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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  October 17, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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senior party official put it, if the silence goes into next week, friends think the decision is made for him. hillary clinton is practically pushing herself in this interview with cnn's jake tapper. >> a decision has to be made. but certainly, i'm not, in any way, suggesting or recommending that the vice president accept any timetable other than the one that is clicking inside of him. he has to make this decision. >> reporter: plus, the longer biden waits, the more it hurts. the latest poll in new hampshire shows clinton and bernie sanders way out in front of the vice president. when democratic voters were asked if biden should enter the race, half said no. >> i think he knows this is d-day. and he's got to make a decision. a lot of people are waiting. and people who really care about him and want to help him are waiting too. and so, he needs to move on there. >> reporter: democrats are starting to compare biden's lengthy deliberations to those of the late new york governor, mario cuomo, who actually had a plane on a tarmac, waiting to
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take him to new hampshire in 1992. but cuomo pulled back at the last minute. and a clinton went on to become president. >> all right. lots to think about there. thanks so much, jim acosta. so much more straight ahead in the newsroom and it all starts right now. all right. happening right now in the newsroom -- >> oh, my god, this car's going to hit us! oh, my god! oh, my god! >> we're floating! we're floating! >> trapped. hundreds of cars stuck on california freeways as drivers desperately try to escape mud slides and rising floodwaters. plus, chilling new details in the oregon college massacre from shooting survivor, chris mintz. the army veteran, who has been called a hero for protecting others. and lamar odom, conscious, even able to say hi to estranged wife, khloe kardashian, as new
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details emerge about his days spent at a nevada brothel. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." hello, everyone. thanks so much for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield. this hour, hillary clinton is expected to speak an alabama suburb. and she is discussing the democratic convention, at 1:30 eastern time, and we'll bring you those comments as it happens live. clinton's poll numbers have risen in new hampshire since the cnn democratic debate on tuesday. "the boston globe"-suffolk university poll has clinton leaving bernie sanders 37% to 35%, a statistical tie within the margin of error. before the debate, our cnn poll had sanders ahead 36% to 40%. nia-malika henderson is in hoover, alabama, where clinton will be speaking in a matter of
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minutes. so nia-malika, what are people expecting to hear from clinton today? >> reporter: well, this is a very pro-hillary group. they endorsed her in 2008, over then senator obama. they're going to hear a speech today, hillary clinton is expected to focus on voting right. recently, the governor announced the closure of 31 dmv offices, meaning that people in communities won't have access or easy access to getting driver's licenses. and in this state, you need a photo idea to be able to vote. and so she's going to talk about those laws and call them discriminatory. she's also going to call out republicans for often backing these laws. so it's expected to be a speech that really builds on some of her earlier comments. and i think this should be seen as her overall strategy of ginning up the african-american vote. and it's a shot across the bow
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not only of bernie sanders, but also joe biden, who if he gets in this race, is expected to also appeal to african-americans. >> all right, nia-malika henderson, thank you so much, in hoover, alabama. we'll check back in with you when hillary clinton takes to the stage. and you can catch jake tapper's one-on-one interview tomorrow on "state of the union." and jake will also interview former republican presidential candidate mitt romney. it all starts tomorrow 9:00 a.m. eastern right here on cnn. we're also learning new details today from this month's campus massacre in oregon. the man who many called hero, chris mintz, is recalling what happened the day of the ho shooting, moment by moment. nine people were injured, including mintz, who was shot five times. cnn's nick valencia joining me now with more on his story. >> chris mintz did what a lot of people wish they had the courage to do when faced with extraordinary circumstances. he put aside his own safety to
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ensure the safety of others. and now for the first time, we're hearing in his own words what happened that day of the shooting. >> dispatch as many ambulances as possible. we have upwards of 20 victims. >> chilling new details in the oregon community college massacre, from shooting survivor, chris mintz. the army veteran who's been called a hero for protecting others. >> exchanged shots with him. he's in the classroom. >> reporter: in a facebook posting, mintz recalled the day that he says started out as normal, but quickly descended into chaos. he writes, "there was a bunch of yellings with t in yelling" and there were gunshots going off that sounded like firecrackers. he said everyone got up and took off. "i held the door open and waited for everyone to leave safely." and he took direction from a counselor that kept screaming, someone needed to tell the people in the library and i told her i'd do it. >> somebody is outside one of the doors, shooting through the
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door. >> reporter: mintz writes that he made his way back into the classroom area, where he came face to face with the gunman. he leaned out and started shooting as i turned toward him, he recalled. this is how he described the shooter. "he was so nonchalant through it all, like he was playing a video game and showed no emotion." mintz says the shots "knocked me to the ground and felt like a truck hit me." he then says he was shot again, while on the ground, and that the gunman said, "that's what you get for calling the cops." mintz writes in the facebook post that he told the gunman that he didn't call police and they were already on the way. he then yelled to the gunman, "it's my kid's birthday, man." mintz says the shooter pointed the gun right at my face and retreated back into the classroom. >> hello, everyone. i'm doing well -- >> reporter: a friend posted this video of mintz in the hospital. he's since been released and has this lingering question. "i'm still confused as why he didn't shoot me again."
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>> incredible. mipts we mintz went on to apologize in that facebook post to victims and their families if his words jogged up any painful memories, he's sorry, this is not about publicity, and in fact he doesn't want to do any on-camera interviews, which is why he took to facebook to put his account out there. >> what about his family members? how are they dealing with that? >> very soon after that shooting his aunt came out and was giving the account, secondhand confrontation, that she thought he had this physical confrontation. he was released from the hospital just a few days ago. this shooting happened just a couple of weeks ago. it's crazy to think about that it was so recent, but he was just released, you know, nine people lost their lives. he has a lot to smile about, but he's also apologizing, because he understands there's a lot of painful memories attached to this day. >> and so often we hear about things like survivor's guilt. one has to wonder if that's something that he has or is going to experience, too. but, of course, everyone very
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prayerful and happy he's okay. thanks so much, nick valencia. >> you got it. now we turn to major news out of southern california. residents are digging out from mud slides that trapped hundreds of drivers and closed roads. the images and videos are coming in and they're stunning, as you see there. one driver capturing this harrowing rescue. >> oh, my god! [ bleep ] prayers get heard! oh, [ bleep ]! >> wow, that is extraordinary. the mud was up to 20 feet in some places, and more than 200 cars and trucks were buried. a woman in kern county was caught right in the middle of all of it. now here's her story. >> oh, no! >> oh, my god. >> ray ecklin says she was on her way home with two coworkers when the rain started pouring. >> oh, my god!
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>> we were coming up on cameron and we were like in a low spot and it just kept raining and raining and then the mud just started coming towards us. >> and soon enough, the car she was a passenger in lifted off of the ground. >> oh, my god, this car's going to hit us! oh, my god! >> we're floating! we're floating! >> and we just started floating and banging into cars. >> reporter: ecklin says the worst thoughts were running through her mind as she continued to record. >> we're in trouble now. >> we're gonna it! we're gonna it! >> reporter: unsure of what was going to happen next as cars turned into boats. >> oh, my god! >> we were bouncing off other cars and i was not sure whether we were going to make it out of there. it looked like there was cars gonna float over the wall. it was really horrifying. >> he's going to go over the edge! >> reporter: once the rain finally came to a stop -- >> we might get out of this
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mess. >> reporter: ecklin and the two women in the car with her crawled through the windows. >> i think we're safer in the car. >> and then we walked out of there. it took us hours to walk out of there. it was awful. walking out of there was really bad, because, you know, like we were in mud up to our knees. >> our thanks for that reporting. authorities is say there have been no reports of injuries, thankfully. the cleanup, of course, could take days. coming up, a deadly traffic stop, all caught on tape. >> get your hands behind your back! >> officer, what are you doing? >> get your hands behind your back? >> officer? >> ow! >> next, you will see what led up to that confrontation and why the officer was not charged in this shooting. let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? i would. i would indeed. well, let's be clear here. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ]
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all right. a new development in an upsetting story out of michigan. what started as a simple traffic stop ended with a police officer fatally shooting a teenager
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seven times. the policeman has not been charged and the prosecutor said the shooting was justified. but now the family is suing the officer and the st. for wrongful death. here's jean casarez with more. >> need your driver's license and registration and proof of insurance. i pulled you over because you flashed me. i didn't even have my brights on. >> watch this police body cam video, 17-year-old deven guilford on his way to his girlfriend's house. officer jonathan frost pulling him over for flashing his high beams. >> driver's license, registration, proof of insurance. i did not have them on. driver's license, registration, proof of insurance, please. >> how do i even know you're an officer. >> sergeant frost asks several time for guilford's license. he refuses, questioning why he was stopped. >> am i being detained? >> yes, you are. >> for what crime? >> you flashed me with your high beams -- >> you had your lights on, sir. >> reporter: guilford begins recording their interaction with his cell phone. >> you can get with the program
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and start complying or you can been taken to jail. >> reporter: the officer calls for backup as the situation escalates. >> you do not have your driver's license on your person? >> i do. >> where is it? >> you can't see it. you had your brights on. i'm not lying to you. i was just doing that to polite. i don't want to flash someone and have someone go off the road and crash. >> do you realize if you would have complied with this traffic stop, it would have gone a whole different way. >> reporter: the officer sees guilford to try to make a phone call and orders him out of the car. >> out of the car or you're going to get tased. everything's being recorded, son, i have no problem with that. get out of the car! get down on the ground, now! down on the ground! now! >> oh, my gosh! stop yelling at me. >> down on the ground! right here. facing me. down on the ground, now. >> what do you mean? >> get on your belly, right now? >> this is, what, american -- >> put your phone down and your arms out to your side, now.
10:16 am
>> sergeant frost kicks guilford's cell phone away. >> are you -- i don't have a weapon! hey! >> get your -- >> you can't do that! >> get your hands behind your back. you're under arrest. >> just about 90 seconds before backup arrives, sergeant frost tazes guilford. but he's too close for it to work properly. >> ow! >> reporter: roughly 14 seconds later, you hear gunshots. [ screaming ] [ gunshots ] >> sergeant frost says guilford attacked him, hitting him repeatedly with his fist. take a look at this slo-mo. frame by frame. you can make the scuffle out just a little more clearly. >> i shot one. i need backup! i'm bleeding. >> this body cam video shows sergeant frost at the scene, transported to the hospital, with these injuries. >> all right, thanks to jean casarez for this report. let's dig a little deeper here, if we can. hln legal analyst and criminal
10:17 am
defense attorney, joey jackson with us now. joey, good to see you. >> good afternoon, fredricka. >> okay, so it's so disturbing to see this report. it's difficult to see it and it's difficult to hear the arguments on both sides. so the prosecutor has already said this shooting was justified, that this officer felt that his life was being threatened, but the family says, they're looking at wrongful death, because they are -- they don't see why he was stopped in the first place. so where do we go from here, joey? >> you know, fredricka, unfortunately, i don't think that argument carries the day. you know, there's an ordinance there, and what it says is that you can't flash your high beam. it's nuance, so there's some dispute as to whether it suggests that you can't use it to glare in someone's eyes, so the family is saying it was a momentary, you know, type of flashing, and therefore he should not have been stopped. that's not where this case is really going to turn. this case is going to turn on the officer's fear for his life at the critical moment that the shots were fired.
10:18 am
you can argue all day and all night, in terms of whether the teenager should have been stopped. he was. and the officer had a basis to do it. whether the officer was right or wrong in stopping him, certainly, the officer believes he was right. there's an ordinance that suggests you can. but where the case will live or die is, was the officer at the time, the critical moment that he felt he needed to fire that shot, was he right? did he use excessive force or did he act as a reasonable officer would, in a same situation? and that's why i think it would be a difficult case for the family to pursue. >> so, at what point, i mean, clearly, it is escalating. we see it all documented, but at a certain point of escalation, there were choices that could have been made, whether it be by the officer or by the young man, but since the young man is dead, it really is going to be examined right, correct me if i'm wrong, joey, the act of the officer, did he have to resort to pulling a pistol after the taser didn't work, because won't the question also be, aren't
10:19 am
officers trained to use a variation of measures in which to de-escalate and won't they examine what took place between that taser not happening and resorting to a pistol? >> they certainly will. and let's just break it down from the beginning. i advise every client, fredricka, and every other person that would listen to me or not listen to me, to comply now and grieve later. there may be things you don't want an officer to do. you don't like that an officer does, but you're not going to win on the street. comply, retain counsel, write to civilian complaint review boards, get the commissioner and mayor involved, but on the street, it's an issue of compliance. why is that relevant? it's relevant because it goes to the officer's state of mind. you talk about a use of force continuum and that of course starts with verbal commands. and it may escalate to the officer having to use physical
10:20 am
grips and escalates to a taser and a firearm. well, the officer's state of mind, if you're noncompliant and not listening is such that the officer really believes, he could present a danger to me. now the officer is thinking, if there's a fight, which ensued in this particular case, what if that person gets my firearm. and so the supreme court has spoken loudly and clearly on the issue. and what they have said is, what would a reasonable officer do, in this officer's situation? and if a reasonable officer felt in a split second, as the supreme court has also said, that there was an eminent fear that they could die or face serious bodily injury, the use of lethal force is authorized. that's what happened here. didn't need to escalate to that level, but, under these circumstances, the officer did, in his judgment, which he felt was appropriate, because he wanted to go home at the end of the day. comply now, grieve later. >> all right.
10:21 am
joey jackson, thank you so much. appreciate it. always good to see you. >> thank you, fredricka. all right. then, a ray of hope, some good news for lamar odom today. we'll get the latest on his condition and a look at the troubled life of that basketball star, next. inthe mid-size van, from mercedes-benz. it's got small-ability and big-ability. towing-ability and stowing-ability. rack-ability and hvac-ability. it's fully customizable and sized just right to give you cupcake-ability, entourage-ability... ...garage-ability and even afford-ability. starting at $28,950. available in cargo or passenger. from mercedes-benz. plan well and enjoy life... ♪ or, as we say at unitedhealthcare insurance company, go long. of course, how you plan is up to you. take healthcare. make sure you're covered for more than what just medicare pays...
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former nba star lamar odom's condition is showing improvement, according to sources. he apparently slipped into a coma on tuesday after being found unconscious in a nevada brothel. a source says that odom was even able to say hi to his estranged wife, khloe kardashian. his mother-in-law, chris jenner, says that while his condition is improving, he is also suffering organ damage. cnn's rachel nichols has more on odom's troubled childhood and rise to nba stardom. >> reporter: well, fred, it hasn't been an easy road for lamar odom. he grew up in a rough section of new york, his father was a heroin addict and only marginally in and out of his life. he had a great mom, but she died of cancer when he was only 12. in fact, lamar was holding her hand at her bedside when she mads and he's recounted that she told him, just be nice to everyone, lamar. and he really took that to heart, even as he went through more tough times. the grandmother who took him and finished raising him, she would
10:26 am
go on, unfortunately, to die of cancer. then once he became a parent himself, his 6-month-old died of sudden infant death syndrome. he had a close cousin and several close friends who died and he really carried all of that with him. he would write all their names on his shoes sometimes before he took the basketball court. and you get to see and talking to him all of that loss was so heavy for him. he did have some struggles with drugs and alcohol when he first came into the league, but you could also see that all that loss made him very sensitive and empathetic to the people around him. he was known as one of the best teammates in the nba. the guy you could talk to about your problems. he was just so warm and he knew how to appreciate it when things were good. it's the reason there have been so many well wishes pouring in for odom these past days. lebron james wrote on instagram, no judgment. he said, you don't know what someone has gone through unless you have walked in their shoes. i know a lot of odom's nba friends were worried that this day would come, these calls
10:27 am
about something terrible happening and him being in trouble might happen, especially over the last year, as it became harder to keep in touch with him. he changed his number a lot, he stopped answering their calls, didn't show up at scheduled get-togethers. but i will say, as i worried about him, everyone still really talked about how much they loved him. and fred, there is just no doubt they are all rooting for him now. >> all right, indeed. thanks so much, rachel nichols. all right, vice president joe biden could announce at any moment, any day now whether he will run for president. we're live in washington, next, for that. more data means more freedom to do..whatever. that's why at&t is giving you 50% more data. that's 15 gigs of data for the price of 10. because the more data you have, the better. and right now at at&t get $300 credit for every line you switch when you trade in a smartphone and buy any smartphone on at&t next.
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all right. hello, again, welcome back. i'm fredricka whitfield. so will he, or won't he run for president? that's the big question people are asking about vice president joe biden. he spoke with members of the powerful international association of firefighters yesterday, and they claimed that he is strongly indicating another run for the oval office. and they are ready to throw their support behind him, if he does. our chris frates joining us now. so, chris, is this a signal that biden might be ready to announce something? >> well, you know, i really don't think so, fred. biden's been talking to his supporters for weeks, so i wouldn't read too much into this one call, but this week has been busy for biden, he's been calling all the early voting states talking about when to launch a campaign.
10:32 am
he's asking people to work for him, if he does, indeed run. now, sources are saying biden's decision could come within a few weeks or even a couple of days. and all this increased biden chatter is coming as hillary clinton, you might remember, used her strong performance at the first democratic debate to remind a lot of jittery democrats why she is the font rurn. the first most-debate poll in new hampshire showed her in a debt heat with rival bernie sanders, after some recent polls showed her trailing behind him in that first of the nation primary state, now in a stronger position she's joined. is he in or out. and her campaign chairman. and on friday, clinton told our jake tapper, this. >> there does come a point where a decision has to be made. but i'm not in any way suggesting or recommend that the
10:33 am
vice president accept any timetable other than the one that is clicking inside of him. he has to make this decision. >> reporter: but as much as clinton tries to close the door on biden, that vice president still has his foot stuck securely against the door jam. a member of biden's inner circle send a letter to all of biden's allies this week, laying out the rationale for a case. and obama seems to be giving biden plenty of room to maneuver. at a press conference, here's what he said when asked about whether his number two should take a run. >> i think that the vice president like every other candidate makes their own decisions about these issues and have to figure out whether it makes sense for them. >> so the will biden run or won't he continues to be washington's favorite parlor game. but the main event will be the
10:34 am
benghazi hearing. that happened on clinton's walk. this time next week, things might not not look as good for clinton. things can change very fast in this topsy-turvy presidential campaign. >> it could be an opportunity or an obstacle, we shall see. chris frates, appreciate it, in washington. >> let's bring in our political panel, democratic strategist h nomiki konst. welcome back, ladies. you know hillary clinton pretty well, then. what do you suppose her feeling is about whether joe biden would be in or out, especially given they worked together in the same obama administration? >> of course it's frustrating for them, because they have a campaign strategy in hand right now, and if joe biden were to enter the race, and i feel like he will and will within the next week or so, if that were to
10:35 am
happen, her entire strategy has to shift. so right now she's looking at two strategies. and i think that's one of the reasons why john podesta, her campaign head came out and said it's time for him to step up and run. but, you know, don't forget, bill clinton entered the race in october of 1991. so they should be ones to talk. the difference here is that you have biden, who has the obama coalition, and if he steps in, he has that coalition at hand. he has the famous ofa list. he has obama donors. some of which have donated and supported hillary clinton, but would immediately jump to biden. you know, they've gone across the country, gathered support, there's the draft biden movement, which has a petition of over 227,000 people who want him to run. there is a real call for biden to run. and i think he has the support needed to step in. and i'm sure that hillary clinton is probably freaking out. >> if he were to step in, how do you suppose that would change the dynamics among the republican contenders in this race? >> it would be a bad thing for
10:36 am
republicans, for biden to get in. right now, republicans are primed for a victory. you have hillary clinton being insulated by the democrat party. you had bernie sanders come to her defense in the debate, regarding the e-mail scandal. barack obama did so this week. you have the democrat national committee, only agreeing to six debates. this is more of a coronation than a nomination. and for republicans, that's a great thing. because when they face hillary clinton, they'll be bringing up all of these things that the democrats are not bringing up. now, if biden enters the race, clinton all of a sudden has a huge battle on her hands. she'll be primed and i think republicans would much rather face hillary clinton, who has many scandals to be brought up and parsed out, rather than joe biden, who is a likable guy and a stronger contender. >> let's talk more about the republican campaign trail. donald trump, always chatty, always speaking his mind. but look at this, where he said nothing. >> mr. trump? can you clarify, do you think
10:37 am
that 9/11 was president bush's fault? >> guys, media -- >> -- on twitter about your comments about 9/11 were -- >> all right. it's noisy, but he heard the question. and caylee, you know, he's avoiding answering it. why, when on so many other occasions, if he's challenged about a comment, whether it was, you know, insulting to somebody or not, he was quick to defend it. >> you know, i think he's worried, potentially, about blowback among republicans. george w. bush is very popular among the republican base. they're very defensive of him. you know, we've had to defend george bush or gladly defend george bush over the last few years, and now to hear donald trump criticizing a president who many of us are very proud of, it's not good. it's not good for the primary, not good for his base. so he should clarify this, or just not bring it up. certainly he needs to back off of criticizing george w. bush on twitter. >> and nomiki, how does jeb bush seize on this? while his polling numbers are
10:38 am
kind of, you know, down below, and you know, even a moment like this, where he is defending his brother, and he has now silenced, i don't no fe he has, but maybe the comments have backfired on donald trump and they've silenced him, how does jeb bush take advantage of this moment? >> i think jeb bush is in a great moment. as kaylee said, george w. bush is doing fairly well with republican voters. so, i think jeb bush will see him sort of back his brother and come closer to his brother with the coming weeks. that's the issue with donald trump right now, he's been playing this anti-establishment game for the past several months, but now as he's the front-runner, he'll have to come a little bit more towards the center, and the center of the party does support the former president. and jeb bush, obviously, has an added gain on that side. >> all right, nomiki konst, caylee mckenney, thanks so much, ladies. and of course, there's more to talk about on the campaign
10:39 am
trail. don't miss jake tapper's interview tomorrow with hillary clinton on cnn's "state of the union." and he'll also be talking to former republican nominee, mitt romney, all that starts 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, right here on cnn. for adults with an advanced lung cancer called "squamous non-small cell", previously treated with platinum-based chemotherapy, it's not every day something this big comes along. a chance to live longer
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violence in the west bank and jerusalem is continuing to escalate today and we're just hearing of a fourth alleged knife attack today in hebron.
10:43 am
israeli defense forces say a palestinian assailant stabbed an israeli soldier in his upper torso and that attacker was shot. earlier, three other palestinian attackers were shot and ill canned in separate incidents. israeli officials say the palestinians had knifes and went after border police and an israeli civilian. palestinian news agencies mentioned no knives when reporting on the violence. and this is video from the incident in hebron. cnn correspondent oren liebermann is at our bureau there in jerusalem. so, explain what happened. actually, you're at a rally right now. what is that rally all about. >> reporter: this is a peace rally that came together in recent hours, perhaps even the last 24 hours, a joint peace rally between israelis and arabs. peace right now is something that is sorely lacking. but take a look at this rally behind me. there are some 300 or 400
10:44 am
people. there are signs that say, jews and arabs together against racism. there's a sign that as says, 1967, a palestinian nation next to an israeli nation. let me bring you over to the side. holding to flags here, the israeli flag next to the palestinian flags. this is a peace rally, as violence has spiraled here in the last two weeks into its third week. but this rally doesn't change the reality of what's happening on the ground. four attacks today, the last one just a short time ago, where the idf says a palestinian attacker in hebron stabbed the soldier. that soldier opened fire and shot the palestinian attacker. that is the fourth such incident today. two more similar to that. there's one account early this morning of an attack that is disputed by both sides. israeli police say that a palestinian attacker attacked an israeli settler in hebron. the israeli settler was armed, opened fire, and killed the palestinian. but a disputed account from palestinian eyewitnesss who say the palestinian was unarmed and the attack, the killing from the settler was unprovoked. so the peace rally here, a
10:45 am
growing crowd here. the question, when will peace truly come? fredricka? >> all right. oren liebermann, thank you so much. all right, a teen beaten to death in a secretive church in upstate new york. the alleged culprit, his parents and their fellow church members. details, next. let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] woman: [laughs] no way! that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. cfp -- work with the highest standard. the way i see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. so, let's try this again.
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10:50 am
bothparents admitted to striking their son. what was the motive for the brutal and deadly beating during that counseling session? >> did not testify -- >> manslaughter in the first-degree. >> instead, they sat and listened to damaging testimony about what allegedly happened in that church counseling session. in the end, their 19-year-old son lucas was dead. their 17-year-old son christopher left in serious condition. daniel irwin, a deacon at the word of life christian church. he saw bruce leonard strike both of the boys inside the church's sanctuary. he said, leonard hit his son lucas several times. i heard the sound of a strike. stop, then it started again. irwin also told the court, he saw lucas was bleeding from his leg, moaning and rolling back and forth on the floor. irwin then said he also saw leonard strike his younger son christopher, five or six times with something that looked like a belt. he recalled the beating went on
10:51 am
for 14 hours. starting around 8:00 sunday night. and lasting until 10:00 a.m. the next morning. when asked why the beating finally stopped, irwin said, because luke was dead at that point. he said several church members, including leonard's own brother, christopher, and his father tried performing cpr, but it was too late. >> would you like to elaborate a little bit more about what happened inside and tell us about your experience. >> oh, no. >> outside court, irwin would not comment about his testimony. nothing about the motive from the beating nor about allocations that counseling session was ordered because leonard wanted to leave the church. the leonards are facing manslaughter charges in the death of their son. four others are facing assault charges. all have pled not guilty. police say they have not concluded why the session turned violent. bruce leonard allegedly told investigators his sons may have molested children who belonged to the church.
10:52 am
but police say there is no indication of that whatsoever. they say seven children here from the church were taken into protective custody, they were interviewed, examined and police say there is no indication any of them were sexually assaulted. >> the deceased and his brother are victims in this horrible crime. and i want to put out there, again, there is no evidence that these brothers did anything. they are at this point true victims. >> debra leonard's attorney believes his client is also a victim saying debra did not have the physical strength to beat her sons. she claims she only took part in the beginning, but that other church members held the brothers down while the beatings took place. >> i have indicated before and i will continue to indicate that we are looking at other charges and if other people should be charged, we will present that evidence to a grand jury. >> so here's, fredericka, what we should be expecting in the
10:53 am
next few days, the coming weeks. to expect more charges, more possible arrests, also saying that he expects to present his case to the grand jury within the next 45 days. fredericka. >> jason, it's so upsetting. every time i hear your story, i feel like i'm hearing or envisioning something new. what about the brother? what's his condition? how is he doing? >> christopher is in serious condition. he is speaking, he is talking to investigators. what's interesting about this, and i don't know if you caught this in the piece, but he actually tried to help, tried to give cpr to his brother lucas. but, of course, his brother was already dead. also interesting in this. it took church members, fredericka, i'm told after listening and speaking to investigators, some two hours before they got to the hospital. no one actually, according to court testimony, ended up calling 911. and, in fact, at one point, they were on their way to the hospital. christopher was actually in the car with his brother lucas at
10:54 am
that point. and then they realized they left children back in the church, turned around, went back and then went to the hospital with lucas still in the car. >> oh, my gosh, all right. so now what about people in the neighborhood? what have people been saying about what they expected, what kind of activity they expected. on other occasions at that church. was it that secretive? and that insulate that people didn't know about the following? or what potentially could be happening there? >> well, apparently it became that way. it wasn't always that way. this church was founded some time ago back in 1984. some five families living there at what was a high school at one point and then transformed into a church, some 35 members, i think, living there off and on. and at one point, they interacted with the community, i guess years ago, this is what people in the community are telling me and then became more insular, more secluded as time went on. >> heartbreaking and horrible. thank you so much, jason carroll. and we'll be right back. but i think this solo date will seal the deal.
10:55 am
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10:58 am
close to signing an agreement to avoid midair collisions in syria, the news comes days after two jets came within miles of each other as both sides conduct air campaigns in the region. and drone operators may soon have to register with the u.s. government. the transportation department is preparing a permit process that
10:59 am
would identify operators of rogue drones. they hope this will result in more responsible drone flying. the faa receives about 100 reports per month from airline pilots reporting drone sight gsz. wow, close call, six construction workers were injured, though, when this scaffolding collapsed outside a building in houston. officials say all of the injured were workers at the scene. not first responders or people passing by. a senior captain with the houston fire department says there is no confirmation of missing workers. although some 100 firefighters are still looking. the next hour of the "cnn newsroom" begins right now. all right. hello, again, and thank you for joining me. hillary clinton looking for support in the deep south today. any moment now, she will address the alabama democratic conferences convention in a
11:00 am
birmingham suburb. senior political reporter henderson is at the event in the town. i see someone at the podium now, are they introducing hillary clinton? >> reporter: they are introducing hillary clinton who is supposed to come out here any minute. this is a very, very pro-hillary crowd. this group endorsed her at the alabama democratic conference. they endorsed her in 2008 and have been praising her from the podium as this event gets underway. again, as you said, this is about her southern strength and particularly african-american voters, this group predominantly african-american, as you can see, behind me, we're expecting to hear from her any minute. she's expected to talk a bit about voting rights. we know that's been a big issue in this state as well as across the country. >> thank you so much. we'll come back to you. hillary clinton as soon as she takes the podium, appreciate it. meantime, we're hearing inat


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