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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  November 2, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> babies all over the place. don't drink the water. >> i know. i guess not. maybe there's something on the sofa. >> hey now. >> again -- >> i'm going to leave it there. time for newsroom with carol costello on this monday morning. good morning. >> i wish i hadn't heard that. >> i can't. >> we got to go. newsroom starts now. >> please. happening now, what brought down a russian passenger jet? this morning, airline officials not ruling out terrorism as loved one pile flowers at an airport memorial. plus -- >> the debate was a really weird debate. >> gop candidates lay out their debate demands. >> harry truman couldn't get elected president with explaining the united states of america's health care plan in 30 seconds. >> should the candidates be running the show? and the kansas city royals crowned. 12 inches at a rally from behind
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win brings royals fans to their feet. >> all these young fans get a chance to see a win after 30 years. >> this is what the world series champs look like. let's talk. live in the cnn newsroom. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. this morning, mystery surrounds a russian airliner crash that killed all 224 people on board. officials initially dismiss claims of responsibility by isis-linked militanmilitants, t kremlin says it cannot rule out terrorism. airline officials say only an external influence could have caused the plane to virtually disintegrate in the air. arwa damon is in iroh. >> -- cairo. >> a medical source tells us of the 175 bodies he saw, around 60% to 70% of them were still in tact. none of them had any sort of
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burn injuries or burn scars. but the more information that's coming out from the various different individuals and government parties that are involved, the more convoluted and mysterious the reasons behind the downing of the aircraft become. >> reporter: this morning, new photos emerging of the black box from russian passenger jet flight 9268. metro airlines holding a press conference in moscow, claiming the airliner could not have broken apart in midair by itself. metro jet airlines holding a press conference this morning in moscow, saying russian passenger jet flight 9628 could not have broken apart in midair by itself. this amid new reports the passenger jet broke into pieces as it flew over the remote egyptian countryside. the fuselage disintegrating around 20 minutes into the flight, from an egyptian resort town to st. petersburg saturday.
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the airline company says the only explanation would be an external influence. overnight, nearly 150 of the 224 passengers killed on board, arriving in russia. mourners of the mostly russian victims gathering at st. petersburg airport, where the air jet was supposed to end its journey. aerials of the crash site show wreckage strewn across nearly eight square miles. but egypt's prime minister says there are no indications that anything out of the ordinary was about to happen on this aircraft. egypt's civil aviation minister adding, there are no reports that the airplane had faults. checks done before takeoff did not reveal anything, and no one received any s.o.s. calls. still, questions linger as to why flight 9628 hurled to the ground in a remote part of egypt, in clear weather, an area plagued by a violent islamic
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insurgency. >> you can certainly see whether there were any sign of a bomb or a missile striking the aircraft. they leave very distinctive markings. that should be able to be eliminated very quickly. >> reporter: the co-pilot's ex-wife telling russian state-run news, he complained before the flight to their daughter, wishing for a better technical condition of the plane. most passengers were found with their seat belts on, according to egypt's military, suggesting the pilot asked them to buckle up. >> the two black boxes containing vital data were recovered fairly quickly on saturday, the same day the plane went down. we're going to have to wait and see how long extracting that information is going to take. amidst the egyptians coming out and saying that they do not believe that any of the militant
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groups wi s who operate in the have the ability to bring down an aircraft at that altitude. >> with me now, cnn safety analyst and former safety inspector, and author of malaysia airlines flight 370. welcome, david. awful thing. terrorism hasn't been ruled out. let's look at the debris field from the latest crash and the degrd debris field from mh-17, which was shot down over ukraine. do you see any similarities here? >> well, there are some obvious similarities, as far as the damage goes. one of the things that is dissimilar about it is, if you look at mh-17 accident, the skin of the aircraft was perpetrated. it had a bunch of small holes in it, which told us with that it was probably a buk missile, which breaks into particles that goes through the aircraft and it's designed to disable
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aircraft, not explode it in one piece, like you're seeing in this accident. there are differences. there are similarities, in that it's spread across a long distance. that would tell you the commonality would be there is a breakup of the aircraft at high altitude. >> i would suppose that it's possible a bomb could have been on board the plane. your thoughts? >> at this point, carol, anything is possible. i'm very surprised that the airline is coming out and ruling out things, like mechanical failure. you know, they said there was no indication there was anything wrong with the aircraft beforehand. almost every accident i've been on, there is not that much notice when there's some kind of catastrophic failure like this. that wouldn't be -- that really doesn't tell us anything about the mechanical condition of the aircraft or anything else, really, about what happened. although it's too far, too early to make conclusions or especially to rule things out like the airline is doing, there are some -- there's definitely
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something about the external cause. what they're talking about is either a bomb or a missile, something from an external, outside the routine operation. >> just going back to the mechanics of the plane. because the russian authorities say the plane was inspected, cleared for takeoff. but the plane was damaged in 2001. the plane's tail section was damaged when it landed in egypt. the plane had been fixed and flying since then just fine. >> yeah. it had, carol. there's a structural repairman yule. when there is damage to the aircraft, before it's returned to service, it had to meet all of those manufacturer's requirements for the repair itself, and then there's a second set of eyes and a third set of inspections that go on, to make sure the repairs are done properly. i think we're going down the wrong path, thinking about that relationship, honestly. >> david, thanks for joining me.
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in the world of politics this morning, jeb bush 2.0, campaign staffers for the struggling one-time gop presidential front runner are promising an aggressive candidate. so will that be the face when he speaks next hour in florida? athena jones is live in tampa with more. g good morning. >> good morning, carol. it's not lost on anyone that jeb bush has been struggling. struggling in the polls. struggling on the debate stage. really struggling to get his message across. his message doesn't seem to be resonating with republican primary voters. today, in what his campaign is calling an important speech, he's trying to repackage that message with a new slogan, jeb can fix it. the central point of his message is he can fix what's ailing in washington. he has a proven record to do so. we have some excerpts from the speech. i'll read two for you. slight digs, subtle digs, at opponents. he says that america is facing a testing time at home and abroad
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and, quote, the challenges we face as a nation are too great to roll the dice on another presidential experiment. to trust the rhetoric of reform over a record of reform. now, that comment sounds like a subtle dig at folks like marco rubio, the senator who was jeb bush's protege and is now pulling ahead of him in this race. a subtle dig there. here's another quote we'll hear from him today. this election is not about a set of personalpersonalities, it's set of principles. it's about leadership. that comment also sounds like a dig against folks like donald trump. we know, of course, trump and ben carson, personalities with not a lot of political experience, or no experience, have dominated the campaign so far. bush is trying to distinguish himself from trump, carson and folks like rubio. that's a sampling of what we'll hear in this speech next hour. carol? >> we'll get back to you next hour. athena jones reporting live from
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tampa. gop presidential rivals are revoting. the campaigns banding together against the press and the republican national committee, demanding changes be made to future debates. the backlash comes after angry candidates complained about so-called gotcha questions by moderators at the cnbc debate. >> the debate was a weird debat, just because you didn't get a chance to continue on. i literally was cut off by three of the -- all three of them, saying, next question. next question. >> we have too many people on one stage and too few on the other. i don't mind being asked hard questions and challenging questions. i think some of the questions have been down right silly. this thing has gone on too long. >> harry truman couldn't get elected president with explaining the united states of america's health care plan in 30 second. >> we should have moderators who are interested in disseminating the information about the kand it -- candidates, as opposed to, you know, gotcha.
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>> there has to be consequence when the debate process is abused in the way that cnbc did it. >> among the proposals ton table, a two-hour time limit, equal speaking time for each candidate, all 14 of them, and a 30 second limit on opening and closing statements. let's bring in mark for more. >> we saw the 14 candidates -- campaigns meet last night in old town alexandria outside of washington, d.c. to try to get some common cause for the changing of the debate process. as you're right, they are angry at the media, but they're also angry at the republican national committee, which they claim has not been able to meet their demands and watch their backs. however, instead of fighting the rnc, now trying to lock arms with the candidates themselves. we heard republican national committee chairman say so much this morning on abc.
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>> we're involved, we're in control, we're setting the calendar. in fact, if what happened from last night goes forward, i think it's exactly where we want to be. >> carol, what i should point out is that all of the campaigns have a different agenda. some of the candidates want to see a mixing up of the candidates on stage. the lower tier kand it candidata chance to take on the higher tier candidates. and others don't want to answer tough questions. >> thank you, mark preston. still to come, a royal rally. kansas city comes back to win the world series. andy scholes has all the highlights. >> another comeback as kansas city celebrates their first world series in 30 years. we'll look at why it's a sad sports morning in new york when "ne "newsroom" continues.
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it may have taken 30 years, but a kansas city royals are amazing. they're once again world series champions. yes, that's what the front of the kansas city star looks like this morning. take a look at some of the new york tabloids. this one is particularly mean. the new york post. look, poor daniel mauurphy is crying, as i would be if i were daniel murphy. it was sad. >> you have to feel bad for the mets. they had the lead in many of these games one couldn't close them out. that's the story of the royals this entire post season. right when you thought they were down and out, they always found a way to make a comeback. in game five last night, it was probably their best comeback. harvey was pitching a masterpiece and convinced the manager, i'm going to go pitch the ninth. you're leaving me in the game. collins said yes. it would end up being a mistake. harvey gives up the rbi double,
6:18 am
making it 2-1. they remove harvey from the game. this next play is one mets fans will talk about for a long time. bolts for home. and lucas dudas' throw is long. everyone with hands on their head. 12th inning. rbi single gave the royals the lead. the flood gates opened from there, as the royals won, 7-2. salvador perez is your world series mvp. and rachel nichols was in the middle of that party. >> when you're making the run from third that changes everything, what are you aware of as you're heading toward home plate? >> i don't know. i think when i first decided to go home, i thought it was a big mistake. couldn't turn back at that point. you have to figure out a way to get there. day in and day out, regular season and even on to this post season, we just always found a way to get ourselves back into something.
6:19 am
always found a way to get the job done. just really no other way the world series could have ended, without us making a comeback late in the game. >> according to the live sports bureau, the royals are the first sports team ever to win three games in a world series which they trailed in the eighth inning or later. you have to feel bad for the mets. they had the lead and couldn't close it out. i see you have your hat on. baseball's post season is an emotional ride. you know, tiger's fan. i'm an astros fan. it hurts. i can sympathize with the mets fans this morning. >> i'm hoping the tigers learned from the kansas city royals. the tigers made it to the world series in 2006 and 2012 and were defeated. here's to you, tigers. learn from the royals. >> they are in the same division, carol. you have to overtake the royals if you hope to get back to the world series. >> so painful. hopefully, most of the players
6:20 am
will go to the yankees. they're in the other division. in the american league. thanks so much. >> all right. still to come, gop candidates debate demand gotcha questions have to go. but is it up to the candidates to decide what constitutes a gotcha question?
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i laid every ounce of catholic guilt i could on him -- >> how did that go? lay catholic guilt on me. i want to know how it feels like. >> you have no choice. it's not about what you want to do, it's what god wants you to do. god told me he wants you to do this. >> listen, paul was the right guy. >> good strategy, john boehner. of course, that was the former house speaker, john boehner, opening up to dana bash about
6:25 am
how he tried to sway congressman paul ryan to take the speaker's job. before taking office, ryan refused to give up family time to become speaker. while some celebrated ryan for being family focused, others criticized him because he dealt with the family leave. >> sticking up for being a person with balance in your life, for wanting to spend your weekends in your home with your family, which i work with constituents and my family throughout the weekends, i don't think that's -- i don't think that means, therefore, you should sign up for -- >> no. >>l let's bring in dana bash. what else did he say about family leave? >> before we get to the serious stuff, we should have a little bit of fun and show what paul ryan does on the weekends with his family. particularly, when a weekend falls on halloween. check that out. i don't know if you can see that mitt romney mask. that's paul ryan behind there.
6:26 am
mitt romney's former running mate went as mitt romney for halloween. that's a fun fact. on to the serious policy issue, you heard me following up with now speaker ryan about the question of paid family leave. the point i was trying to make is, philosophically, he and other republicans oppose making it a government mandate. making it mandatory for businesses to give their employees paid family time off, or paid time off when -- for a woman who has a baby or a new father. that is certainly the case in most civilized nations. the u.s. is far behind. even putting that aside, what i was trying to get at with him is because this is a generational change, and he even told me, look, he's in the new generation where men are expected to change diapers, how he can move u.s. policy up to that time. he said he still believes that it is up to businesses to decide and it is not up to the
6:27 am
government. carol in. >> on another topic, you spoke to speaker ryan about the push to defund planned parenthood. what did he tell you about that? >> this is interesting because although there was a lot of sort of hoopla around a big budget deal last week that john boehner did as a gift to paul ryan before he walked out the door, the congress still has to fund the government by december 11th or the government will shut down. we've seen that movie before. one of the issues still on the table for a lot of republicans is, they don't want to fund the government that -- and pass a bill that includes continuing to fund planned parenthood. i asked how he'd deal with that. there listen to this. >> i don't think planned parenthood should get a cent from the taxpayer. i voted that pay before these disgusting videos came out. i believe we need to do oversight. we're just beginning to start at a committee to investigate
6:28 am
planned parenthood. that's important. the special committee on planned parenthood, i think, should be in the driver's seat of overseeing this process. >> what will you do about -- >> let me get to there, dana. hang on a second. are we going to let congress work its will and have amendments and regular order, where we have conference committees? yes. by not controlling the process tightly held here in the speaker ship, going forward, i don't know what the outcome is going to be. >> he doesn't know what the outcome is going to be but, carol, there is a big, big republican majority in the house. it is hard to imagine they wouldn't pass at least an initial budget that defunds planned parenthood. then the question is going to be, are we going to be careening toward another crisis when we get toward december 11th? we'll see if he'll let them pass that once and try to put a stop to it, convince them that the place for this fight is in that committee he was talking about, where they're investigating planned parenthood. it's going to be a huge first test, to see how he handles this
6:29 am
differently than his predecessor. >> dana bash reporting. thank you. in hollywood, he's known as the gruff district attorney arthur branch. in washington, haae's remembere for his common sense approach to politi politics. fred thaompson died on sunday following a recurrence of lymphoma. he was elected to fill al gore's senate seat in 1994 before winning a full term on his own. he briefly ran for president in 2008. thompson appealed in several films but was best known for the tv role on "law and order." thompson was 73 years old. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. the republican presidential candidates are going head to head with the press and the republican national committee. they're demanding more control over future debates. it's all a part of the backlash following the cnbc debate. candidates cite si s criticized
6:30 am
for its part and criticized the moderators for so-called gotcha questions. it got me thinking, what constitutes a gotcha question. i posted that on my facebook page, and my followers wrote back in force. this from she says, it seems the question is a question the person answering doesn't want to answer or doesn't know the answer. this could be an example. watch. >> can you name the president of taiwan? >> li. >> the new pakistani general just elected. took over office. he appears to bring stability to the country, and i think that's good news. >> can you name the general? >> i can't. >> prime minister of india? >> the new prime minister of india is -- no. >> okay. so robin has a different view. quote, i believe a gotcha question can be summed up as a
6:31 am
question where the answer is going to get you in trouble with people, no matter what you say or how you answer it. it wasn't that long ago when cbs reporter drew criticism for this gotcha question. >> can you tell the country, sir, why you are content with all the fanfare around the deal, to leave the conscious of this nation, the strength of the nation, unaccounted for, in relation to the four americans? >> okay. carl wrote on my facebook page. quote, a gotcha question is one which is asked with a preconceived motive for the purpose of inciting a predictable response. cue the interview. >> what newspapers and magazines did you regularly read before you were tapped for this to stay informed and understand -- >> i read most of them, again, with a great appreciation for the press, for the media. >> what one specifically? i'm curious. >> all of them.
6:32 am
any of them. i have a vast variety of sources where we get our news. >> okay. let's talk about the gotcha question with the president of the congressional leadership fund and former chief of staffer of the rnc, mike shields. i'm joined by conservative radio host hugh hu. hugh, you were accused by trump of asking a gotcha question. in your mind, what is a gotcha question? >> a gotcha question is one where the moderator intends to embarrass the person that he is asking the question. that's why i disagreed with donald trump. we've since had many, many more conversations, interviews. we disagreed about one question. he didn't hear it right. generally, when a moderator or panelist is trying to embarrass the candidate, hoping to make them look bad, that's a gotcha question. if a candidate looks bad because they don't know the answer to a question, by the way, donald
6:33 am
trump and john kasich were on last week. they had different answers and it was not a gotcha question. if someone didn't know what an f-35 was, that's not my fault. the gotcha question is in the mind of the moderator. >> exactly. mike, that brings me to the question, who decides what's a gotcha question? is it the moderator? is it the rnc? is it the campaign? who is it? who should decide? >> well, i think, first of all, you have to have a body that has control of the process, like the rnc does, to hold people accountable when they do ask gotcha questions. i think, let's look at what the rnc has done from last cycle. last cycle, 23 debates. the rnc took over the process. their goal was, let's not have 23 debates. they wanted to make sure we had people like hugh, part of the moderators, so we had conservative voices on the panel. so we had fewer of those questions. they wanted to represent what the candidates wanted. what you're seeing now is a process where the candidates are
6:34 am
getting together, which i think the rnc is going to be thrilled about. i don't know if you tried to organize a pta or homeowners association, but imagine getting candidates to agree on anything. if they're going to get together and go to the networks, the rnc will be thrilled. one of the things they can address is what are the questions that will be asked? it's well within their purview to ask that question before they get on the stage. i do think they'll face an issue where you have journalists that will say, we're not going to tell you. there's a to and fro there. i agree, a gotcha question is one we saw on the last debate, where someone is purposely designing a question just to make you look stupid, not to find out what information you have or where you stand on the issues. that's a gotcha question. >> okay. i agree with you there. i do agree that journalists aren't going to want to, you know, send the candidates their questions before the kand candi are asked the question. that's something journalists don't do. it seems, hugh, the campaigns want to move in the direction that they want to control what questions are asked.
6:35 am
i'll give an example. ben carson said, quote, questions from moderators about someone's morality are uncalled for, and that's the kind of approach we'd like to see change. he went on to say, he wants to bring in non-journalists so they can ask questions republicans care about. my question for you, hugh, isn't morality important to the republican candidates? why shouldn't such questions be asked? >> everything is important to a republican primary voter when it comes to beating hillary clinton. i want to it rate something mike just said. they did a magnificent job of bringing order out of chaos. we had a hindenburg debate last week. we shouldn't change the good that's been done. the cnn debate had 23 million watching live for three hours. millions more online and listening to salem media group radio broadcast. they can't destroy the tension in the room or they'll lose the audience. nobody wants to watch a series
6:36 am
of talking points delivered robotically without any emotion. they need tension. questions about morality are completely legitimate. questions that are intended to embarrass by that classic george w. bush, who is the president of india thing, that's a gotcha question. if you want to ask someone about, what are you going to do about isis, and you want to stay on the question and push hard, then the candidates have to be prepared for that. the debate moderator or panelist, neither jack tapper nor wolf blitzer nor me nor rich lowry or any conservative, is going to give their questions away beforehand. that's not how it's done. >> it's not how it's done. >> several interviews with the candidates. it doesn't happen. >> going back, mike, i want to remind our viewers that some of the republican candidates had a problem with the fox news debate, as well. they weren't pleased with the questions. i thought they asked great questions at the fox debate, by the way. senator ted cruz suggested though that he would like a debate moderators by hannity,
6:37 am
rush limbaugh and mark levin. would that be good? would that be bad? what do you think? >> i think if that's what the candidates want, they'll bring it to the rnc. the rnc will add co vvocate for >> is that a good thing, conservatives questioned by conservatives? not all republicans are conservative. >> yeah, i think the key thing is for the candidates to have leverage. what you saw was cnbc went over the line, and now the rnc said, we're going to pull back and maybe not do another debate with you. let's reconsider how you put your moderators up there. i think the key issue is, how can the rnc and candidates work together have to leverage in the future to say, if you cross the line and go into something where you're having a gotcha debate, we're not going to work with you anymore. i think the reason they're talking about the other folks is they trust that they're not going to cross the line. >> you believe that, hugh? your thoughts? >> yes, levine is a terrific
6:38 am
intellect, probably the smartest guy in my business. he'd ask tough questions. i've known sean 20 years. same thing with rush. i don't know if you want three conservatives. jack tapper and dana did a good job. a mix is the appropriate. that's what spicer put together, was a mix. what was missing last week was they just -- they left larry cudlow out in outer space. he should have run it. they should have brought in rick earlier. it looked like three hillary clinton operatives trying to destroy republicans. that's not what we did at cnn. it's not what we're going to do at the cnn salem debate in december or in march. there is a happy ground. republican candidates should look for that and look for more of what we got and mofor audien. we have to make our appeal. i'm a conservative. we have to persuade america we're in a ditch and can get out of it, isis is a threat and we
6:39 am
can beat it, and the country can come back to reagan-like glory, and that's possible to do. >> thanks to both of you. hope gone for family members of those on board the doomed russian airliner. now they want answers. we'll take you live to st. petersburg next. the great beauta property is that you can create wealth through capital appreciation, and this has been denied to many south africans for generations. this is an opportunity to right that wrong. the idea was to bring capital into the affordable housing space in south africa, with a fund that offers families of modest income safe and good accommodation. citi got involved very early on and showed an enormous commitment. and that gave other investors confidence. citi's really unique, because they bring deep understanding of what's happening in africa. i really believe we only live once,
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go long. suffering from ringing in their ears, there's no such thing as quiet time. but you can quiet the ringing with lipo-flavonoid, the number-one doctor-recommended brand. relieve the ringing with lipo-flavonoid. the first victims of the russian airliner crash have arrived home in st. petersburg. it's this haunting photo that is spreading on social media that is touching everyone's heart. it shows the youngest crash victim, 10 month old, in st. petersburg before she and her parents boarded the doomed flight to egypt.
6:44 am
at the st. petersburg airport, a memorial strung up, piled with flowers, candles and children's toys. nic robertson is there. hi, nic. >> hi, carol. people have been showing up here all day to leave flowers, leave st toys. a lot bringing children. we talked to the families. they feel grief stricken and know it could have been them on board that flight. they say they want to show sympathy and support. often, at times, you look around here and see several people crying. grown men among them. it is a very tough time but, of course, the toughest day for the families today. some of the bod doies brought h. 144 bodies brought back. the family members taken to a morgue by government officials to begin the identification progress. the airline company says there was nothing wrong with the plane, no reports of problems, mechanical checks. there was an outside force,
6:45 am
they're saying. some external thing that caused the plane to crash. the head of russia's aviation is saying, hold on, it's way too soon to draw conclusions like that. russia's emergency ministry says the debris field is so big, they're using drones for searching. >> nic robertson reporting live from st. petersburg, russia. fighting on the front lines against isis. volunteers take up arms to save their families and villages.
6:46 am
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the fight against isis
6:50 am
terrorists will likely be top of the agenda today as security officials around the world meet in washington for the defense one summit. they're discussing the latest global threats. in the meantime, on the battlefield, major land and air offenses are under way to reclaim cities taken over by isis terrorists. kurdish fighters are targeting isis-held oil fields in northeast syria. kurds are teaming up with local volunteers, trying to drive isis out of villages around mt. sinjar. we've been on the front lines with kurdish refugees, just returning and she joins us live from iraq. hi, nima. >> reporter: hi, carol. as you said, there's so much going on in the bigger picture here in this region, but down on the ground, those yazidi volunteers we got a sense of what they're fighting for. their homes, their families,
6:51 am
their right to exist. take a look at this, carol. >> reporter: the yazidi peshmerga fighters, volunteers, former soldiers and a handful of trained officers. looking out over the isis front line. all along here you can see the defensive ditches that have been dug. they come as close as that valley right there. they mortar, they fire on us, they eventually retreat, but it's pretty -- this vantage point itself was in the not too distant past isis held. just there he said you can see what they did to the yazidi, the houses are completely destroyed. they slaughtered all the families inside. it really drives home how visceral this was. >> reporter: deputy commander is 66. he's a retired soldier. one of the few here with fighting experience.
6:52 am
this is a fragment of skull they found. this whole patch of ground is mass graves. he said they found about 150 bodies from children as young as 1 year old all the way up to 80. it is, they say, just a reminder to them of what it is they're fighting for. they're fighting for their very survival. the massacre of thousands of yazidi men, women and children by isis last year resonated around the world. here in the foothills of the sinjar mountain, thousands of yazidi volunteers are joining up to fight. sinjar city and the mountain that looms over it is at the heart of the homeland of the yazidi minority. it falls along a crucial supply route, linking isis strongholds in iraq and syria. when isis took the city august
6:53 am
last year, their intent was to drive the yazidis to extinction. those who managed to escape the ensuie ining massacre now shelt tents on barren slopes, overlooking their former homes. these are the families of the fighters standing guard down below. this is what they're fighting for. at the front a poem is being recited. it speaks of lost honor, slaughtered wives and sisters, empty homes. it's meant to remind the soldiers of what's at stake. they tell us they know only too well -- this is a battle for their very existence. and just after we left that position, carol, two would-be isis suicide attackers were gunned down.
6:54 am
this is really just a tiny glimpse of the reality of life there for people. carol? >> reporting live for us from iraq. thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," an e. coli outbreak linked to chipotle. officials say they expect the number of cases to grow.
6:55 am
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6:58 am
an e. coli scare causing chipotle to close dozens of stores. no one has died in the nearly two dozen cases in washington state and oregon, but the source of contamination is unknown. >> it's scary. >> yes, this is very scary because we don't know the source yet, as with what you would typically expect with these outbreaks. it takes a while for investigators to get to the bottom of it. one thing for sure, it came from the meat or vegetables.
6:59 am
the government does keep track of a deadly strain of e. coli. and data shows that it is connected to either raw or undercooked ingredients. now, most restaurants have learned how to cook meat so you reduce the possibility of contaminated meat getting out. one thing in particular is chipotle prides itself in fresh ingredients. you get your lettuce, tomato, guacamole, an ununcooked. you increase the likelihood a path again is in that, quote/unquote, fresh ingredient. it is fresh. chipotle is trying to do the right thing here, but there is an increased likelihood. also keep in mind that the industry has no way of really keeping track of pathogens in our food. it's not like they're testing routinely whether or not these foods contain salmonella, listeria. the only way we find out is
7:00 am
after people get sick. >> i suppose they're interviewing the people who have gotten sick to see if they ate similar items, right? that's the way they track it down. >> chipotle, to your point, is being very cautious, because it's not only shutting down the six stores linked to sick patients, but it's taken the precaution of shutting down all the stores in those two states because presumably they're using the same suppliers in those two states, right? listen, in previous outbreaks this has impacted -- previous outbreaks have impacted the businesses. we'll have to see if this is going to become a reputational risk for chipotle or if they can get it to these particular restaurants and people get over it in a couple of days or if their reputation is on the line here. >> thank you. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts right now. happening now in the news damm
7:01 am
"newsroom" -- what brought down a passenger plane. officials are not ruling out terrorism. plus -- >> that debate was a really weird debate. >> gop candidates lay out their debate demands. >> harry truman couldn't get elected explaining united states of america's health plan in 30 seconds. >> should the candidates be running the show? and thousands of nonviolent con convicts being released early. new york city police commissioner says it could be dangerous. is he right? let's talk live in the "cnn newsroom." good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. the nation's intelligence director weighed in on the deepening mystery surrounding that crash of the russian airliner. all 24 people on board were killed. while officials initially dismissed claims of responsibility by isis-linked militants, the kremlin now says it cannot rule out terrorism.
7:02 am
airline officials say only an external influence could have caused the plane to virtually disintegrate in midair. here's what james clapper had to say moments ago. >> we don't have any direct evidence of any terrorist involvement yet. isil in a tweet claimed responsibility for it and there is a very aggressive isil chapr in the sinai, but we really don't know. and i think once the black box have been analyzed and recovered, then perhaps we'll know more. >> cnn's arwa damon is in cairo. >> reporter: carol, a medical source who has been dealing with processing the bodies tells us that of the 175 that he saw around 60% to 70% of them were still intact. and none of them had any sort of
7:03 am
burn injuries or burn scars. but the more information that's coming out from the very different individuals and governments, parties involved, the more convoluted and mysterious the reasons behind thing down of this aircraft become. this morning new photos emerging of the black box from russian passenger jet flight 9268. metroairline holding a press conference and moscow claiming the airliner could not have broken apart in midair by itself. metrojet airlines holding a press conference this morning in moscow, saying russian passenger jet flight 9268 could not have broken apart in midair by itself. this amidnew reports the passenger jet broke into pieces as it flew over the remote egyptian countryside. the fuselage disintegrating around 20 minutes into the flight from an egyptian resort town to st. petersburg saturday. according to russian aviation officials. the company airline says the
7:04 am
only explanation would be an external influence. overnight nearly 150 of the 224 passengers killed on board arriving in russia. mourners of the mostly russian victims gathering at st. petersburg airport where the air jet was supposed to end its journey. aerials of the crash site show mangled wreckage strewn across nearly eight square miles. but egypt's prime minister says there are no indications that anything out of the ordinary was about to happen on this airline. egypt's civil aviation minister adding, there are no reports the airplane had faults. checks done before takeoff did not reveal anything, and no one received any sos calls. still, questions linger as to why flight 9268 hurled to the ground, in a remote part of egypt, in clear weather. an area plagued by a violent islamic insurgency.
7:05 am
>> you can certainly see whether there were any sign of a bomb or a missile striking the aircraft. they leave very distinctive marking. that should be able to be eliminated very quickly. >> reporter: the co-pilot's ex-wife telling russia's state-run news, he complained to the flight, wanting a better technical condition of the plane. most passengers had seat belts on, suggesting the pilot asked them to buckle up. the two black box containing vital data were recovered fairly quickly on saturday, the same day that the plane went down. we're going to have to wait and see how long extracting that information is going to take amidst the egyptians coming out and saying that they don't believe any of the militant groups operate in the area have capabilities to bring down an aircraft traveling at that altitude, carol.
7:06 am
>> arwa damon in cairo this morning. in just a few hours, the second flight will leave for st. petersburg, russia, bringing home the remains of more people who died in that crash. the airport there already turning into a makeshift memorial with piles of flowers paying tribute. cnn's matthew chance live in st. petersburg this morning with more. hi, matthew. >> reporter: hey, carol. you can see i'm standing at pulkovo airport, main airport in st. petersburg, at the arrival gates where families aboard that metrojet airliner to sharm el sheikh on board. a different homecoming. first, the russian plane carrying 144 of the bodies, the remains of the bodies, touching down early this morning. we're expected, you mentioned, another plane to be arriving in the hours ahead, taken to a local morgue where the very grim but necessary formality of identifying the remains will proceed. take a look at the scene behind me, though.
7:07 am
even three days after this catastrophe struck this city and this country, people are still coming here to pay their respects, lighting candles, laying flowers, lots of children's toys as well, as a memorial to the 25 children that were on board that aircraft. many of the families, of course, torn apart by this absolute catastrophe. it's something that's really struck the country very hard. and there are calls for answers, of course. the investigation is? its early stages. there is no firm idea, as arwa was saying minutes ago, about what caused this catastrophe but it's either terrorism or a mechanical failure. these are the two strands being investigated at the moment. the kremlin says nothing is being ruled out. we're going to have to wait for the investigation to give us some answers. >> matthew chance reporting live from st. petersburg, russia. gop presintial rivals
7:08 am
revolt -- candidates against the press demanding changes be made to future debates. the backlash comes after angry candidates complained about so called gotcha questions at the cnbc debate. >> that debate was a really weird debate because you didn't get a chance to continue on. i literally got cut off by three -- all three of them saying, you know, next question, next question. >> we have too many people on one stage and too few on the other. i don't mind being asked hard questions and challenging questions. i think some of the questions have been downright silly. and this thing has gone on too long. >> harry truman couldn't get elected explaining united states of america's health care plan in 30 seconds. >> we should have moderators who are interested in disseminating the information about the candidates as opposed to, you know, got ya. >> there has to be consequence when the debate process is
7:09 am
abused in the way that cnbc did it. >> among the proposals on the table, a two-hour limit, equal speaking time for all of the candidates and a 30-second limit on opening and closing statements. so, let's talk a little more about this. with me now republican presidential candidate governor george patakipataki. your campaign also met with the rnc last night. >> it was the campaigns by themselves. i think there were more than 12 campaigns there discussing the next debates and how to go forward. and one of the things that came out of that is in the past it was the campaigns that directly negotiated with the networks. this time the rnc was in the middle. so now the campaigns are going to be more involved to try to have a fairer system for all involved. >> is that a good thing? >> i don't know if the process is a good thing, but i think the product can help it be a better thing because it was a disaster where you had these got ya questions and you just don't have time to lay out a serious
7:10 am
position. i hope it does change and you have a chance to actually let people know your ideas. >> so, i'm going to throw a couple of things by you. >> sure. >> this is from senator ted cruz, instead of attack journalists we have a real debate with real conservatives. you said can you imagine a debate moderated by hannity, rush limbaugh and mark levin, would that be okay with you? >> i actually went back and red some of the lincoln/douglas debates and they were intelligent where you would have people rebutting and refuting each other and directly commenting. yesterday, fareed, one of your great analysts was on tv and he was saying none of the republicans believe in evolution or science. during the debate i was talking about how republicans have to embrace science and embrace the technology that will allow us to deal with issues like global warming, but nobody heard it. i do think we need a different system. >> it seems like some of the
7:11 am
candidates want to control what questions are asked. that's not a good thing. >> that's not a good thing up. don't to want control the questions, but on the other hand you want them to know that the questions are going to be about the issues that affect the american people. you know, i'd love to debate the rest of the candidates on something like global warming or science or evolution or vaccines. i would love to debate them on so many of these issues, but instead it seems to be about, you know, did you kick your dog last week or something like that. >> are you just talking about the cnbc debate or the fox debate -- >> the cnbc debate was particularly nonsubstantive, but i think some of the others were less than -- as back and forth as you'd like to see. >> i ask you this because some republicans weren't happy with the way fox news posed its questions during its debate either. >> and i think there are always going to be complaints. some are valid, some are not. my only complaint is that i want to have a dialogue with the other candidates.
7:12 am
an actual debate so when you have disagreements, you can discuss those disagreements. i think that's how the american people learn better. i think basing it on national polls, you know, when pretty much everybody is somewhere between zero and three except for carson, rubio and trump, really does a disservice to the american people. if you look at history, those who were nowhere in national polls at this time ended up winning, so i hope that changes. >> i just wondered, all of the campaigns met. so, how much pull do you actually have since you're way down in the polls and ben carson and donald trump are on top? they have far different views than you do on what they want these debates to look like. >> i think there are similar views here. they don't want got ya questions. >> ben carson suggested they take it off television and put it online. >> i like the idea of it being on television. as many american people get to see the candidates, it's the right way to choose a president.
7:13 am
not with a 30-second sound bite but having a dialogue where you can actually discuss issues. >> and everyone wants it but there are 14 candidates, and candidates with low poll numbers. i'm sorry to say, those like yourself -- >> i understand. >> so isn't the biggest part of the problem, there are just too many candidates. how can you have a fair debate and give everyone equal time when there are so many? >> i think if you had a better balance to that. instead of having 10 and 4, have seven and seven and give everybody a chance. it's still early in the process. you know, there's no guarantee of anout come but you would like to have your message get heard. when you have this division based on early national polls, you don't have that equal opportunity to get heard. so i hope to have the chance to debate things like climate change and science with the other 13 candidates. >> my last question is about, you know, the next debate's going to be on the fox business channel, right? but these new rules that were talked about last night won't apply to that debate but the debate after that. >> right. >> and "the washington post" is
7:14 am
reporting that's because everybody's afraid of roger ailes, is that true? >> i don't think so. the rules were set for that. i don't expect to see a change. >> so roger ailes wasn't brought up? >> i wasn't there but my campaign people never mentioned his name was brought up. it was more like, okay, we know what's happening next tuesday. let's going forward try to get it done right. >> governor george pa kha patak thanks for stopping by. you're looking at live pictures from florida where jeb bush is launching his fix it tour. does that mean the jeb exclamation point is gone? it's more than a network. it's how you stay connected. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you get an industry leading broadband network and cloud and hosting services. centurylink. your link to what's next.
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due to your first accident. learn more by calling switch to liberty mutual and you can save up to $509. for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. sharper, more nimble, aggressive? that's what campaign staffers are promising you'll see from jeb bush moving forward, a week after political observers
7:19 am
started questioning how long bush can stay in the race after delivering another lackluster debate performance on cnbc. the one-time gop presidential front-runner tried shaking off those concerns on this weekend's "meet the press." >> i have enough self-awareness to know this is the bumpy time of a campaign. this pales by comparison to being commander in chief. there's a lot tougher things you have to do than debating in -- you know, going into nine debates in a republican primary. there are big things presidents have to do. so, this is the process. i totally understand it and i'm more than prepared to fight on. >> cnn's athena jones is live in tampa with jeb bush and his new campaign slogan. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. you said it, jeb bush is under the microscope here. he's been struggling in the polls. he's been struggling on the debate stage, including in the most recent debate on cnbc. and his message has really not connected so far with republican primary voters.
7:20 am
so, today he's giving this new speech, a new slogan and his pain is calling it ab important peach and a repackaging of his message. it's not clear yet but it's going to be a brand new message. it's really the slogan he can fix it that is new. we'll be looking to hear him make subtle digs against some of his rivals. he has a line where he compares, sounds like marco rubio to then-senator barack obama, who is now president. he says that america is facing a testing time at home and abroad and the challenges we face as a nation are too great to roll the dice on another presidential experiment. that is a subtle dig, comparing marco rubio, also in his first term as senator to president obama. we also expect him to say this election is not about personality. it's about principles and leadership, a dig at donald trump.
7:21 am
so, his whole goal here is to say he is a man of action, not a performance or not a talk. he's going to talk about his proven conservative record in the state of florida to try to win over voters. the big question, of course, is whether this small adjustment, it looks like, to his message is going to work. >> athena jones reporting from tampa. meg whitman takes a swipe at her predecessor, the presidential hopeful carly fiorina. whitman says just because fiorina worked in corporate america does not mean she's the most qualified person for the white house. listen to what whitman told cnn's poppy harlow. >> while i think business strengths are important, i also think having worked in government is an important part of the criteria. i think it's very difficult for your first role in politics to be president of the united states. so, i think having experience in either the senate or as the governor of a state, i think, is really important. it's just hard to be dropped
7:22 am
down into washington, d.c., having never been in politics before. >> well, whitman admits fiorina has many strengths, she's throwing her support behind new jersey governor chris christie. still to come in the "newsroom," the royals rule. how the newly crowned world series champs rally to win it all. they are amazing! innovative sonicare technology with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america. we have three chevy's here. alright. i want you to place this award on the podium next to the vehicle that you think was ranked highest in initial quality by j.d. power. hmm. can i look around at them? sure. highest ranking in initial quality. it's gotta be this one. this is it. you are wrong. really? actually it's all three. you tricked me. j.d. power ranked the chevy malibu, silverado half-ton and equinox highest in initial quality in their segments.
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no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve.
7:26 am
the royals are crowned kings of baseball. kansas city rallies to win the world series after another thrilling comeback. we're joined now. an amazing game. >> i mean, carol, the theme of the 2015 kansas city royals, just never give up. every time it looked like this team was down and out, they somehow found a way to make a comeback. mets' ace matt harvey pitched a
7:27 am
masterpiece. he begged terry collins to let him go back out. after originally pulling him from the game, he agreed to let him go back out there. he said he went with his heart, not his gut. that decision going to haunt him the rest of the off-season. harvey gives up a, and then a bad throw from lucas dude da. they go on to win 7-2 in 12 innings. in the 112-year history of the world series, the royals are the first team ever to win three games after trailing in the eighth inning or later. as cnn's rachel nichols was in the party, in the clubhouse after the game, and she asked the royals how they were able to make comeback after comeback. >> reporter: what is it about the character of this team that you don't even know how to quit? >> we just refuse to go home and lose. we love each other. we're brothers here. we really care about each other.
7:28 am
>> must feel nice. >> yes. i feel very happy now. >> now, next season's schedule came out before the postseason ever started. ironically, the mets will open the season next year in kansas city against the royals, so the poor mets, carol, are going to have to watch the royals raise their championship banner. in case you were wondering, neither of these teams are favorites to win the world series next we're inspect vegas has los angeles dodgers to win, and your tigers, 20-1 odds to win the world series. >> that's the only one i agree. we're hurting. no bull pen and no pitching, andy. >> they still have verlander. >> yeah, if we have good verlander next year, it will be great. >> we'll see. >> thanks so much. good morning. i'm carol costello. president obama heads to new jersey today where he will focus on prison reform and the challenges facing convicts
7:29 am
trying to re-enter society. the visit comes after more than 6,000 federal prisoners were freed over the weekend. their terms for nonviolent crimes were reduced under new sentencing guidelines that were enacted last year. the president also expected to announce new actions today to help rehabilitate recently released inmates. joe johns is at the white house with more. good morning, joe. >> reporter: good morning, carol. the president visiting a treatment facility in new jersey, also participating in a roundtable discussion. all of this part of a larger plan to try to create meaningful criminal justice reform in the country. trying to get congress on board. among the president's ideas, $8 million to nine different communities to try to create better re-entry systems for certain prisoners. there's also this issue of banning the box, which is
7:30 am
getting rid of the checkoff on federal job applications where former inmates have to declare they were, in fact, incarcerated before they're eligible for a job. also some technical training there for people who have been released. all of this, of course, is sorted of a sea change here in the country. many conservatives now moving in the direction of criminal justice reform, at least in theory because they're kerntd about the costs. they're also concerned about the overreach in the government that comes along with mass incarceration. so, the president beginning his push, but, quite frankly, a long way to go before republicans, democrats, liberals and conservatives can actually come up with some type of agreement that might pass congress. >> joe johns reporting for us this morning. the new york police commissioner bill bratton is concerned with the president's ideas.
7:31 am
he just gave the eulogy at detective holder, shot in east harlem, allegedly by howard. howard was arrested 28 times and was in a diversion program when police say he shot detective howard. >> to let a lot of people out of jail, sensibly less violent offenders, but one of the issues of concern is when people go to jail, oftentimes they go to jail with negotiated charges, if you will. so that somebody that is in jail that seems they're a nonviolent drug offender may, in fact, have crimes of violence in their record. we have to be concerned about who we're letting out. >> so, here's the question this morning, is the early release of tens of thousands of offenders the right thing to do? with me now kevin, who spent time in prison for dealing drugs, now a community activist and author of "lessons of redemption -- former prison convict." welcome. thank you for being with me this
7:32 am
morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. is commissioner bratton right? >> absolutely not. so, even in these cases where these individuals were released from prison, before they were released, their records were reviewed by federal court, a federal judge, and so in federa prison -- in federal court, there is no negotiation of a violence crime where it won't appear in the records. and it won't impact you. so it's just not true. it's just not fact. >> how can we be sure all of these prisoners released from prison won't return to a life of crime? >> well, we don't know for sure, but we do know the majority of these nonviolent prisoners don't have a background in violent crime. so, violent crime is sometimes predictable. when a guy has a history of
7:33 am
violent crime, a great chance he'll commit a violent crime again. guys that are nonviolent individuals usually are not the guys out here shooting people and those kinds of things. right now we're talking about righting a wrong, because these unjust and unfair drug policies that we enacted in the early '90s when we were going after this whole tough on crime phenomenon. so what you're seeing now is righting a wrong. we just can't keep looking at our criminal justice system in a way that's so politicized that we can't look back and say, you know what, we made a huge mistake, so let's fix that right now and let's release these 6,000 nonviolent prisoners that have been, in a sense, incarcerated unjustly. these long prison sentences for
7:34 am
nonviolent drug offenses in america are ridiculous. >> you mean they were just sentenced for too long a period of time, not that they shouldn't have served time for dealing drugs? >> no, if you commit a drug crime in america, you should be punished. but you shouldn't receive 10, 20 or 30 years for one bag of crack cocaine. it's ridiculous. america has 2.2 million people in prison across the united states. more than any country in the world. we have more people in prison than the population of philadelphia. it's ridiculous. we got to do a better job with this. >> well, the hard part comes now. so, these prisoners are going to be released but it will be difficult for them to make a new life, find jobs, find housing. i don't think america has in place programs to effectively help them, do you? >> carol, we have to do a much better job of guys that are
7:35 am
re-entering in our community. not just guys re-entering our community. so rehabilitation was supposed to be this big deal decades ago. you went to prison, you committed a crime, you went to prison, you're rehabilitated. there aren't many things in prison to rehabilitate a guy. we have to start with revamping our entire criminal justice system, from the day of sentencing to incarceration until release. but that doesn't mean we look back at a wrong and say, these guys need to be released. job training, housing, drug treatment, we need these things in place and we need to do a better job at that. we can't say, let's not let these guys out of prison. that's not right or wrong because we don't have these things in place. that's just not right. >> we'll see what the president says in newark later today. the author of "lessons of redemption: former prison
7:36 am
convict" thank you for joining me. investigators say it broke apart midair, killing all 224 people on board. what brought down this russian airliner? inthe mid-size van, from mercedes-benz. it's got small-ability and big-ability. towing-ability and stowing-ability. rack-ability and hvac-ability. it's fully customizable and sized just right to give you cupcake-ability, entourage-ability... ...garage-ability and even afford-ability. starting at $28,950. available in cargo or passenger. from mercedes-benz. ♪ ♪ isn't it beautiful when things just come together?
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the mystery deepens over the weekend crash of a russian airliner that killed all 224 aboard. this morning airline officials made a startling claim. there had to be an external influence on the plane for it virtually to disintegrate in midair. the kremlin says terrorism cannot be ruled out. an hour ago the director of the national intelligence agency, james clapper, echoed that very same thing. let's talk with former accident investigator for the faa and
7:41 am
ntsb as well as the u.s. air force. welcome, sir. >> thank you, carol. >> and i should also mention you're the author of the book "air safety investigators: using science to save lives one crash at a time" so you are the perfect person to talk to this morning. the voice and data recorders have been recovered. how soon will we know something? >> i would imagine the egyptians will release some details within the next -- certainly within the next few days. of course, they have the physical evidence, the wreckage there, so we'll know more about potential terrorist acts or explosions or missiles within a matter of days, i would expect. >> supposedly this plane virtually disintegrated at 31,000 feet. people were still strapped in their seats with seat belts on when they were found on the ground. how unusual is this type of catastrophe? >> well, of course, air disasters in general now are
7:42 am
very rare. once every 8 million flights. but it has happened. and i would -- i would suggest that we don't know that the aircraft broke up at 30-some thousand feet yet. it may well have been, and all indications are, it may have stayed intact until roughly 5,000 feet above the ground. it was dissending at 6,000 feet a minute from the evidence so far. and then they lost the electronic signals at 5,000 feet above the ground. the aircraft is spread over about a seven-square mile area. so, that aircraft may have dissended largely intact until roughly 5,000 feet above the ground. so, we're still -- i mean, obviously, the investigators are still looking at the details but we'll know a lot more within a matter of days, i'm sure. >> investigators say there was no distress call from the crew. >> that's not unusual. many of my fellow pundits talk about, you have -- i have an
7:43 am
airline transport pilot license. trust me, if you're flying a jet aircraft at 30-some thousand feet, you're going to focus on trouble shooting the problem and not talking to the controllers. so, that's not -- not that unusual. to were probably dealing with some kind of major emergency. clearly they were flying over a restricted area. up to 26,000 feet. and the aircraft descended out of control or out of their control. i suspect these pilots were very busy in the minutes before the final breakup. >>al lan diehl, thanks for joining me this morning. >> thanks, carol. all right. this is tampa, florida. jeb bush is at a campaign appearance, obviously, and he has changed his campaign slogan from jeb exclamation point to jeb can fix it. his campaign people say you're going to see a more aggressive jeb bush. we're going to be following this
7:44 am
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thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. jeb bush now speaking at a campaign rally in tampa. he's unveiled a new slogan. it rooeads, jeb can fix it. his campaign people tell us we'll see a more aggressive jeb bush. i can't help but point out that woman behind jeb bush, you know, to his right, screen right, with the sticker in the middle of his forehead. now, that is a supporter. we congratulate her. we'll keep you posted on mr. bush's remarks. if anyone understands the pressures of the campaign trail,
7:49 am
it's big brother george w. bush. hard to believe it's been 15 years since the cliffhanger election between george w. bush and al gore. tonight cnn is taking an inside look at exactly what happened during the chaotic 36 days it took to declare a winner. here's a look at the cnn special report "bush v. gore: the endless election." >> reporter: at the governor's mansion in austin it was the morning after. >> how many hours of sleep did you get last night? >> about two. how about you? >> about three and a half, actually. >> the one thing that keeps every operative, every person on a campaign going is the knowledge that it's over on election day. you know that this thing has an end. >> reporter: but the election of 2000 didn't end. it just moved, to florida, where 25 electoral votes would determine the presidency. >> we're going to take
7:50 am
lieberman's plane and ron was going to take the charge and we had a bunch of lawyers brief the whole thing and they were going to go off to florida that night, in the middle of the night. >> i remember telling my wife as i left early that morning to get on the plane that i'd be home by friday. i was pretty sure i'd be home by friday. >> reporter: good idea. in austin, team bush needed a leader. a heavy hitter. the choice was obvious. >> we have asked former united states secretary of state james baker to travel to florida on our behalf. >> and he said, well, joe, how long do you think we ought to pack for? and i said, oh, two or three days. we're going to the sunshine state. >> by 2:00 that afternoon i was on an airplane that afternoon with joe. >> he has one bag. we get in the plane, very small plane.
7:51 am
fly off to tallahassee. he says, okay, brief me. after about 45 minutes he leans back in the seat and he says, we're headed to the supreme court. and i was absolutely blown away. >> reporter: supreme court? >> supreme court of the united states. i said, you're kidding me? and without batting an eye, taking a breath, he said, it's the only way this can end. >> wow. cnn's chief political analyst gloe gloria borger joins me now. why was james baker so sure it would end up in the supreme court? >> good question. because he's smart. he figured the courts in the state of florida were dominated by democrats. he was right about that. the legislature was dominated by governors, jeb, obviously the brother of the candidate, but the courts were so important. the state supreme court in florida, dominated by democrats. he knew he was going to lose or he assumed he was going to lose in the state supreme court, so
7:52 am
there he told joe on day one, we're going to end up in the supreme court because he figured he had a better shot there, right? and, of course, he turned out to be right. >> but you talk to all of those people, none of them expected to to drag on as long as it did. >> nobody. there's no precedent for it in motd earn political history. the closest election in our modern history. they all figured they'd go down and figure out what votes were missing where and there would be some kay to recount them and that would be that. but when they got down there, they realized it was a lot more complicated than that. once you start involving, can i say, hundreds of lawyers in anything, it is going to drag on. the difference between the two teams was that jim baker went down there to preserve an election. he believed he had won. and the democrats went down there to contest an election. and contesting an election is a lot more difficult than
7:53 am
preserving one. >> that's so interesting. i'm just wondering about al gore and his team. are they bitter? >> they're not over it, i'll tell you that. and they're not bitter. that was surprising to me. they're rereflective about it. obviously 15 years gives you an awful lot of time. they admit the mistakes they made. one of them said to me, you know, we brought a knife to a gun fight and we'll never do that again. and they realized, bill daley, whom you saw just a moment ago, says, we shouldn't have conceded the first time on election night then we wouldn't have to take it back and seem like a sore loser. that label kind of hurt gore throughout the entire process. i keep saying, we live in a world of spin. we get spun every day by politicians. these folks are looking back on it, on both sides, as an important moment in american political history. and they're actually reflective about it, which to me was
7:54 am
refreshing. >> definitely. i just remember the inauguration that year because i covered it and how depressing it -- it was just raining and it was cold. it was just kind of depressing. >> it was -- it was an election to remember, let's say that. >> that's very true. gloria borger, can't wait to see the special. bush versus gore, the endless election, airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. i brto get us moving.tein i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength.
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checking some top stories for you, 58 minutes past. a vicious attack on an uber driver in california. >> get out of my car or i will call the police. >> i've got to tell you something [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> get the [ bleep ] out! >> [ bleep ]! [ bleep ]! >> yeah, i'm giving you
7:59 am
[ bleep ] -- >> the driver says he asked the passenger to leave his car for behaving erratically. as you saw, instead of getting out, the passenger started beating him in the head. that's when he let him have it with that pepper spray. the passenger was arrested and charged with assault and public intoxication. the u.s. navy is now using a remote sub to confirm if wreckage found this weekend is that of the missing cargo ship "el faro." it vanished last month in the caribbean. 33 people, mostly american workers were on board. on friday the owners of "el faro" filed legal action that could block lawsuits by families of the missing crew members. and the calendar says november 2nd, but the deal suggests christmas. now that halloween is over, major retailers are already fering holiday discounts. target has free shipping until -- and returns until christmas. and their app cartwheel will offer half off on a different toy every day.
8:00 am
toys "r" us also launched its special christmas deals and walmart has discount pricing under way on everything from electronics to kitchen wear. shoppers can also scan products in stores with their phones to add to their wish lists. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts right now. did isis take down the russian passenger jet? minutes ago the head of u.s. intelligence says he would not rule it out. this as the airline says it knows what did not happen in the moments right before the crash. right now jeb bush rebooting his campaign and warns voters about another, quote, experiment in the white house. so, what's new with this relaunch? the secret meeting to shake up the debates. why the campaigns are taking a stand against everyone but fox news.


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