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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  November 30, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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carolina panthers remain the only unbeaten team in the nfl. >> patriots are not so perfect. thanks, coy. >> your detroit lions. >> they rock so far. thanks for joining me. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. hello. i'm pam lo brown. we begin with breaking news out of france on the paris attacks as world leaders converge on the city. we're learning europe's most wanted man, salah abdeslam may have slipped away. they're operating under the theory the suspect at large has already escaped to syria. the night of the attack, paris prosecutors say abdeslam may have dropped off suicide bombers and then made his way to another paris neighborhood before being picked up and returned to
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brussels. we also know he boughten detonators from a fireworks shop in october. a source also tells cnn other attacks in jewish areas, transport networks and schools in paris were, quote, ready to go. chris cuomo joins us live from paris. a lot of developments here. what more are we learning about these plots? >> one insight we certainly cemented since being back on the ground in france, are they looking for that eighth attacker? yes. is he the most wanted man? i would argue no. a big reason is investigators are still developing an understanding of, how broad is the network, what is the population, what is the hierarchy of people they have here. remember how unheard of it was a planner would be so close to a point of attack and cavalierly live another life. the risk profile is still broad
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here with respect to this eighth attacker. they do know he bought detonators and those vests were made locally. why do they know that? tatp is a volatile chemical compound. it doesn't travel well. now that they know the detonators were bought at this fireworks shop, they believe -- they know other sites had been picked for attacks that jewish sites, cnn sources were told, as well as other sites were targeted for future attacks. the question on that one is, by the team that did the attacks here on friday or by other teams? u.s. intelligence is trying to help on that question. they don't have an answer yet. it dps to the unknown nature of how broad this network is. then the big headline for today is that they do have reason to believe, they're working on the theory that not only has this eighth man managed to escape france but may have been repatriated to syria. they don't know but they're working on that theory. >> because they haven't been
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able to track him down it's easy to go from syria, back into europe. while this is going on, all the world leaders are converging on the city just weeks after the attack. how are they being protected? >> president obama called it an act of defiance. by holding the cop21, conference of parties, that they're showing they will not stop at anything. there will be no regrets. they won't be deterred for the cause of liberty and freedom. but there are others here in france that believe this was a really big risk. by having it, it has meant an unprecedented show of force. since world war ii french authorities have not put together the forces on the ground like now. over 100,000 personnel of military and police quality. there are numbers in the thousands of eight different categories of different resource right now. they lock down the loop, the
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beltway around washington, d.c. it's actually modeled on paris what happened there. they closed it down. that rarely happens. so far, so good here. pamela, as you well know covering terrorism, it's hard to know where a threat is coming from, especially when you don't understand the complete population of risks. >> absolutely. and we saw it play out in paris a couple weeks ago. thank you so much. we'll see you on "new day" tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. eastern. i want to bring in former cia counterterrorism official, phil mudd. my first question to you here is if abdeslam is in syria, how much more difficult will it be to nab him? >> we should have presumed this for a while, though. it looked like when he left paris, he did not have a plan of action. in the intervening few weeks, the french and belgian authorities would have looked at every single place they would have contacted him. they would have looked at his
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digital trail, his cell phone, and talked to every contact, friends and family. over time, especially with the networks isis has to get people out of europe into turkey and into syria, that he would have left. i think he'll have a choice. if he decides to become part of the propaganda machine for isis, do propaganda videos, celebrating what he did in france, then he'll crop up on the radar of people like the americans, british, french. his life span in my judgment will be rel lively short. difficult to track him but eventually he'll go down. >> like we saw with jihadi john not too long ago let's say he is in syria along with these isis terrorists. will he be treated any different in the hierarchy? >> i think he will be. he has great propaganda value. i would expect to see propaganda videos crop up at some point out of isis where he's talking about not only the success from their
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perspective from attacks but thumbing his nose at authorities saying, look at me. they chased me around europe and still couldn't catch me. the interesting thing in the past day or so, it's clear from the plotting we're seeing out of that cell, this talk about jewish sites, for example, he'll be talking to isis leaders about upping their game. going against not only uncontested cafes, soft targets. metros, synagogues, places al qaeda used to go after. >> no doubt. those are targets they're eyeing. i remember after "charlie hebdo" there was the same concern the associates of the attackers went in to syria. we had the same conversation. doesn't this highlight the problem for how easy it is for them to sneak back into europe for an attack? >> i think we've been concentrating on the soda straw problem of europe. how do you prevent the
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radicalization among local population, especially with the flood of refugees? you're seeing in the past day or two where german authorities are saying they're concerned recent immigrants are headed toward more radicalized mosques. i think with abdeslam leaving europe to the second half of the story. until you shut down the magnet for recruitment and training, that is the civil war in syria, you are not going to be able to stop the number of europeans who want to cross the border into syria. have you to focus on syria. not just security in europe. >> how much of a priority do you think catching abdeslam is, in the whole scheme of thing? >> i would say high priority. not just the propaganda but he has operational information to give to the group. for the europes, brits and americans, he'll go to the top of the targeting list. >> interesting perspective. phil mudd, we appreciate it. up next, very soon the suspected gunman in the planned parenthood attack making his
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first court appearance, this as liberals and conservatives debate whether rhetoric inspired him. jury selection under way in the trial for one of the baltimore police officers charged in freddie gray's death. and the entire campus in chicago on lockdown over threats. we'll have more on that after this break. ♪ (vo) some call it giving back.
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new details on that shooting and a planned parenthood clinic in colorado. the suspect has a court appearance a short time from now via video link. authorities say robert lewis dear has claimed he's anti-abortion and talked about baby parts after he was apprehended. officials stress it's not clear what prompted his shooting rampage and we're learning more about the victims. 29-year-old stewart, iraq war veteran, dad and husband, 35-year-old jennifer markovsky,
8:13 am
married with children, and garrett swasey, officer and father, and professional figure skater. nancy kerrigan is one of those grieving his death. >> he literally became one of my very best friends, like a little brother. did a lot of teasing back and forth. very loyal. and loving, caring person. he was sort of passionate about everything. everything was done with great, big giant smile. he had fun in life. so sad. he's got two young kids that literally run to him every time he comes in the door. >> heartbreaking. let's go live to cnn stephanie elam in colorado springs. stephanie, we'll talk about the victims in just a moment. first, tell us, what should we expect today when the alleged shooter faces a judge? >> reporter: he will be
8:14 am
arraigned around 1:30 local time. they're doing it by video uplink. he's held here at el paso criminal justice center. that's how he will face the judge. we know he's being held without bond, pamela. >> and the standoff, we know, lasted for six hours. we were covering it. how did police finally get dear to surrender? >> reporter: it's interesting. they tapped into the cameras inside of planned parenthood and able to watch where he was within the building. they were also able to determine where they could go in the building. the police officers were able to communicate with dear and get him to surrender. this after he was shooting through building walls and that's how so many people were hurt. >> they also brought in a bear cat, right? >> reporter: right, they went into the building. >> let's talk about those victims again the more you learn about them, the more it breaks
8:15 am
your heart. what can you tell us about them? >> we're understanding from the sister of ke'arre stewart, he went outside because he was having cell phone issues. he came in, called 911, trying to protect other people that were inside the building. we also know that officer garrett swasey, he was at his post at the university of colorado and rushed to aid his fellow police officers, hoping to help out there. we understand he lost his life while doing this. obviously, you heard so much about his other life as a figure skater. that's what brought him to colorado springs in the first place, this is where a lot of olympians come to train. then the mother of two, jennifer markovsky, devoted to her family and a native of hawaii. >> i'm sure we'll be learning a lot more about them in the coming days. stephanie elam, thank you so much. i want to stress authorities are still working to determine a
8:16 am
motive for this shooting. that said, attorney general loretta lynch issued a statement calling the attack, quote, a crime against women receiving health care services at planned parenthood. vick y you say the anti-abortion rhetoric has grown so heated that something like this was bound to happen. do you believe that rhetoric actually incited robert lewis dear to go on that bloody rampage? >> unfortunately, i do. the national abortion federation has recorded an unprecedented increase in hate speech, in threats and in calls to action against abortion providers since these videos were released. in fact, we had one individual calling for the arson of every clinic in america to stop abortion. since that call to action, we've had four arsons at planned parenthood clinics in less than three months. these calls to action and
8:17 am
inflammatory rhetoric do have consequences. we have had a history for violence against abortion providers for four decades in this country. enough is enough and it needs to stop. >> there's been violence against abortion providers. in this case, officials i've been speaking to say it's too early to know a motive. it's only been three days since the attack. we have a lot to learn here. don't you think it's too soon to start blaming anti-abortion rhetoric? >> i don't. i believe he stated certain things when he was arrested, things that were directly the subject of those videos. and i am certain when all is said and done, that he was inspired by the vitriol and extent of the abortion hateful speech and threats that we've been living with since july. >> republican presidential hopefuls have all weighed in on
8:18 am
this. not just condemning the shooting but rejecting this notion that anti-abortion rhetoric had anything to do with this shooting. i'd like you to listen to what some of those candidates are saying and then respond after. >> what i would say to anyone who tries to link this terrible tragedy to anyone who opposes abortion or opposes the sale of body parts, this is typical left wing tactics. >> i think he was probably a person ready to go. we don't even know the purpose. he hasn't come out, to the best of my knowledge, with a statement as to why it happened to be at that location. >> the real problem is that we have become coarse and hateful towards each other. we allowed the purveyors of division to put us in separate corners and have us hurl hand grenades at each other. >> regardless of why he did it, what he did is domestic terrorism and what he did is
8:19 am
absolutely abombenable, especially to those in the pro-life movement. >> what is your reaction to those statements from those republican presidential candidates? >> that anti-abortion extremists know their anti-imflaj inflammatory rhetoric incite violence. in the past four decades we've had eight murtdz, 17 attempts murders, 42 bombings, 186 arsons and thousands and thousands of other incidents of criminal activity. when they know, in fact, they are purposely targeting abortion providers and purposefully inciting the type of violence and terrorism we have seen for the past four decades. >> you say you believe these presidential candidates knew
8:20 am
they were going to incite violence with their rhetoric? >> i know that the anti-abortion extremists behind the videos and behind the rain of terror against abortion providers for the past four decades do know their actions and their rhetoric can inflame people to violence. and those that wrap themselves in false accusations, repeating them over and over, need to take a look at their contribution to this contribution of hatred that is responsible for people taking to the law. we live in a democracy. we can't allow people to use violence to settle political differences. regardless of how politicians feel about the issue of abortion, i think we can all agree it's not appropriate to use violence to settle our
8:21 am
political differences. and we need to calm the rhetoric in this country and not continue to incite extremists to commit acts of terrorism against abortion providers. >> thank you very much. appreciate you coming on. donald trump is about to meet with a group of black ministers, but there are a few who are refusing to go. will any actually endorse the candidate? also, breaking news out of france. a key suspect in the paris attacks may have already escaped to an isis safe haven. new details about other attacks that were, quote, ready to go.
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. a group of blablg pastors scheduled to meet with donald trump this afternoon, one to make one thing clear, it's not an endorsement, which is a stark contrast to how the trump campaign billed it in a press
8:26 am
release, quote, trump will be joined by 100 african-american evangelical pastors and religious leaders who will endorse the gop front-runner after a private meeting at trump tower. >> they clarified trump expects to pick up the endorsement of some leaders after meeting privately with them. after joining me with the latest to discuss all of this is cnn political reporter nia-malika henderson. why the change? >> we've seen a lot of movement on this since that initial press release from donald trump. a lot of pastors have come out to say they don't stand with donald trump. they are not endorsing him. some, of course, will endorse him out of this meeting, but it seems like a lot went on over these past few days. one of the things that went on was, you know, a lot of publicity around this. and then some pushback from other pastors who, for instance, wrote a letter in ebony magazine
8:27 am
saying these african-american pasters shouldn't meet with trump, shouldn't endorse him. shouldn't endorse his views, which many people say assistant thet cal to a lot of the causes to people in the black faith community have been pushing for for many years. >> in light of that, trump is now claiming the black lives matter members have pressured these religious leaders to back down from their endorsement of him. do you think this will be creationed in their meeting today? >> i would imagine. no presses is allowed. they're saying this is a private meeting at this point but i imagine they'll confront trump on many things he said, in terms of illegal immigration. i imagine it's going to be a dooil namic meeting. he may come away with criticism
8:28 am
from a lot of pastors. some will likely endorse him as well. >> it will be interesting to see what happens after that meeting in terms of how many will endorse him. have any of these religious leaders already come out and said they will endorse him before the meeting? >> one, da'rel scott, who organized this meeting. he has come out and said that he will endorse trump. he's a backer of trump. whether or not he'll come away from this meeting with more, dozens or so, who knows. this is such a dicey topic. when you mix a faith and politics. so i think a lot of these pastors went into this not thinking it would cause this much of an uproar but it has and they'll have to figure out had awhat to do in terms of endorsing him or not endorsing him. >> nia-malika henderson, thank you very much. breaking news out of france this hour -- how europe's most wanted man may have escaped to syria. plus other details about attacks that were, quote, ready to go,
8:29 am
including schools. also baltimore bracing for a trial with huge impatience. jury selection under way right now for one of the officers charged in the freddie gray case. the big question, can they get a fair trial? we just learned what they're hearing inside the courtroom. stay with us.
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i'm pamela brown. the terrorists in paris had more attacks, quote, ready to go, according to a source close to the attackers. this investigation who killed 130 people there on november 13th. and new developments into the whereabouts of this man, salah abdeslam. french intense now believe that the key suspect in this paris
8:34 am
massacre may have escaped to syria. so, how did this happen? what does it mean for this investigation? joining me now is cnn terrorism analyst paul. you're just getting some information. >> the belgian authorities have always been concerned he might try to travel to syria, but they do not at this point have concrete indications that he actually successfully reached sir kra. this is a working theory only from intelligent services in france that he may have reached syria, but no concrete evidence that he managed to get into syria. it would be difficult for someone who's the most wanted man in europe with his face on all the television screens throughout the continent to make it all the way to syria. this is a guy who was picked up by a couple of friends in paris
8:35 am
the night of the attacks. he came back to brussels, picked up by another friend in molenbeek, who actually popped into a cafe in brussels for a little while. not someone with the best terrorism trade craft. i think it would be very surprising if someone like that could get all the way into syria despite every intelligent service in europe tracking him. pamela? >> in light of that, then, what other theories are they exploring? it's been two weeks since the attacks, more than that, right? he's still nowhere to be seen. >> his last known location is the saturday after the attacks. it's in the district not too far away from molenbeek, where one of his friends dropped him off on the saturday. it's quite possible he's hiding out in a basement there somewhere, a friend is putting him up, a sympathizer and they've just not been able to figure out which address he's staying in.
8:36 am
any time someone goes on the run, moving around, they're very vulnerable to arrests. i wouldn't be surprised if he's still hiding out in brussels. >> you bet isis will want him to come and be with him in syria so they can use him in propaganda videos. i want to talk about what we're learning from sources that there are these other attacks ready to go. what do the targets tell you, the fact they wanted to target everything from schools to transport centers? >> they wanted to launch a second and even a third wave of spectacular attacks in paris. the surviving gunmen, people who weren't involved as attackers in that first attack, including the ringleader, abdelhamid abaaoud. according to the french, they had a desire to attack a shopping mall in paris. either the day after the raid or even the day of the raid itself, where they were holed up in a safe house.
8:37 am
also information from somebody in touch with a cousin of abdelhamid abaaoud suggesting they wanted to attack schools and transport targets and jew ishtar gets in france. with all the world's media gathered in france at that time, that would have been very traumatic for the french people. fortunately, those plans were foiled, it would appear, when the french commandos went into that safe house. >> looking at the big picture here, paul, isis has now taken responsibility for seven attacks in three weeks. look at this graphic right here. these are all of the attacks around the world isis has taken responsibility for. what does that tell you about the group and its growing threat? >> it tells you isis is getting into the international terrorism business in a big way. taking a page out of the al qaeda playbook. they're training western recruits in syria, in iraq. they're sending them back. the network behind this is still
8:38 am
at large. the senior ringleader in this attack in paris, fabien is thought to be recruiting european and french recruits, giving them training and sending them back. they're not just orchestrating these plots from syria but also from turkey, some of these recruits don't have to get into syria. they're meeting with isis operatives in turkey, getting their marching orders, coming back, in touch through encrypted communications. it's almost terror by remote control with some of these plots. >> very terrifying. thank you very much. in other news -- jury selection under way for the baltimore police officer for the death of freddie ga. can the officer get a fair and impartial hearing. the threat of gun violence forces one university to shut down. the security threat just ahead. has a number. y
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at this hour jury selection is under way for the first baltimore police officer to go on trial in the death of freddie gray. officer william g. porter is charged with involuntary manslaughter, second-degree assault, and reckless endangerment. officials say gray told porter he couldn't breathe but the officer did not assess gray's condition or call for medical assistance. this trial could determine how trials for the other five officers proceed. baltimore's police chief says the future of the city is at stake. a lot going on here. joining me to discuss this case,
8:44 am
our cnn correspondent jean casarez and former state attorney, legal expert, laura coates. thanks for coming on. jean, to you first. one of the big questions with these procedures is whether it's possible to find an impartial jury. already we're learning that every potential juror has said they knew about freddie gray's death. not surprising. that baltimore reached a settlement with the family. and protesters, as we know, are outside the building. that could be heard inside the building. what is the judge doing to ensure they find an impartial jury here. >> reporter: a lot is going on. the judge is telling jurors they will be anonymous. their names, their information, will not come out to protect them and protect the integrity of the trial. jury selection is right behind me on the fourth floor. the information we're getting out of the courtroom is that there are 75 potential jurors right now being questioned. and 40 of them are african-american. 33 are white. one hispanic and one east
8:45 am
indian. as you said, all of them know about this case. all of them know a civil settlement in the amount of $6.4 million was given in the last few months to the family of freddie gray. out of the 75, 35 of them, that's almost one-half, have been convicted, imprisoned or have current charges. 26 of them have very strong opinions about their case. now, once the questions are asked in unison where they just raise their hands, then they'll go into a conference room where jurors will be individually questioned. but the defense renewed their motion today. of course, this is to preserve it for an appeal if there is a conviction to change the venue of this case. they don't believe baltimore is the venue to have a fair and impartial hearing. the judge has been adamant from the beginning, saying, we have to try, we have to believe in this community.
8:46 am
william porter, the first one to go on trial. that's because prosecutors believe a statement he made is critical to other prosecution, so they want to try to gain that connection with him first. when he arriveses, about halfway during that van ride, he asks freddie gray if he needs medical attention. gray responds that he does. that was communicated. at that point they did not take him to a hospital. >> laura, because this is a case that's gotten so much publicity, in fact, some of the jurors may have been impacted by it, the curfew, the protests that went on after the death of freddie gray, what happens if they can't find an impartial jury with this pool that they have right now? what would happen then? >> one thing they could do is move it out of baltimore city. jean is absolutely correct, the judge has been adamant about wanting to do that because they want baltimore residents to have afternoon opportunity to be the peer for this jury. but also an option is to have the jury trial go away and have it be a bench trial in front of
8:47 am
judge williams. not a particularly attractive option, given the fact that this judge is a former prosecutor for the department of justice, prosecuting police excessive force and brutality cases. it's not an attractive option but it's one that served other officers. the case in chicago when there was a bench trial against that off-duty officer, it had an acquittal. it's a possible scenario. you're right, pam w the settlement, with the curfew, with the rioting, there's not a single jury in that pool who has not impacted or has a strong opinion about the freddie gray case. >> the judge has already denied a motion from the defense asking for a change of venue. also the judge has said the jurors will not be sequestered. do you think that's unusual for a trial like this, especially considering the protests and disturbances that happened? >> it's not so unusual to have sequestration. it's anomaly.
8:48 am
it's not done very often. when it's done it's high-profile, celebrity trials. really the anonymity for each juror should technically be sufficient and they should be transported from remote locations. that's going to be the biggest issue every potential juror has, which is my personal safety and whether i'll be harassed. outside of the courtroom today you can hear chants from protesters outside, talking about freddy gray. these jurors know that they -- although they have anonymous numbers, they will be located. they will likely be identified. and they will have some impact of having their role in a jury selection. in fact, i think over 20 jurors already stood up to say that they have concerns about being a part of the jury pool for those reasons. >> understandably there. jean, to you now, we've learned that officer porter will be the first for the trial what will happen?
8:49 am
is he going to testify in his own defense? what do we know about that? >> pam, what we know is from a defense motion, they said that very likely william porter will take the stand in his own defense. very rarely do you have the defense file a motion. just putting it out there that he's going to take the stand. it appears he will, to tell his story. that statement he gave, he also in that statement said he wasn't sure if freddie gray had jailitis at that time. was he really that sick? was he really ill? so, it may help the defense to then allow him to extrapolate on that. of course, you also have cross-examination from the prosecution. >> jean casarez and laura, thank you so much. we appreciate it. university of chicago has >> the university of chicago has canceled classes and all activities because of and online
8:50 am
threat that specifically mentioned the campus quad. t in a statement released sunday, officials said that in are response to the threat the university will have an increased police and security presence on and around the campus, and including personnel with visible weapons and other measures. the university officials are keeping in close contact with the fbi which is continuing to investigate the threat. and also, they are asking if anybody sees anything unusual, contact the campus police. and he is lagging in the polls, and he did not make it to the main stage of the last republican debate, but will a big endorsement are from the high profile newspaper are revive chris christie's struggling campaign, and why the newspaper says that he is the leader that the country needs. o (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan,
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new jersey governor chris christie's struggling presidential bid got a boost,
8:55 am
and landing a key endorsement are from high profile newspaper the "union leader" and now christie is expected to return with a coveted endorsement in new hampshire. and so we are joined by the editor of the newspaper. why endorse chris christie who is at at the bottom of the polls? >> well, we do not pay attention to the polls, but we make predictions and not polls. and if you pay attention to them, they are worse than useless, and the new hampshire vo voters are are going to beic mag up their mind in january and february and when they walk into the voting booth, we have a suggestion that chris christie should be their president. >> why is that? >> well, he is an experienced conservative leader who is a
8:56 am
successful governor in a liberal state. he e vetoed more tax increases than anyone in history, and he has experience as a prosecutor, as a u.s. attorney, and we believe that he has the experience, the expertise and the temperament to not only take on donald trump in the prp primary, but hillary clinton in the general election and to restore american leadership if this is elected president. >> and donald trump knocked the endorse me endorsement today tweeting, how is chris christie running the state of new hampshire which is very troubled and he is spending all of his time in new hampshire. new jerseyians are not happy. is there a republican front runner? >> no, because nobody has voted yet. iowa in january and we will go in february, and that is when the race will take shape and support consolidate behind the three or the four candidates as with we move along, and all of
8:57 am
the kingmakers have wanted to winnow the field and keep people off of the debate stage, and decide who is and is not the frontrunner. it is a job of the voter ashs bd it is a privilege of the iowa and new hampshire voters have enjoyed an earned over the years, but it is up to them to decide who is the frontrunner and who are serious candidates, and until they start voting, we won't anoint anybody a frontrunner. >> and i want to get your quick reaction from donald trump knocking your endorsement of chris christie. >> e o, we will get over it. i think that mr. trump has a lot to say on a lot of things. he rarely nods the head and says, good for you, but that is okay, and his style. he is pretty successful with it. and as i said, swwe have a suggestion, and we believe that chris christie is a strong conservative leader that america needs in contrast to the current president, and we believe that he is the best choice. we didn't expect donald trump to the agree with us.
8:58 am
>> and in the newspaper's editorial page, the publisher wrote that the reason that he is best suited is because he tells it like it is and isn't shy about it. and other candidates have spoken bluntly, but it is important to tell it like it is and to actually know what you are talking about. and grant, that begs the question, which candidates do you not believe is telling it like it is ? >> well, it is not thinly veiled. donald trump says anything that is on his mind and he does not back it up. and you know, he has gotten some traction with that and it is working for him, but we think that as the snow starts to fall around here, and people start to think more seriously about who they are going to be voting for president, ta i will start to consider serious candidates for president, a nd tnd that is the candidates who can back up what they are saying and more than bluster, and we believe that governor christy has backed it up as governor of new jersey and u.s. attorney. he is on the ground here in new hampshire and 50th town hall in louden at the fire department, and if you see him in person, he
8:59 am
will take the questions. he is kind of gruff and blunt, and he is going to tell you what he believes, and not what you want to hear. and we think that is the gaining traction with new hampshire v e voters. >> but quickly, you are talking about gaining the traction, and this is the 50th town hall and that the polls, he is not getting any traction and i know that you say that the polls are not the best indicator, but why is that? why isn't he gaining more traction nationally? >> well, nationally doesn't matter, and we don't have a national primary, but a state by state primary and matters how you are doing in iowa and new hampshire. >> and even in your state. >> and even in that state, half of the voters don't make up their mind until the weekend of the election, so they will start to deciding friday, saturday, sunday before they vote in february. so whether they show nup a poll in november, it just doesn't matter. chris christie's meeting the voters one by one, and we will
9:00 am
have more to say about it between now and election day. we believe that a lot of people are going to like what he has to say, and again, we made the endorsement, and we think that he is the best president and the best nominee for the republican party, and we don't make predictions. that is up to the voters. >> grant fosse, thank you very much. "legal view" with ashleigh "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- an urgent warn ing from the u.s. embassy in afghanistan, americans are on alert after kred canable reports of an imminent -- credible reports of an imminent attack on kabul in the coming hours. closer to home, the university of chicago abruptly canceling classes and warning everyone to stay indoors or stay away after fbi counter


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