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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  June 4, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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much. tweet me at wolf blitzer, tweet the show at cnn sit room. please join us again tomorrow right here in "the situation room." you can watch us live or dvr the show so you won't miss a moment. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." er rin burnett outfront starts right now. outfront tonight, breaking news hacked up to 4 million americans attacked. the targets handling security clearances for the nation's most highly sensitive jobs. more breaking news isis directly encouraging the boston terror suspects in the days before they planned to attack and even behead police. my guests tonight, the brother of the man that police shot and killed. and rick perry's big announcement jumping into an overcrowded presidential field while breaking out in a rather aggressive sweat. let's go outfront.
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good evening. i'm erin burnett. we begin with the breaking news. the fbi investigating a huge data hack. it's one of the largest breeches in history. 4 million americans at risk tonight. and the target terrifying. the targets handle security clearances and background checks for the united states most highly sensitive jobs. one official says the fear is the breach could affect every single federal agency in the united states. jim sciutto is outfront. you're breaking a lot of nauz on this story. first, how serious is this? >> it's serious because it's huge. one of the biggest ever 4 million employees, performance rating reviews, and that will include employees who are in sensitive positions. it's the second time this year that you've had a large data breach of this federal system by china. and it has real potential.
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and the belief is that a database is in effect being built that covers everything including personal information about federal employees. and when you piece all of that database together that gives enormous power. >> power. and you are breaking the news that it is the chinese government to blame. i mean that's significant because you're talking about not just chinese hackers who may want credit card data. you're talking about the chinese government. >> no question. and this is chinese government policy. you see it in every realm. it's personal data of federal employees. it is business data. the estimates, a loss of tens of billions of dollars to american businesses every year to data stolen by the chinese government. it's also sensitive data intelligence information. the u.s. government tried a number of response to. this. president obama raised it with the chinese president in a summit in california. they've tried naming and shaming, in fact bringing
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criminal charges against particular members of the chinese military for these kinds of breaches and they've tried to put in better defenses for u.s. computer systems. none of those have worked. it raises the question about what you do to stop this. what they're worried about is the possibility of it for at the. there's talk for offensive relations. what they don't what to do is start a vicious cycle of back and forth. >> you don't want to lay down and take it bow you don't want the vicious cycle. thanks so much to you, jim sciutto. we're learning tonight that isis militants encouraged the boston terror suspect to launch an attack in the united states. we're learning that boston police approached 26-year-old usaama rahim after hearing him say his good-byes to his father. they shot and killed him. officials believe rahim was about to attack on the day he was killed. alexander field is outfront
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tonight in boston. >> usaama rahim not yet buried his family searching for answers in a death of a son accused of brandishing a military knife at officers with alleged plans to kill police. authorities say the 26-year-old was inspired by isis claims that come as a shock to his family. >> it was no plot, there youz no scheming. >> court documents reveal he bought three military knives and investigators say he intended to attack police as early as tuesday. that's when police stopped him in the cvs parking lot shooting and killing him after they hay he approached hem refusing to drop the knife. >> we averted a terrible plot. >> rahim's family is calling for a thorough investigation while backing off of earlier claims conflicting with the police count of the deadly encounter captured on surveillance
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cameras. in the aftermath of the shooting rahim's brother, a former imam in boston took to facebook saying he was shot three times in the back at a bus stop while talking to his father. his last words, "i can't breathe". >> these comments resulted from information imam rahim received from third parties very near the time of his brother's death. these were the responses of the man whose youngest brother was just killed. >> law enforcement officials now say on the day of the shooting usaama had in fact called his father to say good-bye. the conversation caught by investigators who had been monitoring his e-mail and phone as part of the 24-hour surveillance tactics imposed by the joint terrorism task force. family members say they had no indication he was being watched and little explanation for the claims he was carrying that
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knife. >> we simply don't have evidence one way or the other. and the family wants to be very careful to not engage in speculation. >> reporter: the rahim family has plans to bury usaama tomorrow. but tonight they were able to watch the surveillance video roshted in the parking lot of the cvs. that video has not been made public, has not been shown to media. but we've spoken to clergy members in the community who were invited to privately watch the video. they tell us from their perspective it seems to back up the police account of the events. but they say the video is shot at a great distance, not all of the details were entirely clear and some say it leaves them with continuing questions. >> thank you very much. i want to bring in now usaama ra haem's brother who is an imam. a very prominent figure if the
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muslim community along with rahim family attorney robert sullivan. i know you're grieving you've lost your father. what he's accused of is horrific. how do you square those two things in. >> well i returned to boston for three reasons, to bury my brother, to help my family grieve to encourage the muslim community locally and nationally to peacefully mourn with us the death of usaama to simply offer their prayers and to not demonstrate or disrupt the public peace in any way. and thirdly i came back to convey to the american community locally and nationally that their neighbors, my fellow muslim and their fellow neighbors, we are not people of destruction and terror. we're their peaceful neighbors and our muslim institutions in this country stand for peace. that's what we advocate for as the muslim-american community. >> i want to ask you about your
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brother's actions within that. i know you just had a chance to see the surveillance video. and of course you had posted on facebook that your brother was shot in the back three times while on the phone with your father telling him quote, i can't. now ho you've seen the video, do you still believe what happened or not? >> those were the initial facts available to me. we've made a statement through attorney sullivan who has clarified that that was the initial commentary based on facts that were given to me initially. and so with the development of the facts, we do understand that those wounds were not through the back. we have acknowledged that fact. but the facts continue to come in and i will allow attorney sullivan to speak about that. >> not through the back. let me ask you. do you believe the investigation has been fair? obviously eeb ham saying he was told his prort was shot in the back and he's now seen the video that that is not true. >> the investigation is just
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beginning. thus far the district attorney's office has been extraordinarily transparent and cooperative. that's what the family wants. we look forward to the continued investigation in that same spirit. >> and, you know you talk about muslims wanting to be seen as people of peace in their communities. but obviously what your brother is accused of doing is the opposite of that. the chairman of the house homeland committee says your brother was encouraged by isis operative overseas going at their behest. do you have any awareness that your brother was in this sort of community? does that surprise you? >> well that's a very jilted question almost stated as though it is a fact that that actually happened because someone said it. >> as i said that's what he says. so do you dispute it at this point or what? >> of course we dispute it. we don't know that usaama that
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to be a fact about usaama as his relatives at all. we have a muslim-american community. you know i think, really you got to start speaking more of the muslims of america and not the muslims in syria who are doing bad things who don't like america. speak about the muslims who live here no love america. that's me that's usaama that's the rahim family. >> if that's you as an imam trying to be a leader in your community, if what your brother is accused of is true it was not your brother. >> no he was my brother. >> your brother was planning to behead a prominent new yorker your brother was planning to possibly behead police. >> if. >> if that's true. >> if that was true. >> so if that is true what do you say? >> that's a hypothetical question. you can't answer a hypothetical. let's establish the facts. the facts are still coming in. we need more information. that's why attorney sullivan is here with us. we need more information.
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>> ronald, let me ask you for a little more information. cnn learned that usaama called his father and said he good-byes the morning before he was shot. that's part of the reason they went to apprehend him. what did usaama's father tell you about that call? >> we know that there was a call. we don't know the substance of that call at this point. the father is planning to participate in the investigation. but we know that he was on the telephone with his father. we simply just don't know the substance yet. as imam rahim says we are still actively gathering fact trying to resist speculation at this point. everything they knew about their brother is starkly inconsistent with what has been reported. it's a very shocking development for them. the family however is keeping an open mind and they're going to go wherever the evidence leads them. but they're asking that the investigation be fair and
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complete and thorough. >> all right. well i appreciate both of you taking the time tonight. thank you very much. >> thanks so much. all right. outfront next baltimore prosecutor marilyn mosby planning to stop the release of freddie gray's autopsy to the public. tonight police are asking what is there to hide. the duggars charging their their daughters have been harmed more by the press and the police than by their son. >> they've been victimized more by what has happened in the past couple of weeks than they were 12 years ago. remember when sign field susan sealed her fate with a cheep envelope? this always bothered me. tonight we find out why she got killed off. there's nothing more romantic than a spontaneous moment. so why pause to take a pill?
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tonight, no access. the prosecutor in the freddie gray case is trying to block the release of gray's autopsy. she says she doesn't want the case tried in the public. but keep in mind this is the same prosecutor who held a press conference to announce she was charging six officers in gray's death, including a murder charge. >> to the people of baltimore and the demonstrators across america, i heard your call for no justice, no peace, your peace is sincerely needed as i work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man. >> miguel marquez is outfront in baltimore tonight. that announcement was so public right in front of every camera around the world. she made those charges. but now she's the one who wants privacy. what's going on? >> reporter: well this is exactly what defense attorneys are arguing. this is the problem with her position right now. so defense -- it gets very legal
4:17 pm
but defense attorneys asked that she be recused from the case the venue be changed. she had to take herself out of it. she responded with a two-page document saying i need more time to argue this because their response was so long. as part of this argument she indicates that she intends to seek a gag order for things like medical records and the autopsy results, things like cnn and the defense lawyers are trying to get. so it's becoming a very big fight. sche's asking for in this document for the motion to move the venue and the motion to recuse herself from this case to be moved until after the july 2nd hearing for all six officers. >> and as you point out, cnn is one of 19 other media outlets, miguel who are trying to fight this right? they don't want the gag order. they want all of the information out there. so what are the defense lawyers saying? >> reporter: well the defense lawyers are using her own very
4:18 pm
very public words and her actions against her. so they responded to this one, the defense lawyers have now issued their own response basically saying look you were out will in the public trumpeting this stuff from the hill that you worked 24 hours a day, got this ting out, you had time to go to the prince concert, do an interview in vogue, time to do an interview on cnn. why didn't you respond to this in a timely manner literally using her own public sort of appearances against her and arguing no deal we want this thing heard as soon as possible. >> all right. miguel thank you very much. let's go straight now outfront to our political commentatorer mark la mott hill. andrew i want to disclose cnn wants this information out there, along with 19 other news organizations. you also think the public has a right to get things like medical records, like the autopsy.
4:19 pm
why? >> well look the reason that this goes on on the streets and the protests is because people feel like they're not part of the process. concealing it and hiding it from the public is not the way to do it. the state's argument is well you know we need to do this because somehow it's going to make the -- the jury is not going to know about the case. 100% of the jurors live in baltimore. they know about it and i'm sure this case is going to get moved any way and the argument is sillysill silly in my opinion. >> the defense wants it move out but that's a separate issue. the autopsy being a crucial piece of information. why doesn't the public have a right. >> i think they have a right to know it at some point. >> at some point. >> part of this is strategy. they're making the case that the public has so much informationant has access to so
4:20 pm
much news that will taint their ability to be object tv. what she' saying is that's not necessarily true. i can keep that stuff at arm's length. one example of that is i'm going to suppress the information. so in some sense those two things are connected. my point is this. the defense attorneys are saying wait a minute we don't trust that the public can get a fair trial. you can't say that and then get mad when she tries to suppress the information that might taint a jury. >> they want to change the venue saying their clients can't get a fair trial but now they're saying hey, please put the rest of it out there? >> it doesn't make sense. marilyn mosby goes out and has a press conference and talks about the facts she wants out there. the defense that wants the fair trial and the one that's tabted by the public opinion is saying put it out there, bring it on. >> they're the ones asking for a
4:21 pm
change of venue because they say they can't get a fair trial because too much information has been put out there. both sides are talking out of both sides of their mouth. >> there's a lot of strategy underlying the legal arguments. the gag order they're asking for is so broad. it's never been done in maryland like that. the brief that was filed by cnn which i read today, it talks about -- this would cover 4,000 police officers that wouldn't be allowed to talk to the media. it's never been done. there's in precedent for this at all. >> it's going to leak any way. but i do disagree with a couple of points you made. i don't accept that the public is clambering for this autopsy in the same way they were clambering for an arrest. you said that people were protest in the streets and shutting the city down because they want information. i don't hear people on the streets saying where is the autopsy. they're not clambering for this. i also reject this idea that we need this information in order to have a transparent, that the
4:22 pm
public needs the information in order to have a transparent process. i think it's entirely possible that we could mo forward without it. >> but the murder charge the one murder charge is against the guy who was driving the van. >> yes. >> and the van is where ostensibly where the jury happened. so the autopsy is going to shed light on the whole thing. that's relevant. >> that's why the defense has an opportunity to read it and the prosecution has a chance to read it. i my uncle in baltimore doesn't have to read it. i disagree with the assertion that she doesn't want the defense the talk about the case. the defense is allowed to talk about the case. there's a huge difference in announcing charges and announcing an autopsy. i think that's very very different. >> real quick andrew. >> half of her press conference was about commentary and talking to the people in baltimore. not about the facts of the case. when i was a prosecutor you got the evidence put it together gave it to te dense if with if
4:23 pm
it was trong enough to convict you did it. if you didn't you didn't. >> i appreciate both of your time. next we're learning much more about a key figure in the d.c. mansion murders. tonight police searching his car found near the murder scene for evidence and we'll tell you exactly what they found this afternoon. rick perry sweating through his second swing at the presidency trying to recover from this moment. >> i can't -- the third one i can't. sorry. oops. what do you think? when i first sit in the seat it makes me think of a bmw. i feel like i'm in a lexus. you would think that this was a brand new audi. it's like a luxury car. feels kind of like an infinity. very similar to a range rover. this is pretty high tech. yeah it is. it reminds me of a mercedes. ♪
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breaking news tonight in the d.c. mansion murders. for the first time we're learning what was said about the victim's assistant in the moments leading up to and right after that wealthy washington family was so who riff cli murdered. the wag post tonight has new texas messages found on the assistant's phone. one of those messages is an exchange with a woman on the morning of the murder. according to the paper, wallace texted the woman a picture of the $40,000 that he had dropped off at the victim's home.
4:28 pm
she replies, damn i wonder how much it is. jordan replies, 40. she writes back jesus. several hours later when wallace realizes the savopoulos home is on fire texts the boss's wife hey miss amy, are you okay? sf so you need to get home. i got a call that your house was on fire. this raises concerns about what the assistant knew and essentially knew that the husband was in the home and didn't text him to warn him about the fire. joe johns is out front. >> the personal vehicle of jordan wallace, driver and assistant to murdered ceo savvas savopoulos was recovered about a block from the scene. authorities were looking for forensic and physical evidence linking jordan wallace to this offense, the search warrant for the vehicle said. but so far he has not been
4:29 pm
arrested or charged. the footprint on the door to the savopoulos home appears to be an important clue into the investigation. according to unsealed court records, quote, the door is broken near the lock and a shoe or boot print is visible on the exterior suggesting forced entry. >> seeing a boot mark on the door would be a quick indicator to police that firemen wouldn't have done that. >> the takeaway that whoever killed the family and the housekeeper may have left this print as a clue. blood found on suspect daron wint's shoe when he was arrested matches at least one of the four victims. law enforcement sources telling cnn. it's unclear if police believe wint left the um print on the door of the savopoulos home. he remains the lone suspect in the case but police believe he had help nks i think there's definitely someone else but i think this shows that law enforcement is being very careful and meticulous and not rushing to judgment in looking people up just to close the case. >> tonight we learned what
4:30 pm
authorities took away when they executed a search warrant on the car of wallace. among other personal effects, authorities say they seized a macbook air laptop in the car as well as a backpack. as to why his car was recovered on the scene on the day of the murders, he says someone alerted him to the fact that the house was on fire. >> someone. all right. thank you very much joe johns. and now robin thicker, the former attorney for daron wint who is representing wint's family in the case and our legal analyst paul call land. you told me if daron wint was involved he was a quite bit player. did daron wint have any contact with jordan wallace with assistant? >> he had no contact with jordan wallace. it's interesting the time of the text to the young lady showing the picture of the cash was 9:00. no baik was oip before there. and then mr. savopoulos texted or called jordan wallace the
4:31 pm
night before to get money. no bank was open there. that money doesn't come from the bank. it came from the office of the ironworks company. lots of people knew there was a great deal of cash stashed into. therefore it was an insider job. that's how these deaths occurred. >> paul let me ask you about the text messages that are very important. robin is talking about the fact that h was sent at 9:00 a.m. exactly. there are some banks that open before 9:00 a.m. i'm not sure about this one. obviously robin doesn't believe it was open. let's talk about the text. the exchange with the woman, she replies damn he replies it's $40,000, she writes back jesus. >> the mystery deepens here obviously with thought that there's something suspicious about wallace's involvement in the case because he changes his story about how he gets the money. >> police note he's changed his story between the first telling and the second telling. >> if you know your boss has
4:32 pm
been kidnapped and being held hostage and you're bringing the money, you're going to remember how you did it. why would you change the story. now we have him communicating with another person, we don't know her identity. and this could mean she's involved in it or there could be an innocent relationship she happens to be a friend and was stunned by how much money was involved. >> which leaves open the question of why he wouldn't alert authorities there which is obviously a big looming question. but robin, you keep saying that daron wint was a bit player. officials say that we now know that traces of blood on daron wint's shoe matches the one of the victim's blood. how would you explain the blood? >> daron wint was arrested one week of the deaths. the blood analysis was done two weeks after that. if they can analyze the pizza
4:33 pm
crust in one day, what took them so long. they won't mention what officers are saying that this was his blood. they won't mention what victim. i believe they've made that up and we'll never see any evidence in the trial that there was actually blood of the victims on car daron wint's shoe. >> if the blood was there, they would be able to find it. i don't understand why they would lie. i don't understand that. why? >> why they would lie about the blood? >> why the police would do what robin is saying. >> it makes so sense at all. why would you pick his client to pin this on of all people. it makes absolutely no sense. i'm sure yous as to whether mr. picker have you spoken to mr. wint about these things? >> i spoke to mr. wint for two hours. mr. wint is guilty of nothing. his family believes he's guilty of nothing. he wouldn't harm another person. >> his dna is on pizza, his
4:34 pm
blood is on the shoe and you're saying the cops are making this up? >> i'm saying that the pizza was delivered outside, the pizza was eaten probably very quickly after it was delivered. the deaths were 12 hours later. there's a big time gap. he could have driven up to new york and back twice during that time. just because i leave my dna in a room at one point and a crime is committed there 12 hours later doesn't mean that i've committed that crime. they should start looking -- >> you admit then he was in the room? >> i know who we -- i didn't say that. >> you said you left your dna in the room rmts i know who was there. mr. figueroa was there that morning and he didn't call the police. he was recently married to ms. figueroa. he should be a suspect. >> we have to leave it there. of course this conversation will continue as we keep breaking more on the story. next rick perry announcing for president trying to rework his image and all anyone is
4:35 pm
talking about today is his upper lip. and the duggars, their names scrubbed from presidential hopeful mike huckabee's list of supporters and the family breaks their silence and try to blame the media. ♪ [music] ♪ jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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a new republican joins the very crowded race for president. but the launch was a bit wet. former texas governor rick perry was flanked by former navy seals, standing in front of a plane, the type he flew when he was in the air force. it was very impressive. but all of the talk today seemed to be about sweat. dana bash is outfront. >> i am running for the presidency of the united states of america. >> rick perry's reason for running, his leadership experience as the longest serving governor in texas history. >> i have dealt with crises after crises from the disintegration of the space shuttle to hurricanes ka that rita ike and the first diagnosis of ebola.
4:40 pm
>> there's smog wrong when when the dow is near record highs and businesses on main street can't get a loan. >> on national security criticism of the current president. >> no decision has done more harm than the president's withdrawal of american troops from iraq. >> the was on perry's rousing speech wasn't so much what he said but what he looked like sweating profusely. >> welcome and thank you to a hot hangar on june the 4th. >> perry's run is a true test of america's capacity for second chances. his 2012 campaign went quickly from great hope to a punch line. >> education, mers and let's see. i can't. the third one i can't. sorry. oops. >> to his erratic odd behavior this new hampshire speech. >> we're kind of into those slogans, man.
4:41 pm
live free or die, victory or death. bring it. >> he blames that and other embarrassing moments on medication for back pain and being unprepared. since then he's been studying hard both on policy and performance, even working with the former head of the royal shakespeare theater. >> why did you choose that. >> i guess so my hamlet would come out right when i decide to quote amhamlet on the stage. >> and to avoid an oops moment? >> that would be preferable. >> perry tried to emphasize his own military service. joining him on stage were texas military heros, marcus luttrell and his brother. and taya kyle the widow of chris kyle who life was defikted in the movie "american sniper." >> when i think of taya kyle i think of a brave woman who carries not just the lofty burden of chris's legacy. >> and erin you might ask where he stands in the now very
4:42 pm
crowded field of ten announced candidates. that's right, ten announced candidates for the republican presidential nomination. he is not in the top tier. the top tier is about seven candidates. he's under, hovering around 5% which if you ask the perry people they say that's just where they want him because they feel it's not okay to peak two early and i think a lot of people at the top feel that way too. there's a loaning way to go. >> ten is not very crowded because we all know it's going to be 15 or more. >> at least five more in the next month and a half. >> thank you very much to dana bash. next the duggars, defending their son against child abuse charges. going on offense, they say they're the victims. now it can be told, why seinfeld's susan suffered her strange demise. >> awful.
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4:47 pm
more fallout from the duggar family molestation scandal. mike huckabee an outspoken supporter of the family has now removed their endorsements from their campaign website. the parents are defending the family. they're on the offense. brian stelter is outfront. >> he was a kid. this was not rape or anything like that. >> all of our children received professional counseling. >> this information was released illegally. >> there's an agenda. >> michelle and jim bob duggar responding to what they call an attack against their family and going on the offensive. >> improper touching. >> improper touch happened a long time ago. they want to focus on the improper release of the records. two of the girls told megan kelly they're being revictimized
4:48 pm
revictimized. >> people don't have a right to do this. we're victims. they can't do this to us. >> and yet they did. >> and they did. >> the system that was set up to protect kids both those who make stupid mistakes or have problems like this in their life and the ones that are affected by those choices, it's just greatly failed. >> this famous family trying to change the narrative while their tlc series "19 kids and counting" remains in limbo, likely to never return. vice chairman howard bragman says the duggars played to their base. after they defended their family they turned and started talking about the fact how their daughters were more victimized by the media. they felt that a lot of people in the left wing had an agenda were out to get them fir their christian believes. >> as for tlc, staying silent. the family interviews were
4:49 pm
arranged by the duggar representative. so is the family trying to hang on to their hit show? people magazine says the family makes 25 to $40,000 per episode. that's millions overall since more than 200 episodes have been made so far. >> i don't know if the rest of your family should be punished for the act of one of our children that something that happened 12 years ago or not. but you know we are fine whether they film us or not. we're going to go on and live life. we're going to serve god and make a difference in the world. >> enjoy our children and our grandchildren and continue on with life. either way we're at peace. >> and this family's story is far from over. jessa and jill will speak in much more detail tomorrow night. no plans for josh to do the same. >> that's the person we need to hear from. >> now dr. charles so fee, a psychiatrist who works with
4:50 pm
abused and sexually abused children. in this interview, i want to play a clip here from jim bob. he's explaining to megan what his teen son did to thaz four young daughters and a baby-sit baby-sitter baby-sitter. >> this is not rape or anything like that. this was touching somebody over their clothes. there were a couple of >> it was just a few seconds. what is your reaction? >> it is a min imization of the actual event. a violation is a violation. if you've touched someone, you've touched someone. whether it is above or below their clothes, it is without their consent and it is a violation. >> and the girls say in many cases they weren't awake and jim bob said so they didn't know what happened and none of them understood what happened it. sounded like -- it sounds like an excuse. is that what it was? >> exactly. yes. i think it was a way to make
4:51 pm
themselves feel better and stay in denial. but at the end of the day we didn't know if they were asleep. they may have been faking. they might have thought they would have gotten attacked. and we don't know. and to build a treatment around that is a faulty way to go. >> and so you just saw brian playing the clips, two of the sisters who were victimized also spoke to record and they responded to the molestation being public. here is jill duggar. >> people don't have a right to do this. we're victims. they can't do this to us. >> they're saying that it is being public now that is the problem. it is not what happened to them. is there a point to that? >> well i understand what they are saying. you have to remember these are two young teenage girls who have some private information out there about them at a time that is acritical in a young teenage girls life and it opens any
4:52 pm
wound that wasn't healed well or treated from the past victimization and it is a double-edged sword and it is not fair both ways. >> is it fair this is a private issue or not? >> no. it is important to understand that there are things that parents should do in these situations and even though they are uncomfortable, there are things that need to be done. >> the loyalty is with the son and not the daughters. >> and do you remember george cast anda's last digs. why susan got killed off.
4:53 pm
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this is one of the most memorable scenes in tv. susan from seinfeld dies after licking toxic wedding invitation envelopes. she keels over. and we now know why she got killed off. richard roth is "outfront." >> it is an indication of trust. we're not supposed to keep secrets from one another. >> but it seems the entire seinfeld cast kept a secret from the actress who played susan ross. >> george castanza's fiance.
4:58 pm
they didn't like acting with her. >> you look like a lilly. >> can i help you. >> yes, we would like some wedding invitations. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> yeah thank you. >> george played by jason alexander, was never happy about marrying susan and now 17 years after the show went off the air he revealed to howard stern he couldn't work with her. >> i couldn't figure out how to play off of her. >> you're being kind. >> no, her instincts for doing a scene where the comedy was and mine were always misfiring. >> it is hard to tell on screen there was any problem. >> i don't know honey, what do you want to get? i want you to get anything you want get. i love you so much you want you to be happy. >> he said in the interview heidi sweatenberg was a wonderful girl but he got a call
4:59 pm
from larry david. >> larry david said good news i got a gret art for you this season you're going to get engaged and i said oh, great. who am i going to get engaged to. and he said susan. and i said who is playing george. because it was such a disaster. and julia louise-dreyfus didn't like her either. >> and julia said don't you just want to kill her. and larry went bang. so larry decided to kill her off. >> she's -- gone. >> susan is gone but not heidi, who is now a full time musician in l.a. teaching ukulele classes. not that there is anything wrong with that. she is apologizing today on social media saying oh, dear god, leave heidi alone. i'm so mad at myself for retelling this story in any way
5:00 pm
that could diminish her. >> how would you not realize. you are a stupid stupid man. >> richard roth cnn. >> she gets the last laugh, after all the ukulele story is darn cool. thanks so much for joining. ac360 starts now. >> good evening. thanks for joining us. a very full night tonight. starting with the suspect in the biggest computer break-in. hackers gaining access to confidential information as as many as 4 million americans which would be bad enough but it gets worse. the 4 million americans are current or former federal employees. we learned about it late today. and tonight we learned the prime suspect is not a nerd in a basement, but a superpower the people's republic of china. and so what new information with we