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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  November 7, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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. it is the most disturbing thing i've seen. i will leave it at. that. >> emotional reaction to the fatal police shooting of a six-year-old boy, shot while still buckled in the front seat of his father's car. now, two officers are charged with murder. >> new this morning, a disturbing incident involving a british plane now t. pilot says the jet came within 1,000 feet of a rocket as it approached the same airport where metro jet 9268 took off from. >> and ben carson gets agitated with the media over questions
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about his past. >> what you are going to find with me is not somebody that will sit there and let you be completely unfair without letting the american people know what's going on and the american people are waking up. >> we are always grateful to start our week with you. >> good evening, two police officers under arrest charged with the shooting death of a 6-year-old boy. the child, jerry martis died while buckled into the front seat of his father's car. officers reportedly started shooting while in pursuit of that vehicle. the tragedy unfolded tuesday in marksville, louisiana. late last night, after a state police investigation, two of the them here on your screen, were - booked on second degree murder charges, cnn's nick valencia joins us with more. the details are limited are
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startling. >> we are working on getting more details, it's still unclear exactly what led to that pursuit in just a minute. as victor was talking about. the superintendent of the louisiana state police say not just as a father, but at the head of the state police, the video that they washed off the body cameras is disturbing. the all happened on tuesday night. this morning two louisiana police officers are behind bars charged with second degree murder. >> tonight is about the death-of- of jeremy moore, 6-years-old, he didn't deserve to die like that. and that's what's unfortunate. we took some of the body camera footage. let me tell you something. we won't talk about it. but i will tell you this. it is the most disturbing thing i've seen and i will leave it at that. >> still trying to figure out exactly what happened to that little boy to cause his death.
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some of the report, 18 shots fired from two guns. we're still working on confirmation of that. the father wasn't even injured in the shooting. just his little boy. >> that 6-year-old boy shot and killed hit in the neck and chest. let's expands this conversation with tom fuentes. he is joining us with more him tom, i want to go into details reported by an affiliate there. reports that the city marshals were pursuing the father of this boy, ended up at the end of a dead road and put the car if reverse. that's when two of the officers started shooting. is there an appropriate generally respected anded addee adhered to response? >> i think the only justification for a shooting is if that driver was trying to run you over with that car, using the car as a weapon, but even
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then, officers are taught to be very cautious in firing at a vehicle t. bullets can ricochet off the glass and the doors and hit other people down range, down the street and just what you have in this case. you don't know who else may be inside that vehicle that are you in danger by shooting at it. unless you are just about to be killed by the vehicle, you know, a police officer should not be shooting at that car and here we see the tragic result of taking shots at a vehicle that you have a little boy in the car. they probably didn't see the child because it might have been below window level strapped into a baby's see. that's the reason yu don't do it. >> we have a reporting from the cbs area, saying this boy was shot in the chest and the head. this 7 a isn't a manslaughter charge, manslaughter creates a
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distinction in the heat of passion, in the heat of blood. this is second degree murder, what can you glean from that little rate issing to that level? >> i think the state police who did the investigation and the prosecutors believe there was no justification for firing at that vehicle at all and i think that's why they're taking the higher charge in this case against those two officer. >> tom fuentes, thank you so much. and we are hours away from a conference with metro jet 9268. we are also learning about a missile that was almost -- that almost i should say shot down a british airliner flying over sinai t. pilo sinai. the pilots spotted a missile towards their plane. they reportedly turned and avoided that missile by about a
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thousand feet. this happened in aunt. the british government just confirmed the close call, say, quote, we investigated the incident and concluded it was not a targeted attack. it was likely to be connected to routine exercises being conducted by egyptian military in the area at the time. ben wedeman is covering this for us in kye. >> reporter: ben, has the egyptian government made any acknowledgement of the incident so far? >> reporter: no, we called the ministry of civil aviation to get their reaction, but they apparently are too busy preparing for this press conference they will be holing in four hours at the ministry to discuss the results of rather the investigation as it is so far into the metro jet crash. now, it's interesting that it took the british government two-and-a-half months to act knowledge this rather disturbing incident which took place on the 23rd of august involving that
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british government. don't hol your breath waiting for the egyptian to comment on this matter. >> so ben, i mentioned this press conference at 10:00. do you have any indication what it is we will hear from the egyptian government? >> nothing whatsoever. we did hear earlier today from the egyptian foreign minister who says that egypt has not ruled out any hypothesis when it comes to the causes of the crash of this airliner. however, he did take the opportunity to complain that still the united states and the uk have not provided egypt with the intelligence that it shared with russia, for instance, and the intelligence that precipitated the russian decision to suspend all flights, not just to sharm el-sheikh, but also to cairo. he said egypt's partners, he is referring to western countries, such as the u.s. and the u.k.
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have not been supportive of egypt as it fought against terrorism in the sinai for several years now. >> ben wedeman, so appreciate it. thank you, sir. ahead, egyptian officials as he was talking about holding that news conference in a few hours on the russian plane crash. we will bring you the latest developments as we learn them in that case. but we want to talk more about this with a terrorism expert with the asia pacific foundation. thank you again for being with us. now, that we know of this close call in august that, the u.k. government just released, is it at all plausible that the russian crash was accidentally shot down by the egyptian military or would we have seen signs of that already, obviously, in this investigation? there are teams on the ground all over the place there. >> well, christy, it is looking
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more likely that this was an act of terrorism. there was an explosive device on board the plan. british intelligence believes they picked up an electronic chapter in which the leadership of isis in egypt was boasting of taking responsible with the leadership of isis in syria. the other thing that british that's right were concerned about is while the anniversary is aproeveng of when the isis affiliates swore allegiance to the head of isis, with all these factors combined, it is afraid, unfortunately, looking more likely like this is an act of terrorism. >> stay with us. we are talking to you again here in just a little bit. we appreciate it. thank you. right. just ahead, new security measures at the u.s. rather is taking at international airports in the wake of that russian jetliner incident. will they make us safer neighborhood, also, new intellion where accused drug king fpin el chapo may be hidin.
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an unusually calm ben carson firing reporters over questions about his past. you will hear it. >> you will find with me is somebody that is going to sit back and let you be completely unfair without letting the american people know what's going and the american people are waking up to your game. .
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the new security measures come after suspicions that a bomb may have brought down the russian plane at metro jet flight 9268. russia, ireland, germany's lufthansa group have suspended all flights to egypt. let's bring in cnn correspondent chris briggs. jay johnson outlined some of these new security measure, what more are we learning? >> good morning, victor, travel herbs from airports in the region with direct flights to the united states will likely see as you pointed outbomb sniffing dogs, hands swabbing and a little bit more random searches. now, a source with knowledge of that situation tells cnn that kyra, ayman an kuwait air force will see tightened security from u.s.-bound flights there in all beefed up security will affect fewer than ten airports. now, u.s. homeland security secretary jay janson said yesterday that the precautionary measures included more screening of items on planes, assessing
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security at foreign airports and offers to help select foreign airports with their security. u.s. officials stress there are already multiple layers of the security to screen passengers before they get on a plane bound for the u.s., that includes checking all passengers and crew against the u.s. terror watch list, but as a result ferability still exists there, the insider threat is a major concern. intelligence official sass i the downing of metro jet, if it was, in fact an inside job, authorities must zero in on airports and workers with access. >> let's bring back the international security director of a specific foundation terrific expert. i want to get your reaction to this decision by secretary johnson, as context, this is certain quote airports in the region with u.s. bound flights that will have additional secure a. shoe bomber was on a flight
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from paris to the u.s. and underwear bomber was on a flight from amsterdam to the u.s. what do you think of the selection and do they go far enough? >> unfortunately, victor, whenever there is an act of terrorism or suspicion of terrorism. airport security decreases the level of disruption for passengers also rises. this is what terrorists want. they want to create this chaos that exists on the network of infrastructures to do with all the airports. the thing that worries me the most is that it's not ncessarily the passenger that is the concern. it is the people doing the security at the airports. fr there is this growing increasing fear that at sharm el shaikh airport there was collusion at the airport that allowed a potential explosive device to get on board that plane. >> that is something that will need to be looked at in the future. what is their background. do they have an ideological
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agenda, are they now connected to a terrorist group? this is a growing dynamic. >> thank you so much. next hour, cnn natural analyst peter bergen will weigh in more on this. is this window dressing or how terrorist attacks can be prevented in this way in the future. hackers, meanwhile, strike the fbi. again. we have details for you on this latest attack. plus, one country's security forces are on maximum alert this morning as they join the hunt for this guy, drug kingpin el chapo. "the year of spieth comes to a close... tour championship winner...and he does indeed take it all."
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. you see here the demonstrators in the streets of taipei protesting today's historic meeting between the leaders of china and taiwan. their protesting would symbolize in this handshake you are watching now. the thawing of relations, the first meeting between the leaders of the governments since the ends of the bloody war in 1959. both sides said no agreement will be found today, but they will discuss ways to cement their peace. meanwhile, argentina's security forces on maximum alert. they believe the drug kingpin el chapo guzman might have fled to mexico. el chapo made headlines when he
3:22 am
got out of a prison in july. cyber criminals who broke into the aol e-mail account of cia john brennan are now at it again. the now lead suspects in the hack of, a private e-mail accounts of the fbi football two officials. officials were confident they would make arrests within days of the attack last month. but the investigation has provided few details. it's more complicated than first thought. >> ahead, an updated on a breaking story we are following, the fatal shooting of a six-year-old boy. this boy was shot by police officers as the child was still buckled in the front seat of his father's car. two officers now charged with murder. also ahead, to the political arena and ben carson firing back
3:23 am
the media over questions about his past. >> my job is to call you out when you are unfair. i'm going to continue to do that. >> more on that in a moment. first, we will take you on a culinary journey. this week we take you to copenhagen to meet a chef to has revolutionized the scene. watch what revolutionizes his style from other top chefs. >> reporter: copenhagen, the danish capital often held as the standard bearer of green living is also at the forefront of the
3:24 am
n na dic qui scene. the undisputed king of the culinary scene is noma and the chef renee. >> to me walking in noma is stepping away from reality in a sense of this universe, where people are pushing and i have this energy. we're working towards food, better plates, trying to understand how to cook in this region by exploring the seasonality, exploring the ingredients, trying to find new flavors, trying to build a new tradition. >> the pioneering notion of authority. he has revolutionized nordic cuisine, using raw seasonal ingredients plucked directly from the wild landscapes of the north. >> it was an amazing discovery to actually see the fruit stuff
3:25 am
that's around you and connect yourself to every single roots and berry and every single tree in figuring out how does this taste, how do you cook with it? >> pushing the boundaries of cooking, the chef encourages ciativity, experimenting with flavors that are distilled into seemingly crucial creations. >> watch the full show at
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>> it is the most disturbing thing i've scene. >> an emotional moment from louisiana police official last night after announcing two officers now under arrest and charged in the fatal shooting of a six-year-old boy. our affiliate wafb reports the officers were chasing his father when they started shooting. now the boy indicted from gunshot wounds to the head and chest while buckled in. we have been following this story throughout the morning. we'll have a live report at the top of the hour. meanwhile, egyptian officials are holding a news conference in just a few hours with the latest on the investigation into the crash last week of that russian airliner. this as the egyptian foreign minister says the new information being reported about the black box and a possible bomb was not shared with their government. he added the technical information should have been
3:30 am
handed over to ezwript rather than passing it out wildly to the media. we will have the latest reports at the top of the hour. the u.s. is planning to increase security for planes coming in from some airports after suspicions that we'll see additional search, hand swabs, more bomb squad dogs. right now, russia, ireland, german lufthansa group remain suspended off into its to egypt. let's get into the political arena, shall we? the 2016 race, of course, for the white house and a fired up ben carson is the headline this morning. the candidate known for his soft spoken demeanor. look at this, clearly agitated.
3:31 am
aggressivesly, the student asked him about his past. there are questions raised about violent incidents in his past. cnn was there in florida. we have the latest this morning. good morning. >> good morning, victor, christy. it's very clear that all of this intense scrutiny is getting under ben carson's skin. he's taking a much more agrsive, combative tone. in speaking to press here in florida, he tried to redirect his attention about his past onto the media, calling it, he believes, a witchhunt. >> i don't think it's held at all. i think what it shows, these tragic things show, is there is a desperation on behalf of some to try to find a way to tarnish me because they have been looking through everything. they have been talking to everybody i've ever known, everybody i've ever sixteen seen. there's got to be a scandal, a nurse he's had an affair with,
3:32 am
there has to be something. they are getting desperate. next week it will be my kindergarten teacher who said i ped in my pants, it's ridiculous. >> reporter: it will take a new meaning given the attention to him this week. >> a lot of people whould would say why would somebody say who has a wonderful career in medicine get in the world of the dirty world of politics? i frequently ask myself that when i wake up in the morning. it is a dirty world. >> reporter: carson will now head to puerto rico, where he'll have a few campaign events this weekend, even as these controversys continue to swirl around him. >> thanks so much. let's talk about this with political anchor and cnn commentator, good morning to you. i want to listen to one of dr. carson's comments in addition to
3:33 am
what we've just heard. >> there is a desperation on behalf of some to try to find a way to tarnish me because they have been looking through everything. they have been talking to everybody i've ever known, ever seen, there's got to be a scandal, some nurse he's had an affair with. there's got to be something. they are getting desperate. >> is that an act rat, portray al. >> he is being vetted that is the word tausd around in politics. everybody wants the press to be responsible and investigative and hard hitting until they see it. it's not always pretty. i will certainly grant him that. the reality is on both the substance of the poepgs put forwarded a the biographical accounts that candidates put forward, it is our job. there are people who are assigned this, you have to read
3:34 am
the book and go line-by-line, chapter by chapter, statement by statement and try and explore the contours of the architect and verify whether or not the information is true and this is not something that a lot of people relish. i remember going after chicago, despite what ben carson says at the height of 2008 of the whole controversy involving obama's church and, you know, talking to prigser, asking where he sat and often u how often did he come, he wasn't my favorite assignment. it was something we have to do. so if ben carson doesn't expect this. i'm not sure he thought people were going to print every word he said and cover all his speeches, let that be the end of it. welcome to the race for president, dr. carson. >> you mentioned flipping through the book. let's talk about the gift of happened, there is an account
3:35 am
qualm into question, whether he was offered a fuel scholarship to west point. carson has clarified saying it was an informal offer at best. here's more of what he said. >> it was an offer to me. it was specifically made. >> was it an offer? >> i intempted it as an offer. i made it very clear, i don't remember the names of the people. it's almost 50 years ago. i bet you don't remember all the people you talked to 50 years ago. but anyway, you know they told me this was available to me because of my accomplishment. >> so i wonder how does this play? as a zb op elect toreeight that is often favorably on the media, it's disdain for the typical, political hedgeing and potentially double speak, how does this resonate with the elect toreeight? >> i think people favorably
3:36 am
disposed to dr. carson will see this as the minor fib or misunderstanding it could easily be interpreted as. honestly, victor, i remember once i met the dean of the yale law school. a buddy and i had done community work. we were at a cocktail party they were throwing to honor us. one of the people was the dean of the law school. he pulled us asaid and said, hey, if you are interested in law school, let me know. now, was that an offer? yeah, it was an interesting opportunity. i don't know if i would call it. i turned down a chance to go to yale law school. because i didn't. it strikes pe as similar to what dr. carson is talking about. kwoeng anybody can hold that against him. she stacking across the other controversial statements that he's made. the flat out gas he's made. the stuff about he thinks the pyramids were not used for funeral rites, even though
3:37 am
that's what every egyptologist has said over 100 years. it starts to create doubts in the weiners out there, frankly, there are some undecided voters. even in i, what less than 90 days before the election. so, yes, there is a lot at stake here. >> we will get to that in the next statement. he is the most trusted candidate on either side of this primary season. does this start to erode that level of trust amongst at least gop voters? errol lewis. we will get to it in the next hour. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> as i ted, we will have much more on that interview with dr. carson and more analysis of the carson campaign. tens of thousands of russian tourists are still in egypt. we will go to st. peters be urg with you for a live report on efforts to get those votes safely. also ahead, my goodness, incredible show of support across the country for a trooper
3:38 am
who had to make a really tough decision about these four children. a children that he says changed his life.
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41 minutes past the hour right now. in russia, abruptly suspended flights to egypt after receiving intelligent reports from the united states and britain that this means there are about 80,000 russian tourists still stranded in the resort town of
3:42 am
sharm el shaikh and they may not be relieved for quite a while. >> in russia, a memorial service will be held for the 224 people that died aboard that metro jet flight. cnn international diplomatic editor nic robertson joins us from st. petersburg. let's first talk about these citizen was are stranded what is being done to get the ones stuck if egypt home? >> reporter: well, the russian substitute institute issued a hot line on what happened and what brought this plane down, they're working together with the emergency ministry. they are brought on board now t. interior ministry, the federal security services, the fsb, that is. they've fought on board the tourism ministry, the finance ministry, the communications ministry as well as the customs officials here and put together a hot line for people to call into for russian tourists who
3:43 am
are still in egypt to call into. some 400 people have called in so far. but an estimated 79,000 russian tourists in either sharm el-sheikh or the other holiday destinations, it could take several days to bring them back. russian tourists are being told you will get flights to fly you out. you will only be able bring just a few hand held possessions, your bags that would normally go in the holds, they won't be brought out with you. they'll have to come on a president is flight. so it looks like it could be a long way to those tourists. 79,000 is a lot to organize and get back to russia. >> it is, indeed. i wonder if you could characterize where russian authorities stand on this theory and presumably the intelligence to support the theory that there was a bomb on board the plane. the u.s. is taking it seriously, the brits are taking it seriously.
3:44 am
how about the russians? >> reporter: it appears the russians are taking it very seriously, as well. in fact the british, for example, have stopped a flight to sharm el-sheikh. the russians have stopped all flights to egypt. so to any airport. so in some ways, you could say they take this threat to be broader than sharm el-sheikh. president putin spoke with american officials and got an intelligence brief from then. he has spoken with the egyptian president cici. they said it is going to have to wait for an analysis of what they believe so far in the investigation. i think you just have to read in, you know, from what the steps to the russian authorities are taking, suspending all the flights to egypt. this seems to indicate that they sincerely believe the root of
3:45 am
this crash is most highly probably a terrorist action. >> all right. nic robertson, thank you so much. of course, we are looking ahead a little more than three hours from now when we hear from egyptian officials. the officials are furious that intelligence shared with russia has not been given to egypt as well. we will get a clear response at 10:00 a.m. eastern. a georgia state trooper had to comfort four children on halloween. this after their parents were killed in a car crash. wait until you hear what he did that has cost thousands of people to do nate money and reach out to help these kids. my conversation with him next. plus, former new york prison worker joyce mitchell back in court. she's the woman who helped her two friends i guess there, killers escape. now, she has to pay for her part. how much coming up.
3:46 am
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3:49 am
. a georgia state trooper is making headlines today. let's put it this way. can you imagine having to tell four children on halloween that their parents have just died? neither could he. >> is this the first time i've had a barrier with everybody and he's my son and my daughter and now i have four kids that i have to take care of. >> take a look at this, it's a picture of the howard family. mom crystal, dad donald and their four children. a happy close family and on this halloween night, crystal and donald went to the store to get
3:50 am
more face makeup for the kids. here's the thing, they died in a tragic accident and their closest relative was their grandmother who lived eight hours away. that's where trooper nathan bradley comes no play. >> they're in their full costumes. i thought something bad must have happened, if nothing bad happened, then all these troopers wouldn't be here. >> rather than giving them the devastating news thern and there, trooper bradley decided to take the kids under their wing for the whole evening and allow them to enjoy halloween. he and other colleagues agreed it was best to tell them when their grandmother arrived hours later. >> so it took the grandmother eight hours as you heard there to arrive. i got a chance to talk to trooper bradley. listen to what he says of that night last week and those kids and what's happening now? >> who made me decide we weren't going to tell them, i didn't
3:51 am
feel it was my place as a law enforcement officer. i don't have a problem doing death notifications. it's hard to do. but i know it's a part of the job. but with this scenario, it's a completely different story. usually it's us notifying parents that i've never had it the other way around. so we had it was mostly stalling and i knew if i just kept talking i wouldn't give them a chance to bombard them with questions. any time it got quiet, i bring up another topic. >> you went to the door. they were all dressed in costumes, take me back to that for all of you. >> it hit me hard. i have most siblings. so i remember, i mean, like you all know, i'm 24, so ten years prior, ways in that same situation as justin standing there waiting for our warnts to get home from work. i can relate completely to it.
3:52 am
it tore me apart. i had absolutely no idea. i wish i could say this was all pre planned and there is a guide of step by step of what to do. you just can't train for the types of stuff. >> i so understand you gave one of your trooper ball hats to the 13-year-old before they left? >> justin, he had a fascination with my hats him i had three hats in my car. my big hat, which is the complain campaign and i had two ball caps. that hat meant a lot to me. it appeared to him, for whatever reason, it's faded. it's not appealing through sight. he liked it. so before he left, well, while he was sleeping, i took that hat and under the bill i wrote, you are a great person, pleads never change and i wrote my phone number and the intentions of that was we, state troopers, with reach out to all the
3:53 am
families victims. we are there to support them. like i said, we are self initiated. so we have the time to speak to these people if they want to talk. so i really want him to extend out or reach out to me so i wrote it down. i said, if you would, please make sure he gets this. she said she would. so after she had told them about their parents state, she gave them the hat. i thank god that he called me, because the next time he would call me is when he told me about the $7,000. that's where it just took off. >> they needed $7,000 for the funeral. he posted this on a go fund me page t. outpouring from all of you across the country has been incredible. he's raised more than $400,000 for these kids. a lot will go to their
3:54 am
education. you can see more of my interview by trooper bradley. >> and there are disturbing new photos of the victim of dallas cowboys player greg hardy. there is an alleged do mettic violence surface here. violent evidence here a. live report on what this means for the nfl players.
3:55 am
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. well, domestic abuse allegations once again haunting the nfl. they posted dozens of graphic images apparently showing greg hardy's bruised and beaten ex-girlfriend. these are hard to look at. cnn has not independently verified the photographs. you see that woman there swelling marks contugss across her body. her chin, her neck, her back, her arms, her legs, her feet. hardy is a defensive end playing with the panthers when the alleged attack took place. now he is a dallas cowboy and cnn has the very late et. i'm wondering. since the cowboys, they've seen
3:59 am
these few pictures now. >> they have. currently they are standing by tear man. not a surprise to many unfortunately. hardy was convicted on domestic violence charges back in 2014. he appealed that case in front of a jury. it was eventually dismissed because the ex-girlfriend stopped cooperating with authority. prosecutors say that holdered and hardy reached a civil settlement. hardy signs that one-year contract in the off season. many question that move by the cowboy, even though those charges were drop. the nfl seemingly did its part. they suspended him for ten days for violating the personal conduct policy t. players union appealed it, got it reduced to four games. now the picture and i'll remind you, they are disturbing, they released them yesterday showing holder battered and bruised. she also had those bruise on her
4:00 am
chin. cowboy's owner jerry jones is sticking by his decision. he released a statement saying while we did not have access to the photos that came public today. we have given greg a sec chance. he is a member of our team and someone he's been grateful for the opportunity to move forward with his life and career. very disturbing indeed with the release of these photos, something else for the cowboys to think about moving forward. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. the next hour of your "new day" starts now. . it's one of the most disturbing things i imagined. >> a description on an officer's body cam. a 6-year-old boy shot and killed during a police chase. >> he didn't deserve to die like that. >> that little boy was buckled in the front seat of that vehicle and that is how he died.
4:01 am
>> two louisiana police officers now charged with murder in that young boy's killing. european authorities now believe that, yes, a bomb most likely caused that deadly jet crash in egyptian. new information about a u.k. flight close call with a missile on its way to sharm el-sheikh airport. >> there's got to be a scandal, some nurse he's having an affair with. there's got to be something. they are getting desperate. i go to these book signing, they say, don't let the media get you down. they understand that this is a witchhunt. ben carson like we have never seen him before on the campaign trail, agitated, animated, abutting media reports questioning his past. >> i always appreciate our weekends with you.
4:02 am
good morning. i'm kristi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. two police officers are charged in the fatal shooting of a 16-year-old boy. we have a picture of jeremy here, killed while combukled into the front seat of his dad's car. here he is. the officers reportedly opened fire while in pursuit of that vehicle, that's according to our affiliate. >> this happened tuesday in louisiana. north of baton rouge, after a state police investigation, two of those four officers involved are now charged with second degree murder that happened overnight, cnn's nick valencia, what have you learned? >> good morning, kristi the badge has been tarnished. those are the words used by the superintendent of the louisiana state police. yesterday at a press conference announcing charges against two local police officers. he went on to say the body cam footage is disturbing. not only as a father but the head of the louisiana state police. late last night, two police
4:03 am
officers taken into custody, charged with killing a 6-year-old boy in louisiana. >> tonight, that damage has been tarnished by the following two individuals. >> reporter: city police officers norris greenhouse, jr. and derek stafford are facing second degree murder charges in the death tuesday night. they are facing attempted murder charges, both were working secondary jobs as marshals. investigators say the two men were pursuing a vehicle driven by the boy's father. when if chase stopped on a dead end street. police say that's when the officers opened fire. the 6-year-old was apparent lit buckled in the front see. >> jeremy morris, 6-years-old. he didn't deserve to die like that. that's what's unfortunate. >> reporter: cnn affiliate wfab says martis was hit five times in the head and chest. his father was critically injured. state police say no gun was
4:04 am
found in his car. circumstances surrounding the chase are unclear. >> i don't know what he was thinking. i don't know why he didn't stop. >> reporter: the incident was captured on police body cameras. footage, which has not been released, left state investigators shocked. >> and i'm not going to talk about it. but i will tell you this, it is the most disturbing thing i've seen and i will leave it at that. >> officials did not say at that press conference last night what exactly led to the pursuit. according to local media reports the father of this 6-year-old boy had an outstanding parents. krth local media, he reversed into those police officers which resulted in them opening fire. 18 rounds fired by two different guns. cnn has not been able confirm. that we are still reaping out for more information this morning. >> thank you. just a couple hours away from a
4:05 am
news conference on egyptian officials on the crash of a russian jetliner in the sinai last weekend. analysis of the block box seems to support the theory of a catastrophic explosion aboard the plane, possibly a him bo, rather than mechanical failure. egyptian officials may need to explain an incident reported back in august. british media reports that a missile narrowly missed a passenger jet from london. cnn joins us now from sharm el-sheikh. erin, how are the egyptians reacting to the french media reports that data from the black boxes has condensed investigators -- convinced investigators that this was, indeed, a box? >> reporter: well, egyptian authorities are reacting with outrage, victor. they gave a press conference earlier today. they say information critic al
4:06 am
information to this was shared with the media instead of egyptian authorities. now this investigation is international. it's surprised of german officials, french officials, officials from ireland, russia, but it's led by egypt is why that information hasn't been shared with egyptian authorities is uncleared. he is very critical of the international community saying it is not heeded egypt's warning when it comes to terrorism. he said they did not show a level of cooperation and direct targeting of these organizations that we hoped for. i can say these calls were not heeded by many of the parties who are now working to protect the interests of their citizens. now. of course referring to the evac weighings ordered by russia, the united kingdom, thousands of tourists stranded in egypt
4:07 am
today. we are expecting nine flights. their luggage will not be going with them him that will be loaded on 20 empty flights coming into russia to evacuate their citizens. we are expecting later today a press conference from egypt's civil aviation authority. they are spearheading this information, it will be interesting to see if they have any information about those black books. physical i victor. >> i wonder if you here anything about this obvious report that this airliner was narrowly missed by a missile? are they saying that, classifying or characterizing that in anyway? >> reporter: yeah, well, egyptian officials have yet to react to now we made repeated calls to various government authorities remember that report certainly is alarming. it happened back in august. a british passenger plane,
4:08 am
british media reports it came within a thousand feet of a missile. now, the government spokesperson, confirming of a nature of that incident saying that an investigation followed. they determined the missile was not from militant, it was rather a part of an egyptian military exercise raiseing plenty of concerns about the general safety of the airspace over egypt. >> indeed, thank you so much. of course, we'll look ahead to that news conference at 10:00 a.m. thank you so much, erin. cnn security analyst is joining us now from washington to talk a little more about it. so one of the things i think that is striking to a lot of people, when you hear this, peter, is this. why would the u.s. and britain share intelligence with russia but not with egypt, if that is, indeed, the case? >> well, i think it's not out of the helm of possibility, the intelligence has been shartd with egypt and not necessarily
4:09 am
been very clear about it. you know, egypt's record of sort of veracity when it comes to air disasters is not that great. you recall the egypt air crash into the atlantic, which was determined by american investigators to be suicide on behalf of the pilot, an egyptian. egyptians have always denied that case, even though it's pretty universally recognized to be so. so i have some skepticism of about the statements the egyptians have made. by the way the statement of the foreign minister just made i think indicates a bit of a shift. suddenly now he's talking, he's alludeing into a way to militant groups and the, you know, sort of saying that the british and the russians, why would he be
4:10 am
raising this issue if it was plausible this action was taken by an egyptian militant group. >> i want to ask you about isis. because they have claimed responsibility to for this. do you believe that isis is capable of an attack? if so, what does it mean about capabilities? >> i don't think this attack was that complicated to pull off. it was, if, indeed, that was him bo, it wasn't very sophisticated bomb. i talked to british officials who have examined the security at sharm el-sheikh airport and you know this is not a flight getting a plane and at atlanta airport. this is a place with security that is poorly supervised to quote this british official is inconsistent again to quote this british official. so this was a very, you know, i'm not saying it was easy but i find it difficult to get a bomb
4:11 am
on to a plane in the united states, for instance. okay, isis has sympathizers in egyptian security forces, it also has hundreds of people in sinai working with it. so, you know, this is, that was a relatively easy target of opportunity for them. i don't think it was a particularly sophisticated operation to do this. >> all right. we appreciate it so much. thank you. he is speaking with us, by the way. >> we will be talking about changes to airport security and flights coming to the u.s. in just a moment as well, security now heightened because of the egyptian crash. what you will be seeing at an airport potentially to keep travelers safe. plus, a different ben carson, firing back against the media for questions about his past, but could this help or hurt his run for the nomination? >> there is a desperation on behalf of some to try to fine a way to tarnish me because they have been looking through
4:12 am
everything. they have been talking to everybody who i have ever seen, there's got to be a scandal, some nurse he's had an affair with. there's got to be something. they are getting desperate. it took you this long to come here. expedia. technology that connects you to the people and places that matter. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice this is claira. for her she's agreed to give it up. that's today? we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. after the deliveries, i was ok. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously. all these stops to take more pills can be a pain. can i get my aleve back? for my pain, i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap.
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4:15 am
but he'd rather not earn cash back that way. that's the spectacle of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. s. >> 13 minutes after the hour now. ben carson shedding his mellow personality and coming at the media pretty hard. gop candidate pushing back as questions arise over his past. the story that he introduced, the carson disputing reports that he may have embellished or made up accounts in his life story. listen. >> as far as i'm concerned they are out of the way. and let me just say one other thing. i do not remember this level of scrutiny for one president barack obama when he was running. in fact, i remember just the opposite. i remember people just, oh, we
4:16 am
won't really talk about that. we won't talk about that relationship. they don't want to talk about that. he didn't know him. all the things, oh, no problem. he wasn't doing all that wel, somehow ends up at colombia university. his records are sealed. why are his records sealed? why are you guys not interested why his records are sealed? can somebody tell me why? i'm asking you why it's sealed? >> that gives the impression you think there is some nefarious reason. >> can someone tell me why you have not investigated that? >> why are you raising that in. >> because i want to know. you should want to know, too. the president, wait a minute. hold on one minute. one sec. now you are saying that
4:17 am
something that happened with the words a scholarship was offered is a big deal, but the president of the united states is having a record sealed. >> he's already president. >> tell me how the relationship -- no matter where it is. this is a silly argument. >> a silly argue? >> tell me how there is an equivalent to there. tell me somebody, please, because you see, what you are not going to find with me is somebody who is going to sit back and let you be completely unfair without letting the american people know what's going on and the american people are waking up to your games. . i don't think it's causing a complication. hears my prediction. my prediction is all of you guys trying to pile on is actually going to help me, because when i go out to these book signing, i see these thousands of people, they say, don't let the media get you down. don't let them disturb you, pleads continue to fight.
4:18 am
see, they understand that this is a witch hunt. >> all right. with us, political anchor for new york 1 news and political commentator, errol lewis. it's important to point out ben carson who is the person who made his transformative years as a young person, a teen, a prominent threat in the fabric of his campaign. so we're starting there. what do you make of these claims of a witchhunt and his response and the way he's responding? >> the reality is that as somebody who has never run for office before, ben carson is learning the hard way that there is an old saying, if you are explaining, then are you losing, the time that he just spent in that press conference hide like to say, oh, yeah, there will be some sort of jujitzu. this will work to my benefit.
4:19 am
every minute he spends trying to parce words from 50 years ago or explain why what he put in his book as you point out was maybe not quite accurate or slightly misleading or needs a clarification. that's a problem for him. that's not something he wants to be doing. >> is this a problem, though? because many of the people he's trying to convince for a nomination of going after the media. they like someone who will put up a fight. is he responding to that criminal and taking the right enemy? >> i suppose in the short term you might have a couple positive appearances, but there is kind of a long way between now and the iowa caucuses. and i think some of the blue might come off the rose i don't know if he loses his core supporters, absolutely not. on the other hand, there are undecided people out there. even his impressive 23, 25% showing in iowa. he and donald trump are around
4:20 am
the same level. what that also means is that something like 8-and-a-half to 7-and-a-half to eight out of ten republicans in iowa don't want ben carson, so he's going to need more, more help in new hampshire. he will need to do better in south carolina. it's a long road to the white house so this definitely doesn't help. now it might in a way i suppose toughen up the candidate and the campaign to realize that part of what comes with being the front runner. part of what comes with that position is a little extra scrutiny. he can call eight witch hunt. others call it what happens when people start taking you seriously? believe me, lindsay graham would love to have supporters pouring over him and talking about what he said and did 50 years ago. >> let's talk about the general question here, kruvths although a supporter of the gop primary elect torerate seeded they trust him. take a look at the numbers here.
4:21 am
the most trust worthy and honest candidate more than trump, more than clinton, how does this impact that number? >> well, i suppose that might come down a little bit. on the other hand, are you fought going to the caucus to vote for who is most trustworthy, into the primary into the voting booth, it is an admirable attribute, however, as those numbers also show, you can be the democratic front runner and not considered trustworthy. you can be a frontrunner in a lot of states like donald trump and not be considered trustworthy or likable. based on your business practices and your publix presentation. >> trust worthiness, though, considering that donald trump leads in many of the other categories, if that's the number of trust worthiness and honesty starts to erode. what does the campaign have to go to after that?
4:22 am
errol lewis, thank you so much. >> thank you, victor. >> we will have coming up, more on the gap race, including an update on donald trump's highly anticipated appearance on "saturday night live." meanwhile, the u.s. is ramping up airport security, people, for all planes coming into the u.s. from some international airports. so i know you are wondering what that means for passengers. we'll let you know, also, one country's security forces on maximum alert as they hunt for the sky. a drug kingpin el chapo. also, a new photo scandal at a high school involving hundreds, yes, hundreds of students. and they're using a bit of a secret a. secret app, let's say, to do it. the markets change, at t. rowe price, .
4:23 am
the year of spieth comes to a close at a championship where and he does, indeeding take it all!
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4:26 am
>> security forces in argumenty into say they are now on quote maximum alert, because they believe, a fugitive drug kingpin joaquin el chapo guzman may have traveled to mexico and south america and crossed the border into their country. he made headlines when he broke out of a maximum security prison through a tunnel in july. hundreds of high school students, yes, hundreds, caught in a nude photo scandal, one that school officials warn is a nationwide issue. colorado affiliate has more for us. >> secret ops users skype feud photos and until this week, hundreds of people swapped like
4:27 am
trading cars in and outside the halls. >> in order for us to educate the kids and give them what their consequences are if you act in this manner, this is what your consequence is going to be. >> i think it's very ridiculous, people need to go that far to try to hide things. >> the superintendent has worried parents, this isn't a school district issue. this is a nationwide issue. school staff are now learning there are hundreds of apps keeping these photos from parents' preying eyes. >> do i think parents should be concerned? absolutely, yes, if images get out on the internet, they can go anywhere and live there a long, long time. >> students swapping photos could face felonies for child pornography, if photos are on parents' technology, adults are also at risk. >> that report from emmy allen, from our affiliate wkor. thank you for that.
4:28 am
she says the scan tal trickled down to 8th graders in middle school, nude pick. the school district says it will educate students and the parents of that responsible online behavior. there are lots of questions how they will deal with this. just about two-and-a-half hours away now from a press conference about what happened, potentially to metro jet 9268. the u.s. is becoming more vigilant. we will tell you what that means for travelers. that's still ahead, plus, officers say this child, a 9-year-old was lured into an alley and then shot. he was killed. i'll tell you more about the hunt for his killers.
4:29 am
4:30 am
. >> with all the talk about fed raising, mortgage rates, here's your look.
4:31 am
4:32 am
>> two louisiana police officers have been arrested an charged with second degree murder in the fatal shooting of a 6-year-old. according to affiliate wafb, the child, jeremy martis died while buckled into the front seat of his father's car. the officers reportedly starting
4:33 am
pursuing that vehicle. we'll have more details next hour. egyptian officials leading the investigation into the crash last weekend of a russian airliner will hold a news conference in a little less than two-and-a-half hours. it's coming as the egyptian foreign minister says technical information about the plane's data recorders, support the theory of a bomb, should have been handed over to egyptian investigators instead of given to the media. we'll have a live report from sharm el-sheikh, that's next hour. new this morning, about the bomb being a possible part of the crash of metro flight 9268 is resulting in an increase in security for travelers bound to the u.s., extra searches, extra hand swabbing, possibly more bomb squad dogs, russia, ireland, ukraine and german's luff tan ska group have suspended all into its to egypt. we will bring in cnn correspondent, homeland security
4:34 am
jay johnson outlined some of the new security measures other than what we talked about. a lot of people at home are going, okay, what does this mean for me? can you break it down for us, give us some specifics, lose? >> reporter: absolutely what we are seeing is travelers with direct flights to the united states will likely see additional random searches, hands swabbing of passengers and possibly like you pointed out more bomb-sniffing dogs. a source says they will see tightened security for u.s.-bound flights there. in all the beefed up security will affect fewer than ten airports. u.s. security secretary jay johnson said yesterday the precautionary measures included more screening of items on planes, assessing security at foreign airports and offers to help select foreign airports with their security. u.s. official, okay, are stressing there are already multiple layers of security to screen passengers before they
4:35 am
get on a plane bound for the u.s., that includes checking all passenger and crew against the u.s. terror watchlist. okay, vulnerabilities still exist intelligence officials say the downing of metro jet was, in fact, an inside job, kristi, the authorities world wide have to zero in with secure access who can come in and out with their badges. >> we appreciate it so much, thank you. >> let's bring in cnn analyst peter bergen. i want to kind of flex out something that you brought up in the last segment. you mentioned egypt flight 990. the ntsb determined that was the result of a deliberate act inside the cockpit. >> that plane crashed. 217 people were killed. the egyptians said it was mechanical failure. when mu baric was president, i
4:36 am
wonder, do you expect there is anything that the international community will be able to take to the egyptians that will convince them, that, indeed, if this is an act of terror, there is a bomb here, they will, indeed, adproo we that? >> well, i don't know. but the record on egypt air speaks for itself. the ntsb is the leading, you know, investigator of airline accidents and crashes around the world and offer a thorough investigation. they concluded that it was not mechanical failure when egypt air crashed. it was, indeed, a pilot who wanted to commit suicide and kill all these people. so egypt has always rejected. that you know, that was sometime ago, have they changed? clearly, you know i think it would be ault ultimately in their interest if this is an act by atant group to admit it and also, unless they change the way
4:37 am
that they do business, it's going to be very hard for them to sustain their tourist business, which, after all, is one of the few things that's functional in the egyptian economy. >> let me ask you to respond to something we are hearing from the egyptian foreign minister. you mentioned it. we got the quote here, in which he says that, quote, they did not, speaking of other country, show a level of cooperation and direct targeting of these organizations that we hoped for. i can say these calls were not heeded by many of the parties who are now working to protect the interests of their citizens, speaking about international partners not heeding to escript's call to seriously deal with terrorism. your response. >> well, i think that's a kind of grudgeing kind of admission by the egyptian foreign minister that militant groups may well have been involved in the metro jet crash. after all, why would he be bringing this up as an issue if he didn't think there was at least a possibility that this was a bomb.
4:38 am
it's an inexplicable statement, otherwise. >> what's your degree of confidence in this tightening of security at airports that will send flights into this region alone to the u.s.? >> i think, chris, in his discussion with kristi, i think underlined the real issue here, which let's say gow to dubai airport and you take an american flight home to the united states, you are going to get already a very kind of serious, every passenger will be given an extra level of screening and all the hands likely will be looked at. there is a great deal of scrutiny what there isn't is scrutiny of the people that work at the airport. the people that work in the baggage handling. the people that work in the concession stands. as far as i'm aware, that is not something done in any systematic way at middle eastern airports. that's really the issue here, the insider threat. it's not giving extra levels of security screening to passengers
4:39 am
who are getting on the plane. that's a good thing. but at the end of the day, if the theories are true about the metro jet, it's somebody inside the airport, itself, who managed to get this bomb on the plane in some manner. that's really, you know, that's a big issue that need to be looked at. i don't think that the measures that we got to be discussed at least publically really address tra right now. >> hopefully, we will learn more as the days and weeks go on the there will be a greater scrutiny for some of those airline workers and security at airports as well. peter bergen, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> a 9-year-old lured, then shot and killed by gang members. what we've learned this morning about this case and the killer. look at that little guy there. also, donald trump hosting "saturday night live." not everybody thinks this is a good idea for the presidential candidate. and a different ben carson, let's say, than we seen before on the campaign trail.
4:40 am
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4:43 am
>> this is a tragic story this morning. chicago investigatorles, they're on the hunt for a child's killer. they say this little boy, taishon lee, he was lured into an alley on monday and shot. just 9-years-old. cnn has this story. >> reporter: kristi, victor, good morning. at this point the person that could provide crucial information to investigators simply is not talking to police.
4:44 am
investigators saying that is a problem. talking about pierce stocks. he is actually the father of little taishon lee. the superintendent of chicago police says stocks is a known gang member. he says that's likely why t the-year-old boy was targeted, lured out to that alley and shot. we did learn that stocks was scheduled to talk to investigators friday morning, but he was a no-show at that meeting. again, that's according to police superintendent gary mccarthy. police are still moving forward with their investigation, though, they have identified several criminal groups they say may have been involved in the shooting. they have identified potential suspects. they're missing a strong enough witness statement that would actually close their case and result from only arrests. >> that is one thing working against police the other is the fear felt in that community. people don't want to talk to authorities. they're afraid of become a victim themselves. the father michael flager wants
4:45 am
to see that change. >> sometime doing the right thing has to overcome our fear. if somebody says, hey, i'll do it. i need to be able to move out of state. ly personally do that. i will help them relocate out of my own pocket, some other city, for their safety, if that's what it takes. >> again, that's a frustrated father, hoping to encourage people to speak up. he is very confident that someone knows something out there and is able to provide that crucial information to police. we have seen this level of violence before shots have been fired in chicago. people have been injured and sadly people have died, but the actual targeting of a 9-year-old boy is something police there have not seen before. guys. >> all right. >> thank you so much. we will keep you posted on what's happening there. meanwhile, if you are planning on sitting in front of your
4:46 am
night, it could be a big night on "snl" with donald trump as host. one group is offering a reward, a monetary reward to anyone who wants to disrupt the live show. we'll talk with an activist with that group next. ahead at 8:00 a.m., more of ben carson's tirade against the media. why he says the commission into his past is not relevant. nderst. rsm. audit, tax and consulting for the middle market.
4:47 am
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4:50 am
50 minutes past the hour right now. and donald trump taking the stage tonight as he hosts "saturday night live." the gop candidate's appearance comes with quite some controversy, as you can imagine. several groups planning to march from trump tower to "snl" studios to denounce his stint. let's talk about this with political comedian and show host dean abdalla. >> and a supporter. i do want to start with you, duke, specifically, what is it that you're protesting?
4:51 am
>> trump has called mexican immigrants rapists, murderers and drug dealers. you could not get away with calling african-americans rapists, murderers and drug dealers and be the presidential front-runner. everyone would clearly say, that's racist. but for some reason, it's open season on brown people. it's open season on mexican-americans and latinos. and that's wrong. trump has no place on that "saturday night live" stage. racism is not funny. and is all about we need to be deporting racism, not people. >> so, you are actually encouraging someone to disrupt the process tonight, is that right? >> absolutely. has a $5,000 bounty for anybody who will stand up live broadcast of "saturday night live" tonight and tell trump, and yell out "trump is a racist."
4:52 am
or yell out deport racism. we want to bring to the fact nbc should not having having a man who is calling latinos and latino americans rapists, murdererses and drug dealers. calling the american children anchor bait. born in the usa, has all of the rights of the constitution, yet, he's saying to these kids, exploiting them for political points, calling them anger babies. and saying they're second-class citizens. donald trump wants to tear up the u.s. constitution against their rights. >> i want to get to you, dean. this is a tidbit. you were an "snl" staffer for eight years. we want to get your insight on this. trump admitted on fox news yesterday that he did veto some skits that he wouldn't offend
4:53 am
voters, specifically in iowa. how much leeway do guests have to cut up those scripts? >> it's funny, i wrote an article the other day, the writer of "saturday night live" was on my radio show a few weeks ago and talked about what specifically goes on. the host can't veto, per se. but they have a lot of influence. obviously, you can't force a host to go on the set and say things they don't want to say. i thought this would be some kind of collision where trump wants it to at not hurt it. and you have this conflict contention. you saw it right here. one thing with luke. i agree with luke 100%. trump's comments have been despicable. i've denounce them. if people will start yelling out at trump, then they'll yell out at hillary clinton.
4:54 am
people like brian tucker said we're outraged that hillary clinton is on the show. i think what luke is saying is the right thing in political forum, yell out. i don't think it's the right place on "saturday night live." even though i agree with luke 100%. >> what are you expecting from trump tonight? >> i think, if he does it, it's self-deprecating. he did that in 2004, people like it when you make fun of yourself. if anyone has a problem with thin skin, it's trump. who lashed out last week. he needs to show he can laugh at himself. i think 2 would be smart. we'll do that. what else? i'm not sure. i think that's one thing he should be doing. >> dean abidala and luke montgomery, we appreciate you being here. >> thank you. at the top of the hour, a
4:55 am
developing story in texas. a judge shot outside of a home. the police are now searching for a shooter. also, staying with politics, agitated, animated, a new ben carson on the campaign trail. but where this tirade against the media win votes? >> what you're not going to find with me is somebody who is going to sit there and let you be completely unfair of letting the american people know mats going on. and the american people are waking up to your games. >> that's coming up. fix we want you toed me another one of the top cnn heroes. he's a chicago surgeon. for many years, he's provided medical treatment to thousands of patients who have no other way to get it. he shares why he does it. >> there's over a million people in chicago that are invisible to the system. they're either not insureded or
4:56 am
underinsured. i've dedicated my focus to improve the barriers and improve their injuries. >> for more on dr. dan, go to and check out the top ten and vote for your favorite to become the hero of the year. you can vote once a day at vo: know you have a dedicated
4:57 am
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5:00 am
it is the most disturbing thing i've seen. i will leave it at that. >> emotional reaction to the fatal police shooting a 6-year-old boy, shot while still buckled in the front seat of his father's car. now, two officers are charged with murder. new, this morning, a disturbing incident involving a british plane. the pilot says the jet came within 1,000 feet of a rocket, as it approached the same airport when metrojet 9268 took off from. and ben carson gets agitated with the media over questions about his past. >> what you're not going to find with me is somebody who is just going to sit there and let you be completely unfair, without letting the american people know what's going on.
5:01 am
and the american people are waking up to what you're doing. we're always so grateful to have you on board with us on saturday morning. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. we're starting this morning with ben carson, possibly in a way you've never seen him. the candidate shedding that mellow personality and firing back at the media. something he introduced on the campaign trail saying he's a changed man by divine intervention over the years. >> one of the personal stories that he received scrutiny for is his claims that he received a full scholarship from west point. list ton how he wanted to clarify that account. >> if you look at one of the websites that west point has today, it says, government offered full scholarship to west point. they use that very language themselves. almost 50 years ago, they may
5:02 am
have been using that language as well. the situation -- [ inaudible question ] >> it didn't go to that extent. they were very impressed with what i had done. become the city executive officer in much less time than anybody else. they were saying, you would be a tremendous addition to the military, and we can get you into west point with a full scholarship. i simply said, i want to be a doctor. i appreciate it and i moved on. it didn't go any farther than that. >> to what extent do you believe the west point account is relevant to the assessment of a u.s. presidential candidate? >> i don't think it's relevant at all. but what this kind of things show there is a desperation on behalf of some to find a way to tarnish me, because they have been looking through everything.
5:03 am
they've been talking to everybody i've ever known. saying there's got to be a scandal. there's got to be news he's had an affair. there's got to be something. they're getting desperate. next week, it will be my kindergarten teacher who said i peeed in my pants. it's ridiculous. >> why did someone say we can get you in with a scholarship doesn't mean you've actually been given it? >> well, it was an offer to me. >> did you interpret it as an offer? >> i interpreted it as an offer, i made it very clear -- i don't remember the names, i don't remember the names of the people. it's almost 50 years ago. i betcha you don't reche all the people you talked to 50 years ago. >> -- already the beginning of the end. how do you think this will affect you if it will at all? >> you said the key word there opponent. what do you expect them to say. i never said i received a full
5:04 am
scholarship -- >> wait a minute, don't lie. i never said i didn't receive a full scholarship. politico, as you know told a bold face lie, they've been called on that by "the washington post" and "the new york times." i'm sure there will be several others who will call them out on that, because there's actually some people with integrity. >> so, another account being examined is carson's claim that he had a temper during his youth. he gave his take on that. >> we were told we were get more details this weekend about childhood friends you were involved with fights with. can you expand on this, can we get their identity? >> if you want to find their identity, let me tell you where you probably should go, you should go to the incident to the place where it happened, wilson junior high school in detroit is where the lock incident occurred.
5:05 am
and maybe they still have the records of this. it was, you know, 51, 52 years ago, but maybe they still have them. [ inaudible question ]. >> which other incident? >> with your mother, the father and terry. >> well, the incident with my mother, she and my brother were the only people who were there. >> you mentioned that you don't need to have a recollection, you said, i don't remember these incidents? >> why would they remember them? i mean, that is -- you know, as a scientist who does investigations, that is the most lame investigation i have ever seen. where you get people, and you find people that -- random people in the neighborhood near me, you obviously must know about that specific incident. a bunch of garbage. only people who would know that, would be the people who were involved.
5:06 am
>> the first time last night -- >> wait a minute, let me finish. you would need to talk to the people who were involved in the incident. now, i have said, if they wished to come forward and have a barrage of media, they're welcome to do so. i would in no way discourage them or encourage them to do that. but that's a choice that's up to them. it would be very unfair -- >> it's a complication that this -- >> i don't think it's causing a complication. here's my prediction, all of you guys trying to pile on is actually going to help me when i go out to the book signing to answer these you thousands of people, they said, don't let the media get you down. please continue to fight for us. see, they understand this is a witch hunt. >> you can actually rely on that
5:07 am
maybe for the primary, you have to get to the substantive issues? >> that's what i'm trying to do, get to the substantive issues. this is all subterfuge. thinks that happened 35, 40 years ago. as far as i'm concerned -- [ inaudible question ]. >> as far as i'm concerned they are out of the way. now -- and let me just say one other thing. i do not remember this level of scrutiny for one president obama when he was running. in fact, i remember just the opposite, oh, well, we won't really talk about that. we won't talk about that relationship. frank marshall davis, we don't want to talk about that. oh, we didn't really know him. all the things that jeremiah wright said, oh, not a big problem. the occidental college, doesn't d all that well, somehow ends up at columbia university. well, i don't know?
5:08 am
his record is sealed? why are you guys not interested in why his record, sealed? can somebody tell me why? >> let's talk now with our cnn political commentators, ben ferguson and jeffrey ward. ben, with you first, he says the claims are not relevant and he's going to benefit from what he calls piling on of the media. what's your take? >> i agree. i'll give you a great idea of how absurd this west point scholarship quote/unquote issue is. if you're a student athlete, you have a ton of coaches if you're good at the sport you play that will come to you and say, we would love to have you at the university of x. later on, people will actually ask you, after your college you choose, hey, who wanted you, who gave you scholarship offers? you go through the list.
5:09 am
others will ask you, who has talked to you? who has said they want you? and that is any athlete, any student that's coveted in high school will have a list of different people that come after you. now, to say that somehow it wasn't an official piece of paper, i can tell you this, i played a sport in college. i had coaches that recruited me. multiple universities, i told them the same exact way that ben carson did. hey, i'm not interested in going that far away from my family, halfway across the country, hey, i appreciate the offer. you know what, i'm not a liar for not having an official document to back it up. that is how school works. i'll also say this, west point is free. if you ask anybody in the country, the mass majority say, if you get to go to college for free, what would you call that? they would call it a scholarship. that's the universal term for not page at a university. or even paying part of a
5:10 am
scholarship. you would say i'm getting a partial scholarship. it's not about if he lied about could he get into west point or not, you're going say he went to an ivy league school. i do not think it's going to affect ben carson, in fact, i think it's going to make supporters come to his aid. >> ben, what is the weapon of building the narrative if he has a clear answer, and he defends it in his book, whether people agree with it or not. why not answer the question instead of building this tirade against the media rather than quote/unquote piling it on? >> well, which question doesn't he answer? he said -- >> no. seven minutes of the news conference we ran, he answered the question, move on. >> well, he answered the question, and the media kept badgering him. everybody can hear that, hold on, mr. carson, what about this? what about that? we're talking about events that
5:11 am
happened a really long time ago. there's no one saying he's lying about the opportunity to go to west pot. you know what he's a 17-year-old young man that was hyperfocused on becoming the best doctor he could become. he wanted to be a doctor. west point is not the place to go if that's what he wants to accomplish. look at what he's accomplished in his life. does it make sense that he could quickly close the door to west point. knowing that he wanted to go to yale, knowing that he wanted to be a doctor. of course, it can. i think the real issue, media, many in that room, did not want to let the story go because they love the news cycle of it so he has to answer more questions about it which is crazy. >> all right. let me come to you, with donald trump, he retweeted these about carson in the past in which it says, is carson hallucinating, now lies about west point. and earlier wrote this about carson. carson now admits his friend
5:12 am
quote/unquote who he tried to stab. bob saved by his belt buckle. no longer exists as bob. wrong name. is this the right move on trump's part? >> well, look, donald trump is his political opponent, of course, this is what you do, you draw the distinctions between you and your opponents. and as i'm sure, donald trump is well aware, when barack obama sort of came to the nation's attention, one of the things that became clear, eventually, was that he had written, i think, a girlfriend or somebody in his book, that he'd done a composite or some sort thing. i'm sure, this is the kind of thing he's got in mind here. the ben -- these tweets, at least as i understand this, and correct me if i'm wrong, came as a result of the politico headline. i don't know that he's tweeted something since then. you know, i have to say, i do agree with ben on this. this is a problem with -- ben
5:13 am
ferguson. this is a problem with the media. the media does this all the time. i do think this will help dr. carson. as in fact, this thing has helped donald trump with marco rubio and ted cruz when they take this kind of thing on. people are tired of things. they want to know about issues. we get into these sort of incidents here, the media goes crazy and it drives the country crazy. >> we've got to wrap it there. ben ferguson, jeffery lord, thank you so much. we'll continue the conversation throughout the morning. we're following a developing story this morning, a 6-year-old child shot and killed by police in louisiana. while officers are now charged with murder this morning. investigators say it was the most disturbing scene they've ever witnessed. also -- >> new security measures trickle down to u.s. air airports in the
5:14 am
wake of the russian jetliner crash last week. we're going to soon be seeing all in an effort to keep travelers safe. and we're uncovering more information about the fox lake illinois police officer who committed suicide. what was on the phone records and text messages recovered by investigators? and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise.
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changes in urination, and runny nose. farxiga. we are everyday people. ♪i am everyday people. yeah. yeah.♪ ask your doctor if farxiga is right for you and visit to learn how you can get it for free. jeremy moore, 6 years old, he didn't deserve to die like that. >> an emotional moment there from a louisiana police officer last night. after announcing two officers are under arrest and charged in the fatal shooting of a 6-year-old boy. take a look at this picture, if you would, please. jeremy on your left, killed by police bullets as he was strapped in the front seat of his dad's car. the officers reportedly opened fire while in pursuit of that vehicle. this is according to our affiliate wafb.
5:18 am
>> this happened tuesday in huntsville, louisiana near baton rouge. >> it is a tragedy, a 6-year-old boy, a first grader left shot and killed after his father was involved in a police pursuit. this morning, two officers there in louisiana wake up behind bars charged with the murder of this child behind me. >> reporter: late last night, two police officers taken into custody, charged with killing a 6-year-old boy in marksville, louisiana. >> tonight, that badge has been tarnished by the two following individuals. >> reporter: norris greenhouse jr. and derrick stafford are facing second degree murder charges in the death of jeremy martis tuesday night. both were working secondary jobs as marshals. investigators say the two were pursuing a vehicle driven by the boy's father. when the chase stopped on a
5:19 am
deadend street. that's when the officers opened fire. the 6-year-old was apparently buckled in the front seat. >> jeremy martis, 6 years old. he didn't deserve to die like that. >> reporter: affiliate wafb said martis was hit five times in the head and chest. his father was critically injured. circumstances surrounding the chase are unclear. >> i don't know what he was thinking. i don't know why he wouldn't just stop. >> reporter: the incident was captured on police body cameras. footage which has not been released left state investigators shocked. >> i'm not going to talk about it, i'm going to tell you this. it is the most disturbing thing i've seen. i will leave it at that. >> the circumstances surrounding what happened are still unclear. even at that press conference last night. police offered very little
5:20 am
details. they did mention that body camera, but that footage has yet to be released to the media. the father of this 6-year-old child remains hospitalized in critical condition. we're still trying to figure out what led to that police pursuit. >> nick valencia, thank you very much. i want to brink in cnn legal analyst tom fuentes right now. tom, help us understand, when you hear another officer saying this is the most disturbing video they've ever seen, how severe is it? >> you know, christi, i was just thinking having heard him say that in a couple of these videos, you know for a senior officer of the state police, he would have seen, horrible traffic accidents. people just, you know in unbelievable situations. and to describe this incident as the most horrible, it must be a really disturbing difficult video to watch. and they haven't released it yet. they may not release it publicly
5:21 am
because of that fact. for me, when i hear an experienced officer make a statement like that, that tells me that this must be a really, really horrible situation. >> well, they haven't released, as you said, the video. but they also haven't released a whole lot of other information as well. as nick pointed out, there are a lot of questions at this stage. the officers have already been charged with second degree murder. >> no, that's true. i think that we're probably going to hear more about this in the days ahead. and maybe they don't want to prejudice the case. but, you know, they should be describing the nature of the chase. why the officers were in purchase sui pursuit. what led to the actual shots being fired. how many shots were fired. where were they in proximity to the car when they hit that. that so many bullets hit that little boy and his father. there is a lot to tell about what happened in this incident.
5:22 am
again, for the state trooper to say how horrible it was, that's pretty significant to me. >> there were four officers involved in this. only two charged with second degree murder at this point. what does that charge of second degree murder tell you about this case? >> it tells me that the investigators and prosecutors believe there's absolutely no justification for the shots being fired. and that there's no -- and in their view, no self-defense involved. that these officers were in any danger whatsoever. and had any reason to even shoot at that vehicle in the first place. >> tom fuentes, we appreciate your insight as always, thank you, sir. >> thank you, christi. european authorities now believe a bomb probably caused that daily metrojet crash in egypt. also, we are learning new information about a uk flight and its close call with a missile on its way to sharm el sheikh. ame direction, how long until they collide? you ready to solve it?
5:23 am
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you're watching history here. this is in zyngsin singapore. the two leaders of china and taiwan, since the end of the bloody war in 1949. now, this landmark handshake could reboot relations between the two rivals. or drive them farther apart. we don't know yet. but both sides have said no agreement would be signed on this day but they would find ways to cement their peace. and security forces in argentina say they're on, quote, maximum alert.
5:27 am
because they believe this man, drug pin joaquin el ch"el chapo guzeman may have fled headlines. live from new york, that guy donald trump. tonight, the gop presidential candidate hosts "saturday night live." the gop candidate's appearance comes with amped up controversy. several groups are preparing to march from trump towers to "snl" studios to denounce his stint. and coming up, authorities will speak about the investigation of what happened to the flight. >> and we'll find out how close they will be in getting definitive answers into what caused that jetliner to fall out of the sky, was it a bomb? also, we're getting more information about the fox lake
5:28 am
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5:31 am
0% apr financing. we are about 90 minutes away from the news conference by egyptian officials regarding that crash of a russian airliner in sinai last weekend. and today, nine flights are expected to bring home british tourists who are stranded in the resort sharm el sheikh in that wake of the crash. and the luggage, we understand, coming on a separate flight. >> yeah, british media also reporting a frightening incident in august. a british airliner approaching sharm el sheikh, the airport
5:32 am
there with 189 people on board, apparently had to avoid a missile. or came narrowly close to intersecting with that missile. cnn's erin mclaughlin joins us now from sharm el sheikh. so, the french media reports that the data recorders from the crashed airliner seem to support the theory of a bomb on board. how are the egyptians reacting to that report? >> reporter: well, egyptian authorities say they don't have that information. they weren't informed. and they're pretty angry about that fact as well. the egyptian foreign minister sameh shoukry said the media was given that information instead of egyptian authorities. this is an investigation that is russia, germany and france, egypt, though, is supposed to be leading that investigation. so it's unclear why egyptian
5:33 am
authorities would not have that information. shoukry also very critical of egypt's international partners saying they did not heed egypt's calling warning about terrorism. take a listen. >> translator: they did not show a level of cooperation and a direct targeting of organizations that we hoped for. i can say, these calls were not heeded by many other parties who are now working to protect the interests of their citizens. >> reporter: now, he's referring there, of course, to the decision by russia by the united kingdom, to evacuate their citizens from sharm el sheikh. russia is actually evacuating all of its citizens to egypt. which is seen as a big blow to the country's tourism industry. egypt's civil aviation authority which is supposed to be at the helm of this investigation into
5:34 am
what happened to the plane, well, they're expected to give a press conference in about an hour and a half. it will be interesting to see if they mention the content of the black boxes. >> erin mclaughlin there in sharm el sheikh. thank you so much. we'll check back with you when the news conference starts, again, at 10:00 a.m. eastern. we want to follow up on the french media reports that analysis of the data recorder seem to support the theory that a bomb brought down the flight. let's talk to peter bowles and michael rice. michael, by the way, the co-author of "isis: inside of the army of terror." peter, i want to start with you, what do you believe we can learn at this news conference today? >> well, we would hope that the egyptian government would step forward and start to take control of this investigation in a transparent way. clearly, their partners, the british, the french, the irish and the russians, have all
5:35 am
indicated that they believe this is -- this has been an act of terror. the egyptians, for a variety of reasons have been reluctant to go there. they need to step forward, they need to say where they stand on this issue. and if they do not support that this is a terrorist act, they really better lay out some facts on why that is. >> okay, michael, if they do come out and say, yes, it was a bomb, how does that modify the investigation? because, really at this point, then, essentially, you're looking for a killer? >> yeah. and the prevailing theory is this was sort of an inside job. somebody at sharm el sheikh airport or perhaps someone within the egyptian ministry allowed the isis affiliate to sinai to smuggle that device on board the cargo impartment. so what this suggests the
5:36 am
egyptian state is itself infiltrated by terrorists who want to blow up airliners. look, there's an irony here. the irony is that the egyptian government does not want to come out and own this investigation and say what has become the consensus view because egypt's economy revolves around tourism. but yet, look how this makes the egyptian government appear on the world stage, as incompetent. they don't even know. the united states have a better command of what's taking place on egyptian soil. that's going to affect tourism, too. would you go there knowing that their state of security is in a state of shambles? i think they're in a bit of a bind. it's a self-inflicted wound, if you would, we're a week into when the supposed attack took place. >> peter, i want to ask you
5:37 am
about the news this morning that there was this missile incident back in august with that british airliner. do you think there's any possibility that something similar could have happened here? >> it doesn't look as though it was a missile. because this is a heavily monitored area of the world, as we saw with satellites and radar. and a missile shootdown, it would have been seen. i think -- i think they're right in focusing in on an explosive device on the plane. so, i think that's where it's going to hit. but the egyptians are in a terrible bind. and unfortunately, they had a history of bucking the facts. and in 2004, there was a 737 accident of sharm el sheikh, in which the british and the americans identified the fatal accident as pilot error. the egyptians refused to accept that. in 2009, egypt air crashed.
5:38 am
in 1999, egypt air crashed off of nantucket. the united states declared that it was suicide. the ntsb. the egyptians refused to accept that. so this is a critical moment for the egyptians. >> okay. and michael, lastly, if this does turn out to be an isis attack, let's say, what does that mean? i think a lot of people in the u.s. are wondering, is it something that could possibly happen here in the u.s. was this something from isis central, this was a front team. we know there's isis followers here in the u.s. what's your take? >> well, it's actually quite frightening for the last year and change we've been focused on the caliphate, right? where isis has control of its infantry and operatives from
5:39 am
mosul to raqqa. and soil. now the alliance, the provinces where the caliphate has been established seem to be coming on to their own. they set up shop in egypt. they're in yemen. and indeed they've been in sinai. the line of sinai got into a threat of security forces. they were using tank missiles and sophisticated materiel. and we've kind of ignored the threat coming from these sort of provincial outposts of isis, but no longer. if this does turn out to be them, then it a stunning, stunning debut for what had been sort of a junior partner to isis. >> michael weiss and peter
5:40 am
goels. your insight is appreciated. we have this case of a police officer who staged his own death, turned out to be suicide. what police now say he wanted to do to a city administrator that raised the lines. we've got that for you. legal efforts to keep the sport safe, after a 9-year-old collapses and dies on the football field. his was during practice. ♪ every insurance policy has a number.
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this is one of those stories that everybody is going, what
5:44 am
the heck happened? >> yes, it is. >> it's so bizarre. a smalltown cop who police say staged his own suicide. now, somehow, it's getting even more bizarre. >> not only are joe gliniewicz widow and son under investigation for possibly being involved in this alleged embezzlement scheme. but detectives say this officer also tried to put a hit on a city administrator. cnn's emily flores has more. >> reporter: a fox lake police officer who staged his own suicide may have plotted a murder. police say this is the woman he targeted. >> i was stunned. definitely stunned. definitely not a good feeling very scary in the same sense as well. it's almost surreal. >> reporter: she said her interaction with lieutenant gliniewicz was professional, but bhind her back, he could have
5:45 am
been plotting to kill her. authorities say this text message was the first clue. quote, close to entertaining the meeting with a mutual acquaintance of ours with the word white in their nickname. having to do were a gang member. >> it was very clear with the text message that he was wanting to speak with a high-ranking motorcycle gang member. >> reporter: investigators also say gliniewicz alluded to planting evidence on someone. police found cocaine in an unmarked evidence bag in his desk. though the autopsy showed no trace of it in his body. records showing numerous suspensions. nearly a dozen violations of rules and procedures and allegations of intimidation. in one incident, dispatcher said that gliniewicz told her that she needed to stop her behavior
5:46 am
or he, quote, could put three rounds of bullets in her chest. in another gliniewicz is reprimanded for leaving a crime scene unattended. and in a new twist, sources tell cnn, authorities are now investigations gliniewicz's widow. melanie gliniewicz detailed her role in the program. >> his big concern was the explore program. >> he loved that program? >> dedicated is a mild word when it comes to that program and him. i did a lot with that program with him. again if you didn't get keep up, you get left behind. and i was one that was very heavily involved. we both were. >> all right. our rosa flores reporting for us
5:47 am
there. new efforts under way, this morning, to keep your young children who may be playing football today, safe, after the death of a 9-year-olds who collapseded during practice. >> a doctor who helped passed a state law mandating rules for students is weighing in on it. your worst cold & flu symptoms... you can give them everything you've got. tylenol®
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5:51 am
take a look at luke shone there. one of two football players who died there. plans to head to kansas in the fall. the other, a 9-year-old. in response, several legislators proposed a bill to congress to help protect young athletes. at least nine young kids across the country have died in football incidents since early september. nine of them. look at these faces here. a report from the national center for catastrophic sports injury research database says about 12 high school and college football players die every year. the leading cause -- sudden cardiac arrest. obviously, football comes with inherent risks, we know. but can these kind of deaths be prevented. let's talk to the founder of the cardio cardio myopaththy organization.
5:52 am
lisa, thank you for being with us. i understand you have seen parts of this bill, introduced to congress this week. anything stand out to you? give it a grade. is it a bill that will really make a difference? >> first of all, thank you for having me today, secondly, i think bring national awareness to the problem of cardiac arrest and death in our youth is critically important. there are actually two pieces of legislation in the house right now. the other is the heart sack which helped to raise awareness about sudden cardiac arrest and to identify those at risk for sudden cardiac arrest. the other bill is more global at looking at football specifically and how to keep football safe. this isn't really a football issue. it's not only a sports issue, it's a child issue. that's why in the state of new jersey, we reached out to legitimators, and staenator
5:53 am
us pass well child. in helping so while every child goes to a physician for a well child examination, we're also going to be looking at signs of heart disease in their families. >> we know looking for those signs and expanding those physicals is of much importance here. what is the greatest pushback you get when you're trying to make -- when you're trying to solidify those kinds of mandates? >> well, new jersey was our first state where we came up with a comprehensive approach to dealing with the problem of sudden cardiac arrest in the young and specifically looking for hypertrophic cardio my opaththy. sustainable methods with current existing health care systems have people communicate to their condition appropriately. and really use the systems.
5:54 am
and we already have created. we're just asking about ten more questions. and the physicians are being trained in the state of new jersey to know what to look for. and to be able to do a couple of physical examination issues, like listening to your heart sounds while you're standing, sitting and squatting, doesn't cost any money. there's no real pushback here. this is simple stuff. if we can get the gp and p pediatrician to identify the rinks. >> people fear that nine kids have died since september. and 12 all year. what do we need to be aware of? and schools, too, when they're looking out for this? >> well, i hate to tell you, but the number is much greater than 12. that may be within football specifically that you're looking at. but within the united states,
5:55 am
children under the age of 24, or young people under the age of 24, we see about 130 deaths a year from hypertrophic cardiac myopaththy alone. what we're looking for is signs and symptoms. if your child is short of beth, has chest pain or discomfort. if your child has fainted or nearly fainted, they're more fatigued than they should be. if they're an an applicant and marked changes in their ability to perform season to season, these are warning signs. the other thing we're looking for is family history. not the family myths, but the family history. when uncle joe died from a heart attack at 40, it's not likely a heart attack. it's more likely cardiac arrest. and many of those cases are genetic. we're looking for genetic
5:56 am
diseases. you don't necessarily look like a cardiac patient. do i look sick? i was diagnosed when i was 12 years old. so we want to be able to look at the facts. i have an extensive history of htm. >> lisa, we appreciate it. thank you for taking the time to be with us today. >> thank you. we'll see you back here at 10:00 eastern. egyptian officials will hold say news conference at the top at 10:00. giving an update on the investigation of metrojet crash. "smerconish" starts now. we all eat foods that are acidic. their teeth. i recommend pronamel. it helps strengthen the tooth and makes it more resistant to acid breakdown. want to survive a crazy busy day? sfx: cell phone chimes start with a positive attitude... and positively radiant skin. aveeno® positively radiant moisturizer... with active naturals® soy.
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