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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  February 26, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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-- captions by vitac -- the man hiding behind the mask. we now know the identity of jihadi john. details on his path to terror. net neutrality. how a new decision in the united states will affect people online. plus a pair of runaway llamas make a break for it, and hijack the airwaves. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell. this is cnn newsroom. and we start this hour with the war against isis. first, in canada authorities there are trying to track down four teenagers last seen headed
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for turkey possibly headed to syria to join the terrorist group isis. another big development today. u.s. officials tell cnn the isis executioner known as jihadi john has been identified. his name muhammad enwasi a kuwaiti born londoner. a number of syrian christians kidnapped keeps going up. at least 360 people have been taken hostage, and a disturbing new statistic from the u.s. >> the final counting is done 2014 will have been the most lethal year of terrorism in the 45 years such data has been compiled. >> for the latest on jihadi john and the role he plays in isis cnn's brian todd reports from washington, d.c. >> reporter: the british accept behind the mask. >> obama, you have started your air bombardment, which keeps striking our people. so it's only right we continue
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to strike the necks of your people. >> reporter: a voice we now think belongs to a 26-year-old from west london nameded mohammed enwasi. jihadi john's value as a top isis figure has grown. >> his chief value is being the west boogeyman and isis' man on the ground who tells it like it is and does terrible things to his victims. >> he's out of central casting for isis. isis has a flare for the dramatic. they're very good at social media, film production and figuring out in terms of narrative what is it that will scare people. >> reporter: his mask british accent, motion with the knife, the fact that he may have beheaded hostages on camera not only shocks western viewers but emboldens other isis viewers. >> the freaky thing about jihadi john is he looks like he likes that job. so for isis it's a way of desensitizing everybody who is within isis to the fact that is
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business as normal. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence and law enforcement officials sell cnn jihadi john helps recruitment. >> the message to westerners, if you come to isis you can be important. not just that you can be part of the crowd. >> reporter: he sprang into america's conscious with the video showing james foley's murder followed by the steven sotloff video. analysts say the videos played a huge role in escalating america's war against isis. >> let's put it this way. had it not been for these videos we probably wouldn't be bombing syria today. >> reporter: has his propaganda video for isis diminished now that he's been named? analysises say they don't think so. the one mitigating factor is whether he'll now go further underground now that western intelligence and military forces know more about him. brian todd, cnn, washington.
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for some analysis on this story, we turn to justin hastings, a terrorism expert at the university of sydney. he joins us live from sydney via skype. thank you for your time. first, from jihadi john to the four teenagers in canada we keep hear thing recurring headline of young men and women becoming radicalized. can you explain why you believe this continues to keep happening? >> well look i mean isis is very good at propagating their message, at using the internet and social media to make themselves attractive to people in the west. what you see is a lot of these people are sort of above average educational level. they are generally above average intelligence above average in terms of material wealth. as a result they're attracted
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to the romanticism. >> it was described that this is an opportunity to be important. do you see it that way for people who go to syria to join isis do they see an opportunity to have a voice in the group? >> yes, certainly they do. they sew an opportunity to be important, to do something heroic in their view and to make a name for themselves. >> please, go ahead. >> now that he has a name increases his utility to isis because he's the most famous member of isis in the west. >> and as far as people who describe jihadi john, people describe him as very polite. people are surprised that this would be the person that officials, the united states has identified as jihadi john.
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what are your thoughts to that? it seems to be a disconnect there. >> well i think many people tend to have this image of terrorists as people who are somehow off with society. but many terrorists are quite well liked by members of their community, are normal in many ways and these are the people who would be good fighters. you don't want somebody that's mentally problematic. you want somebody that's normal and well liked. >> normal and well liked by some. justin hastings joining us live from sydney via skype. a similar story line in the city of new york. neighbors there are speaking up about two young men arrested on terror related charges when they tried to fly to the middle east to join isis. the landlord says they didn't really stand out. one of the men even lived with his mother. but authorities say they know exactly where the money to finance their trip was coming from.
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cnn's deborah fayrick reports. >> reporter: he had multiple conversations with the 19-year-old suspect, the one who was picked up as he tried to board a plane to turkey. according to the fbi, the money man provided about $1300 to this young man and took him to the travel agency where he helped him pay for his ticket to get to syria to join isis. the money man promising he would pay his expenses certainly enough to help him buy a weapon and send cash if he needed it once he got to syria. according to the fbi, the money man did reach out to other individuals asking them to chip in to help defray the cost of this venture saying that they should help to provide for the brothers. it's a code word for jihadis. it's unclear when this money man arrived in the united states but he was here long enough to open up a string of kiosks up and down the east coast at malls
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in virginia beach, savannah as well as philadelphia. he did overstay his visa about two years ago. he signed up as a part-time student at a technical college here in new york. unclear whether that was an attempt to stay in the united states legally once his visa expired. right now the fbi is tracking down the other individuals. >> a hong kong woman has been sentenced to six years in prison after being found guilty of brutally abusing her former housemate for several months last year. that former maid was in court to watch as the 44-year-old started serving percent tense immediately after that hearing. a few weeks ago, she spoke with cnn and said china's migrant worker policy needs to change. >> translator: i think the government has to reform its policies. policies that are disadvantaged
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to migrant workers, but forcing us to live with our employers. this exposes us to exploitation and abuse without other people knowing it. for example, not giving us enough food or enough rest working hours are too long. because we're humans not robots. >> she also faces a fine of almost $ 2,000. there are sweeping new changes meant to keep the internet free and open. many people are applauding the new rule except the telecom companies who say a bitter legal battle is on the horizon. the latest showdown in washington. politicians are going back and forth and it seems the speaker had enough. >> have you even had this discussion? >> when they make decisions, i'll let you know. would you be willing to give up sharing your moments?
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welcome back to cnn newsroom. it is a huge victory for proponents of a free past and open internet. the u.s. fcc voted in favor of net neutrality. this approves new rules to stop internet service providers from speeding up or slowing down individual websites and other online services. it ruled the internet is a public utility and like electric or phone services it can be regulated for the public good. users and content creators are
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happy about this but mayor internet service providers are expected to sue to overturn that regulation. so it sounds like consumers win out, but what does it mean when all this happens? joining us now to break it down is brian stelter. so an open internet what does it mean for folks? >> it's basically addressing a largely hypothetical theoretical danger to the future of the internet george. but it's something that's been theorized about for more than a decade. there's a professor at columbia university who started talking about this 13 years ago, and today it reached the highest levels of the u.s. government. it will also over time affect other governments how they regulate the internet. these rules are intended to stop companies like comcast and verizon and at&t from creating fast and slow lanes on the internet. those companies say they have no interest of doing that but these rules intend to stop them
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from trying to do that in the future. essentially, they're applying land line phone type regulations to the broad band internet. they're taking laws from the 1930s and applying them to this 21st century technology. here's what netflix said. they said consumers win. the net neutrality debate is about who picks winners and losers online. today, the fcc settled it consumers win. so they're trying to say the next netflix, some sort of startup shouldn't be blocked in some way by internet service providers. so netflix is say thing is a good thing for consumers. but it's a largely theoretical concern for now, and there are concerns that these rules could be used to hurt these companies in the future. >> another question where does it go from here? these companies certainly plan to sue to overturn these regulations. >> yes, there have been threats
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of lawsuits in the past. verizon sued to stop an earlier version of these rules. here's what comcast said today, which was dropping some hints about this. they said we are disappointed that the commission chose this route, which is certain to lead to years of regulation and regulatory uncertainty and may harm investment and innovation. comcast said they're going to have to re-examine their investment plans for broad band a warning that they may not choose to spend as much on wiring parts of the united states that don't have broad band or fast enough broad band. these rules apply to wireless internet as well. my phone connection your phone connection can also be affected by these rules, which seek to make sure the internet is fast and available to everybody. but some people who are concerned about these rules say there could be unintended consequences down the road. this is going to be battled and settled in the courts over the next many years. but as one source said to me at least there's a cop on the beat.
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the rules are not entirely clear, but now there's a cop on the beat, the fcc is going to try to enforce some net neutrality rules. >> brian, we appreciate your reporting, live there in los angeles. the u.s. department of homeland security is set to run out of money today, but congressional sources say house speaker john boehner will offer up a new plan to fund the agency temporarily. dana bash has the story. >> reporter: three men arrested and accused of trying to join isis inside the united states. today, democrats are seizing on that and other threats to warn about the dangers of cutting off funding for the agency that keeps americans safe. >> the american people are frightened and rightfully so. isis appears to have money. the terrorists appear to have money. why shouldn't our homeland have the ability to protect itself? >> reporter: the homeland
10:17 pm
security secretary is on capitol hill again walking the halls, begging lawmakers to fully fund his department. >> this is not just an inside the beltway political jousting. a failure to fund the department of homeland security fully has real impacts on public safety. >> reporter: in the senate even conservatives backed off threats to hold up homeland funding. but all eyes are on republicans in the house. who are still insisting on also blocking the president's executive action on immigration. >> this is a violation of our constitution. it's a violation of the balance of powers in our constitution. and it needs to be addressed and we're doing it. >> is it worth shutting down the department of homeland security? >> we have passed a bill to fund the department. >> reporter: but that bill stops the president from carrying out his plan to allow millions of undocumented immigrants to stay legally.
10:18 pm
to save face with conservatives, some senate republicans argue a texas court is already stopping the president's immigration plan. >> accept the victory that the courts have given us which is the president does not have the authority to do what he has done and vote to continue to fund the department of homeland security. >> reporter: but house conservatives don't see it that way, and the house speaker is in a bind. >> if ands and buts were candy and nuts. >> reporter: at a loss of new ways to avoid questions, he did this. [ making kissing noises ] >> when they make decisions i'll let you know. >> kisses from the speaker there. many americans will not feel the immediate impact if the department of homeland security does shut down though. that is because of thousands of government employees, they could be forced to work without pay. you can find out more information on the looming dhs shutdown on our website. just go to
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in the hours ahead, german parliament will vote on whether to approve an extension of greece's bailout. lawmakers are expected to give the final green light, although many fear the greek government won't deliver on its reform promises. hardline finance ministers are backing the extension, arguing greece is getting more time rather than toned down term conditions. a former aide to osama bin laden was convicted for his role in the deadly bombing of a u.s. embassy in africa. he faces life in prison after a u.s. jury convicted him on four conspiracy counts. those 1998 embassy attacks killed 224 people and injured more than 4,000. vladamir putin's ratings continue to soar despite
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at least 35 people are dead after two bombing attacks ripped through towns in northeast and central nigeria. the first happened at a bus
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station on thursday. that is where military officials say a suicide bomber detonated explosives killing 18 people and wounding 6 others. hours later, 17 people were killed when bombs were tossed at a crowd from moving cars in the town of jos. boko haram militants are the prime suspects of the attacks. russian president vladamir putin's popularity remains high despite the crisis next door in ukraine, and russia's faltering economy. some of his staunchest supporters are members of a motorcycle gang. >> reporter: it's no secret russia's president enjoys motorcycles. when vladamir putin rides with the biggest bike club his wingman is a staunch ally. alexander, nicknamed the surgeon, is the night wolf's
10:24 pm
president. he says his admiration for putin is religious. i believe vladamir putin is a gift from god to us he says. after so many years, we have a president we're not ashamed of. so i certainly believe we need to help him and give him our shoulder. those are not empty words. when what vladamir putin now acknowledges were russian troops entered crime last year the night wolves were already there, setting the scene for the invasion. the separatist flag flies inside the night wolves' compound. and alexander acknowledges members of the club are fighting in ukraine. there are many of our ukrainian night wolves there, he says. unfortunately, we've lost three of them. they all died as a result of shelling. the night wolves' involvement in ukraine has caused the group to
10:25 pm
be placed on the u.s.' sanctions list. but as he shows me some of the machines the club designs, he says sanctions will never cause him or russia to budge. >> they continue to fight. >> reporter: alexander has become a celebrity here. his night wolves organize patriotic youth events and biker meetings. he firmly believes he's fighting a western conspiracy to oust his friend vladamir putin. do you think the west is trying to get him to lose his presidency? >> i think so. first of all, this is for sure.
10:26 pm
>> reporter: as russia's economy buckles under sanctions, unemployment rates soar and the currency tumbles, like alexander, a majority of russians remain faithful to their president, unfazed by criticism. six months after the end of the deadly conflict with israel there's an ongoing anguish and decay in parts of gaza. now british graffiti artist has released a film. this creation we see a kitten that appears to be playing with a ball of rusty wire. his message there, the world cares more about pictures of cats on the internet than human suffering. a weeping goddess in hand covers all that's left of this decimated buildling. the international community
10:27 pm
pledged several billion to rebuild gaza but hardly any has arrived. the news continues here on cnn. we now know the name for the man known as jihadi john. we're tracing his journey from london to his role in isis. and after months of protests in argentina, a judge is weighing in on whether the country's president was involved.
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell. the headlines this hour on cnn newsroom. canadian police are looking for four young people some of them
10:30 pm
students at a montreal college who may be trying to join the group isis. most of them are in their late teens. police say they left canada last month and flew to turkey. a hong kong woman has started serving a six-year sent tense for abusing a house maid. during the trial, the indonesian maid testified she was starved, punched, even assaulted with a vacuum cleaner and the tube shoved into her mouth. the u.s. federal communications commission approved a net neutrality law, requiring network owners to provide equal access to websites. the rules won't be official until perhaps this summer but already telecom companies are threatening to bring legal action. u.s. congressional sources say house speaker john boehner will unveil a new plan to fund the department of homeland security for the next three
10:31 pm
weeks. the agency which handles airport screening and border security is scheduled to run out of money today. more now on our top stories. the executioner in the isis beheading videos has been temperature feed and atika scubert is retracing his steps from london to the epicenter of isis. >> reporter: his british accent was one of the only ways to identify him. the man may be muhammad enwasi. this is his last known address. we've knocked on the door, but nobody from the family is answering. i spoke to a neighbor who told me he knew muhammad and described him as a polite young man. other neighbors say the family is quiet, kept to themselves. but everyone here is shocked to learn the news. >> this is a nice area.
10:32 pm
everybody mixes. you've got afluent. you've got working class. everybody gets along with everybody. >> you don't expect it to be on your doorstep. that's what shocked me. >> so evil, and it's disgusting. >> reporter: he came from a middle class family had a degree in computer programming from westminster university. but this was a young man on the edge. allegedly harassed by british security services when he tried to travel to tanzania in 2009 and was put on a terror watch list. >> when are we going to finally learn that when we treat people as if they're outsiders, they will inevitably feel like outsiders and look for belonging elsewhere. our entire national security strategy for the last 13 years has only increased alienation
10:33 pm
and people feeling like they don't belong. >> reporter: he says he tried to build a new life in kuwait unsuccessfully. in 2012 he was reported missing. police told the family their son had left for syria. british authorities have not responded to the allegations and both u.s. and uk officials have not given anymore details. what we know so far is only a partial picture out even a photo to identify who is the man behind the mask. atika scubert, cnn, london. "the washington post" first broke the news about the identity of jihadi john. >> we had colleagues and people that we had known getting beheaded by so called jihadi
10:34 pm
john. for us this was a very difficult story to deal with. also because we had to be certain. when you hear all these adjectives and people are describing him as somebody who was very gentle a nice person who cared about others of course there's a big difference between muhammad enwasi and how people here in britain describe him and the so-called jihadi john who we've seen in all these videos. but on the other hand you know look i've been working in this field since 9/11 and i covered a lot of so-called jihadis. i interviewed leaders within the isis group, and very often when i went back to talk to family members or to talk to friends of theirs they would all describe them as very nice people who cared about others. it was as if you were talking about people with different identities. >> isis militants have sparked new outrage by using sledge hammers to destroy ancient
10:35 pm
assyrian statues in iraq. priceless figures dating back 2700 years were reduced to rubble in mosul. isis says they were made by infidels. analysts say they were made just as replicas. the u.n.'s cultural agency wants the call an emergency session for the sake of iraq's antiques and national security. now to argentina. a judge dismissed charges against the country's president after it was accused of conspiring with other leaders to cover up iran's involvement, alleged involvement in the 1994 bombing. it's a charge she's always denied. a judge says the case did not meet the minimum standards to warrant the criminal investigation. the prosecutorer who originally brought the case was found dead just days after making the accusation. now to venezuela, where
10:36 pm
there is a rising tide of anger over the country's financial meltdown. anti-government protests are swelling and the president has been cracking down hard on dissent. last week security forces arrested and jailed a mayor who was accused of plotting to overthrow the government. he joins opposition figures on the right who was thrown into jail a year ago. his wife has been campaigning for his release and she spoke to cnn's christiane amanpour. listen. >> we have a crisis an domestic crisis we are in a social crisis and a political crisis. we need to stop this. i'm full of hope that change is coming. dissent is not a crime. protest is not a crime. want and dream of a better
10:37 pm
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welcome back to cnn newsroom. i'm george howell. authorities in afghanistan fear the death toll will keep rising after a string of avalanches. more than 168 people have died so far. that number could go up as rescue personnel reach the hardest hit areas. another round of bitter cold temperatures and snow for parts of the united states. more snow karen? >> some places haven't seen temperatures above the freezing mark for weeks. the snowfall we're seeing in the northeast and new england has been for the most part light. this is not part of the system that's expected to move across the region by this weekend, but there will be variations. you can see all the way from the southwest united states into the south central u.s., moving across midwest and great lakes, then towards the northeast.
10:41 pm
where you see the darker purple shaded areas, those are the regions where we expect some of the heaviest precipitation. for boston this could spell out perhaps the number one season where they have seen the most snowfall since snowfall records have been kept in boston. but there may be a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. we're expecting those temperatures -- these are in degrees fahrenheit. we see by sunday now we're seeing the temperature boost up to above that freezing mark. in the latter half of next week more definitively. new york city the temperature may bounce around but running well below average. then as we go into the latter half of next week, those temperatures look substantially warmer. this is from our i-reporter. jay is in boston in the financial district. this is a view from his office.
10:42 pm
it is on the seventh floor. they have a deck and as you can see, the snow goes above their window. they are saying that there's so much snow that it's compacted and looks like a gracier. so out of his window what has been horrendous snowfall totals look like compact ice. this is very typical for snow that is continuing to pack down on each other. here's a beautiful view as we take a look at the nation's capital. and the temperature is above the frozing mark and a lot of that snowfall i wanted to snow you that. there has been snow on top, on the ground. now that the temperature is above the freezing mark george it looks a lot better. but there's another round before it definitively gets better. then we've got about 20 days until spring. >> say it ain't so. i'm still trying to get over that image you just showed us.
10:43 pm
that was the seventh floor? >> yes. they're on a deck and the deck is piled up with snow. so as you can imagine, the snow has piled up on top of those cars and that's what they're seeing out of their window. >> how do they get that out of there? karen, thank you so much. prince william is on a week long trip to asia where he's promoting uk relations with japan and china. this hour he's in tokyo. our david mckenzie is monitoring the trip and joins us live with more. david, good day to you. what can you tell us about what the prince hopes to accomplish with this trip to asia? >> it's a bit of business and diplomacy and pushing the royal family certainly in asia as a brand for the more cynical. but certainly prince william is in japan, he's been in tokyo. he visited the yokahama cemetery laying a wreath for the commonwealth war dead and
10:44 pm
significantly it's also a place where his late mother visited. you don't see that kind of rock star status that you saw for the late princess diana in japan. but there is a level of interest in prince william's trip to japan. he'll be visiting the tsunami ravaged areas to show how japan is getting back on its feet, and more significantly is his trip to china. that will be the first in three decades for a british royal family member and certainly a big test for his diplomatic skills and for where the royal family sits in terms of popularity for the world's most populous nation. >> as far as popularity in china, the chinese consume british culture, movies and shows. what do you suspect the reception will be for the prince in china? >> well certainly you're right. there's been this flowering of british entertainment here in
10:45 pm
china. you know, you see the union jack on the street as much sometimes as you see the chinese flag. there's a great deal of popularity sherlock these kind of british period and drama series. and so whether he can capitalize on that is unclear. one challenge of course is that the coverage will be dominated by state media. so it's really what the party and the government decide will be the level of reaction to his trip. but he did make a positive step speaking to the chinese people before his arrival whichishing them happy new year in chinese. announced today, they said they would put a moratorium on the sale of ivory coming into the country. this is a close issue to the duke of cambridge's heart. this is also about business and
10:46 pm
he's pushing -- created businesses here in china, including attending the premiere of "paddington ben." you don't get more british than that. >> cnn's david mckenzie following all the latest for us. we hope to hear more reports how this goes in asia. a pair of llamas make a mad dash for freedom in the united states in the state of arizona. what it took to reel them in, next.
10:47 pm
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welcome back. south korea's foreign minister plaefs the resumption of six party talks on north korea's nuclear program may be close. we have new details of an interview just conducted with the foreign minister. paula, thank you for joining us. what is the latest with your interview? >> george, we may be closer to the resumption of six-party talks on north korea's nuclear program than we thought. the foreign minister told me that he believes that the five of those six parties, the u.s. china, russia south korea and japan, may just be weeks away from having a deal that they can offer to pyongyang to entice it back to the negotiating table. it would appear there has been
10:50 pm
an agreement of those countries minus north korea what the format would look like. before washington wanted previous agreements adhered to by pyongyang before it considered sitting at the negotiating table. russia and china wanted no preconditions. these talks have been stalled since 2008. >> what can you tell us about the context of this? certainly promising news for these talks to continue but at the same time we're seeing north korea more defiant. what is the context with those two things? it seemed very much on opposite sides of the spectrum. >> that's right. the context is really these five nations realize that north korea, according to the foreign ministry was making great leaps in its nuclear weapons capability. so they realized the urgency of
10:51 pm
the situation and had to agree to get back to the negotiating table. so we could be weeks away from a deal being offered. he called it a package or a compromise to entice north korea back to the negotiating table. but it comes at a very tense time. the joint drilling between the u.s. and south korea are starting on monday. every year these anger pyongyang. we've seen some very harsh rhetoric from pyongyang. the foreign minister did agree that obviously this is not necessarily the time to be talking. he said it's the harsh rhetoric does not give many signs of hope or many positive signs. it's really a contradiction that the korean relationship does not appear to be likely to improve because of these war games. but at the same time it looks like the regional efforts in the
10:52 pm
six-party talks may reap benefits very soon. >> paula, you did conduct an interview with south korea's foreign minister. let's take a listen. >> i believe that we are getting closer to the kind of consensus which may trigger the resumption of dialogue. but the devil is in the details, so we have to work very hard on the details. that could be accepted by all members of the six-party talks. >> paula, asking you this question is the tone one of optimism? is it one of caution? what do you suspect from what you heard there with that interview? >> certainly it's interesting that the six-party talks appear as though they may resume fairly
10:53 pm
quickly. that was certainly the indication i was given. i was surprised a deal could be offered to north korea within weeks. certainly when you're hearing this harsh rhetoric from north korea, threatening war and threatening all sorts, even retaliation for these war games as they see as a prelude to an invasion, which the u.s. and south korea say are defensive in nature. at the same time on a separate track, we could see these wider talks in the region restarting again. to it just shows that there are a number of different tracks being pursued at the same time. the military obviously is not positive but the talks may resume. george? >> cnn's paula hancocks in seoul, south korea. thank you for your reporting. back here in the united states two llamas are back in custody. this time in vancouver, washington after they made a run for freedom. tv news crews did not get there in time to shoot footage of this
10:54 pm
chase. but another llama palooza got plenty of coverage. >> reporter: when the law closed in there was no shootout, just some fancy footwork. for a couple of hours, the llamas led authorities on a wild llama chase. >> llama palooza 2015 continues. >> reporter: msnbc switched from the strategy of terror to llamas on the run. >> i'm not kidding, this is a pair of llamas on the loose. >> not sure what the strategy is here in trying to get these two llamas. >> reporter: just talking about it induced anchor giggles. >> we'll update the status of this -- white llama. >> reporter: the two llamas were doing therapy work at an assisted living facility in arizona, when something spooked them and they took off. >> they've gotten loose and
10:55 pm
we've been out here for an hour trying to capture them. >> reporter: over and over authorities tried to cut them off, but it's not easy to cut off a llama. even a golf cart was deployed. one news banner echoed the double llama calling it a low spoed chase. sometimes they ran against traffic. another time they changed into the proper lane to go straight. >> we'll get to the news. we have 24 hours a day to do the news. enjoy with us the llamas. >> reporter: at one point they were surrounded and separated. the younger black one barely escaped. managing to rejoin the white one. together the two gave the slip to an ever-growing number of pursuers. >> i feel silly talking about this because it's not something cnn typically covers but it's hard to take your eyes off the screen here. >> llamas are twice as big as el packas. but tweeted jack tapper watch
10:56 pm
out, that one on the left may be in heat. >> the llamas have been captured. let's move on to an important story now. >> reporter: what could be more important for our country than this? the sheriff's department said the llamas were taken back to the ranch. there was no therapy. no therapy? this was therapy. for the llamas -- >> there he goes. he wants to be free. >> reporter: and maybe for the news casters. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> something about watching looped videos of llamas. just can't get enough of it. thank you for joining us. i'm george howell. this has been cnn newsroom. just ahead, natalie allen has the latest from news around the world. i'll join her the next hour. the news continues here on cnn u.s. and cnn international. -- captions by vitac --
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>> the english speaking terrorist seen in horrific isis beheading videos has been identified. and there may be a new market for cuba's legendary cigars. hello. i'm natalie allen. and welcome to our viewers from around the world. this is cnn newsroom.


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