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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  February 28, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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and a blood stap at the cri--
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this is only for seven days. >> yeah, it was a late night show down on capital hill, and again with seven days you know that it's not over. could all this have speakers for john banner. >> yeah, if banner caves and alouse for a clean long term bill conservatives may stay against him. cnn has more. >> the aids are 357 and the
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nay's are 60. >> with the sound of the gavel congress compromised. now, tsa screeners can get paid and can keep working. chaos came before the compromise and for most of the day on friday lawmakers seemed posed on a show down, when it came to to a vote, a shocking twist in the house to an already big day on the hill. >> the majority resolution is not passed. >> nearly every democrat voted against it. it comes down to playing politics. which the bill did not have, and democrats did not vote for it because they wanted to force republicans to fund the develop ffr the full year and not just three weeks. as hope started to fade by the
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hour, nancy pelosi told the democrats to vote on a hatch that would found the department for a week. >> we want to protect the american people every day 24/7. >> congress is expected to continue the debate next week. mary with cnn. >> bill, how will this go next week. live from washington and the question here is that you have seven days, erin. are there any indications that one side will move? >> victor the, no. the senate passed the clean bill that would fund the department of homeland security and would fund them for the entire year. that would fund for the republican and democrat support.
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that's clean because it does not strip back the execive actions on the immigration reform. this is going to go back to the house for some more ranging and a conservative and want that profission. that is where all of this fighting comes down next week victor. >> if they do not get it, what does this mean for the speaker? >> well, if speaker banner allows the clean funding bill to come to a floor, they may stage a cue. i want to read a comment to you from steve wommack. he is close to the leadership and says that it's a held of po tigs to be in. i cannot imagine the frustration that the speaker holds now. they're going to hold banner to this. >> okay. we only have a few days. thank you. >> of course. a man hundred under way for
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whoever gunned down a russian opposition leader. he was shot dead as he walked across a bridge last night and barely 100 yards. investigators are looking for video footage and questioning witnesses. this morning they're holding a vigil where he was killed. you see it there. president obama is issuing an investigation and cnn joins us and cnn analyst and gentlemen, so glad to have you with us. how much of a threat is it believed it was to putin if at
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all? >> well, if you look at the approval ratings the last one that came out just a couple of days ago was at 86 percent, so there are people that say that he has nothing to gain by doing any harm. however, of course on this first day after this happened what the feeling is here in moscow is one of great shock. i am at the site where all of of this happened yesterday at the place where the people are holding the memorial, and as you said is not 100 yards from the walls. many people laying down flowers and many have tear in the eye and going away from the mack shift memorial that's been set up here. i want to take a look at the way that the events unfolded last night. >> gun downed in the heart of russian's capital. detectives work the crime scene.
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law enforcement officials say that one of russia's opposition features was struck in the back. >> the killing happened near the vicinity near the cathedral. he was walking here with a friend and the car stopped and then the assailant opened fire. >> as mourners light candles spe speculation on who did it. >> this is a message go all of us. hello we have the guy that works for you and the best leader. bam. bam. bam. who wants more? who wants next? >> we have people that won't to break putin and as people and
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government of country. >> it's not clear who is behind the killing, but he had many enemy. he was russia's deputy prime minister but joined at pew tin came into power and was criticized for the government. he also launched an investigation into the murder and said that it bears all of the hallmark i am ed at provoking unrest. he was one of the first at the scene of the murder and strongly criticizes russia's president. >> i don't know who pulled the trigger, but i strongly believe that it's russia's government and personally those responsible for it. pew tin is responsible for
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creating the hatred in the country. he was set to take part in a rally on sunday and now there's a march of mourning for one of russia's opposition voices brutally silenced forever. >> reporter: the big question is whether or not the killing is going to -- many people will show up tomorrow at the mourners rally or people be afraid. the investigation is moving forward. the russian authorities say that they're looking for the video and also spoken to many witnesses and including the woman that was with him at the time that were apparently a friend that was visiting from ukraine. >> fred, stick with us because i
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want to get to you tom. last year we spoke to him. >> governments and bad things seem to happen to them. >> yes, unfortunately when i respect russia over 19th century. >> okay. so here is the other thing. he spoke with the news media in russia two weeks ago. here is what he said. i am afraid that putin will kill me. i believe that he was the one who unleeched the the war on ukraine. i can couldn't dislike him more. he spent ten years in a labor camp and then you have victor former ukrainian president that
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was poisoned. when you put that together, how confident are you that this investigation is going to be forthcoming? >> well, they will not find anybody. bringing the odds and someone to trial is about zero or close to zero. in this case really one question that you have with all of these people is are there other people that would stand to gain from the death. in the case of potent there was nobody that poses a treat at the moment. not barack obama, not the you united nations. he is in control and as long as he wants to be. the approval rating shows that there's nothing that's going to
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change. another thing to ask jours that there's division within the ranks of the activists and the democrat i can movement, who else would stand to gain, but what else might stand to gain. it could be another activist that had him murdered and makes him look bad. may add strike to the movement and who else can make up into the leadership position? there are other people stand to gain in his death. >> yeah, there's no evidence that the president putin is involved here, but we only have a couple of seconds. guns are in the like they are here in the u.s. is that part of the intreej here. >> well, they're available for
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gangsters. it's no problem getting a gun for professional killers in that count country. >> okay. we appreciate you both. thank you. >> thank you. iraq officials are slamming isis. we will tell you what they're saying. plus, the latest on a house to house shooting rampage. seven people shot to death. what we know this morning. in my world, wall isn't a street. return on investment isn't the only return i'm looking forward to. for some, every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars.
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new this morning iraqs prime minister has strong words for
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isis today. he called them barbarian. they released a video and look at this. militants smashing dozens of cultures to death and knocking them over. it was shot in a museum and a mill at that particular time explain that god ordered them to destroy the art facts. let's go to cnn international and he is in iraq. so ben do we know what was specifically destroy and the significance of this to the iraq people? >> reporter: well, it's beyound doubt. this is a museum that holds some of the treasures of a civilization that goes back thousands of years before the birth of christ. what we heard from the iraq prime minister that he reinrated the call by the united nations cultural organization for an emergency meeting to discuss how
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these -- this heritage can be protected. keep in mind that the area of iraq is under control of isis contains between 800 registered historical sites that we know are being lewded by isis. >> and there's concern that they could sell some of these. they will sell them on the black market. they're so good at financing. >> yeah, we understand that it's not a question of what they could do, but what they are doing. we understand from sources in mosul that many of the videos that you do not seen have been sold on the black market and that's booming at the moment when you take into account that an instability all over the region and not just here but in syria and egypt and elsewhere.
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>> ben, we appreciate it this morning. thank you. so it's the weekend and e you know what that means? there's a winter storm advisory to know about. also the latest house to house shooting rampage that ended with seven people shot to death in a quiet south east missouri town. its effects on society really came about because, not because i was selfish and wanted one for myself, which i did. its because i had, had a passion. my whole life i wanted to teach myself to build computers.
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so this is a look at dallas a few days ago. actually yesterday. today they're getting slammed
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again. meteorologist joins us now on the latest of the winter storm. what are they getting? >> you know what they got yesterday? >> yeah. >> a couple of inches. does that remind you of anything? snow jam. you get a couple of inches and you get in trouble here. i don't think there's additional accumulation but what we have out there is cold temperatures and freezing drizzle and freezing rain coming out of the sky here. be very careful if you're driving the roads are slick. by later this afternoon you're going warm up in at least the 40s where things will melts. a little bit of snow fall to the north as well. that's just the leading edge that will be the winter storm that will head doubt the midwest and eventually end up by monday morning, yes gain in boston. we're talking anywhere from four to six inches. there's the stripe of snow fall here only some of us are getting
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it. here on the south east the good news is that we're warming things up. temperatures warming into the 0 60s as we get into march ch. >> okay. thank you very much. investigators are trying to understand a motive that left seven people shot to death. the scene was the small rule town in south east missouri. most of the 50 residence know each other and do not lock the doors at night. cnn's will riply has the latest. >> reporter: there's no stoplight, no post office or gas station, but this tiny town is the scene of a deadly mass shooting in resent missouri history. >> i did not see it or hear it first. she was doubled over like a
3:25 am
bunch of clothes or something. just kind of bent over forward, and her head was down on the floor. >> john got a phone call to go to his cousin's house. >> when i got him by the arm it just -- you could tell that he was dead already. >> he thinks that his cousin and wife were killed quickly. the car and washing machine still running and the 13 year olson alive and terrified in the back bedroom. >> he was in shock? >> i would say. >> the house one of six crime screens and nine deaths. seven people shot and killed and four from the same family less than three miles apart. police investigating if herring death triggered the rampage. >> you know what?
3:26 am
in our job we see a lot of bad stuff. this is bad and also hard on the police officers that are working that there. it's not natural to see that sort of thing. >> the missouri state highway patrol said that the gunman killed himself and authorities say that he had only a minor criminal history and nothing to forshadow something like this. many in this corner say that they do not even look their doors. >> my concern is children, and so our kids are having a really tough time. a wide variety of emotions and shock and tears investigators are trying to see why someone would want to kill an entire family. >> how is your community going to move forward from this? >> one day at a time. as a family. this community is based in faith
3:27 am
and family. i have seen them come together. >> a massacre in a missouri town and the few left behind the wonder why. tyron with cnn. another group of search for teenagers. just how are they having success recruiting educated teenagers from all over the world and
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canada? you know just hours before a deadline lawmakers approved a one week funding extension for security. late last night president obama signed the bill and it expires next friday. they're vowing to reject any measure that would tie dhs funding that rolls back the president's immigration orders. in the meantime house speaker john banner's job could be on the line. cnn sources say that if banner caves and allows a funding bill, conser conservatives may face a cue against him. he was gunned down after walking across a bridge and whoever killed him knew that
3:32 am
route that he was taking. just a few days ago he resportily told a russian news website that he feared that they would tried to kill him. the president putin -- >> take a look at a face and born in ka wait and raised in london. he is now the 20 masked killer in a brutal video. hunt down for four missing teenage teenagers. they believe that they flew to turkey. this marks the latest of the westerners lured by the group. we have the latest.
3:33 am
>> smart, kind and normal is how many are describing 18-year-old a. a bright young student missing in the middle east and possibly on her way to join isis. >> they high school she once attended she was well liked and social. andy sha was the tutor. >> what was her impression when tutoring you? >> she was just. she was a normal girl. >> did you get the impression that he was religious? >> no, not really. it was normal talk. >> normal talk is how it seemed. one of at least four possibly more people whose family's feared that they have been lured into joining isis. >> three of the missing teams attended the college and one attended classes taught by a
3:34 am
muslim prechur that's been acaused of spilling classroom for teaching arabic. police alleged that he was a sleeper agent and retrieved training in afghanistan. in 200 9 courts determined that he was not a security threat. he said that he met a missing student on a couple of occasions and just trying to intergrate young muslim's and not rat ka liez them. what could have lead the teens to possibly join isis. cnn with montreal. the hunt for three missing teenagers in route. let's talk about this with human
3:35 am
rights lawyer and then spider marks. i want to start with you because you're the attorney for the parents of the bride who officials lured the girls over social media. help us understand why do you believe isis has been able to convince educated teens who are active in the families to join the fight? >> well i don't think that there's any one complex set of reasons. isis unlike al qaeda are ahead of the team when it comes to the social media platform. there's no reason why bright young, kind, students would not be joining. they're selling a package. i don't think that they're selling it openly or being involved in headings or twisted interpretation but what you you see when you go on the websites
3:36 am
all they are showing is pictures of young men with beards. they're showing woman with the jobs and looking down of the barrels of the gun and being told that you come here and have a ticket to paradise and you're fighting a holy war and people in this country, many people are stuck by the double standard. now, the last decade there's an amount on the mums. there's no debate that takes place anymore. they're all scared. that allows us the to engage and a vacuum is entered by the likes of isis and we provide them the long solution and they're concentrating the young people because they're high value recruits and they're quickly like the post for isis and then attracts further more.
3:37 am
every generation there's reactions but i would put it like this. last weekend we had two 15 years old that left the country to go syr syr syria. it's a grooming. we will continue to lose the battle against isis and others that may replace them in the future. >> major general mark, i want to ask you it seems that all roads to terror go through turkey. everybody is seeking to go through to border. why are they not more secured? >> it's an amazely complex challenge that we have. turkey in the united states have a very very long history. they're both members of nato and turkey has a modern military and a secular government. all of these confluences of interest. the challenge is that turkey has
3:38 am
southern border and two failed states. turkey is not concerned with isis but the cause of the failed states and that's the government of as aid. what is taking place has an chered in the united states. so it really starts there, then it gets far more complicated with the turk irk fight against isis and the border region concentrated around so the mix of challenges and we can not get i straight. we have not zeroed in on what the challenges that we can agree on. >> okay. okay. omar and insiders we appreciate your intake. thank you christy. well, this unarmed man that you see here was shot by texas
3:39 am
police officer. well, he is undocumented. you will underthat the mexican government is demanding a full
3:40 am
3:41 am
3:42 am
investigation. mexico is demanding an investigation into the shooting deaths of an unarmed, undocumented immigrant in texas. the 31 jeer old was shot after a high speed car chase. cnn has the details. >> reporter: as police investigate the the shooting death of reuben the family wants the dash cam video released to the public. the brother-in-law tells cnn,
3:43 am
kuvn that the family has seen the video. >> >> translator: the officer tells him to put the hands up. with the body language you can tell that he is saying here i am. >> minutes before the police officer was responding to a positionable burglary at a business. when he saw the car nearby officer clark activates the red and blue emergency lights and a high speed chase is followed and then he is eventually stopped on a piz si highway where he gets up out of the car and stands side of the car while officer clarks commands him to stop. he gives him further kmaopds no to move. he continue today walk towards officer clark. the shooting is not seen on the video, but police say that you can hear the interaction between
3:44 am
the two. the family describes what they say happened next. >>. >> translator: after he takes a step off camera you hear the two gunshots. >> for now officer clark is on administrative duty. he has been with them for less than a year. a spokes person tells cnn that they want to keep the dash cam out of the public eye until they wrap up the the investigation. they don't want to influence any witnesses. >> okay. thank you so much. still coming up the trial for boston marathon bombing suspect is respected o get under way this week. there's a big question attached to this. can he get a fair and impartial jury? then the brutal killing of a
3:45 am
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it was story that terrorized boston and now this morning the court ruled that the bombing trial will stay in boston. a court denied the request to change the venue. that means that jury selection is scheduled for this upcoming tuesday. let's bring in legal analyst and joey jackson. joey, first good morning to you. >> good morning vincent. where do they go from here? can they file an appeal or is it
3:49 am
going start now? >> i think victor that's what we're going to see. this is about the third time that they have asked this judge. intentionally back in september of last year before the trial began they said that we can not get a rare trial here. it showed that there were such tensions that were inflamed that the client can no get a rare trial. then on the eve of trial because it was supposed to begin in november and they petitioned to move the trial until september of this coming wreer and they said no, we will give you two months. they renewed the request for a change of venue, and the judge said no. then the third time that they did, the brought it to the division and a three judge panel sad no but they could petition all of them. all of them would make a decision opposed to the three.
3:50 am
the final point of that victor is remember that the way the criminal system works is that you have panels that proceed in a majority vote. you had one of the judges that were clear in the line and said if this is not a chase of change of venue and the trial to proceed is right there in boston. >> let me read what the judge road. put it on the screen here. unparalyzed in a legal history. he describes the coverage and it's absurd that think that he will receive a fair and impartial trial. what do you think? do you think that it's rare to get a fair and impartial trial. >> it's just an act of terrorism that affected the community and such a tremendous way. i get and i understand that you have 5 million people that are in that eastern district and
3:51 am
those could be potentially jurors and you only need 12 or six, but at the same time you can make the thaurmt it affected the commune in in a way to get a jurors that would give him the innocence, and so when you look eight that way a fair trial in that community would be difficult. of course the attorneys want to move it to washington dc and the judges say no, you're not as a matter entitled to the review, but i think that you will see the defense petitioned for that and we will see okay let's here it and we will see if they change the tune or if they continue to say let's we're going hold this trial and hold it here in boston. >> okay. we will see what happens next. >> thank you victor. >> we will see you next hour. okay. i don't know if joey can solve this one. two big things stolen.
3:52 am
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one nascar racer left without his car ahead of a race this sunday.
3:57 am
authorities are searching for the car of travis. it was stolen from a hotel parking lot near the atlanta motor speedway. >> how does that happen? >> it's a car. it's a nascar. you snatch it. >> you're not going drive it down the free way. >> and no one notice. they're still looking for that of course. also los angeles police may have found a missing dress. act tros said that the $150,000 dress that she wore last sunday was stolen from the hotel room and the lapd got a tip and looked in a bathroom and found a garbage bag and a dress that looks a lot like the one that she wore. i am sure that's the one. >> i would hope so, so you you know i know that made up the mind on what color the dang dress is. >> i am so tire ofd the dam
3:58 am
dress. >> jenny has taken a look at the heated debate but an angle that you may not have thought of until the point. >> would someone please put the dress back in the closet. >> tan and white. >> blue and white. >> i saw white and gold and anyone that says differently is nuts. not since the monica scandal has there been anything over a blue dress. or maybe you see it as gold. >> i love it and hate it. >> it's a conspiracy to make the blue and black look crazy. >> how can people look at the same photo and see colors. they're asking optimal list. >> peel that spent their time studying this know that they exist and in the 30 or 40 careers they have never seen a single picture bring out the difference like this one. >> taylor tweeted and said i am
3:59 am
confused and scared. >> all our perceptions are covered by the wiring. >> dr. julia differ in how we perceive color and something on the angle that makes it expectable to process it by adding or subtracting white light. >> does anyone get this? >> i can tell you that it's blue and white. >> the company that sells it says that sells are up 850 percent and they start to make it in white and gold. >> if i could find a dress that changed colors for certain people, i would buy it. it's the image and for some it changes before the eyes. now the black is gold. i am old but i am not dead yet. >> you're confident that you
4:00 am
understand it? while scientists grapple, legos made their own verse and then the lamas were wearing black and blue and white and gold. jenny with cnn new york. ♪ breaking over night congress beats the deadline and improving homeland security for the next daytonas, but the drama is over as the battle enters the new field. gun down add a moscow street and some say that he was specifically targeted. and isis destroys thousands of years of history in iraq. we have harsh examples and what they plan to do. >> good morning. i am victor.
4:01 am
>> and i am christie paul. keeping the homeland security open for the next seven days. it happened just before the midnight deadline and hundreds of thousands of workers and border agents and federal employs will continue to get paid for now. >> it was a crazy night. all of this could have serious congress convinces for house speaker. >> yeah, two sources say if caner caves and allows for a long term bill, they may stage a coop. >> how is this going to play out. i want to talk to aaron about that. live this morning and of course and is next? >> well, christie josh pointed out that friday suz the self-imposed deadline for the republicans on the issue.
4:02 am
they have not been able to figure out how to maximumiize a they have one week left. >> thewith the sound of the gav they compromised and passed a week to fund the department of homeland security and just hours before a friday night dead line. now, screeners and border agents and federal workers can get paid and keep on working. for most of friday lawmakers seemed poised to avoiding a shut down. when it come to a vote for three weeks. say shocking twist this the house to an already dra ma'am i can day. it's not nearly every voted against it. it came down to playing politics. they wanted to block the
4:03 am
president's board and democrats did not vote for it because they wanted to force the republicans to force it for the year and not just three weeks. house majority told them to vote on a patch that would fund it for a week. >> we certainly want to protect the american people every minute of every day 24/7. >> the house took note and passed the temporary fix. congress is expected to continue to debate next week. >> but the senate has already passed a bill that would fund dhs without the stipulation that it would roll back the president's action on immigration. now, whether that as it is can make it to the house floor is at the will of house speaker john banner. >> thank you so much. banner is the name on a lot of people's mind. >> yeah, can he survive the funding site.
4:04 am
now, cnn reporter from stephen is live for us in washington. there were some conservatives that voted against him to continue as a speaker, but they could not m organize. are they more orzed and can he survive this fight? >> that's a good question. we have seen this over the last 16 months or so. there was a government shut down and cause bid the fact that banner has found it impossible to get a more conservative activist members of his caucus in the house. john banner has a week to figure out how to get out of this. right now it seems like he is in a difficult position but he managed the deliver himself from the laws of defeat before. there does not seem that there's a republican leader.
4:05 am
>> you know if he gets through this one omb says that the congress have to vote for an increase in the debt limit, and he may have to race this again what does ts mean for moving forward for the speak ship for this term? >> well, it looks like we're going to have another series of rolling washington. this is going frustrate speaker banner but the republican on the senate side that won'ts to democrat having won the elections last year and both side of kopg, that they were able to government quickly. this is in the campaign 2014 and the senate campaign that they have to defend difficult sits on democratic territory and a presidential race. this is going to be frustrating
4:06 am
for the leadership. you can turn around and say that the republicans are are under the american people. >> if there's a republican that's close to leadership, taste held of a position to be in. i cannot imagine if frustration that you have now. i wonder if there are alternatives but the people are conservatives subpoena voting against it, they can not circle or con sol date around 1. are these applausable -- what are the big names in the running? >> there are some big names but most people that have tried to chal epg banner are not sort of the wide support to challenge the speaker affectively. people there are frustrate that had the republicans can use the majorities to affectively do
4:07 am
president obama attempts by the order. they say that they have acceptability this to washington to change thing, and they do not find that it's on a politically incident. they want somebody to act. that's why it's going to be so difficult for john banner to, you know, forsee this. right now and you're seeing this in the presidential race is that the conservative movement does not have a leader that can get people behind a challenge or the iraq -- >> we have seven days to see what happens and stephen collins. thank you so much. now, to the manhunt for the killers of russian opposition leader and a critic. russian investigators say that
4:08 am
whoever gunned him down, new what route he was taking one when got out and started shooting. >> now, this happened in a bridge in the shadow just a hundred yard from the office eventually. cnn is in moscow for us and fred i know that you're standing basically at the murder screen a screen and looks like a lot of people have joined you there. what's scene and what's the m mood? >> reporter: it's awful here. you can see that there are thousands that are coming here to the play where this happened around 11:40 p.m. many people are brimging flofrs to everything that's shortening and then we came back after the course of today and it's
4:09 am
unbelieve bable how maable how g here. it's shocking. one of the things that we have to keep in mind through all of this is that this is a high security area in moscow. we're less than 100 yards way from the gremlin. we know that the investigators have been look at the footage and speaking to witnesses as they try to found out what happened here. we know that it happened at 11:41. it must have been accurate fire because he was walking with a second person and walking with a woman that he was here with and all of the shots hit him. none of the shots hit her. this was done active. >> yeah, it's interesting but we spoke with cnn and now let's
4:10 am
listen to part of that. >> critics of putin and bad things to happen to them. yes, i respect russia. >> thathey accused him of -- al ayou kuzed state security office is to put him in power. hechs poisoned by a lethal dose of radio active. then the former ukrainian president poisoned and disfigured and nearly killed by a toxic dose of medication. i am not saying that the officials have anything to do wit, but it's suspicious. >> i don't think that you have to be a they aerrorist to see i you --
4:11 am
>> everybody understands? >> yes, of course. everybody understand. every understands everything in this country. >> right. >> and so just two weeks ago we speak on tuds and he said tuesday i am afraid that he could kill me. i could not disz like him more. do people believe the stham the trim lynn targeted it? >> reporter: well, there are some people that say that e this believe this is a clear message that you live dangerous. there are other people that say that perhaps he was on the verge of disclosing something on the involvement in crukraine and th would put him on a hit list. one of the things that we have to point out the approval rating
4:12 am
is for 86 percent so he would in no way shape or form been a threat. the other thing that i want you to keep in mind is that he had a lot of add myers here and a lot of enemies with the family or ukraine. many take personal as a source and pride, so therefore at this point in time it's simply difficult to say who might be behind all of this. certainly there's many people that say that they demand that the investigation bring something forward quickly. >> yeah, because they know that there are people questioning the investigation. we appreciate it. thank you so much. >> still ahead. new pictures of the terrorists zone and we're what learning on
4:13 am
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4:17 am
tnchs god order them and let's go to n r cnn and been some of the things are not just artifacts but central to the heritage of that region. >> reporter: and indeed what you see in this five minute individual dwroe is these men matching statues that come from the ancient city of hutr o o and that was south. that was a greek inspired city there. also it's the iconic wing bulls that you seme men defacing. these are the images that winged bulls have appeared on the iraq
4:18 am
currency. they're symbolic of the countries history. now, this morning the prime minister gave a live press conference at the museum of baghdad that just opened. now he did mention that he is e reinrating the you flunited nat calls for a meeting of the security counsel to discuss how these artifacts and sites can be protected. keep in mind that there are 12,000 registered archaeological fact in iraq. more than 1,200 in the hands of isis. >> so much still that could be lost. ben, thank you so much. still to come a small missouri town gets a shock to
4:19 am
the core after a shooter guns down seven people in a house to house rampage. what we have learned this morning. we operate just like a city, and that takes a lot of energy. we use natural gas throughout the airport - for heating the entire terminal, generating electricity on-site, and fueling hundreds of vehicles. we're very focused on reducing our environmental impact. and natural gas is a big part of that commitment.
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22 minutes after the hour and here is a look at other stories developing. investigators searching for a motive that left seven people shot to death across six different crime scenes and four of the people were from the same family. the gunman then killed himself after the rampage. they also found his mother dead, but that was of natural causes, so they're looking into her
4:23 am
death to see if that triggered this. we have a live report coming up in a bit. >> it was an emotional day as president obama said good-bye to eric holder. the president was among those that attended a portrait unrailing at the department of justice yesterday. a legendary sole singer franklin attended and delivered a surprise performance. she called him a champion and warrior. another farewell and kelly osbourne is leaving her job as cohost of the fashion police and pursuing other opportunities and this comes just days after her host julian ransic made a job.
4:24 am
long before nerd was cool, there was leonard nimoy. he maybe best known for playing spock in the original sta"star trek" and all of the conventions that he attended over the year. still ahead more westerners are heading over seas and trying to join isis and new threats revealed here at home. what is being done to battle the home grown terror. the one that spoke out against the extremist was hacked to death while waiting with his wife on the street. more on this story just ahead. the sleekest... ...sexiest, ...baddest, ...safest, ...tightest, ...quickest... ...harshest... ...or nothing. at mercedes-benz, we do things one way or we don't do them at all.
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but it's the people that would make me want to come back. >> it's something different every place that you go. >> i got to tell you we're coming back. >> you do not have to tell me. ♪ here is a look at the mortgage rates. ♪
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4:28 am
♪ this morning officials are trying to see who carried out a brutal attack against a bangladesh blogger. >> roy that lived here in the atlanta area was hacked to death on the streets of the capital city, and his wife is seriously
4:29 am
injured. now the blogger had been threats of the views of religion and extremism. i want to bring in cnn ivan wats watson. this is so brutal ivan. what do we know this morning? >> well, this morning the bangladesh police say that they're looking for smts. they have not made any arrests yet. we spoke with the doctor that did the autopsy and how savvy the attack was. he had deep wounds to the back of the head, neck and back, so eyewitnesses say that attackers attacked him and his wife as they were walking from a book fair where the writer had given a speech. now, he was a outspoken atheist of all stripes but he is a
4:30 am
bangladesh origin and lived outside of atlanta. what is very eerie is that in an essay it was due to be pun libl in a month. they warned about threats against him. he said he was indated with death threats after he published a book called the virus of faith. in the essay he wrotes it's like a high lie contagious virus. death threats started to flowing to my e-mail indox on a regular basis. i suddenly found myself a target of militants islamists and terrorists. he went to quote a message saying that one man in bangladesh said that we cannot reach him in america, but when he comes back to bangladesh is when we will get him.
4:31 am
reportedly he and his wife were scheduled to fly back to america in just a couple of days, but the atatackers got to him first. >> ivan watson, i appreciate the news. thank you. >> it's a race for the time to hunt down four missing teenagers that are fear to be in route or in middle east to join isis. they believe that they flew to turkey in mid-january, but stst not clear where they are now. the case marks the latest of a sting of disturbing infections that seem to be lured by the islamic group. authorities are battling the spread of home grown terror. three men are behind bars after a failed attempt to join isis. two were attempts to fly to turkey earlier this week. now, they had plans and among them shooting and killing cops
4:32 am
and reported killing president obama. let's bring back analyst and fbi director tom. tom, can canada to here at home, what is spurring this home grown terror growth? >> victor, we have seeb this all over the world. they have have people that have become radicalized on the websites or in person and have gone to join isis in syria and iraq. it's not a nuisance but a continuation of seeing this over and over again. we had three girls from denver that got as far as germany before being stopped and brought back to the u.s. the fbi stopped another woman from denver and tried to talk her out and tried to get her parents to talk her out. they arrested her on the jet way
4:33 am
to get on the plane. that's what happened with the three in new york that were going to try to join isis and mention this. the fbi became aware of a posting on a news language site and the posting -- the very first posting said that the individual wanted to join isis and possibly would it be okay to kill obama and go forward with that? the fbi got the record of where the address was for the internet from the internet service provider and went there and talked to the first defendant who is speaking and he says yeah, i post that had and that's what i want to do. if i cannot go over there, i am going kill somebody here. a couple of days later they come back with the news speaker and this person actually writes out that's what i want to do. i want to be a terrorist and want to join. they use electronic surveillance
4:34 am
and this is one of the case that is the fbi is again trying to talk someone out of this. we're on to you and know that you want to do this. do not do it. they want to do it any way. >> yeah, attorney general had strong words when talking about the terror and abroad and here at home. listen. >> we have shone that it does not matter how long it takes. it does not matter where you are. we will find you and hunt you down and hold you accountable. >> so in a world like syria, can you do that? >> through the use of the military and law enforcement capacity, if you harm americans it's the sworn duty of every person in the executive branch to find you and hold you countriabcountr accountable. >> can they keep track of all of them? >> no. many of these people you do not
4:35 am
know until they post something or tell a friend, neighbor or family member that they intepid to join isis. you can not read the mind. they have to do something overt to give you an indication. >> okay. we will talk more next hour. tom, thank you so much. >> thank you. you know coming up there's a growing number black lash ahead of the address to congress. the question is whetherill the administration be able to tie it to the visit? we have new details on that coming up. it's tough, but i've . but managing my symptoms was all i was doing. so when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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4:39 am
38 minutes past the hour and so glad to have you. tep tension mounts ahead of the session of congress on tuesday. yahoo is excited to talk about the nuclear program. cnn is traveling with the prime minister and she has the latest for us. >> the brickering between the white house and the plan speech to congress hit a new low this week. the u.s. relations deteriorating to the worst scene in decades. >> there's a degree of parson ship. it's unfortunate but it's destruct o destructive of the fabric of the leadership. >> the relationship of the invitation behind the white houses back further strained a relationship with president obama. >> we have a real difference on
4:40 am
i r iran. it does not make sense to sour the negotiations a month or two before they're about to be completed. >> with the suggestion the administration refused to meet with him two weeks before israelis go to the poll. he doubled down and said that he had a disagreement with the white house over iran. he was not picking a fight with the president. >> i intend to talk about this before the deadline and to congress because congress may have a important role on a nuclear deal with iran. >> about two dozen congressional democrating plan to skip it and dethey address that was undermining the department.
4:41 am
>> it's out of call. >> the speaker is taking on the white house take on. >> what is constructive is making a bad deal that paves the way for iran. >> as the visit is closer, the jabs are sharper and personal. >> have you had the discussion? >> we may have a judgment that's not correct here. >> leaving hope in this tense relationship any time soon. >> i respect the white house and the president's of the united states, but i must do anything to prevent such a great danger forri for israel. this is just the latest words and the unnamed senior administration was using an ex pla tif and calling him a coward for the refusal of the peace deal. >> president obama is sending national security adviser susan
4:42 am
rice to address the gathering next week. now by some this is seen as a move to mend fences after concerning the prime ministers visits ask called it constructive as you heard there in the peace. let's bring in stephen simon, and she the executive director for the institute of the studies. stephen, good to have you. first of all is this move to send rice a way to mend fences? is that the way that everybody is seeing this or different perspectives? >> well, officials typically o tend the apack conference and it's not surprising that susan rice or samantha would be attending. in the past the president has also addressed the contact and
4:43 am
president obama has done that himself. whether this is deliberate to mend fences or business as usual, it's hard to determine. >> yeah, it's been the president or president or vice president of the state for were obama administration. how can they resolve it or is it theirs to resolve? >> i don't think that it's subject to resolution. and this for two reasons. first because the u.s.'s real relationship is not the issue that's been for decades or for issues. it's now become parson and football that began in 2012 when the republican candidate for president mitt romney accused him of throwing israel under the bus. this thought it was a claim
4:44 am
because the obama administration has been the most generous of all administrations here in to the assistance and to republi n republicans thought that this was good to use against the president in what was expected to be a very close race. the question at that time was whether the political sags would be a perm nananent feature or f after a2012. i think that we're seeing that this is a built in feature of the relationship. >> yeah, a very challenging relationship with these two men we have seen on several occasions very difficult just personally in one another space. we will see what happens when jew san rice and powers speaks in the next few days. stephen, thank you so much. >> thank you.
4:45 am
still to come the police chief who lead the investigation into john bonet ramsey murder has shocking really vagss. what does it mean for any kind of investigation? ♪ there's nothing more romantic than a spontaneous moment. so why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use, you don't have to plan around either. it's the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right.
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4:48 am
we're learning shocking new details on the 1996 murder
4:49 am
mystery of john bonnet ramsey. >> a police chief during the case posted shocking revelations and did this on the internet. >> who killed john ramsey. >> there's a killer on the loose. >> the 6 year -year-old beauty was found dead. >> i tell my friends to keep your baby's close to you. there's someone out there. >> while a killer has never been caught new details just revealed and former boulder police chief in a resent ask me session be
4:50 am
beckner shared new information on how they died and hit in the head and 45 minutes prior to being strangled. she was not sexually assaulted at the report that indicated there was reason to believe otherwise. beckner suggests instead that was all staged. >> my last count we had investigated over 140 people as possible suspects in this case. >> in 2009, beckner spoke that not one suspect had been identified, the mystery unsolved. now, beckner admits mistakes were made by police in the initial days after the crime. in retrospect he says jonbenet's parents should have been separated and statements taken immediately, he called it a perfect storm type scenario. it was the christmas holiday and we were short staffed he writes, and there was confusion at the scene as people were arriving before we had enough personnel on the scene. as a result, some evidence was compromised.
4:51 am
the redeeming value of beckner's candid confession of sorts, all of these details converge and it will create renewed interest, renewed scrutiny and might trigger somebody to remember something. >> let's bring in joey jackson in to play here. so, you know, we heard sure, it might spark somebody's memory. does it change anything in the investigation which i believe is closed, isn't it? >> good morning, christi. you know, i think it certainly could bring renewed interest. the media is a powerful entity, the fourth estate they call it, because now the media focusing could bring renewed attention. there are two problems when you look at what we call a cold case. this is 19 years old. and the one problem of course is that memories certainly fade. the other problem is that evidence could deteriorate. but that notwithstanding, certainly you have a case file, certainly you have a team of investigators and detectives
4:52 am
that cold still look into this case. remember, the break that they got in this case a number of years ago, there was a false confession and of course we heard that mark beckner say the only thing that would solve this would be a confession. reminding you john mark carr confessed saying i'm the person, come to find he was outside of the country at that particular time, wasn't even there. but i think it's a good development that we have this because it brings renewed focus which brings scrutiny which could bring resolution but that's a hope. >> what if somebody has been hanging onto information and you know, they have got something they never revealed. does something like this prompt them to -- is there a consciousness issue that people years later come forward and say my gosh, i can't hold onto this any longer? does that happen? >> you know, it certainly happens. in cases that are not publicized where people get a revelation and they have to come clean.
4:53 am
but you know, in instances like a murder case this is huge, coming clean like this would mean life in jail. so you don't -- i don't particularly suspect that someone would feel a revelation and say hey, i'm going to confess but i would suspect as a result of the renewed interest perhaps we can get the team to continue to do so, maybe they get a break and we know after many, many years, murder, there is no statute of limitations. renewed focus, renewed hope, renewed commitment perhaps can bring a renewed result. that would be a resolution to just who killed john ba may ramsey. >> even if it wasn't the killer itself, him or herself but somebody who remembers something or held onto information. so joey, when you look at this case, and all of the cases you know cases so well, when you look at it, is this just going to be one of those do you think forever who done it? >> you know, i do have my
4:54 am
concerns about that because it has been so long. and you know, there were just so many initially problems and you heard them there, apparently the parents not separated, again they have been cleared, the parents of jonbenet ramsey, the district attorney said we're even sorry for looking at you. you look at the fact that they were not interviewed until months later because of lawyers, the fact there was no preservation of the crime scene, too many cooks spoil the broth, it presents problems, and i think serious challenges moving forward and resolving the case. >> it's so sad. joey jackson, always love your voice on these things. thank you. >> have a great day. >> you too. and stay close.
4:55 am
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4:58 am
here is a look at other stories developing. it was the story that terrorized boston, now new this morning a court ruled the marathon bombing trial can stay in boston. a federal appeals court denied a petition to change the venue for the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev. so that means jury selection is scheduled for this coming tuesday. >> take a look at this surveillance video. some thieves made off with a trailer containing a nascar racer's car. this is ahead of the race tomorrow. the car belonged to travis capele and stolen from a hotel parking lot. how does that happen? this car is valued at $250,000. well, we are just now getting word local affiliate wxia reporting the car has been found, however, the car thief has not.
4:59 am
>> michael sam, the first openly gay player to the nfl has reason to celebratement sam announced good news on twitter writing this. glad to be part of the nfl veteran free agent combine, working hard to show up big time. have a safe weekend all. okay. so there's that portion. >> the inaugural event is scheduled to take place next month in arizona. >> he also is on "dancing with the stars," we'll see if he drops out of that. >> so los angeles police, they may have found an oscar winning actresses dress. the actress said the $150,000 pearl encrusted dress was stolen from her l.a. hotel room. the p.d. looked in an abandoned bathroom and spotted a garment bag, inside a dress that looks a lot like the one that disappeared. the next hour of "new day" starts now.
5:00 am
>>. >> one of vladamir putin's most outspoken critics gunned down on a moscow street. investigators this morning say this murder was carefully planned. >> plus, a town of 50 rocked by violence, police say a gunman went on a house-to-house rampage killing seven people. four of them from the same family. >> and congress beats the dhs deadline approving funding for homeland security for a few more days, but listen, the drama is far from over. good morning. good to have you with us. i'm victor blackwell. >> i'm christi paul. grateful for your company. >> we're starting with the manhunt right now for the killer that gunned down one of russia's outspoken critics of president vladamir putin. >> investigators say there is no doubt the shooting of boris nemtsov was, quote, carefully planned and whoever shot him dead knew the route he was taking. the opposition leader and former
5:01 am
deputy prime minister was killed as he walked along a bridge with a companion. this was 100 yards, though, from the kremlin. >> this morning grieving crowds of supporters gathered at the bridge where nemtsov was killed. they say they want justice here. >> frederick is at the vigil in the heart of moscow. good morning. >> reporter: people here in moscow are absolutely shocked at the killing of boris nemtsov, in the time we've been standing here we've seen thousands come and many laying down flowers, other people who are absolutely in tears. we have heard from the russian investigators they say that their investigation is moving forward, that they are questioning many of the witnesses. let's have a look at what unfolded here last night. gunned down in the heart of russia's capital. investigators worked the crime scene where boris nemtsov's body lay on one of the bridges. law enforcement officials say nemtsov, one of russia's
5:02 am
prominent opposition figures, was struck in the back by several bullets. the killing happened next to the kremlin walls in the vicinity of st. bazle cathedral. nemtsov was walking with a friend when alcar stopped and the assailant opened fire. as mourners laid flowers and lit candles, speculation who did it? some blamed the government of vladamir putin, othersdy agree. >> this is a street message to all of us, hello, you have the guy who works for you, he is the best who is your leader. bomb, bomb. who wants it more. who will be next. >> we have some small part of in russia people who want to break putin and maybe they might show another people, another country,
5:03 am
government of country, how bad putin. >> it's not clear who is behind the killing. but boris nemtsov had many enemies. he was russia's deputy prime minister in the late 90s, joined the opposition after vladamir putin came into power. and was jailed several times for criticizing the government. vladamir putin condemned nemtsov's killing and offered the family condolences. he also launched an investigation into the murder and said it bears all the hallmarks of a contract killing aimed at provoking unrest. a friend and political ally of nemtsov's, he was one of the first at the scene of the murder and strongly criticizes russia's president. >> translator: i don't know who ordered the shooting or pulled the trigger but i strongly believe it's russia's government and personally vladamir putin who are responsible for it. vladamir putin is responsible for creating the atmosphere of hatred in our country. they insighted hatred for
5:04 am
dissidents and boris nemtsov. >> nemtsov was to take part in an opposition rally criticizing russia's role in the ukraine conflict this sunday. instead there will now be a march of mourning for one of russia's most eloquent opposition voices brutally silenced forever. the question moving forward is going to be will the opposition here in this country be galvanized by what happened or will it be intimidated. we'll see a lot of that tomorrow. there is set to be a march of mourning for boris nemtsov, meanwhile, the investigators are saying that they are also trying to gather more information, they say they are questioning witnesses and also say that right now they believe that the gun that was used in all of this was a pistol. >> appreciate it. thank you. >> let's bring in law enforcement analyst and former fbi assistant director tom fuentes. president obama is calling for, and this is a quote, russia to
5:05 am
conduct a prompt and impartial and transparent investigation of nemtsov's murder. is that even a realistic request? >> victor, my opinion we shouldn't be making any requests of along those lines. we have no interest in that. it's an internal russian matter. i think we should stay out of it. >> why? >> why should we? why should we get involved? we had a high profile murder in the united states we wouldn't appreciate putin telling our government make sure you do a transparent investigation. so why should we weigh in on every problem like that when it's not in the u.s. interest to do it. >> okay. let's move on to what nemtsov said himself when he sat down for dinner with anthony bourdain last year. >> critics of the government, critics of putin, bad things seem to happen to them. >> yes. unfortunately represent let i say russia old 19th century. not of 21st. >> critics of putin beware.
5:06 am
one accused putin of corruption and wound up spending 10 years in prison and labor camps. alexander accused state security services of organizing a coup to put putin in power. he was poisoned by a lethal dose of radioactive polonium. and the former ukrainian president nearly killed by a toxic dose of dioxin. i'm not saying official russian bodies had anything to do with it, but it's mighty suspicious. >> i don't think you need to be a conspiracy theorist who say whoever did this very much wanted everyone to know who done it. >> everybody understands. >> yes. >> and everybody is meant to understand. >> yeah. everybody understands. everybody understands everything. in this country. >> so let's use that as context, the information about the other leaders who met their fate
5:07 am
questionably during the past few years under putin's lead. you can also have the conversation about what's happening in ukraine and dig deeper into your thought that the u.s. should not get involved or should not be calling upon putin to investigate this. if you have, as some believe a leader, who is not only encroaching upon the sovereignty of another country but now systematically killing off opposition, that might be in the u.s. interest to stop. >> we have no real mechanism to stop it. and i think that putin, the power that he wields in russia he has no reason to fear the united states, he has no reason to fear the europeans, no reason to fear the united nations. the russians themselves think he is doing great because he is trying to restore russia to the good old days when they stood toe to toe with the united states through the cold war and lately because of the damage to their economy which we are doing with the sanctions, and the
5:08 am
european sanctions, they look at that as our fault. they don't blame putin for what he did in ukraine, they blame the west for interfering. i think that the russians probably applaud the fact that thanks to putin they have the crimea back and what's going on in eastern ukraine is not something that the russians are deeply against. the only other thing on the murder that's true many of the people that have disagreed or been dissidents against putin met an untimely death, but, you also have enemies of nemtsov including within the activist movement in russia, so there are other people that would have motives and especially would have a lot to gain because you murder nemtsov, it will look like putin did it, it will activate the rest of the dissidents and whoever takes over leadership in that later will be able to replace him as the face of dissension in russia. so there are other people that stand to gain besides putin and i don't think putin has much at
5:09 am
all to gain. this guy was no threat to him. >> tom, thank you so much. >> thank you. canadian authorities are racing to find at least four missing teenagers feared to be in or en route to the middle east to join isis. >> officials believe they flew from montreal to turkey in mid january but it's not clear where they are now. this case, though, marks the latest in the string of defections by westerners believed to have been lured by this terror group. so paula neuman has the laters from montreal. what have you learned this morning? good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as we said at least four that have those links to isis, their families fearing they have in fact joined that terror group. here authorities have opened investigations into several other young people from this area who have headed to turkey. they did not tell their family that they wouldn't be returning earlier this month. that's when people alerted authorities. what they are trying to piece together and it's so difficult
5:10 am
as we've seen with the british cases is figure out are they still in turkey, who are they talking to on line, who are they talking to on their phone. what is more difficult is that the online trail really is not as crystal clear as it would have been in other cases in some ways some of these young people disappeared without a case, in others they head from their families in terms of what their motives were. what is key, though, is that authorities want to find out who is luring them there and how. christi. >> right. and we know that these teens have been described as smart and kind and normal. i mean, have you spoken with anybody who could say i saw an indication, i saw a little bit of something that might make me think this isn't so odd. >> reporter: i haven't spoken to any one personally who said that. the people said these were normal kids, exceptionally bright, coming from good
5:11 am
families. what the family members have said that look, we did see signs, we tried to stop them, we tried to settle them down. but it seemed to have been too late. what these families did not do and what the government wants them to do is alert the authorities so that their passports can be confiscated. that doesn't mean the problem is involved but radicalization, it's a problem to sort out but it may stop them from boarding the plane to join isis. >> paula, thank you. here in the u.s. federal authorities are also battling the spread of home grown terror. three men are behind bars this morning after an alleged failed attempt to join isis in syria. investigators say the three had plans to shoot and kill cops, even reportedly discussed assassinating president obama. let's bring in peter bergen. peter, is there any consensus on how to stop this spread of home
5:12 am
grown terror or are the inspirations so varied it's hard to put your hands on? >> well victor, as you recall, there was a white house three-day meeting about countering violent extremism. as paula sort of indicated in her report, why people radical size and how is complicated and stopping it is not easeasy. if you stop somebody before they become a militant how do you know you are successful because we can't look inside people's souls. the reason that these people are often stopped at the airport before they leave is that's a very good indicator that they were going to do something nefarious. until that point unless you are buying airline tickets and doing things clearly indicating you're leaving it's often not very clear if somebody is merely a fundamentalist rather than a full-blown militant. paula in her report said that these were normal kids from well off backgrounds, that's pretty
5:13 am
typical. they are not people who are sort of coming from impoverished backgrounds. the three guys in brooklyn maybe sort of -- they don't appear to have been sort of upper middle class but often the kids that are going that we've seen whether they are from colorado or chicago, come from very nice families and basically they have been influenced by the isis social media to believe that they are joining some kind of islamist utopia in syria even though that's clearly not the case. they are impressionable often teenagers, the ages of the people going are very young often. >> the lifestyle they are promised is not the one they get. the fbi director james comey made headlines this week after he spoke about this home grown isis threat. >> we have investigations of people in various stages of radicalizing in all 50 states.
5:14 am
isil is putting out a siren song through their slick propaganda, social media that goes like this. troubled soul, come to the caliphate, you will live a life of glory, you will find a life of meaning here fighting for our so called caliphate. if you captain come kill somebody where you are. >> investigations in all 50 states. are there federal resources to keep track of all of these? >> well, the fbi is a pretty large organization. it is a fact that if you are trying to survey somebody full time it does take quite a lot of people. but i don't think the fbi would make the claim they are underresourced. what director comey said was a good summary of what the problem is. i mean, the vision that is sort of suggested to these kids and they are often kids, is that come to syria and you'll be part of something exciting even
5:15 am
glorious and that the restoration of the caliphate, the idea of you have a muslim empire from indonesia to morocco. you'll be part of that. these kids going discount the beheadings and all of the ugly things that isis does or somehow tune them out. and they are inspired by this message and we're seeing unfortunately thousands of fighters from western europe and canada and the united states and australia go to join this supposed caliphate. >> of course the conversation about surveillance resources became front of mind after the events in paris several weeks ago, several months ago now, after authorities say they knew about some of these individuals but did not continue the surveillance because of limited resources. peter, we'll continue the conversation. thank you so much. still to come, a small missouri town, can you imagine what they are feeling this morning, they were so shocked to
5:16 am
the core by this. a shooter gunned down seven people in this house-to-house rampage. >> across this small community. down to the wire. lawmakers approve a short-term plan to fund the department of homeland security, why next week's political fight could have major consequences, the one republican in particular house speaker john boehner. sometimes romantic. there were tears in my eyes. and tears in my eyes. and so many little things that we learned were really the biggest things. through it all, we saved and had a retirement plan. and someone who listened and helped us along the way. because we always knew that someday the future would be the present. every someday needs a plan. talk with us about your retirement today. rightabreva can heal itold sore, in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads
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5:19 am
announcer: visit for information on how to provide [airplane sounds] even better care for the person who once took care of you. investigators in missouri are trying to find the motive behind this house-to-house killing spree that left seven people shot to death. >> the scene of the rampage is the small rural town, tyrone, it's in southeast missouri, and most of its 50 residents, they know each other. they don't even lock their doors. >> will ripley is live in missouri this morning. what's the latest there? >> reporter: victor, the latest we expect police to possibly
5:20 am
release the names of the other victims here later today. but you really need think about this for a second because it doesn't get much smaller talking about small town america than tyrone, missouri. as you said, maybe 50 people live in the town and in the course of one awful night, they lost about a fifth of their population. there's no stop light in tyrone, missouri, no post office or even a gas station. but this tiny town is the scene of the deadliest mass shooting in recent missouri history. >> i didn't see her at first. she was kind of laying doubled over like a bunch of clothes or something. just kind of bent over forward. and her head was down on the floor. >> john got a phone call to go to his cousin's house down the street. >> whenever i got him by the arm you know, it just -- you could
5:21 am
tell that he was dead. >> he thinks his cousin and wife were killed quickly, their car and washing machine still running, their 13-year-old son alive and terrified in a back bedroom. >> he's in shock. >> i would say. >> the house one of six crime scenes and nine deaths, seven people shot and killed, four from the same family, less than three miles apart. the gunman's mother apparently dead of natural causes, police investigating if her death somehow triggered the rampage. >> you know what, that's -- in our job we see a lot of stuff and this is bad. this is also hard on the police officers who are working there. it's not natural to see that sort of thing. >> the missouri state highway patrol says the gunman joseph aldridge, killed himself. authorities say he had only a minor criminal history, nothing to forshadow something like
5:22 am
this. many in this quiet corner of southeast missouri say they don't even lock their doors. >> my concern is children and so our kids are having a tough time. a wide variety of emotions, sho shock, tears. >> investigators working to figure out why someone would want to kill nearly an entire family, hoping the soul survivor now in the hospital can provide answers. >> how is your community going to move forward from this? >> one day at a time. as a family. this community is based in faith and based in family, and i have seen them come through some very difficult situations. nothing like this of course. >> a massacre in a missouri town, the few left behind left to wonder why? this corner of southeast missouri hasn't had a homicide in a year and a half, victor and christi. to think that most of the members of the aldridge family were killed, mr. schreiber's
5:23 am
relatives who could be named later today, at least two of them killed as well. it is a stunning and devastating blow for the people who live here. >> and the question, of course in everyone's mind, why? hopefully we'll get at least some answers later today. thank you so much. that 13-year-old boy. goodness. iraqi officials are slamming isis this morning for destroying antiquities that are thousands of years old. what is the significance of this? meet the world's newest energy
5:24 am
superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more.
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developing overnight president obama has signed a short-term funding bill that will keep the department of homeland security up and running for one week. house lawmakers approved the plan hours before the midnight deadline. >> that means hundreds of thousands of tsa workers, border agents, other federal employee, will continue to get paid for the time being. >> let's bring in erin mcpike live at the white house for us this morning. erin, seven days they have to do something. >> reporter: victor, that's right. josh earnest said yesterday from the podium that republicans couldn't meet their self-imposed deadline that in two months they haven't figured out how to maximize their political advantage. well, now house speaker john boehner has one more week to figure out how. >> the yeas are 357, the nays 60. two thirds in the affirmative.
5:28 am
>> with the sound of the gavel, congress compromised and passed a one-week extension to fund the department of homeland security, just hours before a friday night deadline. now, tsa screeners, border agents and federal workers can get paid and keep working. but chaos came before the compromise. for most of friday lawmakers seemed poised to avoid a nail biting showdown. but when it came to a vote to fund the department for three weeks, a shocking twist in the house to an already dramatic day on the hill. >> the joint resolution is not passed. >> nearly every democrat and a few dozen republicans voted against it. it came down to playing politics. republicans wanted a provision blocking the president's executive order on immigration which the bill didn't have. and democrats didn't vote for it because they wanted to force republicans to fund the department for the full year, rather than just three weeks. as hope started to fade by the hour, house minority leader nancy pelosi told democrats to
5:29 am
vote on a patch that would fund the department for a week. >> we certainly wanted to protect the american people every minute of every day, 24/7. >> reporter: the houls apparently took note and passed the temporary fix. congress is expected to continue the debate next week. and in that next week, there are conservative republicans in the house who are threatening that if house speaker john boehner brings a clean bill to the floor, that would fund the department of homeland security for another year without stripping away president obama's executive action on immigration, they are threatening that they would try to overthrow him from the speaker's chair. >> how realistic is that and have they identified an alternative? >> reporter: look, this has come up before. there have been some conservative house republicans who say they would try to challenge speaker boehner. this has happened over the last couple years. whether or not they can get the votes to do that, that of course remains to be seen. but these threats are certainly
5:30 am
out there. >> the votes, that's the important part. erin mcpike, thank you so much. despite the obvious shutdown of a lot of organizations, a lot of people are saying why all this ruckus? why does this matter? let's ask former new york city police commissioner bernard kerik. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> i know you have been outspoken about this delay specifically. talk to us about why that is, what is your beef here? >> well, the beef is exactly what this segment is about, politics. you cannot play politics with the national security of this country number one. you should not be. number two, we are at a time when we are you know, experiencing some of the biggest threats we've ever faced in our homeland. the recent arrests in new york, the continuous threats around the country from isis and isil
5:31 am
and as the fbi director said in the last few days, we are surveilling, investigating these types of threats in all 50 states. and you have political leaders in washington, on both sides of the aisle, that are you know, not doing their job. if you have a problem with the immigration shoe, take it to court. do whatever you have to do, but do not hold up funding for the department of homeland security. it's just not -- it's outrageous, it's dangerous. and it puts us in jeopardy. >> is there anything specific you would say to lawmakers if you could sit down with any of them right now and look at them face-to-face? >> basically what i'd say is listen to the people who know what's out there in the streets. listen to the fbi director. listen to the attorney general. listen to the ground commanders in iraq and syria, in iraq and in the middle east right now. we are facing a threat like
5:32 am
we've never faced before, and to even consider sending home the non-essential personnel for the dhs, the people that man the computers and you know, man the intelligence networks and do a bunch of the stuff that you know, ironically they will have to be replaced by enforcement officials if this happens. this can't happen. it cannot happen. we have to stop playing politics with national security. >> so sounds as though you're saying to congress you've got to listen to the people on the ground and the people that are directly involved here. do you get the sense that -- i know you said they are playing politics but do you think congress just doesn't get what this is -- the risk, the threat really is? >> you know what, there's no telling. i don't know what these people think. here's what i know. on both sides of the aisle, it's
5:33 am
all about their positions, it's all about them, it's all about polarization in politics. it just cannot be. do your job. do your job. secure this country. and you're not securing this country when you're not funding the department of homeland security. >> bernard kerik, commissioner, appreciate you being with us. thank you so much. >> thank you. we'll examine the political in fighting behind all of this, our experts weigh in, and still ahead, united airlines is talking tough to its pilots, a new memo giving a stern warning after recent mistakes lead to a number of close calls. how safe are we on these planes? to your store, t a container ship delivered it to that truck. here in san diego, we're building the first one ever to run on natural gas. ships this big, running this clean, will be much better for the environment.
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after a day of drama the house approved a one-week extension of funding for the department of homeland security. one week, seven days. that means the bill will be back on the table march 6. but is that enough time to find a solution to this problem? let's bring in maria cardona and republican strategist lisa booth. good to have both of you back. >> good morning. >> maria, let's start with you. is a week enough time? >> we'll see. what we saw last night victor, was a resounding and embarrassing and humiliating failure of the leadership of speaker boehner. and what a long trip we've come from the days right after the election when speaker boehner and leader -- and new senate leader mitch mcconnell vowed that the days of governing from crisis to crisis were over.
5:38 am
and so right now what we're seeing is that the speaker has one week to prove that he can come to his senses, really try to govern, and focus on perhaps the path that his colleague in the senate took, mitch mcconnell after he realized that what he was trying to push through the senate wasn't going to work, and so finally he put to a vote a bill that cleanly funded the department of homeland security until september, that was the way to go. but right now what we saw this week is that speaker boehner is more interested in the security of his speakership gavel than in the security of the american people. >> let's go to lisa. do you think that the speaker should or will be able to sell his caucus on a clean long term funding bill? >> i don't think that's something that republicans in the house are going to support but to maria's point we're governing crisis to crisis because this is an unresolved crisis because of democrats last congress. we have to remember why we're
5:39 am
here. we're here because democrats failed to do their jobs last congress. republicans passed numerous appropriations bills last congress, we debated those for over 90 hours and we considered over 400 amendments. senate democrats passed zero amendments. we're also here because president obama decided to do something that he said over 20 times he did not have the constitutional authority to do, and that's rewrite our nation's immigration laws on his own. and this is something that a federal court in texas just struck down as unconstitutional. so we're here right now we're governing crisis to crisis because of democrats. >> but lisa, are you also here right now because the republican leadership allowed it to go for two months, also allowed this element of not funding the president's executive order on immigration, the republicans are in charge of when the votes are called and what gets into the bills because of their majorities here. >> that's true as far as
5:40 am
republicans are in charge of the votes but you know, you have to look at why we're here, victor. i think a lot of people would like to point to republicans right now which maria is doing but what they are not recognizing is the fact we're here facing this crisis, we're in this situation because democrats failed to do their jobs last congress. so frankly, it's not only ironic but it's laughable for maria to point the finger at republicans when it's democrats failed leadership last congress and unresolved issues last congress because of democrats failing to do their jobs. >> could this backfire on democrats? >> no. actually i think it's back firing on republicans. and what is actually ridiculous is for lisa to blame this on the democrats when i'm sorry, who is in control of congress, who is in control of both houses, the senate and the house? oh, right, it's republicans. who vowed not to govern crisis by crisis. let's take a look at why we're here. the president did do an executive action and by the way, through his constitutional authority that many republican
5:41 am
presidents have exercised in the past. >> not what a federal court in texas said. >> completely legal. we'll see. that is going to go through the courts. we'll see. let's also look at why he did that. speaking of not doing their job, speaker boehner had a year and a half, lisa, to go to the floor with a comprehensive immigration reform bill to get immigration reform fixed. done. he could even have done it piecemeal the way he says he wanted to do. he refused to do any of it. so again, he is cow towing to the most extreme conservative voices in his caucus, he is proving to the american people he cannot govern and tha he's putting politics before the safety of the americans. >> it's not president obama's job to rewrite our immigration laws. the bill you're talking about would cost $30 billion and does nothing to address the border. >> let me put this question to lisa. there are two senior house republican sources tell cnn there is serious concern among
5:42 am
those close to the speaker if he allowed the vote on this long term funding bill, the clean bill, conservatives would make a motion to vacate the chair. a direct challenge to his job. how serious do you think that is? >> i think it's a question for the house republicans. but look, we don't know what's going to happen. i think there's going to be serious debate and there are serious issues we're looking at. i think what is important and what i continue to go back to because you know, i think it's absolutely important to address the root causes of what we're facing right now, that's democrats failed leadership last congress and the fact that -- failed to do their job. >> in this congress. it's now republicans who are in charge of the house and the senate and when -- all right. i just got a big -- in tv speak cut it off, we got to move on. from the producer. thank you very much. we'll continue this over the next week. always good discussion.
5:43 am
listen. the war with isis has left millions of syrians and iraqis homeless, hungry, they don't have clothing. there are organizations trying to help by providing food and shelter and medical care. for ways to help go to c in, you think you take off all your make-up before bed.
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5:47 am
in one single scathing memo united airlines has a message for pilots. dysfunctional cockpit behavior stops now. this memo which was issued january 9, was recently obtained by cnn and details two incidents which could have resulted in ground crashes, also a third where a plane landed with less than the required amount of fuel on board. howard says to pilots, i want to quote this. every pilot must be willing to speak up if safety is in question. every pilot must accept the input of fellow crew members on the flight deck in most cases one of the pilots recognizes an unsafe situation, in some cases a pilot's input is ignored. this is unacceptable.
5:48 am
let's talk about this with a former pilot and aviation consultant. we hear a mandate like this, i wonder, what is the ego clash going on in the air? how much does it matter? >> it matters a great deal. there shouldn't be an ego clash. it's incumbent on both pilots to work as a well oiled team, a team who work together to maintain the safety of the flight. if you have a pilot who, for whatever reason be it arrogance or otherwise chooses to ignore the other pilot, either the copilot or the captain, it cuts both ways, then the flight safety is compromised. there's a method called crew resource management which is taught to all new airline pilots, and that is in fact method to teach them how they must work together. and be able, each pilot must be
5:49 am
able to speak out and say to the other one not happy, speed's too fast or the wrong stlop and they must be able to do so and know that their response will be a favorable one. >> is it usually? is there an ego problem? >> well, occasionally there can be. there can be the odd clash of character. you have to naught aside as a professional pilot. >> i wondered how often they actually do put it aside. i'm sorry, i wanted to get this other quote in. i'd love to get your input. another quote from this said we are currently seeing a lot of movement in the pilot group such as retirements, seat movement, new hires, that while welcome introduces significant risk to the operation. what kind of risk do you see from that? >> well, we're talking about promoting first officers to command so they move to the other seat. they take on the different role which is that of the captain. while it's not a great deal
5:50 am
different they have to you know, develop their listening skills, and accept what the first officer might say to them. the other thing is that new first officers might be reticent to speck out because they are new, not too certain whether they are supposed to speak out or not. the straight answer is if in doubt speak out. and if your copilot says something, listen. that's a warning sign. and you should act on it immediately. >> so when you hear statements like this coming and mandates to crews like this, do you believe -- what is the danger of the passengers, what is the risk? >> firstly, united has acted perfectly correctly in highlighting this point. and making it known to the pilots. it is up to the pilots now to take on board what's been said, to avoid any form of complacency whatsoever. in that memo it's also said that you know, one pilot might say to
5:51 am
the other a standard operating procedures today, well standard briefing. what in fact that means is they are not going to do a briefing. they are taking it as read that both know what's going to be done. that is completely unacceptable. >> good to know. we appreciate your input as always. thanks for being here. 40 million people expected to get hit with winter weather this weekend. in texas, the roads, they are bad there. and hundreds of flights are canceled. we've got the latest on this brutal weather next. ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less.
5:52 am
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folks in dallas-fort worth area we feel for you. i know this is what you were dealing with yesterday and because of the snow and ice, snarling traffic, more flights are delayed this morning. >> and they are not alone. about 40 million people are also under winter weather advisories. meteorologist ivan cabrera is with us now. seems like it goes on and on and on. >> for dallas it's continuing this morning, in fact, we have a ground stop now which means if you're in an airport and traveling into dallas/ft. worth it's not happening. you are being held wherever your initial location is. and of course if there is a flight in progress we'll try to get you in. this is the issue with dallas. not much going on but you see some of this pink beginning to move in. that's an indication of icing that will continue. talking about freezing drizzle this morning. not snow, it is just rain that's coming down and freezing on contact because we have 27 degrees in dallas right now. that is the current temperature. as we put this into motion, by
5:56 am
the time we get into 3:00, it's going to take a while to warm temperatures enough at the surface, we'll begin to melt some of the icing there. so then we talk about upper 30s later this afternoon and we'll be done with this mess. this is part of the energy moving up to the northeast, this is why we're talking about 40 million people affected. you may be in the path of this if the you are in the midwest, there goes the snow and yes, eventually it gets into the northeast as well, new york could be getting 2 to 4 inch also. a winter storm for you compared to the last ones, this is not going to be a huge storm but it's still going to be disruptive for some of us. look at that, in colorado getting whacked with good snow. there is the forecast as we take you through monday. significant accumulations. guys. >> ivan, thank you. >> that's it for us. we'll see you back here at 10:00 eastern in the cnn newsroom. >> "smerconish" is coming up with you after the break. jack's heart attack didn't come with a warning.
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i'm michael smerconish. thank you for joining us. crisis averted for at least one more week. or is it? after a nail biting showdown on capitol hill last night the house and senate agreed on a bill to fund the department of homeland security, but only for seven days. it's gridlock in action, a dysfunctional display but keeps hundreds of screeners, border agents and others who keep us safe on the job and paid for a few more days. dhs funding has been held hostage because of a group of conservatives want to add a provision to the funding bill that stops president obama's


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