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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  August 23, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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thank you so much for joining me. with just 76 days to go for the election, donald trump is ramping up his attacks on hillary clinton and her ties to the foundation that bears her family's name. trump called for a special prosecutor to investigate clinton, blasting what he says was a whitewash by the fbi and the justice department on her private e-mail server. trump also doubled down on another newer theme of his campaign, his attempts to woo minority voters. he took aim at democrats and their policies in the process. >> the democrats have failed completely in the inner cities. poverty, rejection, horrible education, no housing, no homes, no ownership. crime at levels that nobody's seen. you could go to war zones in countries that we're fighting and it's safer than living in some of our inner cities. they're run by the democrats.
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>> cnn's jessica schneider joins me now with trump's latest rally. >> donald trump hitting hillary clinton on multiple fronts and escalating his attacks on her e-mail scandal. trump ramping up his accusations of pay for play and calling for an immediate, expedited and impartial investigation. donald trump once again attempting to capitalize ontiveros going scrutiny of hillary clinton's e-mails and the clinton foundation. in his strongest language yet accusing his opponent of fostering a pay for play culture when she served as secretary of state. >> the amounts involved, the favors done and the significant number of times it was done require an expedited investigation by a special prosecutor immediately, immediately, immediately. >> trump claiming the fbi and the justice department whitewashed clinton's e-mail
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scandal. >> it has proven itself to be really, sadly, a political arm of the white house. >> this charge coming as a judge orders the state department to review an additional 15,000 e-mails and other documents. the former secretary of state did not voluntarily turn over. a development clinton brushed off monday night. >> jimmy, my e-mails are so boring. >> yeah. mine are. >> i'm embarrassed about that. we've already released 30,000-plus. what's a few more? >> trump continuing his out reach to black and hispanic voters, raising eyebrows with his tone once again. >> we'll get rid of the crime. you'll be able to walk down the street without getting shot. right now you walk down the street, you get shot. >> clinton's campaign blasting trump's overture to the black community, accusing trump of doubling down on insults, fears and stereotypes that set our community back and further
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divide our country. this appeal to hispanics coming as trump's campaign continues to clarify his stance on the mass deportation of immigrants. >> we're going to get rid of all the bad ones. we're going to get them out. the police know who they are. >> he will deport those who have absolutely committed a crime, being convicted of a crime. >> this change coming after trump advocated for mass deportation for months. >> they're going back where they came. >> as for hillary clinton, the democratic nominee forced to address unfounded conspiracy theories over her health. >> go online and put down hillary clinton illness. take a look at the videos for yourself. >> i don't know why they are saying this. on the one hand it's part of the whacky strategy, just say all these crazy things and maybe you can get some people to believe you. on the other hand, its absolutely makes no sense. >> can you open this jar of
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pickles? this has not been tampered with. >> so hillary clinton laughing off questions about her health there. she'll also be changing the narrative to the economy today. she's putting forward a plan to expand healthcare credits and make a standard tax deduction available to small businesses. her running mate tim kaine will talk about those plans at a round table in colorado. donald trump is calling for the clintons to close down the global foundation and return the donations. he charges secretary of state clinton is guilty of pay for play. in other words, he says, there is evidence mrs. clinton gran d ed favors while she was secretary of state in exchange for donations to the foundation. james carville says the shut
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down would be catastrophic for people who benefit from the foundation. >> all of a sudden the press has decided that we're going to go after this and shut it down. you're probably going to be successful. they're going to be people that are going to die because of this. all of the people that help shut it down are going to say, gee, we did -- some people, a million people had to die but we had to prove a point. okay. go ahead. you have your point. wow. what a great idea. >> this is some of what carville is talking about. the clinton foundation provides meals to 31,000 schools in the united states. it's helped farmers in east raf ka wi africa with their crops and it's renegotiated the price of hiv drugs so they could be provided to millions. >> what it comes down to, the foundation itself is confusing
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and controversial for a couple of reasons. one, it has 11 different initiatives under this big umbrella organization. some of those initiatives are actually based overseas. so the reporting guidelines and requirements for those are different than what you would get in the u.s. also, additionally, the very named foundation implies to some people this is a grant-making institution. this is one of the biggest misunderstanding about the foundation. this is why you hear conservatives say it doesn't -- it holds onto the money itself. well, it holds onto the money because it is a charity doing the work on the ground itself as opposed to a foundation which is sort of known as a grant-making institution. wealthy families set these up and then they make grants to other nonprofits that actually execute the work. that's the number two biggest confusion. number three, you have something
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called the clinton global initiative. one source described it to me as the okay cupid of the nonprofit world. what it does is it matches wealthy donors with outside causes. the problem is that the clintons charge $20,000 in membership fees to attend these events where these wealthy donors announce their support for various charities. critics say that is essentially an access fee to the clintons. that's been the problems plaguing the initiative, which by the way the foundation announced it's no longer going to be holding those events. but what it boils down to, carol, and what we've been hearing so much about is the conflict of interest, this idea that there was pay for play while she was secretary of state. and the biggest criticism has been, okay, so now the clinton foundation announced these changes where they're not going to accept donations from foreign
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countries. why didn't you do it sooner, is what the critics are pushing here. if there's going to be a conflict while she's president, why wasn't there one while she was secretary of state? why didn't this happen sooner? >> so all of these new e-mails have been uncovered. i know you've read through them. is there any evidence, hard core evidence of pay for play while mrs. clinton was secretary of state? >> that's the thing. there's no smoking gun per se. but the problem again, carol, is there have been a number of slip-ups. one of the biggest ones was while she was secretary of state there were supposed to be protections in place to make sure there was not even a perception or an image of this pay for play. and at least on one occasion -- and the clinton foundation has admitted this -- there was a violation of that agreement. that's why people have a trust issue here. it's not because there's a smoking gun. it's because of the image, the perception problems that it's trying to combat.
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let's talk about this. with me now joseph borelli and angela rye. why not just shutter the foundation and put an end to all of this? >> i think james carville had it right. it's not just waves you're making in the press. you're making waves with people who actually need these resources. i understand the optics of it. i think they're challenging. it's been a tremendous distraction for not only the clinton campaign but the clinton foundation. they have a lot of work they've got to continue to do. and a lot of people are legitimately relying on that work. whether or not there are donors who have helped to provide those types of funds to ensure people can benefit whether you're talking about hiv or farmers in africa. >> donald trump did donate to
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the clinton foundation. joseph, i want to hear from you. what about those needy people that benefit from the clinton foundation? >> nobody is questioning that. the problem is that the byproduct of the foundation is the good work it did. the substance of the foundation and the reason for the foundation is to influence the clintons and gain access to the clinton family, the state department. there is some smoking guns. you see case after case and one in particular where a saudi prince was denied officially a meeting by the state department with the secretary of state and then someone from the foundation comes up and says, by the way, he's a friend of ours. odd mother and fathafia technol. he's fraea friend of the foundations, therefore hillary clinton should alter her decision to meet with this person. that's why there really is a smoking gun here. >> here's what we do know.
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there were requests directed to clinton's chief of staff. the request from donors would often come through a long time bill clinton aide. he declined to comment on the newly released e-mails. we did reach out to them. what came of this, we just don't know. because the donors didn't always get what they wanted particularly when they sought anything more than a meeting. >> i guess the thing that i would raise here and maybe it just works different for the city council. as a former hill staffer, there are a lot of people who are friends of your bosses and what ends up happening is regardless if they donated or not, a friend of a member means you shouldn't just ignore the e-mail whether you give them what they want or not. therefo you still reply, you still
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respond. you should do that with constituents period but you definitely don't ignore your friends. >> should those question have come from abadeen. >> she has worked for secretary clinton for a long time. if someone goes to her, they know they're likely to be seen by hillary clinton. >> who was working for the foundation and the state department at the same time. there's a conflict of interest in that. >> she got special clearance for that from the state department. >> one incident may not be a smoking gun. but you have the fbi and three separate department of justice field departments coming and saying we believe there's enough evidence of criminal conduct with the clinton foundation that we should investigate. who killed it? coincidentally the same person who met with bill clinton on a
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private plaine. >> i don't think he called for a special prosecutor. >> he's asking the president to appoint a special prosecutor. >> he's also calling for something in a system that he's already sold to his supporters as a rigged system. >> i've got to take a break. still to come in the "newsroom," donald trump's message to minorities is simple, what have you got to lose. for some african-american and hispanic voters trump's eyebrow raising rhetoric does not match their reality. dogs - sure can be messy. but with nexgard, their flea and tick killer doesn't have to be. nexgard, the vet's #1 choice for dogs, is a delicious, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. so it's easy to give, easy to take. reported side effects include vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. why mess around? for powerful flea and tick protection, ask your vet about nexgard. the #1 choice of vets for their dogs and yours.
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i knew that it was really the solution for me. get the facts about reverse mortgages. call today... to request your free information kit. call the number on your screen. call now. . in the key battleground state of ohio, donald trump tried again to reach out to african-american voters. >> it is a disaster the way african-americans are living in many cases and in many cases the way hispanics are living. and i say it with such a deep felt feeling.
6:18 am
what do you have to lose? i will straighten it out. i'll bring jobs back. we'll bring spirit back. we'll get rid of the crime. you'll be able to walk down the street without getting shot. right now you walk down -- >> so inside the rally, mr. trump's comments were wildly applauded. but he appealed once again to a mostly white crowd. we counted two african-americans in that crowd. akron, ohio, is 30% black. gary tuckman drive to a community that has the highest percentage of african-americans in the city. >> reporter: she just opened up her own boutique here in akron. he she's only 22 years old. >> he had the audacity to say that. he just kind of says anything. >> reporter: kimberly wilson is
6:19 am
a principal in a grade school with more than 90% african-american students. a new school year is about to begin. donald trump saying your schools are no good saddens her. >> we have parents and teachers and staff that are dedicated to our students. >> reporter: then we met kenney wells. >> right now if i had to vote today, it would probably be trump. >> reporter: wells believes trump is speaking some hard truths. >> he's probably right. what do we have to lose? >> reporter: you don't find that insulting? >> no. democrats are going to insult me too. they have insulted me assuming that i'm going to vote for them. >> joseph, does mr. trump need to tweak his message to african-americans? >> i think he is starting to talk strongly about issues that are of concern to not only african-americans but to broader americans who might be living in cities. i obviously cannot speak to
6:20 am
african-americans as well as someone who is african-american. but this network has had a dozen people who are black to do support donald trump. i represent part of new york city, which is a prendominantly mie minority city. all these things that are traditionally associated with the democratic party, there are plenty of people of every color who think they're wrong. it is within good and rational thought for donald trump to say what have you to lose? you ov've gone in this directio for so many years. why not consider an alternative? >> when you look at the polls number, the fact that gary johnson and jill stein are doing bet we are the black kpucommuni than donald trump is damning. when you start your campaign with the slogan make america great again, we hear shackles
6:21 am
and see dogs and fire hoses. that's not an era that we want to go back to. his father was seen at a kkk rally. the fact that he continues to say things like you walk down the street without getting shot. i made it here this morning. that is really frustrating when you think about a group of people, when their most important issue is race relations in this country and the only thing donald trump has done is make those race relations even worse. >> there are some african-americans saying that donald trump really isn't speaking to an african-american audience when he he says these things. he's really speaking to his base. >> he's got to do a better job. he's been critical of the republican party for not doing a good enough job speaking to african-americans and hispanics inside inner cities. he's probably one of the first republican officials to make it part of his policy platform to readdress the way we look at inner cities. to angela's point, not everyone
6:22 am
person who is african-american feels that the broad left or democratic african-american leaders speak for them. >> i didn't say that. >> maybe donald trump will never speak or get 95% of the vote, like he sort of jokingly said. >> he's saying he's only speaking to a small portion of the black community. >> he's not even speaking to them. when you hear people say, you know what, my economics aren't as good as they need to be, but i'm certainly not going to vote for the guy who won't even consider raising the minimum wage when there's documented proof that raising the minimum wage alone would benefit 35% of african-americans. >> there's no proof that raising the minimum wage will actually decrease low income jobs. there are genuinely two sides to every story on issues like this. take school choice. there are people in the democrat party who live and die by the teachers union. >> he was saying i'll fix it.
6:23 am
>> he was saying our streets are broken. the reality of it is the best thing donald trump can do is get a new out reach strategy. the people on his team who are serving in this capacity are doing a disservice to him and are clearly incompetent. donald trump has to do a much better job not just of going to large audiences and talking to black voters, which we know they're missing. you have to start having reconversatioreal conversations with people who are policy makers in this space and who have touched and lived this life. he has not done this through his entire privileged life. the only thing donald trump has done is discriminate against black people in housing cases. >> give him credit for the meeting he had with hispanics last week that did exactly what you said. >> joe, i'm not going to give him credit for a meeting with latino people when we're talking about black people right now. >> and i shouldn't have made the
6:24 am
comparison. he's also been criticized for not doing an effective job in out reach. back in march he had a meeting amongst african-american pastors. he has had meetings with african-americans. he does it consistently. i think he met with sheriff clark two days ago in milwaukee. >> sheriff clark is no beacon of civil rights. we're going to start cherry picking african-american leader who deemed offensive in the black kmuntcommunity. >> i don't think all african-americans think sheriff clark is offensive. >> many do. still to come in the "newsroom," long before he became a presidential candidate, donald trump played the stock market. did his wall street success come at a huge cost to american workers? beyond has a natural grain free pet food committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy.
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wall street ended monday mostly in the red. with the opening bell, we're looking to see if investors will turn things around for tuesday. first, making millions playing the market. during the 1980s donald trump used a controversial but totally legal tactic to win big. but did it cost thousands of people their jobs? cnn's phil mattingly has more for you. >> reporter: in the high flying '80s it was the corporate raider who is got the big headlines and each bigger paydays. donald trump wanted in on the action. >> money is a score card. money is a score card as far as i'm concerned. believe me money is not the most important thing but it's a way of keeping score. >> reporter: it's something trump rarely discusses on the campaign trail, the four years where he played the stock market and mostly won, big, to the do you know of more than $200 million.
6:30 am
but a cnn investigation comprised of hundreds of pages of never-before released depositions, testimony and financial documents, as well as more than a dozen interviews, opens a window into a play book with striking parallels to his campaign, one driven by a bare-knuckle strategy of strong arm tactics, media leaks and public statements that often ran contrary to the truth. >> the difference between me and other people is i'll attack back. if i have to attack whatever method is necessary, i will. i will. >> reporter: the review also discovered repeated allegations of the use of one particular volatile yet completely legal tactic, green mailing. the practice of buying a large stake in a company for the sole purpose of management buying the stock back to avoid a takeover at a premium. trump used his position as the holder of a casino license to
6:31 am
make millions as their managers scrambled to stave off a takeover attempt. the new jersey casino commissioner at the time equated it to trump using a casino license as a weapon to weaken or undercut the financial integrity of its competitors. donald trump in an unsolicited moment during testimony in front of the commission took pains to remind the commissioners green mailing is a totally legal practice. it's not a very pretty word. but a tell-all account from former trump executive john o'donnell paints a different picture. in his 1991 book on the billionaire, o'donnell recounts trump was making it very clear what he was doing, bashing bally executives acid yachs idiots wh
6:32 am
in. i really enjoyed doing it because its put a real scare into them. with bally trump never went to far as to make a tender offer for the companies, leading critics to believe he'd attacked. a democrat who supports hillary clinton served alongside reid on the new jersey casino commission and raised major concern about whether trump's green mailing practice made him unfit to keep his state gaming license. >> in those days the term was vulnerable. we did not regard it as conduct sufficient for or at a level to you no longer qualify. but we took it seriously. we didn't like it. and we hoped by doing that, we put a stop to that kind of business. >> reporter: trump kept his casino license, but the
6:33 am
companies themselves never recovered. thousands lost their jobs. bally was also left wounded and similarly mired in debt. as for trump, despite the millions in profits and the weakened competitors, it wasn't all positive. his efforts sparked a justice department investigation in the 1980s alleging that trump concocted a scheme to hide his intentions from bally and holiday. trump settled the lawsuit for $750,000. he did not admit any wrongdoing. in a separate civil lawsuit,gren for his role in inflating the company stock. there are no apologies for his tactics. >> i love battles. unfortunately battles -- i'm not
6:34 am
controversial to be controversial. i get into a lot of battles and that's part of winning. >> that was phil mattingly reporting. trump's campaign has declined cnn's repeated request to make anyone available to walk through trump's investment strategy. on wall street things are looking up. alison kosik is live at the new york stock exchange with more on this. >> expect some modest moves as investors wait for janet yellen to give a speech. the symposium is often a venue for fed officials to make headlines. economists think hillary clinton would be best for u.s. business. trump doesn' even come in second. this new survey of more than 400
6:35 am
economists picked clinton as their top choice for economic policy. gary johnson coming in second with 15%. donald trump follows him with 14%. most say trump's push to restrict trade and immigration are the opposite of what the u.s. should be doing to boost growth. 61% say the u.s. needs to allow for more immigration. and 65% say the u.s. has to be open to free trade. interesting point here, there's no consensus on whether the national minimum wage should go up. only 27% support an increase. there seems to be some concern about how raising it could hurt overall economic growth. still to come in the "newsroom," devastated flood victims sound off in louisiana. many are asking where's fema. i'm going to ask that question to the fema administrator.
6:36 am
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in just about an hour, president obama will leave the white house for flood ravaged baton rouge amid criticism he should have gone there sooner. mr. obama's trip will come 11 days after disaster first struck and four days after republican presidential candidate donald trump showed up. the water in baton rouge is receding now and it is revealing the damage left behind. you see it there, piles of trash, once people's belongings, lining the streets. but this doesn't tell the whole story. 13 people died in the flooding. and 60,000 families are dealing with damaged homes. we talked with some of these people. they're not only wondering where president obama is but where fema is. >> you don't see contractors. you don't see fema. you see people in pickup trucks pulling out of people's houses. >> we just hope, you know,
6:41 am
that -- we just hope that the government steps up because so many people don't have anything. they need to get help. >> waiting on fema to try to come and see what they can do for us. we went to my house today and can't salvage nothing but a microwave. >> so we hear you. so many morning we're going to pose those questions to fema administrator kcraig fugate. i know fema is on the ground. how can these people get help? >> first thing is if we haven't gotten to them, because we're out in the streets and in the shelters registering people, is to go to we've already issued $100 million. now we've issued it. there's 100 million dollar that's been placed in people's accounts to begin the mediate recovery, get a place to stay. those numbers will continue to
6:42 am
go up. this is a large operation and substantial amounts of money are getting to people. because so many people were impacted in some of these areas, it's been a challenge to get to some of the families and homes that were still flooded. >> i would suspect people who have lost everything and don't have anywhere to sleep at the moment, they might have difficulty getting to where they need to go to alert fema that they need help. >> that's why we've gone to the shelters so that people don't have to go to us. we go to them. in some of these areas it's just getting to these people. >> how many people do you have on the ground right now, sir? >> over 2,000 and that number is growing. some of our first teams arrived this weekend. that's about 400 america corps.
6:43 am
>> you have 2,000 people on the ground. you've served more than 100,000 people so far. yet the local paper and neighbors keep telling us -- the local paper's editorial headline this morning says "welcome, mr. president, louisiana needs you." on friday it read, "we deserve more from obama, not a see quell to president bush's neglect." can you braaddress that? >> i don't think it's deserved but i understand people are frustrated. i've been with president obama on numerous disaster responses. he's been very clear to me, i'll go, but i don't want to get in the response. i don't want to pull resources away from it. if you look at the response, this was not about a storm that was over like a tornado or hurricane. this was ongoing rescues.
6:44 am
those respondse eerrespondsers, lost their homes, hadn't had a break yet. the president has been engaged since last saturday. sunday he declared a disaster for the state. in many cases we were working to get resources in here based upon what we saw were impacts, not waiting for assessments. i've been down here. jeh johnson has been down here. the president doesn't want to come in when there are still response activities and disrupt that with his visit. >> i think the optics were bad. he was on vacation. there were pictures of him playing golf with celebrities. that upset a great many people. >> again, when you get flooded out and lose everything, there's a lot of frustration and sometimes you're going to vent. it's not about what the president hasn't been doing. it's about what we've been doing as an administration working with the governor's team and also the president working on
6:45 am
when it was a good time to come not to disrupt the response operations. still to come in the "newsroom," an american troop killed in afghanistan while on patrol. details on what went wrong, next. get between you and life's dobeautiful moments.llergens flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ♪
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narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians.
6:49 am
ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive. a u.s. service member has been killed in afghanistan and we're getting new details about what happened. cnn's barbara starr live at the pentagon with more.
6:50 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. the most terrible news for a u.s. military family. the pentagon announcing a short time ago the service member was killed in southern afghanistan in a place called helmand province. this is an area where the sell ban has been resurgent and there are more than 500 u.s. troops down there. this serviceman was killed when he was on a walking patrol and triggered an ied explosion. the troops down there have been working to triand train and advise afghan forces to deal with the taliban there. some of the other details we're learning, six additional afghan service members wounded, another american wounded. they're looking into all of this. they don't think that the taliban really had planned to attack this patrol. it was more that they were out there and they triggered this ied explosion. still, it does underscore a long way to go in afghanistan.
6:51 am
president obama making that decision to keep a significant number of troops there for a longer period of time, specifically to try to help train these afghan forces in places like helmand province where the taliban had been resurge resurgent. >> barbara starr, thank you. we're learning more about the gator attack that killed a 2-year-old at the disney world resort last june. a new report says two guests warned disney employees about the alligator near the jeep. the father tried to pry the gator's jaws open. they feel confident they caught the gator that attacked the boy but can't be certain. stanford university, no hard liquor at parties open to
6:52 am
undergrads. a stanford student was convicted of sexually assaulting a young woman outside of campus. a spokesperson says the policy update was not related to the turner case. a man in pittsburgh tries to impress his date and ends up needing to be rescued. pittsburgh police say he tried to jump between two buildings and ended up stuck between the two buildings. crews ended up having to tear down a wall and pull him through it. after four hours he was rescued with only an injured ankle. i don't know what happened with the later. it is a familiar story with a twist. a grand slam that clears the fence and hits a car in the parking lot. almost a perfect day for thomas. he walked out into the parking lot and saw it was his own windshield he smashed with his home run ball. >> it wasn't a little crack like
6:53 am
down here. that's some pretty good damage. at least i know i hit it pretty good. >> thomas says even with the windshield repair bill, the grand slam was well worth it. still to come in the newsroom, some americans seem to think ryan lochte wins gold for most embarrassing olympian. up next, jeanne moos on saying sorry for the swimmer's bad behavior. al meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. for your pet, we go beyond.
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6:57 am
u.s. swimmer ryan lochte says he takes full responsibility for the rio scandal, but some americans seem to be taking his behavior to heart. the internet is taking it to -- well, to the next level. here is more now from jeanne moos. >> reporter: the sorry refrain sung by everyone from juice tin bieber to brenda lee. ♪ i'm sorry
6:58 am
>> reporter: look who's sorry now. not just swimmer ryan lochte. >> he lied. he lied to you. >> yeah. >> he lied to matt lauer. >> reporter: when travellers departing the olympics were asked to leave a special message to rio at the airport, "sorry about ryan lochte" was one of the more popular ones. apparently embarrassed americans felt the need to apologize. you know who said sorry even more times than the message board? lochte himself. >> i'm sorry about -- i'm embarrassed. i'm really embarrassed. how sorry i am. i'm really sorry. i'm just really sorry. how truly sorry i am. >> reporter: he's paying a stiff price for saying he and his teammates were robbed and he had a cocked gun to his head. do you lie a little of a lochte was one meme? on john oliver's they said farewell to him. >> ryan lochte, america's idiot sea cow. >> what defines me?
6:59 am
ryan lochte. >> reporter: now he's being stripped of his endorsement deal. >> i am speedo fit. >> reporter: not anymore. on monday speedo dropped lochte. tweeted one columnist, ironic to lose a speedo endorsement over an inadequate cover p. a mattress company dumped him, even his gentle laser hair removal sponsor cut off lochte. ralph lauren refused to renew his contract. >> i could be having the worst day of my life. as soon as i step foot in that water, everything disappears. >> reporter: better dive, ryan and make that one worst day of admitted intoxication disappear. ♪ i was too blind to see >> reporter: drunk. jeanne moos. >> i over exaggerated. i over exaggerate thad story. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts now.
7:00 am
good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. the clinton foundation is coming under increasing scrutiny in the 2016 campaign as hillary and bill clinton face sharp criticism from republican rivals. among them donald trump who is postponing a high profile immigration speech this week and turning his focus to clinton's actions while she was secretary of state. >> the amounts involved, the favors done and the significant number of times it was done require an expedited investigation by a special prosecutor, immediately, immediately, immediately. >> cnn's jessica schneider has more on clinton's response to all of this. good morning. >> good morning, carol. donald trump is hitting hillary clinton from all angles. he's now elevating her e-mail scandal to a point where he's calling for a special prosecutor to launch an expedited investigation says the justice
7:01 am
department can't be trusted. hillary clinton, though, was all laughs in late night, prushing off the controversy over her e-mails and also the health rumors. >> the state department said they have to release 15,000 e-mails by the deadline, a couple of days before the debate. are you concerned about that? >> no. >> i would be terrified if my e-mails were released. >> jimmy, my e-mails are so boring. i'm embarrassed about that. >> mine aren't. >> we've already released 30,000-plus. what's a few more? take my pulse while i'm talking to you, make sure i'm alive. >> oh, my god. there's nothing there. >> back in october the "national enquirer" said i would be dead in six months. with every breath i take, i feel like -- >> new lease on life. >> a new lease on life. >> all jokes aside, when it
7:02 am
comes to medical records, both candidates have released the bare minimum. trump and clinton made letters from their doctors public about a year ago. there has not been a release of anymore elaborate medical documentation until now. >> jessica schneider, thanks for that report. mr. trump is not just hitting mrs. clinton on her ex-mails, but hitting her on her foundation and her health, and also on law and order. he told fox news he could end violence in our cities quickly by allowing police to be tough. >> when i was in chicago, i got to meet a couple of very top police. i said how do you stop this? how do you stop this? if you were put in charge to a specific person dorks you think you could stop it? he said mr. trump, i'd be able to stop it in one week. >> did he tell you how he would be able to stop it in one week? >> no. he wants to use tough police tactics. >> you have to have a warrant to arrest people. you can't beat them up. you have to have a warrant to
7:03 am
arrest them. >> all i know is this. i went to a top police officer in chicago who is not the police chief. i could see by the way he was dealing with his people, he was a rough, tough guy, they respected him greatly. i said how do you think you do it? he said, mr. trump, within one week we could stop much of this. >> he didn't tell you precisely how. >> no, and i didn't ask him because i'm not the mayor of chicago. >> let's talk about all of this with john phillips, a trump supporter, rebecca burke from real clear poll takes and crystal ball, a senior fellow at the leaders council. good morning to all of you. >> thanks for being here. let's start with the exchange you just heard. did you get what mr. trump was talking about? >> looks lick his position on crime is a lot closer to bill clinton than hillary clinton. bill clinton supported sentencing guidelines at the federal level, supported mill tirizing our police, supported
7:04 am
the death penalty. there's a push in this country to decriminalize a lot of lower level crimes, a push to reduce the prison population. that's exactly the opposite of what worked in the 1990s to lower the crime rate when big city mayors like rudy guiliano in new york and richard rear den adopted the james q. policy of broken windows. they identified who were committing the crimes, put them in jail and ann allowed the sit teens to bounce back and lower the crime rate to the point where the people who replaced them for mayor ran on platforms dealing with the high cost of housing. >> make it clear for us, john, somewhat mr. trump's plan? >> mr. trump is supporting the cops. mr. trump is opposed to lower the prison population, as we've seen -- >> he wants to put more people in jail, right? >> yeah, yeah. you identify who is breaking the law. put them in jail and keep them in jail. we can say we believe in prison reform and we believe in sentencing reform, but the
7:05 am
reality is, when you say you're in favor of sentencing reform, you're in favor of putting criminals back on the streets. that's a recipe for disaster. talk to any cop on the beat, they'll confirm that. >> krystal, your thoughts? >> i think it's important to remember the '90s were a very different time. crime was on the rise at a much higher level than it is now. now we actually see crime declining. it's also important to keep in mind that we have more people as a percentage of our population incarcerated than any other major country on the planet. that is not a recipe for success. of course we know from statistics that communities of color are disproportionately targeted. hillary clinton absolutely supports the police, has worked with police officers to find out what are the best reforms. people on both sides of the aisle, democrats and republicans have recognized, and bill clinton himself who did institute some of these policies, have recognized that we've got to chart a better way, both in terms of quality of life in our country and also in terms
7:06 am
of budgetary impact. we can't put people in prison as an answer to every problem in society. >> rebecca, mr. trump was in akron, ohio, last night and held this big rally. akron, ohio, has a very large african-american population, 30% of the city is black. he tried to reach out again to feyeric african-americans. here is what he said. >> the democrats have failed completely in the inner cities. poverty, rejection, horrible education, no housing, no homes, no ownership, crime at levels that nobody has seen. you go to war zones in countries that we're fighting, and it's safer than living in some of our inner cities. they're run by the democrats. >> so coupled with the getting tough on crime and allowing police to be tough, does -- is
7:07 am
what donald trump said last night, will it resonate with african-american voters, rebecca? >> these are two different issues we're talking about, carol. his new message on minorities, trying to reach out, at least sounding like he's reaching out to african-american voters, to hispanic voters, is a very concerted strategy on donald trump's part. not necessarily to bring some of those voters over to his side. let's face it, these groups usually vote in droves for democrats. it would help him to potentially assuage some concerns among republicans that donald trump hasn't done enough to try to broaden the tent, reach out to some other demographics who could potentially support him or republicans down the line. so it presents an image of donald trump as more compassionate potentially and starts to assuage some of these concerns that republicans have had. but the law and order message is something kplietly different. this is something richard nixon actually ran on in the '60s.
7:08 am
it plays to fears that people have about crime, obviously, but also some racial tensions as well. what's interesting about this strategy for donald trump now is, unlike nixon and his position in the '60s, crime actually is not on the rise. it's at the lowest rates, especially violent crime in decades. so even though there is a rising amount of concern among americans about crime, there aren't the statistics to back up that crime is actually on the rise. so donald trump is trying to play to some of those concerns, but the difference here is that crime itself is not as much of an actual factor in this election. >> i want to switch over to hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. you heard her on that late night show, right, john? she was sort of joerking about it. how did that come over to you? >> not good. look, they said it's a conflict of interest to accept foreign donations or corporate donations if she were to be elected president. they'd stop doing that, limit bill's activities.
7:09 am
how is that any different than when she's secretary of state and she's the face of america's diplomacy worldwide? why was it not a kochb flikt of interest there. why is huma abedin working for both the state department and the clinton foundation. why are big money foreign donors given access to hillary clinton when they e-mail huma abedin on her government e-mail address? it seems to me it's a complete and total mess for them and they should be worried about what's in those e-mails. there's been so much conflict of interest we know about so far, god knows what else is out there? >> krystal, there have been some suggestions, i think even from "the boston globe," that the clinton foundation, they should shut it down. that would end the controversy right there. do you agree with that? >> it's unfortunate because the clinton foundation does a lot of really good and important and lifesaving work around the globe. that impact can't be denied. i have to agree with them. i think it's just too hard when you have the foundation built
7:10 am
around bill and hillary and chelsea clinton's global prestige, it's hard to create the kind of boundaries and the kind of wall you would need to create if she was actually president of the united states. one thing i would point out that i think is a little different about being president versus being secretary of state in terms of how the clinton foundation business was handled, when you're secretary of state, you're the nation's top diplomat, but ultimately implementing someone else's agenda. your ability to influence the direction the country is going on vis-a-vis diplomatic relationships is limited. when you're president of the united states, it's a different ball of wax, being president and being secretary of state. that being said, i believe it's a mess. i agree the can campaign hasn't handled it well and these newest revelations threaten to bring up some of the elements and as specs of hillary clinton, her past and her personality that voters are very wary of. this d.c. corruption that i think people expect and i guess
7:11 am
the best i can say is i think some of these concerns are already baked in, and in some of the e-mails that we've seen going back and forth with huma abedin, she did push back and indicate that she was uncomfortable giving the kind of favors out that she was being asked to give. >> that is true. the thing i will say, rebecca, is i think this is a really complicated issue, and people really have to sit down and study it to truly understand it. i'm not saying that questions shouldn't be raised because they certainly should be, but if you say pay to play, that's what voters hear and that's what sticks. so how should the clintons address this? >> unfortunately for the clintons, as krystal just said, much of this is already baked in. the messaging that they are trying to impress upon people that what they did was aboveboard, that there was no correction, no pay to play, it's all defensive at this point. they're not making a positive case about the work that the
7:12 am
clinton foundation did, any firewall they did between the state department and the clinton foundation. really what they needed to do was think about this when hillary was secretary of state or leaving that office, and think about how they were going to frame this at that stage. unfortunately we're now two months from election day, so it's a little late for them to try to change people's perception on this. of course, this goes back to the question of honesty, trustworthiness, that is asked about hillary clinton in almost every poll that we're seeing. it's consistently her lowest rating. this doesn't help on that metric. of course, it's already so low that the with each new attack related to the clinton foundation, related to new e-mails that come out, there isn't a lot of room for her ratings to get any worse. the question is how are undecided voters going to perceive these new developments, and are they going to make them think, well, hillary clinton is unacceptable and unfit for the presidency? that's certainly the argument
7:13 am
that donald trump's campaign is going to be trying to make. >> i have to leave it there. thanks to all of you. still to come in "the "newsroom"" president obama is headed to the louisiana flood zone. ne. healthy energy, all in one. strong muscles, all in one. highly digestible, and a taste he loves, all in one. purina one smartblend is expertly blended... with 100% nutrition, 0% fillers, always real meat #1. lifelong smart nutrition. it's all in one. purina one.
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all right. any minute now president obama will leave for flood-ravaged baton rouge on board air force one now on the tarmac at joint base andrews in maryland. the president leaves amid criticism that he should have traveled to baton rouge sooner. when mr. obama arrives in louisiana, he'll find trash-lined streets, floods receding revealing utter devastation. cnn's nic robertson. >> we ears less than three hours from the visit of president barack obama. he'll tour east baton rouge parish. it's been about ten days since the major event happened here, it was during that time that president obama was on vacation in martha's vineyard. something that has been taken exception to in this area, especially by the local newspaper which penned an op ed
7:18 am
criticizing the president for not cutting his vacation short. it was during that time as well we saw republican presidential nominee donald trump show up in louisiana. the governor here saying he was glad of trump's visit, it highlighted the much-needed resources that needed to come to this city. when you talk to local residents, they don't seem to be that much concerned about politics. they're focused on the cleanup. >> help us. that's all i can say, you know. just help us. >> ain't nothing he can do for us that louisiana ain't done for ourselves. i got no help from the government. i ain't asked no help from the government. >> i think it's great trump came in town to show his support. i think that's a good thing, you know, that he did that, to tell you the truth. >> what about obama? >> he should have been here. >> livingston parish is among the hardest hit areas. that's where we're at right now. about 60% of the structures -- about 70% of the homes and
7:19 am
structures in this area suffered some sort of damage. we got a sense of just how bad that damage was. during a home tour yesterday i spoke to a man who has been in this area 32 years. he says he's been through hurricanes and loads of severe weather but never experienced anything like that. he says up to seven feet of water. what hurts him the most is he lost a family bible that's been in his family's possession since the 1800s. still 3,000 people remain in shelters here, and there's a lot of cleanup, months ahead, left to be done. carol? >> nick valencia reporting live this morning. thank you. last hour i spoke with fema administrator craig fugate about the criticism president obama has been facing. here is what he had to say. >> i don't think it's deserved, but i understand people are frustrated. i've been with president obama on numerous disaster responses. one thing where he's been clear to me, craig, i'll go, but i don't want to get in the response, i don't want to pull
7:20 am
resources away from it. the president has been engaged since last saturday. sunday he declared a disaster for the state. >> with me is livingston parish president layton riks. hi, sir, can you hear me? >> yes, ma'am, i can hear you. >> are you looking forward to the president's visit today? >> i don't believe the president is coming out to livingston parish today. as i understand it, he's going to spend most of his time in east baton rouge parish. >> there's been criticism that president obama should have visited louisiana sooner. do you agree? >> well, yes and no. i think the pros would be obviously to get resources here and shine light on livingston parish. but on the other hand, when you have the president come in, you've got to take all your first responders and all your resources from state police and sheriff's departments and to secure him coming. i'm not upset with him not coming to livingston parish. what concerns me the most is
7:21 am
through the governor's office and through fema that we get the assistance we need. i have to tell you right now the governor's office have been absolutely phenomenal with livingston parish, as has fema. i'm strur administrator craig fugate is in touch with the president of the united states because we have gotten our declarations done as soon as we need them which opens the door for us to get resources. i'll sort of leave the politics to others. i am glad he's coming today and i certainly appreciate presidential candidate donald trump coming actually to livingston parish. i'm a little disappointed i won't get to speak one-on-one with the president because we are the hard eflt hit parish. i'll leave the politics up to the candidates. >> it's kind of sad that everything is political these days, right? >> well, you know, it really is. it's just the way it is. it's unfortunate in one way. my concern is getting our parish back up and running. we're resilient people but we
7:22 am
have been knocked out. we got up. we fought back and now we're in a major cleanup efforts that have now started. there's a lot of people in our parish that are hurting with over 60,000 structures damaged in some way by these floodwaters. schools damaged which means kids are out of school. you know how this goes. on and on and on. so anything that fema, the governor's office, certainly the president of the united states can do to help our parish, that's what i'm focused on right now. >> we see the president getting into his helicopter, he'll go to an drugs and get on air force one and fly on to louisiana. what is your biggest challenge, sir? what do you need most? >> i think temporary housing and housing is going to be the biggest issue that our folks are facing. we will eventually get all the stuff picked up from the side of the roads, but i don't know where these people are going to live. a lot of folks lost their vehicles. so i don't know how they're going to get back and forth. i don't know when the jobs are going to come back into place.
7:23 am
i don't know where their kids are going to be housed. and when school does get going, i don't know when they'll be able to get back to their homes to get in schools. just the overall safety and well-being on our citizens right now is the main focus. there's so much damage that that's really up in the air. we're working z toward getting them something. i think that will happen in the near future. i hope the president will announce some things today by him coming to our state. at least, if nothing else, reduce this to a 1090. >> what would you like the president to say? >> first of all, i'd like for him to reduce this from a 25/75 for the parish to a 90/10. i'm almost certainly he'll do that because of the devastation we've had. he has the authority to go 100%. i can tell you, if i could get in front of him, we would ask him to at least do 90/10 and beg him to go the other 10% and do 100% like was done in new orleans during katrina.
7:24 am
>> you're talking about how much people are reimbursed for what they've lost, correct? >> well, the parish itself. we don't have the budget to go out and pay. so we're under a 25/75 right now in all our efforts and everything that we pay for. i'm hoping he will go to at least a 90/10 and would like for him to go to 100%. in this initial phase anyway, so we can get debris picked up and it not bankrupt our parishes and our municipalities for our mayors. this is huge. as you know, the tax revenue is down because there's no businesses open. your overhead is up because you've got people working around the clock. we need all the help the president will grant fema to do for us. and personally speaking to mr. fugate last week, he has assured me our assets will be here. i can tell you everyone has responded through the governor's office. i just could not ask for more at this point. this is a long road back to recovery, and we need all the
7:25 am
help we can get for the long term. >> layton ricks, the parish president there, thank you very much for joining us this morning. we'll be right back. >> thank you. ♪ wireless service is essential to our business. t-mobile network has been amazing. i save a lot of time using t-mobile cause i don't have to worry about the overages. t-mobile has actually come to us and said "we see what is going on in your business, here's how we can help."
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7:29 am
good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. i want to take you to washington, d.c. for just a second. the president landing at andrews ready to board air force one, on his way to flood-ravaged louisiana. public officials in louisiana are hoping he'll announce new
7:30 am
federal help because they've just been so devastated by the floodwaters. 60,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed there, 13 people lost their lives. many people displaced with nowhere to go and no vehicles. i would say public officials and the public in louisiana are looking forward to seeing president obama land shortly in baton rouge a little later this morning. we'll keep you posted. in other news, the clinton foundation has become one of the biggest political footballs in the 2016 race. the nonprofit organization says it's doing everything from helping farmers in africa to reducing prescription drug abuse in the united states to improving women's health in peru. donald trump calls the foundation a corrupt enterprise that needs to shut down and return the donations. he accuses hillary clinton of granting foundation own donors favors. secretary clinton is looking into who the donors are and where the money is going.
7:31 am
good morning drew. >> good morning, carol. the money calls from all over. that's part of the problem. last year $170 million came into the clinton foundation. it's big money. if you're looking for any smoking gun, pay to play, that's very hard to find. >> this is a map of the world and these are the specific countries in this world that have given millions to the clinton foundation over the years. $10 million to $25 million from australia, norway and saudi arabia. five to ten million between the netherlands and the united states. it's not just countries. individual foreign donors and foreign groups make up a huge share of donations to the clinton foundation. the campaign now says if hillary clinton becomes president, any foreign donations will no longer be accepteded. cnn's dana bash asks hillary clinton's campaign manager why
7:32 am
not wait? >> why not do it now? why not wait until the idea of her being president? why not doing it when she's running for president? >> the foundation is doing an enormous amount of work and it takes time, in a number of countries around the world to retool and refocus the mission and adapt. >> at the heart of the issue is conflict of interest or even the appearance of one. would president clinton give favorable treatment to a country or company or person who donated millions of dollars to the foundation? that's how donald trump sees it. >> they've made hundreds of millions of dollars selling access, selling favors, selling government contracts, and i mean hundreds of million ofs dollars. >> despite that claim, there are no definitive examples of what trump says. that doesn't mean there aren't questions, but long-time bill clinton pal and mining magnate
7:33 am
frank juice stra. his foundations have given more than $50 million to the clinton foundation, allowed bill clinton use of his private jet. and when a company he founded merged with another that became part of a russian business deal that needed government approval, that deal got the okay from the state department run by hillary clinton. juice stra says he sold his stakes in the company years before the russian deal. so anything wrong? no. all aboveboard says the state department. other government agencies approved the deal. all the rules were followed, as they were in all cases involving monsanto. the food giant has donated between $1 million and $5 million to the clinton foundation and has had multiple partnership projects with the clinton global initiative. in 2009 when hillary clinton took office as secretary of state, monsanto was actively lobbying the state department or helping promote opening markets
7:34 am
for his projects across the globe. ill all coincided with secretary clinton's global policy to promote agricultural biotechnology. according to clinton she was promoting u.s. agriculture much like her republican predecessor did. there's no doubt one of the big winners was clinton foundation donor monsanto. hoping to put the potential pay to play-doh nation especially with foreign donations to the end, it was bill clinton who tweeted this afternoon, if hillary becomes president, the foundation will only take in money from u.s. citizens, permanent residents and u.s.-based independent foundations. and the bill, hillary and chelsea clinton foundation will change its name to just the clinton foundation. in other words, no hillary. carol, if his wife is elected, bill clinton says he's going to
7:35 am
step down from the board of the clinton foundation and he will not personally fundraise for it. carol? >> all right, drew griffin reporting. thanks so much for that. hang in there a few more minutes. i want to bring in executive editor of cnn politics, mark preston. welcome, mark. you just listened to drew griffin's great report. there's no smoking gun here. nothing to prove there's any pay-to-play involved with the clinton foundation. does that matter? >> it certainly matters in the sense that the clintons have been very secretive in many ways about the foundation and the work that they've done. the foundation, as we have known it, has done a lot of good work. no question about it. the question is how did they get their funding. as drew had said, for the $170 million, there's no pay to play. but it raises questions about how they went about raising the money. when it comes to politics, we heard jeff sessions infer this
7:36 am
morning on cnn that, in fact, the foundation was extorting money from international countries using hillary clinton's position as the secretary of state. so there is certainly some questions there, but because there's smoke, we don't know if there's really any fire. >> so hillary clinton hasn't sat down and answered questions directly from reporters for quite a long time. is it time she do that so she can answer these questions about the clinton global foundation and also her e-mails? >> certainly two different issues that are actually combined. strategically hillary clinton probably does need to do some kind of news conference, a wide ranging news conference on all types of issues and take some questions on this specific issue. but what they don't want to do, democrats, certainly the clinton campaign, is want to add more oxygen to this issue. donald trump spoke about it at length last night in ohio. we saw mike pence, his vice
7:37 am
presidential running mate talk about it at length yesterday. what we're seeing from the trump campaign is they're trying to direct all their attention onto the clintons this week, specifically the e-mail issue and specifically the foundation trying to take a little bit of the spotlight off themselves and see if the clinton campaign can handle it. >> is that a smart political move on donald trump's part? he is deflecting, right? he doesn't have to explain exactly what his immigration policy is. he doesn't exactly have to explain how he's going to make chicago a safe city very quickly. so is this a smart political move on his part? >> listen, some people would disagree with me on this. i do think it's a smart political move in the sense that we haven't seen the trump campaign certainly up to this point take a step back. when i say that, whenever there's some negative news about hillary clinton, donald trump would always seem to step up and overshadow that message. we're not seeing that right now. they're focusing all on hillary
7:38 am
clinton. >> mark preston, many thanks. stim to come in the newsroom, an exclusive report from the front lines. before taking his team to state for the first time... gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most.
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to seal out water, dirt and germs, cover with a water block clear bandage from band-aid brand. an iraqi commander says isis is on its heels, getting beaten back as troops work on retaking another city, this time mosul, with the country's second most populated area. cnn senior international correspondent arwa damon. >> reporter: we're just outside the center of the town in a battle that has been going on since about 5:00 in the morning local time.
7:43 am
as iraqi forces have been advancing, they have not only had to cope with that thick, black smoke that you see there blanketing the skies. that is as a result of isis continually burning crude oil to pry to impair the visibility of coalition air strikes. on the ground, they have also tried to deal with numerous ied and boobytrapped roads. they have had to remotely detonate some of the explosives, some of the vehicles ladened with bombs and they've also brought in a digger in. very very, very slow painstaking progress at this stage. in the last few months, the iraqi security forces have made significant gains which has allowed them to reach this far. >> under apocalyptic skies blackened by thick smoke is the next target for iraqi forces. isis used to move around 100 oil
7:44 am
tankers of crude a day out of these fields, now set after flame by isis fighters to decrease visibility from above. we are some 65 kilometers or 40 miles south of mosul. iraqi forces haven't stepped in these lands since isis took over more than two years ago, their corpss left to rot in the son. the commander tells us isis appears to be weakened. >> i told you that the majority of fighters attack us were foreign fighters. now they put some foreign fighters with local fighters. now i think they have lack on the foreign fighters. >> reporter: on display, rep upons troopd found in residential homes. among them, mortar larger than anything the iraqis have at their disposal. another significant gain in this
7:45 am
area, the guy eda air base, the third largest in iraq, much of it destroyed by isis fighters as they withdrew leaving, we are told, explosives under piles of dirt on the runways that need to be cleared. this will be a fightal forward base for the iraqis and potentially u.s. forces. families wearily haul what they can, stumbling away from the fighting. >> translator: they took half of our men, forced them to fight for them. they killed my father. >> reporter: tears for all they lost, loved ones gone in a war that few can fully comprehend, the lives they knew and loved disintegrated years ago. to the southeast of mosul, the kurdish peshmerga have pushed their front line forward as well. the peshmerga defend snakes its way along the east and north, the villages controlled by isis
7:46 am
visible in the distance. here, too, they have knowitiesed isis weakening showing how they move between nondescript buildings like this. they did drop down and take a few steps into what appeared to be some sort of tunnel. rather than take their chances, they decided to withdraw and seal off the entrance. the choke hold around mows all is tightening and the government's pledge to liberate the city by the end of the year is still the goal. the battle there, with over a million civilians will potentially be starkly different from the ones out here. success will be defined in land gains, not lives destroyed or lost. this is not a battle happening in any sort of conventional formation. this is not too armies facing off against one another. there is a civilian population inside that town right now according to iraqi security forces numbering some 10,000
7:47 am
families. one can't begin to understand how terrifying this must be for them, the on going explosions, the gunfire. there is the reality that isis tends to use the civilian population as human shields. we do not know the degree of the agony and the fear that they are going through at this point in time. what we're seeing right now is really a fraction of what potentially the battle for mosul will end up being like. >> arwa damon reporting. still to come in the "newsroom," more legal problems for fox news. a new sexual harassment lawsuit just filed. we have details. as we go to a break, a quick check on wall street. the dow up 60 points right now.
7:48 am
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[ clock titime. ] you only have so much. that's why we want to make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all we should fit into your life. not the other way around. a sex-fueled playboy mansion-like cult. that's how andrea tantaros describes the fox news channel.
7:52 am
and he says the problem doesn't stop with ousted roger ailes. more from brian stelter. >> that's right. now a second former fox news host alleging sexual harassment by roger ailes. this new lawsuit goes further naming several other defendants as well as fox news as a whole. when gretchen carlson filed her suit in july, it opened up this wider story about the culture and the conduct of fox news officials and what women employees of the network experienced both on air and off the afrmt once carlson sued, the owners of fox news, the murdochs, initiated an internal view done by an external law firm. that's when we believe more than 20 women came forward speaking to the law firm about their experiences with ales. until then only one woman was suing. now andrea tantaros is filing a suit alleging retaliation after
7:53 am
she complained about harassment by ales and other members of fox news. it says fox news mask raeds as a defender of traditional family values, but e be hind the scenes it operates like a sex-fueled cult. the suit goes on to say, tantaros tried to complain to several people at fox news, several executives about alleged harassment and these complaints fell on deaf ears. as a result she says she was retaliated against. she was demoted and eventually benched by the network back in april. at the time people at fox said this was the result of a contract dispute, that she tried to publish a book without receiving the necessary approvals from fox news. now tantaros' attorney says that was a sham, ha the real thing that was happening behind the scenes was that fox news was trying to keep her quiet about this alleged harassment. the suit goes on to say this
7:54 am
isn't just about ales. it names several other executives at fox news including bill shine who in effect took over for ales. it singles out the public relations arm saying the pr people were leaking negative stories about tan tear ross and putting items on blogs and twilter feeds meant to disparage her and hurt her reputation. fox has nothing to say about the new lawsuit. but ales continues to deny the allegations against him. and shine says he was never told by tantaros of harassment by ales. we'll see how the story develops in the weeks to come. still to come, guy meets girl, guy wants to impression girl, guy leaps from loof top. wait until you hear what happens next. choose to smooth.
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checking top stories at 58 minutes past. stanford university is announce agnew policy, no hard liquor or shots at campus parties open to upped grads. the students will still be allowed to have beer and wine. the new policy will limit the size of bottles allowed to be stored in dorm rooms. a man in pittsburgh tries to impress his date and earned up needing to be rescued. he tried to jump between two buildings and ended up stuck between the buildings. crews worked for four hours overnight, ending up tearing down the entire wall to pull him through. he was finally rescued with only an injured ankle. ryan lochte's days as a commercial pitch man appear to be over. speedo, ralph lauren and two other major companies announce they eernding or new relouing relations with the swimmer. it comes after lochte came up
8:00 am
with a story of being robbed at gunpoint in rio. now admitting he, quote, over exaggerated. thanks for joining me. i'm carol costello. at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now. donald trump demanding the clinton foundation be shut down. >> the favors done require an expedited investigation. >> they're going to shut it down and people are going to die. >> i've become increasingly shocked by the vast scope of hillary clinton's criminality. >> he makes up stuff. >> hillary clinton doesn't have that strength or stamina. >> i don't go around questioning donald trump's health. >> can you open this jar of pickles. hello, i'm john berman. katedu


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