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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  August 1, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hello everyone and thanks for joining me. breaking news now news of two separate extremely frightening incidents on is very same day. drones flying close to a jet blue airliner while on approach to jfk. they were sited within 100 feet of each flight. first one bound for haiti and telling controllers that a drone popped up below it's nose. less than 3 hours later a delta
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flight reported an unmanned craft 100 feet below the right wing. we have been following the story for us, and fwhnick what is the late latest? >> scary scenes and the ins denl den situations have doubled. >> two incidents in the same day at the same airport. around 2:30 friday afternoon jet blue flight 1834 reports seeing an unmanned acraft on approach to skbrrks fk. less than three hours later this time by a separate driver. they prepare to land at jfk airport with 154 people on board when the pilot spots a drone on the southside of the plane just 100 feet below. the pilot immediately contacts
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air traffic control. >> did you by any chance get the color or type? >> no, it's not close enough. >> then they warned other pilots of the possible danger flying around them. >> use caution because the one ahead of you reported the drone. >> yeah, we're probably higher than he was, but we're watching out for it. >> bill of and he said without a doubt this was a close call. he explain that a drone flying can get sucked into an engine or worse. >> they're made with similar part toss the aircraft that it's about to strike. going into an engine could destroy it and the cockpit window could juinjury a pilot o kill a pilot. >> the faa report two drone incidence each day and that's 60
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close calls each month. in the cases of delta flight 407 and 1834, both the planes landed safely and they're investigating both incidents. >> it's unclear if one was involve in the same incident but they're looking for approximate the person or the persons involve window this. >> they say that whoever was behind this could face the federal charges. there are rules and regulations as the limits are poplar for the use. you're looking at some of them on the screen. they can not fly above 400 feet and keep within sight of all-times and these incidents have doubled more than last year. the average was 25 close calls between drones and airlines. in this year it's more than doubled and now on average of 0 each month. >> okay.
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thank you. >> you bet. the plane wreckage that could belong to missing flight 370 is at a state of the art laboratory. it arrived over an hour ago, and they will work to identify which aircraft the piece came from. let's bring in cnn's erin, she joins us from reunion island where the original piece was found. what's going to happen next? >> reporter: well, they're expected to have meetings on monday and the real forensic work will not begin until wednesday and technicians there in france are really going to be looking at every single aspect of this piece of debris. not only to say definitively if it's from mh 370, but the sea life and stuff that's grown on
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it. they're going to look at the damage that it sustained to have any clues as to how the aircraft if this is in fact from mh 370 entered the water. they really do have a lot of work ahead. as you say this is a state of the art facility, so we're expecting some answers soon. >> and erin, you're still on reunion island. what are investigators still doing there? >> reporter: well for the past few days the police helicopter has been in the skies, the cleaning crews are combing the beaches and the ones that found the original piece of debris. they're analyzes the current patterns around the island and trying to find other places that it might be good to search for the debris. every single piece that they found could again provide them with vital clues as to what happen window that plane and adjust the search area and the
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place that they're searching for the actual wreckage. >> okay. thank you very much. now let me bring in jonathan and he is a former air marshal and former fbi agent. jonathan, what can these pieces tell us about what happened to this missing airplane? >> well, it's not going to solve the mystery. what they have now. what it can do is show that for that side of the plane was it a massive entry into the water. a slow and controlled landing into the water? those things i think can be detailed by the way this actual portion of the wing tore apart. i think that you're going to see more debris wash up. think that this and one piece of lug gau lug gag is all that you're going get. that's why the important thing is that they have the helicopter and airplanes looking for this debris now is being to be very big. >> you mentioned some other
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pieces. you mentioned the suitcase and it has no idea on it. it could have come from one of these garbage things that spun around, is there anything to learn from it? >> well, again it's -- all of these different things that are man made typically have some type of identification number on it. believe it or not we have probably just solved just as many terror attacks here in the united states by identifying serial numbers on a small piece of vehicle and it's a same thing with the lug gagage and you cane what's in there and ask family members to identify it. when they're looking for is little pieces to build a massive pig ch picture. each piece that comes up is a piece of a puzzle to develop it. >> do you get the feeling that
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they were searching in the right rare or move the search? >> well the initial search, when the plane first crashed i think that they were probably -- my opinion searching in the wrong area. now what we see because this debris is going follow a current, so i do believe that they're searching in the right areas now because the debris is going to follow wherever that wing was. that's a dead give away for where the other stuff ended up. okay. the other breaking news where the close calls and the drones at the jfk airport. coy do you see a problem here and getting worse? >> i think that it's a huge problem and something has to be done with the drones that they're not able to fly that high. i mean 450 away from the controller these drones should shut off. that in itself would stop the the drones from going any higher
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than 400 feet. the problem is that when you get around an airport and this maybe kids, it maybe aircraft people trying to get a video of an airplane, but in law enforce fo ment we have to assume the worst first. i think that it's something that we have to look at. we have to remember that a terrorist is always a step of us. they see our v-- >> do we need a drone. it say that is they can not be five miles within the airport. >> i would like to see that. drone on drone. maybe you could have some type of a camera that picks up the heat signature off the engines or the battery or camera, and then you literally have other
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drones that take the drones out of. that's just one idea and off the cup. the reality is that in this randy, it's the same thing with everything else. people that are aware that are on the ground are going to be able to see these things that are just unusual. somebody launching a drone into the air is very noticeable. they fly them in the park where i live. when somebody puts one up in the air, people notice it. >> yeah, they're buzzing all around you now. . okay. thank you. appreciate it. >> you got it. a judge goes off over an undocuments immigrant. a chilling mets sage from the leader to have taliban. hear what he wants to do in afghanistan. a man in kentucky shoots down a drone over his sun bathing daughter. now he is the one in trouble.
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a new audio message has surfaced from the taliban leader. in a message he voes to continue the efforts to bring the rule to afghanistan. this comes after they held face to face talks for the first time in july trying to work towards a peace process. cnn intelligence and analyst bob bay er joining us to talk about this. bob, a second round of talks was supposed to take place yesterday but was postponed before the death of the previous leader. was this new audio message released? >> what we're seeing randy is the break up of the taliban. it broke up affectively a couple of years ago and now after the announcement, there's a real you power struggle at the top. he is accused of being a pakistan agent. i don't know that he is. it's not good enough, but what
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we're seeing is a real fight, and i would doubt the negotiations are going to continue in the middle of the flight like this, but we will have to wait and see. >> let me ask you a question moving away from the taliban at the moment. this al qaeda affiliate just attacked american trained rebels in syria. what do you make of that? >> well, what's happening here is the theory radical muslim needs to get red of any third course that it's called and that's the american backed rebels. that's what you you do before moving on. you want my possibility of negotiations eliminated and anybody dealing with the americans eliminated. it's a predictable move on the part of it. >> let me ask you about drones. we have been talking about them quit a bit today and you heard about the close calls at the jfk airport and the jet blue flight. is there anything in your opinion that can be done. i have people saying that there
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might be a way to jam the drones and bring them down. >> yeah, exactly. i came back yesterday and we were flying drones near the airport and controlled looking for a missing aircraft. the special forces guys said that you can jam them easily. they do it in afghanistan iraq. that's what the airport should be doing. as soon as it pops up on radar or comprehensively just jam them and knock them out of the air. this is crazy. you can take these drones and with a 3d print er make them out of explosive. they're advicing quickly. >> what is apilot do. they handled it so well. one was at the wing and the nose of the plane. there has to be a system put in place. >> yeah, absolutely. i am not an aviation expert and the plan could catch fire. i don't know. we have to get them out of the
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air. they're everywhere and cheap. you can not really monitor them and follow all of the owner of it, so i think that pretty well and the military experts will tell you that we have to go and jam it. >> okay. good to know that's possible. bob, appreciate it. thank you. >> thanks. coming up a new round of hillary clinton's e-mails have just been released. plus the campaign just released a statement on her health. we will have that for you next. if this piece of debris is part of the missing flight mh 370, how did it get thousands of miles away from where it's believed to have crashed?
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that is what i'm talking about. baby. call and upgrade to get x1 today. ♪ news about hillary clinton's health. she and her husband have paid $43 million in federal taxes since 2011. as her health, she is fit to serve as m. this comes as a new batch of e-mails as her time of secretary f of state is released. we will talk about this and i guess hilly clinton wants people to know that she is in good health and can keep up with the
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guys in the race. >> yeah, first on the financial. the campaign leased seven years of clinton's tax records and they were revealed that they earned over $140 million during that seven year period. during that time they paid $57 million in federal, state and local taxes at a combined overall tax rate in the last year of 48.5 skpeand donated 14 million to charity. we learned a little bit more about the health and her doctor releasing the summary of the issue that is she had in 2011 that issue is revolved. this document also revealed that she does take blood thinners still as a daily precaution. all of this came as the latest batch of e-mails the private serve er were also released, so the clinton campaign is eager in
10:23 am
show asking the polling shows that the trustworthiness is an issue, so this is something that the campaign is acutely aware of. >> yeah, and you mentioned the 2000 pages of the e-mails from the secretary of the state. anything stand out in those? >> one of the biggest things that stood out is how highly redacted they were. a dozen of them had information that was blacked out. not that it was classified but deemed sensitive information. this was inspected and we know that the intelligence committee as a team at the state department and making sure that now that there's no classified information in the latest. that was because in the last round we heard from the inspectors that there was some classified information release in the e-mails. i have so to say there were
10:24 am
moments of color and requested her to borrow on the back send. >> yes, it's a little ironic. you're hearing about an aide and paid dispute. >> yeah, it's all about one of clinton's longest serving aides and certained with her as the state department and currently serves on the presidential campaign. they have been looking into a dispute over whether she was over paid $10,000 when she departed the state department, and this also goes to one vacation in august of 2011 and also how she was paid during her maternity leave. now the lawyers dispute this and they say that she diddo work during the leaves and deserves to get paid. they're asking for an
10:25 am
administrative review of the finding. >> okay. one more thing on the plate there. thank you. nice to see you. moments ago the plane debris that could belong to flight 370 just arrived at a france laboratory. investigators say that they will quickly be able to identify it, but then what? we will take you there live. plus a judge goes from angry to emotional inside a courtroom over an undocumented immigrant accused of a didly crime spree. ♪ if you want a paint that's more than just easy to scrub. if you want a paint that actually repels dirt and grime. if you want a paint that stand's up to life's wear and tear... only this can. regal select from benjamin moore. paint like no other.
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hello everyone. thanks for joining me. as this piece of debris arrives at a special lab in france, our tom foreman explain how the possible debris from mh 370 could have made it thousands of miles from the spots that investigators think that the plane crashed. >> think about the nature of the airplane. it has to be light weight. there are many parts on the airplane that are not buoyant and will float. when you move into the cabin of
10:30 am
the plane you get even more. think of the times that we have thought about seat cautions and all that was brought on-air. if there was another air will go to the service and stay there a long time. what won't float. the engines. they're important and it can tell you if they ran out of fuel or driving forward if it the water. they're not on the surface. the same for the voice and data recorders and the real treasure of the information. there's no way that they're floating either, and so far if these items are at the bottom of the indian ocean, then they remain in an important of hills and valleys and great pressure and darkness waiting to maybe one day be found.
10:31 am
>> let's bring in mary for the department of transformation and you say a report there. how many key pieces of evidence and maybe out there and floating out there? >> well, there could be hundreds of pieces out there floats and tens of thousands of pieces in the ocean. when you look at the map that they put together when starting the search they leased it when the plan went missing and they charted out the drift patterns and some went right to mad gas car. a few went to the western coast of australia. it's going take a lot of eyes on the coast and all around the indian ocean to keep on looking because any piece is going offer what maybe the only clue that is they have to the puzzle because the block boxes do not float there at the bottom of the
10:32 am
ocean. >> yeah, can this piece ainloan if they did not find anything else, can they determine what happened to the airplane? >> no, it can cannot tell you why it happened. it can tell you things for example of the piece of the flapper and how it detached and there's a twisting motion there if it's spinning and it can tell you an approximate rate of the impact if it was a high impact or a low speed impact and they said that the pins that hold the flap ers on were weak. this piece came off before it ever went under water. there's so many mysteries and they may be able to tell that and then of course x-ray it and do every kind of test on it and
10:33 am
then cut it open to look inside as well. that's why it's taking so long. >> remember our government was part of it. there are seven nations that are in the investigation and they leased a report and said that they had no evidence of anything that the pilots did we participate in that investigation the united states. if we had it, we should have produced it. i think no one knows and they're just assuming that it must be that because we can not find anything wrong with the plane. well, we can not find anything wrong because we can not found it yet. i think that all things should be on the table. >> i can't have you on the show today and not talk about drones. the two drones that got in the way of the delta flight and the jet blue flight both seeing one
10:34 am
very close to the airplane. how concerning do you think this is at this point? we seem to be hearing more about it. >> well, it's concerning. having drones at jfk was illegal even before the latest drone laws came into affect. you need to be under the positive control of air traffic control. flr stiff things handed out for lawbreakers. when they get the word, they will not do things anymore. >> let's hope so. nice to see you. >> thank you, you too. next a judge goes from angry to holding back tears when he confronts an undocumented immigrant accused of killing
10:35 am
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an allergic reaction that causes swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat, or affects your breathing or causes rash or hives. kidney problems sometimes requiring dialysis have been reported. using januvia and a sulfonylurea or insulin together may cause low blood sugar. to reduce the risk, your doctor may prescribe a lower dose of the sulfonylurea or insulin. your doctor may perform blood tests before and during treatment to check your kidneys. if you have kidney problems a lower dose may be prescribed. side effects may include upper respiratory tract infection, stuffy or runny nose and sore throat, and headache. for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia today. this after authorities became aware of the status but
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did not detain or deport him. >> i can't set a bond high enough, so i am going to set it@$10 million. somebody we don't know who he is, why he is here illegally and why he committed a murder. >> the suspect in this case returns to court on monday facing a murder change alone long with a attempted rape charge. >> good afternoon randy. there's a little bit of finger pointing going on here on what thortds in ohio knew about him in weeks leading up to the crime spree. okay. so july 27th he is alleged to have tried to rape his 14-year-old niece in a park in lake county, ohio. in the moments after that there's a report of a shooting. one woman that said that she was walking along a path and shot in the shoulder and then a couple
10:40 am
of hours later another woman a secretary to a mayor in ohio was found shot to death in her home and juan was suspected of the shooting. he gets into a shoot it out and finally arrested, and then we learn that he has illegal status and illegal al yen and no identification, no passport, license. he admits to this and we learn that three weeks prior on july 7th, there was an encounter between him and the lake county sheriff where he was approached because of a report of a suspicious vehicle. he admits that he does not have legal status and sweating and nervous and not making eye contact. the sheriff called i ce and put them on the phone. he does not go far to admit that he has no illegal status here and now there's a back or forth
10:41 am
on whether or not something could have been done to detain him at that point. now, ice saying that he did not commit a crime, so they did not feel that they could do anything to detain at that point and the sheriff department putting it back on ice. randy? >> well, there's an outreach organization in ohio and they say that he's been waiting a long time for the green card. any idea why he has not been able to get it? >> yeah, it's pretty typical. this maybe shocking to you. i just learned about this. his father has legal status and is a u.s. citizen. he works in this country and petitioned for his kids to also gain residency many many years ago. now the typical wait for someone like him from country of mekxic is about 20 years. this is where the gray area comes into play. there's a limbo that the united
10:42 am
states wants the unification of families. they don't want to separate families, so they kind of recognize that people who are the children of u.s. citizen may stay here while they're waiting this 20 years for their residency under the condition when they finally come up and the number is called that they will pay a small fine of about a thousand dollars. it seems that have the case here. >> all right. thank you for making sense of all of that. it's a complicated case. sarah, appreciate it. >> now the experts to discuss this case. a former los angeles police sergeant and a criminal defense attorney. cheryl, to you first. could law enforcement have done anything to prevent it from getting to this point? >> well, you know we can never make sure that every avenue is covered, and so we do as police agencies the best that we can, and so for me personally this gentlemen's situation is not
10:43 am
anymore outrageous than the people that are here legally. the male whites that walk into churches and movie theeaters ac schools and so you do the best that you can. >> this reminds us of the illegal immigrant in san francisco that killed a woman. san francisco is refusing to honor the request to detain people. you're looking where he is, and it's not a sanctuary city. why do you think that it is? >> well, even if your town or state or area is not considered a sanctuary, there's a problem with the federal government
10:44 am
demand th demanding that the local law enforcement force federal immigration law and that's a conflict whether in a city or this jurisdiction in ohio because the federal government cannot force them to arrest and detain someone unless the person has committed a crime that's arrestable under the local law. to do so really violates the constitution and putting local police departments at risk if they're holding somebody without probably cause for no reason. if there was any other situation and the police were holding people knowing that they did not have any reason to other than a request from customs and border protection, then we would be ha howling that rights are being violated. now, we have to come up with a way to police illegal immigration better, but constitutionally the federal government cannot command and drag local law enforcement into
10:45 am
enforcing their own policy. >> so getting back to the hearing, the intense hearing. you heard him admit that he had no license, identification and that his birth certificate is in mexico. how can he properly be identified? >> well, there are ways to identify them and one of the easiest ways is to run the fingerprint and run it through live scan and see if he has another name that's connected with them. there are things that we can do and check through the dmv and ask him for the names of family members and pick up the phone and verify who he is through that. >> all right. cheryl and danny very interesting case that we will continue to follow. no doubt. thank you both. >> thank you. next the american dentist extradited for killing a treasured lion. will it happen? a man in kentucky shoots
10:46 am
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just two months left until the fit nation six pack takes on the naugtica malibu triathlon. they've been training hard. swimming, biking, and running. but robert lotta says time has been his biggest hurdle. >> consistency in training. it's rough. you work a full-time gig and then plus all the other stuff that comes along. somewhere in there, you've got to cram in an hour workout every other day. that's rough. >> despite that, he's managed to get the workouts in. learned to cook healthier foods. >> the weeks i do put the work in to cook, my life is a lot more better, has a lot more structure. >> and inspire people along the way. >> i've never been someone i thought that would inspire people to go work out. i think that's a by-product of what i've been trying to do. >> the change he's most proud of, his type 2 diabetes seems to be improving. >> the numbers are totally different now than they were when i started.
10:51 am
the blood sugar is low. everything is different. so that's a good thing. >> and lotta says for him, it's been more about the journey than the end result. >> most people who are athletes and try to be competitive, they know that they can't climb mr. mountain without climbing a bunch of hills first. i think that's where we're at. >>. >> here it is. >> and at least until september -- >> do it, and that's it. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. we have been telling you about a drone that flew just 100 feet from a delta passenger jet at new york's jfk airport. today, another drone encounter is under investigation in kentucky. but in this case, a man was arrested for shooting one down over his house. the story is the latest example of the right to fly a drone versus the right to privacy. natalya martinez was seen with
10:52 am
our affiliate. >> reporter: new video of the moment when 47-year-old william meredith gets arrested for sh t shooting done a drone. meredith used that 12-gauge shotgun to bring it down after he says the drone was hovering over a yard where his two girls were sitting. >> he didn't tell the truth. so set the record straight. >> reporter: for the first time, the owner of the drone fires back against meredith's claims. >> stop telling everybody we was hovering in his yard, and his neighb neighbor's, too, because it just didn't happen. >> reporter: david boggs says he was flying the drone at more than 200 feet over meredith's home. >> if he would have shot it with a shotgun from ten feet, it would have destroyed it. >> reporter: boggs shows us a video he says shows the drone's path during its last flight. the video given to him by the drone company shows the altitude at 259 feet and quickly passing by meredith's home before it was shot. meredith told us there was more than one flight that day.
10:53 am
>> we were in our own yard. had he never stopped over my house, we wouldn't be having this conversation. >> reporter: meredith does regret how he reacted with the police. >> that officer did an excellent job of keeping a bad situation from getting worse. >> reporter: both men say the facts will prove they're right. >> if somebody was flying in my backyard ten feet hovering, looking around, playing peekaboo under a canopy, i would shoot it down, too. the problem with willy is he's not telling the truth. >> meredith was arrested. he says he will fight the charges. >> i want to talk more about this case with joey jackson. joey, it sounds like this guy was -- at least he's saying he was just protecting his daughter. but i want to play one more sound byte where he's explaining why he shot it down. listen to this first. >> had he not hovered over my property, we wouldn't be talking. >> how long was he hovering for? >> long enough for me to get
10:54 am
three shots off. >> how long was that? >> i wasn't timing it. long enough for me to get three shots off. >> so hovering over his property. his daughter's in a swimsuit. should this be the guy who's in trouble? >> i don't know that it should be. technology is burgeoning, of course. and the use of drones -- you could use them for things that are highly favorable and you could use them for things that are unfavorable and let's break that down a little bit. drones we know protect our borders. they're very good in terms of enforcement and surveillance and environmental uses, and the beat goes on. so there's some positive uses. from a more skeptical point of view, they could be used for spying and getting information and things we don't want them for. the average american thinks that big brother is out there already in terms of the government. now you add private people going over people's property. and so he's in some trouble. that is a shooter. yes, he's in some trouble. there's not a specific rule or
10:55 am
regulation relating to shooting down a drone. but it relates to endangering other people. whenever you discharge a rifle, a firearm, you could cause substantial injury to somebody else. somebody could get hurt. the drone could come crashing down. so in light of that, he's in trouble. and of course, criminal mischief in light of the fact that you damage somebody's property. however, we should note that, you know, there needs to be regulations, and there needs to be certainly the government keeping up with technology so that people don't look up and see drones hovering over their yard to get panicked enough to go get their rifle from inside the house. >> yeah, this is a really interesting one. i'm going to have to follow this, because i have to see what happens here to william meredith. because he's got a good defense, but we'll see. >> and, you know, interestingly enough, briefly, there was a case in jersey last year and colorado, they took up the issue of whether they should offer hunting licenses to go after these drones. so kentucky is not alone in this area and we're going to see more and more of this. so let's both follow this one. >> all right, we will, together. joey jackson. thank you. >> take care.
10:56 am
have a great day. >> you, too. next, osama bin laden's family members killed in a plane crash, and the moment is caught on video. you'll see what happened. and donald trump chats with cnn before the big debate. and he has a message for vladimir putin. >> on russia, you mentioned russia yesterday. how are you going to make friends with putin? >> i don't say make friends. putin has no respect for president obama. he will respect me, that i tell you. something that felt like... home? and now you can't connect the way you used to... because you switched wireless carriers and are getting a less reliable connection. it's okay. we're still here for you and we'll be happy to have you back on a reliable network. come home to verizon and get 10 gigs for $80 a month plus $15 per line. only at verizon.
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hello, emp. thanks for joining me. i'm randi kaye in for fredricka whitfield. breaking now, news of two separate terrifying incidents over new york's jfk airport on the very same day. drones flying dangerously close to a jetblue airliner and a delta flight, while both were on approach to jfk international airport. the drones reportedly were sighted within 100 feet of each flight. first a jetblue fight telling air control that a drone popped up just below its nose. then a delta fight reporting an unmanned flight right below its wing. nick valencia


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