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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  February 22, 2015 3:00am-4:01am PST

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♪ this morning, a new terror threat. a terror group known for bombing a mall in kenya is threatening to attack western malls including in the u.s. >> fighters caged like animals and parading through the streets. isis releases a new propaganda video of the fighters they claim to have caught. >> kurt busch loses an appeal to overturn his suspension. what is the next stepping here
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for racing? good morning. tell you how grateful we are to have your company. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. a terror group linked to al qaeda is calling for attacks on malls in the u.s., in canada and in britain. the somalia based group al shabab has released a video. you can see the man here, his face covered up. in english he urges the attacks. cnn cannot confirm the video's authenticity but two of the potential targets, minnesota's mall of america, and west edmondton mall in alberta, canada, are beefing up security. we want to go to our correspondent in london. does al shabab say specifically why they are making these threats and why they are making them now? >> reporter: that calling on muslims in the uk, the u.s. and around the world, they say to take inspiration from the
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horrifying west gate mall attack in kenya that shabab was able to successfully carry out. it seems they are trying to remind those around the world would be jihadi sympathizers that al shabab carried off a pretty spectacular terror attack and that they should be seeking to be inspired by it. the man speaking in the video whose still image has a pronounced british accent and sounded almost london. he speaks about the reality that somalia has been a fighting ground previously for many foreign fighters but now asking these foreign fighters to perpetrate the attacks back home. he says you don't have to come out here. it is worrying for authorities, victor, because al shabab has had pretty good recruitment tactics in the past within that somalia-american community. some 27 somalia-americans travel to somalia to fight with shabab
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and they have recruitment ground zero as 150 american fighters that have joined isis. there is cause for authorities to take this very seriously, victor. >> we have heard from other terror groups, namely isis, to attack where you are. you do not need to travel. in this case of al shabab to somalia to join in any attack. has al shabab attacked the u.s. or threatened to attack in the u.s. before? >> reporter: well, there have been bleak references in the past we are able to reach you. but in the sense of being so overt about, as you said, you don't have to come out here, we want to see more lone wolf attacks. of course, this comes off the back of those horrible attacks in paris and those horrible attacks in denmark. this is something already is a huge cause for concern but, at the same time, just to really try and balance this out, al shabab has spent a year and a half putting this together. that is a diminished potential for actually being able to reach
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these people. they spoke a lot in the aftermath of westgate about more is coming, more is coming. nothing of that standard really has been pulled off successfully by al shabab, so a lot of those we are speaking to in the intelligence community are tempering their alarm, their preparedness with the relate that al shabab has not yet been able to really recreate what they did in bestgate. >> we will talk more throughout the morning, specifically about the mall of america, and the concern there, because there has been many have seen this pipeline from minnesota to al shabab and we will continue the conversation. thank you so much. >> thank you. the mall of america in minnesota, they are beefing up security after being listed as one of the targets here. >> cnn's erin mcpike joins us here. when are we going to hear from homeland security? >> victor, we actually will be seeing department of homeland
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security secretary jay johnson on the sunday morning talk shows in just several hours. we plan to hear from him there. i did reach out to the white house and the national security council last night. we haven't gotten any sort of response from them just yet but, obviously, they will respond today. we did get statements in from a couple of malls. the mall of america said we take any potential threat seriously and respond appropriately. we have implemented extra security precautions. some may be noticeable to guests and others wents be. we also heard from the west edmondton mall says it is aware of a video recently released and monitor the events with the help of law enforcement agencies and follow the situation along with law enforcement and will remain vigilant as we always do in similar situations. as you can hear there, there will be these new security measures in place. we just can't lay out for our viewers what they are just yet but rest assured, there will be new security in place. >> erin mcpike, thank you very
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much. we will have a conversation in a moment about security at the malls themselves. thanks, erin. cnn law enforcement analyst tom fuentes is joining us now. good to have you this morning, tom. the mall of america, we understand, they say in a statement it has implemented extra security precautions and that some will be noticeable to guests and others will not be. what do you think that means? what will those unnoticeable security moves be? >> i think that will include plain clothesed police officers and discrete surveillance coverage and physically and electronically outside the mall in the parking lotting lots and the roads going to the mall. one thing different at the westgate mall attack in kenya is that kenya borders somalia and they have been attacked before and there have been safe houses of al shabab in kenya before and
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it's very easy for them to get the equipment, the guns, the terrorists across the border into kenya to wage the attack. here, it's a different story. there are no safe houses that we know. there are no identified cases of one of the 27 minneapolis citizens, let's say, that went back to somalia or to join al shabab, and it just doesn't seem as credible as it would be the threat that is next door neighbor kenya or to its nearby neighbor uganda who they attacked in 2010. shabab's pump arpose is the afr are going in to control that country and they represent the outside countries coming in there to control the government and somalia is a failed state essentially since 1991. you have a much more different and dangerous situation for the neighbors near somalia than you
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do really here. >> a couple of things in terms of the mall of america. according to that mall they say two 747s could fit inside of it. how do you keep such a large place save? this is a threat to the economy because a lot of people might say i'm not going to the mall any time soon. >> that is true. if people don't go to the mall that will be a win for them economically to hurt the one here and the one in canada. i think there will be a lot of security there, and i don't think there is going to have anywhere near the possible success, even if a couple of individuals waged an attack on that mall. i think the security forces there will be adequate. something else also is the analysts are trying to look at to determine when were these videos taken. was that file video that maybe is from years ago? because over ten years ago, u.s.
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forces capturing a safe house, you know, an al qaeda safe house found pictures of a number of public facilities in the u.s. that you would think were going to be targets. one of them was a sports dome stadium that had already been destroyed five years earlier by the city authorities in that city. so that is the other factor here. is this recently taken? is it surveillance video of somebody stalking the site and preparing for the attack? or did they just get this off the internet from advertising or some other source? i think that will all be examined and all of the chatter. if there was a credible threat against that mall, i think the authorities would have a good clue that is coming and they would interrupt it immediately. they would prevent it from happening. >> a good point. tom fuentes will be with us throughout the morning here with a lot of answers to a lot of our questions. thank you so much, tom. >> thank you. isis releases a new propaganda video and this time, they have captured 21 fighters.
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isis this morning. this time against at least 21 kurdish peshmerga fighters. you see the men here. they claim they captured them
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and they were parading in cages atop pickup trucks through a crowded city streets. the prisoners here are clearly under duress and called on their fellow soldiers to stand down in the fight against isis. let's go to cnn international correspondent ben wedeman who is joining us in iraq. ben, what are we learning from this video and the message that isis is attempting to send here? >> reporter: the message they are trying to send, victor, in this video, basically, they are interviewing several of these 21 captives who we believe were taken prisoner at the end of january during an attack by isis on the city of kirkuk but some of them were going from their homes for regular leave. they are interviewed by a man holding a microphone with an isis logo and several of them call upon their comrades to stop
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fighting on behalf of the peshmerga, the kurdish military force, who they say are serving, in their words, the jews and the crusaders and by putting down their arms they will avoid a similar fate. during this nine-minute video, however, there are flashes which are still photos of some of those 21 egyptian christians who were executed last week in libya. that could be the eventual fait of these 21 kurds but in this video they are not executed there but in the past we have seen similar videos which foreshadowed later videos that was their execution. it is intended to weaken the morale of the kurdish fighters but our understanding, the last 24 hours, there have been two major battles outside erbil, the kurdish capital.
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one south of here 50 isis fighters were killed by kurdish fighters, as well as coalition air strikes. we saw some of their bodies on kurdish tv. in a similar incident overnight around 30 isis fighters, when they were killed when they tried to approach kurdish lines in another city that is to the west of here near the syrian border. propaganda is one thing and reality on the ground, victor, isis seems to be take ago whipping by kurdish forces. >> we go across the border into syria and i want to turn the page to another element of this isis story line. we have learned this morning that one turkish soldier was killed during an evacuation there at the tomb of shah in syria. what can you tell bus that? >> these are kurdish soldiers that -- the turkish soldiers have had a presence around this tomb for the founder of the
3:17 am
automan empire but the situation was getting so dodgy in that part of syria which is near the sit of lepo they decided to pull their forces out. one turkish soldier according to reports was killed. >> ben wedeman reporting live from erbil, thank you very much. let's talk about the crisis in ukraine. earlier today their government swapped prisoners. nearly 140 ukrainian prison irs err changed for more than 50 rebel fighters and happening one year after the former president of ukraine was ousted from office. cnn's international correspondent nick payton is live for us. this seems to be one of the first possible signs of the agreement. >> even though the stages in the agreement, prisoner swaps and the withdrawal of heavy weapons are occurring and not held in by
3:18 am
cessation in the violence. the shelling last night, we don't know about the casualties but it's playing out this morning in remembrance of those who died in the violence before the ex-president fled the country. i remember being there. that sense of real unease and uncertainty 'cha could unfold in ukraine next being how the presence had been up until that stage. nobody i think would imagine us standing here a year later in the midst of what remains a raging civil war. they are talking about the cease-fire being implemented but the key point of a cease-fire is fire does cease. instead in the past week, since it began the guns have fallen slightly quieter and noisy last night but quieter around this area where they have their base. they swooped in there and routed the ukrainian military and
3:19 am
inflicting on this what kiev ghin admits is a period of conflict. people died in that. this is happening when the cease-fire is in place. world leaders not calling it out yet and saying the violence has continued. i think perhaps the hope is if these other stages like prisoner swaps, heavy weapons withdrawals fall into place maybe the guns will silence themselves. it's quiet here now and you're hearing a noisy children's celebration behind me! a bit of normalcy but the shells keep falling! >> nick paton walsh, thank you for your report. one of the sports biggest stars in nascar will not be racing today. kurt busch lost his final appeal to overturn a suspension. what is his next step for racing again? as temperatures drop, the death toll seems to be on the rise. this morning, a lot of drivers
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all this cold arctic weather is pounding cities across the country and causing death toll to climb. at least 26 people now have died as a result of this winter weather. road conditions, you see them here, slushy and icy places. just unbearable. >> snow, sleet, freezing rain. you could record me saying that the last week and i'm still saying the same thing and i feel
3:24 am
badly because i'm just saying it, but so many people are living in it. let's get to ivan cabrera and see really how much longer do they have? >> we have all been saying it and it's incredible through january. this all got started then and it continues. this is a setup for early this week. what a surprise. cold across the central u.s. and into the east coast. my concern will be down to the south and west and into the mid south where we will be talking about some icing. here is the storm we tracked yesterday. now beginning to move off. if you're waking up early and you'll see some rain on the back side of here. washington and baltimore and philly and boston, some colder air with light snow and not amount to much and is going to push out. it's snowing in denver and colorado getting clobbered with significant snow and they are loving that certainly with the ski resorts there. snowing in kansas right now. here is the setup. sunday, this evening, rain in dallas. but as the cold air begins to move in, you see some of the pink beginning to show up. this is going to be a nightmare
3:25 am
i think for the morning commute as we head through the day monday morning. a significant ice event occurring across north texas so we will watch that and then it's going to be snow on the northern side of it here. very cold stuff here and icy conditions. winter storm warnings are posted all the way down into dallas heading in through the early part of monday. that is what we have going on. guess what? more arctic air. look at these temperatures. these are current windchills. i know it gets cold in the north central u.s. but this is ridiculous. minus 42 in international falls. minus 41 at fargo and all of that coming east. so the northeast will get a piece of more arctic temperatures. >> ouch. >> yeah. . but no snow so that is good. >> we will take something. >> ivan, thank you. okay. we want to tell you about a terror threat this morning. a bit of a different one than what we have been talking about as of late. al qaeda-linked terror group now urging attacks against one of the most popular malls in the world and it's right here in the heart of the midwest. also another terror group is
3:26 am
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10 gigabytes of free 4g lte data. only from t-mobile. ♪ new this morning, the al qaeda-linked terror group al shabab released a new video calling to action this morning. the taped message, the group calls for attacks on shopping malls-the-united states and canada and across the uk. >> the mall released a statement
3:30 am
saying it has implemented extra security measures in 2013 after shabab launched a day's long seize on an upscale shopping mall in kenya and that killed more than 60 people. we know secretary of state john kerry is in geneva, switzerland today for another round of talks. he meets his counterpart and they will join other world leaders in talks friday as they move to an agreement there but the deal could bring an end to tough sanctions against tehran and possibly a warming of relation with the u.s. secretary carter visits with u.s. troops in kandahar and heads to situate for meetings with military officials and four days ago, his confirmation was happening. he said he made the trip to afghanistan to assess the security situation personally. now on saturday, carter said the
3:31 am
united states is considering slowing a plan of withdrawal of u.s. troops from the country to ensure that progress sticks. as we mentioned, al shabab is the somalia-based terror group that is calling for attacks on western malls already. it has an ominous presence in minnesota. >> it has tried to recruit men in minneapolis to join its ranks and now isis seems to be coping that tactic. let's get more now from cnn's brian todd. >> reporter: 19-year-old ahmed is charged for providing military support for isis. we spoke to the u.s. attorney general in minnesota who says this is a pivot in terrorist recruitment in that area. with isis now targeting young somalia americans and displacing a young al qaeda affiliate. moments before takeoff at new york's jfk airport, ahmed was grabbed and skorted from his plane. law enforcement said he had
3:32 am
taken a bus from minneapolis to catch a flight to turkey with a lethal goal in mind. >> he is charged with trying to join isil to fight with terrorists. >> reporter: his lawyer won't comment. they are saying the 19 posted these tweets. he is a somaliian american from minneapolis. the u.s. attorney there tells cnn they believe he represents a dangerous shift in terrorist recruitment. >> we think that isil has pretty much picked up on the successes, to use that phrase, that al shabab had, and improve upon it and try to recruit more young men and some young women from the somalia community in minnesota to join isil. >> al shabab had previously recruited around two dozen somaliian americans in minnesota to fight with them inside somalia. young people who showed so much prok like this boy, a handsome
3:33 am
20-year-old engineering student. after he left home his parents saw a picture of him on the internet dead in the streets of mowing di mogadishu. >> we are still losing them. a terrorist hot bed in the united states? it is. >> reporter: why? community leaders tell us it's a lack of opportunity and identity. >> most of these kids are torn between two cultures. they are americans but don't feel totally accepted as americans. they know they have a somaliian history and many do not have a fath father. >> there is a concern that the minority of those who do come back, become involved in terrorism, are also the most dangerous tir rifts. >> reporter: u.s. attorney lugar denies that minneapolis is a
3:34 am
terrorist hot bed and trying to fight it with outreach programs and getting young somaliians in sports competition and helping them get jobs. many say how can i trust his outreach program when he is spying on me and sfalg on watch. he denies that minneapolis is a terrorist hot bed. he says he is fighting back with outreach programs trying to get young somaliians in sports competition and helping them get jobs but luger and other officials might have to work through another problem. we are told many somaliians in those communities don't trust each other and there are competing factions and rivalries among the leaders and getting them to trust each other and trust outsiders from the u.s. government is huge challenges in
3:35 am
trying to fight off terrorist recruitment. >> let's bring back tom fuentes. tom, there has been some skepticism and you expressed some this morning that al shabab could pull off an attack in the mall of america similar to the one in 2013 we saw in kenya because of resources and where they are geographically. i wonder if the hot bed report we just heard from brian we heard in minnesota is the recruit because they are so close to the mall of america. >> that recruitment has been going on for several years and it was to the shock and dismay of the kids' own parents and the sad part of this whole story is that somalia rev gfugees came h.
3:36 am
the parents had no clue that their kids were being, not only radicalized, but preparing and actually making trips to somalia until they were gone. the fbi and the local police there have a great relationship, great outreach program, not just the u.s. attorney's office, with the somali communities. the e-moms and local community leaders are extremely cooperative and they know what it is like to have these young men travel to somalia and get killed there as suicide bombers. you have an entire community trying to prevent this from happening. >> is there any indication that this mentoring the sports programs, that it's working? are there trends in one direction or another with recruitment there in minnesota? >> it helps but you don't know what is in the mind of some of these kids even with a mentoring
3:37 am
program or with success. if you look at the boston marathon bombing case, you have someone who was captain of the university wrestling team on a full-ride scholarship. his american friend said he was just like one of us, going to parties and smoking pot and drinking alcohol and chasing women and, suddenly, he ends up committing a terrorist or allegedly committing a terrorist act and it's completely baffling. this is someone who had been assimilated and became a u.s. citizen. for these kids to be believed that they are not accepted or don't have opportunity, that's not the whole story. they are being recruited and told this is your religious duty to go and fight, you know, in somalia to help al shabab gain control of that country. and so far, shabab, as i mentioned earlier, they have attacked in uganda and across their border into kenya, but they have now stonextended thei
3:38 am
attacks beyond that because it's going to take a safe house and ability to get the attackers and their weapons ak-47s and grenades into that location. for kenya, it's extremely easy. they have the porous land border and can travel by boat from the indian ocean and leaving the shores of somalia and just going a few miles down the shore and landing on the beaches of kenya and making it to a safehouse. i think it's a much different situation. i really don't think they have enough infrastructure of terrorism for a large-scale coordinated attack and i know the westgate mall attack was only four people but, still, i don't think they can do it. >> tom fuentes, we will continue this conversation throughout the morning. thank you so much. >> thank you. ongoing feud between the boyfriend of bobbi kristina brown and the brown family is going on. why the family is not allowing him to see her in the hospital. nascar champ kurt busch
3:39 am
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ask their doctor about adding... once-daily namenda xr. let's take a look other stories developing now. minneapolis police officer who was shot after respond to go a burglary is doing well this morning. the police chief says he is in fair condition. officials say the officer was not targeted personally. but they say he was shot simply because he's a police officer. a suspect has been arrested in connection with the burglary. authorities are investigating whether there's some sort of a link with the shooting now. nick gordon, the boyfriend of bobbi brown is lashing out after he says he has not been allowed to visitor her in the hospital. the brown family fired back saying he could visit but he had
3:44 am
to meet certain conditions but wouldn't say what the conditions were. bobbi crkristina has been in a coma since found in a bathtub last month unconscious. kurt busch losing his appeal to overturn a suspension following accusations of domestic abuse against his girlfriend. what is next for this race car driver? we hear from his former girlfriend about what she said happened. ♪ >> buck was from the streets to the studio. here amongst the tutus at this ball ballet he would make his style of unique by his teacher. >> the first day i saw charles back in the studio, i saw a man who is more fluid than anything i've ever seen a ballerina do and that is anarchy i just said
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before your begin an aspirin regimen.
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under way later today one of the nascar stars will be absent. kurt busch lost his second
3:50 am
appeal to overturn his suspension from nascar. there was a simple court that found that he likely committed domestic violence against his former girlfriend patricia driscoll who spoke with michael strahan and listen to what he said happened. >> he was saying some really weird and crazy things, very paranoid, and he popped up out of bed and grabbed me by the throat with one hand and with the other hand, he grabbed my face and he smashed my head into the wall three times. >> we have to say here that busch has not been formally charged with a crime. meanwhile, the suspension upheld by nascar means that busch cannot race or participate in any of the sport's events. this does not mean, he is done with racing? >> no. it's an indefinite suspension. as of now what it means has exhausted all of his current legal options. filing that initial appeal and then filing an appeal of that
3:51 am
decision, that was his final shot at it. so from here on out, kind of what you're looking at is potentially taking it through the court system in order to get nascar back on board but as far as nascar is concerned with the daytona 500, you know, here and upon us, they couldn't have waited any longer in making this decision. >> big day. if not the biggest day for nascar. what are the fans saying? >> it's a black and white issue always with domestic violence and it's one that charges a lot of highly charged emotions and nascar fans are already a very emotional and highly charged bunch. so we are seeing kind of both sides. some are standing behind their drivers. some even protesting and, you know, across the country saying that they stand behind him regardless. and then some, like yesterday, he shows up at his garage and someone has written ray rice on his garage as well so it's interesting to see both sides of it and no formal criminal charge yet. >> we have to think about the ray rice debacle with the nfl what role that is playing in
3:52 am
this one. i know crkristy will dig into this. >> now that nascar has made the decision, can he turn to the courts? we want to bring in legal analyst joey jackson. she is right, a lot of fans are wondering what can he do? are there legal steps that he can take to overturn the suspension in any way? >> good morning, kristi. this is about domestic violence and near and dear to your heart. i think nascar has learned from the nfl this is something that needs to be taken seriously and they have their own internal rules and their own internal guidelines and those guidelines very clearly provide for there to be an appeal to a three-panel body which he did do on saturday and, thereafter, to one person, that is the -- that would have the final say. of course, the chairman at any time could lift this but the reality is these are governed by internal rules. there's no outside entity that can now dictate to nascar that he needs to be returned. of course, the concern is, as
3:53 am
mentioned, he has not been criminally charged at all. this emanates from a protective order in family court where where he was found by a preponderance of the evidence so gauge in an act of domestic violence. in terms of appealing it has been exhausted and he will not be allowed to race today. >> a man pled guilty to domestic abuse in 2014 and was never suspended by nascar. so do you think that busch's case might be a product of the whole post ray rice world in the sports arena? >> without question. when you look at someone who you mentioned and you see it there, this driver who pled guilty and endured a two-year probationary period and was allowed to continue to race and that is in a criminal court, and you look at this particular case involving busch where there's nothing criminal, at least not yet. of course, we know the delaware
3:54 am
authorities are evaluating that very closely. we should also point out the standard of proof and the family court proceeding. was it more likely than not he engaged in domestic violence as opposed to a criminal court where it's beyond a reasonable doubt. when you look at the disparity and treatment between kurt busch and you look at, you know, travis kavell, you have to wonder what is going on here and i think the answer to that question is this is post ray rice. you're looking at sponsors who take this very seriously. you're looking at fans who take this very seriously and, of course, a mass public that does. i think nascar had to treat it that way. there is no one person that is larger than the sport. we learned that with ray rice. we learned that certainly, you know, as it related to the running back of the minnesota vooicke vikings and what happened with him. as a result of that, it is what it is. nascar sets its own rules, its own judgment. he cannot go to a federal court and say install me, put me back in and by any measure, look.
3:55 am
we are talking about the donayta 5:00 which is upcoming and we will see what happens moving forward. >> joey jackson, always appreciate your input. thank you. >> thank you, kristi. the terror group al shabab is calling for terror attacks on the biggest and most popular malls in the world. one of the potential targets, in the united states. the mall of america. it is beefing up security. we will have much more on that at the top of the hour. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™.
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he'sthere's a guy out there whose making a name for himself in a sport where your name and maybe a number are what define you. somewhere in that pack is a driver that can intimidate the intimidator. a guy that can take the king 7 and make it 8. heck. maybe even 9. make no mistake about it. they're out there. i guarantee it. welcome to the nascar xfinity series. ♪
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this morning, a new terror threat against the u.s. somalia-based terror group known for bombing a mall in kenya or shooting inside a mall in kenya, and now threatening to attack western malls, including here at home. isis releases a new propaganda video. it shows what appears to be kurdish peshmerga fighters paraded in cages. even interviewing them. ♪ and 12 texas men and women will soon decide the fate of the man accused of killing american sniper chris kyle. could an oscar win tonight influence that jury? so glad to have your company. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor paul. al qaeda-linked terror group is calling for attacks on mall and calling for attacks in u.s.
4:00 am
and canada and uk this morning. al shabab has released a video and you see this still image from it here that we are showing you. obviously, we are not going to show you the full video. >> cnn cannot confirm the awe authenticity of the video. security forces are taking extra security processes. help us understand the timing here of why al shabab, at least says it is making these threats now. >> reporter: well, it comes off the back of the recent killing and u.s. air strike of the head of their intelligence unit. there is, obviously, a lot of pressure on al shabab within their community and within the broader presence online to respond to that, to be scene to be respond to go that. you get the sense watching this video that this is very much a rebranding exercise. this is slicker than anything we have seen from al shabab


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