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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  October 10, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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hey there, thanks for joining me. fredericka whitfield is off. nice to be with you. it's a busy day in the race for 2016. and three days from now will be the first democratic debate. right now in georgia, republicans donald trump spoke to a crowd of thousands of supporters. and he spoke for more than an hour. the democrat bernie sanders is preparing for a big rally in boulder, colorado. that'll be this afternoon. this after he was greeted by 13,000 supporters last night in tucson, arizona. cnn's m.j. lee is outside atlanta at the trump event.
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and in boulder where bernie sanders is stumping. let me start with you, what are we going to expect from sanders rally in two hours? >> well, today, martin, for bernie sanders is about creating momentum. the campaign is holding what they've taken a call in recently these mega rallies of bernie sanders that in large part has defined the start of his campaign. i want to show you the line behind me that started to plump well before the event. and the campaign touting earlier in the week that they had to change the location of this -- what they hope will hope will be 10,000. certainly creating that energy and momentum is very important for the campaign to send bernie sanders into the debate stage on tuesday with a lot of that energy. a wind behind his back so to speak. and what we've seen interestingly enough from the candidate himself and leading up
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to the debate is tailoring his message. trying to align himself more with the democratic base. really trying to tweak his message on immigration, gun control, appeal to a broader spectrum of the democratic party. and you mentioned what he's doing publicly to prepare for the debate. >> this is interesting. most candidates stand at a podium and practice debating. but not for bernie sanders. his campaign says he is not holding any mock debates. he is studying up. they say he's been on the phone all week talking to policy experts. they're trying to make clear that bernie sanders wants a debate on the issues. i think we saw a small e preview this morning, the campaign
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sending an e-mail out to a link to his floor speech in opposition to the iraq war. this, they believe, the sanders campaign believes it's a winning issue for them, taking them into the debate. this is one we'll see because it divides bernie sanders and hillary clinton. hillary clinton voted for the iraq war. this is a vote she says she later regrets, but it's clear in this hint that bernie sanders will bring that message against hillary clinton. >> i think this is a debate with strong substance matters. thank you very much. by the way, don't miss the first democratic presidential debate. i have to say, it is right here on cnn this tuesday at 8:30 p.m. eastern time. let's get back to cnn's m.j. lee. and m.j., there are some headlines today that he may be and i'm talking about donald trump, working on some kind of exit strategy. i imagine you talked about that. >> well, this was one of the
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most energetic campaign rallies i've seen in a while. he just finished speaking to thousands of people that packed into this large event space. there were multiple applause lines. a promise that as president, he will repeal obamacare. he's talked about speculation that -- let's listen to what he said. >> are you ready? i love this. i love the people. we're never ever getting out of this deal. okay. ever. ever. we're winning. we're going to take it to cleveland where we have the convention and after that we're going to beat hillary or whoever it is so badly.
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>> and one of the people that attended this meeting was 2012 presidential candidate herman cain. a blast from the past. and he said he would urge donald trump to stick to substance. and while herman cain is not endorsing anyone at the moment that trump is one of the six candidates he's rooting for. >> it's also interesting to hear donald trump to plemg to cleveland and beyond. the fact he appeared here assumes he's in it for the long haul, doesn't it? >> absolutely. yeah. georgia is one of the many states that will participate in super tuesday in march. so he is, in fact, you know, campaigning in places like iowa and new hampshire.
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but clearly wanting to make sure he's making in roads in a place like georgia that competes later in the cycle. this isn't just a sprint and you heard him say it himself, he wants to go to the convention. >> thank you very much for that. we're moving on to events overseas and we're following the developments. other terrorist groups could be be behind's deadly blast. the death toll is at least 86. after an explosion at a peace rally in the heart of the country's capital. at least 186 others were injured that according to the turkish health ministry. the bombing was caught on video. i don't even have to say it, that was a massive blast. and there were reportedly two. cnn's senior international correspondent arwa damon.
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you're at the hospital where the wounded are being treated. what's happening there at this hour? >> well, it's fairly understandably, of course, somber out here. people still trying to come to terms with what took place in this inexplicable violence. the attacks carried out the turkish government speculating. some of those gathered here are here because their loved ones are being treated inside. they read out a name, a list of the names of the wounded who are here. others have come to donate blood. some are bringing food, tea, things like blankets. you heard from the prime minister earlier in the day declaring three days of mourning. also saying that the intelligence apparatus have received information that suicide bombers would be trying to come from northern iraq into turkey, he said.
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adding without going into too much detail that the authorities had captured two suicide bombers, not exactly disclosing when this happened. but those two, the issue with today's attack was at this rally where around 14,000 people had gathered when the blast took place at about 10:00 in the morning, this was meant to be a peace rally. and there wasn't necessarily a very intense security presence at the time. this is a country that has been grappling with terrorism. the government launching, targeting, trying to target, not just isis over the last few months, but also pretty intense clashes with the kurdish separatists. and this rally was meant to be one for peace. peace between the government and the pkk. people don't want to see violence anymore. no one wants to have to go through what the nation went through today. but at this stage, no claim of
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responsibility just yet. >> arwa damon in ankara, turkey where they had a horrific terrorist attack. thank you very much. next, a change of power on capitol hill. there's a very big push for paul ryan to run for house speaker. is he the only one that could finally put an end to all of the in fighting? it's here! the most advanced iphone yet. get the new iphone 6s at t-mobile. the network that's double it's lte coverage in the past year. our new extented range lte™ signal now reaches twice as far as before. and it's 4x better in buildings. want more? get the lowest price on iphone 6s with trade-in. zero upfront and just 5 bucks a month with jump! on demand™ get it now at t-mobile.
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so choose ultimate flora by renewlife. it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. i just pictured paul ryan. is he flipping a coin? how does he make this decision? because everybody is waiting to hear what he will do. whether he will run for speaker of the house. ryan has said he doesn't want the job. but many in the gop think he is the only man who can pull the party together. and the only one who can get the votes to win. in fact, they're almost begging him to take the job. however, john boehner's support and he's come out in support of him may be ryan's biggest problem. earlier i spoke to representative walter jones about that real dilemma. >> and we don't need john boehner to pick his replacement. he tried to do that with kevin mccarthy. he's somewhat behind this
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movement to bring paul ryan into replace him. let the will of the conference. the conference speak and choose the candidate. my candidate is from florida. but there are other candidates. >> you are a member of the liberty caucus, right? >> that's correct. there doesn't seem to be that much of a political divide between the two. and this seems to be, perhaps, what is a point of contention if ryan does come and run. >> well, martin, you're right. the majority of us -- we were opposed to that. and i saw that action on the floor the rule to set up the debate on the trade promotional authority and how they use the influence of the majority office
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and the speaker's office to encourage people to not to vote for the rule, which set up the debate on the tpa. and this is just going to be an extension of john boehner's policies. and that's why you've got so much distrust out there and across this nation. >> we are on political pins and needles. joining me on the telephone. cnn political analyst and daily beast editor in chief john avalon. he's a member of the liberty caucus, and you've also members from the freedom caucus, which didn't get along with john boehner at all. would ryan really have enough votes to win this? >> i mean, you know, paul ryan is in the unique position, martin, of being the only guy who is not acceptable to all the factions of the modern gop. the least offensive to the warring factions of the gop. strong fiscal conservative. checks the box on social issues.
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he's taken seriously by centrists and the donor class. and he's someone who is universally regarded as responsible. the only problem, as you know, sounds like he'd rather spend times with his kid, which is an honorable personal function, rather than taking the reigns as speaker of the house. he's been drafted unlike anything we've seen before. it's a true reluctant call to service. but he may be the only figure of stature real stature who can unite the gop at this point. otherwise, this party's deep in civil war. they may not find him palatable to compromise. >> given how much disarray there is right now. you know, this is just a giant dumpster fire right now. and if this doesn't get put out pretty soon, the gop's problems are only going to compound, financial, you know, and on
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down. it's not so much that paul ryan or anyone can get universal support right now. that's not really the goal. it's can you clear the key numeric hurdles. and kevin mccarthy looked at the field and realized he couldn't get that done. even jason stepped up to support to challenge mccarthy basically said yesterday that he'd be willing to step aside if ryan were to come in. you're not going to get unanimous support. of course not. but he's the closest thing to a near consensus candidate you can get absent ryan. watch out, it's going to get ugly and weirder. >> important votes to come up. some have suggested that paul ryan could be a temporary fix. do you buy into that. >> that is one of the scenarios that's being floated in this sort of aggressive courtship of paul ryan. some folks saying, hey, just take the job through the 2016 election. be a caretaker, get the big stuff done, you won't have to watch, you know, look over your shoulder all the time and
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worried about getting stabbed in the back and in quite the same way as ultimately exhausted john boehner. it's a funny sort of compromise. here's the, you know, the third most powerful job in washington by some counts. and nobody -- people who seem to want it, people don't seem to want them. and people want to get as far away as possible. because they realize that mathematically the gop right now is almost ungovernable. you've got 50 or so folks are much interested in grand standing. and is this a good trade for less time with my kids? but ultimately, will he decide is this the right thing for not only his party but his country? that's a compelling case, even if it is for a short time. >> and i need this in one sentence. how quickly do you think it will be until we hear an answer? >> i think you're looking until the end of the month, at least. >> okay. thank you very much. joining us on the telephone as we debate speaker of the house. well, the u.s. and russia have concluded another set of
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don't know if you are aware, but the u.s. says it has wrapped up another discussion with russia. the meeting held today by secure video conference. the state department issued a release saying that the talks lasted about 90 minutes. and that progress was made. the two sides are trying to avoid a major catastrophe in the air over syria. meanwhile, the russian defense ministry says its air force carried out another 64 combat missions. and that's in just the last 24 hours. hitting dozens of targets says included an isis command center. as well as training camps and ammunition depos. i want to bring in former cnn moscow bureau chief. it's wonderful to hear from you and see you. what do we know about today's meeting as far as the true discussion? >> well, it is focused narrowly. that's a phrase the pentagon used. they are not doing anything to
11:24 am
give any impression they condone what the russians are doing. but they do want make sure there's not some sort of terrible catastrophe crash or collision in the skies over syria. after all you have russia carrying out these air attacks and you also have the united states in the coalition. even syria at the same time carrying out other attacks. and, in fact, this week, the pentagon said that u.s. pilots had to carry out what they call safe separation maneuvers to avoid coming too close to russian -- some sort of russian jet. and then you have, remember, the incursion by the russian flights, russian plane into turkish air space, and then these reports about missiles going stray and crashing in iran. so it could potentially be extremely dangerous. and that's why they're talking. what they're talking about, martin, is really, again, technical. they're talking about what language they should be discussing things in.
11:25 am
when these pilots talk to each other. and radio frequencies they use for communication. they do say this is going to be another discussion in the near future. try to avoid some sort of root problem. >>german speaker thank you for joining us. in the meantime, let's take a break. we'll be right back.
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an update on that bombing in turkey. and unfortunately, the death toll is continuing to rise. turkish medical officials say at least 97 people, that's a new number were killed and more than 400 injured in that blast. the explosion happened in the capital city. it happened during this morning at a peace rally. nobody's claimed responsibility for that attack. but the turkish prime minister says isis or other groups are behind the blast. and let's take you live to washington where crowds are gathering today to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the million man march. called for the original march as a day of healing. black community, that is, in 1995. says today's gathering has a theme of, quote, justice or else, unquote.
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trayvon martin's mother is among those who were attending the event. thanks for spending part of your day with me. i'm martin savidge. "vital signs" with dr. sanjay gupta starts right now. i'll see you tomorrow. ♪ it's the most common sensory disorder affecting 360 million people worldwide. today, we're talking about hearing loss and sound. this is "vital signs." our ears are made up of three main parts. the outer ear, middle ear and inner ear. the smallest bones in your body are actually located in your middle ear.


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