this country and how it will play out with president putin's approval rating. it's well over 80%. there are new figures expected to come out later in the week. it will be interesting to see if the economic situation has any sort of impact. >> interesting indeed. we appreciate you reporting there on the ground. meantime, in kiev a bitter sweet ceremony was held on friday with many overcome by emotion at the milestone. we were there and have a report. >> reporter: a moment of silence in a sea of ukrainians. thousands game to the maidan square to commemorate those killed here that led to such a profound change for ukraine and european security. in his speech president
2:39 am
poroshenko hailed the national unity of the protestors. we've lost so many people he said. they were here shoulder to shoulder representatives of different ethnic groups rely jops people from both east and west, north and south of ukraine. it was on february 20th, 2014 that the ongoing protests on the maidon square erupted into the worst violence up to that point. protest tors and security forces traded fire. in the end, almost 50 people had been killed dozens more wounded. the bloodshed galvanized the movement to oust the then president. he fled ukraine in the middle of the night to russia. today, ukraine's military honored those killed in the uprising and so did scores of ordinary civilians, laying down flowers, many still overcome by
2:40 am
emotions even a year on. >> translator: what can a regular person like me feel but sadness and respect for the people who gave up their lives for the glory of ukraine, says this man who was on the square when the protests were going on. >> reporter: this is a day of remembrance for most people here. but it's also a day where people take skok of where this country is one here on. it certainly is a country that seems disillusioned by the situation. large crowds gathered to give a hero's welcome to soldiers arriving home from the battle field in the east. among the thousands who gathered in the square the mood was more somber as the nation looks back on a year that brought so much hope but also so much uncertainty and pain.
2:41 am
cnn, kiev. and after so many battles now, cnn has sobering new images from the battered streets of debaltseve in ukraine. they say it was shot after ukrainian trooped retreated this week after the bloody battle for this key city. a cease-fire is on the brink of crumbling. these images just further emphasize the destruction left behind in the midst of intense fighting. russia's economy has struggled for months fueling fears of recession. for the country's most famous gun maker, business is actually booming booming. fighting escalates in ukraine and russia so do weapon sales. >> reporter: it's the weapon of choice for rebels terrorists and national armys alike.
2:42 am
the afous ak-47 ray assault rifle has been on the front line since the second world war. why they may be facing economic turmoil, clash na could have is one russian business bulking the trend. >> translator: the secret is of course the power of the brand, but also it is good weapons. >> reporter: saw sales soaring by a third since 2013 despite sanctions imposed by the west. >> translator: we were very surprised that we were included on the sanctions list. because of that we were forced to change the strategy of sales since we lost 80% of sales volume. the only option was to go into new markets with military products. >> reporter: the new focus appears to be right on target coming at a time when the worlds arms forces are confronted by a new set of security threats. global defense budgets increased
2:43 am
in 2014 for the first time in three years. and despite slashing spending in almost ever area russianecession history russia is boosting by 20% in 2013. it's hoped to shape the countries future. whether in war or peace for russia assist an icon of its former solve yet might. and today, it's a rare spot of resilience in its otherwise struggling economy. greece finally has the financial lifeline it needed to avoid a disaster. euro zone negotiators have agreed to a four-month extension plan of a bailout program. it was due to expire next week possibly forcing it out of the euro zone. greece didn't get the sweeping changes to the bailout terms it
2:44 am
wanted saying that the terms crippled its economy. many egyptian christians living libya are taking great risks to leave that country and get back to their own home country. nearly 2,000 have fled. this after isis beheaded 21 egyptian christians. many of them are leighaving with only the clothes on their back. >> reporter: an exodus of egyptians from libya. these travelers arrive in egypt, hundreds of thousands of egyptian workers though remain behind and not everyone can find safe passage. this worker tells how there are chris chaps back in libya that can't leave. they're afraid to have them in their cars. christians are taken and killed. isis militants release add video showing the brutal beheading of
2:45 am
at least 20 egyptian christians last week. egypt responded quickly targeting isis weapon depots and training grounds. further air strikes seem to be off the table for now. egypt wants the arms embargo lifted so the recognized government can receive weapons. they also want a naval blockade to prevent weapons from going to other parts of the country. as the battle against isis increases, so too does the risk for egyptians in libya, fears that some already may be missing. some christians were in the mountains in libya, this driver says. we haven't reached them since last night. egyptian christians undertook this dangerous journey. he narrowly escaped capture. his cousins executed. we left all our possessions behind we didn't take anything, he tells me.
2:46 am
the driver told us i want 250 per person for a ride to the border. then he told me he wants 100 more per person or they would turn us over like the rest. thousands of egyptians lucky to be home yet many, many more to go. cnn, cairo. >> the mayor of venezuela's capital is sitting in a jail cell. what he's accused of and what his supporters are saying about the arrest as the news continues. in just this one moment, your baby is getting even more than clean. the scent, the lather, even the tiny bubbles caracas of a johnson's® bath are helping to enhance the experience. the touch of your hands is stimulating her senses. nurturing her mind. and helping her development. so why just clean your baby when you can give her... so much more™? johnson's®. so much more™.
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call now. in the country of honduras at least 70 people mostly children were hurt in a gas explosion at a market. according to the head of the country's emergency coordination center about 300 people were at the informal market friday afternoon in that nation's capital. authorities think at least one gas tank exploded in a dining area causing a fire. the majority of the injuries were burns, but some people were tram led. the mayor of caracas is in jail accused of helping in a coup plot. his supporters say the government is targeting political opponents. rafael romo has the details. >> surveillance video shows
2:50 am
caracas mayor antonio ledezema taken away in full gear. as many as 150 heavily armed intelligence agents burst into his office break the door with a sledgehammer. >> translator: they destroyed the doors. there was no room for mediation. my husband was asking them to please stay calm and was asking what was going on. >> outside the intel jeps agency headquarters where he's believed to be held hundreds of supporters gathered over night. free ledezema they shouted as the national guard blocked access. they say they saw the arrest coming. last week, the president accused the mayor of a plot to overthrow his government. the president said ledezema's moment of truth had arrived. >> translator: mr. ledezema who
2:51 am
today by order of the attorney generals office was captured and is going to face them so he answers for all of the crimes committed against the peace and constitution of our country. >> ledezema has denied the allegations calling them the government's latest attempt to manufacture controversy and target political opponents. human rights watch says the government is lashing out at the opposition to consolidate power. >> we're looking at a very weak democracy with a tremendous degree of concentration of power with this free speech but very limited and a very serious sent censorship and they are unable and willing to confront. >> translator: he's the latest opposition leader to be targeted.
2:52 am
former mayor opposition leader was jailed a year ago this week accused of inciting anti-violent protests. other opposition mayors including this man have been imprisoned in the last year. government loyalists say a former ledge slay tur and vocal opponent might be next. rafael romo, cnn. so there's this little show called the oscars coming up this sunday. if you've ever wondered about how they fake that gold as to chew we'll give you the step by step as the news continues here on cnn.
2:53 am
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s. it is the boxing matchup that -- the boxing match that fans i should say have been waiting for many years. pack yaw versus floyd mayweather. the two finally reach add deal. the highly anticipated match will take place in las vegas nevada. a lot of people will be watching that. hollywood's biggest night in sunday. the 87th annual academy awards. but the famous gold statue is already made. it's made in chicago. the r.s. owens company has been making the statues for more than
2:56 am
70 years now. >> welcome to r.s. owens and company where we manufacture the oscar sta which yous. i want to show you how we do what we do. let's go. this is our hand casting department. we start with a bare metal and melt it between five and 600 degrees. he ladles each one into a steel mold. the next process in manufacturing the oscar is where we remove the gate that we use for casting. our company was started in 1938. and we've been producing our own molds for casting since then. the next up in refining our oscar statue is removing all the lines from the molding process. this allows us to refine the surface to make sure he looks as perfect as possible. this is our polishing department. this is where we take the statues and bring them to a
2:57 am
mirror finish. everything we do with oscar is done entirely by hand. ♪ >> here we are in the engraving department. this is where luiz white who's been engraving our oscars since the early '80s actually puts a sere serial number on every one of them. we take oscar from his raw stays where he's been monthly issued to a mirror finish and electro plate him through five different baths. here we are in final assembly. this is were as core gets assemblied before he's finally shipped out. >> and that is our show this hour. thank you for watching.
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this is cnn, the world's news leader.
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. ♪ new images this morning of isises show of force. american made m 16's and huchl v's as well. what we can learn from the