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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  February 25, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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isis wannabes in the u.s. the fbi has caught three young men aspiring to wage terror. plus winter weather wreaks havoc in the american south. a life saving gesture. we'll hear from the teacher who is giving her young student a priceless gift. we want to welcome our viewers wherever you may be watching around the world. i'm zain asher. >> i'm john vause. great to have you with us. this is cnn newsroom. first up this hour three men arrested for a plot to join the terror group isis.
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they planned to hijack a jet liner and force it to fly to isis territory. >> agents say one talked about assassinating president obama. here's what we know about the suspects. one of them is a 24-year-old from kazakhstan. pamela brown reports. >> reporter: the fbi says one of the men arrested today boasted about wanting to kill president obama and blow up coney island in new york city. another man proposed shooting police and fbi agents. a plan they allegedly said they would put into place if they weren't able to join isis in syria. >> two of the individuals were seeking to fly to syria. one was arrested at the international airport at jfk as he was getting ready to board that flight. a second individual had a later
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flight scheduled. >> reporter: prosecutors point to conversations on line including one last summer which one wrote about his desire to shoot obama and then get shot ourselves. that will strike fear in the heart of infidels. that brought fbi agents to his front door. >> they came as members of the joint terrorism task force, they identified them as such. >> reporter: even after being interviewed by fbi they investigators say they began coordinating travel to turkey often seen as a gateway into syria. >> to prove a conspiracy you only have to show that there's been a material effort or forward step in furtherance of the conspiracy. and clearly, those communications would indicate
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that there's been a forward step in the conspiracy. >> reporter: in court documents released both suspects purchased round trip tickets to turkey. they said if they were defected at the airport, they could kill a police officer and shoot other officers with the gun. >> more on this story later this hour and we'll speak with one expert how isis is using social media better than any other terror group has done before and luring young people from all around the world. the human rights activist who said isis kidnapped 150 syrian christians is now expecting a message soon about their fate. also syrian activists say an australian fighting with kurdish forces has been killed in a battle against isis.
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plus jordan is increasing security at shopping malls as well based on what the u.s. is calling credible threats. here's our barbara starr with more. >> reporter: iraq says their defense forces have nearly liberated al baghdadi the town in western iraq that isis has gripped for weeks. it's just a few miles from the air base where hundreds of american troops are on a training mission. for now, a victory for iraqi units. just outside irbil, italian, german and dutch troops training front line peshmerga forces. it's still unclear whether the next big battle will be to retake mosul, iraq's second largest city. amid worry iraqi forces still are not ready. >> if you go in there, it's going to be tough fighting and if you lose, or even if you have a stalemate, it looks like a
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victory for isis. >> reporter: iraqi forces could first take on isis in western iraq, which is less populated. but still an area with isis threats. a crucial hurdle for iraqi success, the need to include shia sunni and peshmerga fighters. >> it's going to be important that baghdad get its act together that the iraqi army get its act together as a multisectarian force. >> reporter: iraqi forces say they blew up these isis tunnels fighters were using to reach government buildings in the western city of ramadi. elsewhere, isis still on a brutal offensive. activists are reporting in northern syria, 150 christians kidnapped and threatened with execution after isis swept through several villages. secretary of state john kerry says isis will have to be confronted directly on the ground across syria. >> a number of countries in the region have spoken of their willingness under the right circumstances to commit troops
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to that effort. >> reporter: in jordan the u.s. embassy advising citizens to avoid shopping malls due to "credible threats." and as isis threats continue to churn online the pentagon working on classified efforts to challenge isis in cyberspace tracking its encrypted web and social media accounts. >> that work is just beginning and because it's live and we're in a wartime situation, that's not going to be an area we can talk about in a lot of detail. >> reporter: on that upcoming ground battle if u.s. forces are going to be involved president obama is going to need to see a recommendation from the u.s. military in the coming days. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. >> many thanks to our barbara starr for our report. we are also following some news out of afghanistan. the taliban has claimed responsibility for an explosion outside the iranian embassy in kabul thursday morning. this is a new video just coming
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in. you can see smoke pouring out of that vehicle. a police spokesman says a suicide bomber blew up a car after crashing into another vehicle. at least one civilian was killed and another one was injured, as well. winter storm warnings have been issued for states in the southeast of the united states with another nasty round of winter weather. take a look at mississippi, where a number of cities have declared curfews because of the unusual amount of snow and ice. >> in maine, heavy snowfall caused a massive pileup of more than 70 cars. incredible. the interstate was shut down for about five hours while the wreckage was cleared. >> more than 1500 mights have been canceled in and out of the united states but not all of those are because of the weather. the most affected airports are in the south, including atlanta the busiest airport in the world.
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so what we're now also hearing from officials, as they looked at the death toll of this weather, it's more than 70 people people having heart attacks shoveling snow, car accidents. >> a lot of people impacted by this are being caught off guard. parts of alabama, 10 inches. about 25 centimeters of snowfall in areas of northern alabama. seeing some images trying to get clearance to share these with you. significant snow accumulations, much the same around northern georgia. i want to show you some video coming out of northern georgia across the blood mountain region. ice, snow all of it accumulating 6 to 10 inches. even some hikers out there enjoying the scene on wednesday afternoon in northern georgia. about 600 flights canceled out
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of jackson and atlanta. still seeing snow showers around nashville. northern georgia, things beginning to taper off. the last bout of some light snow could still fall across this region over the next several hours, but it's moving off to the east. take a look the temperature is just too warm around the city. but just north everyone below freezing. so that's where the heaviest snowfall came down across this region. the storm quickly moves off the eastern seaboard with drier weather expected to return and colder temperatures as well. so winter is still kicking on in the eastern u.s. >> so there's no snow in downtown atlanta right now. so i did not need to spend the night in the hotel. >> i'm so proud of myself, because i came to work five
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hours early today. still to come here on cnn, it appears to be quiet in eastern ukraine as a cease-fire begins to take hold. but russian separatists may be targeting their next city. plus united airlines issues a stern warning to its pilots after a few near misses in the cockpit. we'll have the details straight ahead. for many prescription nexium helps heal acid-related erosions in the lining of the esophagus. it's my prescription.
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at long last the shaky cease-fire in eastern ukraine could actually be holding, at least for now. kiev says no soldiers were killed in at least the past 24 hours. that is the first since the truce was iannounced. >> reporter: pro-russian rebels pull their armor back from the front. they haven't said what's going where, but it's a start. france on wednesday said it will toughen sanctions on russia if pro-russia rebels target this city mariupol. this is the eastern most important of the city. this area has been shelled in the past scores killed just
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around the corner a few weeks ago. you can see some of the strafing on this building. if you live in this block of flats, there isn't much to protect you. we were here in september. this family was asking our advice where best to hide from incoming fire. we're surprised to find them still here. most other families have left. when the shelling is not that loud it's okay she says. but when it's louder i always get scared for my grandma and grandpa because they won't leave. the grandmother shows her icon of the virgin mary one in every room. so far, we've been safe, she says. that's how this war has worn people down in the east living as best they can, fearing they
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have nowhere else to go. who would take us europe this lady says? what jobs would we get? and we would need to know a foreign language. we only know russian and ukrainian. but the city would be hard to take. a city of 500,000, crucial to ukraine's economy. kiev has upped its defensive positions around the city. and things are calming down. the number of cease-fire violations casualties down over the past few days. this war can't last forever, this man says. they'll shoot out all the shells and then they'll seek peace. a prospect that can't come soon enough for ukraine's tormented east. elaborate and bizarre war games. state tv broadcast these images on wednesday.
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gun boats speeding towards a u.s. aircraft carrier in the persian gulf only it's a fake. and then kaboom they blow it up. this is the first time iran has used a replica of a prominent target. iran's news agency says the vessel was built to scale and equipped of missiles. southwest has grounded more than 100 planes because of overdue maintenance. the airline missed required inspections on 128 of its boeing 737 aircraft. southwest notified the faa on tuesday and voluntarily grounded the flights. the faa said southwest can keep flying the planes for up to about five days while the inspections are completed. john? and united airlines issued a strict warning to pilots. you know cut down on disastrous
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mistakes in the cockpits please. several errors raised the alarms with officials. no word if pilots will get additional training. it's a little bit of a concern. u.s.-israeli tensions continue to rise ahead of prime minister netanyahu's visit to the u.s. next week. we'll look at what is escalating the spat. and social media explodes after the material girl takes a tumble at the awards. yeah, i sweeted about it. stay with us. would you be willing to give up sharing your moments? sacrifice streaming all night long? is it okay to drop a connection, when you need it most? if you're not on the largest, most reliable network,
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the controversy over next week's visit to washington by the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu continues to heat up. >> he'll be at the capitol where he's planning to speak. israel views iran's nuclear program as a threat to its security. take a listen. >> translator: from the agreement coming together it appears that they have given up on this commitment and they are accepting with iran gradually, in a few years, would develop the means to create fissile material for the production of very many nuclear weapons. >> that was benjamin netanyahu
10:21 pm
there. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is cautioning and to wait and see what negotiations produce. >> i regrettably can't talk about it as much as i would love to talk about it because we don't have a deal yet. and so i am not going to go into great lengths and detail here for that reason and i would caution others not to be running around combatting the deal that hasn't been made. >> republican house speaker john boehner invited mr. netanyahu to washington. but he did not consult the white house. some u.s. democratic lawmakers plan to skip the prime minister's address next week because they say it will directly oppose diplomatic efforts with iran. meantime three al jazeera journalists have been arrested for flying drones over paris. but the city's prosecutor's office say they are not connected to the recent string of mysterious drone sightings
10:22 pm
over city land marks. >> authorities are trying to figure out who was flying those drones and why. and with the market for drones booming, will ripley looks at the growing security fears. >> reporter: we know they have them. isis propaganda shows the terror group using drones with chilling sophistication. gathering aerial intelligence on potential targets. in paris, mysterious drone sightings over famous landmarks are sparking new fears. more than five drones spotted two nights in a row. france on high security alert after january's terror attacks. france still searching for whoever flew drones over more than a dozen nuclear plants last year the late nest a series of high profile drone disruptions. in january, a small drone evaded
10:23 pm
secret service radar crashing on white house grounds. the incident raised serious security questions. >> we had a drone come within 50 feet of us. >> reporter: new york police arrested a man who flew a drone dangerously close to a helicopter. a texas student was questioned after flying a drone of this football game. >> you can take a chemical agent and it would kill people and fly it into a stadium. >> reporter: former cia officer bob baer says there's no intelligence on what they may be going to be with drones. >> with enough time and experience you could kill people with a drone. >> reporter: drone technology is a multibillion dollar industry with models starting at less than $500. new york city photographers uses
10:24 pm
donees to take pictures. he says the vast majority of operators are responsible. >> we're not interested in creating fear or invading anyone's privacy. we're looking as photographers for those images that you can't get in any other vehicle. >> reporter: but as the market gross, so do the number of people with access to drones including those who seek to do harm from above. will ripley cnn, new york. >> regulators need to come up with advancing drone technology. they have been behind the curve. >> the technology often gets in front of the regulations, that's the problem. some of the biggest names in music gathered in london wednesday night. >> it was a big night. it was the final number getting all of the attention.
10:25 pm
how the mighty have fallen. >> reporter: her performance was sure to be dramatic. but 20 years since madonna last performed on this stage, fell flat. though she took a nasty tumble following a wardrobe malfunction. soon she was calming the nerves of her millions of followers, telling her that her cape was tied too tight. even before the show, she was the star attraction. ♪ celebration, come together in every nation ♪ ♪ like a virgin ♪ >> you must trust within you the beast that's forever dying. >> reporter: before her falling, it started out as the battle of the british boys. with sam smith, and george ezra facing off in the top
10:26 pm
categories. the fans turned out for selfies and autographs. but everybody wondered which englishman would come out on top. five-time grammy winner sam was very complimentary about ed. how much competition is there between you two? or is it more as a bromance? >> i adore him as a person and friend and i really want him to walk away with that thing. >> reporter: they took two each of the statues. the show itself was sprinkled with star dust quite literally. in the case of taylor swift's performance. kanye west was a late addition to the bill and whipped fans into a frenzy when he dropped in a restaurant on his way to the show. it was his performance that set the stage alight. surrounded by modern dancers and fiery flame throwers. a night of heart stopping
10:27 pm
performances. >> of course the twitter verse lit up after madonna's fall. most of the messages seem to be sympathetic, but there were a couple of mean ones as well. >> cher tweeted, this is something we all dread. i give you props. you are a champ for finishing. i couldn't agree more. >> piers morgan -- any way, he tweeted out, ambulance for granny please. not very nice. >> boy george shot back at all the trolls. he said that was a hard fall, but she got on with it. all these comments about her being so old, so lame. i agree. she's 56. but the fact that she did that dance and did those movements, good on her. >> she is 56. after we saw the video in the
10:28 pm
newsroom we decided to show other videos of celebrity falling down. >> there is jennifer lawrence slipping on the red carpet last year. this spill came one year after j-lo tripped in the middle of the oscar ceremony while accepting the award for best actress. >> conan o'brien took a tumble while recording this sketch right here back in 2009. he suffered a slight -- >> ouch! >> -- concussion. >> and then there's beyonce. i remember this. she tripped and fell while walking down. she barely missed a beat. such a professional. ability o'reilly is facing more controversy he made as a reporter decades ago. this time though it involves a u.s. president. plus a family in the u.s.
10:29 pm
desperately awaits word on the fate of their syrian christian relatives, now in the hands of isis. stay with us.
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10:31 pm
welcome back to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. just after 1:30 here on the east coast of the u.s. i'm john vause. >> and i'm zain asher. three men are facing terror charges in new york for plans to hijack a jet liner and join isis. the fbi says one of the men talked about assassinating president obama. two of the suspects planned to fly to turkey on wednesday. the third man helped organize
10:32 pm
and finance the operation. it appears a cease-fire in eastern ukraine is starting to take hold. russian separatists have begun to withdraw heavy weapons from the front line but ukraine's military will wait a little longer but no reports of combat casualties on wednesday. the taliban are claiming responsibility for a blast in kabul. the explosion killed at least one person and injured another. a police spokesman says a suicide bomber blew up a car after kraushing into another vehicle. returning now to our top story. the three men charged with providing material support to isis. for more, clark jones joins us. he's a counterterrorism expert. clark, thanks for being with us. the big picture here these three men appear to have been recruited online. isis' capability on social media
10:33 pm
seems nothing short of remarkable. what does that tell you about the people who are running this terror group? >> it's probably one of the most sophisticated groups we've been seeing. they've been able to reach into many pockets, vulnerable areas in society, to pick up these marginalized kids all around the world. it is very -- it's phenomenal to be able to do it and continue to do it. >> one of these suspects says -- his lawyer says he's just a young, innocent kid, and he makes his point there's just a rush to prosecution. is that a fair thing to say? >> we've seen it with the recent australian government national security statement was read out. there's been a push in many countries to jail these kids. and we're talking kids as young
10:34 pm
as 16 17 through to the mid 20s. that's the range of the type of offenders. but the worst thing we can do in many cases is put them into jail. jail does not help these people. if we're going to do anything about this terrorism threat we need to look at how we counter extremism, and what sort of intervention programs we develop. once they're in jail, it's very difficult. so we can look at diversionary programs. i think that's a good strategy. >> clark jones for us there in australia. >> >> we're going to take a short break. when we come back fox news host bill o'reilly is on the defensive again, and he has some
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here. welcome back, everyone. we have more now on the assyrian christians kidnapped by isis. activists fear they may soon be facing death and a family in california knows that fear all too well. they are anxiously waiting for news on 12 family members now among 150 christians said to have been taken by isis on tuesday. >> they came at 4:00 in the morning and attacked them and took them away. >> we heard it was like a sea of black uniforms marching through the villages burning down the churches, desecrating the crosses and wreaking havoc. >> one of the activists who reported on that mass kidnapping
10:38 pm
is the founder of the assyrian human rights network and joins us live now from copenhagen denmark. so assama it's been a couple of days since they were kidnapped in northeast syria. the number of people kidnapped get on getting higher. what are you hearing from your sources on the ground? >> the number is increasing since yesterday night, because isis is taking over more and more new villages and towns, assyrian towns. i have a list of names. i can read it for you.
10:39 pm
situation is deteriorating and the number are increasing. >> so they're taking over more towns, kidnapping more assyrian christians. so i'm just curious, what has been the defense strategy for the assyrian christians so far? how have they tried in the past to defend themselves from isis? >> there's some local forces called the guards of habor. those guards have been involved in protecting the village and the properties the houses particularly the civilians. so that was mainly their job. but when they were attacked by isis they didn't know how to face it because they've not trained or experienced. they're not a militia member. they were just doing their job as police you can say, local police guarding the cities. >> so they're relatively peaceful. i know some of them were fighting alongside the syrian kurds, the ypg.
10:40 pm
the remaining assyrian christians in that region i understand they fled. i understand some of them are holed up in a cathedral. what are you hearing about them? are they safe right now? >> yeah they're safe. the number is increasing more and more. yesterday night, the latest numbers we get from them was 1,050 families. so we are talking actually about more than 6,000, at least 5,000, 6,000 people who are displaced. so they're basically in two churches churches. 150 families have left. already also some assyrian political parties, ngos and
10:41 pm
local groups aid relief groups that are taking care of them. >> i understand that your wife also has some relatives in that area. were they among the people who had fled and are safe or what are you hearing from them? are they okay? >> unfortunately, i'm trying my best to be as professional as possible and objective as possible. but at the same time i'm involved myself. my wife belongs to this city and i myself belong to the city. both of the cities are facing bad times. yesterday night, we are being told that there were the isis forces were using some speakers and they were playing all the night the koran. people could hear that from far away. actually yes, what i'm trying
10:42 pm
to be professional and also having -- feeling sad, because my family the family members are really taken hostage, and we don't know what's going to happen to them are they going to face death? are they going to be released? nobody knows. yesterday night, we were called up we had been informed two of the hostages had been released. but everything disappeared, because those two hostages didn't arrive as planned to arrive to the cathedral. so this was some hope but now we don't have any hope left. >> so your family members or relatives have been taken hostage. i'm so sorry to hear that. please keep in touch with us and let us know what happens to them. i cannot imagine what you're going through. asama edward thank you for being with us. we appreciate that. thank you. john? fox news host bill o'reilly is defending himself, again, against accusations that he over
10:43 pm
overexaggerated or flat out lead about some of his reporting. he has strong ratings and the network continues to stand by him. but in the '70s and '80s he was a correspondent for cbs news. now he's defending himself against comments he made and published about the assassination of former u.s. president john f. kennedy. >> reporter: just as bill o'reilly was trying to move on from a dispute over his war stories, the fox news host suddenly has more questions to answer. this time the scrutiny is being directed at an account of his investigation into john f. kennedy's assassination. he has said in his book "killing kennedy," that in 1977 a man had been contacted by congressional investigators. o'reilly a reporter for a dallas tv station, says he tracked him down in palm beach and arrived at the door of his daughter's home just as he shot
10:44 pm
himself. that account is now being called into question by several media outlets, include thing report in the huffington post. this follows a report last week in "mother jones" claiming bill o'reilly exaggerated his reporting experiences in el salvador and while covering the 1982 faulklands war. back in the '80s, he was a young spomt for correspondent for cbs news. over the past week he's denied the allegations and attacked the magazine. >> this man, 56-year-old david corn who works for "mother jones," smeared me your humble correspondent yesterday, saying i fabricated some war reporting. "mother jones," which is low circulation, considered by many the bottom rung of journalism in america. >> reporter: in relation to his
10:45 pm
reporting in argentina, here is bill o'reilly speaking a few years ago. >> all hell breaks loose, the people start to storm the averagen tine troops shoot the people out in the street. so i grab my crew away. we're shooting all this stuff. it's unbelievable. people just falling, bing bing bing. a soldier runs down the street i'm there. a photographer getting trampled. so he's on the ground. i grab him and the camera and i drag him in a doorway. the soldier comes up and he's standing maybe ten feet away with the m-16 pointed at my head. >> reporter: this is cnn video of the riots in question. last weekend, cnn's reliable sources spoke with seven people who worked for cbs news in argentina at the time. none of them remember any civilians being killed in the
10:46 pm
riot. many of those who spoke with reliable sources still work for cbs and have requested to remain anonymous. but former cbs correspondent eric angberg is speaking out publicly. he was there at the same time as bill o'reilly during the faulklands war. >> i did not see that happen. >> reporter: here he is talking on reliable sources. >> it wasn't a combat situation, by any sense of the word that i know. there were no people killed. he said that he saw troops fire into the crowd. i never saw that and i don't know anybody who did. and i was there on the scene. what's interesting is not only did i not hear any shots, i didn't see any ambulances or any tanks, i didn't see any armored cars. all of the things that you would have expected to see had people been shot. >> reporter: and the magazine is standing by its claims. here's "mother jones'" senior
10:47 pm
editor. >> there was only one place that combat took place during that war, it was on the battlefield of the faulkland islands, which was 1200 miles away. part two of this is this riot that he covered. there's no question that this occurred and it got violent, that tear gas was fired and rubber bullets were fired. subsequently after he reported this in recent years, he said that soldiers fired indiscriminately on civilians and many were kid. not only are there no media reports that support this but seven cbs colleagues have come forward and said this didn't happen. >> we couldn't get casualty numbers. >> reporter: bill o'reilly continues to present his evening show on fox news insisting he's done nothing wrong. o'reilly is also facing another allegation that he lied about seeing a group of nuns
10:48 pm
gunned down in el salvador. he recalled telling his mother about seeing that happen in 2012. >> the public case media matters cites a professor who says there was no noneuns killed at that time. one first grade student had to look no further than his own classroom to find a perfect match for a kidney transfer. that story after the break.
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
the future of prosthetics has arrived. for the first time ever amputees have been given artificial limbs which can be controlled with the mind. >> this video you see is from a patient in austria performing various tests with their new arms. they work by connecting the
10:51 pm
processsthetic directly to a person's nerves. the technology is not perfect, but with the right training an amputee can move the robotic limb with just their thoughts. incredible. one teacher in texas is demonstrating something that goes well above and beyond reading, writing, and math. it's a lesson in giving. one of her students desperately needed a kidney donor after his initial transfer failed. the rest of the story is nothing short of a christmas miracle. here's emily from our affiliate woai. >> reporter: parker searched the whole country to find matt a kidney. >> like right here. >> reporter: little did they know -- >> anyone would just submit their names. >> reporter: the perfect donor was in their own backyard. >> goldfish goldfish what do
10:52 pm
you see? >> reporter: lindsey painter -- >> i see a teacher looking at me. it is mind glowing. when the coordinator of the hospital called me on christmas eve to tell me i was a match. >> reporter: several weeks of testing later -- >> looking at us. >> reporter: doctors confirmed she would donate her kidney a decision she did not take lightly. >> i have a 10-year-old and 6-year-old at home and i can't imagine having a child with what matt is going through. >> reporter: his dialysis keeps him alive. yet, that 1,000 watt smile never leaves his face. >> once he found out that he was going to be getting a transplant he's been so giddy every day. he's so excited. >> reporter: it's a bond that will connect students and teachers for the rest of their lives. >> it will be a story to tell when he gets older.
10:53 pm
. >> she's just a giving person and i think it's a miracle. >> and lindsey painter joins us now from texas. this is such an incredible story. i guess right now, is everything on track for this transplant operation? >> yes, everything is on track, and we're just hoping it stays that way. we have one more cross match to go but god willing, everything will work out the way it's supposed to. >> getting a little nervous? >> i'm ready. of course i'm nervous. it's a major surgery. i just want everything to turn out the best possible way, but i'm ready. >> you make it sound like this was an easy decision. when you were told that you were a match, did you pause for a moment and think, this is kind of a big deal now? >> oh i did. absolutely. i knew when they called and said that we were shown as a
10:54 pm
preliminary match, i had a lot to learn about what it meant for me and my lifestyle. i needed to make sure i wasn't putting my family at risk and i was making the best decision for all of us. but the more i've learned and the more people i've talked to at the hospital and prior donors the more comfortable i've become. >> what's incredible this is sort of a 1 in 100 chance that you would be a match. matthew, this is his second transplant. >> yes. it's his second transplant because his body rejected one kidney. it made him much harder to match. so the hospital they described it as looking as the needle in the hey stack. they said he would match about 1% of the population. >> what is the prognosis once he receives the kidney and the prognosis for you? >> my recovery time is much easier than his. after about six weeks, i should be good to go back to normal activity. and really they just ask that
10:55 pm
you live a healthy lifestyle. there's no dietary restrictions. it seems like it's going to be very easy on my end, after recovering from the surgery. matthew, he has a longer recovery but we're hoping that once he recovers that he will be an active, healthy little boy without all the restrictions that he has now. he can go to school every day, play sports go swimming and do all of the things that he's not able to do right now. >> lots of teachers care about their students but this seems way beyond what anyone could expect. many people a lot of people would be asking how can you do something, which is just so incredibly selfless. for a student, not a relative a kid in your class. >> it is. and i have two little boys at home. so watching my little boys being a mom and being a teacher, i knew as soon as he family reached out looking for a donor, i needed to find out if i could
10:56 pm
help him. once we found out i had a lot to learn, but i just knew i needed to see if i could help him be healthy and live the life he deserves. if you have seen any pictures of him, he has that smile every day. you would never know everything that he's going through and how hard things have been because he has the most positive outlook on life and he's the happiest child you've ever met. so to give him this gift is pretty incredible. >> lindsay, it was a 1 in 100 chance of a match. you have to be 1 in a million out there. and we wish you the very best of luck. >> thank you. >> that story is going to touch so many people. how generous can you be? >> the hospital performing his transplant is keeping their website up the one they use to
10:57 pm
search for donors. for more information on how to become a donor, logon to >> thank you for watching. that does it for us. i'm zain asher. >> i'm john vause. stick around errol barnett and rosemary church will be up next. >> they're just over here. >> here they are. people with type 2 diabetes come from all walks of life. if you have high blood sugar, ask your doctor about farxiga. it's a different kind of medicine that works by removing some sugar from your body. along with diet and exercise farxiga helps lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. with one pill a day, farxiga helps lower your a1c. and, although it's not a weight-loss or blood-pressure drug, farxiga may help you lose weight and may even lower blood pressure when used with
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