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tv   CNN International  CNN  June 2, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> thank you very much. thank you very much for watching our "situation room special report." i'm wolf blitzer. the news continues next on cnn. the long-time head of fifa caves to growing international pressure. and desperate search. time may be running out for any survivors aboard a sunken cruise ship in china. dangers in canada, hear from a tourist who survived an attack in the park where an american woman was killed. a warm welcome to all of our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm zain asher. >> great to have you with us. i'm john vause. this is cnn "newsroom." we'll begin this hour in zurich, switzerland. fifa president sepp blatter made a bombshell announcement.
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he will resign. >> of course blatter was only just re-elected to his fifth term as president on if i which makes this all theore surprising. the organization is, of course, mired in bribery and corruption scandals with investigations underway in both switzerland and the united states. here's our alex thomas with more. >> reporter: soccer's most powerful man bowing out of the game. it was a stunning aboutface, just four days after winning re-election, fifa president sepp blatter announced his resignation. >> translator: the elections are over. the challenges which remain for fifa have not gone away. fifa needs a deep restructuring. >> reporter: at the headquarter of fifa, the 79-year-old, whose's been a part of the organization -- who's been a part of the organization for 49
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years, said he was leaving for the good of the game. >> translator: the although the members of fever have confirmed the new mandate -- fifa have confirmed this new mandate to me, this mandate does not have the integral support of the football world. and i mean by that the supporters, the players, the clubs, of all those who live, who breathe, and who love football. >> reporter: blatter's critics are more skeptical about his reasons for quitting. with u.s. investigators not ruling out that he's still part of their probe. the president of the european football federation had wanted blatter to step down before the last election and welcomed his resignation saying, "it was a difficult decision, a brave decision, and the right decision." during last week's election, the jordanian president, the rival for presidency -- >> if i was in sepp blatter's position, i would have immediately resigned.
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probably more so ages ago because at the end of the day this happened under his watch. >> reporter: today he told cnn he'll consider running again in due course. >> i'm at the disposal of our national association. i don't want to be somebody who is sort of -- kicks somebody in the knees. but at the end of the day, we have to salvage fifa. and we have to bring it back to where it should be. fifa is an organization that needs to serve the whole entire world. >> reporter: despite the corruption scandal hovering over his head, blatter has not been implicated. the attorney general who's leading the swiss investigation confirmed again today that blatter is not under investigation. mr. blatter's resignation is not immediate. under fifa rules, four month' notice must be given -- months' notice must be given to members. the next election likely to be held between december and march of next year.
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blatter claims that will give him time to focus on implementing much-needed reforms. alex thomas, cnn. let's head live to zurich, switzerland, and amanda davis. she is live at this hour. amanda, when blatter announced he was stepping down. he looked tired, grim, dejected. such a total contrast to his election victory speech last friday. is there any indication as to what happened during those four days? >> reporter: i think the question after the events of last week and friday's election was always how long would blatter last. after the surprising number of votes that the prince garnered after that verbal battering that blatter received in saturday's press conference, the questions about what he knew that was going on his watch. and of course, those two police investigations, one in the u.s. and one here in switzerland
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involving his organization. we knew and sepp blatter knew that this week in berlin the european associations were going to be holding a big meeting, talk of a potential boycott on the horizon. there, david gill, fifa vice president, said he wouldn't serve on the executive committee with sepp blatter at the helm. i think people have been surprised that it's only taken four days for this aboutturn. but the suggestion that the final straw really was the allegations that are being thrown at sepp blatter's right-hand man, his general -- general succeed, the allegation surrounding what he knew about the $10 million payment regarding the south africa world cup. the suggestion that his closest advisers have been in his ear saying now is the time to go, and the fbi have confirmed to cnn that their investigations
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into sepp blatter continue. >> and as we look to the future, it may be too late to revote on the 2018 fwhk russia, time -- world cup in russia, time seems to be too short. what about 2022 in qatar. there would be plenty of time for new bid, wouldn't there? >> reporter: yeah. it took approximately 30 seconds for that dramatic press conference yesterday to be over before the questions were being asked about what it means for the 2018 and 2022 world cup. the suggestion is, yes, in terms of 2018, there's only three years to go. it's really too late to try and turn that around and move it on. but the swiss investigation is going on in terms of 2018 and 2022. it's very much in the early stages. and once the legal shenanigans get involved, it's very difficult to know what will happen. greg dike, the chairman of the football association in england, has been one of those who's spoken out already, calling into
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question the qatar world cup. there is no doubt that there -- there is a wave of feeling behind that maybe that should be looked into once again. whoever succeeds sepp blatter undoubtedly, the michael garcia report and what happens regarding that will be front and center in terms of their manifestos moving forward. qatar up to this point have remained very silent. as to their feelings on the matter. yes, certainly lots of questions to be answered in that direction. >> the day is still young. amanda davis, live in zurich, thank you. just remarkable that a week ago he was confident, extremely defiant. and -- >> friday he said, why would i step down? adding, that would mean i recognize that i did wrong. >> humiliating. >> then he steps down. there you have it. authorities in boston have shot and killed a man who was under surveillance by a
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terrorism task force. >> they say the 26-year-old suspect lunged at them with a large knife after they confronted homotuesday. authorities believe the man was radical -- confronted him tuesday. authorities believe he was radicalized by isis. >> reporter: the shooting occurred at a cvs parking lot in a boston suburb. police questioning usaama rahim about threats against police officers. >> it level of alarm brought us to question him today. i don't think anyone expected the reaction we were going to get out of him. [ sirens ] >> reporter: authorities say investigators did not have their guns drawn when rahim pulled a large military knife and began moving toward officers. >> kept retreating, verbally giving commands to drop the weapon, drop the weapon. and at some point, the
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individual proximity came close that the dangers were in danger. their lives were in danger. when two officers discharged their weapons. >> reporter: police say the suspect was shot twice, once in the academy abdomen, once in the torso. he died of gunshot injuries at a nearby hospital. >> the prophet of islam is the prophet of mercy. >> reporter: rahim's brother, a well-known imam, gave a different version of events. posting on facebook, "he says his brother was waiting for a bussing to to work when he was confronted by three officers." he writes his younger brother was, "on the cell phone with my dear father during the confrontation needing a witness. his last words to my father who heard the shot were, "i can't breathe." a law enforcement official says usaama rahim appears to have been radicalized on line by isis and other religious extremists.
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he was recently put on 24/7 surveillance after fbi agents noticed a change in his behavior and decided to question him. >> there was no arrest warrant for him. there was no intention to arrest him at that point. >> reporter: investigators were questioning two of his associates. the head of boston's fbi saying the threat appears to be contained. >> we don't think that there's any concern for public safety out there now. >> many thanks to our deborah feyerick. also worth noting that the shooting was caught on surveillance video. there are also witnesses who saw what happened, and it remains under investigation. again the backdrop of isis gains in syria and iraq, coalition partners held a crisis meeting in paris. iraqi prime minister abadi called for more support for his forces and the coalition pledge continued air strikes, equipment, as well as training. >> the partners backed iraq's plan to retake ramadi and stressed the need for baghdad to address internal sectarian
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divisions. the u.s. deputy secretary of state insisted the current strategy against isis, or as it's also known daisch, is working. >> we have made real gains in the nine months since this coalition has come together. they control 25% less territory in iraq than it did when this first started. and it has lost significant numbers of men and materiel. we have proof of concept that what we're doing works around al assad where we're present and in the north with the kurdish forces. >> the u.s. president, barack obama, has signed into law the usa freedom act. >> yeah. this new version of the law restricts the nsa's access to millions of americans' phone records. supporters are touting the law as the first, the very first major overhaul of government surveillance in decades. >> opponents in the u.s. senate put up a lot of opposition to this. political wrangling on surveillance led to the expiration of key parts of the
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old patriot act. that happened earlier this week. still to come, a race against time in eastern china. rescuers are searching for more than 400 people a cruise ship that capsized in the river. an american woman killed by a lion while on safari. hear from a man whose family was attacked in the same park. (vo) around age 7, the glucose metabolism in a dog's brain begins to change.
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and an outside to inside mode. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. ask for transitions xtractive lenses. extra protection from light... outdoors, indoors and in the car. welcome back. a number of leading voices from the world of football are praising sepp blatter's resignation as the president of fifa. uafa's president calls it "the right decision." and jordan's prince ali bin al hussein says he will consider another bid for the top post. >> blatter will stay on the job until a new election is elderly sometime between december and march. >> translator: fifa needs a profound overhaul. while i have a mandate from the membership of fifa, i do not feel that i have a mandate for
10:17 pm
the entire world of football. the fans, the players, the clubs, the people who live, breathe, and love football as much as we all do at fifa. >> if he wanted to stay longer, who would beg him to stay? certainly not sylvia shank, supporter of transparency international, with us from frankford, germany. thank you for being with us. sepp blatter is gone in a couple of months. job done, all over, that's it? >> no, no. reforms are urgently needed at fifa. i think it's very important to use months to overhaul fifa like blatter put it yesterday. it will not be just blatter. i think there are more people to be involved. >> okay. transparency international did try to work with fifa for a time. walked away because it wasn't happening. what are the major problems, and given the structure of fifa now, is it possible that the
10:18 pm
organization can be reformed? >> i think the chance is much bigger than it was four years ago when we had negotiations with mr. blatter. at that time, we asked for an independent committee to oversee how the process was committed and asked for investigations. at that time, this was refused by blatter and fever amp i think now is the time to come back to these requirements. we need an independent oversight for fifa, a committee composed of people with a high reputation just to accompany fifa in the next months. that will have to restore trust. and with regard to the investigations in the past, i think the fbi is doing a good job. fifa doesn't need to do it itself. but i think we should call for those people who are fearing that they will become part of the investigation of fifa, of
10:19 pm
fbi or already are to step back. so to prevent fifa from having one official after the other be detained or suspended, it would be better if all the people now see times are changing at fifa. and perhaps more people have to go, and they should do so immediately. that would help fifa a lot. and then we need -- >> sorry. were you surprised that blatter decided that he would be stepping down? i mean, after all o friday, he said, "if i did, that would be a recognition that i did something wrong." now he's done. he said he was doing it for the good of the game. do you believe that? >> the fbi is after him, as well. and whether there are more disclosures to come, i can't say anything to that. but for the time being, as long as he is not part of the investigation, it was the best step he could do. just by going by himself and trying for the last month to really reform fifa.
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if he manages this, then he will have at least a good -- a good-bye from fifa. >> in terms of corruption scandals in the world of sport, is this potentially the biggest mac daddy of them install. >> fifa is under big scrutiny now by the public. we have problems in nearly all other sports on the international level. so it's not just fifa, but fifa, of course, is a symbol now for all of what's going wrong in sportses. >> how is it that fifa was allowed to get away with all of this, whatever it is they've been getting away with that the fbi is looking at, and if the fbi hadn't done the investigation, if it wasn't for the american justice department, would this have all just continued on without anybody doing anything? >> well, there has been people doing something about it. other authorities, as well. you always need the right -- the right point to start with the investigation. and the law in the west is a little different from the law, for example, in germany.
10:21 pm
and then the problems that led to the investigations, they are placed, most of them, in the u.s. or in the continent of america. and that gave the fbi the possibility to start with the investigation. we had no real corruption scandal connected to fifa in germany. so the german authorities couldn't start an investigation. >> so lesson out there, be careful where you leave your bank accounts, huh? sylvia with transparency international, we appreciate you being with us from frankfurt in germany. thank you very much. >> bye-bye. in the meantime, fifa's major sponsors are urging for reforms. visa issued this statement tuesday, here it is, saying in part, "this is a significant first step toward building -- rebuilding public trust, but more work lies ahead." coca-cola, another sponsor, says, "our expectation remains that fifa will continue to act with urge see it take concrete
10:22 pm
actions." and adidas says "blatter's move marks a step in the right direction." the japanese car company at the center of the massive air bag recall says many repaired cars will need to have safety devices replaced for a second time. at a u.s. congressional hearing tuesday, an executive for the auto martial arts maker takata testified that many of the substitute air bags had potentially defective inflators. they had been found in cars that had driver side airbags which exploded that were linked to dozens of injuries and six fatalities. it's unclear how many cars will need a second replacement airbag. want to update you on the american tourist killed on a lion attack on safari. cath lynn claple had her window down -- chapel had her window down to take pictures when the lion lunged at the car. >> the second time a tourist has been attacked like this at a wildlife center.
10:23 pm
two years ago, bret tucker's family was attacked. >> i actually made a decision that i was going to take my daughter back to the park. i didn't want her to have that experience. that's not the way lions behave. we took 100% responsibility for our window being open. so at no stage did we say it was the lion -- the park's issue. it clearly states that you shouldn't open your windows. i think the key thing for me was that the window was slightly ajar, which is not normal for a lion to want to attack like that. when we went back to the lion park, we actually went -- whether we went through the camp again, i was like -- i was blown away with five other tourists' vehicles driving around with windows wide open. i thought, my first reaction was, this is only a matter of time until something happens -- >> so while you're taking responsibility for the incident where you had your window
10:24 pm
partially down, you're saying you hope -- you believe the park could do more to let other people know that they shouldn't have their windows down, whether it's -- should it be more signage, should they be talking directly to people? >> i don't think -- my explanation was simple. i said, guys, with all respect, you condition allow self-drive in a park when the lions are as agitated or whatever they are as they are. the reality is they've got these vehicles there that are completely caged. so -- >> the employees are driving around in caged vehicles? >> correct. if you go to a wildlife park in south africa, you're not in a cage. and that's the -- reason you're not in a cage is because the animals won't react. they won't jump into the vehicle. where if the owner of the lion park has got cages on his vehicle and obviously has done it for a specific reason. which is -- i understand why the lion park is there. it's an amazing place. to take any tour i-270 -- in fact, any person who doesn't have the opportunitying to to
10:25 pm
t-- the opportunities to go, that's a great place to learn about the lions. for me, the saddest part is you can't put the consumer at risk when you know there's a potential for that to happen. and yes, it is well posted, and yes, they do give you information before you go in about closing your window. but for me, it's -- risk is too high. when you've got vehicles readily available -- and they've got a couple there -- why not say, guys, no self-drive? you have to get in a vehicle with us, we'll do the trip for you? >> right. >> we should make the point that the lion park actually did release a statement reminding visitors that lions are dangerous predators, and the rules are in place, of course, for their oern safety -- owner safety. we have tough images. the little boy hit by an out-of-control car, he's doing just fine. >> this was monday. take a look here. the driver of this car --
10:26 pm
goodness -- driver of this car barrelled on to the sidewalk, took down a tree and drove right over 3-year-old oscar chen. it looks awful. apparently oscar ended up right between the tires and apparently was barely hurt. thank goodness. in less than 24 hours later, he was smiling, the cameras with his family. his mom says oscar was hospitalized overnight. but he sustained only very few bruises. police say the driver won't face charges because the crash was technically just an accident. >> hope they buy a lottery ticket. we'll take a break. when we come back, a desperate search for survivors in china. ahead, a closer look at how the weather conditions have been affecting the rescue efforts after a shipwreck. seems like we've hit a road block. that reminds me... anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea... ...gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against occasional digestive issues. with three types of good bacteria.
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welcome back. >> let's give you the headlines -- fifa president sepp blatter says his organization needs a profound overhaul. and that he is resigning. blatter won his fifth term as president on friday. fifa is currently, of course. embroiled in a bribery and corruption scandal. u.s. authorities laid charges against nine fifa official and five corporate executives last week. and a terror suspect killed in boston after being under surveillance by the fbi. the man was shot tuesday after he refused to drop a large knife he was holding. they believe he was radicalized by isis. president obama signed the u.s. freedom act into law a few hours ago. the measure limits the nsa's access to millions of americans'
10:31 pm
phone records. it replaces key parts of the patriot act which expired amid intense political wrangling three days ago. want to take you to china. dozens of divers are in the waters of the yangtze river desperately searching for survivors of a cruise ship that capsized with more than 450 people on board. >> the chinese government says 15 people have been rescued so far. that includes the ship's captain and chief engineer. 18 are confirmed dead. that leaves hundreds still feared trapped inside the ship. >> surveillance video from a nearby ship recorded the "eastern star" before it capsized monday night during a tornado. for more on rescue efforts, i want to turn to anna coryn from hong kong. we heard there were thunderstorms, a tornado that likely caused the ship to capsize. what can you tell us about search and rescue efforts now is. >> reporter: well, we know that another person has been rescued, taking the number to 15.
10:32 pm
a man in his 50s. we don't have details on his rescue. but to think that another survivor has been plucked from the waters, some 40 hours after the ship capsized is really quite extraordinary. at the end of the day, it's a handful considering there were 456 people on board, many of them senior citizens, retirees, people over the age of 50 who would have been going to bed if not asleep already in their cabins when the tornado hit the ship at 9:30 p.m. on monday night. as you said, the weather bureau confirmed it was, in fact, a tornado that hit the area when t the ship sank. wind gusts of 150 kilometers per hour. weather being a major factor in the sinking. as for the rescue that is currently underway, obviously
10:33 pm
they are looking for any survivors, passengers who may have found the air pockets. we are hearing from survivors about how they've been in the water with hours on and in the darkness, in the cold, waiting to be rescued. and divers have been talking about making discoveries. it really is extraordinary stuff. the clans of finding more survivors is growing slimmer by the minute. the reason being is as i say, it's some 40 hours now since that ship capsized. there are divers in the water going through the compartment of the ship. there are also people on board the hull trying to cut areas to get access to different parts of the vessel. of course there are teams scouring the yangtze river. a strong river with currents. they believe some of those bodies that are not trapped inside the vessel have gone down
10:34 pm
stream. >> fortunately we know that at least 15 people have been rescued so far. do we know what safety measures the ship had in place to prevent this from happening? what i mean is any information about how well the shape was maintained or how -- even how experienced the crew was? >> yeah, look, this information obviously coming in to us in dribs and drabs. the ship was built in 1994. that it's certainly not overloaded. it had a capacity of more than 500 passengers, 456. we also know that there were enough life boats on board. if we think about the tornado hitting a ship, 9:30 p.m. at night, what's the likelihood of anybody getting those -- those life vests if the ship went down as quickly as what the captain and the chief engineer have described. when we're talking about in
10:35 pm
minutes, it capsized and sank. for people to get off, if they could swim, to make it to shore, and then to fight areas of the ship where there were air pocket, it would have been absolute chaos. so as we know the captain, the chief engineer have been taken into police custody. they are assisting with the investigation. but as you can imagine, there is a great deal of anger from the families who are clearly distraught about how this could have taken place. there were other vessels along the river which weren't affected. why was the "eastern star," this particular ship, hits the way that it was, to sink so quickly? >> unfortunately, a lot of people may have been asleep when the tornado hit. senior citizens, as well. obviously we are all hoping for a miracle. thank you very much. we appreciate that.
10:36 pm
more wet weather in the area as rescue efforts continue. we're following all of that. what's the latest? >> the large complex of thunderstorms that precipitated this yesterday now has moved further south. positioning this, we have plotted the rockefeller center here so you can take a look at what's happening here. we still have showers and storms, but they're firing further down to the south. so search and recovery will continue not completely with clear sky, but we're not going to talk about the severe thunderstorms that rolled through on monday. we have a disturbance upstream, further north and west. that will come in -- i don't think we'll get too much in the way of rain. but the winds will become gusty in the next 24 to 48 hours. the heaviest rain pushing south. there you see the system moving from the north and west. tell arrive thursday into friday. then we clear out back behind it. a quick mover, but ahead of it, we could be talking about wind
10:37 pm
gust around 40 to 50 kilometers per hour. that's what we're looking at there. you see it coming in. then it does clear out by the time we get into friday. we see a line of showers and thunderstorms typical for this time of year as we have this semi permanent front that extends through china, into the east china sea and japan. meanders north and south depending on weather systems. now we'll get a push of colder, dryer air. the frontal boundary sags further south. that is where the heavy rain, the cluster of thunderstorm activity will continue to develop. better news at least in the next 24 to 48 hours as we continue hoping for more miracles out of that river here, conditions improving a bit certainly. guys? >> i think we're 32 hours on since this happened. the longer it goes, the more grim -- >> fortunately, 15 people have been rescued so far. and as we mentioned, one
10:38 pm
recently. thank you. an update on our top story, the turmoil affecting world football's governing authority, fifa. swiss authorities are investigating qatar's successful bid to host the 2022 world cup. the move is strongly supported by the head of britain's football association. >> now qatar is firing back saying the instinct to immediately focus on stripping qatar of the world cup speaks volumes on his views concerning what will be the first fifa world cup to take place in the middle east. we would urge mr. dyke to concentrates on delivering his promise to build a team capable of winning the 2022 fifa welcome n qatar." >> we know that russia is going to be holding the next world cup tournament in 2018. president vladimir putin has been a vocal supporter of fifa president sepp blatter, who as we mention sudden going to be resigning. >> we have mentioned that.
10:39 pm
our senior correspondent matthew chance has reaction to fifa's surprise announcement. >> reporter: i think there must be a stunned silence among russian official learning of this unexpected resignation of sepp blatter. of course, concern as well about what it means for russia's prospects of hosting the world cup in 201. the -- 2018. the russian sports minister expressed surprise. a few days ago, putin had sent a telegram to the newly re-elected fifa president congratulating him on his victory. the russian media, of course, a strong defender of sepp blatter. criticizing the fever investigations as politically motivated and an attempt to wrestle the 2018 tournament from russia. the swiss-led investigation is, of course, looking into money laundering surrounding the awarding of the 2018 and 2022 world cups to russia and qatar. there's still no indication that
10:40 pm
either of those host countries will have the tournaments taken away. in fact, fifa has said that they will not. but with the departure of sepp blatter on top of these investigation into corruption, the whole issue may have been blown open once again. matthew chance, cnn, moscow. want to take you to the u.s. capitol now. investigators have found a new clue in the brutal killing of a prominent washington family. police say they've matched the blood of one of the victims with traces of blood found on the suspect's shoe. >> cnn just correspondent pamela brown says -- justice correspondent pamela brown says this is an important step toward building a case against darin wint. >> reporter: forensic analysis sdoefrd recovered this -- discovered recovered traces of blood from one of the victims. sources would not say which of the four victims in the home, the savopoulos family, the couple and their son phillip and housekeeper, which one of the victims the blood belonged to.
10:41 pm
i think this is a big piece of evidence along with the fact that d.c. police have said that wint's dna of found on a piece of pizza crust inside the home. >> three members of the savopoulos family and their housekeeper were found dead last month in their home, which of set on fire. police have said they don't think wint acted alone. but so far, no one else has been charged. we'll take a break here. when we come back, we'll have the latest on the u.s. presidential race. new poll numbers could mean trouble for hillary clinton. you probably know xerox as the company that's all about printing. but did you know we also support hospitals using electronic health records for more than 30 million patients? or that our software helps over 20 million smartphone users remotely configure e-mail every month? or how about processing nearly $5 billion in electronic toll payments a year? in fact, today's xerox is working in surprising ways to help companies simplify the way work gets done
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u.s. president of the united states says a palestinian/israeli peace deal is unlikely during the rest of his term. >> in an interview tuesday on israeli television, mr. obama pointed to the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu's,
10:45 pm
election promise ton accept a two-state solution. the prime minister said the night before israelis went to the polls, he later tried to walk it back. but the u.s. president remains discouraged. >> subsequently, his statements have suggested that there is the possibility of a palestinian state, but it has so many caveats, so many conditions that it is not realistic to think that those conditions would be met any time in the near future. >> right. >> and so the danger here is that israel as a whole loses credibility. already the international community does not believe that israel is serious about a two-state solution, the statement the prime minister made compounded that belief that
10:46 pm
there's not a commitment there. >> no response from mr. netanyahu. the peace talks stall good a year or so ago. brand new cnn polls have been released showing how the race for the u.s. presidency is shaping up for 2016. sort of seems like every minute a new republican comes out of the woodwork. >> easier to list those who aren't running. hillary clinton is miles ahead of other democrats. but some voters may have doubts about the candidate. we have the latest. >> reporter: it's been 50 days since hillary clinton set off on her presidential campaign. her reintroduction tour may need a reboot. she's in strong command of the democratic field, but a new cnn/orc poll shows more people view her unfavory than at any point since 2001. a growing number say she's not honest and trustworthy, 57% up
10:47 pm
from 49% in march. and she's struggling on the all-important empathy evacuationtor. the poll finds only 47% say she cares about people like them. down from 53 two months ago. >> i am so proud of the foundation. i'm proud of the work that it has done and is doing. >> reporter: two months of controversy over the clinton foundation and her private e-mail seem to be tarnishing her reputation, particularly among independent voter. she's kicking the campaign into high gear. small crowds will give way to the first rally on june 15th at roosevelt island in new york where aides say she will give a broader outline of her candidacy. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: for republicans, the poll shows even more hurdles for jeb bush. 56% of people say his connection to two presidents, his father and brother, would make them less likely to support his bid for the white house. >> i'm proud of my family.
10:48 pm
i love my mom and dad. i love my brother. people will have to get over that. >> reporter: only it 4% say he represent the future -- 34% say he represents the future. 32% say he's in the past. a slim majority, 51%, shale represents the future. some other republicans fare far better. marco rubio, rand paul, and scott walker all are seen as forward-looking candidates. in head-to-head matchups, all three candidates closed the gap. >> not a runaway by any stretch of the imagination. thank you very much to jeff zeleny. still to come here, she thought it was junk when she donated it. turns out it was valuable. ahead why the search is on for the woman who dropped off a vintage apple computer. ♪
10:49 pm
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welcome back. the warming relationship between the u.s. and cuba was on full display at a football match in havana. the new york cosmos are the first u.s. professional team to visit cuba since the two
10:53 pm
countries announced plans to restore diplomatic relations last december. >> the sellout match, the cosmos dominated the cuban national team with a 4-1 victory. baseball is cuba's national sport. football is gaining popularity. we'll update you on a story we've been following. a recycling company in careful is still -- yes -- still trying to track down a woman who unwittingly dropped off a rare apple 1 computer. a private collector snapped it up for -- guess how much? >> $200,000. the company still wants to give her half the money, the proceeds. they wanted to do it yesterday, they wanted to do it the day before. if are you watching, woman who gave up the computer, please call in. dan simon report. >> reporter: it's a graveyard for electronics. stereos, vhs machines, and old computers lining the shelves of a recycling business called clean bay area near san jose. >> it was like that. >> reporter: he's talking about
10:54 pm
what may have looked like an old worthless computer. but the contents turned out to be quite a surprise. a rare apple 1 like this. the first desktop computer made by the two steves -- wozniak and jobs -- famously in steve jobs' garage in 1976. >> times you never know what's going to be in that box. >> my gosh, yeah. >> reporter: the computer, buried in one of the boxes dropped off in april by an elderly woman in a hurry. >> she said that this is books from her husband, ex-husband -- we he passed away. she said, i wanted to clean out the garage. ju take this box. recyctele, do whatever you want. >> reporter: the marketing manager says the boxes sat in the warehouse for weeks until an employee began looking through them. >> he called me and said, look at this. i look at this computer and said, "it's fake." seriously. >> reporter: a little research, and they determined it was the real deal. only 200 apple 1 units were ever
10:55 pm
produced. it's believed only about 50 still exist. they've become an enormous prize for both auction houses -- >> $95,000 -- >> reporter: and collectors especially following jobs' death in 2011. when the recycling company realized what they had, it didn't take long to find a buyer. you said $200,000 and he said -- >> yeah, i'll see you tomorrow. >> reporter: he brought cash? >> yes. and we couldn't believe our eyes because it's ridiculous! >> reporter: the way victor sees it, half the money belongs to the woman whom unknowingly left them a computer that spawned the p.c. revolution. the business' policy if they sell something, they split the proceeds 50/50. he never got a name but certainly remembers her face. >> we're going to give her $100,000 check. >> reporter: do you think she'll come? >> i hope so. >> reporter: the truth is, this computer probably could have fetched more money. a museum in detroit last year paid nearly $1 million for one.
10:56 pm
but they're not complaining here. they're happy with the $200,000. they just want to do the right thing by giving this woman a cut of the proceeds. dan simon, cnn, milpitas, california. >> it is heartwarming that they're being so honest and going to this length. to track her down. >> persistent. >> $100,000. threw have. it thank you very much for watching, everyone. i'm zain asher. >> i'm john vause. stay with us. the latest news up next. making a fist something we do to show resolve. to defend ourselves. to declare victory. so cvs health provides expert support and vital medicines. at our infusion centers or in patients homes. we help them fight the good fight.
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sepp blatter bows out. the long time head of fifa caves into growing international pressure. >> desperate search. time may be running out for any survivors aboard a sunken cruise ship in china. >> and new rules for the nsa. what it now can and cannot do with the information it collects on americans. >> hello, everyone, i'm rosemary church. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. >> i'm errol et


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