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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  November 3, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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break up or early mechanical or signs of trouble. tune to cnn for the latest. that does it for us. we'll see you at 11:00 p.m. eastern. another edition of ac 360. live from new york it's saturday night trump. i'm don lemon. coming to you soon, the comedy stylings of donald trump hosting "snl" this weekend but not everybody is laughing. protesters from a dozen latino organizations are going to talk to the congressman. and a come mick who said the g.o.p. is waging a war on comedy. and don't take donald trump or ben carson seriously but what if the convention wisdom is wrong?
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and the hollywood heavy weight in hot water. quentin tarantino strikes back but is this a battle he can win? but i want to begin with a day in trump. donald trump's new book "crippled america" wept on sale today and he is meeting with the staff of "saturday night live," sara murray is here with more on that. donald trump's new book dropped today. what is the latest on this day in trump? >> as you may know, donald trump likes to promote himself. he was releasing his latest book today and gave us a preview of what to expect between now and the end of the week as he gets ready for "snl." take a listen. >> this even i'm meeting with the staff and we'll start the preparation and pick the skits. am i nervous? not too nervous. but we'll do a good job and have a fantastic show.
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we're going to have a lot of fun. my jeb impression? no, i don't want to show a person sleeping at a podium. >> you saw there he's holding back his jeb impression but maybe we'll see that later in the week. >> donald trump, he does ton of media all the time. why is this controversial? >> a number of latino groups are protesting that he is hosting. and their issue is it's not a news show. and donald trump has offended a number of groups with some of the disparaging comments he made about them and they don't feel he should be given this platform when he's making these comments. a number of people hit back saying it's your choice to watch the show and he is one of the front runners for the republican field right now. and i think we're going to see how vehement those protests are
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tomorrow. >> people are trying to figure out why ben carson is doing a book tour in the middle of his campaign and donald trump's book came out today. >> and jeb bush has a book out too. this is what you do when you run. you put out a book and you get the sales for that. donald trump says he will donate his proceeds. but this is a way for him to put out a campaign manifesto. i wrote a book about what i want to doer if america. if you dig into the pages he doesn't put out policy ideas or dig below the surface of a number of ideas. he says i'll fix social security but not how he'll to it. but the fact he has put out a book sends a signal that i'm serious about that and i do have a plan. >> thank you, we appreciate your reporting. and i want to bring in a democrat from illinois, he wants
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nbc to disinvite donald trump from "saturday night live." also with me is a former "snl" staffer and gabriel sherman. the national affairs editor for "national affairs magazine." mr. gutierrez you are calling for donald trump to be disinvited from "snl." >> i think this is an important issue. i'm thankful to you. last june donald trump began his campaign by saying all mexicans that come to the county are all murderers, racists and drug dealers. when he made those remarks what did nbc co-? they said we want nothing to do with you. they cancelled their contract
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with them and said he doesn't represent their values. why are you such hypocrites? after you said that in june, today you are inviting him to be on your signature show. >> we have limited time. you understand how this works. i want to get to the heart of the matter here. but i want to know have they responded to you, please? >> no, they have not. and that's not what is important, don. what is important at this moment is when you hear bigotry and racism that you stand up. today, someone can begin a campaign and disparage a whole nationality of people, 45 million strong in the united states of america, and so it is the right thing to do to stand up. i don't want to get into an argument with you either.
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>> i'm not arguing, this is just over time. >> if they said in june they want no republiclationship and is going to be the host of the show. they want their show to be linked directly to him. >> he has also hosted this program before. and just to hear -- donald trump has said a number of time he called all mexicans racists or criminals. he said when he sends their people over he sends their murderers and rapists. dean you were there the last time he hosted the show. why do you think the controversy at this moment is happening? >> it's what congressman gutierrez is saying. he said things about my community, i'm muslim.
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but it's not validating his views by having him on. and my friends told me they got a lot of push back for having hillary on the same way that people are saying you shouldn't have trump on. >> you have taken him to task. and the congressman has taken him to task for comments. so why the difference? why do you say let him go on? >> first i come from a comedy background. "snl" is not validating his views. they are putting a man on who is in the public eye. if the standard for having a politician on is none will ever be on. we lose that. >> let's look at the last time he was on "snl." >> i went on the tonight show. i went on oprah. her highest ratings ever and i
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guarantee you that right this second, regis and kelly is getting its highest ratings ever. >> it's electric. you can feel it! >> and rege if i turn away from your camera, the ratings will drop five points, watch. >> he's been doing this a long time talking about ratings and polls. you said this could be the most unique show ever. >> usually the host comes on and the funniest show possible. the added thing is that donald trump wants to help his campaign. what the writers want to do is be as funny as possible. so you might have more challenging time than ever for the "snl" writers. >> so what do you think the strategy is behind this? people could say he is a media
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celebrity and he needs to talk policy, not comedy. what is the strategy here? >> i agree on the point about comedy -- it needs to be a safe place. we cannot police what comics can talk about. it is the safe space in terms of the first amendment. but to trump's point, he has to show he can laugh at himself. he has made these comments. it's smart if he embraces it and does a sculpture that involves latino characters. he needs to show if what he says is true and he doesn't have problems with hispanics as an ethnic group. >> would you like to respond to anything? >> let me say the following, don, i visited six high schools four weeks ago, about 2,000
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students. they didn't ask me about the pell grants or getting into college or west point or the academies which is what i usually engage seniors in a conversation. they asked me about donald trump and whether or not the 14th amendment would be eliminated. it's not just divisive, things are -- people are afraid. they asked me to stand up. that's what i'm doing. all i have to say is dean lost a show and sterling lost the clippers. he lost his bid at cnn. there are thresholds when you pass them you're not allowed to continue to go on the show. i know you don't want to -- this might not be an issue that's important but it's important in my community. when people see him hosting they are branding the show.
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that gives credence to the things he says. there are things that just don't pass. >> i am just here to facilitate and i want to make sure that everybody's point comes across. thank you all for being on the show. donald trump is on cnn's "new day" tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. when we come back, who will get the nomination, it may not be who you think. political predictions next. and shocking news about addiction in america. introducing metris, the mid-size van from mercedes-benz. it's got small-ability and big-ability. towing-ability and stowing-ability. rack-ability and hvac-ability. it's fully customizable and sized just right to give you cupcake-ability, entourage-ability... ...garage-ability and even afford-ability. starting at $28,950.
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we have breaking news this election day, cnn projects that republican matt bevin, a tea party favorite has won the governor's race in kentucky. and in mississippi, cnn projects phil bryant will win re-election. meantime, we are one year away from the presidential election and donald trump and ben carson lead the republican field right now. is it time to we are write the conventional wisdom? let's talk about it. kevin madden is the -- the others said he was a romney son.
7:16 pm
and charles blow an op ed columnist. [ inaudible ] >> nothing, nothing. you'll see it if you dvr it. one year from the election day, do you think we'll be looking at hillary clinton versus donald trump or been carson? >> donald trump has been polling number one for 100 days. romney was an up and down fickle at the top jockeying between one and two. here is a consistent front runner. and ben carson, 50% of g.o.p. voters have him at one or two. that is significant. and i predict that ben carson will be the nominee. >> we'll go to that but we'll go round robin.
7:17 pm
rick, who is the match-up? >> i think the match-up is hillary clinton is appearing to ca consolidate and live up to her reputation. there is a coalescing around her. and if i were to put odds today i would say that marco rubio would be the nominee for a couple of reasons. i think that trump and carson are oversold stocks and there is a desire to see someone who can face up against hillary clinton not only on the debate stage but on the campaign trail and defeat her. >> so charles blow, what do you think? >> i think it's an unanswerable question. if you take today, you would -- obviously project clinton and maybe project rubio or bush. i don't count bush out as much as other people do. but there are all the unknowables and things you
7:18 pm
cannot predict and you have, like you said, an entire year for those things to bubble up. >> and polls don't matter right now, but this is a nontraditional campaign. >> the polls matter. what you have to watch are the trend lines? >> i think it's more likely rubio nominated and going up against hillary clinton. >> rubio stacks up well against hillary clinton. here it is, clinton versus carson, 47, carson is the best at this point. clinton versus rubio, 44%. and clinton versus bush at 43%. i wouldn't count him out. and clinton versus trump, 50 to 42%. what is your reaction to this number? >> look, with ben carson there is a remarkable juxtaposition. he is a soft-spoken doctor.
7:19 pm
he pervades honesty. he is your neighborhood doctor is the vibe you get from ben carson. and hillary clinton is under fbi investigation, fewer than a third of the nation trusts her. it's a stark contrast between the two. >> charles, you make the point that carson barely spoke during the last debate. do you think that helped him? >> i think that part of his appeal is that he doesn't trouble the water. that's part of what people like about him. he seems easy going or whatever. i think more problematic to him is he feels more like the trumps, they are an enterprise. that's why you have him and trump out selling books while on the campaign trail. they make money. that's what they do. and you know, from the speeches to, you know, his interactions or interconnectedness with --
7:20 pm
that's what he does, he used his biography to generate an income stream for himself. and that is not what in the end the voters, republican or whomever are going to be attracted to. >> his book is called "crippled america" released today and he didn't hold back today. >> marco rubio's personal finances are discredited. look at his credit card. he is a disaster with his credit cards. i love florida. i'm in florida all the time. and for years i've been hearing that his credit cards are a disaster. i would think when you take a look at it you are going to find that. his credit card debt and problems with credit card and what he did when he was running the party apparatus with credit cards i've heard about it for
7:21 pm
years. he has a very bad record of finances when you look at what happened with his houses. he certainly lives above his means. no question about that. >> why do you think he is going so hard against rubio? >> the buzz right now is great. folks are starting to see him emerging. trump wants to take that head on right now. >> is he a hybrid, rubio? >> if you look at the genesis of marco rubio as a national candidate it came from the energy of the tea party when he ran for the senate and took on the traditional establishment candidate in charlie crist in florida. he has an ability to bring together the traditional wing with the outsider wing of the party. >> rick, i'll going you the last word. >> donald trump of course was
7:22 pm
regurgitating charlie crist's discredited talking points. he was reading from the file, a series of assertions which have been debunked and dismissed. donald trump is spiritually a democrat running with the same talking points that charlie crist did against marco. >> next time i want you to say what you feel. it's a great panel. i love having you together as a group. see you next time. when we come back, shocking news about addiction in america. and quentin tarantino says he won't be intimidated by police.
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7:27 pm
scourges in this country. i worked with my team to rein in the problem of overdoses. >> a shocking new study says the problem of drug use, alcohol and mental illness is so severe that for the first time in any first world country the death rate for white middle age people is on the rise actually declining for blacks and hispanics. it has implications for the election and the candidates on the campaign trail. joining me is dr. drew pinsky, the host of "the new dr. drew" and author of "i should be dead" you see why we have you both here. but dr. drew, for the first time experts like you have known for a long time have known that there is a big problem out there with drugs and alcohol addiction
7:28 pm
and we talk about all the time. but the numbers are still shocking. why is this particular group of americans struggling so much right now? >> there's two points to be made. this is not a surprise to someone like me. i have been saying to anyone who will listen, there is a tsunami coming of these kinds of problems the overprescribing of drugs and overdosing and mental health issues are staggering and common place. and you add the economic stressors and that is what is necessary to create these staggering numbers. precisely butterf precisely why this is happening has yet to be worked out. but the first culprit has been the overprescribing of opiates. >> we just had a conversation about that a couple weeks ago. we know that addiction and meant ago health have no age
7:29 pm
boundaries but white men and women with high school level education, the death rates are going up. the opposite for black and hispanics. and a lot because of prib pain pills. are they prescribed more than any other group? >> they were the leading edge of a pandemic of adverse experiences and they look for ways to regulate their emotions and drugs and alcohol and pills are what they were offered. in the african-american and hispanic community they didn't have the access to theed me alsystem and physicians, there is suggestion that they may have recalifornia trant to prescribe the substances to that group. >> one of the authors of the study is an economist named
7:30 pm
angus deaton who won the nobel prize and it says because of our economic stress that household incomes have fallen in this group. and income inequality is a term that we are using. if you take that into consideration is it not unfair here? it's deadly right? >> sure it is. i'm a victim of it. i just came off a opiate addiction after a back operation. and i was at a pain management center and watched people who had gone through operations and prescribed opiates and as a result of that were addicted. and i think the bigger point is if you look at this demographic, this is the toughest ones to get clean. i have been clean of alcohol and drugs for 14 years. >> why are they the toughest to get clean? >> they tend to be so sure of themselves and know what they're doing. and you know what they call
7:31 pm
oxycontin, hillbilly heroin. and it's rampant in rural america. doctors overprescribe this stuff. i asked a drug dealer the other day when i went to a crack house to pull a kid out, how you guys doing? he said we're doing great. he said we're selling just open i opiates. >> in ten, 15 years ago, patients could look at a menu and select for themselves the opiates they wanted. doctors were taking the position who are you to say what pain is and whether it's under control. now they have the idea they are overprescribing and they aring look at the patterns and they are saying you're a bad patient and i'm not going to prescribe to you any more.
7:32 pm
other than says let's fix it, they cut them off and they go to the streets. >> and the candidates, we are hearing about drug use and rehabilitation and the crisis in america. >> when i was the governor of message in at his funeral and looked at his three daughters sobbing because their dad is gone, there but for the grace of god go i. it can happen to anyone. >> i have personal experience in this just as a dad and it is the most heart breaking thing in the world to have to go through. >> i was struck by this statistic that last year for the first time we had more deaths by overdoses than we did by car crashes. >> my husband frank and i buried a child to drug addiction. so we must investment more in the treatment of drugs. >> they are not just responding to what they are seeing in the media, this is hitting home in a
7:33 pm
lot of their communities and homes. >> i don't know of anybody that doesn't somewhere or another can trace back a problem with addiction with alcoholism or drugs. but this may be the first time where there is a bipartisan consensus that this is a very big problem. this is millions of people and millions of voters. the number of people affected by drug overdoses is enormous. if you don't address it you are not doing yourself any good as a candidate. >> dr. drew, we talked about the crack epidemic and all the other epidemics that hit, heroin hits white communities and crack hit the black communities especially hard. are we past the point of looking at drugs as an urban problem? >> sure. we're there.
7:34 pm
this last weekend's set of data brings that all the way home. this is white middle class men. this is -- that's who is dying right now. they are getting their hands on these drugs and getting involved with them. and a lot of people talking about treatment and what we ought to do but no one is talking about what the treatment ought to be. i'm surprised that the therapy is replacement treatment. >> dr. drew, you mentioned early childhood trauma. and there should be a treatment set up around that. and a guy named dr. peter breast cot does nonmedical nonprescription work dealing with early childhood trauma which manifests as pain later in their lives. >> singing to the choir.
7:35 pm
every patient i treat. if you are bad enough to see me you had severe childhood trauma and that needs to be treat. >> thank you. when we come back here, he fought the law. quentin tarantino fights back at police but is it a battle he can win? phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. ♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ♪ you make me feel ♪ so spring has sprung. if you have moderate to severe ...isn't it time to let the... ...real you shine... ...through?
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director quentin tarantino says he won't be intimidated by law enforcement. a battle between tho the direct and police began last month. joining me is the executive editor at "the hollywood reporter" let's listen to what he said to spark this controversy. >> what am i doing mere? i'm doing here because i'm a human being with a conscious. and when i say murder, i cannot stand by and i have to call the murdered the murdered and call the murderers the murderers.
7:40 pm
>> and matt, the reaction from law enforcement from that what? >> very swift and very negative. the top five police unions in the country are going to boycott his films and encourage others to boycott it, the border patrol and national police group are boycotting his films and he responded to that criticism and the growing outcry. >> before i get to what he said i want to talk about jamie foxx here. he's a power house. he defended tarantino. >> quentin tarantino. [ applause ] >> i want to say this, you are the boss. you are amazing, keep speaking the truth and telling the truth and don't worry about the haters. >> how about the rest of
7:41 pm
hollywood? >> i think that -- it's an interesting issue. tarantino has a film coming out and his comments are controversial. he was very swift to clarify the comment today. he is saying i'm not saying all police are murderers and saying there is -- >> let me read it for you. he says i'm not being intimidated. frankly it feels lousy to have a bunch of police mouth pieces call me a cop hater. i'm not a cop hater that is a misrepresentation and slanderous and not how i feel but that's their choice to do that to me. what can i do? i'm not taking back what i said. what i said was the truth. i'm used to people misrepresenting me. i'm used to be misunderstood. i would like to think their attack against me is so vicious they are revealing themselves and hiding in place sight.
7:42 pm
not backing down and expected to do a lot of press for this movie. do you think his comments are going to remain the same after this? >> i think so. he is a very outspoken guy. it is not an accident he was there. he flew to new york specifically to go to that protest. he feels strongly about this issue. i don't see him backing down, really. he did clarify. he said i'm not referring to all police officers as murderers. we don't know who he was referring to when he made those comments. that's part of the problem. he was not referring to a specific incident. he was at a police brutality protest. the police unions were correct to say what are you referring to here? >> how is he misrepresented? his comments are on tape and he said what he said. is it because they only took a
7:43 pm
few of his words? >> i think what he means, i think what he is suggesting is he is not referring to all police officers or even the majority but referring to specific incidents that he did not name that we can assume might be the incidents that have been in the news and made headlines. i think what he clarified today is that he is not anti-police but he is calling out specific incidents. >> matt belloni thank you for joining us on cnn. when we come back, did tarantino go too far with what he said about police? we'll be right back. it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest...
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digestive core.r so choose ultimate flora by renewlife. it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. . quentin tarantino in hot water over what he said about police brutality. did he go too far? joining me is a retiring new york police detective. good to you see you gentlemen. his comments came four day after nypd officer randall holder was shot and killed in east harlem.
7:48 pm
bill bratton said this of his comments. he said shame on him particularly at this time when we are grieving the murder of a new york city police officer. there are no words to describe the contempt i have for him and his comments. quentin tarantino has a right to free speech but did his comments go too far? >> no doubt to me. here is a man who should have kbn specific. when he is talking about the incidents saying that cops are murderers and murderers are the murderers, whatever he said, the fact is that he should have been specific about what incident he was talking about. maybe he would have got some support. but he did not. he blanketed every single police officer out there with those comments and the group he was out there with, and doesn't know anything about the cements at all. maybe what he wanted to do was get publicity for his new movie. >> the timing, you know, the timing is important as well.
7:49 pm
but do you agree with what harry said? >> one thing to be clear is he didn't say all police are murderers. he was non-specific and i wish he would have named names. i think it's important to identify and say names of people who you feel have violated the rights of people and literally killed people. but i don't think there is anything wrong with him going to a rally and saying that murder happens and police brutality happens and it is not in isolated fashion and it happens in every state, city and every year. not all police. but it happens with regularity. >> harry what are you saying? >> listen? these incidents are isolated, okay? the fact is that mr. tarantino, you know, he believes he can talk about these things and do whatever he wants. but the police departments out there can do what they think
7:50 pm
they have to do also. you are talking -- the fraternal order of police have 300,000 members and 1 million police officers and law enforcement officers in this country alone. they have family and friends. mr. tarantino thinks this boycott is something he shouldn't worry about and he should worry about it. and the other producers who are involved in his movies are worried about it also. he has something to worry about. even if he apologizes tomorrow we all know it's not coming from the heart. so as far as we're concerned, police officers need to battle these type of things and we're not seeing that. >> i don't think it seems like he is going to apologize. he doubled down today. marc, as someone -- a big director like him who put himself in that position, do you think he should be more careful
7:51 pm
about not enraging because it could endanger both sides? >> i think he should talk with principle. he always doubled down. he says this is my principle and where i stand. i just happen to think that he is right this time. and if 350,000 or 3.5 million people boycott his films if it is because he is speaking out against police brutality, not all police but in the incidents we're talking about here that's okay. he is willing to take the heat so he can take a principled stance. i admire him for that. >> quickly, harry. >> a close attention to detail when he makes his movies. why not when he is making comments about police officers? and the fact that he makes these
7:52 pm
comments about police officers being murderers, it's a blanket statement and that's where the police officers have that problem. >> let's move on. i want to talk about chicago. yesterday hillary clinton met with parents whose african-american children died in shootings. i want you to hear what they said today. >> we all understand that all officers are not bad officers. we do have some bad officer and we do have some good officers. but at the same time, you know, our bad officers are not being held accountable which makes it much easy for them to pull the trigger because you're not going to be held accountable. you're not going to be arrested and go to jail. what is the consequence? there is no accountability for what is going on right now.
7:53 pm
we are quick to pull the trigger on someone and treat them like an animal. we have almost got to that point in this country where we are treating each other like animals. >> harry, is it ever easy for an officer to pull the trigger? >> it's never easy, no police officer wakes up in the morning saying today i want to kill somebody. it's very hard to do. and we have seen in a lot of these cases in the past that we have talked about in the past on cnn where the police officer were exonerated. the fact that they cannot shoot someone because they are not armed. the police officer can shoot if they feel like their life is in danger we have officers like one in baltimore going to trial and in north charleston who shot someone in the back. that was a bad incident. but the fact is that the main problem in chicago is the
7:54 pm
black-on-black crime. some child got shot the other day in chicago. >> we're going to talk about that now. >> we're going to talk about that but i need you to respond, marc. >> harry says they don't talk about it. i was in chicago last week dealing with chicago violence and been to chicago ten times in 14 months dealing with this. there are people in chicago every day doing violence swru s interruption. the programs look different. because i have the trust that the police won't murder me. i think the police officers think there is a visible threat but there is a white supremacist anxiety about black bodies.
7:55 pm
>> that's a load, marc. and you know it. you have no proof to that at all. >> hold on. but he's lying. there is a stanford study that shows this. and multiple -- >> stanford. that's someone we can believe. a bunch of academics. >> i'm supposed to believe -- >> we should ignore data evidence, randomized -- >> every cop a murderer where they have been cleared. you think the officer in ferguson was a murderer, marc? >> you have changed the subject. >> do you think the officer in ferguson was a murderer? >> no. >> answer the question. >> i said no. that's an answer to your question. >> do you think he was justified in doing what he did. you and i have argued this point before. >> you just said that we should discount the studies that show that race plays a factor. let's look at the study, read
7:56 pm
the study or get an expert who can -- >> interpret, that's the word. >> unfortunately, i'm out of time. we didn't get a chance to talk about the 9-year-old who was shot and killed. can you please stop -- >> i'm talk -- >> i'm talking about a 9-year-old boy who was shot and killed and police don't know if it was random or targeted. because of the father's issues. our thoughts go out -- >> my prayers -- >> thanks everyone. we'll be right back. that is mobile, it is you.not te real madrid have about 450 million fans. we're trying to give them all the feeling of being at the stadium.
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