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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  November 4, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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-- captions by vitac -- this is cnn breaking news. >> it is breaking news and there is new cell phone video tonight, here it is. it's from the russian media yougtlet life news of the smoking ruins of a russian jetliner. did isis bring down this plane? this is cnn tonight, i'm don lemon. here is what we know right now, u.s. intelligence points to a bomb planted somewhere by isis or its affiliates. the uk and ireland suspending all flights from the resort, stranding thousands of tourists and the candidates are also weighing in tonight. donald trump tops a brand-new
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poll just ahead of ben carson, and nbc releases this "saturday night live" promo. >> donald promise head will not break or say he's the best at anything for the whole show. is that right? >> that's right. i'm going to do the best job anyone's ever done not saying it. >> all this plus quentin tarantino breaks his silence tonight. ben wedeman is live in cairo. and pamela brown in atlanta. ben to you first. it is almost dawn on thursday morning in egypt. if this was terror, as officials believe. what did isis do and how were they able to bring this plane down? what do you know about the plot? >> what we know is from unnamed american sources, officials who say isis somehow managed to smuggle an explosive device on
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board the plane when it was at the airport and somehow or other it exploded 300 kilometers north of the airport. this is what american officials are saying. it's not at all clear what happened. the egyptian civil aviation authority put out a very brief statement today saying they are running the investigation and further information will be made available in due course. the egyptians have been very tight lipped about this investigation. and generally, downplaying the possibility that this could be terrorism, terrorism by isis, obviously, tourism is a mainstay of the economy here, particularly in the sinai peninsula, so egyptian officials are very wary of creating an atmosphere in which tourists start to cancel their vacation plans, although the fact of the matter is, given the media attention, probably that is
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already afoot, don. >> speaking of that, i want to know what the security is like, ben, at the airport, if there could be there, would it do other places, what are they doing? >> don, you know, i lived in egypt for 14 years and been through that airport more times than i can count. it is a resort destination. the security's very relaxed, shall we say. we're not able to see what's going on behind the scenes. but the only person i know who was ever stopped at the airport was a friend of mine who was stopped by egyptian security they said because she wasn't smiling when she left. >> goodness. i want you to stand by. pam lar pamela, what changed to make the british and u.s. authorities to say this is one of the leading
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theories? >> we learned from officials there was chatter intercepted by the u.s. intelligence community after the plane crash suggesting isis in the sinai peninsula could have been responsible for putting a bomb on the plane which is why officials are leaning to the bomb theory and that is based on monitoring of internal messages from the terrorist group. but because there has not been forensic evidence from the scene there, the officials are cautious. but people ae extremely worried that this could be a reality that isis could have planted a bomb on that plane. >> and if it is confirmed that isis is behind this, what does it say about how their operations and capabilities are expanding? >> it would be very significant for the u.s. intelligence community if it terns out isis is capable of building a bomb capable of taking down an airplane. up to now, isis in the sinai
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peninsula has bomb-making capabilities but bringing down a plane takes another level of sophistication that is a departure from what the u.s. intelligence community has seen from the terrorist group. that would raise the concern substantially. a lot of what isis has been focused on is taking over territory. this indicates that the goals are expanding if the group was responsible for the crash. >> why do authorities believe it was an inside job? >> there is evidence that supports the theory of an airport worker putting the bomb on the plane. officials have scrubbed the passenger manifests and the passengers have checked out. that leads investigators to believe that someone planted a bomb on that plane that would detonate when it reached a certain altitude and only certain people have access to the plane. >> thank you very much for that and our breaking news. now to other breaking news
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story. donald trump on top in a new national poll of republican voters. and joining me is a columnist for the "washington times" and a media spokesperson for george w. bush. and a washington correspondent for "the new yorker." ryan there is a new poll that fox news conducted after the cnbc debates. trump is on top, 26% and followed by ben carson, 23%. it's a persistent lead at the top of the polls. he's not going anywhere, no matter how people try to write him off. we talk about that. why do people try to write him off? >> i think you're absolutely right, don. >> that was meant for you, ryan. i'm coming for you tonight. >> his staying power is a constant in this campaign.
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he has now been at the top of the polls with an occasional number two placement in a few of the state and national polls, longer than any of the so-called bad candidates in previous cycles, howard dean or herman cain or bachmann. he gets a quarter to a third of the republican vote steadily. and at this point you have to believe that's going to continue until someone starts spending some money to make a strong, sustained case against him. that's how a front runner gets taken down and so far none of his opponents have been able to do that. >> there are tiers. at the top, trump and carson, and cube owe and cruz, each with 11. cruz and rubio have 11%. jeb bush has 4 and the rest are
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in single digits. people said trump and carson didn't talk much. it didn't hurt them. >> you have to think about it this way, trump and carson survived the debate. they didn't have a stellar performance but they didn't bomb either. >> is it better if they really don't say that much? >> sometimes it's better to be quiet than say something and put your foot in your mouth, don't you think, don. what is fascinating about donald trump. we saw this yesterday when the first set of polls came out that ben carson came out. what did donald trump do? he went out and changed the narrative. he basically said ben carson doesn't have the right temperament to be president. he is masterful to change people's perception about the candidates. he goes on the attack with marco rubio on his finances,
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questioning whether marco is able to manage the economy because he can't manage his credit cards. putting the doubts in the voters' minds. if you look at kentucky where matt bevin won, this says something powerful. >> my old friend. >> yes. and what does this show? it shows there is this urge or want that the g.o.p. voters are out there and they want this outsider personality. >> charles, my colleague points out that chris christie now has 2.25% as an average in the national polls and may not make the main stage. everyone said he hit back so hard against all the candidates. but jeb bush must be counting his lucky stars he is up there. >> really and truly, that last debate was chris christie's absolute best performance so far.
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he has been a huge disappointment to everybody and so for him to get this news, you know, tonight, today, basically that it looks like he and perhaps even mike huckabee won't make the main stage next week for the debate is really bad news. but looking deeper into the numbers i think that obviously the top line numbers about the horse race numbers in that fox poll are the most important lines. but if you go one layer deeper, i think you get into something that is even more interesting and that is that -- that the number of people who pick donald trump as their second choice, ben carson, leads that pack. donald trump is in second place right behind him. what that means is, that there are -- he has the second highest number of people who are presently with a different candidate but willing to fall back to trump. and that puts a lot to the establishment argument that we
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have heard from the beginning about how there is a hard-set ceiling that donald trump cannot each above. that is not true. if something happens to ben carson a lot of voters go to donald trump as a second choice. >> there is a saying that you want to be the most liked and most hated person. that is the best position to be in if you are a commentator. but let's talk about the terror attacks. the other candidates spoke out about it. listen. >> isis has a desired strategy to put the black flag of isis at the white house. and a plan to destroy western civ civilation. >> ben carson was asked how he would respond as president to
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make sure they don't get a bomb on the plane coming to the united states. >> i think our people are doing a good job already and we haven't had bombs on our planes for that reason. obviously you don't want to relax the surveillance that we have. >> that was his entire answer. >> right. >> but to be fair he was speaking after a book signing. but does that raise concerns for you about his grasp on terror and foreign policy. >> i have been concerned for a while. i think just recently he spoke about how saudi arabia should have turned in osama bin laden to the united states if we would have threatened them we wanted to go energy independent. and i think that you can't afford to be a commander-in-chief to really have a deep understanding of
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what is going on, especially in areas like the middle east and i just find that his answers are pretty much half baked. >> stay with me. when we come back, donald trump is getting ready for his gig hosting "saturday night live" this weekend. and having some fun this "in th promo. >> trump can only appear for less than four seconds. >> that's right, i will be hosting -- >> time! (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you...
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i think it's very regrettable they are prioritizing their ratings over the comments that mr. trump has said about imkbrants and latinos
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across the nation. >> a petition delivered to nbc tonight demanding the network drop donald trump from "saturday night live" but with trump topping the latest poll, the protesters are fighting a losing battle. let's get me a showing of hands tonight. who is going to watch on saturday night? >> you said no raising of hands, don. >> i'm raising both hands. >> doesn't that get more people to tune in? >> oh, absolutely. i think there's such an entertainment value to donald trump. how can we not watch? it's better than watching hillary clinton play hillary clinton. >> maybe i don't have a good sense of humor but the clips they have shown from "snl" are not funny at all. >> go ahead, charles hurt. we were like was that funny?
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>> i would rather watch a donald trump speech which in their own ways are entertaining, than the kind of canned thing they were doing in the promos. >> go ahead, charles. >> i think this is a great opportunity for donald trump to show us what he can do with a disaster of a situation. i don't remember the last time i saw something funny on "snl." if he can make "snl" great again maybe he can make america great again. >> who wrote that for you? an "snl" writer? >> i think hillary clinton introducing miley cyrus was good tv. >> mercedes, 520,000 signatures. >> right. >> just delivered tonight to nbc. 522,080. is he hosting at the height -- is it the height of hypocrisy considering they fired him from
7:20 pm
"the apprentice" over his comments about mexican immigrants. >> this is business. this is how it's played. so we know that -- >> it's only ratings that matter? >> i think for -- at the end of the day it's how they are going to bring in money to the america. when you look at "snl" in particular, lorne michaels calls the shots and brings in the people he wants to bring in. and they are going to find an easy a to play ball and if they want to get donald trump they are going to donald trump. this is the way business is. take the feelings out of it. it is what it is. >> if there is hypocrisy it's that trump is agreeing to go on nbc which he is bashing and suing and all the rest. >> for him doing that, now you are calling me back. >> it's a business transaction on both sides and mutually
7:21 pm
beneficial. >> i'm going to play some promos for you. take a look. >> i wish there were some real men around here. >> you read my mind, girlfriend. i would kill for a real man. >> hi, ladies. >> oh, hi donald trump nice to meet you. >> donald trump is hosting "saturday night live" this week with sia and because of equal equal time rules for television mr. trump can only speak for four seconds in this promo. >> let me say this, ben carson is a complete and total loser. >> all right. >> wow. >> nbc now says they didn't mean to release that carson promo. trump is a natural entertainer. but he is neck and neck with ben carson. are there any pitfalls for him here? >> i'm with ryan here. i would find it more entertaining to listen to donald trump rip into other candidates
7:22 pm
on stage as we have seen with every one of these debates. you can't get entertainment value than that. >> they shouldn't have released it because it wasn't that funny. >> charles and ryan, you have been in d.c. for too long. you are two grumpy men. come on. i can't wait to see it. don will bring the popcorn. >> they are going to scoop all of you. >> way too late for me. >> ben carson responded. do you want to hear? here it is. >> i discovered when i was in grade school that those tactics really are for grade school and i've gone far beyond that now. >> regardless are all the candidates going to need a sense of humor and thicker skin on saturday night? >> for the "saturday night live" for the show? >> yeah. are they going to be skewered and roasted by everyone?
7:23 pm
>> when you go on a late night show you make fun of yourself, right? it's a question about trump, he doesn't seem to be that self aware and able to make fun of himself. a setting like "saturday night live" that's what you do. you have to make self depp deprecating jokes. if you are in new york, mercedes, let's hang out and watch. >> we're not invited? >> we don't want the d.c. crowd there. >> you are debby downers. >> i agree. coming up, quentin tarantino speak out and refusing to back down. uns on optimism. it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected
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more breaking news tonight. quentin tarantino is not breaking down from his comments at an antipolice brutality rally. and he may have doubled down citing cases in which he believes police were guilty of
7:28 pm
murder. good afternoon, gavin, thanks for joining us tonight. i want you to listen to the comments that started all this. here they are. >> what am i doing here? i'm doing here because i'm a human being with a conscious. and when i see murder, i cannot stand by and i have to call the murdered the murdered and i have to call the murderers the murderers. >> now to him tonight, defending himself and clairifying who he was talking about. >> i was referring to eric gardner and sam dubose and tamir wright. i do believe that they were murdered in the case of walter scott who was shot in the back and sam dubose, i believe those
7:29 pm
were murder and they were deemed murder and the reason and the only reason they were deemed murder was because the incidents were caught on video. >> gavin, does this help? >> does it help the dialogue about police brutality in this country? >> does it help quentin tarantino's case tonight? >> it depends on how you define what his case is. i disagree with him. i don't think all of those cases are murder. i think they are elements of, you know, lethal mistakes and i think we got to be addressing in this country and we have to be addressing racism. i don't agree with the tone of the protest which were generalizing about most police. there are not news stories about the 99.9% of police officers who are out there doing a good job
7:30 pm
for the rest of us. but at the same time i would also say that i am slightly inspired by quentin tarantino and the fact that he is not doing what so many people in the entertainment industry do which is phony, they get themselves into a scrape that could affect their career where people want to boycott and all of a sudden they are going to meet with leaders from the police union if he were to do that or the offended party and they are promising to do something in the future to help them and he is sticking by his guns. this is not going to help his career or this movie. >> people say there is no such thing as bad publicity. you don't think so? >> tell that to mel gibson. if you touch on certain topics that especially the higher ups and the powerful people in the
7:31 pm
business think are going to be detrimental to, you know, the revenue generators that they have like their movies. people invested a lot of money in this movie and i'm sure this is not what they were hoping for when they wanted publicity for the movie. >> why do you think quentin tarantino's comments have gotten so much more backlash than many other celebrities that have spoken out? >> probably the use of the word "murder." i don't know that i've heard that. the rise of october protest in itself was particularly incendiary when you start using the term "genocide" in connection with these lethal tragedies that happened but weren't premeditated and weren't murder. i'm sure that some were.
7:32 pm
and there has been violence against police that have occurred also. and i feel it's the nature of what he was saying and that particular protest where he went to speak and the fact he is not backing down is enraging people further. but he does have a right like the rest of us to express himself. freedom of speech is not talking about something and you agree with them. it's about when you don't agree. if he believes in all of this even though i disagree with what he is saying, he is standing up and not backing down. >> that said, for me, it was surprising. and this is just strategy. why would he go on msnbc which is preaching to the choir. why not go to fox or cnn where he may not be preaching to the people who necessarily feel the way he feels? it was an audience that was like, okay, we're with you. why do that? that's why i asked did it help
7:33 pm
his case? >> it helped the case that he was trying to make that -- he basically reiterated what he had been saying before. he backed off a little by saying that not all police are murderers. but in the contest of that protest and what he was saying at that protest he was making a vast generalization like everybody else at that protest that the police in general are murderers. but i agree with you, i think it was a weak explanation on his part to go on msnbc and say what he said. i don't think it changed anything and the people who are going to boycott his movie are going to boycott his movie. and on the other side, some have been activated and will see the movie in protest to the protesters. >> i appreciate it, sir. come back any time.
7:34 pm
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quentin tarantino now doubling down tonight on the comments that launched a police boycott of his upcoming film "the hateful eight." joining me a former police officer and author and political commentator, marc lamont-hill. marc, you said you don't think that tarantino went far enough. you said you wished he named names and he did tonight and he is standing up to critics. >> i was under the impression i was an american and had first amendment rights and there was no problem with me going to an antipolice brutality protest. and speaking my mind. and just because i was at an antipolice brutality protest doesn't mean i'm anti-police. and basically, there was a lot of people at that rally and we
7:39 pm
were all crying for a lot of things but there was one thing in particular which was stop shooting unarmed people. we want justice but stop shooting unarmed people. but they don't want to deal with that. they would rather start arguments with celebrities than examine the situation put before them. >> is that what you wanted to hear? >> that's exactly what i wanted to hear. people who shoot unarmed people should be named and it allows us to target the population who are the problem. you don't want to blanket, you name names. and once again i think the bigger problem here is that police officers have operated with such impunity forever in america when you critique them at all and go to an antipolice brutality rally it is meant to look you are anti-police.
7:40 pm
>> last night a former new york city police detective said it is a fallacy to say that police cannot shoot unarmed people if they feel threatened. what do you make of what tarantino said tonight? >> when he talks about the first amendment, the state is not arresting him. he is exercising his first amendment right. it drives me nuts that he doesn't understand what the first amendment is. you can stay whatever you want and the government can't stop it. and others have the right to not associate, so on, and so forth. that is a canard and he should know better. in the terms of the issue of shooting unarmed people it doesn't happen very often oftentimes the officer was correct. there are times and places where officers shoot unarmed people and it is wrong. the best example is in north
7:41 pm
charleston. but let me give you an example of a justified shooting. a police officer is pinned down and an individual has him on the throat and punching him in the face. is the officer supposed to sit there, lie there and take it? absolutely not. the standard for using deadly force is not whether they have a gun or knife or unarmed is there is a reasonable belief that their life is in jeopardy or the life of another innocent. so shooting is an option if and only if there is a reasonable belief not just i think maybe but a reasonable belief that someone's life is in jeopardy. that's the issue. >> more harsh words from his police critics. here's what else he said. >> they want to demonize me. they want to slander me and imply i'm saying things i didn't say. and then -- and for what reason? the reason is because they want
7:42 pm
me to shut up. and they want to make sure that no other people like me, prominent citizens will stand up for that thought. >> marc, what do you make of that? >> i think there is a kind of bullying that happens when people have the courage and sometimes audacity to stand up and challenge police brutality and police terrorism. that is a key issue here. and i agree that there are moments based on the law where the police have the option and maybe even the duty to protect themselves even when the person is unarmed. for example in the case that was painted where someone is on the ground and punching someone in the face. that could be a circumstance. in the case of trayvon martin it is more complicated. but i disagree with the idea that there is an objective standard at which we can say you can kill a person. the notion of a reasonable man standard is invoked by jurists
7:43 pm
and everyday citizens and they have biases. a jury may say in the same circumstance i would have shot ray is electron martin or michael brown. the problem is oftentimes we are shaped by white supremacy and the fear of black bodies. just because a jury has the same irrational fear doesn't mean it is okay to shoot them and that's part after what we are trying to do. >> there is a constitutional standard says objectively reasonable. if you want to argue with the supreme court, that's fine. >> i am. i disagree with the law. the law is not engineered at the core to deal with the issue of white supremacy. i agree -- >> how did white supremacy come in here? the situation was a white officer in kansas city who killed a white guy in the process of pummelling him. >> but i'm talking about quentin tarantino talking about the
7:44 pm
death of black bodies. i'm saying as an example of where the law is inadequate is a case where juries and police officers invoke a reasonable man standard to decide to kill a person, not because they wake up in the morning and say i'm going to kill a black person. i think they are reasonably afraid of black people. >> you are not saying that all police officers -- >> marc but you are not saying that all police officers are afraid of black people? >> i'm not saying all police officers are afraid of black people. i'm saying we see cases where this is a fact and black people are afade of black people and white people are afraid of black people. and that is a -- >> and david, the last word? >> the issue, however is not just someone doesn't like black people or afraid of black people, the issue before a jury is can the officer articulate a standard to say i was in
7:45 pm
reasonable fear for my life, not measured against racism but against what the law says. if you say i was afraid because he stood there and said hi he was going to beat me and i shot him, that is not reasonable. if you are being pulmoearled, black, white, asian, male, female, whatever, anyone would say that person was trying to kill a cop and the officer was justified in shooting. that's all i'm trying to say. >> coming up, u.s. intelligence suggests that an isis bomb brought down a russian jetliner. what evidence do they have? and does it mean that isis is far more dangerous enemy than we first thought? it's got small-ability and big-ability. towing-ability and stowing-ability. rack-ability and hvac-ability. it's fully customizable and sized just right to give you cupcake-ability,
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oh, that didn't hurt at all. yeah, completely painless. credit karma. really free credit monitoring. chilling new information tonight about the crash of a russian passenger jet. u.s. intelligence suggests that isis or one of its affiliates planted the bomb on a plane. and someone at the airport may have helped. joining me is david soucie, author of malaysian airlines flight 370 and a researcher and
7:50 pm
terrorism analyst paul cruickshank. and david first to you. officials are thinking that isis may have bombed this plane. does that support the fact evidence to support that? >> i think they do. although no one has come forward with anything factual or concrete evidence from the scene and said we found explosives or this or that. it's based mostly on chatter that they picked up which is fairly common. this chatter goes on a lot. there is a lot of people with a lot of ill intent but not a lot of capability. if this is indeed a bomb from there we have the intent with the capability and it's frightening. >> what forensic evidence do we need to confirm that a bomb brought this plane down? >> we have to see if the
7:51 pm
actual -- the device, the fuel from that device, the trigger from that device, or you can look at the metal in the plane itself to see if it's a sudden explosion all at one time or if it was torn and came over time. if the repair that they had done before had failed you would see this propagating over time. and you can tell that through met allergiy. >> i want to know why you say -- this is the most significant terror attack since september 11th? >> i think 9/11 if you exclude the school siege in russia in 2004, another reason is it can benefit isis, turbo charge their standing and supporting the global jihadi movement.
7:52 pm
there is anger because of their syrian support of the assad regime also the target, the fact they took out an airplane, perhaps, that could really hurt the regional economy over there and the geopolitical reverb rations. it could deepen russian involvement in the war and pivot to launching more strikes against isis. >> isis claimed responsibility on saturday and you said this is a strange reaction. why is that? >> they claimed responsibility in an eight-line statement with no detail corroborating the attack. and they are basically saying you have to figure out yourself. we're not going to provide the details. the explanation for those baffling statements is they are trying to protect an insider at the airport they had recruited, a mole at the airport. >> jill, this was a flight full
7:53 pm
of russian families on vacation. what pressure does that put on vladimir putin? >> i think it's a very big political problem, domestically for him. as you said, these people from his hometown, he comes from st. petersburg, and notably, president putin has not said anything on camera. basically he has been silent on this. obviously, he is maybe at this point not quite sure what he should say because the implications are, remember, at the beginning of the bombing in syria, he said the reason we're going into syria is to hit them in syria so they don't come back to russia and attack us. and now although this did not take place in russia, if it is terrorism, again, it hit russians. and it hit vulnerable, middle-class, regular, average people with children. it's really shocking.
7:54 pm
i don't think we can really fully understand how deeply shocked people are. so my question would be, what do they do about president putin? do they blame him for not protecting them? or do they rally around the flag and what does putin do? >> what does putin do in syria now? how does this change the fight against terror? >> i would go back to what president putin said when he was dealing with chechnya and the breakaway republic in russia and he has said things like this subsequently. i think and back in chechnya he said i'm going to wipe them out in the outhouse. that is what he said about the terrorists. so conceivably he could double down and take much more action in sear kwa which changes the equation again. >> paul? >> it really would change the equation if they pivot towards
7:55 pm
hitting isis. right now, 90% of their strikes are going against groups which are not isis. >> what is isis' motivation? >> to hit back against russia but also to boost its standing and support in the global jihadi community. this could lead to a surge in foreign correspondence. >> if isis can pull off an attack like this how vulnerable is global aviation? >> it depends on how they got this on to the airplane. if it was an insider, it is frightening. so it could be very damaging, not only there but in the united states as well. >> david, phil, paul, thank you very much. i appreciate it. we'll be right back.
7:56 pm
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news tonight about the tragic shooting death of 9-year-old tyshawn lee. police are investigating whether the fourth grader may have been
8:00 pm
deliberating targeted. there were 421 homicides in chicago so far this year. that is it for us tonight. thank you for joining us. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. night. "ac 360" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- good evening, thanks very much for joining us as we have been doing throughout the night, we begin this hour with breaking news and a terrifying thought, that isis succeeded in taking down a commercial airliner with a bomb. it is not a certainty at this hour but it is a growing belief inside the intelligence community that a bomb destroyed metrojet 9268 and it was an inside job done with the help from someone at the egyptian airport where the flight originated. now, the first inkling came this morning. it was a drum beat as british and american sources began talking about what they know, how they know it and why the threat may still be ongoing. we learned shortly before air time about security measures that british authorities are taking.


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