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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  November 15, 2015 3:00am-5:01am PST

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good morning. we are in paris as part of cnn's continuing coverage. i'm chris cuomo with hale gorani. give us a sense how this city has changed. >> it's sunny and a beautiful day but yesterday, it was grimy and people were in shock still. saturday night, paris was empty. i've never seen it like that.
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you felt like people were staying home but today i'm sensing a different mood. >> this is different this time and not about the number of dead and injured and always significant but not driving the emotions or the intensity here. that was specific. they knew it was under attack and here there is a disbelief about what the future hold. not that this was the past of what happened but it may be a signal of the present and future. >> chris, what is interesting it was a way of life in paris targeted by these terrorists. paris is known for its cafes and restaurants and having a glass of wine with friends and listening to music. in the case of that concert hall that was so viciously attacked and that way of life is under assault here. >> many of those feelings by investigators too. they know for sure they know there were more people involved in planning and launching these attacks than we know so far than those who were taken by their own vests and by the efforts of
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police and security forces. a big key for them will be the vests, who made them. they believe the chemical compounds used in these explosive vests the first time they have had to deal with that in france and had suicide bombers before not using vests. the chemical cal compound they believe was locally made. >> breaking overnight, one of the suicide attackers identity has been revealed according to a member of the french parliament. he is is male omar mostefai. french-born is important. people are saying syrian passports were found but it appears one citizen has been identified by a fingerprint that was found at the le bataclan concert hall. >> are you dealing with a different security situation here in france than we are used to, let's say, in the united states? by the way, it is a different france today than it was yesterday. two big points of contrast.
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one, in the u.s., they are dealing with maybe a couple of hundred people could be on the radar for having gone abroad and gone back with hostile intentions. here, the estimate is 5,000. a big pocket of muslim are under some form of surveillance and not fully understood from an investigative standpoint. then a state of emergency that president hollande has put in effect. many in the community saying the increased assets and increased ability to take people and suspend rights for a while to figure out what is going is should be the new normal. >> this is always controversial. in europe, perhaps more so than i think in other countries, where do you draw the line between right to privacy and the desire for security and safety? belgian authorities, to our viewers, made a number of arrests as well. what is the belgian connection following a series of raids in
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brussels? one of the raids is linked to friday's attack. >> what is driving the questions. any attacker who may have recorded what was going on here, who may have escaped during this event. it was such a melee that was going on. again, the planning, the logistical coordination, the cars that were left in different places, that drove them, obviously, to belgium investigatively and there are many more questions. let's bring in cnn correspondent clarissa ward who is following the investigation. there are more questions than answers at this point. >> reporter: that's absolutely right, chris. good morning. we are learning a little bit more, however, about that french national who has been identified. 29-year-old ismail omar mottefai and raised here in these bushes
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of cuckoo hall. he had a petty crime and doesn't appear he served any time in jail but he had been flagged to french authorities as being involved with radical elements and that will be raising real questions about why he wasn't more on the radar of french authorities. we know now that six people who are closely connected to mostefai are held for questioning. this is the same thing after the charlie hebdo attacks. it is not clear if any of them had any specific involvement but the types of things that authorities will be wanting to know is where did mostefai get his training and weapons and perhaps most importantly, did he spend time inside syria or iraq? as you mentioned before, france has a real problem, thousands of young muslims from france have gone to syria and iraq to the battle fields to join the jihad.
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it's important to keep track of them once they came back to france, but after "charlie hebdo" this is the new face of terror not just in france but in europe what they call a hybrid. part petty criminal and part radicalized zealot. a real problem in france and in the suburbs which are known to be poor, marginalized and disenfranchised and disaffected youth. now you have a place whywhere that diseffected youth can go and be radicalized and trained. a lot of questions where motsefai had come from and who he was keeping company with. >> clarissa ward, thanks very much. before we get to this, i want to show our viewers some terrifying moments of that precise moment
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when gunfire erupted at the bataclan concert hall. take a look. ♪ >> you have to remember how surreal this was. people are enjoying a concert and, all of a sudden, you hear those big shells start to open up. obviously, there were phases of this. we want to show you that people were able to survive in that situation and give a window into who they are dealing with here as attackers and what the plan obviously was. obviously, this is not a forensic value except these people were using serious small weapons in here and estimated those were 762 shells out of a kalashnik kalashnikov. what do we understand the design and intent was? >> well, these may have been
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trained killers, people who know how to kill who were in syria and iraq. >> because of the burst of fire? take us through it. >> exactly this. they were able to reload and reload and reload, and it was relentless, according to the eyewitnesses. that all points to this being an organized terrorist group behind this isis, behind this people who fought with isis in syria and iraq who murdered people over there and have come back and murdered people over here. >> can we compare this event with "charlie hebdo"? do you think this is more sfisted pointing to much more organization beforehand? >> i think the coordination that points to more planning here, suddenly, with "charlie hebdo" that was done, that satirical magazine that was targeted and a semicoordinated fashion went off to a french policewoman and that
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kosher market. this more organized than "charlie hebdo." >> why are we using words like that this is is more spectacular and more grand. let's talk about from what we are hearing from french intel sources. they say this is not that complicated to plan. it's not about missing obviously, chatter, missing big meetings and missing coordination from abroad. what can you tell us what is involved and what this says how easy or difficult it is to detect even something of this dynamic? >> a lot of people are saying maybe this was an intelligence -- you have an attack, it's an intelligence failure but europe security agencies completely overwhelmed right now. the numbers are staggering. 6,000 european internationals have traveled to syria and iraq and 1,500 is the number they know about and they don't have the resources, apart from a very few in europe here right now,
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24/7. the worry is the attacks moving toward terrorism. >> thank you. we will be asking more questions in terms of the european nature of this, chris, because is it possible that this belgian connection was used to sort of stay under the radar as far as french intelligence services were concerned? so many questions we don't have answers to and we will be looking at those this morning. >> this is a question for leadership, how we move forward together. that is the expectation out of a disaster that you get, a galvanized resolve to do better to fight that. we have the g-20 summit under way today in turkey. that had one agenda and now it is very different. we will tell you what will be on the minds of leadership, as well as new details of security measures that are being put in place here in paris following the attack. the future belongs to the fast.
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minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. digestive core.r so choose ultimate flora by renewlife. it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. this is cnn breaking news. >> we have breaking news. obviously, the biggest concern is the investigation who were these men and who decided to take their own lives and others. where did they come from? christiane amanpour is on the phone right now with new information. what do we understand?
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>> reporter: well, chris, we have new information from my source in the french senate and also from the ministry of interior who is leading the investigation. what, in general, they are saying is that their worst fears are being proven by the identifying of these suicide bombers. they believe that it has been something long planned, but most ominously, that at least one of these was belonging to a network that has inserted itself into the migrants and refuges could europe. they believe the first suicide bomber who blue him outside the stadium that night had been given a passport on an emergency situation when he landed at greece on the 3rd of october.
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they believe it's a false passport and this man gave false information and had no papers or i.d. and part of the process is give these refugees with a passport. he was born sod 10th of september, 1990. crucially, i'm told his fingerprints matched with the first terrorist who blew himself up and crucially as well his fingerprints were in the french database. therefore he was unknown for the french and they believe that he was one of these people posing as a refuge or a migrant, somebody who is unknown who come to france, so they call it a very professionally organized attack planned long ago. just to give you a sense of where this man abdul -- sorry, al muhammad went from from already arsa on october 3rd and
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serbia and croatia and then he was ranked on the 7th of october. they are telling me and saying this is new confirmation of the two other suicide bombers who blew themselves up the french stadium on friday night, those two others are said to have carried false turkish passports. so, chris, this is a rather dramatic development in terms of the organization of at least a group who were responsible for the bombings at the stadium, who blew themselves up. >> well, it is, at once, confirmation of a known issue, and potentially confirmation of a new and feared issue. the one is that ease of movement throughout europe is well known, it's of concern, why they shut the borders here and having to consider new things. also, this is a big factor of the election of the president in
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the united states right now that people who are being called refuges could be terrorists and hooding and tomorrow's terrorist. on one level that is uncharitable and insensitive to the plight so many are fleeing. on the other hand there is a practicality involved. what is your take? >> reporter: certainly the member of the senate told us this is a big night there because the whole european project is about the freedom of movement. on the other hand, this is what makes it so much more difficult to be able to identify when in situations of war, as we are in right now. this is new language from the french president who said, yesterday, an army, he used his words very carefully, an army of terrorists and jihadists are declared war on france. this language is important and carries legal connotations with it. they are at war. so this is what our -- our
3:19 am
senator told us yesterday, that in this war, given that this is now the first example of what isis threatens, which, if you remember publicly, several weeks ago, threatened they would send as they call their brothers and fighters to europe amongst the refuges and immigrants. she said today's immigrants is tomorrow's terrorists. she realized the terrible and political impact of this. today, in france, the french president is hosting major political leaders. the first one he met with today was the previous french president nicolas sarkozy who was minister of terror and he is very, very clear he believes a new immigration policies have been enacted. in the event, two suicide bombers with false turkish passports and one with a syrian passport.
3:20 am
chris? >> christiane amanpour, thank you very much. as you get more information, please bring it to us. thank you very much. how do you balance these two, hala? >> so many implications here. first of all, politically, whenever this happens, it tends to favor right wing parties and right leaning parties and anti-immigration groups. in france, bend is the leader of that area and did very well in the europe yep elections but not so well in the french elections. on a european scale, she is registering great gains. will this help her? we saw the french welcoming of refuges and swedes as well. will this have people go against the idea of being so welcoming in european countries? it has huge political and social implications in this region, if this is, indeed, confirmed officially. >> at some point does it
3:21 am
transcend political policies? if you know from your primary enemy in terrorism they want to send people to infiltrate among the masses and the vetting just cannot be exhaustive, even though in the united states, one of the misconceptions is that a refuge gets a free pass. it's now true. in many cases they get vetted or more so than other immigrants but you still can't know for sure. >> no, you can't. i'd be interested to learn, once this is confirmed and we have more details about the identity of this suicide bomber, where he traveled from. did he actually travel to greece on a boat? did he acquire these papers somewhere else? i think we need so many more pieces to the puzzle right now. but the headline is here is this guy with false refuge documentation who tried to kill french people at a football stadium and this is what, i think, is going to get people to react signed of viscerally once this news comes out. >> many layers to the solutions and problems and outrage is obvious and growing. we will take a quick break. when we come back, the g-20
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summit is going on in turkey. world leaders coming together and this is obviously the main point of the agenda. the question that you see in paris is what do we do next? the resolve is obvious. we are not afraid. you see that all over paris in terms of people coming together but what can we do? stay with us. this holiday season, get ready for homecomings. i see you brought a friend? i wanna see, i wanna see. longing. serendipity. what are the... chances. and good tidings to all. hang onto your antlers. it's the event you don't want to miss. it's the season of audi sales event. get up to a $2,500 bonus for highly qualified lessees on select audi models.
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the events that transpired a couple of days. the security could not be more important for the g-20 summit. a year after "charlie hebdo" this is a nation in mourning because of a life being taken by terrorists. as the leaders come together, the agenda obviously is out the window and replaced by what is happening here. president obama already in turkey where the summit takes place starting today. he is not far from the syrian border. the questions are obvious. the question is what will the tone and intention be? >> right. i spoke to the turkish president a few days ago. he personally added fight against isis to a working dinner this evening where the g-20 is taking place. the g-20 is a forum to discuss economic questions but this attack and the fact that the refuge crisis and the war in syria has dominated the conversation among these countries is making a political forum for the discussion. >> language will be mattered how
3:27 am
much is talked about islamism and extremism. let's get to michelle kosinski who is traveling with the president on the g-20 summit. >> reporter: we just heard from president obama. i think one of the most interesting things to come out of his remarks was what he didn't say. he was asked by a reporter afterwards. he made some statements but was asked what additional action do you plan to take against isis? he said i'm not going to answer that question right now. wait until the press conference tomorrow. he is clearly prepared for that question, which is, you know, one of the biggest questions, if not the biggest question out there right now aside from the investigation itself. what will the collective military response be to the paris attacks and will it entail any change in strategy? i mean, even before these meetings started, even before the paris attacks, the administration was talking about intensifying the discussion
3:28 am
among these allies, intensifying the response. so it's possible at this press conference tomorrow, if he is not going to announce anything specific, you know, maybe he'll talk generally only, but again, that is something that will certainly be asked right off. this is really dominating the discussion here. president obama talked about that a little bit in his remarks. listen. >> the skies have been darkened by the horrific attacks that took place in paris. the killing of innocent people based on a twisted ideology is an attack is not just on france, not just on turkey, but it's an attack on the civilized world. >> reporter: president obama talked about redoubling efforts to look for a political transition in syria and something secretary kerry has been working on with other world
3:29 am
leaders in vienna. as the president put it, redoubling efforts to eliminate, this time he said eliminate, not contain isis. >> well. words always matter. michelle kosinski, thank you very much. you have to balance what is keeping it general so as not to reveal strategy as being caught flat-footed. we have breaking news about new information into this investigation. we are joined by christiane amanpour. what have we learned? >> reporter: i've but general talking to a very good source. a french senator who also had all of this from official briefings from the ministry of interior. the worst nightmare is now being discovered and is in operation here in this french attack. that was would isis make good on its public pledge which it made several weeks ago that we will insert our brothers, our fighters in these refuges and we will bring the fight to you. to that end, i'm told, i'm going
3:30 am
to look at my notes to make sure i get it all right. >> please. >> the first bomber who blew himself up, that is the football stadium, the first attack on friday night, was a syrian who came over from -- with migrants and docked in laras in greece on the 3rd of october and had no papers like the refuges and migrants have because they have been lost or drowned or whatever the papers. he got a new passport in which he obviously gave a false identity and a named which is ahmad al muhammad and born september 20th, 1990. his fingerprints match the fingerprints of the guy who blew himself up at the stade de france. >> got it. >> right? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: these fingerprints not known for the french authorities and not in the french database unlike the
3:31 am
french national who was. that is because they believe that this is now showing what they feared that this is what they say a very professional new squad of terrorists inserting themselves some of these migrant voyages. also been confirmed is two others, three suicide bombers at the stade de france, had false turkish passports. >> having false passports not new. a, hala, walk through how much the person came there and how to distinguish them from the ordinary refuge people are worried about on a humanitarian? >> how do they know he is syrian if he gave a false name? >> he says he is. >> he self-reported in.
3:32 am
>> you're right. that is what he said. furthermore, they have the dates. 3rd of october, laras about this new false syrian passport. >> where they are finger printed there? >> reporter: yes. these people having to be processed -- hold on a second! >> go on. >> reporter: a very itinerary. he went from laras to macedonia and serbia and croatia and have the refuge camp where he was last seen on the wanted -- 7th of october. >> the other two false turkish passports, what is the thinking there? >> only early details but the thought they may be syrian, somewhere else, whatever. but the isis band. of brothers who is coming over to wreak havoc here. isis warned this is what they were going to do. all of the politicians, you can
3:33 am
talk to foreign offices here and there and everywhere around europe, they have been very afraid of that. and it collides in a most dramatic way with the legal requirement to give asylum and refuge -- >> it's a qualified right subject to each country's vetting who they want to take in and how they want to take them in. you both know this is a huge issue in the united states presidential election where people are saying how can you bring in -- now, of course, the u.s. has its discussion about bringing anybody in, but these types of people come in who we know may be coming from places to create war and terror inside the united states or in europe even if there are exceptions to the rule, the exception may become the rule. what is the pushback? >> politically, it's a big issue in europe. you have the national front who are going to look at this once it's confirmed officially and say we told you so. these refuges are coming in with bad intentions and here what we feared most is happening.
3:34 am
it might help them politically. >> it is confirmed officially and why we are reporting it. but beyond that, you're right. because as part of all the consultations and everything else he is doing has brought the main party leaders to the leaders. he started with nicolas sarkozy who is the french president and before that was minister of interior and has an iron fist dealing with these kind of things. he made a statement to the press, we are at war. we need to understand that and we need to do many things, including, he said, adjust europe's immigration policy. so all of that has started. he may be trying to outflank and outconserve -- outextremizing. >> if you walked around here and told the people, they say that is good enough for me. we have to change what we are
3:35 am
doing. >> the european project is about the free movement of people and we have a few warriors who are using that. so you're right. things need to happen. but you can imagine that if it causes a complete change in the policies, it's going to be very tough for europe and also for these poor refuges who are coming in. >> where do they go? >> it's one of the founding principles of the modern european union. if you're going to have this economic union you're going to have open borders and allow the free movement of people. if you start messing with that, you're messing with the entire project and it's not an overstatement. you have to put it -- >> circumstances as they find it. >> right. >> they marked the harbor into the entrance to the united states said on the bottom says we want to these people into the united states to give them an opportunity. >> it's an issue and election issue in the united states too for different reasons in the united states. here, it is than issue and it's one that really is front and center and as hala was saying, all over europe, extremist
3:36 am
groups on the left and right who have taken this refuge and immigration crisis, whether it's hungary or germany and even in sweden and in other words, the countries have been the most l tolera tolerant. let's face it, france hasn't taken many immigrants. this is going to put angel merkel on the defensive. even throughout this whole overwhelming number of refuges who are coming in and her poll ratings are going down and extremist party is rising. >> this isn't going help. >> this is very, very bad news. the biggest news is what are our leaders who are meeting in antalya over this this past weekend what are they going to do? do they believe we are at war and how are the democratic leaders protect us against a war declared and waged in the streets of our capitals? >> a war fought in the hearts
3:37 am
and minds as much as on the ground with boots. these are open information. the information you've given us, the shake to the investigation that is trying to figure out exactly who was involved. >> not just that location. here, we found the one that we know was a french national and had his -- they had his fingerprints. he was a petty criminal. they had been tracing him for a while but never put him in, you know, jail and no idea of any terrorists leanings. >> those are some of the conditions that they are dealing with here on the ground. they, obviously, believe more people are involved here. we are our reporter in brussels. we are check in with him after the break and find out how big do they believe the web is? we have continuing coverage. stay with us. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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we are as part of cnn's continuing coverage. here we are as part of cnn's continuing coverage. q chris cuomo and hala gorani. investigators are trying to figure out who is involved with these killings in paris. we go to brussels. there is an expansion of raids. what do we know. >> reporter: we are on our way to the neighborhood that is the heart of this investigation to try and catch those that are believed to be part of this broader support network. belgian authorities are telling us that three arrests have been made. they also confirmed in a press conference yesterday they
3:42 am
believe this is linked to that black volkswagen polo that police identified as they believe is part of those attacks. the man driving that and police that is rented that car, he is the focal point of this search and police have not confirmed whether he has been picked up. this was part of the "charlie hebdo" attacks. there is a long history of this terror network stretching across this country. they believe with the counterparts that now needs to be the time this is neutralized and isolated the threat they believe is only going to grow. chris? >> mini when you say the threat is only going to grow, that is harsher light with what christiane amanpour just reported that they do believe one of the killers here who did come in on a temporary syrian
3:43 am
passport as a refuge, that is going to spur more fears about what the threat is and how to contain it. to be very clear, investigators do believe more were involved, yes? it's just about isolating where and who? >> reporter: absolutely but it is often seen this is a crucial link in that terror pipeline between europe and syria and authorities here believe the man they are looking for, that is the brother of than isis fighter currently in syria, so this is part of the broader concerns and the fear that is threatening to engulf europe about the ability of people to move not just in syria to fight but to move back. at the end of last year, belgian authorities said at least a few hundred belgiumians who had gone to fight in syria and almost a hundred they believe had come back and they were trying. the crucial word is trying to keep tabs on them but not all of them have been on the authority's radar.
3:44 am
to christiane's point that they have the largest north african population here in europe. it is going to play in that for the authorities. >> okay. all right. nima elbajir is headed to -- i don't know if i'm pronouncing this right but another place where the investigation is focusing now. joining us here at this location in paris is a correspondent for defense news. you live here in paris. talk to us a little bit about the significance of belgium here. because there is a network there. there were attacks after "charlie hebdo" this year as well. how do you see it connected to what happened here? >> one thing there was that shooting incident on that high-speed train coming out of belgian into france just a few weeks ago. the other thing is france has borders, frontiers with many other european countries and
3:45 am
that gives access to france from abroad. >> what is the reaction to closing of borders, the state of emergency and giving enhanced police assets? i know it's a very delicate balance everywhere. certainly in france. what is the reaction? >> certainly very sensitive because the declaration of a state of emergency is in itself a political controversy. the last time this was evoked, this was the algerian war. >> in 1958 i believe? >> early '60s. >> there are practical things the state can now do that they couldn't do before this official declaration? >> well, already, just a few
3:46 am
months ago, there was a -- a new bill was enacted, so there is a new law on surveillance, on tapping phones and listening in, tracking people. so that law is in effect. the other law that was passed is the increase in the defense budget which gives more resources to improve security in france. >> the intelligence community here uses the word overwhelmed. obviously, whenever there is this attack, it's fear that spurs a need for protection and those who provide it say that the extra 3,000 assets that are added to the police force in a state of emergency, they believe are needed every day, that state of emergency is the new normal. is that something that you think the french people will accept? >> well, it's 3,000 troops and they will add to the 4,000 that already in paris. so that's a large presence.
3:47 am
>> a military presence? this saen police? -- this isn't the police? >> on top of the police. >> you say with a major of concerns that it triggers with a police state here. in light of what just happened how do you balance the urgency we need to do more and protected from this who we are as the french, as parisians? >> this is a visual indicator. this is a show of the state of the government of security in the streets but in actual practical form, it's not highly effective, because this is -- this attack showed this is ordinary day life. this is on the cafe, you cannot protect people in the streets. so this is a political statement. we are committed. we will look after you but -- >> yes.
3:48 am
giving some people a sense of confidence that the is state is, as you said, looking after them, but perhaps not as effective as one would want it to be. thank you pierre tran for joining us. >> coming from the united states, in light of what just happened here, i was struck coming from the airport, through immigration, through the streets of how little police presence there is here. if this happened in the united states, the place would be on lockdowns and there would be stops everywhere along. yet, here, it is much more open, even in the aftermath what is one of the worst events in recent history. >> all right. we are going to take a break. when we come back, vigils honoring the dead. this is a city and a country in mourning and in shock. we will have a lot more after this. stay with us. ♪
3:49 am
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welcome back for cnn's continuing coverage of the attacks in paris. chris cuomo and hala gorani. new details from the investigation. a member of the french senate is telling cnn's christiane amanpour that the first suicide bomber, the one at the stadium right outside, he was given an
3:53 am
emergency passport when he landed on a greek island. he was part of what is believed to be a well organized plan to move from syria into other parts of europe. he is also now going to be a reflection of concerns who among the masses of refuges. three kalashnikovs were found in an abandoned car that is used to be believe to be used by these assailants. we learned the name of the one seven suspected attackers. he is not a french national. >> yeah. >> there is more information coming in. >> among the seven that authorities are saying committed these acts, one of them was french born. last name mostefai in his late 20s and make him a home-grown terrorist born in this country. the "charlie hebdo" massacre was committed by french nationals who had a criminal past.
3:54 am
this is the intersection of this fanatical jihad and criminal pasts where the two intersect with a criminal past and bad intentions and it looks like it mirrors what happened, at least for one of them, in january. >> headlines for investigators are, one, islamism, this is something that does know no border and isis is able to export it to other places. they believe it is a reflection of their burden on a cellular level in france and they believe they have a huge jihadi population in there, in the thousands, what is called now a hybrid attack atmosphere where you have a national, a local who is able to coordinate attacks from those coming from abroad. >> i think at this state they will ask serious questions of their leaders. this was an intelligence failure
3:55 am
and it intended in this series of massacres. the second one is viewed strategically, the bombing campaign the last year and a half hasn't work. you're holding isis and they are still fighters if this is the case to france. secondly managing the refuge crisis. how are you protecting us and these leaders and many at the g-20 today in antalya, turkey, are going to have to seriously look at these questions and provide answers now. >> well, look. these are first -- france is dealing with two specific firsts. this is the first time they had a hybrid attack and the first time they have had suicide bombers wearing vests. though vests they believe were locally made and the first time the world has had to unite in a war against a nonspecific entity. this isn't germany from world war ii or world war i.
3:56 am
>> why the pope is calling this a -- we will take a break. we will be back with more breaking news from paris.
3:57 am
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this is cnn breaking news. good morning, everyone. i'm hala gorani and this is chris cuomo. we are broadcasting live from paris our coverage of the aftermath of the terrible terrorists attack in the french capital. >> behind us the scene is obvious. this is a nation in mourning once again.
4:00 am
not even a year after "charlie hebdo." some of the messages painted are from "charlie hebdo" but now a new wave of pain and mourning. people trying to have a semblance of life here. there are skateboarders around us but the tone is quiet here as the nation is in shock. >> yesterday, the mood was intense and chilly. the streets of paris, i've never seen it as empty as it was yesterday on a saturday night. today, you really get the sense that perhaps of the weather and because of the fact that french people and parisians have had an opportunity to digest what happened, people are out. what is sad some of these messages of unity and resilience date back to a year ago when "charlie hebdo" attack happened. >> i watched people observing and taking in the moment. some are up on the statue there and not unusual in a situation like this.
4:01 am
but people going aggressively ripping down things and sending messages they don't like about things that were vibrant here days ago about the impression of refuges and about what is going on to muslims around the world. those ripped down by people here and obviously a lot of anger. >> our chief international correspondent christiane amanpour has news this hour about one of the attacks. this one at the french soccer stadium outside of paris. >> that's right. there were reports that we have now verified that one of the attackers was carrying a syrian passport that was false and that he got from greece. the french senator briefed me and who in turn is briefed by the french minministry. so this is an official. they identified the first syrian bomber as one of a new wave of terrorists who are organized gangs, hiding themselves inside the refuges and migrants who are coming over on boats and no paper work.
4:02 am
they arrive in laras in greece and because they have no papers a whole new international regime of paper work that is given for them. this particular person said that his name was ahmed mohammed and he was born in 1990 and that he was a syrian. we have now seen pictures of this passport printed in a serbiian newspaper that have exactly these statistics on them, his name and all of the rest. it. he went from laras in greece and macedonia and syria and came here to europe. he was the first suicide bomber and they matched his actual finger to the print on the passport. this print was not in any french database and that means they didn't know who he was and had no record of him. therefore, they believe that he came in this wave of migrants and that it shows a dramatic -- the first example of what they feared with all these migrants
4:03 am
coming over, which is politically horrendous for the genuine refuges and migrants and it's going to cause a huge reconsideration of immigration policies in europe, but also to say and we are still working on fully getting more spastatistic and data on this. two other bombers we are told are false turkish passports. all of them carrying false passports. they are presuming that all of them is a part of the same gang that came over. they said it was very well planned, highly organized planned some time ago and matches what isis has sent out weeks ago which was we will come and fight you where you live because we are going to send them over with the refuges and migrants. >> not unique to france. military sources are directing us to reporting out of italy, over a dozen of potential jihadis were arrested before these attacks and no known connection to what happened in paris but they, too, were taken
4:04 am
from among the refuge community, that population having come from syria through greece into italy. >> you remember, of course, that the first waves when we all started reporting they were coming over on boats to libya. italy was the first big reception center of so many of these sad migrants who were coming over. >> it's going to be interesting to see how this man who came presumably from turkey into greece, took the migrant route through serbia, croatia, other countries in europe, how did he connect with the group that organizers -- this was highly sophisticated. >> we have to find out. >> we have to find out all of those questions. >> maybe they came together? it's unclear. we don't know. but, yeah, that we have to find out. >> what is taking shape is this new model of what they are calling a hybrid that you did have a national involved. you do have technology used in these attacks. these vests. they believe that was an unstable chemical compound that had to be made locally and does
4:05 am
not transport well. >> a homemade explosive that can be made here but needs training, needs instruction. basically, the president of france said that this was planned abroad, conducted here with accomplices here. the bits of the puzzle that we are fitting together fits that picture. >> do you think they know that at this point? like, where it was planned and what the different parts were? >> they believe it was planned in syria and the operatives were sent over on these boats and made the long journey across, so it's a long -- they are in it for the long game. i learned that "charlie hebdo" talking today on french television and really interesting. if you remember, after "charlie hebdo" and we were all here, this place was solid. you couldn't move here. the reason it's empty is because the french president has told everybody to stay at home and they are defying it obviously today and where everything is empty because they are told to stay at home. they don't know what is going to happen next. this woman was saying that then we was talking about a war
4:06 am
against our civilization and our culture. now the president has said war has been declared on us by an army. not just by a bunch of criminals but by an army, he called them, of terrorists and jihadists and we will hit back, that is the prime minister today, we will hit back strong and we will destroy them. we will see what that means and we hope it's not empty rhetoric. also she said, you know, this country is in a state of emergency. we are in state of ideology cal state of emergency. people are be killing their owner citizens in a brutal way. they went very carefully. music is forbidden by isis and sports is forebidden by isis and they hits bars that is forbidden by isis. then put it out in four
4:07 am
different languages to make sure we got the message. >> this is claiming after isis is claiming responsibility for downing of a bomber that killed over 40 people. this is a huge shift in strategy for isis that was focused on holding land in syria and iraq but now clearly wanting to expand its influence of terror. >> they are not going to win a land war over time. they are not going to hold as a force in the state. you're right to raise your eye borro brow. >> they will not win if they are pushed back. they will not win if they are pushed back. right now, okay, the peshmerga and u.s. air strikes and took back sinjar, that is great but more of that has to happened. >> they don't have to have a caliphate. >> actually, the do.
4:08 am
this is people who study isis say the reason they are so successful and able to radicalize so rapidly and so intently and so violently is because unlike al qaeda, they have a caliphate. they are calling people to defend the caliphate. they have land. they are pounding their chest that we are even better, bigger and bader than al qaeda. >> when you say push back, i mean, the thing about pushing back -- >> defeat. >> defeat militarily, we are talking about such a huge military effort that would achieve that. there is absolutely no appetite for that, hardly any appetite for special forces on the ground. >> ask their elected leaders whether their elected leaders have been elected to keep them safe. and when this happens in a major metropolitan european city, i think -- i assume the questions are going to get more pointed. up until now, you know, they have any' seen this carnage on this scale in a european city. >> suicide bomber by using vests
4:09 am
locally made. >> there have never been suicide attacks in france before. >> not until now. cla r clarissa ward is joining us. the desire is for an answer that somehow makes what happens here less likely? >> reporter: that's right, chris. just to piggyback on what christiane was saying there about the importance of holding that land and having the caliphate. i speak to one young man and i've been speaking to him over a year now. initially he went to syria he told me because he wanted to help the syrian people who were being bombarded brutally by the regime. through the course of our relations he joined is sis and having talked to him on a regular basis throughout this entire period that the transformation in his ideology
4:10 am
and his outlook and behavior toward me and methods of communications was stunning the blink of an eye. the first thing they do when young men join isis, they have no contact with the outside world and have an intense training program and weeks and weeks and day through night massive indoctrination with this brutal ideology and it's extraordinarily effective. i still continue to talk to this young man but it's very difficult to be honest because he is now so polarized in the way he sees the world and the way he understands things. there is absolutely no flexibility in terms of communication or discussion whatsoever. so it really is important they have that space, that land where they are able to take these young minds who have already been desensitized to brutality and violence around them. i think that is a really important point. to touch on the main progress that we are hearing about in terms of the french investigation here in paris,
4:11 am
with we now now that one of the attackers has been positively identified as a french national. his name is ismael omar mostefai and a 29-year-old french of algerian descent. you grew up in a southern suburb. we know had a quite a rap sheet but mostly for petty crime. he never actually served time in jail. we are also hearing from french media that six people connected to him are also being held and they are being detained and they are being questioned. obviously, authorities here really trying to find out who mostefai was and where did he get his training and who was he working with and did he spend time in syria? as i mentioned before, it's that time in the ground in syria that is the game-changer in terms of radicalization and it can happen in a matter of weeks. >> when you're talking about radicalization, this is something hala enahave been
4:12 am
talking about this morning. clarissa, what do you make about the dual goal here, hala, which is to stop the violence on the ground but also the violence in these people's minds of islamism and toxic reality overtakes them? >> one of the things i think was interesting and clarissa was talking about how the source in these groups has changed and evolved over the last year, for normal people, somebody -- you just don't even understand it. how do you combat something you just cannot even wrap your brain or mind around somebody so radicalized and convinced and a fanatic to murder innocent people in the streets. >> and themselves. >> and themselves as well. >> it is what the intelligence communities are asking themselves right now. ed british domestic intelligence said in a speech in september and repeated it again a few weeks ago, a, they have never seen such a threat level, they
4:13 am
are very concerned and b, they have never seen people radicalized on board online wherever they may be sitting radicalized to violence to quickly, quicker than they can jump in and try to stop it and that is scary. it's outpacing their ability to recognize and intervene, they fear. >> also, this ideology was born somewhere. it's financed. it has spread deliberately the last several decades, this kind of very, very extreme interpretation of islam. it has been financed and spread deliberately and ended in this monster called isis that is now striking in europe. >> certainly part of it. the other thing is -- >> you have to consider that too? >> in bosnia and now syria. main muslims are dragged to the
4:14 am
extreme because of what is happened in afghanistan, bosnia here. what is happening in syria muslims are under attack by assad and he has been slaughtering his people four and a half years and hasn't been stopped. that makes muslims angry. what does it make to the extremists who want to fight and go to the jihad and made into this evil death cult? so that -- this lady from "charlie hebdo," she said, the problem is that the extremists, and all of the rest and the isis people, are trying to force us to accept that as mainstream islam. >> which it is not. >> clarissa, weigh in on this what is going on on the ground through actions? >> reporter: chris, one other thing that i think is very
4:15 am
interesting. again, christiane just touched on it. this idea that people are being radicalized online now. i spoke to one in the uk two called if bedroom jihad. young women and young men going online late at night and spending all hours talking to people on the ground in syria and iraq, but also, you know, fellow young men who are being radicalized and often the parents don't know about it, the family don't know about it. how can you expect authority to know about it? this is really an unprecedented quagmire that authorities and security officials find themselves in trying to monitor the vast amounts of data that are coming through social media and i should say, as i mentioned, i talked to one guy from isis and talked to several young men fighting with different radical groups inside of syria and also the affiliate there are using instant messaging and telegram and kick. they have developed ways to stay ahead of the curve, to stay one
4:16 am
step ahead of authorities and it's almost impossible for surveillance teams, even across the world, to be monitoring the vast amounts of data, the vast amounts of conversations that are going on. these people are -- it's like a cancer. it spread so quickly and they in fact, each other through these conversations and through the shared video and shared conversations. >> clarissa, we will check back with you. look. there is an irony in this the poison is spreading so quickly, yet leaders are desperate to catch up. the united states, you won't even hear the president use the word islamic terror or islamism. he won't even say those words. yet, it's spreading as fast as it can over the social media. we will take a break. the kalashnikov rifles more have been found in a car outside of paris. we have someone on scene. stay with us.
4:17 am
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4:20 am
i'm hala gorani and this is chris cuomo. >> the first suicide bomber who blew himself up outside of that stadium there, he came to europe as part of the refuge grouper that came in and landed on the island a month ago. there is also another development this morning. >> we have new details on one of the other attackers. he is a 29-year-old named ismael omar mostefai. a french citizen to makes him a home gun gro
4:21 am
ho homegrown terrorist. six of his relatives are in custody and they are being questioned right now. >> they know it was a cell here and as well with outside influence. >> we are to go outside of paris to where a car believed to have been used by the attackers was found with three assault rifles inside. our frederik pleitgen is there on location and can tell us more. fred? >> reporter: this car was found early this morning pretty much exactly in the spot where i'm landing here in mon tou which is east of paris. i'll get out of your way because the scene has changed. here the car standing here right now is not the car believed to have been used by the attackers. the car that was believed to be used by the attackers is a black car that was since been removed. there is still broken glass there you might be able to see there on the street.
4:22 am
apparently the police officers, when they came here and discovered this car, they broke open the windows on both sides of the car and that is when they discovered inside that there were apparently those three ak-47 assault rivals inside that car. we have been speaking to some people around the area here and our neighbors of this exact location. one lady who lives next door. she says she didn't hear anything but one gentleman we spoke to a couple of minutes ago said he did not see the car being parked he did see the law enforcement officers come here very early in the morning hours of today at around 1:00 a.m. they came here, discovered the car and then eventually broke the windows. now people we have been speaking to here did not see when the car was parked or who exited that car whether or not it was one person or several people but certainly the existence of this car has been towed away by the police is certainly one of the hottest leads apparently that the french police have at this point in time as they have a
4:23 am
manhunt under way for the people who are part of that group of attackers that still appears to be at large. hala? >> fred, you have the right questions and, obviously, the right direction on this. investigators certainly are following the instinct now that more were involved. the key question is how did that car get there? was it done by those who wound up to kill others and themselves? or is this part of the larger situation here? the kalashnikovs also leading investigators to figure out how it it was sourced locally. they say the guns are easily in supply here and 800 in the u.s. and you can get them on the black market here. balanced by people out on the streets investigators may believe there could have been other attackers who got away and this search is very active. >> strands of this investigation in belgium as well and we will look at that. the investigation into this attack moves to another country and we will have the latest. there were raids and arrests made overnight and we will bring
4:24 am
you the latest after a break. stay with us. ♪ take every step without hesitation. ♪ anticipate your next move with certainty. ♪ because our trusted advisors help you prepare for challenges specific to your business. ♪ our focus is always on you, so your focus is always forward. ♪ experience the power of being understood. rsm.
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4:27 am
all right. welcome back, everybody. we continue our breaking news coverage of the paris attacks. we were discussing, before the break, chris, the investigation spreading into belgium. we have on the line, in fact, the belgium foreign minister d.j. renders. thank you for being with us. it must be an incredibly busy day for you. i have to ask you first, we are
4:28 am
hearing one of the raids conducted in belgium was conducted to the attacks in paris on friday night. can you tell us how? >> we have received some information from paris about the use of different -- during the terrorist attacks. due to that, it was to have a good collaboration on the investigations and we have organized some investigations in brussels in a very small part of this, and we know some people are under arrest and we tried to exchange information to see what the exact role of those people in the paris attack. not the first time. we had this last year the attack in brussels and it still was a french guy coming back from syria and staying for weeks in brussels before this attack last year. >> but do you believe that the
4:29 am
people arrested in that raid that authorities believe was connected to the paris attacks that they were involved? is that the belief of investigators right now, that they were connected to that network? >> we seem to have some evidence from them, but there are a lot of investigations going on so there are some exchange instead of information which is in paris about that. we tried to see if it's possible to have a real explanation about the role of the different people. you know we have seen people in paris. but we are sure that possible maybe to have orders in such a series of tragic events. in brussels now, we have five people who are under arrest and we are quite sure that they have a role in such a project in paris but, again, the investigation process and ready
4:30 am
to see, it will be possible to prove that with evidence in the next hours and the next days. >> to be clear with our audience, you are stetelling es people detained so far and trying to find out if evidence so link them perhaps in paris. you have also said it is the consensus opinion right now, among the authorities, that more people may well have been involved. one of the big question marks is the suicide vests that were used. it's the first time they have dealt with that in france. they believe a chemical compound used tatp is highly volatile and not easily to transport any distance and locally made. is that something you're looking into belgium to see who might have been able to make that chemical vest that was used here? >> yes, it's true, we are trying to see if it's possible to find all of the people helping those guys in paris. and it's due to the fact that we have received a lot of
4:31 am
information about -- i said some guy used during the terrorist attacks in paris with some kind of plate coming from belgium or some people involved in the process coming from belgium that we have started investigations. now about -- five people under arrest in brussels, we are quite sure they have a role, or some of them, in the terrorist attack in paris. but what kind of role is not known at the time. sure they are in paris but we are looking for more exchange of information with the authorities in paris which will be able to collect -- i said more evidence. but we are sure it was not only people on the ground but people maybe with orders ordering them to commit those terrorist attacks. >> i need to ask you about
4:32 am
borders. they declared the borders would be closed but i have a tweet from a belgian reporter who drove past the border on the highway and there was no closure. what is the actual situation on the ground right now? >> no the border is not closed. it is to reinforce the controls at the borders and reinforce the controls of the borders but not between france and belgium but the airports and the train stations, in the different ways to come to belgium automatic then to france. of course, we are doing that. we are in operation with france. we have the presence of military people in paris on the ground for different situations in belgium and we continue to do that. but that is for the moment. but, of course, the best way is to exchange more and more intelligence, not only with france, but orders. we are knowing there are some places with radical people able
4:33 am
to take part in terrorist attacks. for the first time we have seen the european territory some swiss guys and that is very knew because in the past, it was all the time was a specific target and many times the jewish community. we have seen in brussels and paris and copenhagen and sometimes other places. and now it's more against all of the citizens. a huge number of victims. we need to think about a way to find answers to that. not just the decline against people having the intention to commit terrorist act against a specific target, but now it's against guys having the idea to kill many people everywhere and that is a real new evolution in europe. >> well, mr. foreign minister, let me ask you something else
4:34 am
that is a new development here and it specifically affects what happened in pair russ but where you are in belgium and share borders and transit for many. the refuge crisis is legitimate. people are dying coming from war-torn places like syria and north africa and other places. and, yet, this new information given from french authorities to christiane amanpour and cnn, that at least one of the attackers here may have had a false passport having come from syria as part of the refuge mooi grag mo migration. how do you balance this? >> yes, of course, but on so many refuges, 400,000 people in the territory at the moment, specifically -- we will try to verify such information about syrian passport for a guy having
4:35 am
asking to be a refuge in serbia, but we will see. but the best way to solve that, first of all, is find a solution in syria or iraq or libya and try to do that. on the other side we need to extend our capacity to control the extent of borders for sure. for the moment, it's more national responsibility for greece, for italy to do that. and we tried to explain that we need that idea to do that at this level, so we will invest more and more in the capacity for the level to invest directly in border control. it's one of the possible efficient lug evolution. if we live to control people with bad intentions to europe, we need to organize that. it's in the cause. of course, as a result of that, we would take the risk to receive a lot of people living near such an intention to commit
4:36 am
lot of terrorist acts. i must say that most of those guys are people having a european passport from belgium, from france, from all of the countries. >> yeah. >> since two years, we have seen a lot of terrorist attacks and blocked due to the threat of american soldiers, but it was, again, a guy having a european passport. we need to be better. but, of course, avoid such a risk, it's important to control the border with europe and their capabilities. >> foreign minister of belgium, didier, thank you for joining us. chris, telling our viewers some of the important information he shared. five people under arrest in brussels. the foreign minister saying, quote, he was quite sure they played a role in the paris attacks and sure that more than the eight people or the seven or eight, depending on what number you look at, were involved in
4:37 am
the attacks on friday. >> no question there was logistical needs here who rented the cars and the biggest concern also a first for here in paris, the use of explosive vests. france has not seen that before. they have now. tragically so obviously. here is the key. the chemical compound tatp that was used there. you don't have to know that name but know this. it is very unstable and cannot be transported safe distances locally so it had to be made locally. who knew how to make those vests here and major concern for investigators. back to belgium the expansion of the investigation who may have been involved and who escaped. nima elbajir is looking at that part for us in belgium p.. what is the latest? >> reporter: speaking to eyewitnesses here, chris, you get the sense that the investigation, they knew what they were looking for. one of those men was apprehended just walking down the street and
4:38 am
another in a forceful house entry. another car that they are looking at quite closely. we haven't confirmed whether that is, indeed, is the car between the link between the belgium and paris angle. the black volkswagen polo that was part of the attack in paris. we are reaching out to prors and try prosecutors and try to get an answer on that. the road has reopened. we are hearing sirens throughout the morning. the belgians say they will only raise their terror threat to three, which is the second highest level, when they have big international events like this upcoming football match tuesday of this coming week. but throughout the rest of the country, they are just asking people to be vigilant and especially foreign visitors. international events they try to keep it at two. they don't want to raise the tension levels any further here.
4:39 am
chris? >> nima, thank you very much. keep us apprised. we just spoke to the foreign minister, hala and i. there is a need for developments and tracking down these unknowns who made this vest and who rented these cars. what was the support who may have escaped? they are all open and active questions here and we will get being to you with our reporting. when we come back, this is a new normal. we knew it after "charlie hebdo" and more real now. we have a french state senator who will be key in making the decisions about how to move forward. stay with us. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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4:43 am
continuing coverage of what happened here in paris. hala gorani and chris cuomo in a quiet place in paris. people are mourning here like after "charlie hebdo" but a new silence here. "charlie hebdo" they knew what it was about and knew it was islamist on gla and ndisplay an it's about the unknown. cnn has learned a member of the french senate, one of the people who exploded themselves in an attempt to hurt others at a french soccer stadium came together as a part of an organized group and smuggled in with refuges landed here a month ago. new details about one of the other attackers as well. >> let's talk a little bit about the man who has been named. 29-year-old who was born in this country. last name mostefai and born in
4:44 am
frns and kno france and known as a petty criminal. relatives have been taken into custody and not arrested but they are providing information. his brother turned himself in. let's bring in french senator mayhem. she is a sore who was some information about the attackers from what you're hearing. thank you for on being with us here. we have been reporting this information about a syrian passport and possibly two false turkish passports as well found to be carried by the suicide bombers at the stade de france. what have you been hearing? >> i've been hearing the same since this morning. we heard about this syrian people when is no surprise at all. everybody seems so surprised. but it was quite obvious, he had this with the refuges. it was so obvious it would happen sooner or later!
4:45 am
it is a tragedy because, obviously, a lot of refuges who need humanitarian help but we was so sure and said on many occasions there would be terrorists among themselves. you know, this question of refuges is so important because from one point of view, we haven't helped enough the countries which have refuge camps. i've been told there are camps in iraq and turkey and lebanon and jordan. people there are desperate and balance of these countries, jordan is such a small country and it's extremely dangerous for them. we need to help these countries! we need to do that before they would come to our shores. >> the irony is that people are fleeing these dangerous in desperation. yet, the longer they are held out, the longer they are left vulnerable, the more vulnerable they are to be cooped by
4:46 am
islamist and other philosophies to justify their own desperation. the question becomes for you, madam senator, what do you do? just because it's inevitable that they would infiltrate refuges with terrorists, how do you stop this from happening again? how do you balance helping those who need it with keeping people out of your country who are here to kill? >> we are very late. i must say i'm a bit upset at the government, because we should have closed the borders and have much more thorough analysis of who was coming long before. it's not a new item. >> close which borders? >> since 2010 we have been told -- >> close your borders or french borders? >> our european borders, french borders, but also the european borders. of course, it's extremely difficult to do. but we have to have much stronger politics of being much more careful because we have been -- for years and we have been like ostriches.
4:47 am
putting your heads into the sands! when we should fought much harder. we need to look at every single person but we need to work, not solely like france as one country, we need to work with international communities. this is not french -- >> closing the french borders is a very radical proposal in the european union, isn't it? >> yes, of course. we have an agreement and we are not supposed to close them that way. it's not a mat of closing them down but just checking more carefully. but -- as well -- >> how do you keep borders open and check more carefully? obviously, it's not working the way it is. >> no, it's not working. it's also a question of the borders which are so huge in our country and in europe. i mean, you know, when you look at central asia as well, you have countries which we need to
4:48 am
have. i was reading central asia their foreign minister was telling me, we need help and we don't know how to fight cyber attacks which is something already happened with us on tv 5. this international channel which is costing us a horrendous amount of money and it's bound to happen again. we need to help these countries because of border between afghanistan is so far and from there, people come through land and sometimes as well just normal borders and false passports as has been stressed. >> joell e maylam, thank you for joining us. what is a traumatic series of events in france. >> you're obviously trying to balance the news of the eatvent and moving forward with the
4:49 am
people in this country mourning. everybody is under this threat and not just about the french. it's not about if it happens but when. our hearts go out to you. >> can i say one thing? >> please. >> i'm so grateful to your american people and to all of these people all around the world who have shown solidaity with us. i was told yesterday, for instance, in new york before an opera, they sang a song for us. so important for us. we feel the support and we need it and so important for the people of france, so i wanted to thank you very much for your interests but also for that salute. >> we are in it together when it comes to the war against islamism and terrorism. >> i think we need to use the right words and to violent extremism, yes, but we need also
4:50 am
to stress the roots of the problem and not antagonize muslim community who is always in a difficult situation. >> senator, thank you very much for joining us. we really appreciate it. up next, the world. as we were. >> the one point i think the enemy this is a long war and far from over. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options.
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welcome back. cnn's continuing coverage of paris. we've been talking to officials of military experts and political experts what's going on. more than anything else, this is about the mood of paris right now. before us, this is a very special place. for me, i've been here many times. for paris to be so quiet and this mood so obvious.
4:55 am
what has it been. >> yesterday, i was in the area of "the city of lights" and the eiffel tower was dark. it was actually erie and very strange. i grew up in this city and this was really my hometown. this was the first time i had seen a neighborhood where the ark of triumph is located. that said, it's a beautiful fall day. people are out. this is where so many gatherings and demonstrations take place. it is a symbol of the secular french republic. you see on this big statute liberty, equality, fraternity, these are the three foundings and concepts. >> being here at all is defiant with the president hollande s saying stay home. while this could happen in
4:56 am
paris, it could happen anywhere and the world is becoming more and more painfully. proof last night. saturday night live skipped their opening sketch in stead to pay tribute to victims of paris. listen to the heartfelt message last night. >> paris is the city of light. here in new york city, we know that light will never go out. our love and support is with everyone there tonight. we stand with you. [ speaking foreign language ] and now, live from new york, it's saturday night! >> that was very touching, i have to say, especially saying
4:57 am
it in french, it was absolutely beautiful. we'll have more of our coverage of the paris terror attacks after this. diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. i can offer you no interest sittifor 24 months.oday thanks to the tools and help at, i know i have an 812 fico score, so i definitely qualify.
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welcome to cnn's continuing coverage of paris. hala gorani, chris cuomo here. this is a city not even a year since "charlie hebdo." the mood subdued and quiet, coming into unity and concern for others, also act of concern for others. the president said stay home if you can. this was an assault on the lifestyle from these murderers of the act of islamism and these people show they will not have their lifestyle change. >> and all religion and all r e races. not just french, all fre


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