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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  June 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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garden, and he hopes to harvest vegetables for the homeless, and now she built genius mobile shelters to give the homeless a dry and safe place to sleep. there she is with the nail gun. >> so impressive. i know carol costello will be impressed also on "newsroom." >> i am doublebly and triply impressed. "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," a hat for the record books. chinese hackers may have their hands on the personal information of millions of americans. so what are they going to do with it? >> by collecting all this information, it's having a giant database they may be able to tap into at anytime. >> we are talking about what happens next. also the terror takedown in boston. catching the suspect's family off guard. >> we are not people of destruction or terror. >> what is it like when a loved
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one turns? i am talking to the mother of a radicalized isis fighter who says it's hell. drugs for better sex, not just for men anymore. the fda gets closer to approving a little pink pill but there are strings attached. let's talk live in the cnn "newsroom." >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> i asked him, when was your first same-sex experience. he just looked at me and he said it was with dennis hastert. i was stunned. why didn't you tell anybody? he was your teacher, why didn't you tell anybody? he looked at me and said who is ever going to believe me. >> we do start with breaking news this morning of a betrayal of trust and accusations of
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child molestation. a woman comes forward saying her brother was molested by who would become the speaker of the house. the woman said she never demanded money, nor did her brother who died 20 years ago, but she does say hastert should pay for the abuse that left her brother damaged for the rest of his life. and we are joined from chicago. >> reporter: she says her brother was a victim of sexual abuse in the 1970s, and that's while hastert was in high school a wrestling coach and her brother was the team's equipment manager. she said her brother told her about the alleged abuse when he revealed to her he was gay, and
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it was not until her brother died in 1995 and hastert attended his funeral that she first confronted the speaker of the house. >> i just looked at him, and i said i want to know why you did what you did to my brother. he just stood there and stared at me, and i continued to say, i want you to know your secret did not die in there with my brother and i want you to remember that i am out here and i know. >> federal prosecutors said hastert was paying another unidentified man more than $1 million to hide alleged misconduct with him. she says she never asked for money and she was contacted by the fbi two weeks ago and that's when they first began asking her about hastert. hastert has declined to comment and the fbi declined to comment, and there is a second
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unidentified victim so this may be who abc has found, carol. >> i am sure you will continue to dig. thank you. the former speaker is not facing charges over the allegations of sexual abuse, instead he is charged for the money paying as hush money known as individual a. it's hard to believe he could keep this secret for 36 years. this alleged incident happened in 1979. >> are you talking about hastert? >> yes, and the allegations that came to light this morning. >> the real strapblg detragedy, the victim where the young man began in high school he died of aids and i am told in the late 70s or early '80s, so it's a real
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horrific tragedy and hastert will have the arrogance to go on if the charges are true becoming the speaker of the house know this is lurking in the background, it's trublgoubling. >> individual a, i know this young man -- i know it's confusing, and when do you think he started to pay out the hush money, then? >> to give abackground in what he was looking at the laws changed tremendously in the sexual abuse cases, and if this happened today it would be a case of predatory sexual abuse, and the victims would have a remedy. back in the '70s, however, there was a short statute of limitations, criminally and civilly and no place for the victims together, and the law changed in 2005 and extended the statute, and it still would not affect hastert, so he gets away with it unless the fbi takes him down on the unrelated charges.
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>> so no recourse for his poor sister, and he went to the media in 2006, and she said hey, hastert did this to my brother, and why isn't anybody doing anything about this? and now there is nothing she can do? >> no if you are told at a later time or you become aware by counselling that you were abused as a child, the statute begins to run. this young man revealed this to his sister in 1979 so he was aware of it and his statute, even if it was in place at that time it was '89. >> he died of aids in 1985. >> hastert is due in court soon and one of the court appearances was put on hold for some reason
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and i don't know the reason. >> this is a very serious federal case. hastert is aware of it because he was involved in congress in passing the laws and dealing with a law that says it's illegal to lie to the fbi, and that's one of the charges. he is also involved enacting the money laundering statutes on the books to get terrorists and not for this situation. but sometimes the law serves up justice in a strange way and he will face justice in federal court. >> you know what they say about karma? >> yes. >> thank you. it's breath take in scale, and bone chilling in implications. the u.s. dealing with a security hack by supposedly the chinese military. millions of employees robbed of personal information and possibly millions more yet to be discovered. we are following all of the latest on this developing story, but let's begin with cnn's
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athena jones in washington this morning. good morning, athena. >> reporter: good morning, carol. you remember the huge data breach in target a few years back, and now the data breaches keep growing, the health insurer anthem and even the irs, and now what could be the biggest government data breach in history shows the troubling trend may be getting worse. this morning the u.s. government is struggling to assess the damage. officials revealing possibly the biggest cyber attack on the u.s. government ever breached their critical computer networks. sophisticated and undetectable for months. all the while, stealing information from the data bases of every government agency. stealing information from former as well as current employees'
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information. officials say there could be millions more. >> these networks are so vast. they are geographically dispersed and very difficult to be able to protect and the reality is you can't prevent the attacks. >> the suspect, according to authorities, a super power. the peoples republic of china. they could be compiling a massive database of critical information on americans. now employees being cautioned to check bank statements and get updated securecredit reports. hackers targeted the american government before. just this week investigators say russia attacked the irs and made 100,000 tax returns srupb rawable vulnerable to criminals. >> reporter: lawmakers on capitol hill are saying cyber security has to be a top priority and they are calling
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for swift action on legislation is that already in the pipeline that is aimed at bolstering the nation's cyber defenses. carol? >> athena jones reporting live this morning. >> cyber attacks across the countries are hard to attack and therefore the source of attack is hard to identify and jumping to conclusion and making hypothetical accusations is not responsible and counter productive productive. the economy added 280,000 jobs in may, and that exceeds predictions. jobs in the construction retail and health care industries all increase but the unemployment rate did tick up slightly to 5.5%, and stock futures remain lower, and christine will be
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here later to explain what it means for the economy. and then the boston terrorist' family says rahim did not plan out this attack. they are calling for a thorough investigation into his death and the alleged plot and finally they are seeing the surveillance video. we will tell you what they have to say about that coming up. what do you think? when i first sit in the seat it makes me think of a bmw. i feel like i'm in a lexus. you would think that this was a brand new audi. it's like a luxury car. feels kind of like an infinity. very similar to a range rover. this is pretty high tech. yeah it is. it reminds me of a mercedes. ♪ this is chevy? laughing i have a new appreciation for chevy. they thought about me. i could totally rock this. this thing feels pretty boss. it looks kind of dope.
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a final phone call and a decision by police to act fast. officials say usaama rahim, the man shot dead after lunging at boston police with a knife called his father to say good-byes. we are learning new details about the isis-inspires plot. isis encourages the plan and in the meantime an exclusive interview with erin burnett,
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rahim's brother is asking people to hold off judgment until the facts are in. >> you have to start speaking more about the muslims of america and not the muslims in syria who are doing bad things that don't like america, and speak about the muslims that live here and love america, and that's me and that's usaama rahim and the rahim family. let's go to boston this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the rahim family taking one important step forward as this investigation continues. they have now seen the surveillance video that captured the death of their son shot by police after authorities say he lunged at them with a military-style knife.
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his brother went on and said he was shot in the back and now the video changed their impression they are no longer disputing how or where he was shot. they are calling for a thorough investigation into rahim's death, and they are also calling for an investigation into the plot he is accused of. family members say they saw no evidence he was inspired by isis and the allegations come as a shock to them. >> if it wasn't for him being muslim then we would not be hearing terrorism, we would not be hearing isis. what i heard on the media is that they said at the last minute at 5:00 a.m. he decided to -- he mentioned a last-minute discovery, and there was no plot or scheming and it was some type of impulse. >> law enforcement authorities say they have been watching
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usaama rahim for years and they have been surveying him 24 hours a day for ten days prior to his death and they were increasingly alarmed when they say he ordered three knives off of and they laid out in court documents he had a plan to attack police. we are now learning authorities decided to intercept rahim at the cvs parking lot, they say earlier that morning, tuesday morning, he made a phone call to his father saying a final good-bye. i asked a family spokesperson about that phone call and they say they are aware of the phone call between the father and son but not aware of the content of that phone call. >> thank you. in addition to making threats against police officers on social media, rahim also liked isis on facebook and spoke about his terror plot in code. the authorities are now worried the number of plots being planned by isis supporters on american soil is on the rise. in addition to social media,
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terrorists are communicating using encrypted messages and their goal to evade law enforcement. what is it like when a loved one turns to terrorism? my next guest says her son was radicalized, and he was later killed by an air strike near the turkish border. she joins us live from copenhagen and she is a co-founder of a foundation to help spot this. i want to ask about the rahim family. they refuse to believe their son was involved with isis. how can that be? >> excuse me? come again? >> the rahim family in boston their son is accused of being
6:20 am
radicalized by isis and they can't believe it and how can that be when there is plenty of evidence to say he was involved with isis? >> because it is hard to -- it's hard to cope with the facts. i don't really know the case but i think it's like with every other case these boys and girls are living a secret life and they are not -- they are not giving away evidence as such and we need to put focus on the whole brainwash issue. this is far worse than we ever imagined. i think -- well in my case i have a hard time believing my son was isis because he is not that kind of a boy. >> at what point did you find out your son was involved with isis? >> i found out after he was dead
6:21 am
that he was an isis member but i have not seen any pictures of him surrounded with other isis fighters. i have heard through sources what his jobs were and what he has been doing. i have searched for answers because i need to know what my boy has been doing. >> how do you believe that isis brainwashed your son? >> well if it's not isis it could be any other group that is down there. there are a lot of groups right now and they are fighting amongst each other. as for my son being isis i didn't know anything about that until he was allegedly killed and i think it's not hard to choose sides if an isis recruiter or fighter shows videos of beheadings or kids
6:22 am
being slaughtered and telling them that this is a sad, then it's not that hard to choose sides because at the end of the day they want to do the right thing, but if they are told the right thing is the right thing under false pretensions, it's not hard to choose. >> what is the most effective tool that isis or other terrorists groups use to attract these young people? >> well they are using the religion, and they are using themselves against themselves i think. for most of these young adolescence, they are -- some of them are vulnerable and some of them have not got a father figure in their life, and there are a lot of things going on in their world. let's be honest they are
6:23 am
teenagers and they are still looking for the right thing to do and they are still looking for answers on what is the meaning of life. some of them want fame and it's very complex, but the recruiters to find the vulnerable parts and work on that. at the end of the day, my boy went -- he ran off to turkey to help with aid, and he did that for the first four months so he didn't travel to isis he travelled to help in aid camps and with clothes and food and stuff. >> so you started this website, this facebook page to help other parents try to understand how their kids might be being recruited. what is the best advice you can give to parents out there? >> be aware and don't be afraid to ask the hard questions. ask them about what they think
6:24 am
of democracy. ask them what they think of gay sexuality. ask them -- well there are two sides. my boy was a convert. i am not muslim so when i saw him, i just saw him as a muslim but wearing your robe all day, being more radical, that has to bring up some signals to force getting answers, and don't rely on nothing is going on. be aware that there probably is something going on and that it's a secret part of his life that he is not sharing with you. >> thank you for talking with me with morning. i appreciate it. still to come a strong may jobs reports just released in
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good morning. i am carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. in the last hour the labor department released the may jobs report. 280,000 jobs created last month and that exceeds expectations. christine romans is here to look at the numbers. >> the trend has been nice and there was rescission so it was
6:30 am
stronger in the winter than we thought. that's the trend you want to see. 5.5 is the unemployment right now, and it ticked up for all the right reasons, because 290,000 people in the month came into the labor market and that's why the unemployment rate ticked up for the right reasons. business sector hospitality and health care, and retail jobs as well, and these two categories pay increases because companies raising wages, walmart and a lot of restaurant businesses as well. one of the things we are noticing the stock market will open in a second and we are noticing the futures are lower because the market is saying the feds will raise interest rates, and the takeaway if you want to go out and start looking for a job, this is a good time to look for a job. wages are increasing.
6:31 am
that's very important. interest rates are likely going to rise and you are going to pay more to borrow money for a mortgage or car loan so if you want to refinance or buy a home lock in your rate. that's my takeaway for you today. a woman alleges her dead brother was sexually abused by former house speaker, dennis hastert. she says her brother, steve, was molested by hastert, the high school wrestle coach all through high school but kept it a secret. >> i asked him, steve, when was your first same-sex experience, and he looked at me and said it was with dennis hastert. you know i was stunned. i said why didn't you ever tell anybody, stevie? he was your teacher. why didn't you tell anybody? >> he looked at me and said who is ever going to believe me?
6:32 am
>> she says her family never demanded money for the abuse, but she does want her brother's former mentor to pay for the abuse that left her brother severely damaged for the rest of his life. this came days before hastert's first court appearance about charges of lying to the fbi about hush money. lynn sweet joins me now, the washington, d.c. bureau chief at the ""chicago sun-times." thank you for being of these allegations? >> blockbuster, stunning and it's interesting that the report abc also said steve's sister who you just saw, tried to make the charges public in 2006 and nobody could confirm it and i think her story was people were skeptical of it, and in 2006 you may remember
6:33 am
carol, she took action when former congressman mark foley had his own controversy scandal, when dennis hastert was house speaker over sending sexually ex charged texts to pages. we know there is the individual a, so far unidentified in the federal indictment that came down against hastert a week ago, and we know we have news reports including the sun times would confirm the fbi talked to a second individual and the woman you saw, the sister said she also talked with the fbi in may. >> hastert, i know he is a ledgeant in illinois. how is the state reacting? >> i will tell you, it has been
6:34 am
a very appropriate response knowing what we know now. he had a center for politics and public policy named after him at wheaton college where he graduated from and helped raise $10 million for it and last week the center took dennis hastert's name off of it, and senator mark kirk yesterday donated $10,000 that hastert's political action committee gave to him, and there are distancing himself from people associated. >> there was a plan to erect a statue and they were going to pay $500,000. >> the state is broke so they didn't have money anyway and hastert asked they not do it because they did not have money, and a request was made at the time when he may have known he was in serious trouble. i would think a man beloved as
6:35 am
the coach, and as you know in illinois with their own history of corruption and controversial political figures, people cut a little slack to people, and this one because of the seriousness and the subject of these charges, the distancing of hastert is pretty clearly going on and probably could continue. >> lynn sweet, thank you so much for your insight. appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> you are welcome. still to come a. social media post that an air strike less than 24 hours later, and up next how a key site was revealed.
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a major blunder by isis after a militant accidentally reveals the location of a key target on social media. according to, a group of airmen were trying to figure out the exact site of an isis building after a militant posted a photo online. they see some moron standing at the command and in some social media open forum bragging about command and control capabilities for daesh, isil, and they had an in and they bombed the site. welcome, general. >> good morning, carol. >> i would like to talk more about the moronic move and we get the sense isis is perfect in
6:41 am
it's military outcomes and it's not. >> it's not. what john carlyle was doing is giving kudos to a punch of strong group, and he said we are going after these guys every way we can. i am not sure i would have used the same language. i think he was probably talking to the crowd and a reporter got a hold of that. that's more inside of the military kind of talk and it's never smart to disrespect your enemy. we still have a lot of fighting to do against these guys and i wouldn't call them moronic. >> so the isis fighter took a selfie and identified his location, and then how are they combing through the social media? who came up with that? how do they do that do you know? >> carol, if i told you all the secrets of the intelligence
6:42 am
community, i would probably have to kill you. they do terrific things not only on social media but in terms of signals and intelligence and human intelligence and all different types of information they are combing through. this is just one of many. i think what general carlyle was attempting to do was saying we are going after these guys in whatever way we can, and every once in a while you get really lucky. i don't personally think we should publicize these things as much as we are, and the airmen and soldiers and the person in the military doing the networking they do a great job in terms of finding out where the key targets are. >> absolutely. okay. let's talk about ramadi now and the dam there and isis closed off the dam, right? how serious is this situation? what can be done to push the militants back? >> you will see across iraq -- actually across the entire middle east the water becomes a
6:43 am
weapon and is very powerful. your enemies will attempt to use that in any way they can. back in 2008 the last time i was in iraq commanding in the north, al qaeda was always trying to control the flood gates of the dams to push it towards those that supported him and take it away those that did not. that's the same thing isis is doing, and also it's drinking water through the refinery plants. it's a military tactic in some ways. you can basically commend your flanks and use water to flood certain areas if it's deep enough or open up the gates and allow the river, the euphrates river to go down where you can use it as an area of maneuver. there are all sorts of things you can do with water in the middle east and a desert environment. it gives them the credentials to control these things and that's why it's important to get these
6:44 am
dams back. >> thank you, and i appreciate it as always. >> thank you, carol. >> welcome. still to come in the "newsroom," even before he officially joins the white house rape jeb bush goes to europe and will his visit really make a difference? we will talk about that next. 40% of the streetlights in detroit, at one point, did not work. you had some blocks and you had major thoroughfares and corridors that were just totally pitch black. those things had to change. we wanted to restore our lighting system in the city. you can have the greatest dreams in the world, but unless you can finance those dreams, it doesn't happen. at the time that the bankruptcy filing was done,
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now there are ten. former texas governor rick perry, the latest to jump in the race for president. he launched his race yesterday.
6:49 am
perry focused on his record of job rekraeugscreation and military experience. >> the question of every candidate will be this. when you have led? leadership is not on the senate floor, it's not what you say, it's what you have done. >> jeb bush will officially join the race june 15th and already gop candidates are taking aim. >> if we keep promoting the same leaders, we're going to be left behind by the future. there are those that claim i am too young or have not been in government long enough and i have not been around as long as some of the people that are around but i have been around long enough to know that the old way of doing things isn't working anymore. >> let's talk about this. i want to bring in anna navarrotphau
6:50 am
sraur yo. >> you just heard marco rubio addressing the he never mentioned bush by name, jeb bush i mean. five times he refers to outdated leaders. so ross let's address the elephant in the room here. >> i think the great advantage for rubio is he doesn't have to mention jeb bush. he doesn't have to mention anyone in fact. he is sort of personally and physically and in every other way the embodiment of youth within the gop. that might be his weakness in certain ways. in terms of the campaign he wants to run, he can stand up and talk about the future new ideas, why old ideas don't work for hours and hours without saying the words jeb bush and everyone will know exactly what he's talking about. >> this has to be hurting jeb bush ana.
6:51 am
>> i think he's doing okay carol. i think marco and jeb are doing okay. they're going out there and doing their own thing. but just before the spot on marco, you put a piece of rick perry's speech on talking about how leading is not just a speech on the senate floor. when he says that nobody says this is rick perry taking a direct shot at marco rubio. anything that marco says any jab that marco may take that could possibly be targeting hillary clinton, a leader of the past the press will read as an attack on jeb. anything jeb will say about people that don't have management experience or that the only thing they've done is speak in the senate will be taken as a jab at marco even though there are four senators running. so here in miami, those of us that are friends of both of them we just are accustomed to the fact that that's what's it's going to be for the next few months. >> in fairness you know one reason we aren't talking about
6:52 am
perry and i think perry clearly was taking a jab at rubio and rand paul and various others is that rick perry is 2% or 3% or 4% in the polls. there's no front runner on the republican side but rubio and jeb are in a position where you could imagine them winning the nomination. perry needs something unexpected to happen to catapult into the top tier. if he gets there, we'll talk about the jabs he's taking at jeb. >> my point is that whatever marco and jeb say is always interpreted as it being a jab at marco or jeb and nobody else. it's part of the drama that has been stoking it. it's okay. we're fine. we're miamians. we can do it just fine. >> i want to get into this because i always find this interesting. jeb bush is set to travel to europe next week. he's going to stop in germany and poland and supposedly that helps bolster his foreign policy
6:53 am
credentials credentials. do voters say, wow, a ten-minute conversation with angela merkel means you've got it down? >> it's a front runner move. it's sort of a way of separating himself in terms of seriousness and connections and global experience from the rest of the field. and in that sense, it is designed -- we'll keep talking about these contrasts but it's designed to set up contrasts with other candidates. i don't think it works particularly well for jeb right now because i don't think he really is the front runner at this point. i think that everything that's happened over the last few months suggests he has a lot of work to do convincing sort of moderate conservative voters that they should vote for another bush basically. i don't think going to europe and going on overseas tours helps with that. it may not hurt but it's a move that sort of designed to cement an impression of leading the field which isn't an impression that i have right now of where
6:54 am
jeb is. >> all right. i have to leave it there. thanks to both of you. i appreciate it. be right back. bmw. i feel like i'm in a lexus. you would think that this was a brand new audi. it's like a luxury car. feels kind of like an infinity. very similar to a range rover. this is pretty high tech. yeah it is. it reminds me of a mercedes. ♪ this is chevy? laughing i have a new appreciation for chevy. they thought about me. i could totally rock this. this thing feels pretty boss. it looks kind of dope. that's pretty cool. this is the jam. pretty bomb dude. maybe i will go chevy. i'm definitely in. ♪ e financial noise financial noise financial noise financial noise
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we've just increased the speeds on two of our most popular plans. >> you know for years and years men have been enduring those commercials and they have to be embarrassed. ladies now it's your turn. watch out little blue pill. a pink version could give women a reason to have more sex. an fda panel is recommending the approval of female viagra. senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen is in atlanta with more. good morning. >> good morning, carol. carol, this so-called little pink pill is actually working on mood chemicals and in studies it
6:59 am
put women in the mood to have sex and increased sexual desire by 53%. but i want to say a placebo increased desire by 37%. so does this pill work? it appears that it does but experts i'm talking to say it's not going to be the blockbuster drug that viagra was for men. >> what do you think the commercials will be like for this drug? >> it will be warm and fuzzy. it works on the brain unlike viagra which increases blood flow to the part of the body that needs blood flow for a man to have sex. this is much less straightforward than viagra. >> i have such mixed feelings because viagra commercials for men and man is driving a pickup truck and weird one where couple is in two separate bath tubstubbathtubs. i can't wait. >> there will be no pickup trucks in commercials for this drug. just putting that out there.
7:00 am
>> a woman running in slow motion on the beach. >> that kind of thing. >> thanks elizabeth. thanks for playing. i appreciate it. >> the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we begin with a developing story. sure to rattle the nerves of millions of americans. the u.s. government now scrambling to deal with a massive security hack supposedly by china's military. nearly every federal agency hit possibly right up to the white house. millions of employees robbed of personal information and possibly millions more yet to be discovered. we're following the latest on this developing story. evan perez, cnn's justice correspondent joins me now from washington. good morning. >> reporter: carol, this is much worse even than what the government said yesterday.


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