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tv   The Hunt With John Walsh  CNN  August 9, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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and then he can die. back in 1981, i had the american dream the beautiful wife, a house in the suburbs and a beautiful 6-year-old son. and one day i went to work, kissed my son good-bye and never saw him again. in two weeks i became the parent of a murdered child. and i'll always be the parent of a murdered child. i still have the heartache. still have the rage. i waited years for justice. i know what it's like to be there waiting for some answers. and over the years i learned how to do one thing really well, and that's how to catch these bastards and bring them back to justice. i've become a man hunter. i'm out there looking for bad
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guys. it's strange when your parents are dead but they are still alive. we had a great relationship for the most part. it breaks my heart because they are dead. >> this has nothing to do with hindus. nothing to do with the hindu religion. this has to do with a guy who used people's desire to find god or religion that they could
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believe in to molest children. this is about a pedophile. ♪ ♪ run on for a long time run on for a long time run on for a long time one day god's gonna cut you down ♪ ♪ swami prakashanand saraswati was in the far southwest city limits of austin, texas.
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♪ basicalbllly a spiritual commun where people come together to live and worship. i found this organization, the international society for divine love. i decided this was my spiritual path pretty quickly. >> international society of divine love is really a name for a religious sect that mostly congregates in the united states. they follow basic hindu philosophies. in the early '90s they were looking for a place to settle their society. they had found a large plot of
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land in central texas outside of austin to build a temple, overly magnificent temple. >> i was young when we moved to barsana dham, about 6 years old. it was amazing to live on the land in texas. so the big desire was to basically be enlightened.
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that meant that you had renoinsed all worldly possessions and worldly attachments. barsana dhamthe center of -- swami prakashanand saraswati was the center of our world, the guru. everything was about the guru. what he wanted is what we did. >> the leader of the international society of divine love is swami prakashanand saraswati who we refer to as swamiji, like a genericic term for guru in hinduism. we always felt, as kids, he seemed like an indian version of
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santa claus. it was sort of understood that swamiji was god, just on earth. >> love, deep, mad love. we were little kid, you felt he was a fun grandpa, like the best grandpa. however, there's a flip side. he could be incredibly angry. that was a side you did not want to experience, but most of us did at one point or another. and it was always referred to as i got blasted by swamiji. >> it was terrifying when he was upset about something. very terrifying. ♪
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we were told if we said or thought anything negative against the society or against him we could literally go to hell and there would be like repercussions we wouldn't even be able to handle. there was no move that anybody in that group made without asking him for permission first. >> it's when you wake up, it's during the day, it's when you go to sleep at night. this religion determined everything. he held absolute power over anything. ♪ >> people that are seekers. people that are looking for meaning in this world, they are looking for their reason for living, but one of the successes of some of the these guys is to keep people in a very peaceful
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control, expose them only to what's going on in there. that compromises people. if people have not fairly street smart it sets up the victimhood. ♪ sfwlp there's a strange and vague line with intimacy there that was definitely not described or thought of as sexual at all. but there was a lot of intimacy as far as rubbing feet and gets him dressed. if you saw it was sexual in nature there was some dirtiness in your mind.
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he was very affectionate with everybody. and the kids he was really cuddly. would give you hugs, kisses that felt like a grandpa. but then sometimes his kiss got weird. >> i was about 12 years old. i was between 12 and 14 years old. >> i was 11 years old when the abuse started happening. ♪ the first time that he put his hand on my shirt, i remember i felt like it was exactly what i
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thought it was. i thought it was inappropriate touch. it was pretty devastating to me. as i was 11, 12, 13, it happened randomly in hallways. i would be walking and he'd come by on his golf cart and ask me to hop on and go for a ride and somewhere in the middle of the ride he'd stop the car. he would sometimes show up at my house at 3:00 in the morning and just come in. then he told me to go lock the door. then he pulled me on to the bed and kissed me and asked me to unhook my bra. could be a couple of minutes, could be 15.
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then tell me to go. >> you lived for the moments in between and hoped and pray they wouldn't happen too soon. >> she kind of knew and didn't not only stop it but promoted it. like what do you do as a kid? you have nothing. who thrives on the unexpected. ha-ha!
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>> you know, i -- i don't know what i was doing, but my mom asked why i was acting weird and i kinda didn't say anything because i didn't know if what i had felt is what i had felt and she said, well, i know what happened to you. so i said, okay. we kind of talked about it. and i was like, kind of flabbergasted when she told me to just enjoy it. >> her mother told her it was test, to test her dedication. ♪ >> part of me as a child wanting youren parent to take care of you, they should be the one
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thing in your life that protects you from everything. when they don't, it's a massive failure and devastating. so when she kind of knew and not only didn't stop it but promoted it, like where -- what do yo do as a kid? you have nothing, you know? ♪ >> to be a dad or a mom is a privilege. it is an honor. it is the biggest responsibility of your life, and until that child is 18 you are supposed to be the number one protector than number one believer. if your child has a problem, you are supposed to be the number one solver. so when a little girl comes and says, dad, i'm scared. something's very wrong. somebody's doing something really creepy me, the first thing you tell them is, "i believe you."
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>> after talking to her and getting that confirmation that what had occurred to me had been happening to her, i don't know. i just panicked. i spent days in darkness, writing in my journal. on the third day, my mother finally burst in to my room and was livid. like i read your journal. i kind of felt like throwing up. because my assumption was that, you know, that i was going to destroy her life when i told her about this horrible thing that happened to me and she was going
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to be so angered that someone had done this to her daughter. and then, the reality was i was in trouble for seeing it as something other than religious. one day one of his -- returned my journal with all the pages tornatore out, very angry. so i knew that everybody knew what had happened and i was just wrong. i got it all wrong. >> wrap your head around that. not only did they not believe you, not do anything about it, they chastise you and go hang around and eat with and talk to
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and worship the pedophile . that's betrayal. ♪ >> i had considered telling somebody, telling an adult outside of the ashram, but the idea of what would happen if i did was too painful to accept. ♪ it was clear that i would not be leaving with my family. if i told someone i would be pulled away from my family. and i just didn't think i could do any of this. i didn't want to do any of it. >> when i saw that word "rape," it pretty much changed my world. >> if you get failed another
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>> i -- because i fell in love with computers, i eventually really, really wanted to go get a computer science degree. i was told by my mother i shouldn't go and i was being worldly and that i wasn't smart enough to go to college. but i just decided to take off and go. when i turned 18 and moved out, i felt entirely free for the first time. >> the biggest changes in our
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life at the ashram happened when swamiji first revealed to us he had a guru. ♪ up until that point, i had no idea that there was another guru involved in this organization. i thought swamiji was the tiptop of the whole thing. ♪ >> he used to travel as a preacher. >> kerpalo is a man who many believe is god incarnate. now we knew we had this other higher guru. now we are told he is going to come to the u.s. and stay in bb
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brb >> when he came things got really weird. everything was gold and sheep skin cans and stuff. when he came there were like rolexs and mercedes. >> with our swamiji, you didn't have to pay to spend personal time with him but with kerpalo it was dampb story to spend that time with him, to sit with him for ten minutes would be $250. you could pay to go and sit with him while he had dinner. that was about $2500. >> i was creeped out but never
6:27 pm
heard any specific tales of abuse until the story in trinidad. >> i remember i started like -- i couldn't stop shaking and i clicked on it and all of these pages opened up about how he had been accused by a young trinidadian girl of rape. >> more than one of the comments was talking about how this was not the first time he had been arrested for rape in india in 1991. it involved three under-aged girls and he had allegedly raped them all. when i saw that word "rape," it pretty much changed my world. i realized my swamiji was
6:28 pm
exactly like kirpalo. whatever he is involved in my swamiji is worshipping, serving him, building him temples, inviting him to our temple. they are the same. they have no idea who they are but they are clearly not the people i thought they were and if they are raping and molestic people someone needs to know about it and do something. >> i think it became clear we were not the beginning and ending of any abuse. and that there was probably a lot more abuse out there. and i think that was the point when we realized, like, we should say something.
6:29 pm
so after your parents, where do you go? you go to the police. >> i think it was their fear that other little girls were going to suffer the same thing they did and it would go on and on and on, the betrayal by their parents, the ability of this fake swamiji to molest little girls. i think they got taug and said we'd like justice and would like to see him pay but we have to stop him because we have sisters and friends who are still there who are right in the crosshairs of his sights. >> there's still part of me that wanted to back out. because i knew what the scenario meant for me was a lot of personal loss. i knew i was losing my parents in the situation. >> when someone fails you, like a spiritual leader and then when your parents fail you, if you
6:30 pm
get failed another time it can just -- it's over. ♪ he was able to successfully abuse children over years and repeatedly. >> when she finally got to the place where she thought she was going to get justice, see somebody pay for destroying her life, she missed it by two months. (music) i'm supposed to tell you how it feels when you book the perfect family vacation on but i think he's kinda nailing it. (music)
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to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ >> even though i wasn't part of the temple anymore, i was still afraid that, you know, if i came out against swamiji that i would transgress to the point where i would be going to hell.
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those feeling of guilt that were engrained from day one in my life were just impossible to squish but there's some fundamental piece of logic in my mind that said i have to do this. ♪ if you don't do this, then you are perpetuating the abuse just like the people who did it to you. so we kind of thought a little bit more about what we should be doing and we decided to go directly to the police department and tell them about our story. >> it was pretty intense, just the feeling of like someone's going to listen to us. it was also terrifying because someone's going to listen to us and someone's going to question
6:36 pm
everything about what we're saying. >> i think one of the things that makes it such a horrific case is this man was really seen as a figure head. he was seen as a spiritual leader. he had so much power and control. he was revered. he was idolized. he had the ability to look at so many people and guide their lives. and he did. as a result of that, he was able to successfully abuse children, over years and repeatedly. ♪ >> when you say, well, it's just touching your breast and it
6:37 pm
wasn't actually him having sexual intercourse or doing something worse, i mean think of that from the perspective of the girls. any kind of activity that any normal woman should be able to engage in. like the first time you make love with your husband, the first time you nurse your child, those things are all tainted because of what this guy did to them. there's no hierarchy of oh, it wasn't that bad. it's all horrible. the first concern i had was what's the statute of limitations? and i pretty quickly realized that unfortunately in kate's case that we were past the statute of limitations for her. and that was a real kind of
6:38 pm
heart-breaking situation for her. >> the statute of limitations in this case was ten years after your 18th birthday. kate missed the statute of limitations by two months. when she finally got to the place where she thought she was going to get justice, see somebody pay for destroying her life, she missed it by two months. >> her sister was younger and she was still in that realm of being able to do that as well as the second victim which was shyama. >> in this case of shyama and theesl, when you have somebody repeatedly molesting children y you could not charge every time it happened. so we decided we would charge ten counts for each girl.
6:39 pm
>> i was very happy and backed them 100%. whatever they needed to do i wanted to support them. >> we took the information we had and we made a presentation to a grand jury that had been convened. they heard the evidence of the girls' statements and at that point they returned an indictment against swamiji. >> swamiji was arrested i knew the process had begun and i think i was excited but also terrified of what was coming next. ♪ >> at that point we are flagging him and his photograph and we're asking the court to swear out a warrant. this man is fleeing. he's running.
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we learned very early on that the temple and people out of the temp were not going to help. there was absolutely no belief whatsoever in these three young ladies. everyone that lived out of the temple rallied around swamiji. >> the devotees somehow came up with a million dollar cash bond overnight. so he spent less than 24 hours in jail. >> the guy's charged. cops think it is important enough. grand jury says this is awful. they go out and arrest them. and then the adults in that community n that ashram, raised $1 million for bond, hire a team of lawyers and a pr agent. is that an equal playing field? not in my book. that's like a 12-year-old kid
6:45 pm
playing the dallas cowboys in the super bowl. ♪ >> took three years to get to trial. swamiji's lawyers had a lot of cards to extend and extend. ♪ >> the report are came through his lawyers that he had some type of medical issues that he was dealing with, including a back injury of some sort. doctors say, yeah, he may need a special chair if he wants one but he can certainly sit in the trial. ♪ >> the hardest part of the trial was just seeing all of these people i grew up with, all of my family just staring at me with the most evil looks and eyes ever.
6:46 pm
including my sister and mom and dad. >> when i walked in the courtroom and looked over at swamiji, he looked at me in the eyes and smiled like i was his kid or i was his in that he possessed me. i was just like you mother [ bleep ]. you do not own me. i am not wrong. it just changed my entire approach and thoughts about how i was going to testify. i was so terrified but he made it so easy for me to just spill my guts, and i did.
6:47 pm
>> i was just hoping the jury saw in the girls what we had seen and they did recognize that they were telling the truth. ♪ the verdict came back guilty on all counts, in both cases. ♪ >> swamiji was convicted with 20 counts of indecency with a minor. we heard guilty and i think all of us were like -- it's over, finally and people listened. ♪ >> when we all left for the weekend, we were getting ready to start up again for the
6:48 pm
punishment phase of the trial on monday. still none of us understand why but swamiji was allowed to return to the ashram. ♪ >> we arrived to court bright and early monday morning. the jury was filing in to the courthouse. >> i was noticing how many fewer devotees were in the courtroom that morning. i was noticing how casual they appeared. i was noticing that a couple of the preachers were randomly reading magazines. i know those devotees, i know
6:49 pm
how they think. those were not people worried their guru was going to jail. there was something up. ♪ i was watching the clock. it's 9:00, it is 9:01, 9:02, nothing. there's no guru. >> so swamiji never showed up. >> at that point, we are flagging him and his photograph and we're asking the court to swear with out a warrant. this man is fleeing. he's running. >> swamiji went to mexico across the border. we're trying to find a very small needle in a very large hay stack.
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well, okay, let's just get started. if he doesn't want to be here, we'll go on without him. he was sentenced by the jury to serve 14 years on each of the counts. >> we started doing some work and found out that he had actually been admitted to a local hospital emergency room over the weekend. they had recommended him to another hospital. however, he never showed up at that hospital. then, shortly there after, the trail goes cold. >> what happened to this case happens all over america. i'll never know why. think about it.
6:55 pm
he is from another country. he has the resources to run. he did. the final slap in the face for these girls. >> u.s. marshalls conducted an interview with a couple of close confidents in the inner circle of sarah swadi. as best as they can reconcile, he left sunday night and went to mexico across the border at the laredo, texas, port of entry. mexico is a very large country. we're trying to find essentially a very small needle in a very large haystack. the problem is, we just could not pinpoint a specific location.
6:56 pm
investigators here in austin began hearing chatter, began receiving bits of information that sarah swadi had, in fact, made it to india. >> as far as i know, from sources i have in india, sarah swadi is still living in india. he lives in various places. one of them is a suburb south of deli. one of them is mussoorie up there in the himalayan mountains. >> the pali we learned passed away back in the fall of last year. the case in trinidad was ultimately dropped but it was
6:57 pm
amid rumors of corruption and bribery. we'll never really know what happened there. >> just because the trial is over, it doesn't go away. we're still going to have this for our entire lives. the moment he decided to go through with the abuse for the first time, he put us in a position where this is a never-ending thing for us. the trial and him escaping and him escaping and everything after that is still part of this. >> he is still out there. he is still abusing people, whether sexually or emotionally. i don't think that will stop until he is imprisoned. >> we need the assistance of the indian law enforcement community
6:58 pm
to confirm sarah swadi's location and presence so that we, the u.s. martial service, can proceed with seeking his provisional arrest. it's an ongoing case. this is not just a case we worked up to a certain point and put it away. we are going to continue in the hunt until he is held to account. >> he is thought to have various health issues including back problems and possibly diabetes. u.s. martial believe he is living in india between new delhi and the town of miss soarry. if you have seen. prakashanand saraswadi, call 1-866-the hunt or go online at hunt. you can roux he main anonymous. we will pass your tip on to the proper authorities and, if requested, will not reveal your name.
6:59 pm
i tried to relate it. it wasn't death that took them away. it was their own attachment to their guru that they loved and to override their love for me and my sister. >> we are inextricably bound now. you go through something like this together, you can't break
7:00 pm
the bond that was built when you were holding each other up in the way we did. on this episode of "death row stories," a brutal murder in texas. >> he went crazy. i started shooting all over the place. >> lands a 17-year-old offender on death row. >> young people were committing very adult crimes. >> but with questionable evidence. >> there are no guns, no blood. >> and a death sentence looming. >> it was midnight in those days. >> a d.a. has doubts. >> i was horrified by what i saw. >> a boy's life hangs in the balance. >> evil people are never going to change. they should be executed. there is a


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