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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  November 2, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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it would have been very interesting. >> and maybe you would have won? >> we'll never know. >> so you just watched our cnn special report, bush v. gore, the story of the closest presidential race in american history. but there's more to that story. another bush fighting right now to win the white house and facing an uplittle climb, but the poll numbers dropping and his rivals -- does jeb bush still have a shot? >> i'm not sure i'm captain america. but i'm strive to go be president of the united states. >> meanwhile, the republican viefls battle over a plan to hold the next debate hostage. the brand new poll puts ben carson ahead of donald trump.
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lots of moving parts to get to together. but first, i want to start with cnn's gloria borgoues, mak, and john hillary. i'm going to start with you, gloria. i was reliving that. >> kiblt was 15 years ago? >> standing on the street corner interviewing people saying hey, what do you think? jeb bush, is he still feeling the reverse vacation of his brother in this election? >> i think look, i think the bush name has always been an issue for jeb. interestingly, george w. bush does not hurt jeb bush in a primary. he's very popular men republican primary voters right now. what hurts jeb in the primary is that he's not as good a
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politician as his brother was. his brother was a great transactional back slapping people -- >> want to have a beer with kind of guy. >> right. and jeb is not that way. as you said in the clip you just showed, i'm not capital cannan america. he's kind of warming to the campaign trail, but it's taking him a while, particularly on the debate state. >> sharif push, do you think, as part of his -- >> well, in the republican prime minister, he's using it to raise money. in a jrl election, it's more problem at im for him. >> there were a lot of big players in this, mac, and i'm sure you guys were all watching. you were there advising on how to continue with the election. do you think that there is anything that florida could have done differently to avoid this controversy or have avoided that controversy? >> no, i don't think so.
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i think you take an election that important, a margin that narrow and examine it as closely as florida was examined, any state would come up short should. there would be irregular layerties of missing ballot box he or some equivalent of hanging chads. we held an election, counted the votes, recounted the votes under the same interpretation of the law and in the same -- about the same methods that we've been using since trigger was a colt and george bush won. everything after that was a coup attempt which we, all patriots, managed to thwart. >> it was fascinating to me when they said in the documentary, if it wasn't for the butterfly ballot that al gore would be president. >> well, that's what phil daley said and the butterfly ballot was a confused ballot.
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but it was a ballot that was designed and approved by democrats. so they had an argument before, but to argue about it after the fact was a real problem. >> it was not a good strategy. my question is, did democrats learn anything from what happened back in 2000? >> yeah. win bigger. and obviously they did that with pb twice. listen, you have close electi elections, you're going to have these controversies. i think george w. bush won that election and he won it fair and square. anytime you have close elections like that anywhere in the country you're going to have controversies. there's going to be accusations of corruption because that's part of the political system. so if you want to avoid that, win big. >> it feels like to me we went back 15 years. president obama is in new york city tonight. he's at a democratic
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fund-raising event. listen to what he had to say about republicans and about george w. bush, that era. >> they occupy a different reality, it seems cording to them, everything was really good in 2008, when we were going through the worst economic crisis in our lifetime, unemployment and uninsured rates were up and we were hopelessly addicted to foreign oil and bin laden was still on the loose. this apparently was the golden age that i messed up. i messed it up. >> gloria, what's your reaction to that? >> well, you can hear him out on the campaign trail, right? he's already out this. and this is the first time pink we really heard him take on the republican field. he's clearly taking on -- there was another point today, he talked about the debate and if
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they can't take on cnbc moderators how are they going to take on putin? but i bet he'll be out there. >> even the people who didn't like him, who weren't on his side, will tell you he's a good politician. >> yeah. >> he's good at running. he was a good candidate, i should say. >> right. >> he's a much better campaigner than -- he's a much better campaigner than he is a president, no question about that. >> john, also tonight, there is an nbc poll, wall street journal poll that was taken mostly before this last debate. october 25th through 29th. ca carson 29. trump 23. rubio 11, bush 8. what's your take on these numbers? >> surprisingly, jeb is still in it. if you take away the top two, which i do. i don't think donald trump or ben carson get the nomination.
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then it's really down to the other three. rubio, cruz and bush. bush is not out of this by any stretch of the imagination. he still has a very big oorgz around the country as we saw in his documentary. there's a lot of bush people out there and they know how to win elections. i just don't really believe donald trump is going to be our nom nay and i certainly don't believe ben carson will be our nominee. if that's the case, jeb still has a chance. >> are some of the supporters right saying the poll numbers don't matter at this point and the fact that he will still in it bodes well for him? >> yeah, i think it does. i think if i was marco rubio's people, i would be very happy about this polling. and about carson, for the first time, about half of republican voters say carson is their first or second choice. that's the first time we've seen that and that's an important number for ben carson.
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and i think he's the clear front-runner at this point. i agree with john, anything can change. bush is not out of it, but this doesn't feel like an establishment to me this year. watch ted cruz in iowa. just watch him. >> let's move on and talk about jeb bush. this is what he said late today on how he is rebooting his campaign. >> by campaign, heart, by telling my story, by having a hopeful, optimistic message, doing what i have been doing but doing it in a way that convinces people kek fix these big, complex problems in washington. that talking about things isn't going to solve people's problems. doing is what matters. i want to make that point over and over again over the next hundred days. this is the beginning of the campaign. i mean, look at the past. herman kane was winning right now.
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hillary clinton was up against an unknown guy whose name is now president barack obama. this is the start of our journey. i'm excited about it. >> let's talk about the messaging. is he trying to fix the country or fix his campaign? >> well, listen, if you want a plumber, you get someone who can fix it. what you want is a visionary, someone who can fix the country. i don't think this message is be fitting someone like jeb bush who is a conservative who has delivered results. i think he has to work on his message some more. >> i want to thank everyone and i'm the lucky one because i got to sit next to gloria bloger. >> i'm the lucky one. >> when we come back, the gop's debate drama, why the candidates are at odds over the plan toes change the rules and the new national poll is not exactly what donald trump wants to hear. how do you think he's going to react to that? this is claira. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice
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we've got plenty of fireworks on stage during the last gop debate. tonight in new york city, president barack obama is weighing in with a fierce jab at the republican candidates. >> have you noticed that every one of these candidates say, you know, obama is weak, you happen, putin is kicking sand in his face. when i talk to putin, he's going
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to straighten out. just looking at him, i'm going to -- he's going to be -- and then it turns out they can't handle a bunch of cnbc moderators. at the debate. i mean, let me tell you, if you can't handle -- if you can't handle those guys, you know, then i don't think the chinese and the russians are going to be too worried about you. >> that sounds like a man who sees the end of the tunnel. he's free. it's almost over. joining me now is fiphillip bye.
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he doesn't really care any more, does he? because it's almost the end of it. >> no. he's in the fourth quarter. he's feeling -- he's feeling very good about things. like georgia said earlier in your program, he's -- you know, he's probably going to miss this. he's probably going to miss being at the center of the limelight. he hasn't always enjoyed everything that comes with being president of the united states, but clearly he's relishing this opportunity to be out there and hitting republicans. his point isn't necessarily wrong. for all the bluster coming out of the republican candidates regarding what they would do with putin, what they would do with the chinese, it is certainly interesting to see them all complain about, you know, a handful of moderators. >> let's talk about this because the gop campaign came together over the weekend to try to overhaul the debates as a united front. but that's not going as planned. what is the latest on that? right. so the campaign thought, look, we're not happy with what the
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republican national committee is doing in terms of making sure that we have substantive focus debates. so we're going to take matters into our own hands. they plan a sunday night meeting. they all come together and air their greernss and lo and beh d behold, by monday, they can't agree to a letter to media organizations detailing what their demands for the debate would be. at this point, donald trump has pulled out, john kasich has pulled out. carly fiorina has pulled out. whatever united front they had has crumbled -- so to the president's point, if you can't answer those questions and now you can't come together, then what's the point? >> well, i think what you're seeing reflected is just the nature of the republican primary is chaotic and there's different interests and different demands, if you're donald trump, you want to blaze your own trail and be your own negotiator.
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you don't want to necessarily associate yourself with some of these undercard candidates. so everyone has different goals and different ambitions here. another key reason why it fell apart is at a certain point, some of these candidates, especially kasich and christie realized we don't want to look like whiners. >> and as you can see, the president made it a punch line tonight. somebody at least has some foresight on something, at least some of the candidates. thank you very much, dylan. thank you very much for that. i want to bring in the author of "i should be dead," also with me is carl higbee, author and former navy s.e.a.l. and william cohan, author of "the price of silence." y06 a book here, bob beckel,
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where is mine? bob, this is -- what happens with this united front thing? can i read their demands? no asking candidate toes raise hands. no yes/know questions. no lightning round. preapproval for graphic and biographies. 30-second opening and closing statements. keep debate hall no warmer than 67 degrees here. >> no green m&ms. >> i used to sit in debate negotiations exactly like that and i listed about most of those things myself. you didn't get any of them. these guys are reacting to their debate last week. who is going to get together and try and change a debate? it looks ridiculous. >> but to the point of chris christie, isn't that, carl, the point of the r&c is to make all of this -- that's what the leaders of the rnc should be
7:19 pm
doing? >> do not count me in the group that's doing the moaning and complaining about this. i support the rnc continuing to make these decisions and i'm not one of these guys that's going to sit there and moan and complain about it. the presidency is almost never scripted so we shouldn't have these debates scripted, either. >> as a candidate, i should be focused on whipping office? >> absolutely. and as bob said, they've been doing it for years. but the issue here this gave certain candidates like ted cruz the opportunity to jump out front. it allowed him to unite and stand up and say look, i'm going to act presidential tonight. he fought the mot moderators and brought the team together, i think. >> this is a new "wall street journal"/wall street poll out. ben carson, 23%. trump is at 23%. we should mention this poll was conduthd before and after this
7:20 pm
cnbc debate, the second national poll where carson is in the lead. that doesn't bode well for you. he's te clear front-runner here, isn't he? >> and maybe he should be, although i have to agree with gloria bolger. he do not see how he or donald trump will be the standard for the republican debate. >> why do people keep saying that? >> i think they want it to be true. and they're afraid because they can't actually believe donald trump and/or ben carson might actually be the person selected to lead the republican party. and they don't really see any way to stop them. >> bob is shaking in his woods right now. >> i'm all for ben carson or donald trump. either one of them, i would away happy guy. put them on the top of the ticket and let's go. we keep reliving these things. it goes back to william jennings
7:21 pm
brian and the gold standings. i don't get it. >> look, the one thing that trump has going for him right now is he is pop culture. when you put the conservative message next to pop culture, it's very hard to beat, just like ronald reagan. >> 26%, ten-point lead over ben carson, but it shows marco rubio tripling his support since september. he said marco only won the debate in the minds of desperate peoplepy i won every overline poll. marco, good looking. question mark, right? who put a question mark in the prompter? he may disagree, but clearly the debate committees change things here. >> i don't understand why donald trump has to act so insecure on so many levels, whether it's questioning moderators asking him relatively tame questions. he doesn't like those. he tweets things that are
7:22 pm
absolutely innan. >> if he wants to be president, he should start acting presidential and i don't think he's gotten that message yet. >> you're donald trump, you're a supporter. >> i thought he behaved very presidential in the last debate. he was very composed, united with the group. i thaw it was good. >> if he did that, he would act presidential, he wouldn't be where he is now. >> when we come back, shopping news. donald trump says something mean about a democrat. how are they always one step ahead of us? well, because their technology is far superior. or because they have someone on the inside. is that right, gil? sir, i would never... he's with them! he's wearing a wire. take off his shirt! take off his shirt! oh! ah! alright, i'm putting you in charge of the holiday party. (vo) get rid of cable and upgrade to directv. call 1-800-directv.
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feeling the heat in the newist national poll, but if you think he'll be a kinder, gentler candidate, you haven't been paying attention. carl, i want to ask you about something donald trump said today about dnc chair debbie wasserman. >> you have this crazy deborah wasserman chiltz, a highly neurotic woman. this is a woman that is ta terrible person. i watch her on television.
7:27 pm
she's a terrible person. >> so this sort of brings back the whole thing, how he feels about women. why -- this is about women. this is about a -- this is the chairman of the dnc who couldn't answer the difference between socialism and the democratic party. i don't believe she's a great person. i don't think she's well rooted in moral fiber. >> that simple? you don't think people will view it on an attack on women? >> no. debbie wasserman -- >> when you know you have that hanging out that trump doesn't like women, one of the things you don't want to do is add to it. he could have picked out a lot of other people to jump on. if i were him, debbie wasserman schultz is not a tough hit to take. this anti-woman thing is a problem. when you're in presidential politics, you don't add fuel to your own fire. >> he said during the break, he wouldn't be trump if he didn't do the things he did. >> but that doesn't mean that. >> the republican front-runner's misogynistic attack are sadly
7:28 pm
representative of the gop's outdated approach to women and the issues that affect them and their families. this trump remark proved trump is not the candidate for their party. >> his poll numbers are down. he makes these personal attacks that are totally gratuitous, completely unnecessary. he can make his point without doing this. >> he's polling very highly, though. is it him? is he hurting himself? maybe not or the gop? >> i think in the end he's going to hurt the gop. if the gop nominates donald trump, to me, that's a cake walk for hillary clinton. i can't believe they would actually do that. bob beckel can tell them that. >> but you're talking about republican voters and a sliver of republican voters like the
7:29 pm
message that trump has gone, whatever it is. i don't know what it is except build a 12 foot wall around mexico and i'm going to be the first one to invest in 13 foot ladders if that happened. if the mexicans don't pay for it, what do you do? nobody is asking questions. carson is walking through this thing and nobody seems to want to ask him the tough questions. people do ask those questions and it's not just for donald trump. but then they say those are gotcha questions. >> i don't understand. those are legitimate questions that legitimate, respected reporters ask. if they can't answer those questions, to president obama's point, how can they possibly feel they can deal with a putin? >> i said this the first evening when they said they were going to do that and it was a -- i think it was a carson representative who was on and i said how do you -- if you can't answer questions from a
7:30 pm
moderator in a debate, then isn't that a gauge how how you're going to handle the pretty or hand world leaders on an international stage? >> but trump backed out of the negotiations. >> in the beginning. but he said i'm going to be me, you be you. >> but he seems offended. if meghan kelly asks him a question, these are questions he could easily anticipate and for him not to handle them doesn't make sense to me. >> the thing we're missing here, is every american sees it and he built a multi million dollar business. he is the only person on the stage that has put tens of thousands of people to work. >> you said he backed out but he is now saying he's going to have his own negotiation to try to figure out what to do with the debate. >> i'm interesting to see what he says. what is he goinging for? >> no yes-or-no questions. no lightning round.
7:31 pm
preapprove for graphics and biographies, keep the debate hall no warmer than 67 degrees. >> i think he's saying no raising hands because he wants to put it back in. >> let's remember donald trump -- 10,000 apartments. that suggests this guy came frup dirt poor. >> but in his defense, he could have run that into the ground, or he could have turned it into a multi million dollar business, and he did. >> thank you, don. appreciate that. >> but i'm telling the truth. i can hand you money, and as you know from this book, you can take the money and go spend it on booze or whatever or you can increst vest it. >> that's right. >> so you must give him credit. no. i own a large part of the liquor industry myself. >> with that said, thank you, guys.
7:32 pm
i appreciate you coming in. now to you, mr. beckel. this is called "i should be dead" my life by politics, tv and addiction. when does it come out? >> tomorrow. >> are you worried? >> am i worried? >> yes. >> no. >> when you've been through what i've been through, man, you don't worry about things like that. is it going to sell? it will. when i first row it, my publisher said, you want to put this all out on the street? ya. i do. i want to clean it all out. >> you said you've been shot, stabbed, you've struggled with drugs and alcohol and despite it all, you're here talking with me. >> yeah. every day with me is a great day. that's why not much worries me. there was a reason, i used to think i was lucky. and then that nigh that guy pulled a .45 on me in a bar when i was trying to pick his wife
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up, then somebody shot from behind and put a hole in the ceiling. before i passed out i said, god, if you exist, i'm never going to drink again. i haven't drank since then. i was in the light world by day and the dark world by night. >> you sound like people who grew up with my parents. but i have to ask you this, you've got some good stuff in here if this is all true. you said that the first time you tried cocaine or did cocaine was in the white house? yeah, that's right. somebody gave me some. i mean, that didn't make president carver happy. i would say four or five cocaine dealers had summer houses. i started there and it just -- and the only reason i did it, i can drink all night with cocaine. and get in trouble all the time.
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now i still go -- you know, i try to figure out why i'm still alive and i think it's to work with alcoholics addicts. i talk to dealers i used to buy from. i say what's going on? how's the business? and they're all selling pain pints. >> i know people who are close to me, people in my family who have addiction issues. and i always say it's the same, overeating, smoking, every addiction is the same, it will eventually kill you. >> is this more common, do you think, number this political setting? >> oh, sure. i came out of a very abusive house. most people used to say if you came out of a dysfunctional house, you wouldn't survive. quite the contrary, survivors, you learn how to lie, you learn how to cut deals.
7:35 pm
perfect training to be a politician. when you get out, most of the those people become quite successful. if you don't fates the demon webs it's going kig you. >> where did you wake up in george bush's inauguration? >> the psychiatric world in the george university hospital. i saw the largest woman i've ever seen in my life leaning against a door. i said what are you doing here? she said i'm a suicide nurse and if your [ expletive ] goes out that window, i might lose my job. i said who is going to commit suicide? she said you are. >> i have to ask you, you say this is also a story of your faith. yes, sir. very much so. there's hope for people out there. if you did what i did and you can come back and if it hadn't -- i used to think it was luck, but in the end, it was all about faith.
7:36 pm
i finally realized that, that nobody can be that lucky. it is the story of faith. you don't have faith, you're not going to get clean. >> a lot of people love you. we're so happy to have you here. >> naung. bob is can you say now and hopefully he'll be with us for quite some time. coming up, the ladies of "the view" are in heat water pore making comments. miss star jones joins us live next opinion plaque psoriasis... ...isn't it time to let the... ...real you shine... ...through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream.
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the race for the white house is really heating up and the election is still a your away. joining me now is a woman who is not afraid to share her opinions at all on politics and anything else if you want to talk about it. star jones, president of the national association of professional women and professional diversity network. >> yes. >> so good to have you here. >> so it's good. we've never done this. >> i know. but years ago, he was a little peaon in local news, an associate producer or something. and i introduced you.
7:41 pm
your show was starting. you had a court show back then. >> oh, yeah. give me a break. >> i was 3, you were 2. full effect, the gop debate, the democratic debate, all this craziness going on. from what you have seen so far, what are your thoughts? >> well, you know, that i'm a surrogate for hillary clinton, so i always say that so everybody understands that i come from the perspective of making sure that women and girls are on the forefront of the conversation. this is really the way i evaluate policy is how is it going to affect women? how is it going to affect girls? how are minorities going to be treated the next election. and for me, i've been watching the debates. i've seen them all. all the republican debates. and i would rather see more time talking policy and less time picking on each other. >> that is a prosecute infect segue. >> because i'm to talk about carly fiorina and the comments that were made on the view,
7:42 pm
right? i think it was on this friday. let's look at this. >> she kicked off her thing saying, you know, people tell me that i didn't smile enough during the last debate. she looked demented. >> i love that smiling fiorina? can you imagine? >> i think there's a double standard. it's funny. i was on the view several months ago. they said none of that to my face. there is nothing more threatening to the liberal media and to hillary clinton in particular than a conservative woman. so of course there's a double standard. and conservative women from sarah palin to carly fiorina are used to this. it will not stop me, it will not scare me. maybe the ladies on "the view," if i come back on again, let's see if they have the guts to say that to my face. >> well, here's the deal. carly will be here on friday.
7:43 pm
but i do want to point out, carly, that the last you were here, and you'll see b roll running, we welcomed you to our table. we helped raise your -- >> profile. >> your profile so you would be included in the sea of mad. then you weren't worried about any kind of republican backlash. nobody was backlashing. we were respectful and gave you your due. so just so we're all clear, you have to know the difference between when somebody is coming for you and when somebody is paying you a compliment and when somebody is saying, here's my observation. if you can get that together, maybe you can be president. >> i think that was from thursday. she's going to be on "the view" on friday. does whoopi have a point here? >> whoopi has a point, but carly took the insult and she ran with it because it worked for her talking points. let's move back to what the core of it is. >> i'm so glad you're honest.
7:44 pm
i watched it live and i didn't think they were talking about her face or how her face looked in any way, cosmetic surgery or anything. i just thaw that she brought attention to something. and they said it shouldn't turn down. i just thought they were talking about -- >> why do we have to talk about the way a woman looks? >> okay. i agree. >> because nothing -- >> we talked about bernie sanders hair, we talked about -- >> but you don't talk about it in the same way you talk about the two women who are the national candidates right now. and i'm someone who is supposed to empower professional women. i represent 775,000 professional women. why do you have to go there? why can't you criticize carly fiorina on her policies about women and children, that she doesn't agree for equal pay for equal work? why do you have to go there? >> devil's advocate. she talked about herself.
7:45 pm
we talked about chris christie's weight, donald trump's hair. if she's going to be up there with the guys on the stage, shouldn't she get equal treatment? >> but what are you going to be discussing about her? donald trump for all practical purposes called a woman ugly. who does that? >> we have to remember, donald trump is running for president. those women on "the view" are not running for president >> and they're talk show hosts and some of them are comedians. i don't like to attack other women. i think it's inappropriate. i disagree with mrs. fiorina on so many topics, but attacking her personally is not my style. >> does he have have a point about conservative women? >> no. i think that worked for carlie to talk about sarah palin and michele bachmann. the attacks were about her
7:46 pm
qualifications and not about her looks. when it comes to women in positions of power, let's talk about what they think, how they act, what they've done. not what they look like. that is a double standard. >> so the next time someone makes a donald trump face, are you going to say don't talk about -- >> honestly, i'm sensitive about it because i know that that has gone on throughout my entire career, throughout every professional woman's career i've ever encountered. >> i gotcha. stay right there. stay with me. president obama speaking out tonight about race, snufts, and not everybody will be clear on what he says. the cold truth is...
7:47 pm
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president barack obama looking to his legacy as he gets closer to the end of his term and speak out on some of the issues america faces. star jones is back with me. president obama announced a new plan to help address issues people face after they are incarcerated. you spoke to lester holt today on nbc news on this topic. >> pretty much up and down the line of what we see in
7:51 pm
disparities of how white, black, hispanic suspects are treated. higher arrest rates, tougher sentencing, longer sentences. where it's happening, you can't always isolate within the system. there may be subtle biases that take place. there may be predispositions that end up resulting in these disparities. >> your own fbi director has raised this idea of the ferguson effect, that police officers may be laying back a bit, they don't want to end up on somebody's camcorder and as a result we're seeing a spike in homicides in some cities. do you fear that could undermine, derail what you're trying to do right now? >>. >> well, what is absolutely true is that we have seen some spikes in violent crime in some cities.
7:52 pm
overall, the violent crime rate is still near historic lows. we've seen a spike in some cities, but it's still close to historic lows. >> but is it a chill that police officer feel? >> you know, we have not seen any evidence of that. i think the fbi director would be the first to say he's heard anecdotal suggestions that that may be happening in selected sites, but we don't know. >> so basically he's saying he doesn't think there's a ferguson effect here. what do you think about that? >> i was listening to the president talk about the disparity. you're not a full member of the american society if you cannot vote, if you cannot voice one's opinion by pulling that lever, if you can't get a job, if you cannot contribute taxes, you don't feel a part of it. so i actually understand what the ban the box movement is about. merps want to feel safe in their work environment and in their homes, but we have to use realistic ways of evaluating who
7:53 pm
is still a continuing danger to society. >> you heard what the -- the current police commissioner of new york city says there is some concern because people, they may not have -- for whatever they're incarcerated for now, it may want be violence, but this can have it in their past. he's concerned about letting people out that could potentially be violent. >> we are now talking about people who are already out, people who have paid their debt to society. i was a homicide prosecutor here in new york. if, in fact, you went to prison for x amount of years and you came out of prison for whatever i convicted you of or the jul jury convicted you of, i don't have a right to say you still owe me something and this affects men of color when it comes to getting a job. for instance, there's a study that says 30% of white men are discounted based on their past criminal record. but 60% of men of color. that number has doubled and it
7:54 pm
should happen in america. >> that was one of the best questions i got. i was out asked a vegas couple about it and they said we are both ex-cons. we both served our time. we went to prison, we're done and we can barely get a job. we don't feel like full americans. i thought that was a valley point. >> it's a professional point to make. my job is to -- bringing people into employment is good for the country. and if we don't move towards that, i don't think they're going to be ready for the browning of america which will happen in 2050. >> the president may be concerned about the -- you know, willie horton, the massachusetts let him out and he raped and whatever and became an -- is that a concern?
7:55 pm
>> it's always a concern that something is going to be a recidivist, somebody is going to reoffend. but we don't punish you for what you might do in the future. the criminal justice system is designed to -- you have retribution or make you pay for what you have done in the past and that justice. >> i didn't get the question answered and maybe you misunderstood me because i wanted to talk about the ferguson affect and cops and their job. >> oh, okay. >> on november 6th, you're hosting it, tell me about it. >> we have, as i said, over 775,000 members across our country, the 00 chapters of virtual networking chapter and this is the concept that when women get together and network, we're doing our own version of the old boy club, but we're doing it for the collective success of other women. so friday, we'll get an opportunity to bring a bunch of women together and network in different ways.
7:56 pm
we've got some really special guests. judy smith will be speaking at the conference and if there is ever a time for you to see somebody who is on it, it's judy smith. >> i've got to run. as you say, we've got to take a break. >> i understand. >> thank you, star jones. appreciate it. we'll be right back.
7:57 pm
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that's it for us tonight. i'll see you right back here tomorrow night. ac 360 starts right now. good evening.


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