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tv   State of the Union With Jake Tapper  CNN  November 15, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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investigation? cnn's coverage will be picked up with jake tapper after the break. i'm chris cuomo with hala gorani. stay with cnn. hello, i'm jake tapper in cnn and people still on edge and warning it may not be over and police all over the world are hunting many accomplices that may still be at large. one terrorist still being investigated, investigators found his finger on the floor where he blew himself up. his name is ismael mostefai. and some of his relatives are in custody. this morning, shocking new
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video. this inside the concert hall as the first shocks rang out. moments later, this, victims clutching their wounds on the sidewalk outside. but we have breaking news this morning. french authorities telling cnn that at least one of these is m islamists terrorists apparently embedded himself among a group of syrian refugees in order to get into europe. i will go to paris where the investigation is rapidly unfo unfolding, cnn's chief investigative reporter christiane amanpour is breaking the story. isis warned they would use the refugee crisis to infiltrate the west. looks as if they made good on that promise. >> we're chasing down a story and they're trying to go through the implications told by the french authorities this morning according to the french senator and french interior ministry, they have concluded the first suicide bomber at the stade de
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france, the football match that was going on live on friday night, was somebody who is in possession of what they believe were fake documents that were issued to this person as he came, they believe, in a wave of refugees and migrants. they know, according to these documents they say he was processed arrivine ining on the island of leros october/3 a 3rd with other refugees made the trip through macedonia and serbia and croatia and registered according to french authorities in a serbian refugee camp on october 7th. it is proposed and concluded by investigators here this person would have gradually made their way to paris over the period of over a month since then the attack happened november 13th. they say that the fingerprint of the first bomber at the stade de
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france matches the print on this document that was found with him. they say the name is ahmad mohammed. they say he was born according to these documents the 10th of september, 1999. they also say the -- 2345e7b th. they say the new development of these bombers coming in as infiltra infiltrators into the wave of refugees and migrants is that his fingerprints were not known to the french authorities. they are telling us that they were not in the french database. obviously, we're still trying to chase all this down. there will be all sorts of claims and counter-claims and we will chase all this down. right now, this is the information we're getting from the french authorities. in addition they told united states the two other suicide bo bombers, three in total at the football match were in possession of fake fake turkish passports. back to you, jake.
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>> christiane amanpour in paris. with me is republican for president jeb bush in miami. thanks for joining us. we had breaking news as you heard from christiane amanpour at least one of the islamist terrorists smuggled into paris. and there are refugees being brought into the united states and what would you do given this information? >> i think we need to lead as to taking action in syria and iraq to eradicate isis from the face of the earth. that should be our foremost responsibility. as to refugees we need to do thorough screening and take a limited number. ultimately the best way to deal with the refugee crisis is create safe zones inside syria so people don't risk their lives and you don't have a national security challenge for our country and europe of screening. in addition to that, jake, i'd
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say there are a lot of christians in syria that have no place now. they'll be either executed or imprisoned either by assad or by isis. i think we should have -- we should focus our efforts as to refugees and christians being slaug slaughtered. >> how does the united states and screeners tell which refu e refugees are christians and which ones are not? >> we do that all the time. it takes almost a year for a refugee to be processed into the united states. i think we need to be obviously very very cautious. this also calls to mind the need to protect our borders, our southern border particularly and focus on counter-intelligence capabilities that have been weakened when the patriot act was re-authorized. this is a warning for our country this threat is not going to go away, this is a threat against western civilization. we need to lead. the united states has pulled back and when we pull back
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voiced are filled and filled by islamic terrorism that fills our country. >> what would due different president obama has not. there are bombing operations going on in syria. they killed jihadi john a few days ago. what would president bush be doing? >> i would first have a strategy. the president has admitted he does not have a strategy as it relates to isis. hilary clinton last night said it's not our fight. it is our fight. without our leadership, in bu d building a coalition to destroy isis, it won't happen. creating a strategy means that we create a no-fly zone, create safe havens for the remnants of the syrian-free army to be built up. we lead by getting our arab allies and friends to be able to support one fighting force. this is made more complicated by the iranian deal and iran and russia's support of the brutal assad regime. both isis and assad need to be
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taken out which means we need a concerted effort by europe and the united states and arab world to create an alternative to the brutality that exists so there could be disability. >> you mentioned hilary clinton, the democratic candidates gat r gathered in iowa for the second debate. listen to hilary clinton talking about isis. >> we have to look at isis as the leading threat of an international terror network. it cannot be contained. it must be defeated. >> how would your approach to isis differ from hilary clinton's? >> well, she says that, but then she says -- later in the debate she says it wasn't our fight. the difference would be, as i spoke too month ago at the reagan library, we need a strategy and american leadership is desperately needed there. we need a no-fly zone. we need to create safe havens. we need to embed with the iraqi military and provide direct support with the kurdish force and sunni leaders. the stwraeg rategy is listeninge
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commanders and not tying their hands behind their backs and not having lawyers behind every sortie. >> does that mean you think we should send more troops into syria and more troops into iraq? >> i would listen to the military commanders and give them the mission, which is how do we destroy isis? it is islamic terrorism. it's not a law enforcement engagement. listen to them and then develop a clear strategy. i can't tell you the force levels required to do this. i do know it has to be done in unison with our allies. we can't do it alone but must lead. >> the pope called the massacre world war iii. president hollande called it an act of war. should nato invoke article v an attack one is an attack on all and declare war on isis? >> i think the president should convene the north american council to discuss that. i do think it's worthy of consideration for sure, if
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that's what the french want, then our longest and strongest and most ally over our entire history we should certainly consider it. our hearts go out to the people of paris and france. this is the second time they've had an atrocious act of terror in their country. we need to show complete solidarity with them. >> you on twitter last night tweeted hilary clinton and other democratic candidates for being unable to use the afraid radical islamic terrorism. hilary clinton said she's following the example of your brother, george w. bush after 9/11. take a listen to this. >> the face of terror is not the truth faith of islam. that's not what islam is all about. islam is peace. these terrorists don't represent peace. they represent evil and war. >> is islam peace, governor?
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>> you know what, i know what islamic terrorism is and that's what we are fighting with isis, al qaeda, all of the other groups. that's what our focus should be on. this is not a question of religion, this is a political ideology that has coopted a religion. i think it's more than acce acceptable to call it what it is and organize an effort to destroy it. >> the question is hilary clinton says she doesn't want to label it as islamic terrorism. that seemed to be in the first few years of the war on terror, president bush, your brother, his blueprint as well. he said islam is peace. it's hard to imagine hilary clinton saying islam is peace and not being attacked by republicans. >> look, all i know is that she does not believe that this is our fight. this is a fight for western civilization. we need to be all in on it. the simple fact these are islamic terrorists that has coopted a faith that is pea
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peaceful. nevertheless this is something we need to fight. i don't think anybody would question my brother was in that fight. he viewed it as a national security fight and he lead. that's what we need to do again. >> the pentagon said friday it has disabled nearly three-quarters of the isis oil infrastructure and prompted donald trump to tweet the following. they laughed at me when i said to bomb the isis controlled oil fields. now, they are not laughing and doing what i said. do you give donald trump credit for this one? >> i don't give donald trump credit. he's been all over the map as it relates to this, whether we should engage or not engage or have the russians do the work a coalition needs to be done, whether assad needs to be kept in, all of this is quite conf e confusing because he's bouncing around, as it relates to a policy. what we need is a strategy to take out isis and to deal with assad at the same time. part of that strategy is correctly so, to take out their resources, both the ability to hold people hostage for kidn
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kidnapping for ransom as well as taking out their ability to garner revenue from oil. those are smart moves. but i'd love to see the president describe what the strategy is and then garner the support in the world to be able to execute on it. >> governor jeb bush, thank you so much for joining us today. >> thank you, jake. coming up, president obama has just landed in turkey. he made remarks on the paris attacks. we will bring those to you right after the break.
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50% more data for the same price. i like this metaphor. oh, it's even better with funnel cakes. but very sticky. now get 15 gigs for the price of 10. president obama has just arrived in turkey there for a previously planned g20 meeting and he just spoke about the attacks in paris. >> the skies have been darkened by the horrific attacks that took place in paris.
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>> just hours before the attacks, the president said this to "abc news" if asked if isis was gaining strength? >> from the start, our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them. they have not gained ground in iraq in syria, they'll come in and they'll leave. you don't see this systematic march by isil across the terrain. >> with the president in turkey is deputy national security advisor, ben rhodes. thanks for joining us. we get all that remark in a moment. i know you said there is no specific credible threat to the u.s. homeland. the paris deputy mayor is telling cnn they don't know if the attack is over. does the united states believe all the attackers have been apprehended? is there reason to believe there may still be accomplices on the run? >> well, jake, first of all, we agree very much with the french
6:18 am
assessment in all likelihood, this bears the hall mart of isil. in terms of the ongoing investigation, in terms of incidents like this multifaceted and complex important to pull every thread you have to make sure there are still not accomplices on the loose in part because those people are on the loose and can help you understand what ae's happened. i'm sure there's a very vigorous effort supported by our intelligence sharing to identify anybody connected at all with these attackers. >> about the president's phra phrasing about isis or isil being contained, i know he was specifically talking about the iraq-syria battlefield. he made the comment after the terrorist attack after the russian airliner, after the suicide bombers in beirut. if this is what isis looks like contained i shutter to think what isis looks like unconta
6:19 am
uncontained. >> well, again, jake, as you noted, it's a very specific point the president was making we had seen over a year ago isil on the march in iraq and syria taking more and more territory. what we've been able to do is stop that advance and reclaim territory, going on the offense with our partners on the ground most recently taking over the town of sin dra and cuts off syria and mo sill and iraq and made advances very important and puts pressure on where isis can operate and puts pressure on their safe haven. we have to be one step ahead of isil every time, if we can. that's why for instance we took a strike at isil leader in libya because we see them trying to get a foothold there as well. >> one step ahead, we don't seem to be one step ahead of any terrorist group these days. david axelrod the former advisor of president obama says obviously the emergence of isis
6:20 am
was not what was anticipated and will be an issue in this election. i think people are concerned that not only has the president underestimated i since the past calling them a jv team, he hey continue underestimating them. i don't want to get into the whole jv thing. this is the worst atrocity in france since hitler. >> jake, there is no question that this is a very significant threat that is going to pose a long term challenge. the president has always been very clear, this is a long term campaign. there are going to be setbacks including tragic setbacks like what we saw in paris that obviously was an outrageous attack against one of our closest allies and as the president said, against all of humanity. what we have to do is very methodically and relentlessly degrade this threat. we built an intelligence apparatus to degrade threats by
6:21 am
isil and took ute the jihadi leader as i mentioned but in turkey we talk to our coalition partners to together apply pressure on isil even as the work that was done in vienna to provide a diplomatic effort to bring that to an end. >> i think there is a question how good this intelligence apparatus is, christiane amanpour reporting this morning at least one of the terrorists according to french authorities seems to have smuggled himself into europe by embedding with refug refugees. are you confident enough in our vetting process as the united states brings syrian refugees into our country to pledge this will never happen here? >> first of all, jake, the threat of on for fighters has been front and center from the very beginning of this counter isil campaign. we made that a focus to work with countries to share
6:22 am
information and improve laws and authorities to monitor and detain people. we will continue to do that. that will be a focus of discussion here in turkey. with respect to refugees we have the most extensive vetting we have ever had to deal with syrian refugees coming into the united states involving not just the u.s. united states and state department, anybody that comes to the united states we are carefully vetting against all our information. let's not forget, jake, some of these people are people who suffered the horrors of war, widow, orphans, children who suffered at the hands of isil. we cannot close our doors to these people. we can focus on keeping terrorists out of the united states while having an open door to people who deserve a safe haven. >> french president hollande described this as an act of war. if france goes to nato and tries to invoke article v of the nato treaty and attack on one is an attack on all will the united states support france? >> jake, absolutely, that's a
6:23 am
french decision. the french will make the decision whether to invoke article v. we stand ready to do whatever is necessary to support france in this time of tragedy. we already have close military coordination in iraq and syria. we're prepared to ramp that up. france has a two star general in centcom to present that coordination. we're looking how we can take efforts with france in the days ahead to ensure there's justice in this attack and make sure there's not a safe haven. >> why are you ready to ramp it up now? why haven't you already ramped it up? >> we have, jake. we've been conducting dhows sands of air strikes -- condu conducting thousands of air strikes over the last year. we want allies and partners who can do more with us and provide opposition on the ground and provide a touch of air strikes that can take out isil leaders and deny them the critical infrastructure they depend on. what we've seen is there are
6:24 am
elements of the strategy when properly resourced with isil as we saw in sinjar and leadership targets. we have to do more and will do more with the special operations units going to syria to facilitate operations. we are intensifying the strategy that are yielding progress even as we have to constantly analyze the threats and how to deal with the threat. >> deputy rhodes, thanks so much. we will go live to paris next. this holiday season, get ready for homecomings. i see you brought a friend? i wanna see, i wanna see. longing. serendipity. what are the... chances.
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i'm jake tapper live from washington, d.c. new pictures just in of president obama huddling with russian president vladimir putin at the g20 summit in the midst of these attacks in paris. weapons were discovered inside this abandoned car in a paris suburb. our fred is there. what do you know? >> reporter: there is a lot of broken glass where the car was found. police officers found the car and so it was brokthere and bro the windows and found three assault weapons. this is one of the vehicles used in two attacks, in which five people were killed and in another one, 19 people were killed. police are trying to retrace
6:30 am
this car and find out who the owner may be and see if there are fingerprints they can use to find attackers. the big question is who put the car here? was it the attackers themselves or did someone else do it for them. >> what can you tell us about the latest ongoing manhunt going on in paris and beyond? >> reporter: in paris and beyond, absolutely right, jake. there's breaking news coming in to us from brussels in belgium. the authorities are saying, we're getting this in right now, they believe at least two of the paris attackers have been identified as french citizens living in brussels. specifically there in the district of brussels. you will recall there were raids that took place, three raids in total five people were taken into custody. at least one of those raised authorities said was directly -- those raids authorities said was
6:31 am
directly related to paris. we'll see what comes out of that. the belgian authorities believe two people, two attackers were french citizens living in bruss brussels, in total of course, the manhunt continues for the people who might have driven this car as well as the authorities, try to find out who's behind all of this, whether this was a local group or some sort of wider outfit, jake. >> thank you so much. an american woman was among the murdered in paris. we'll tell you about her after the break.
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we have learned an american woman is among those murdered during the brutal attacks in paris. she was just 20 years old, student at cal long beach and designer friends call vibrant and energetic. she was spending the semester studying in paris. the state department says they're aware of two americans injured as well. we're joined by senator lindsey graham as presidential candidate and member of the senate arms committee. thank you for joining me. do you believe if france requests invoke nato article v an attack on one is an attack on all nato and the united states should formally declare war on isis? >> absolutely. without adjusting our strategy the worst is yet to come when it comes to isil, that the obama strategy when it comes to destroying isil is not working and will not work and i'll be glad to tell you what i would do to destroy isil. >> we'll ask those questions.
6:37 am
you've seen news with christiane amanpour, at least one of the islamist terrorists smuggled himself into france embedded into refugees in syria. do you still believe the u.s. needs to take its fair share of refug refugees? how do prevent this happening from the united states? >> i believe the united states and the world need to go on offense and stop the reason the people have to leave syria. the good people are leave because they're being raped and murdered and some terrorists trying to get in their ranks. the best thing the world could do for syrian people is create a safe haven within syria, no-fly zone. the best thing the united states could do to protect other hour d is go on offense with the french regional army they'd like to be and go on the ground to destroy their call fate. i've come to learn one thing in the last two years. we're going to fight isil in their backyard or our backyard. i choose to fight them in their backyard. i choose to filed them in raqqa, not the western streets of the
6:38 am
world or cities. i would form a regional army made of arabs and turkey and american force would be part of that army. we'd go in the ground in syria and pull the caliphate up by the roots and take back land held by isil and hold it until syria repairs itself. that requires american boots on the ground in syria and we need more american boots on the ground in iraq if we're going to protect the american homeland because they're coming here if we don't stop them there. >> senator graham, you and senator rick santorum are the only two republican presidential candidates calling for more boots on the ground in iraq and/or syria. yet you and senator santorum are not going particularly well, at least when it comes to polls. why is it do you think that those who are not calling for that, not calling for more boots on the ground in iraq and syria are thriving in the republican primary race. >> i can't explain the politics,
6:39 am
i can only tell you what i've learned after 35 trips to iraq and ag in tafghanistan in the l decade trying to understand this war. obama's strategy against isil is not working. it's failing. you will never win the war from the air. what i'm pleading with every person, i hope hilary clinton and the president will listen to me. we don't have until the next election to address isil. we need to disrupt their operations inside syria. what i'm suggesting to presidents and democrats and republicans, listen to what i am saying and follow my advice. the arabs in turkey want to destroy isil as much as we do. france is now a victim twice of this organization. let's rally the world, form an army there to be formed, lead it, going on the ground and destroy isil before they attack our country. i am not trying to have pride of authorship here, i'm trying to protect america from another 9/11.
6:40 am
without american boots on the ground in syria and iraq, we're going to get it here at home. if you don't understand that, you're not ready to be commander in chief, in my view. >> senator, if the arabs such as jordan and an saudis -- >> and egypt. >> and turks are eager to get in this fight, where are they? >> they're eager to get in the fight but they're not going to destroy isil unless we take a side out, too. no arab nation will fight just for isil. turkey is not going on the ground and fight isil and leave assad in power. that's the problem with obama's strategy. he is leaving assad in power. that means you're giving damascus to the iranians. to get a region aal force you he to accomplish two goals, go in to destroy isil, a threat to the region and also take out assad, who is a puppet of iran. without putting assad on the table you're not going to be able to rally the region. i hope the french will invoke article v. they should. the world should be at war with isil. if i'm the commander in chief of the american component we will
6:41 am
be part of a recalled wo-wide force to destroy isil and we will not leave assad in power. i am not going to give yet another arab capital to the irani iranians. i will not do that. >> senator, aren't you concerned if we rally this coalition, the united states, put it together to take out not only isis but assad, that will be a war with russia? russia, as you know, is now in syria, doing everything it can politic politically, militarily, economically to prop up assad. >> here's what i would do. i would tell the russians you're not going to use military force to keep assad in power. that disrupts the region. it gives iran more power at a time they should have less. it's a recruiting tool for isil to be able to fight the irani iranians, alawite control by iran, it destabilizes the region. the syrian people will not accept assad as their people. tell the russians you have bo bombed the people we have tra trained to take assad out who needs to go. if you want to fight for assad
6:42 am
that is your choice but you will be fighting the entire world, the region, turkey, all the a b arabs, us, the french. we are going to do two things in syria, we will destroy isil before they hit our homeland and replace assad because if he stays in power the war never ends. let russia make a decision. here's what they could bawould out. >> who do you think is better prepared to take on isil? hilary clinton or donald trump? >> lindsey graham. hilary clinton seems to be disconnected. she won't embrace boots on the ground. mr. trump's position regarding syria haas always bes always be delusional. i'm not worried about them, i'm worried about my homeland. please wake up to the threats we face. hit them before they hit us. fight them in their backyard, not our backyard. people are ready to be led. america must lead and have boots on the ground as part of a regional army.
6:43 am
we need 10,000 force in iraq not 3500. if we don't do these things soon what you see in paris is coming to america and if i'm commander in chief, it will not happen. >> it's a good answer but you didn't answer the question. i'll let you go. thank you. one of the bombers smuggled himself in as a syrian refugee. this as hundreds of thousands of refugees are coming into europe and others still coming into new orleans. is it too risky? that conversation after the break. egom the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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6:48 am
attack smuggled himself in as a syrian refugee. what does that mean here? let me ask you, km, what does that mean? what does this mean in terms of the syrian refugee crisis? obviously, hundreds of thousands of victims of what's going on in syria and now whether or not they get into europe is going to be questioned even further. >> i'm not sure why this shocks anybody. there is not a vetting process despite what people can tell you that can vet every single individual coming in on the refugee program. you have some 8 to 900,000 refugees across yfeurope that he the ability to move across borders any time they want. what really told me something interesting in this plot, you had someone likely to have been smuggled in, probably when it's
6:49 am
over, hooked up with an organization on the ground. they did surveillance and vetting of the targets. they had this refugee committed jih jihadist, committed suicide bomber hook up with people already in the country. that is a dangerous dangerous recipe. you will see more of it. >> if you game it out, let's say europe closes borders and refugees left to fend for themselves or put in massive refugee camps, that might be a horrible recipe to create terrorists as well. >> we have to remember to promote terrorism is target populations they wouldn't otherwise do. isis wants to create rifts an wants to divide the french people and alienate french muslims to say, look, france is against you, against refugees, europe is turning to the far right. we have to be very careful about this us versus them rhetoric. there's perhaps one refugee that was part of this out of hundreds
6:50 am
of thousands. that's kind of a collective punishment, if you say, well, we're going to try to stop all refugees from coming in because of one person. isis is trying to exploit refugees to create this anti-muslim sentiment, anti-refugee sentiment. let's not fall into their trap. >> robin, you have a piece in "the new yorker" just out this morning and write among other things, the battlefield against islamic jihad against these radicals now expands continents. do you think president obama understand >> that's one of the most important things happening now. is a diplomatic effort to deal with the future of syria and how can you bring 17 very desperate political party, countries together to try to negotiate a
6:51 am
solution. expand continents some form of threat or challenge to the west and demonstration is trying to figure out how to you solve a problem. yes, these issues of migration will clearly deserve more attention but fear shouldn't dictate what we do next. we have to be smarter and looking at the bigger picture. i think there's the beginning of the process. it's a huge question. this is for the first time you have the major parties to the syrian conflict at the table. >> i think we got to intensify air strikes against iraq. i think go right at isil home territory. we have to put maximum military
6:52 am
pressure. the united states to work with potential allies to undertake specific target raids at isil strongholds. i think we have to do more things like special operations raise into eastern sir air strikes in libya. to target and not create a lot of collateral damage. as every party has said, there's ultimately no military solution to this. that's not going to create a
6:53 am
solution to the core problem. >> the military element is an important part. we can't just kind of discount that. it's remarkable to me isis has been on our radar for more than a year now. there's no excuses. i condition think of a single country that's made isis the number one foreign policy priority. we haven't. we've been very reluctant dragging our feet, doing too little too late. there's also the question of syria. we have not had a serious strategy for the past four years since the uprisings began. we have to address this issue which is sort of mirror image of isis in some ways. it's remarkable to me our devoid of strategy we are. i hope this is wake up call. >> the one thing we have to be careful of and i fully support of the french invoking article five and we should be engaged in this with our nato allies and others in the defense and destruction of isis. however, revenge keeps coming up in those conversations.
6:54 am
this needs to be a strategy. if this is only about a revenge attack, we'll make a serious mistake. we're going to be very interested in throwing everything at them early. part of the reasons they come back with bombs nonlt because the targets are moving is also because intelligence is not as good as it should be. that will happen with more engagement and directly targeting control. they'll have an immediate impact. revenge is no way to plan a defeat. >> we thank you so much. appreciate all of you. paris most famous landmark is going dark. how paris is mourning, next. com. like limiting where you earn bonus cash back. why put up with that? but the quicksilver card from capital one likes to keep it simple. real simple. i'm talking easy like-a- walk-in-the-park, nothing-to-worry-about, man-that-feels-good simple. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back
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the mayor of paris announcing the lights that make the identify l tower sparkle will go dark to honor the victims of terror attack. paris finds itself once again a city in mourning.
7:00 am
>> thanks for spending this hour with us. we'll be back here at noon live. a live edition of fareez zakaria gps starts now. welcome to all of you in the united states and around the world. i'm coming to you live from new york. today a special report tackling all aspects of the attacks in paris. we'll bring you the latest in the investigation. we'll ask how can europe and the united states be protected against future attacks with reports that one terrorist snun snuck in refugees. we'll a


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