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tv   Wolf  CNN  February 25, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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hello, i'm wolf blitzer in washington. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. we're starting with breaking news out of new york city right now. the fbi has three men in custody, men who were planning they say, to fly to turkey and then join up with isis in syria. our justice reporter, evan perez, is joining us from new york. he's got details. this is a very disturbing development. tell us first of all about these three men who have just been arrested. >> we're talking about three men who were planning to travel to turkey with eventual plans to join isis in syria. the fbi says one of them was arrested early this morning as he was trying to board a plane at jfk airport here in new york. another one was arrested in florida and another one here in brooklyn. the allegation from the fbi is that these three were something
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of a network trying to get over there and join these militants in syria. now, if their plan did not succeed to join isis they also had plans to carry out terrorist attacks here in this country, perhaps attacking -- trying to kill the president of the united states or fbi agents and police officers. it's a very serious complaint against these three. and this is a really interesting case in several respects because the fbi and the national security division of the justice department have been looking to see if there are any indications of networks trying to get these people these recruits over to syria. and they haven't found it. this case presents that exact fear that they've been wondering, they've been expecting to find. >> two of these -- all of these men are residents of the united states. but two of them are citizens of uzbekistan. one is a citizen of kazakhstan. but i take it they were legal residents in the united states do we know that? >> they are, wolf. and what's interesting, too,
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according to the fbi is that two of them got on their radar last summer. and the fbi introduced an undercover informant to try to figure out exactly what they were up to because they were talking about support for isis and expressing interest to travel over there and join with these militants. according to what the fbi says they have on them which includes recorded conversations, one of these guys also was noticed by his mother who was worried that he might be radicalizing and perhaps intending to travel to syria. she took away his passport. and so he decided to try to come up with an alternative reason for how he would get over there. it's something that they were very determined to do wolf. >> the three men, aged 19, 24 and 30. stand by, evan. all this news comes just a short time after we heard directly from the fbi director james comey, who had a shocking revelation. listen to this. >> those people exist in every state.
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i have home-grown violent extremist investigations in every single state. until a few weeks ago, there was 49 states. alaska had done. which i couldn't quigtte figure out. but alaska's now joined the group. we have investigations of people in various stages of radicalizing in all 50 states. we are drifting to a place as a country where there will be broad swaths of american life that are beyond the law. >> pretty shocking comments from the fbi director. it's discuss what's going on and follow the breaking news. joining us bobby ghosh, our cnn global affairs analyst, managing editor of "quartz," bob baer cnn security and intelligence analyst, forme arrests of these three individuals today? >> well there seems to be quite an important breckthrough. we shouldn't be surprised. we've seen this kind of behavior in europe taking place, these kinds of groups gathering and heading for syria. we saw this only last week with these three young women in britain under the noses of
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british and european security agencies. so it should not be a terrible surprise that something similar is happening here. i suppose once more details of the case come out, we should be pleased that this particular group was prevented from getting there or plotting here in this country. but it is obviously very alarming when you hear the director of the fbi saying every single state in this country has things like this going on. that's quite a lot of plots taking place. and even with the vast resources that the fbi has, you worry that one of them will somehow break through the cracks. >> and, bob baer the fact that two of these individuals arrested today are from uzbekistan one is from kazakhstan what does that say to you? >> first of all, we have to consider that uzbekistan has been a center of islamic fundamentalism for a couple of decades now.
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it's a very violent group that's shown up in afghanistan, now showing up in syria, the central asians are sort of the key part of the backbone of isislo radios s they have a difficult language. few americans speak it. and there are kazakhs involved in the boston bombing. they've been indicted. so central asians showing up in this country planning to do violence is worrisome and as bobby said the 50 states that's quite a statement from the fbi director. that surprised me which he's telling us we have a real islamic fundamentalist salafi problem here. watch out, something could be coming our way. >> all 50 states he says. in this document that they released the prosecutors, the law enforcement in new york the investigation revealed, it says two of them devised this plan to travel to turkey and on to syria for waging jihad on behalf of isil it says or isis. but they also said if they
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weren't able to get there, one of them offered to kill the president of the united states if ordered to do so by isil and another expressed his intent to by a machine gun and shoot police officers and fbi agents if thwarted in his plans to join isil in syria. those are pretty alarming developments. >> yeah, this is a serious threat. the problem here is both a bottom--up and top-down element to the terrorist organization. individuals being radicalized without the organization from on top giving out orders. so there's a magnetic appeal of what's going on in syria and iraq to some of these individuals. but it's decentralized and might not necessarily be ordered from up high. >> it's clear they first came under suspicion last summer, bobby. these three guys, they've been watched very very closely by law enforcement, various agencies of the u.s. government for months now, waiting to see what was going on. they only decided to go ahead with the arrests as at least one of them was planning on trying
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to get on a flight out of jfk for turkey with the hope of eventually reaching syria. but the question is how many more of these people are there out there and the fbi director is saying potentially there's a lot? >> yeah, that's the worrying part. we know that isis has essentially sent out a come one, come all invitation. they've asked people who are sympathetic to their cause around the world to come to syria, come to iraq to fight there. and they've also added, if you can't make it here then attack in the countries where you are, particularly we saw this after paris, a call to attack law enforcement specifically. so the fact that these guys one of them anyway was threatening to attack the fbi directly in washington to take a machine gun and go and kill fbi officers that fits in with that sort of clarion call from isis. and there's really no way to stop isis from communicating with people like this thanks to social media, thanks to the internet, they're going to get
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through. they are going to find young people in this country who somehow make contact and who are attracted by what they see on television and online. so the challenge is how many -- this is one very very large haystack even if there are a lot of needles, finding them is going to be very hard. >> guys, hold on for a moment. we're also just getting this in. u.s. embassy officials in amman, jordan are now warning of a potential threat against high-end shopping malls in amman, the capital of jordan. the threat is judged to be credible according to the state department. but there's no word on a time line or what type of threat is involved. u.s. officials say extremist groups have repeatedly expressed interest in attacking what are called soft targets such as malls and restaurants. u.s. embassy employees in jordan their families private u.s. citizens they are now all being instructed to avoid these locations in the coming days.
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this is a very disturbing development that american citizens are being told in amman, jordan don't go to a shopping mall. >> this is a development -- jordan is surrounded in the center of all this. the u.s. government and analysts have been watching the stability and the threat levels in jordan for many years now, since the beginning of the syrian conflict. and this is a target that isis has already articulated. they're interested in attacking targets in jordan. this is alarming but not surprising. >> and as you know bob, there are a lot of american tourist who is go to jordan. they want to go to petra and see what's going on over there. a warning, an advisory like this by the state department, that will clearly put a damper on that. >> wolf let me put it this way, a senior pentagon official an old friend of mine knows the middle east speaks arabic he says, i just won't go back there. it's too violent. you can't go to public places like malls. you can't go out to dinner. the place is just toxic.
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and that was a warning i have never heard in my career or ever. and he's watching the middle east. he sort of despairs with the situation, the spread of violence there, which the pentagon can't predict, nor can a country like jordan. so if a mall is attacked there, they are vulnerable, they are soft targets. there's only so much you can do to protect them. it wouldn't surprise me. >> stand by guys. we have more breaking news that's developing. the pentagon we're told may be rethinking a major anti-isis offensive in iraq. one factor in play the ability of the iraqi military to get its part of the plan accomplished. (woman) the constipation and belly pain feel tight like a vise. how can i ease this pain? (man) when i can't go, it's like rocks piling up. i wish i could find some relief. (announcer) ask your doctor about linzess-- a once-daily capsule for adults with ibs with constipation or chronic idiopathic constipation.
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iraqi troops have gained what is being described as serious progress in the taking of the city of al baghdadi. the pentagon may be reconsidering a major anti-isis military offensive because of serious questions emerging about iraqi military readiness. let's go to our pentagon correspondent, barbara starr. tell us what you know about this battle for al baghdadi. >> reporter: the iraqi forces have shown the world new video of what they say are iraqi defense forces beginning the liberation of the town and that they have now liberated the outskirts and significant portions of this town which really isis had laid siege to for weeks. this was some of the most heavily contested area. there are people trying to flee, of course, as there always are
10:15 am
in these circumstances. people trying to get out of the way of the fighting. but right now, the iraqis say that they are beginning and have liberated portions of the town as you say, very important because it's so close to a major base in western iraq where u.s. forces are beginning the training programs and the assistance programs for iraqi forces. so the beginning here. but now the question as you point out, how does secretary of defense ash carter want to proceed? does he want to recommend to the president and work with the iraqi forces that perhaps mosul in northern iraq will be the first major city that the iraqis will try and liberate? or some people are saying in the u.s. military circles, it might be a better idea to stick in this area, western iraq, less heavily populated, perhaps less of a challenge for iraqi forces. the bottom line, officials will tell you, wherever the iraqis go first in the next major phase of the campaign they have to score a win against isis.
10:16 am
they have to succeed so they're going to be looking for the best opportunity, the best location to do just that. >> good point. barbara, stand by. we're also hearing much more about a large group of christians kidnapped by isis forces in syria. an activist close to the group now says isis is holding 150 people hostage. that's around twice as many as first feared. these are assyrian christians. that empire once stretched from the mediterranean to the persian gulf. now their members are a minority even within the arab christian community. nic robertson is joining us from london now. nic, what do we know about the demands being put forward by isis regarding these kidnapped christians? >> reporter: what the activists what are connected with these as assyrian christians is they're expecting this to be a message
10:17 am
to president obama, to coalition forces, they're fearing the worst. these 150 people there's women, children elderly, even some priests, several thousand families are affected. the isis offensive was against 35 different villages in that area. there were 600 of these christians hiding out, sheltering in a church in one of the nearby towns. so their concern is the fate of that 150 and what happens to the others who have left their homes or are hiding out in churches places like that will isis come back will they face a similar fate? but the reality is these activist networks are telling us the spokesman for them, are saying look we saw what isis did to the christians it captured in libya. we've seen what isis did to the christians it captureded in iraq. and the outcome is not positive. they are very concerned right now. >> it looks like slowly but surely unfortunately tragically christian communities which have lived in these areas forever, if
10:18 am
you will they're being driven out right now. and hopefully it will never happen but it could happen that there won't be any christians left in syria or iraq if this kind of assault continues. >> reporter: the picture that we saw over the last decade in iraq was a dismal one for christians. their communities came under attack from the precursors of isis, now isis as well. in syria itself president bashar al assad has relied on the business community, the 1.5 million christians relied on them heavily in times past. but they feel isolated now. and they're absolutely specifically targeted by not only isis but some of the al qaeda-affiliated radical groups that are there. so they're absolutely under pressure. and it is a concern for the christian community going forward. their churches have been ransack ransacked and burned priests killed nuns expelled from the country. and religious sites that go back 2,000 years.
10:19 am
>> it's a real tragedy unfolding. nic, thanks very much. i spoke about all this and a lot more earlier this morning with the u.s. army's chief of staff, general ray ordierno. that's next.
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10:23 am
the fight against isis. will the arab countries in the region join in this operation? i know you want the iraqi military and you think this new government of haider al abadi are stronger than the previous government. will other arab countries in the region actually get involved on the ground whether jordan uae, kuwait saudi arabia egypt? >> remember when you're talking about isis and isil it's in two countries, in iraq and syria. and so it's not just defeating them in iraq, it's defeating them in syria. where we've built the major part of the coalition to support is in syria. part of it is getting into mosul, which should be done by iraqi security forces, sovereign nation solving a problem inside their own country. >> no indication that jordan is -- >> i'm not sure we want that. we would rather have them
10:24 am
focus -- as we begin to train the syrian free army that's why we want help from jordan and other places willing to come in and help us because we have to also remember that you have isis operating in syria. and we don't want them to have a safe haven. so if you defeat them in mosul, they just run into syria. so that's an important part of this as we go forward as well. >> i ask the question because the president of egypt, el sisi wants to create this pan-arab ground force. >> it's important. for the first time in the last couple of weeks, we've seen jordan -- you've now seen the people of jordan very clear that they want to do something against isis. now we have egypt that's come out and said, we have to do something about isis. so we're starting to see the leaders in the middle east starting to coalesce around this is a problem that we have to deal this. i think that's important and it will be important as we move
10:25 am
forward. we need them all to be involved. so i think we want to be able to build a coalition that wants to assist. in my mind without that it's always going to be difficult to rid ourselves of this threat. >> much more of my interview with general odierno coming up later this hour also in "the situation room" later today. when we come back more of the breaking news we're following, federal authorities in new york city they've arrested three individuals, they're accusing them of wanting to leave the united states fly to turkey then go into syria and join up with isis. we'll tell you what's going on right after this. my name is daniel i have diabetic nerve pain. the pain felt like my feet were on fire. i had these very burning ... needle-like sensations. i knew i needed to see a doctor. my doctor said "let's try lyrica." lyrica has helped relieve my pain. it's known that... diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda-approved to treat
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. we're following breaking news out of new york. the fbi now has three men in custody, three men the fbi says were planning to fly out of the united states to turkey and then cross into syria and join forces with isis. our justice reporter evan perez, is joining us from new york. we're getting new details, including allegations that one of them may actually have wanted to kill the president of the united states and another may have plans to plant some sort of bomb on coney island in brooklyn. what else do we know? >> reporter: that's right. one of these suspects is 24
10:30 am
years old. the allegation from the fbi -- they've sent out a few tweets in the last hour making some of these allegations against this one suspect who's now under arrest. that if he could not travel if he could get carry out his plan to join isis in syria, that perhaps the plan would be to carry out on attack here on u.s. soil either killing the united states -- the president of the united states perhaps plant a bomb on coney island or also assassinate police officers or fbi agents. he was determined to carry out something on behalf of isis whether here or on syrian soil. we should also say that we now know -- we got new information just a few minutes ago that the fbi has sent out one of their joint intelligence bulletins, which is intended to give state and local law enforcement around the country the heads-up on these big cases. and in this intelligent
10:31 am
bulletin they're basically telling officers around the country about this particular case, wolf. but they're also warning them and telling them to be vigilant for other similar type of suspects out there, not only people who might want to travel overseas but also who may be planning to carry out attacks here. >> i'll also bring in bob baer, cnn security and intelligence analyst. in this document that the justice department released bob, it says that two of these guys actually came to the attention of the fbi in the summer of 2014 after they started posting their anti-u.s. -- their pro-isil views on various websites. the investigation revealed that two of them subsequently devised a plan to travel to turkey and then to syria for the purpose of waging jihad on behalf of isil. so if they first noticed these guys in the summer of 2014 walk us through what would normally happen. how would they monitor these three individuals.
10:32 am
>> once they went up in social media, then you would start listening to their cell phones. you would go to the travel databases, looking for reservations to turkey. once they started to take those actions, then you start human intelligence and start running people into them to see what their plans and intentions are. they clearly weren't putting on the net that they were intending to kill the president. and only once the fbi really launched a full investigation with agents and proxies into these guys would they really know -- and then they had to monitor them. they had to figure out how big the group was. and they had to pull the plug at the right time to roll these guys up. clearly the attack on the president is aspirational. but putting a bomb in coney island, easily done. obtaining a machine gun, shooting up police, a police car, easily done. sounds to me that the fbi moved at the right time.
10:33 am
clearly we needed domestic intelligence agency -- the fbi is doing a great job but we have to keep going. if the fbi director is right, there are in all 50 states, there are cells. this is a huge problem. and remember there are the lone wolfs that don't go up on the net which is who worries the fbi the most. >> and these guys may have been dumber than you think because in this document it says -- i'll read it to you and our viewers here in the united states and around the world, in an august 2014 posting on an uzbek language website, one of the suspects offered to kill the president of the united states if ordered to do so by isil. so obviously on this uzbek website that promotes isis's ideology he specifically said if necessary, i'm ready to kill the president of the united states. that according to this document released by the justice department. what were they thinking?
10:34 am
>> well, these are the dumb ones. it's the low-hanging fruit. the guys who haven't figured this out. we do monitor uzbek sites. and that would come to the fbi's attention. it's the ones as i said that stay off these social media sites, that don't blog, that worries the fbi. but in these other 50 states what's going on there? they haven't been able to move but they suspect there are cells, that they've active and that they're listening to the islamic state, this call for violence against police and against americans. we could go anywhere with this. >> maybe they thought nobody's paying attention to an uzbek language website that's loyal to isis. guys stand by. bob baer evan perez. more on the breaking news coming up. also coming up unfortunate and destructive, a u.s. official uses some of the strongest language yet to criticize the
10:35 am
prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu's visit to the united states next week. susan rice the president's national security adviser, bluntly condemning this visit. we'll talk about the impact when we come back. rma. checking your credit score is for chumps. i have great credit. how do you know? duh. you know those change, right? tattoos don't change. try credit karma. it's free and you can see what your score is right now. aren't you a little bit curious?
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next week's planned to visit to washington by the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has stirred up a
10:39 am
hornet's nest here in washington, d.c. the house speaker, john boehner, thumbed his nose at protocol when he invited netanyahu to address the joint meeting in the united states congress about negotiations with iran and its nuclear ambitions. he did so without consulting the president, the white house or with the democratic leadership. that in turn had many democrats deciding whether they should even attend the speech. the national security adviser to the president, susan rice she went one step further last night on pbs's charlie rose's show calling it destructive. >> what has happened over the last several weeks by virtue of the invitation that was issued -- >> by the speaker of the house. >> by the speaker and the acceptance of it by prime minister netanyahu two weeks in advance of his election is that on both sides, there's been injected a degree of partisanship which is not only unfortunate, i think it's destructive of the fabric of the relationship. >> let's discuss what's going on
10:40 am
with netanyahu's visit. joining us ron brownstein and gloria borger. i don't remember a time gloria when there's been in kind of blunt, angry language coming from both sides, the prime minister of israel he's bitterly condemning what the u.s. is trying to do with iran. and now susan rice is calling his whole visit destructive. >> let me speak to susan rice's language for a moment. national security adviser of the united states does not go on national television and use a word like destructive without the explicit permission or direction of the president of the united states. she is clearly reflecting a president who is very annoyed by this who is angered by this. so what she said reflects the president very clearly. and this thing is only going to ratchet up after netanyahu comes. he's refused to meet with democrats separately. and you've got a big jewish
10:41 am
meeting here in town, washington, next week. so the administration is playing this out and netanyahu is playing it for his election on march 17. >> wolf we might be -- you covered this -- you think of other examples. netanyahu and bill clinton were rocky. but even compared to those, there's nothing in modern times like this nor is there anything like the decision netanyahu has made to really identify and align with the republican party to a greater extent than we've seen israeli leaders -- align solely with one party. there's a legitimate debate to be had and that will be had about the terms of an agreement with iran that the administration seems to be moving toward, a lot of questions about it. but i think netanyahu has made it much tougher for democrats to join that questioning by framing this in such a partisan way. >> and the vice president is going to be out of town when netanyahu speaks. john kerry is going to be out of town when netanyahu speaks.
10:42 am
and one thing we all ought to know about domestic politics in israel is that president obama has a 59% unfavorable rating. and so could it be possibly that there's politics going on here? >> here's the problem, though from the israeli point of view from the prime minister of israel's perspective, assuming he's reelected. and it's a close election on march 17th. so there's no 100% guarantee he will be reelected. but there has been real serious damage done at least in the short term not only with the president of the united states and his administration but with democrats in the united states. when you get a letter by dianne feinstein and dick durbin to the prime minister of israel they're expressing their irritation with the way this invitation was coming forward and then they say, we'd like you to meet behind closed doors with the democratic caucus democratic member netanyahu says no that would be too partisan, you can't do that. but normally israel has always tried to have good relations with both parties and you can't
10:43 am
irritate half of the country, if you will. >> this isn't entirely new either. in the 2012 election i think netanyahu went remarkably far in indicating his preference for mitt romney -- >> former business colleague. >> in the hype of the u.s. election. i've talked to elections in this area who said there's never been anything quite like the level, the degree to which he's been willing to identify with one party. you would have to say that this is the most counterproductive foreign intervention in american politics in modern times. i said that the other day and it was said since the xyz affair in the 1970s -- >> and this is really short term really dangerous politics that bibi netanyahu is playing right now. >> his point is israel has an existential threat he has to alert the congress because that's really the last -- >> why not meet with these democrats? >> that's the last bastion, if
10:44 am
you will to prevent this deal. >> he may be making it tougher, not easier to have that fundamental debate -- >> guys, thanks. we'll cover that visit next week. coming up in less than three days funding for the u.s. department of homeland security runs out. the house speeshgsaker john boehner, says he's in a wait-and-see mood right now. we have the latest on this fight when we come back. ti correxion® 5 in 1. proven to hydrate dryness illuminate dullness lift sagging diminish the look of dark spots and smooth the appearance of wrinkles. high performance skincare™ only from roc®. the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer,
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the house speaker, john boehner, says it's now up to the senate to get something done on funding the u.s. department of homeland security before his chamber can act. here's what he told our own dana bash just a little while ago. >> mr. speaker, on dhs funding, are you concerned that if you bring up a clean bill to fund the homeland security department like mcconnell says he'll do in the senate, it will be the end of your speakership? >> i'm waiting for the senate to act. the house has done its job to fund the department of homeland security and to stop the president's overreach on immigration. and we're waiting for the senate to do their jobs and the democrats have stood in the way now for three weeks over a bill that should have been debated and passed. so until the senate does something, we're in a wait-and-see mode. >> this is just the latest move in the fight between republicans in congress and the president over immigration. if a funding agreement for the department of homeland security isn't reached by midnight friday, the department faces at least a very serious partial shutdown.
10:49 am
representative matt salmon a republican from arizona, is joining us right now. congressman, thanks very much for joining us. let's say the senate does today or tomorrow or even friday pass what's called a clean bill to fund the department of homeland security at least for the next several months through the end of this fiscal year the end of september. comes to the floor of the house of representatives, no references to immigration. will you vote in favor of funding the department? >> i believe that we should then add those riders back on send it back to the senate and iron it out in a conference committee. that's how the process works. >> as you know the democrats, they have filibuster rules, they have an ability to block that. they say they will if you were to do so and that would simply avoid payment for hundreds of thousands of employees of the department of homeland security in effect there would i'm certainly in hopes, high hopes that the democrats would
10:50 am
honor the process and go through the conference committee. we have a very strong difference of opinion. we believe that the president not only overreached but we believe that what he did was unconstitutional. we believe that we have a responsibility and the november election was a strong mandate from the people and the president wants to say, elections do have consequences. when are we going to be relevant? i don't mean we as republicans, but i mean we the congress. there's three co-equal branches of government. one branch doesn't control everything. one of the powers that were given to us the power of the purse to try to bring the president back into control, so to speak. one other thing i'd like to say is that my voters believe in november that harry reid wouldn't be running the senate anymore. i'm sad to tell them he still is. >> let me ask you this. if the speaker of the house were to decide to go ahead and just put up a clean bill as it's
10:51 am
called without any references any amendments or attachments to immigration, all the democrats, i assume in the house would vote for it. a whole bunch of republican colleagues would vote for it would you consider that, if the speaker would allow that to come up for an up or down vote a betrayal on his part? >> i usually don't deal with hypotheticalsb you if the speaker brought a vote to the floor that funded what i believe an unconstitutional action. i'm not going to be part of funding something i believe is un un un unconstitutional unconstitutional. that's a dereliction of my -- >> what about the immigration plan that the president put forward by executive order is on hold because of a federal judge in texas said it was unconstitutional. it's now going through appeals, going to the fifth circuit court of appeals. this could take months and months and month. at a time of terror threats, you don't want to fool around with homeland security on a matter of
10:52 am
principle even if he doesn't implement his immigration plans in anyplace. >> i don't want to fool around with our national security as all. in fact that's why we passed a bill a month ago and the senate democrats have not even let it come for a vote on the floor. they've been flat-out irresponsible. i would hope that ultimately the president and the senate democrats would care at least as much about national security as they do about the president's overreach. >> we'll see what happens. do you want to give us a prediction what's going to happen between now and midnight friday? >> my prediction is that if the senate does finally do something and i think that's a big if if the senate does finally do something and they strip out the language the riders ha we put on it my prediction is we'll put it back on send it back to them we should go to conference committee, iron it out. that's the democratic process. we don't live in a banana republic. we live in a republic. >> representative matt salmon of arizona, thanks very much for
10:53 am
joining us. >> thank you. >> coming up paris on edge after another night of mysterious drones flying over some well-known sites. we'll have the latest on the investigation.
10:54 am
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10:56 am
monuments in the overnight hours. french police now say they've arrested three journalists from al jazeera english for drone violations. here's the thing, they're unrelated to the mystery drone sightings over the past two nights. let's get analysis. joining us our cnn aviation analyst, myles o'brien. what do you think? >> what's going on? you see the drones flying over the eiffel tower, the u.s. embassy in paris, other landmarks. >> yeah. i think those would be pretty shots for one thing. i can see why journalists would be trying to do this. but the french are particularly tough about this. for one thing to fly a drone there, you have to have what's tantamount to a pilot's license, a motor glider license. and you have to have specific permission to fly over a specific location. it sounds like they failed on both of these accounts and may have gotten some pretty pictures but also got in hot water. >> looks the fbi is getting
10:57 am
involved in helping them. there was a drone that flew over the white house a few weeks ago, as you well remember. >> yes, i do remember that. it's interesting. what happens as you well know, technology gets ahead of regulation. this is an exploding market of technology these lightweight drones that carry these small, go pro style cameras. it can get amazing images of what it costs tens of thousands of dollars with a helicopter. now it can be done for a fraction of that. the regulators have not caught up to this. we're in a weird gray area right now where you don't want to stop a very cool technology from coming to fruition but people are pushing the envelope in ways that -- well are helping define the regulations, put it that way. >> french investigators now videoed the drones actually flying around. the concern, i suspect is not so much the video that will be shot by these go pro cameras on a drone, but potentially if it's a
10:58 am
terrorist or hostile intention, that could be serious damage too. >> there could. there's security implications the ability to see over walls, that kind of thing is one issue. a lot of people express concerns about them being weaponized in some way. these are very small drones. we're talking the payload is extremely limited. the weight of the camera is about really all it can carry. i think that's a bit overstated. there is the real possibility that if you fly them properly or -- don't fly them properly or recklessly you could hurt somebody or conque somebody on the head. there's a level of expertise and knowledge about it is important before you allow people to fly them over places. >> some law enforcement officials have said to me one of the concerns is if you're a bad guy, terrorist, you use it for surveillance to plot some other attack if you will on the ground. >> yeah. there's a lot of ways to do that. you can also use google maps and that kind of thing to do that sort of thing.
10:59 am
there's a lot of ways -- there are cameras everywhere as we well know. >> especially in europe. >> this is one more layer in that ability to look over the fence and look down on things. everybody has to kind of sort this out without stopping what is a legitimate industry. for me as a journalist, it's exciting to have the capability to get those shots. >> uncharted territory for a lot of us. miles, thanks very much. our aviation analyst. that's it for me. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern in the situation room. much more on my interviews with the u.s. army chief of staff, chief ray odierno. ahmad flur is coming up next. in north america, newsroom with ana cabrera starts right now. this is cnn breaking news. hello. >> i'm ana cabrera.
11:00 am
we are following breaking news at this hour. the battle of isis reaches u.s. soil. three new yorkers are in custody accused of trying to join the vicious terror group. at this very moment two of the suspects are due you in federal court here in brooklyn. according to court documents, one suspect even offered to kill president obama if isis ordered him to do so. another suspect was arrested just this morning at new york's jfk airport trying to board a flight to turkey and eventually get to syria. court documents show he once considered getting a machine gun and shooting fbi agents and police officers if his plans to join isis in syria