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tv   State of the Union With Jake Tapper  CNN  November 22, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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campaign team of kelly ayotte who faces a tough 2016 re-election races. she's not planning to endorse in the presidential primary. she's nervous about her chances if trump ends up at the republican nominee. there's an effort underway to press gop activists in the state to back trump to apply the all politics is local rule and perhaps think again. thank you for sharing your sunday morning. "state of the union" starts right now. a world on edge. an international manhunt underway for the surviving terrorists and new fears that it is not over yet. what might isis have planned for america? plus, the heated battle over syrian refugees. >> to bring them into this
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country is suicide. i call it the trojan house. >> republicans attack the president's plan to take in thousands of syrians. >> he sees the world as he likes to see it as a fantasy. >> republican presidential candidate chris christie joins us live. >> what i'm not interested in pursuing some notion of american leadership, america winning or whatever slogan they come up. >> president obama's syria strategy. chuck hagel will be here for an exclusive interview. and the top political minds with insights on what it means if are the country and the campaign. hello. i'm jake tapper in washington where our state of the union is on high alert. police on the hunt for at least one of the paris attackers who
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escaped in belgium warning its citizens of a, quote, sirius and imminent threat to the capital brussels suspending subway services and telling people not to go near the train station or the airport. they told americans to shelter in place at home. president obama this morning said he's determined to prevent an isis attack on u.s. soil. >> i think that the american people are right to be concerned and to expect that we in the government and in law enforcement are doing everything we can to disrupt terrorist attacks, to intercept intelligence that may lead us to individuals who are willing to carry out these attacks. >> president obama sent the week battling critics to saying his plan to accept refugees puts the united states in danger. one of the critics new jersey
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governor chri governor chris christie. he joins me live now. i want you to take a listen to what your frontrunner of your party, donald trump, had to say this week. >> there should be a lot of systems. we should have a lot of systems. i want surveillance of certain mosques. i will quickly and decisisiezde bomb isis. >> how are you going to be different from your party's frontrunner? >> first off, jake, what we'll talk about on tuesday is an approach that is based in my experience. i'm the only person in this race who has actually done this before. i was united states attorney for seven years in new jersey and
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immediate aftermath in september 11 brought two of the most major terrorism cases this country has ever known. what we did this summer was wrong. i said it was wrong at the time. it's being proven to be wrong. when we cut back on the nsa's meta data collection program and has been destroying the morale of our intelligence officers. we need to rebuild the program and the morale of our intelligence. we need to support law enforcement which this administration hasn't been doing and the fbi director himself said there's a chillway through law enforcement. we need to do all of those things first and foremost to protect the homeland. the number one job of the president of the united states is protect the safety and security of the american people. it's not an option. it's a right. that's what we're focussed on. >> you said yesterday in new hampshire this campaign changed eight days ago. but trump and ben carson still in the lead in a national poll. take look at this new poll.
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donald trump from way out in front at 32%. ben carson 22%. how has this campaign changed? why do you think it's your time as opposed to the frontrunner donald trump? >> well, listen, what i'm saying, jake, i can feel on the ground in new hampshire the questions in town hall meetings. i did two yesterday are different. they're focussed on national security. and how we're going to protect our homeland. and i think you're going to see that ultimately reflected in the polls that people want to see someone who has experience and knows how to do this. in charge of our party and our country. >> new york mayor bill de blasio went after you hard for saying you don't want to accept any syrian refugees not even orphans under five. >> governor christie specifically said he didn't think it was appropriate for small children to be brought in. is this what he wants to see happen to people? is this what he wants to see happen to children. >> i don't know if you have seen
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the clip. it's the iconic dead syrian little boy on the beach in the photograph. does a 5-year-old orphan need to be vetted. senator rubio said if it's a 5-year-old child it's pretty easy to vet. >> as murders rise 11% in new york city, as the commissioner of police in new york says that homelessness and va grans on the streets continue to rise to new high levels, believe me. mayor de blasio should worry more about trying to get something done in the city of new york to make it safer than frankly, given the way he's talking and not worried about the security and the safety of the people of new york, maybe he should be mayor of damascus >>well, i understand you're taking issue with how he's running new york city. let's turn to his argument, which is we've seen the compelling images of people who are obviously not isis terrorists. little children and their moms. why are they dangerous to the
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united states to take them in. why should the united states not be helping the desperate people? >> first of all, jake the fbi director said they can't vet the folks. he sat before congress and said they cannot vet these folks. second secondly, we had a woman wearing an explosive vest in paris who blew herself up when approached by police this week. i don't understand the distinction, frankly. what we need to do is to protect the homeland first, jake. >> i think what police -- >> there's no way to vet the folks. >> the police have said as they've studied that crime scene further she was not wearing a suicide vest. all though her role with the terrorists is still unknown. let me ask you about 75 syrian refugees have already settled in your home state of new jersey since the start of the year according to new data from the state department. should they be ousted from your state? >> jake, what should have been happened is we should have been
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informed and we were not. this is part of the problem with the administration. they're an imperial administration that just decides they're going to place people in individual states and not inform the state of government of the fact they have done it. that information is just recently released. and they're placing them through nongovernmental organizations and not giving any information to the state governments until just recently when we demanded them and there was public pressure on them to do that. the fact is we should have these folks vetted and vetted well. the fbi director said they cannot be vetted. this is not me saying. it's the president's own fbi director saying it. the president needs to get his story straight in washington, d.c., then he get folks political 05 pointes like john kerry and john johnson to write whatever letters they want. the fbi director testified before congress. >> he said he had serious concerns about the legislation that passed the house of representatives which blocked syrian and iraqi refugees. what do you think about the 75
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syrian refugees in your home state while you pursue a plan to oust them from your state or is it okay they're there? >> jake, what we're going to do and whae should be doing as a country is to set up a no-fly zone in syria and set up a safe haven in syria so the folks don't have to love their dun in the first place. this is something that the president created. his failure to enforce his red line, his invitation for russia to come in syria. his inaction as the crisis spiralled out of control created this crisis. now he wants the american people to absorb this crisis that he created. he should set up no-fly zone in syria and a safe zone for them to stayed in their own country. >> in the wake of the paris attacks, democrats arguing if you -- not you but someone on the terror watch list, they shouldn't be able to buy a gun according to the government accountability office over the
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past decade expect terrorists exploited a loophole more than 2,000 times. you signed legislation to close the loophole in new jersey if you're on one of the watch lists you cannot purchase a gun in new jersey. do you support diane feinstein's resolution to do it state by state. >> it should be made state by state. >> the u.s. should create a new government agency to promote jew day owe christian values around the world. some people think it would violate the separation between church and state. >> i don't think that's something we need to do. i want to see a nation that continues to say we want you to practice your religion and vigorously. as long as you practice it peacefully and you're not trying to impose your values on anybody else you should be able to practice the way you want. i don't think we need another government agency. i don't think we need to add
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more layers to the bureaucracy of the government. >> two days ago i sbinterviewed the president's special enva to fight isis. i asked him about the air campaign about isis and he acknowledged we're careful about civilian endangerment. do you think the rule should be changed? >> isis doesn't seem to be concerned about civilian casualties, jake. we need to get real and bring our allies together and bring rules of engagement to take on isis in a significant and direct way. obviously the president is wrong when he said on thursday of last week that isis was contained. the next day the attacks started in paris. so this administration has no credibility in giving us any assessment of how it's going. we have the attacks in mali now. he said al qaeda was on the run.
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obviously that's wrong as well. he said our borders were secure. that's wrong. this president has been wrong. when i think back on this administration, the way i think of president obama is often wrong but never in doubt. >> governor chris christie, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, jake. we would like to know we invited the obama administration to provide us with a guest to discuss paris, the refew agree crisis. the obama administration declined. he warned the white house about the rise of isis as he was leaving office. can the administration prevent more attacks such as paris? chuck hagel is here for an exclusive interview. that's next. ok, we're here. here's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now? maybe just head back to the dealership? don't you want to meet my family? yep, totally. it's practically yours,
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advisors are somehow better than chairman of my joint chiefs of staff and the folks who are actually on the ground, i want to meet them. we can have that debate. >> one of those advisors and somebody who had been on the ground was former secretary of defense chuck hagel who wrote a secret memo to the national security advisor laying out his concerns to the white house's strategy in syria. hagel announced his resignation the following month. he joins me now. thank you for doing this. you've, reluctant to criticize the president. what was in that memo in which you expressed your concerns how the administration was handling syria? >> jake, thank you. let me begin this way. first, i think everyone understands what we are up against in the world today. isis and all the different
6:18 am
elements of terrorism and dynamics and historic differences and challenges and threats is complicated. let's start there. >> of course. >> and understand that. there are no easy simple solutions regardless of some who appeared to have very glib, i think that was the president's point, glib quick solutions. there are none. second, i always felt we needed to more clearly define our political strategy along with our military strategy. it's my opinion and certainly the opinion of former marty dempsey, he can speak for himself, but it was our opinion there is no military solution to this. we're up against a ideology. we're up against a reality of set of dynamics we have never seen before. sophistication of social media, the military prowess, the statistical strategic prowess
6:19 am
that isis has the funding. we should describe what is our political strategy. who is the enemy here? assad? or is isis the enemy? do we think we should not have assad on a designated enemy? >> eye sassad is a bad guy. i think it's clear that isis represents the real threat to our country, to the world. i said so 15 months ago in a press conference when i was asked about isis. i said this is a force we've never seen before. they represent all the dynamics we have never comfonfronted bef. assad has to be dealt with. you can't confuse your allies anded adversaries by saying ass must go and we can't deal with
6:20 am
him because he's lost legitimacy to rule. what he's done to his own people. and we'll deal with him later. we want you on the ground. the opposition groups we're funding, training, and prepare to go after isis. they don't see it that way. the turks don't see it quite that way. they have a lot of different problems and measures that are subterranean. religious differences. >> what was your concern when you wrote the memo to the white house? >> my concern was, by the way, i wasn't blaming everybody. we had not clearly defined our political strategy. first, we need to help build a platform of stability before we resolve anything. we can keep killing people. we can keep playing a proxy war game and destroying the middle east and see iing the results o that.
6:21 am
refugees and other clear consequences of that kind of an effort, but the russians have got to be part of this. i think the iranians have to be parking lot of it. >> -- part of it. >> we need to align with russia. >> it's not alliance. let's seize on the common interest. what is the common throat all of those countries? what is the common interest. >> isis. >> isis and you build around that. you build into the next series of steps of eassad and so on. i don't think you find a resolution to assad until you figure out dealing with isis and you bring the countries and leaders together on some unification. we have differences with iran for years and years and russia for years. you can't let the differences dictate or you can't become captive to the differences. let's center on the core threat, the common threat. build out from there. if you can build a platform of stability, it gets do you a point where you can unravel
6:22 am
this. we can't do it. the military can't do it. the u.s. can't do it. the russians can't do it. western europeans can't do it. what is happening here is completely out of control, and there's no prospect for bringing any kind of stability, i think, on the path we're on now. that's what i was talking about. >> did it fall on deaf ears? well, we had conversations about it. >> they disagreed. >> i wouldn't put it that way. it's difficult. it's one of the issues where there are differences of opinion. that was my opinion. and i -- >> do you think the current strategy to fight isis is working? >> well, i think strategy itself is an element of this, but strategy just like we did during world war ii or any war you're constantly adapting strategy. you're constantly adjusting to what is going on the other side.
6:23 am
now remember again this is an element of force we've never quite seen before. then the other part of this, jake, you're dealing with uncontrollables we cannot control. we learned that from iraq. these are dynamics completely outside our ability to change. so when you say strategy, yes, we need a strategy. yes, we need a clear policy. >> we need a strategy. we don't have a strategy or clear policy now? >> no, we have a strategy. here is the point, again, i go back you're constantly adapting and shifting. my point has been we need to more clearly define the political strategy along that should the lead the military strategy. putting boots on the ground or special operations forces or the strikes. we started the strikes more than a year ago, and they are part of the strategy. they have to be part of the strategy. building up the military capacity with those who are willing to help in that area.
6:24 am
part of the strategy. it has -- that has to be part of the strategy. it must come from a larger overview of what is the larger objective here? >> right. >> i want to read something from michael vickers who was the under secretary of defense. he wrote an op-ed saying the obama strategy for defeating isis is not fast enough. is he right? >> i think he is has. i have immense respect for mike vickers. i worked with him while i was in the senate. we need to accelerate this. but at the same time president obama has been wise in asking this question. what are we getting into and every time you make a commitment to accelerate. there are a series of questions
6:25 am
that come with it. i think our foreign policy over the last many years has never ever really developed a series of then what happens. then what happens? then what happens? you take down saddam hussein. who governs? how are they chose ton govern? who makes the decision. those are tough. >> second and third redid yule -- >> yes. we don't do that well. i think mike's points are generally right. >> i want to ask you about the new york times investigating there's an expanding inspector general investigation whether the intelligence reports of iraq and pentagon were cooked to make it look as though the air campaign was doing better than it was and isis was weaker than it is. some of it would have happened while you were at the pentagon. do you know anything? >> no, i don't know anything about it, jake. i think there's always, though, it's a new conflict between our military on the ground versus different intelligence groups. by the way, we have to remember
6:26 am
more than just one intelligence group out there. we have 16 independent intelligence agencies and most reside in the pentagon and dod. but there are various attitudes, perceptions. >> we've seen the movie before. policy makers fcooking it to mae the boss happy. >> i didn't see it. i was very careful about this. it doesn't mean something could have happened below the secretary of defense's office. you can't monitor everything. there is conflict always. i know that. i ask a lot of questions. i know chairman dempsey asks a lot of questions. but this particular issue i'm not aware of nor did it come up to me. >> chuck hagel, thank you for joining us. appreciate it.
6:27 am
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welcome back to "state of the union." isis released a new video warning of an impending attack on new york city just days after the terrorists vowed to strike washingt washington, d.c. bill de blasio trying to reassure americans. >> it's important to note there is no credible and specific threat against new york city. nypd has been working closely with the fbi and other federal partners. again, i repeat there's no specific and credible threat against new york city. >> joining me now is the chairman of the house committee
6:32 am
devon noonaz. is that correct? >> no credible threat that we know about, jake. that's the real issue here. because so many of the terrorists have gotten good at operational security. we don't know what we don't know. there's nothing specific except for the threats they're putting out there. we have to take everything seriously. >> several terrorists involved were apparently known to u.s. authorities. did the u.s. have any intelligence at all that might have stopped the atrocities? >> no. that's the challenge. you're exactly right. we had many of these people identified but there are so many thousands and thousands of them and they're all over western europe and even in the united states and then with the technology that they're using today and the rules and lessons they've learned through fighting us over the last 15 years they've gotten very good at
6:33 am
hiding from intelligence services across globe. >> brussels is on a security clamp down now. the threat is deemed serious that the government shut down the subway, urged citizens to not go to the train station or airport. what is known about the threat? >> i actually spoke to a friend of mine about an hour ago. what they're reporting on the news is that some of the -- local news there is that few of the fugitives, possibly one of the fugitives that was involved in the attack in france they believe he's in belgium somewhere. they're asking people to stay in place. i think all the public events they closed down. like you said the subway is closed down. hopefully they can track the belgian authorities can track the funl fugitive down. >> the new york times is reporting that the investigation of the pentagon possibly falsifying intelligence reports from iraq about isis is
6:34 am
expanding. the accusation being that intelligence officials were saying that the u.s. air campaign was not being as effective and isis was stronger than everyone thought and it was being fin necessaried by the time it got to the president or secretary of defense level they were getting reassuring views. have you seen any evidence that happened? >> well, we are involved in this investigation. we're working closely with the house armed services committee and the defense appropriations committee and we're trying to gather all the facts. we heard from a lot of whistle blowers a other informants who have given us information. not just related strictly to the latest allegations, jake. these go back for four years, and i'll tell you it's really from the members on the intelligence committee. we travel to many of these countries and we meet with the people on the ground. it's almost all the time what we hear and see on the ground and
6:35 am
when we talk to the folks doing the work and what we see in product. more alamrming what we hear the president and his senior officials saying to the public. it just doesn't jive with what they're saying in public and what we see on the ground. >> what are you seeing on the ground? >> well, specifically you look at isis. right. so isis being contained. we didn't go in and go after isis until two reporters got their heads cut off. and then the president said this is our strategy. we challenged the white house and the advisors this looks like a containment strategy. it looks like mission creep. they side no this is not a containment strategy. then just a week ago right before the paris attacks the president of the united states goes on and said our containment strategy is working. and you know what we've been saying is if you want to trap down, kill, and defeat isis. if you only have a containment
6:36 am
strategy within iraq and syria, you don't understand the problem. north africa is full of isis fighters. at the same time you have al qaeda growing in numbers. so the president to have a successful strategy is going to admit they've got it wrong and they need to relook at a larger strategy that deals with north africa, the middle east, all the way to afghanistan, pakistan, and then work closely with our nato allies with what appears to be a command and control structure that isis created successfully in europe. >> congresswoman said the u.s. needs to temporarily suspend the visa waiver program between the u.s. and europe that allows europeans to come into this country without applying for visas. given the attackers, the terrorists were largely europ n europeans not refugees does that
6:37 am
make sense? >> well, what the house passed is definitely needed. from the information i see and if i was in the shoes of isis or al qaeda, i would definitely try to get people into these types of refugee programs. the house legislation is needed. i agree there needs to be a longer look at what needs to happen in the long run with the visa waiver program and who is allowed to get into the united states. that's going take more time. but in the short term we can put in so that the fbi and other intelligence agencies would have to clear who gets into this country. i think it's a very small ask and why the president is opposing it seems a little deaf to me. >> all right house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes. the campaign trail lights up. >> i want surveillance of certain mosques.
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>> do you think you can prove it? you can't prove it. err on the side of caution. >> that was jeb bush suggesting his plan for sorting syrian refugees out. which are christian and which aren't. joining me now is former senator
6:43 am
and member of the 9/11 commission bob kerry. congressman martha -- marcia blackburn. thank you for being here. i have to ask you, senator, jeb bush and ted cruz saying christian refugees should be taken because they're being slaughtered and in a more dire straight than others. >> they're all being slaughtered. isis is killing more muslims than christians a the moment. i think the american concern about security is a real concern. i think there's a way to take refew agrees in without violating our core principles. there needs to be heightened security. the rhetoric around it is disconcerting. when it comes to killing people, isis is a greater threat to muslims than christian. >> congressman, you supported the house bill basically stopping the flow of refugees into syria.
6:44 am
>> putting a pause on place. >> a few months ago we were taken by the image of the little syrian boy who had drown and we're saying to his family, i'm sorry you can't come in. >> search concerned about this and rightfully so. many of us belong to churches who have done a tremendous amount of work in this area working with refugee. here is the issue. right now it's impossible to vet who is coming out of syria and who is seeking to come. many falsified documents. we know that. it's important for us to put a pause in place be sure the office of refugee resettlement which hasn't filed a report with congress since 2013, so that we know who is coming into this country. right know we don't know. whether it is people coming across the border illegally like the family units that were syrians that were caught this
6:45 am
week. >> i don't think they -- >> or it is somebody in hondu s honduras. we had six apprehended there. we have the illegal alien and refugee. it comes through orr. it need to be halted until we get protections in place. >> the united states holocaust museum and other jewish groups expressed concern about the legislation. a lot of them cited polling from the era of 1942 gallup poll. shou there are those who say it is a false comparison. >> every comparison is legitimate. there was a comparison to the vietnamese 130 refugees who arrived after saigon fell. we absorbed that. the problem and the context here is the president's rhetoric. bob mentioned that the republican rhetoric five words
6:46 am
now define the administration. leading from behind. jvs contained. and the problem is the five words add up to failure. nobody trusts the president to process the refugees. we're a welcoming country. 130,000 vietnamese. we have an incredible persian population. this administration has failed and the irs, the va, at every level in syria. no one has confidence they can vet. >> when people talk about defeating isis. what do you think? >> i think it's important we understand that it is necessary to look. of course it's necessary. we need to broaden our sense of what is necessary. looking at the ideological components is essential. we have to look at how people are getting recruited. it's far bigger than isis. the ideological threat is global. it's praying upon nearly a
6:47 am
billion nonmuslims under the age of 30. you were talking about words. words matter. the refugee crisis and the way we're talking about the issues rick shas around the world. i remember being in cambodia. asking me whether the preacher in gainesville, florida who was going to burn the koran represented our nation. the lexicon, how we talk about ourselves is critical. it's critical to this fight and the larger thing. >> i think leadership matters tremendously. our president has shown himself incapable of leading in this fight. this week we had putin and hollande who were leading in the fight against isis, and a president who seems very timid of taking isis and radical muslim extremism on.
6:48 am
he can't even say the word. >> senator kerry you know something about war. how many troops do you think it would take to defeat isis? >> it's a difficult question. that's the question we should ask. i agree it has to be more than just a physical war. but if it's not a physical war you won't defeat them. you won't take mosul aon bombin. we didn't win in europe by just bombing. we landed troops. and i think it's going to take an international force to get it done. that's exactly the question that needs to be asked. that's exactly the question that needs to be answered. and present the bill. maybe it's too expensive. maybe americans aren't going support it. i don't know. whatever the strategy is, you will not defeat isis without troops on the ground. you won't. >> what do you mean more than 50,000? >> you mean more than 50 special ops. >> whatever the number is multiply it by two. don't divide it by two.
6:49 am
whatever the number is, multiply it by two and give us the full cost. i think the american people will support it. >>s i don't hear a lot of republicans calling for troops to defeat isis. >> i did interviews with candidates this week. they're divided russia about the iranian compliment here. lindsey graham is leading the way for a commitment. i think mario rubio is open to that. it will come down to the debate we'll have on december 15th and it will be one of the four key questions. are you putting for ground troops in coalition? because senator pointed out that's the question. winning is the question now. >> you can't win -- he has to have a strategy, first. >> you have to retake mosul. >> thank you so much to all of you. i appreciate it. up next a surprise best seller in france this week. what book is selling out in the wake of the terrorist attack? we'll tell you after the black.
6:50 am
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paris is a celebration. that's the fren mp hch title of hemmingway's classic. more than 50 years after it was published it's a best seller in france. the book is an ode to paris.
6:55 am
walking its boulevard's. we ate well and drank well cheaply and slept together warmly and loved each other. this woman in an interview that's been widely shared invoked the book as a symbol of french identity. we are an ancient civilization witness stand we will hold high the banner of our values. the city of light felt dark this week but paris endures. this weekend its residents filled the bistros eating and drinking in cheerful defiance of the terrorists who murdered people for doing just that. if you're lucky enough to have lived in paris as a love man, where ever you go, it stays with you because paris is a movable feast. >> thanks for spending your sunday morning with us. fareed zakaria is right now.
6:56 am
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this is gps, the global public square. welcome to all you have in the united states and around the world. i'm fareed zakcoming to you liv from new york. we'll bring you the latest from the investigation and we'll talk about the response. how can isis be defeated? how big


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