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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  November 10, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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goes higher. so where is the good stuff? couples therapy for vet, unlimited sessions completely free. the new york center for emotionally focused therapy claims 90% of couples with have significant improvement with help. website on your screen. >> that is amazes. time for newsroom with carol costello. hello. >> hi michaela. have a great day. >> you too. >> thank you. >> something knew new. >> [ inaudible ]. >> oh my gosh. newsroom starts now. happening now in the newsroom, ahead of the debate, candidates come out swinging. >> if you try and hit your mother over the head with a hammer, your poll numbers go up. >> campaigns getting testy. will the media be the target again? plus -- >> i'm resigning as president of the university of missouri. >> a shake up at mizzou. protests bring down top university officials amid racial tensions.
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is it enough? >> and free tilly. sea world phasing out killer whale shows. but are critics satisfied? let's talk. live in the cnn newsroom. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. the stage is set for yet another debate. hours from now the republican presidential candidates go head-to-head and take center stage in milwaukee. setting the scene for what is expected to be a fiery night. a new south carolina poll showing donald trump and ben carson in a dead heat. and donald trump wasting no time taking aim at his top competitor. >> you stab somebody. and the newspapers say you didn't do it. and you say yes i did. i did it. no you didn't. yes i did. i stabbed him and it hit the belt. and they said you didn't do it. if they said i didn't do it i'd be so happy.
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>> so will carson get hit even harder tonight? and will the candidates blast the media again for so called gotch questions? let's begin with cnn national correspondent sunlen in milwaukee. good morning. >> good morning. we've already seen some rumblings between some of the candidate this is morning. there's been a real escalation in words between the bush campaign and the rubio campaign which certainly sets an interesting backdrop as they head into battle tonight. >> tonight's debate a critical moment for candidates in the republican race to the white house. the main stage a bit roomier this time around. former arkansas governor mike huckabee and new jersey governor chris christie bumped you have to main stage into the undercard debate. fewer people means more time for each gop hopeful. the network saying it will allow the candidates to respond to each other's criticisms
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directly. donald trump giving an early indication he may not be so nice with his chief rival, going after carson over questions about his violent pass in his rally in illinois monday night. >> this is this only election in history where you are better off if you stab somebody. what are we coming to? people are getting away with murder. i've never saw anything like that. you can say anything about anybody. and their poll numbers go up. >> the billionaire taking on starbuck's after they changed their holiday cups. >> maybe we should boycott starbuck's. starbuck's is taking merry christmas off. no more merry christmas. be if i become president we're all going to be saying merry christmas again. >> and attacking rubio's previous stance on immigration. >> he's very very weak on illegal immigration. he was a noefbt gang of eight. >> tonight rubio may be forced once again to answer allegations of messy finances and other
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attacks from his mentor jeb bush. >> jeb bush has certainly telegraphed that marco rubio has a target on his back and he's going to be coming after him. >> fox business, the host of tonight's debate hoping to draw sharp contrast to cnbc, taking a jab at the previous moderators saying they never asked real questions. the network instead promising a real debate on the economy? >> i'm not so sure that these personal attacks that we're because i'm not sure they will be provided necessarily. >> and the main debate will be two hours long. the candidates will also have 60 seconds to respond to any attacks that are waged against them, carol. that is double the amount of time they were given in the last debate. >> sunlen serfaty. thank you. >> it will be a first for tonight. and it will also be the first time only eight candidates grace the main stage. governor chris christie and mike huckabee now forced to prove
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themselves after being bumped from prime time. as for jeb bush, who many agree fell flat last time, well hooels he's out showing a more fiery side. but was this the way to do it? >> i said if you could go back in time and kill baby hitler, would you? i need to know. held yeah would. >> even if he's really cute. >> yeah look you got step up, man. >> that was jeb bush in an interview with the huffington post. let's talk about this and more with cnn's brian steltser. i'm also joined by director of politician at the university of virginia virginia. welcome both of you. let's save the baby hitler question for last and talk about the moderators tonight, brian. neil cavuto, and bartiromo.
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they say we're a news organization. what should we expect tonight? >> bartiromo tells me she agrees with president obama. two weeks ago president obama said what are these republican candidates doing saying they couldn't handle the moderators? if it can't handle the moderators are how are you going to handle russia and china? she agrees and expects less pushback tonight. she says it is all about a respectful tone. as long as you have a respectful tone you can ask very pointed questions. no doubt there will be questions about carson's life stories because that will be one of the elephants in the room. even if the moderators don't bring it up, the candidates will. so we'll see sparks around that. even though it will be fundamentally a debate about the economy. so fundamentally a debate about the economy. ben carson had trouble articulating his tax plan last time around. will it matter if he cannot explain it this time around? >> well i think it will.
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assuming they really do focus on the economy. it is easy to say they are going to do that. and it is very difficult. i think the main difference in this debate versus the other ones is that the candidates are much more likely to take control and go after each other. there are fewer candidates on stage. and they have twice as long to rebut the other candidate who mentions their name. plus you now have almost every candidate on that stage with an agenda to attack one or more of the other candidates. so i would expect this to be an intense very tough debate that is centered around attacks. >> okay. so along those lines, brian. donald trump already tweeting trash talk about not ben carson but marco rubio. here is a sample. here is a tweet from mr. trump. marco rubio could even respond properly to obama's state of the union speech without pouring sweat and chugging water. she choked. i remember that when marco rubio
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took that sip of water. i thought that i was kind endearing. is this a sign trump will skip over carson and go right on to attack rubio, brian? it would seem to me that is a signal of his interest in rubio. then again last night in spring field he had a lot to say about carson. i have a feeling trump will bring ammunition of several opponents. trump is a big reason people tune in for the debates. but he didn't seem to be nearly as pent during the cnbc debate. maybe we'll see more aggressive posture tonight. i think it is interesting there are eight instead of ten. it will make for more engaging debates. what is that they have wanted all along. the group to be smaller. er so you can have real interaction between candidates and keep in mind there are 35 days between this dbtd and the next. there is a long time before these candidates will be on stage again. that makes tonight even more important. especially those like rand paul and others barely on the stage
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in terms of polling, they have to stand out tonight. >> and larry, who has the most to gain tonight and who has the most to lose? >> it is probably the same person, jeb bush. although i have to say what has happened to the sweet smiling dancing trump of saturday night live. i don't think he'll be on stage tonight. though some other candidates may mention that particular appearance. but look, jeb bush is in the corner. no question about it. he's had terrible debate performances. he's down at the four, five, six percent level in most of the public opinio polls. this is not the front run they are people expected. so he's either got to deliver or his donors and his volunteers are going to have a difficult time opening the wallets and spending more time for it. >> -- >> he did see a media coach. so we'll see how that media coach performed tonight. >> thanks above both of you. we'll see. on to mizzou.
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protesters there this morning warned yesterday's campus revolt was just the beginning. their calls for the university system's president's resignation were answered amid growing controversy over racial tejss on campus. the fight is far from over. rallying students remain prepared to protest and some professors are still threatening to walk out of classes. but the huker strike is over. a hunger strike demanding action. the student spoke to cnn about the risky protest. >> i don't think i had any doubts because for me i never took it as the deficit approach. a lot of people know how corrupt the system is. and they thought i was going to die in day one. from the moment i made my announcement. people thought i was a dead man walking. so for me, especially with faith in god, i really didn't look at it from a deficit approach that i would die. even though i took precautions that i might, i really did come at this with an approach of victory knowing that the fact that the harder we fight the
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greater the reward. >> cnn's stephanie elam live on the campus with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning carol. this is not the first time a that we've seen student athletes actually take up a line and protest something. but you can definitely say when the football team joined in with these student activists here, changes happened quickly. this morning students a t the university of missouri are waking up to a massive shake up. one activists say is just the beginning of change. the university system president and the school's chancellor ousted amid racial tensions and weeks of student-led protests. >> please use this resignation to heal. not to hate. >> this is just a beginning in aiding and dismantling systems of oppression within higher education, specifically the um system. >> effective immediately the resignation of university president tim wolf, who some say failed to adequately address
6:12 am
several hate crimes on the campus. >> we didn't respond or react -- >> while striking a different tone than the one captured in this tense exchange with students. >> system -- is because you don't believe that tough equal opportunity for success. >> did you just blame us for system -- >> even long time faculty say racism has been a problem on campus for years. >> i've been called the "n" word too many times to talk about on camera and to write them all out. >> tempers reaching a boiling point in mid september. after the president of the student body wrote he was called the "n" word, something that happened multiple times on campus by november, second graduate student jonathan butler launching a hunger strike, pledging not eat until tim wolf resigned. >> a lot of people know how corrupt the system is and they
6:13 am
thought i was going to die from day one from the moment i made my announcement. people thought i was a dead man walking. >> the football team and their coach also vowing to stay off the field until wolf agreed to step down. >> a young man's life was on the line and basically that is what it came do to. >> so while there are -- we understand some students still sleeping in these tents here on campus, overall the feeling is yes this has been a victory, carol. but the change that is necessary is it going to take a lot more than just two figure heads stepping down. >> stephanie elam reporting live. next hour i'll talk to one of the associate professors behind monday's walk out. and also still to come, bond set for two police officers accused of murdering a six-year-old boy.
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new details this morning
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about the moments before that deadly police chase this ended with the death of a six-year-old boy. source telling cell bo ining cn witnessing what they thought was a domestic abuse incident with iz girlfriend outside a bar. nick valencia is in marksville with more. >> reporter: a source close to the investigation telling cnn that a domestic incident between chris few and his girlfriend actually let deputy marshals to pursue his car to begin with. even still that hasn't stopped people from coming up with their own theories. this as the small area, about 5,000 people. everyone has a reputation. everyone seems to be tied to 50e each other. the district attorney even has excused himself from the case. we had several residents approach us yesterday to tell us
6:19 am
their stories about unfavorable encou encounters with one or both of these deputies. i asked the mayor how can one deputy be so powerful if he himself the mayor is supposed to be the head of the police force here in marksville. >> it is a close knit community. and he has friends in high places. and we tried to go ahead and i tried to talk to the previous chief about it, you know, and nothing was done. that's why at the time that i -- i had a problem they wanted to get rid of the chief because some of the issues weren't getting addressed. so we hired another chief -- >> the mayor went on to tell me that this city is corrupt. and he was very nonchalant and casual about it given how serious the accusations he was making.
6:20 am
the judge issued a gag order for those involved in the case. all of this happening as new information this morning, the two inmates have been moved 40 minutes away to louisiana where local officials say their security and safety will be better suited in alexandria. checking other top stories, at 20 past, police are questioning the man in shooting of a texas judge. officials say the man has some connection to judge julie kosurek. she was shot outside of her home on saturday night. a trash can was moved into block her driveway forcing her to get out of her car. it made her an easy target. and an officer shoots and kills a man. investigating report of the car break in when he spotted two people. one allegedly struck the officer as he tried to take off in a
6:21 am
car. that is when the officer opened fibre. classes will go on as scheduled this morning. health officials have found no source to the e. coli outbreak and the stores could be reopening this week. according to officials none of the food samples taken from the restaurants in washington and or contained traces of the bacteria. still to come in the news room. talk more and voters will like you less? candidates may want you do hear them out but is it a losing strategy for some republicans tonight?
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terrifying day so far in jerusalem. two stabbing attacks within minutes inside jerusalem. two of the salients who allegedly knifed and wounded a security guard were just 12 and 13 years old.
6:26 am
and there's just been a third attack at the border check point. police say the alleged attacker was shot and killed. cnn is live in jerusalem with mor more. >> reporter: we're learning about the attacks the third just happened a short while ago. the first two attacks this morning happening within minutes of each other in jersusalem. the first attack, as you mentioned the accused attackers here, 12 and 13-year-old boys. israeli police say these two tried to board the light rail that runs through the station and tried to stab a security guard. that security guard opened fire shooting the 12-year-old and sending the young boy to the hospital. both young boys from east jerusalem. >> 12 and 13 years old.
6:27 am
that is just really -- how often does that happen with boys this young? >> very uncongressman. we've seen a number f attacks in these incidents over the last eight weeks. most of the attackers are in the later teenage range. 17, 18. you wi up until their young 20s. there are some alleged attacker outside of that. but 12 and 13 years old stunning because of the youth there. and the 13-year-old was arrested when a number of people on the train and both just outside at the light rail station actually tackled him following the incident and held him until police arrived. >> does there seem to be a coordinated effort to get younger and younger children to carry out these kind of attacks? >> that is a very difficult question to answer. there is no doubt it seems that israeli and palestinian leaders are trying to ease tensions and put an end to the violence. also as i mentioned, surprising
6:28 am
this happens in jerusalem. what were these young boys thinking? it is difficult to say but certainly uncommon for kids that young to be accused of trying to carry out on attack like this. good morning u thank you for joining me. i'm going to be better. that is jeb bush's vow for tonight. the problem is the mares poll sews the more people hear about jeb bush, the more they dislike him. 58% feel that way compared to 32% who say they like bush more after hearing more about him. this even after jeb changed his campaign slogan and dropped the mr. nice guy act and started acting tough. >> if you could go back and time
6:29 am
and kill baby hitler, would you? i need to know. >> hell yeah i wouldn't. >> even if it he's really cute. >> >> no look. you got to step up, man. >> bush making those comments to the huffington post during a swing through new hampshire. bush giving that response after being asked what was the most bizarre e-mail he's received at the official campaign account. maybe it is good the debate tonight will focus on the economy. with me now, sabrina schaefer. executive director of the independent woman's forearm. and support of the 2012 campaign. if bush doesn't perform well tonight is it time for him to look for an exit? >> i'll have to leave up to his campaign staff but this is definitely an important night for him. he needs to step up to the plate and perform in a different mannerem i'm not sure i would choose the approach i suspect he's taking which is to be a
6:30 am
little more aggressive towards the other candidates on stage. i think he needs to do a better job bringing the complex problems back down to the kitchen table level so people feel like they can trust him, they understand him and he can latch on to that likability factor. >> let's talk about his new slogan then. "jeb can fix it." fox says the debate will focus on the economy. the unemployment rate is 5%. the "wall street journal" says that is only true if you include all the teenagers and retirees in the entire country. so how will jeb, and donald trump for that matter, address that? >> well carol, not even hillary clinton thinks this economy is performing as well as it should be. she says it is walking when she would be running. wages aren't rising fast enough. people are getting left behind. we also have polling that shows two-thirds of americans are dissatisfied with the direction
6:31 am
of the country. so i think there is a great opportunity here not only for donald trump and jeb bush but all the candidates on the stage at tonight's debate to put forward a plan or a vision that will get this country back on track and get everybody fully participating in the economy and get that economy to reach its full growth potential. >> so sabrina, in your behind does any one candidate have a cohesive plan to kplash that? >> i'm not sure. obviously it is difficult. you have to be able to differentiate yourself from other candidates who all have similar ideas how to fix the economy. i think it is less important the specific os any of their economic plans and that they are able to emphasize and talk about to the american people about thooiz these issues in a way that resonates. no one is voting because somebody has one better economic plan or another. few voters are thinking that. they are looking at people and saying gosh it is hard to break
6:32 am
into labor market. hard to move up the ladder. food and goods are more expensive. i don't have as much controversial his healthcare spending anymore. and people want a candidate that connects with them on those issues. that is going to be more important than the details of their economic policies. >> so the moderators say they will pin the candidates down on such questions. eric, do you think they will? >> we'll have to wait and see. we've had three debates so far, carol. and so far the fundamentals of this race have not changed. trump and carson continue to dominate the field. none of the candidates have been successful in challenging their policy positions. and with respect to ben carson, sometimes those policy positions can be perplexing. and with respect to mr. trump, those policy positions are at odds often times with the republican base. which gets know a larger point. and that is in the these
6:33 am
campaigns, nothing happens by accident. it has to be made to happen. and the. -- on the whole, the establishment candidates have not been able to do that thus far. >> i have to leave it there. sabrina schaefer, eric fehrnstrom. thank you. the numbers who serve in the u.s. military where diminishing. so much so that ash carter is laser focused on attracting more than just a few good men. one of his latest weapons in drawing talent is as in female talent is former facebook ceo sheryl sandberg. she urged nearly 3,000 cadets to lieb in and make the military a more comfortable place for
6:34 am
women. be thank you raucous crowd reaction proved just how challenging that might be? >> so that was one of the most fascinating speeches i think eve ever seen from an audience perspective because at times it seemed like you were in the lion's den. >> the message of equality is one we need to hear and not one everyone yet believes. i what i think is happening is this is cultural change. something needs to change and some people believe it and some don't. i think there were people in the audience today who really believe that an equal world would be a better world. and there is people who believe this is a meritocracy. and in that system more men will be at the top. still to come, concerns an airport worker may have been involved in planting a bomb on a downed russian passenger jet. what homeland security is doing to protect americans abroad next. these are my dogs dusty and cooper.
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if a bomb brought down that russian jet in egypt, could it happen again? homeland security is trying to make sure it does not as officials investigate what happened. there is growing suspicion a bomb could have put on the plane by an insider at the egyptian airport where the aircraft made its final takeoff. let's get more from cnn's rene marsh. >> reporter: at this point the focus really is for the department of homeland security on those overseas airports with direct flights to the united states. we know some of those airports include airports in cairo, kuwait as well as aman jordan.
6:40 am
so mostly middle east airports. of course the list could expand. >> what is being done specifically at u.s. airports to keep us safe? >> the focus truly is on the foreign airports but i can tell you there is growing concern about this insider threat. more and more u.s. officials are talking about how well do we know the close to one million u.s. airport workers at u.s. airports across the country and have secure access to all parts of the airports and even the aircraft? the question is how well are they vetted? a serious look is being taken as it relates to the vetting
6:41 am
process of these airport workers. the tsa head was just on capitol hill just this month and told congress. he admits that more work needs to be done as it relates to the insider threat. i know there is legislation that passed the house which would essentially increase the number of background checks these airport workers would undergo. it would also increase random screening. physical screens that they would endure when they show up to work. again the legislation passed in the house. it hasn't passed the is that the at -- passed the senate at this point. tsa vets all of these employees based on data they get from the more than 400 airports across the united states. still to come in the newsroom, sea world is saying see ya to one of its biggest
6:42 am
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it sournds like a victory or animal rights advocates, but is it? sea world canceling killer whale shows at san diego park in 2016. for years many are slammed the shows for circumstancmstanc cir. >> when you look into their eyes you know somebody is home.
6:47 am
>> they are an animal that possesses great spiritual tled . >> all whales in the captivity are all psychologically traumatized. >> if you were in the bathtub for 25 years, don't you think you would get a little sco psychotic. >> the industry has spun this. >> there is no record of an orca doing any harm in the wild. >> sea world's latest announcement on the heels of a troubling earnings update. sea world's shares since the documentary aired plunged more than 10%. the company now pushing for a more natural experience at its parks. 2016 will be the last year of the theatrical killer whale show based on the customer feedback we're getting there. this only applies to san diego.
6:48 am
theatrical killer whale shows will continue at other sea world parks. what do you think of this decision by sea world? >> at first t looked real good. the head line reads sea world will phase out the killer whale shows. once i looked into the story i was a little underwhelmed. because really while they are phasing out one kind of show, they are really phasing in another. and it won't really make any material difference to the whales themselves. they will still have to live in concrete boxes and be dominated and coerced by food deprivation and be deprived of all semblance of any normal life in any family or in any natural habitat. so it won't change anything for the whales. >> sea world is now promoting
6:49 am
its new program. it is calling this campaign sea world cares. i just want to play clip for you. listen. >> -- sea world, the words that come to mind for me is love and passion. education, conservation and inspiration. >> fun, wonder. amazement. >> when tlur and you are touching it and you are interacting with it, it gives you that emotional connection to it so that you know this is a life. and this is something that should be treasured. >> howard, it sounds like sea world, at least in san diego, it is going to be more like a zoo? >> well, maybe so. and the messaging sounds much more passionate and emotional. and maybe they are going to weave in some science and some conservation messages. but we're looking at it no so much from the portrayal of the whales but the whales
6:50 am
themselves, how they live in those places in that situation. as a captive deprived of everything. and they will still continue to exhibit the stresses and the infectious diseases and need to be medicated and and all all the other harm that comes to them in captivity. i don't see a difference from the point of view for the whales. >> ultimately, what should seaworld do, in your mind? >> i would like them to begin to phase their whole program out entirely and allow the whales to move to a natural sea pen kind of situation. where they're in a netted-off pen, but in a real ocean. so that -- because they can't really return out into the wild. these are highly sophisticated mammals that live in complex societies. without those societies, they
6:51 am
really can't live. so, they'll have to be in a kind of a sea pen situation, where they can be fed and they can get interaction with humans and they can be taken care of and monitored, but they'll be in what is known to be a therapeutic setting, which is their natural habitat. and that would be much better for them. >> thanks for joining me this morning. i appreciate it. in light of the news, cnn will be reairing "the black fish documentary" this saturday 9:00 p.m. eastern. a fast food walkout. the biggest yet. workers trying to get a boost to 15 bucks an hour. will their fight be an issue this campaign season? you pay your car insurance
6:52 am
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6:56 am
>> a look at our top stories at 55 past. this is dramatic body cam video capturing the moment a woman leading police on a chase rams a police cruiser with her car. it happened in oklahoma. police say they fired two shots to try to stop her but neither shot hit her. this is the woman police say was behind the wheel of that car. there she is. authorities say they had to use a taser to get her out of the car. they eventually took her into custody. another domestic abuse scandal in sports. this time baseball. colorado rockies shortstop jose reyes is accused of beating his wife in a hawaii hotel room. according to reports he grabbed her by the throat, threw her into a glass door. in a statement a spokesman says major league baseball is now investigating. and friends, family and fans grieving the shocking death of a baseball star, tommy hanson died
6:57 am
after a catastrophic organ failure. he had been in the hospital since sunday. he has not played in a major league game since 2013. i'll take a raise with that. fast food workers in hundreds of cities across the united states walking off the job this morning. tens of thousands of employees demanding a wage of $15 an hour. these kinds of protests have been going on for a few years but many of the workers are hoping to make it a big 2016 campaign issue. kristin romans is covering this for us. i guess on the democratic side it's already a campaign issue. >> in 270 cities workers say they want this to be the biggest walkoff, biggest protest yet. this time they have home health aid, child care workers, low-wage workers. this has been unfinished business for the obama
6:58 am
administration. they would like to raise the wage to $10.10 an hour. what you're hearing in the streets is $15 an hour. there's a lot of debate about whether $15 may be too high. raise the minimum wage but $15 might be too high. here's what the treasury secretary told me. >> raising the minimum wage would be a good thing. a lot of states are doing it. the states are doing it at a level where you might say they would be uncompetitive with other states but it hasn't turned out to be a problem. >> uncompetitive but it hasn't turned out to be a problem. tonight will there be a vote in berkeley, california, where there's a vote to raise the minimum wage there to $19 an hour. $19 an hour and some small business owners there, restaurant owners and civic goment workers are concerned that's too high. they think $19 might be too high. no question this is a big campaign debate for 2016. we'll hear more about it.
6:59 am
>> thanks. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. good morning, everyone. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. the stage is set for yet another debate. hours from now the republican presidential candidates go head to head and take center stage in milwaukee. setting the scene for what's expected to be a fiery night. a new south carolina poll shows donald trump and ben carson in a dead heat. donald trump wasted no time taking aim at his top competitor. >> you stab somebody and the newspapers say you didn't do it. and you said, yes, i did. i did it. no, you didn't. yes, i did! i stabbed him and it hit the belt. and they said you didn't do it. if i said i didn't do it, i'd be so happy. >> as for jeb bush, who many agree fell flat the last
7:00 am
go-around, his campaign is out with a new ad pushing a hip and fit candidate ready to lead. joining me our correspondent in the city of milwaukee. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the jeb bush campaign trying to send their candidate onto the debate stage with an extra boost of energy. they released this morning a new web video entitled "game day" and it shows jeb bush smiling, taking selfies with supporters, running through the streets with marines. the intended message of this new web video really is to send a message what jeb bush himself has really struggled with communicating. that he is joyful and happy candidate out there on the campaign trail. here's a little bit of that web ad now. >> you vetoed $ billion in spending and cut taxes, ended affirmative action, pro-life, you gave the country its first school voucher program when you
7:01 am
were governor. 1.3 million jobs, 4.4% growth, eight balanced budgets. that's a conservative record. >> i was a reform-minded conservative. i did cut taxes every year. i balanced budgets every year. when i left there were $9 billion in reserves. we reduced the state government workforce by 13,000. the one thing that barack obama -- >> the stakes are certainly high for jeb bush here tonight. he needs to have a strong debate performance. since the last debate, his campaign has hired a media trainer for him to become more comfortable, they say, up there on the debate stage, to be more assertive, to be more boisterous up there. jeb bush himself has talked about his mind set going into tonight saying he's not going to think of it so much as a debate, but more a chance to communicate his ideas and his policies. it will be interesting to see the change potentially in him tonight. >> thank you. with me now to talk about this, former michigan governor and clinton supporter, jennifer
7:02 am
granholm. >> thanks, carol. glad to be on. >> i can't wait to watch. i think it will be fascinating. >> i know. you are a nerd about this. i love it. >> i am such a nerd. you just saw jeb bush's new campaign ad. what did you think? >> poor jeb. they tell everybody he has a media trainer. he has to put out an ad saying what fun he's having on the debate -- i mean, on the campaign. poor guy. no question he's got the biggest burden tonight because he has really got to demonstrate that he's got game. if he comes in in an inauthentic way -- it's a tight balance. >> i know you portrayed sarah palin in a faux debate so you know the scene. so, jeb bush hired this debate coach. what do you think that coach
7:03 am
told him to do? >> well, i have no idea because really you cannot be something that you're not, right? you have to be authentic. people are so smart about that. i think he has to come in demonstrating the kind of natural fight he has. also his record for conservatives, he's going to trump at that and i think he's going to poke. but he has to be careful about poking too much. because if he said some really nice things, for example, about marco rubio in the past, it's going to be tough for him. the whole thing is the role of the moderators. what are they going to do to keep these candidates on the substance because all of these tax plans, for example -- it's a business debate, right? they'll be talking about the economy and talking about their tax plans. well, all of these analyses that have come out demonstrate the republican tax plans are between $3 and $11 trillion.
7:04 am
the question for the mod rarts, how are you going to get them to explain how they're going to pay for all of these tax cuts for the wealthy while still keeping medicare intact, for example. >> are you suggesting, jennifer, the candidates might deflect and begin attacking one another with sort of gotcha moments? >> i'm shocked they're gambling in here. yes. that's why the role of the moderator in this particular debate, especially after the cnbc debate, the role of the moderator will be really interesting. here's another question i'm interested to see, what are they going to say -- we just had this great jobs report. under barack obama 7.5 million net jobs were created. under george bush, 2 million. under barack obama, 61 months of job creation. he's cut the unemployment rate in half. what are they going to say that they would do to accelerate that? what are they going to say that they would do to create middle class jobs in america in a
7:05 am
global economy when we know the same old trickle down stuff won't work. >> i know what i would say. >> what would you say? >> the middle class is struggling and i would come up with a plan to raise middle class wages. >> what would that be? i totally agree. what are they going to say they would do to create middle class wages when all of them, for example, are against raising the minimum wage, all for equal pay, all say hands off when our other economic competitors are active. i don't know what policies they'll put out there to actually create middle class jobs in america. >> tax breaks for businesses. if you make it easier on employers, they can hire more workers. >> that's not the only thing that is going to create middle class jobs in america. we have seen that trickle down alone does not work. especially when our economic competitors have much lower tax rates potentially than we do. we've got to have not big
7:06 am
government but active government in partnering with business. i want to hear what they're going to say to that, respond to the president. all of these guys have said we're not going to do -- we're not going to make significant investments in people or infrastructure. at least they haven't said how they're going to pay for it. i'm really interested in those who want to balance the budget, how are they going to cut all these taxes, the estate tax, capital gains tax and still balance the budget. >> so, a question. i want you to try to remove yourself from being a democrat and a hillary clinton supporter. although i know it's difficult. >> it's so hard. so hard. >> i know it's difficult. it's like a wound for you. >> it's understand a wound. >> i mean to distance yourself from that just for a moment. >> oh, okay. >> what candidate on stage, because there are governors on stage, right? senators on stage, there are businessmen on stage.
7:07 am
which man or woman has the best qualities to grow our economy? >> honestly -- i'm going to try to remove my -- >> just between senator, governor, business person. >> oh, i think, a governor, of course. i have a bias because i'm a governor, a former governor. yu know, they've done stuff, so i agree with that sort of analysis. but truly the stuff they're putting out, it's all the same. how do they distinguish themselves? they're all anti-science, all trickle down, tax cuts for the wealthy. it's all the same. anti-immigrant. by the way, having an immigration policy would help the economy. i don't know -- despite the fact that some of them are governors and some are probably real pragmatic people, they have to appeal to a base that is so extreme that what they are putting out there will not help the economy but, in fact, hurt it. >> i don't think you distanced
7:08 am
yourself but thank you for answering the question. jennifer granholm. a quick note for our viewers, after the debate make sure to watch cnn for a special wrap-up hosted by anderson cooper. he'll fact-check the candidates. all of that kicks off at 11:00 p.m. eastern. for her part hillary clinton seems to be softening her stance on her republican rivals. remember this remark about her political enemies from last month's democratic debate? >> which enemy are you most proud of? >> well, in addition to the nra, the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the iranians, probably the republicans. >> so fast forward to this week in a campaign swing in new hampshire and clinton says she's actually ready to work with the gop if she were to be elected. cnn's jeff zeleny joins me from derby, new hampshire, to tell me
7:09 am
more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that comment from secretary hillary clinton at our first debate a month ago certainly resonated with democrats. they thought it showed she's a fighter. i can tell you it's still reverberating here among voters. there was an interesting exchange at a town meeting here in new hampshire. a woman stood up and said she had been a strong supporter of hillary clinton going back way to 1992. she was a big defender of the clintons but she said she was troubled by this remark. let's take a listen. >> my question to you is, for the first time in all of the times i've listened to you, when you said the republicans as your enemy, it was disheartening. i'm not asking you to retract it. what i'm asking you is when you are president, would you please extend the olive branch and lead us because we're all americans. >> what i have found in my 20-plus years of experience in this arena is that when i'm in office, i have great relations
7:10 am
with republicans. they say wonderful things about me. when i'm running for office, it's a little different. i get that. i understand that. but you can rest assured at the base of political action, a relationship's just like anything else in life. i will do whatever i can to find that common ground. >> reporter: so, you can tell a very fine line there between a partisan fighter and trying to end the gridlock in washington. but i was struck by that. we have never heard hillary clinton say when she's in office republicans like her and when she's running, they don't. there's some truth to that. she had good relations with john mccain and lindsey graham. the question is, is that possible in the white house in this very, very divided city and
7:11 am
the capitol. >> thank you, jeff zeleny from derri. for more, head over to some answers are finally being answered in the death of a 6-year-old boy. what cnn learned about an incident that sparked a deadly police chase.
7:12 am
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7:15 am
sign up at leaving no stone unturned a louisiana district attorney is vowing justice in a detailed investigation following the police shooting death of 6-year-old jeremy mardis, a judge setting bond at $1 million for two officers facing murder charges as new details emerge
7:16 am
about what led them to chase the boy's father in the first place. nick valencia is in marksville with more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. early on in the investigation we were told perhaps an argument, a verbal argument at a bar led to deputy marshals chasing down chris few. now we're told there was actually a domestic incident between chris few and his girlfriend that led deputy marshals to pursue his car in the first place. that has not stopped the theories swirling in this small community of 5,000 where everyone has a reputation and everyone is tied to each other. the district attorney recused himself from the case because the assistant district attorney is the father of one of the suspects. throughout the days we've been here, many residents have come up to us independently about unfavorable negative encounters they've had with the two deputies involved with the 6-year-old's death. even the mayor was thrown in jail, arrested, based on what he
7:17 am
says were false accusations and he's been frying to get one of these deputies thrown off the police force without any luck. he told me, flat out, this city has a corruption problem and much of it has to do with the city's police department. >> there's a lot of allegations of corruption in this city, mayor. is this city corrupt? >> it depends on how you look at it. to an extent it is and some things needs to be taken care of and some things that need to be looked at very seriously. >> reporter: how do you address that? even the mayor of the city is saying there's potential corruption in this city. >> i plan on meeting with the colonel from the state troopers and to get and sit with us, with the police department and see how we can iron things out. >> reporter: we don't expect to get much more information from investigators here. much of that has to do with the gag order that was signed yesterday by the judge so everyone involved in this occasion perhaps even witnesses, will be subject to that gag order. meanwhile, overnight, those two inmates, those officers, charged in the murder of this 6-year-old have been moved about 40 miles
7:18 am
away for security reasons. carol? >> nick valencia reporting live from louisiana this morning. more threats of student demonstrations of faculty walkout on the mizzou campus. the university president resigned yesterday but protesters say their fight is far from over. stephanie elam joins me from the campus with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. this is, perhaps, something you could count in the win column for the student activists but when you talk to students here, they say the work that needs to be done here is far from over. yes, they were calling for the head of the university system, the president, to step down. not just of this school, of the system. there's four schools within that. that is exactly what tim wolfe did. then we heard the chancellor is also going to transition into a new position come january 1st. but when you talk to students on the campus, they do say there's a feeling that things still need to change. obviously if the idea here is
7:19 am
institutional racism, it doesn't go away just by getting rid of two figure heads. obviously, they're saying there is a lot that needs to be done with how the students are interacting with other students coming from different backgrounds and how they can integrate that into what they're learning here and they take away from this campus here with them when they go out into the real world, carol. >> what about the fastball team, will they continue their strike? >> reporter: the football team is back in in action. that was a huge part of why things changed so quickly here. you've got the student activists. if you look behind me, there are tents because we understand there are still some students who have been sleeping in these tents overnight. they were doing their part but they did get a big assist from the football stand who took a stand, agreeing with students there were problems on campus and they need to be addressed. this is a majority white university here. but the fact that the football team took this stance, and not only did they do that, but they had the support of their head
7:20 am
coach, who stood behind them. listen to what he had to say. >> i just know my players were suffering and they felt awful. i'm like their sdad and i'm going to help them in any way i can. they asked me if i would support them. i said i would. i didn't look at consequences. it was about helping my players, supporting my players when necessithey needed me. >> reporter: when you take a look at mizzou football, you're familiar with the school because of their football program. their stance having a big play in this. also, if they did not play in this game coming up this weekend, against byu, they would have faced a $1 million fine, carol. ultimately that was in no way going to help the university of missouri system. mizzou isn't the only college seeing students rally against growing racial tensions.
7:21 am
hundreds of yale students gathered monday to call for an end to discrimination on their campus. the march of resilience was intended to bring the community and students of all backgrounds together. still to come in the news "newsroom," you've heard the phrase, if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.
7:22 am
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7:25 am
this morning a city marred by violence is remembering a young victim of gang brutality. funeral services wil be held for tyshaun lee. they say he was lured into an alley and shot to death in a gang attack. >> reporter: good morning, carol.
7:26 am
it's a tough thing to hear when you hear it over and over again about this 9-year-old who was killed, lured into an alley. the casket has just arrived. this has taken the city by storm in terms of the shock over this. people really want to know what's going on in the community when you have a 9-year-old that gets lured into an alley and shot several times. police believe he was the intended target. they do believe gang violence is involved. they're asking the community for help to help solve this crime. police say they have great leads in this but let's deal with the fact of this, the shock. a 9-year-old boy whose life ended. we're standing outside a funeral service. his family under guard by the police department. they were brought here by several police officers. you see this going on right now live. obviously, you can imagine the shock in the community that a 9-year-old would be targeted. we've heard so many times over and over, where does it stop when a 9-year-old is the one targeted for a violent crime like this? the family arriving here in the last five minutes, carol. we were expecting a larger crowd
7:27 am
from this. not sure if more people will arrive shortly. but you can see all the people that have showed up and are standing on the side. they used a motorcycle to bring the young man's body here. we know there's a $51,000 reward in connection with trying to solve this crime with tips that police hope someone will call in and give them some information about this young man. i want to show you his picture. this is the young man we're talking about. a 9-year-old, who was brought into an alley and shot several times. in fact, family members put a basketball inside his casket because he loved basketball. this is something that's really struck everyone in their hearts in the city because, obviously, they want to know, where does the violence stop? since he's been killed, we've already had a 14-year-old killed as well in this city since then. you can understand why people are just so upset. it's even hard to talk about being outside a 9-year-old's funeral shot and killed due to gang violence. >> police have absolutely no
7:28 am
suspects because initially they thought maybe the boy's father was involved in some way. have they stepped away from that claim? >> reporter: well, carol, it's good you bring that up. in fact, police believe the father is involved in gang activity and some of this could be stringing back to august. several crimes that have happened and maybe someone is trying to get back at the father. we do know now, some people have been giving leads to police. they believe they're closer to arresting a suspect. they did bring a person of interest in, that was released. some tips have come in that may lead to an arrest. you know how these cases work, especially with all the gang violence in the city, there's a culture of not talking to the police. they're working against all that. when you have the superintendent of chicago stand up and say this is the worst crime in his 35-year career, you can understand how this violence is marking a lot of people. 9-year-old taken into an alley and shot several times, apparently in the face and the back. obviously he was the target. you see the family members here up.
7:29 am
see people standing up here under police guard at this point. it strikes you. hearing from several parents who say they are now scared for their children to play outside, for them to walk to school. these are things everybody can identify with. >> ryan young reporting live from chicago this morning. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. with when the republican presidential hopefuls gather in milwaukee, the economy will be the topeka topic of discussion. the media will also be a hot topic with donald trump's fight to fox and marco rubio calling them the ultimate super pac and ben carson talking about them
7:30 am
talking about his past. he claims he's raised $3.5 million thanks to the scrutiny from what he says is a biased media. just this morning carson asked his supporters for more money, saying the press is going off the rails. my next guest says, when you run for president, you don't get a break. that's how a democracy works. the media critic for the malt mother s "the baltimore sun." thank you for joining me. you're very familiar with ben carson. what do you think he'll be like tonight? >> i think he's embraced this feisty, going to war with the press persona. it's interesting because it's at odds with his kind of normal mr. rogers delivery style, like he's talking to a classroom of children who can't follow what he's saying because he's so smart and we're not. but this really combative tone he embraced friday night in that
7:31 am
press conference in florida after the stormy day he had friday really started on cnn with allison kam ratto's interview in the cnn piece, which was really good. and then the politico story. by evening he was at war with the press. he's upped the ante. for me i think it's a mistake. the grave yard of american politics is littered with the careers of people who have tried to run by running against the press. making that one of the central tenets of their campaign. sarah palin most recently. you can go back to spiroing agn >> i think donald trump might go on the attack. he's poked fun at ben carson hitting hmother over the head
7:32 am
with a hammer. if they go to ben carson's back story, how will he respond? >> that's a great question. as you know in the last debate, i was struck by how cozy trump and carson were. even at one point trump winked at him, like they were running a game together. on this press conference. i don't think trump wants to go after carson face-to-face. i can't wait to see the dynamic of that, how carson comes back at him. that is one of the story lines. but a lot of these -- i have to say, carol, some of these candidates have been kind of weasely. they say stuff about their opponents on the campaign trail, and then when they stand next to them at the podium on these debates, they act like they're great statesmen and they're all in this together against this evil thing called the press. >>. >> oh, that's politics, isn't it, david? a final question. this debate is supposed to be
7:33 am
all about substance. it really, really is. ben carson is going to have to articulate his economic plan, his tax plan. something he was unable to do in the last debate. if you can't do that, do you think that will matter to his supporters? >> i think at this point in the campaign, it will not, carol. what has trump articulated? you know, trump and carson seem to be absolutely bulletproof when it comes to articulating any hard policy. they get away with murder on this. and their base seems to love it. as soon as a tough question comes about the economy and somebody follows up when they start going blah, blah, blah, you know what, they're going to turn it into, oh, look, the press is attacking me and then they're going to rally their base supporters that way. i think it's a terrible strategy. it's very tough for people. you know, i think anderson cooper did a really good job in his debate.
7:34 am
i think megyn kelly did a good job in the fox debate. since then these guys have won with that. their other strategy is every time you give a quote back to ben carson, you say, dr. carson, you said this, blah, blah, blah, he says, no, i didn't say that. and unless you have it in front of you and you can cite chapter and verse, they'll do that all night to the debate moderators. they got away with that on a couple of debates. >> i will say, maria bartiromo is a fine journalist and i believe she will be prepared. she's done it -- >> i think you're right. yeah. >> she's moderated a debate before, so she can do it. thank you for being with me. >> she's not a rookie. thank you, carol. >> you're welcome. on the democratic side, bernie sanders is lending his voice in the fight for better wages. any minute now, sanders is expected to join contract workers from the u.s. capitol. actually, he's already there. these people are protesting poverty. it's all part of a larger nationwide strike of fast food
7:35 am
workers as they push to raise the minimum wage. still to come in the "newsroom" -- the mizzou protests are not over. i'll talk to one of the associate professors urging faculty to walk out of classes again this morning. you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right if yand you're talking toevere rheumyour rheumatologiste me, about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective.
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7:39 am
protesters at the university of missouri warned yesterday's campus revolt was just the beginning. there are calls for university system president's resignation were answered. associate professor elisa glick joins me now. welcome. >> hi. welcome to you.
7:40 am
>> thanks for being back with me. >> it's a beautiful day here at the university of missouri. so, welcoming you to our campus where change is in the air. >> thank you so much. you helped stage yesterday's welcome backout. are you enkoujing faculty to walk out again today? >> absolutely. we pledged to walk out both monday and tuesday. there has been some pressure to return to work, but we've pledged our support to our students, which is the real priority right now, letting them know while their campsite is up, we are supporting them on their side, advocating for racial justice and social justice here on campus. but the president stepped down. the chancellor stepped down. are you looking for more
7:41 am
administrators to step down? >> no. certainly those were very important and, to my mind, positive changes. but i think the message that we're trying to get out is that students and faculty are united in keeping the pressure on administration to make substantial changes, policy changes and that we plan to hold them accountable for steps they take in the coming 90 days. >> as you might expect, there are some who say this whole thing is over the top and exaggerated. some say there may have been slurs but certainly nobody got hurt. rush limbaugh said colleges have become an endless parade of victims. your response? >> well, i would say that it's actually difficult to exaggerate the degree to which our campus
7:42 am
is in crisis, has been in crisis for some time. as i have been telling people yesterday, there are faculty members here at the university of missouri who have been here for 20, 30 years and have never seen anything like it. i've been here for 15 years and have never seen anything like the state our campus is in. some of our activists are truly talking about being called the "n" word on a daily basis. there have been trucks with confederate flags cited by the campus. students continue to feel threatened and unsafe. and i think we, the faculty, and administrators need to make sure that all of our students are
7:43 am
safe, included and protected here on campus. >> elisa glick, thank you for joining me. still to come in the "newsroom" -- want a job that's exciting, adventurous and with a lot of travel to far away places? nasa is looking for a few good men and women. why pause to take a pill when a moment spontaneously turns romantic?
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looking for a job? you might want to check out because the space agency is taking applications for the next class of
7:48 am
astronauts. your chances of getting into harvard are higher than getting into the space program. at the ads. the pay is $66,000 to $144,000. you need a bachelor's in science, engineering of math, and good eyesight. you will advance a human mission to mars. they even have a new commercial. >> hi. i'm charlie boldin. i'm an astronaut myself and i'm recruiting the best and brightest americans to join me. you see, nasa's on a journey to mars and we're on the lookout for a new generation of space pioneers. do you think you have what it takes to join nasa's next astronaut class? >> retired nasa as now the leroy chow joins me now. nice to have you here. i never thought there would be a day where nasa had to advertise
7:49 am
for astronauts. >> i don't think they had to advertise. i was surprised myself. i think this is the first time they put out a video making a call for astronauts. there are usually -- always plenty of candidates applying for the next class. >> do you think, though -- i mean, i don't know that little kids dream of being astronauts any longer. do you think they'll be successful in their recruitment efforts? >> oh, i disagree with you. i think kids dream of being astronauts. i talk to school kids every year and they're all excited about space. they're dreaming about having a chance to go to mars. that's what i tell them. maybe one of you young people in this room will be the first person on mars. i think the dream is alive and well. it's become more common place we traveled to space than back in the '60s but i think the dream is still very much there. >> i know nasa has been pushing its mars mission. we see the beautiful pictures coming back from mars. it's fascinating. they're putting out information in a much more interesting and
7:50 am
understandable way. still, nasa and its missions don't have much support from congress. >> you're right. we have not had the political and financial support that we enjoyed back in the old days of apollo and even shuttle and space station. frankly, you know, we've been a little disappointed, those of us in the business. but we're still moving forward. we're still building the next government vehicle orion and moving ahead with spacex and boeing. and we're putting the building blocks together to explore below lower earth orbit. that's exciting. >> i know private dollars are involved, too, but how long do you think that the united states alone will send someone to mars or some other place? >> i think that right now we've seen the international space station. it's a wonderful example of international collaboration coming together and not only pushing us forward in space, but i argue the relations between
7:51 am
the countries has become much better because of this relationship. i would look for future international collaborations, certainly with efforts to go to the moon and to mars. the russians and europeans have been talking about going to the moon together. china, of course, it's an open secret they intend to go to the moon. i would look for more international collaboration in the future and the u.s. is the natural leader of that collaboration. >> so last question, and it's for you. if you could, are you dying to go to mars yourself? >> you know, when i was a kid, i was an 8-year-old kid when i watched apollo 11 land on the moon. that started the dream for me. my dream has always been to go to the moon. if i had a chance to go to mars, frankly, it would be someone much younger than me to get that chance, but if i'm still around when we go to mars, i'll be watched with baited breath. if i got that chance, bet, i would go, as long as i was coming back. >> me, too.
7:52 am
leroy chiao, thank you for joining me. still to come in the "newsroom" -- there were huge booms and then a dozen cars were swallowed up. you can call it a huge mess but don't call it a sinkhole. more "sit" per roll.
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economicing some top stories at 56 minute past. a fraternity at university of virginia filing a defamation suit against "rolling stone." they're furious over the now debunked article detailing an alleged gang rape on campus. they also named the writer in the suit. no comment from "rolling stone." >> president obama joined twitter last may and now he has a brand new facebook account. he announced it yesterday and is already posting videos like this one. >> there's a fox somewhere on the ground because i've seen it.
7:57 am
it's wandered around the oval office. there's a hawk that some kids named lincoln who flies around here. >> the president went on to encourage everyone to protect the environment, mentioning the dangers of climate change. he also says he wants his account to be a place where he can have real conversations with everyday people. online retailers are going to get a big boost tomorrow from singles day. it's an anti-valentine day where singles treat themselves to something nice. last year those gifts added up to $9 billion in online sale. that dwarfs the amount spent on black friday or cyber monday in the united states. recognize this face? that would be prince george, britain's prince george. not right now but what he might look like in a few years. scientists used facial analysis software to get a sneak peek at how prince george will look at age 7, age 20, age 40 and age 60. why did they do this? i don't know. there you have it.
7:58 am
something opened up in an i-hop parking lot that swallowed up a dozen cars. don't call it a sinkhole. >> reporter: you pull into an ihop thinking about this and all of a sudden your car ends up pancaked. this is drone footage showing a dozen or more cars that fell into a 30-foot deep hole on ihop's brand new parking lot collapsed in meridian, mississippi. >> it was a big deal. we finally got ihop and as soon as it opens, this happens. >> reporter: what is it? >> i'm not going to call it a sinkhole. i'm not going to call it a cave-in. i'm going to call it an accident. >> reporter: first called a sinkhole, it became apparent the collapse of an underground storm drain was the likely culprit. now this is a sinkhole. eight vintage corvettes fell into one at the national corvette museum in kentucky. for purists, a sinkhole is when
7:59 am
rock is dissolved by ground water, leading to a sudden collapse. but we tend to call anything that causes things to suddenly sink into a hole a sinkhole. at the meridian ihop no one was hurt. this chevy was the luckiest car. the night of the collapse, three tires were left on the pavement. by the next day only two were still on. it was the first car to be removed. sinkhole or no sinkhole, for now let's just call it the international house of holes, ihoh. the drone footage was so impressive a city official asked the operator, jason heartwig, to go lower to look at a hole. your drone got swallowed by the hole, did it not? >> yes. >> reporter: it clipped the side of the trench and ended up in it. the fire department came to the rescue. >> they sl have a big long stick with a hook on it. basically yanked it out. >> reporter: for now ihop is closed and i'm hungry. this nonsinkhole makes me want
8:00 am
to sink my teeth into a stack of flap jacks. not a stack of cars. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. thanks for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. donald trump says this is a strange election. tonight a new chapter from stabbings to starbucks, why the fourth republican debate could change the entire race. plus, new demands from the mizzou students who forced the resignation of the university's president. but how far are schools willing to go as racial tensions rise? and if the u.s. is confident a bomb took down the russian flight, are u.s. flights at risk, too? cnn goes into a bomb factor to show how easy it is to spark an explosion.


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