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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 15, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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lash of civilizations as he tries to pull his campaign out of what seems to be a tail spin. his last document dump was called by the democratic leader of the house an electronic water gate and cost the head of the democratic national committee her job. what does julien what saj have up his sleeve next? plus -- heart stopping rescues. more than 20,000 americans pulled to safety including a woman and her dog grapbbed just in time as her car started going down. >> good afternoon, everyone. welcome. i'm jake tapper. to borrow a bidenism god love ya at his hometown in scranton pa and more on that story in a minute. but first, mr. trump today,
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bullet pointing his plan to crush radical islamic terrorism. and the fight goes far beyond isis. it is a struggle between the two worlds. characterizing the conflict in a way that president obama and president bush before him painstakingly avoided trump was clear today in saying his approach will be different. and aligning itself against terrorism will be counted as an ally he said. and the u.s. will apply a new litness test to weed out terrorist trying to enter the united states. sarah murray is in youngstown ohio where mr. trump laid out his plan minutes go. sarah? >> well jake if it is another week another reset for the trump campaign. this week they are focussing on foreign policy. it was clear he had two goals. one to flush out his vision for how to combat isis but two, to tear into hillary clinton. donald trump's battling to take
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control of his own campaign message by laying out his vision to defeat isis. >> we cannot let this evil continue. >> and doubts about hillary clinton. >> with one episode of bad judgement after another, hillary clinton's policies launching isis on to the world stage. things turned out really to be not so hot. for our world and our country. >> even questioning whether she's physically fit to be commander-in-chief. >> she also lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on isis and all of the many adversaryies we face. >> billionaire businessman calling on the u.s. to abandon its attempts at nation building and say it is time focus on beating ice ounces all fronts. gop nominee framing it as an ideological war harkening back to the days of george w. bush ease called on the u.s. to team
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up with any ally willing to help battle isis. >> we cannot always choose our friends but we can never fail to recognize our enemies. >> reporter: trump also flushing out his plan to block immigrants from countries he says breeds terrorism. and whether they hold extremist views that don't mesh with american ideals. >> i call it extreme, extreme vetting. our country has enough problems. we don't need more. and these are problems that we've never had before. >> reporter: trump's policy focused address, the latest attempt to keep the free wheeling candidate to stay on message.
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today trump is facing another potential hiccup as his campaign chief paul manaford faces criticism. after the pro russian political party earmarked millions of dollars in cash for manafort from 2007 to 2012. while manafort says it is silly and nonsensical, the clinton camp is seizing on it saying there are troubled connections between donald trump's team and pro kremlin elements in ukraine. now as donald trump tries to poke holes in hillary clinton's foreign policy credentials her campaign came out with their own web ad highlighting republicans for experts in foreign policy not backing donald trump. jake? >> sayrerah murray in youngstown ohio. thanks. now, paul manafort did he
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receive secret cash from pro-russian party in the ukraine? cnn senior investigative correspondent drew griffin is looking into this. he did work for a russian-backed regime and it all happens as trump's adversaries are saying trump's campaign is too cozy with russia. >> that's right. and it comes from the anti-corruption bureau which is investigating the corruption of the former and now much-hated government of ukraine which paul manafort was a campaign adviser for a party that ran the former government we should say. that's why his name is wrapped up in all of this. they are getting their information from 841 pages of hand-written dockments which seem to be a record of expenditures. so far actual document with manafort's actual name on them haven't been released. this is an example of what they look like jake. they call this the black ledger.
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black accounting. it has names, dates, amounts, reasons for expenses. phone bills be bills, seminars car insurance. what you will not see is paul manafort's name. we are told by a spokesperson that in fact in the hundreds of pages, there are 22 mengs of manafort's name linked with $12.7 million in designated payments and there is no proof whatsoever that the payments were made or received by paul manafort. but no one is quite clear on are the document came from either jake. so it is all wrapped up in this anti-corruption drive that basically is trying to get the government of ukraine back in step with, i would say, western accounting. >> and drew the question of course we knew paul manafort had done this work for the former ukrainian government. would this be illegal in anyway if he was paid this money. presumably he was paid for the work. >> yes. he worked for the political
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party. that is no secret. and it is not illegal. so unless it is proven this is illicit money or under the table payments that were made out, by the way, i don't think we can draw any conclusions yet. and in fact this anti-corruption bureau has gone out of its way to say there is no evidence manafort was paid anything from these sheets. manafort calls the entire report silly. here is his entire statement that we got. the simplest answer is the truth. i am a campaign professional. it is well known i worked in the united states and have done work overseas campaigns as well. i've never received a single off the book cash payment as falsely reported he says bit new york times nor have i ever done work for governments of ukraine or russia. the suggestion i accepted cash payment is unfounded, silly and nonsensical. cnn asked for the specific documents that show manafort's name on them jake. we haven't seen them yet. and just a side note i've talked to paul manafort in
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regard to other stories about his russian connections and he said he never met vladimir putin. trump said he met putin and retracted saying he didn't meet putin. it is hard to guess what kind of ties these guys have or don't have with the russian government. >> let's bring in adam kinsinger now. sea pilot in the air national gart. he is also a republican who said he doesn't think he can support donald trump for president. congressman, thanks for joining me, as always. >> you bet, thanks. >> let's get your response to mr. trump's foreign policy speech today. he said that we can find common ground with russia in the fight against isis. he said if you work with us against terrorism you're an ally. do you agree? >> no. look. let's think about what russians are doing. first off russians are in a line with two very bad people. al-assad in syria and the
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iranians. they are named, propping up this guy that murdered half a million people. american standards i think should shun that to say the left. other thing is russians are constantly engaged in bombing medical facilities in syria. there's a human tragedy in aleppo right now that russians have been bombing indiskrem nantly civilians. frankly ally he of the united states and west. so this idea that somehow align ourselves with russia and saying we are going to align ourselves with anybody, isis is a very important foreign policy problem right now. probably the most important we are facing. but not the only important foreign policy problems. you have russians an exing cry crimea. >> one of the bigger applause lines during mr. trump's speech is when he pledged an end to nation building. that probably polls well. what do you think of it as
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matter of policy. >> that's it it polls well. i think through the last 30, 40 years of american politics people talk about end of nation building. but you can't say we shouldn't have left iraq because frankly we were nation building in iraq and it was us leaving that nation-building mission that led to the rise of isis which i agree with and it led an area for ice toys operate, expand out of syria. but nation-building is not something that anybody is advocating that the u.s. should go into all these nations and rebuild them on our own but bringing allies together in the middle east for instance saudis ordadians, to help create a post isis government to build a government in libya, you can't solve, otherwise what you do is it is basically like dropping a rock in a bathtub. for a moment you will vacate an area of isis or of water but simply refilled by isis to al qaeda 3 or whatever the next generation is. we don't want the united states to be the sole nation builders. nobody is advocating for that.
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but this idea to help build post terrorist government is wrong. and frankly, pretty bad policy. >> any thoughts on the charges against paul manafort and his response today about his ties allegedly to pro russian ukrainian party. former ukrainian party that rant country? >> yeah look i think donald trump ought to investigate this and where his chief adviser, what his association with the russians are. very well may be that within the corruption they forged paul manafort's names to make payouts. i won't believe that charge. but there was a push for the rnc to take offensive weapons out of the platform. that isn't anything anybody was talking about, it just happened. there was no affection for russia and vladimir putin. i have concerns for chief adviser of donald trump. you know, having done work for pro russian government in ukraine and there is this real affection for russia in the campaign. it very much violate what i believe is a republican which is we have to be an example to
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people that live behind iron curtains and under oppressive regimes of how to live life better. >> it is not as though illinois is a particularly contested state but how do you think you will vote in november for president? >> i never said i'm a never trump guy. i said i'm having a hard time seeing how i get there. i will not ever vote for hillary clinton. that is something i continue to go through. i made my thoughts of that clear. and we've got 90 days. >> all right congressman kinzinger, thank you, take care. >> thank you. >> congress might try to make it hard for hillary clinton no stay on topic this week. stay with us. romantic moments can happen spontaneously so why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom?
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prevent headaches and migraines. talk to a headache specialist today. welcome back to "the lead." i'm jack tapper. the fbi's notes over a three-hour interview with mount could arrive on capitol hill any day now and the notes could contain political sensitive information at a politically sensitive time. but for now the presidential
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nominee is focussing on her white bid. biden made his debut on the campaign trail today with clinton in his hometown of scranton, pa and went after trump hard. let's bring in washington correspondent joe johns. joe, this clinton biden event was initially supposed to happen a few weeks ago, right? >> that's right. scheduled a few weeks ago, jake and it had to be postponed due to the shootings of multiple police officers in dallas. but when the vice president and hillary clinton finally got on the same stage here in scranton, p pennsylvania just a blistering take from the vice president on donald trump, on domestic issues foreign policy calling him totally unfit and unqualified for president. >> joe biden on the trail for the first time with democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton. channeling his blue collar roots
1:18 pm
in his hometown of scranton pennsylvania. >> hillary understands the hopes and aspirations of the people in clay mont and scranton and every scanton and claymont in the united states of america. >> hammering away at gop presidential nominee donald trump. >> this guy doesn't care about the middle class. and i don't even blame him in the sense that he doesn't understand it. he doesn't have a clue. no. he really doesn't. saying trump is the most unprepared nominee ever for president. >> i've worked with eight nominees for president. i've served with hundreds of senators dozens of secretaries of state and secretaries of defense of both parties. and i can say without hesitation my word as a biden, no major party nominee in the history of the united states of america has -- now don't cheer, just listen has known less or
1:19 pm
been less prepared to deal with our national security than donald trump. >> and repeating a line of take clinton's campaign focused on for weeks, trump cannot be trusted with the nuclear codes. >> he is not qualified to know the code. he can't be trusted. >> in a raw moment the vice president even hitting trump for comments the republican made about dictators, like former iraq leader saddam hussein. >> he would have loved stallin. he would have a loved stalin. >> appealing who white working class voters to pennsylvania, demographic clinton has been struggling with. >> i always remember i am the granddaughter after factory worker and the daughter of a small business owner and i am so proud of it. >> trump is struggling in the latest polls in pennsylvania. trailing by nine point.
1:20 pm
he continues to tell voters he is worried the election could be rigged against him. >> the only way we can lose m my opinion, i really mean this pennsylvania is if cheating goes on. >> members of congress could soon receive notes from hillary clinton's interview with the fbi over her private he mail server. director strongly chastising her use of the server and saying she and her staff likely putting sensitive information at risk. not a mention of the fbi notes issued here. the clinton campaign preferring to stay on offense at least for now and going with things that work. for example, earlier today, they put out a web ad focussing on donald trump once again and the issue of whether or not he could be entrusted with the nuclear codes. >> in the gritty town of scranton as vice president described it. donald trump says any country that fights terrorism will
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welcome back to "the lead." with us 2008 hillary clinton campaign manager. michael steele and howie lindh. howie, thanks for being here. your first appearance on "the lead." thank you for being here. i want to talk about the speech
1:26 pm
mr. trump gave and specifically the ban from immigration from countries where there are terrorism problems. now in june jeff session set list could include pakistan egypt and syria. do you have any idea how many countries would be on the list? what lists and what they would be? >> no. first off, thanks for being here with you today. it was a great speech. he gave a wonderful talk about how to attack isis. the immigration ban. he will have to figure out what -- he talked about the commission on radical islam. that's where we figure out how to go after them. going after them right now, killed 33,000 people since it2002. 80% from 2013. a huge national security problem that we have in this country. he is going after it and tackling it hard. >> you've scent reports about ukrainian officiales with records that theoretically talked about payments possibly legal, possibly not, who knows.
1:27 pm
to paul manafort with denials from mr. manafort that money changed hands, that anything was improper. it is a cardinal rule that a staffer should not overshadow the candidate. but mr. trump generally speaking is very loyal when it comes to his people. >> i way that is of concern here is not whether or not mr. manafort was paid for cash or check, paid by political party or government what is the real concern is donald trump acting against or arguing against decades decades -- and i that i abandoning that plan and trying to make an ally out of a former kgb agent running russia is a dangerous, dangerous idea. >> howie, since you're former policy adviser, i will give you the chance to respond. there are lot of people in this
1:28 pm
town that feel trump sounds way too pro putin. >> i would get back to the original focus of the speech is how do we attack isis? russian aspect is one part of it. this is about tackling this huge problem that clinton and obama foreign policy team have not -- they caused the rise of isis and he is going after, as best he can, with the knowledge we have now, how to militarily operationally, crush isis across the world. >> mr. obama and mrs. clinton had something do with the cause of isis he says. and pulling back with the red line with syria and refusal to attack that that actually did play a role in creating a vacuum whereat the very least ice kois thrive. >> i think president obama and secretary clinton understand the threat of isis. they have worked very hard to battle isis.
1:29 pm
i think when donald trump goes out there and says that president obama and hillary clinton were the founders of isis i think that poses -- first of all, it is wildly irresponsible. but as joe biden today said on the trail, i thought he was extremely effective that when donald trump plays fast and loose with his words he pose threats to our country and more importantly to the troops on the ground. i thought he was effective today. and i mean i just don't think anybody believes that president obama and secretary clinton won't do everything they possibly can to defend our countries against isis. >> rudy giuliani introduced donald trump at the rally in youngstown today. the speech in youngstown today. and he said something that raised a few eye wrous. let's play that. >> by wait under the eight years before obama came along, we didn't have any successful radical islamic terrorist attack
1:30 pm
in the united states. they all started when clinton and obama got into office. >> i mean i hate to, you know to knit pick, but there was a fairly successful attack in the united states in the eight years, 9/11 killing almost 3,000 americans. >> and we shouldn't forget either 15 years later. but back to your point. people understand -- >> tell rudy giuliani not to forget it. >> and to say that obama and clinton are not the -- americans understand that the massive pull out of the middle east caused the rise of isis and we have to go after this terrible ideology that who targets women, gays jews and this idealology needs to be eradicateed. >> what i'm concerned about with the speech that mr. trump gave today is it was a series of
1:31 pm
slogans without any policy behind it. he favors extreme vetting. as far as i know that's a skateboarding term. i have no idea what that means in terms of trying to prevent people who mean us harm from coming into this country. >> all right, patty, michael, howie, thank you for joining us. tune in to cnn this wednesday night for our green party town hall. voters will ask jill stein and baraka questions. it starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern. green party town hall. coming up they're white and they build their lives in industrial towns where the factory sense closed and now they are fighting to find work. these are the rust belt voters. a look at why they could be the key to the white house for donald trump, least that's when a believes. next. people would ask me in different countries that we traveled, what is your nationality and i would always answer hispanic. so when i got my ancestry dna results it was a shocker. i'm everything. i'm from all nations. i would look at forms now and wonder
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welcome back. bruce springsteen's song "youngstown" about the plants that closed down. once i made you rich and rich enough to forget my name. it is a buried lead and those are stories we don't feel get enough attention. today donald trump campaigned in youngstown ohio while hillary clinton was in scranton pennsylvania. two different towns in two different states. trump is banking on high turnout of the voters of whom balloteers write songs about. over the years they've seen their manufacturing or coal mining or steel jobs disappear.
1:37 pm
incomes shrink. in some cases family members struggle with drug addiction. all the while feeling ignore end sold out. for these voters the slogan make america great again, well it resonates. ? places such as middletown ohio donald trump's speech seems like more than a slogan. >> we are going to make america great again. >> here where business answers families are struggling it is almost as if trump is talking directly to them. >> i want jobs and i want wealth to stay in america. >> majority of residents here are white working class voters. such as lori henning. >> steel mills are not doing as well as they used to. paper mills have gone. so middletown is a struggling community. but it is a great community. it really is. it has great people here. >> and ori baker, originally from kentucky. truck driver at the local steel mill which is still standing though its best days are in its
1:38 pm
rearview mirror. ori baker is a trump man. >> he's went up with everything he's done. put him in president and he will go up and take us up. if hillary gets in, we're gone. >> these are the families that too many politicians ignore. hillbilly hillbillies, according to the new book "hillbilly ology." his kentucky born grandparents helped raise him after his mother turned to a life of drugs. for advance's part he credits the marine answers later yale law school for steering him on the proper path. though that was far from certain. >> when you grow up in an area where a lot of other people are doing drugs and in my family a lot of my own family was doing drugs and frankly i was very
1:39 pm
frustrated with my own life and i was an unhappeny and upset kid. even though they recognize in a lot of ways that trump isn't perfect they say at least he is trying. least he is diagnosing problems and recognizes the pain we're feeling. >> there have been cursory attempts by both parties it stop at a mine here or whatever. but generally speaking they could be kind of -- when they say they feel ignored, they are kind of right. >> yeah definitely true. people feel neglected but eventually that frustrated catches up to the political movement and that's what happened i think, in this cycle. >> how stupid our politicians are. >> according to advance, trump's brash politics is pivotal to his appeal. >> is there something to the fact trump pisses off so many people in washington, d.c. and new york that people in
1:40 pm
middletown like? >> absolutely. if you're from middletown you feel like you don't have a voice. what trump does is takes the people who you wish you could say something to. you wish you could insult and go after them. he does it for you. that's something very liberating in his rallies and frankly even i'm attracted to. >> while americans are uncomfortable with the rage they discertain at the rallies, there is a minority expressing jup lags jubilation at offensive ideas but they are still there. >> they are still there and we need to recognize they are there and we need to be aware of it. he also has rhetoric in a very dark place and that's often what happens when you ignore people for a long time. but the optimistic upbeat message of the democratic party doesn't match the lives of trump voters. >> the one constant in middletown is they need help and they hope talk about white working class voters doesn't end on election day. >> i wish we could have better
1:41 pm
job security. i don't know how the election could work with that. but i don't know. it's a tough -- tough thing. >> coming up thousands of people forced from their homes. others stranded and forced to wait for help. like this child hoisted to safety from the raging floods. the water is not done rising in louisiana. that story ahead. he wrecked the rec room this summer. his stellar notebooks will last through june. get back to great. this week sharpie twelve-packs just three dollars. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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well couple back. the october surprise. dreaded mythical bomb shell revelation so damaging it could stop a candidate's march to the white house. a fear more acute and far less theoretical this year because of wikileaks, self regarded radical transparency group that are already responsible in some ways for the resignation of the dnc chairwoman and other senior staffers after they published 20,000 e-mails, many of which showed a coordinated effort within the dnc to at the very least discuss ways to smear bernie sanders. a few minutes ago i spoke with the founder and editor in chief of wikileaks.
1:46 pm
i started by asking him about criticism of wikileaks and hackers who publish phone numberers, e-mail and credit card numbers with no discretion. and the hostile it to even modest curation is a mistakes. >> well it is important not to confuse the information na wikileaks published about the dnc, 20,000 e-mails, and not denied by anyone. that led to four resignationes. and material that other people are publishing. we can't comment on what other people do. we can just speak about what we do. and what we do is have a ten-year history of doing, is publishing pristine archives there scientific journalism. readers can check the accura sieve any story that material can go on to use in litigation and prosecution.
1:47 pm
we don't contamination the evidence. there's been no contamination of evidence. and you know hillary clinton and her team naturally have tried to distract from the very real resignations and doing anything they can to try and criticize amazingly their opponents and -- [ inaudible ] and i think that is extremely worrying in this election that there have been such polarization and use of national security to try and demonize another candidate. >> the thing is though months ago when the dnc hack happened crowd strike the cybersecurity company, they said and a number of others have said that the hack appeared to be russian
1:48 pm
hackers with ties to the government. so i know you don't comment on who gave you the documents but it's not like it was made up out of whole cloth. russianes have been fingered by not just politicians but people in the cybersecurity community. >> i understand. and i'm the security expert for 20 years. and everyone is hacked by everything is hacked by everyone basically. if you're a major company, major political party. you end up getting hacked by criminal hackers, by insiders by -- [ inaudible ] that's very normal. u.s. intelligence officials have said through the washington post that there is no evidence of a connection between those hacks and wikileaks have published.
1:49 pm
that said the washington post and head of the dni and have said about -- [ inaudible ] >> and what is your response to people who say, why are you a nonu.s. citizen so seemingly determined to affect the election here in the united states. that's what some critics have asked? >> it is a good campaign talking point. once again to distract from the revelations which cause the pop four officials including debbie wasserman schultz to resign. they are desperate for everything. wikileaks is a media organization operating for ten years. operating reports on all different countries. we have in the united states and that's what we do for every country. >> your lawyer is going to be writing a letter to attorney general loretta lynch, i understand. what is this letter?
1:50 pm
>> yes. our d.c. lawyers delivering a letter tomorrow to attorney general loretta lynch asking her to explain why it is that the now six-year long security investigation with the doj against wikileaks has not been closed. because the doj seems to be setting a new standard by closing the hillary clinton case. the hillary clinton case has been on for one year and closed under the basis that combjames comey said there wasn't an intent for u.s. national security. there is no allegation we have done anything wikileaks as an organization except publish information for the public. that's the only allegation. and so there's a problem here.
1:51 pm
hillary clinton's case has been dropped. wikileaks' case continues. u.s. government had to say under oath in 2013 not a single person was harmed by our publication. you don't have intent. you don't have any serious harm. why is it that the quote pending law enforcement proceedings against wikileaks continues. the united states government has said that those proceedings continue on may 16 this year in u.s. federal court. >> julien asaj thank you so much appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> a live look in baton rouge where streets are rivers and island. deadly flooding in louisiana is only expected to get worse. that story next.
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we're back. fast moving water is the reason for the death of men and women. the first responders coast guard and good-hearted volunteers have helped. jennifer five days of rain dropping more than two feet of water in some spots. the odds of that are remarkably low. >> yeah. extremely rare jake. 1 in 1,000-year event. this is an area that just received historic flooding in march. look around me. rain falling once again. typical summertime showers. it's not going to add much to the flooding but the last thing people in south louisiana want to see. >> we're coming we're coming. we're going to break this window. >> deadly floodwaters prompted a state of emergency across south louisiana.
1:57 pm
>> get my dog -- >> her dog -- >> get my dog -- >> got your dog. >> massive flooding claimed the lives of least five people devastating entire communities which are now under water. >> this car is under the water. >> that's as high as i've ever seen it. i've been in this area since 1983. >> tens of thousands have been forced to evacuate theirs homes. this rescue of a child remind many of hurricane katrina's horrific aftermath a decade ago. >> these are all my neighbors that ended up a good dose of this can't happen reality. it can. >> reggie wade has lived in the baton rouge area for 20 years. >> i've never seen it get on this yard above the car port. and the car ports are all under water along with the entire house. >> the louisiana national guard has deployed almost 2,000
1:58 pm
soldiers to assist local first responders with search and rescue efforts. and with more than 24 inches of rain falling in the area since last week, they know they are up again the clock. >> it is still very very dangerous. we still have waters rising and a number of areas all of our people are still on high alert. >> and jake most rivers in south louisiana have crested the only problem is a lot of those rivers are going to stay at crest stage or near that for several days. normally it only crests for a couple of hours then will go down a lot of the rivers will stay at that stage for quite a while. it could be until the end of the week before people can get back into their homes and even open their front doors. a lot of clean-up here across south louisiana and like we said an area just devastated six months ago. so a lot of clean-up ahead, jake. >> all right, jennifer thank you so much. go get dry. >> another state of emergency in milwaukee and 10:00 p.m. curfew
1:59 pm
local time after protests turned explosive and violent. mainly in response to reports of a black man killed bay black police officer. police say smith and another man took off during traffic stop. body camera footage not yet made public shows smith holding a gun which later turned out to be stolen along with 500 round of ammunition. that includes a rap sheet of robbery and drug charges. his death sparked two nights of protests. saturday crowds set fire to six local businesses and sunday night into this morning one person was shot. 14 others arrested and an officer also hurt when a rock hit his cruiser's windshield. one city leader calling milwaukee the worst place in the country for african-americans to live. he called the violence a by product of racial problems that need to be rectified. be sure to follow me on facebook and twitter. you can tweet the show
2:00 pm
show @theleadcnn. that's it for the lead. i'm jake tapper. i turn you over to now, not wolf blitzer, but brianna keilar who is filling in for wolf blitzer. she is right next door in "the situation room." thanks for wuching. >> happening now, breaking news. extreme vetting. donald trump talks terror in a closely watched scripted speech. and calls for extreme vetting of foreigners who want to come to the u.s. while saying hillary clinton lacks the mental and physical stamina. did trump make a false claim about the san bernardino terror attack? vice president issuees a searing take. biden calling trump totally unqualified and his campaign dangerous dangerous. can he help clinton win over white voters? cnn learned fbi will give con