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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  October 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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stay anonymous. find some way to make money off it but stay anonymous. i'd like to see carol costello in that false lip-reading thing. >> i'm sure she can do it. carol can do anything. >> i'd like to see someone do it to her and watch carol beat them down with their own fists. >> and i would do that, too. >> oh, i know. >> not a doubt in my mind. >> amen brother. you guys have a great day, "newsroom" starts now. good morning i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. donald trump delivering on his threat to abandon the last fibers of his restraint in a single day. he attacks the very party that nominated him and two prominent republicans who have abandoned his campaign. he rips senator john mccain, himself a former presidential nominee, and he turns on house speaker paul ryan, the most powerful republican in congress. >> i don't want his support. i don't care about his support. what i want to do is i want to win for the people. the first sign of a little bit
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of difficulty, he unendorses. i wouldn't want to be in a foxhole with a lot of these people. >> expect trump to wage war again today as he stumps in the key battleground state of florida. running mate mike pence campaigns in virginia and in north carolina. among the democrats hillary clinton visits battlegrounds colorado and nevada. while husband bill kicks off a two-day bus tour of iowa. and vp nominee tim kaine is in north carolina. as the miles rack up the calendar counts down election day now less than four weeks away. so, with trump declaring war on his own republican party, is his new strategy a path to election day? let's bring in mark preston. good morning. >> good morning, carol. no question right now we have a republican party that is in a civil war right now with the top of the ticket trying to go right after his own members. but what would happen if he were elected president? would he be able to work with these members? let's see what he told bill o'reilly last night on fox?
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>> if you're elected president, you're going to need mccain and you're going to need ryan. you're going to need these guys. >> they'll be there. they'll be there. i would think that ryan maybe wouldn't be there. maybe he'll be in a different position. but mccain will be there. they'll all be there. >> and you think they're going to all cooperate with you after you're trashing them? >> i get along -- i know you don't believe this. well i get along with you for 20 years so i guess i can get along with anybody frankly. but to be honest with you, bill, i get along with people. >> you know, in many ways donald trump is correct in that way. politics is situational. if he were to become president, and the republicans in congress would have to work with him. but would paul ryan be the speaker? at least would he have the backing of the campaign? little tepid response from kellyanne conway this morning. let's see what she had to say. >> does mr. trump want paul ryan to be the speaker if he's elected? >> well that's up to the members of the congress. but, i hope it means that we have a majority in the house, the senate and the presidency. because that actually would be the best indication that
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americans who are voting for donald trump for president also want a mandate for him to push through different pieces of legislation. >> and there you have kellyanne conway again speaking truth to the fact that it is up to the members of congress, the house of representatives, about whether paul ryan would be able to be speaker. but the fact of the matter is if donald trump were to win the presidency, carol, if he were to win the presidency, there's probably no question that republicans -- >> wait, wait, isn't that an extraordinary thing for a campaign manager to say about a house speaker the most powerful republican in the united states? you can't give an unqualified, of course he would be speaker of the house? >> sure but we're in extraordinary times where you have the house speaker backing away from the republican nominee. so again, going back to the topic of what we discussed right now we have a gop, a civil war. >> all right. mark preston, thanks so much. donald trump not just laying into republicans, trump seizing on hacked e-mails released by wikileaks saying the department of justice helped hillary clinton's campaign, in his words, cover up her crimes. >> this is collusion and
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corruption of the highest order. and is one more reason why i ask my attorney general, i will ask, to appoint a special prosecutor. we have to investigate hillary clinton and we have to investigate the investigation. this was a disgrace. >> we'll get to the e-mail mr. trump was talking about in just a minute. but first, clinton's campaign is firing back, alluding that the trump team and russia are actually in cahoots. >> so i think it's a reasonable assumption to -- or at least a reasonable conclusion that mr. stone had advanced warning and the trump campaign had advanced warning about what assange was going to do.
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>> really? suzanne malveaux has more on this. good morning. >> good morning, carol. hillary clinton and her team continue to be dogged by the drip, drip, drip published by wikileaks. the hacked e-mails are raising more questions about the campaign, the dnc and the role of the justice department. there are two parts from yesterday's document dumb one in which clinton spokesman brian fallon is communicating with the justice department in may of 2015 about an upcoming action in a civil lawsuit that resulted in the state department releasing tens of thousands of clinton's e-mails. donald trump calls it collusion, corruption, and calls for a special prosecutor to what he's calling the clinton crimes. the clinton campaign is saying fallon was relaying information that was completely in the public domain at the time. the second part, carol, is the e-mails from clinton's campaign chairman john podesta. there are now more than 5,000. this morning that have been released. they reveal for the most part the inner work beings of the campaign, the strategy dealing
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reporters they like, they don't like. some of clinton's speeches among other things. what does this reveal? president obama and his administration say this is the result of russia trying to influence our election. here's what he said yesterday. >> in the mid are of the debate, you threaten to put your political opponent in jail? that -- no trial, no indictment, no lawyers, no -- just, when you -- when you welcome russian meddling in our electoral process, then you are -- you're disregarding not just things like facts, or evidence, or free press, but you're -- you're -- you're chipping away at -- at basic values like tolerance and due process, and -- and mutual respect. >> now trump and his team, they're accusing the obama
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administration and clinton of pinning these leaks on russia to tarnish him. today my colleague christiane amanpour asked russia's program specifically what is the role they're playing in the election. >> well it's frightening, of course, to get this kind of attention for original power, as president obama called us some time ago. now, everybody in the united states is saying that it is russia which is running the united nations presidential debate. it's flattering, as i said, but it has nothing, you know, to be explained by the facts. >> let's get back to the facts. you deny this, you know, the international community of the united states -- >> they did not deny this. they did not prove it. >> wikileaks claims to have more than 50,000 of podesta's immails, which they say they're going to be releasing piecemeal. so while podesta and clinton's
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team say they don't believe that there's really anything damaging here, it certainly is a distraction, and carol, they still don't know what else is coming. >> and they continue to blame things on russia. which is very interesting, right? suzanne malveaux, thanks so much. with me is annby philip reporter for "the washington post" and ron brownstein senior political analyst. so, ron, let's start there. clinton's campaign chair john podesta said russia is to blame for hacking into his e-mail. he actually suggested that the trump campaign could have known what was coming from russia. seriously? >> well, there's one tweet, there's one kind of suspicious tweet in which they, they seem to be roger stone seemd to be talking about what was going to be coming and john podesta's turn next look all indications from the administration are, from the intelligence agencies, that russia is, in fact, systematically meddling in the election by hacking in to and releasing e-mail -- internal communications from one side in
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the campaign. right? i mean there is there's not been kind of a random assortment here. there have been democratic institutions, democratic leaders, that have been -- that have been targeted. and we don't know if their aim is to help donald trump, or if their aim is just to destabilize the election. but i would say that there's no what in these e-mails that have come out so far that is nearly as important as the how, which is that it appears to be russian intelligence and the why that they seem to have a goal of destabilizing the election which is you know which has had some effect and by all indications in suzanne's report is going to continue to be a source of destabilization between now and election day. >> but, but, abby, this sounds so house of cards, right, and some people might be wondering if, if podesta simply deflecting because there might be something in those e-mails that has not yet been released? >> well, ron is right that in the intelligence community among the u.s. government there's a widespread belief that russia is behind these hacks. the question is to what extent
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does the trump administration know about that russian connection in terms of their willingness to go along with it. this is the sort of bright line that the clinton campaign is dancing around right now,son donald trump sort of parroting russian propaganda from the podium? is he using these hacks to his advantage? did he know beforehand that they were coming? and so, there's a connection there that basically the clinton campaign is kind of sort of trying to make. but i don't really think there's a whole lot of proof beyond the fact that this information is now in the public domain, and the trump campaign cease it as a political opportunity. they intend to use it. we don't really know much beyond that about the extent to which that connection between russia, these hacks and the trump campaign exists. >> such a strange election. all right let's go to the gop fight with donald trump and vice versa. kellyanne conway today on "good morning america" ron when asked
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if paul ryan should still be the speaker of the house if mr. trump becomes president she said well -- when she said that i went, wow. >> yeah, yeah. well, look, we have never seen anything like this. i believe there is no previous election in which the republican party was as divided over its nominee. you go back to 1964 with barry goldwater. there was nothing close to this. dwight eisenhower and richard nixon campaigned for him. you go back to 1912 when theodore roosevelt bolted the party after it renominated william howard taft and not nearly as many republican leaders in that campaign with a former president bolting the party left along with him. we are seeing an unprecedented level of division among republicans ranging from the 50 national security officials who wrote a letter to george h.w. bush basically letting it be known he's not going to vote for the nominee to one-third of senators and governors saying they're not going to vote for the nominee. it really does put the party in a lot of risk in the downballot elections. you have two kind of offsetting
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risks. one is that traditional republican voters will who feel that they cannot vote for trump seeing all of this will stay home, which will hurt the party. and conversely, there is the risk of the die-hard trump voters, some of them who are clearly angry about what they are seeing, we've seen them heckle republican officials like paul ryan will not vote for the republicans downballot. there's a reason why parties try to avoid this. it's kind of bad any way you look at it. >> when you step back and listen to mr. trump's campaign rallies, abby, his first 100 days in office, what's this going to consist of fighting to overthrow paul ryan, appointing a special prosecutor to make sure hillary clinton goes to jail. is that what voters really want? >> i think this is a situation where things are going to get worse before they get better. i mean i think that this infighting is clear evidence that the trump campaign has sort of put aside what ought to be their goal, which is winning a presidential election, and deferred it in -- inside in order for him to continue to fight paul ryan and republicans.
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that is sort of nilistic and self-destructive activity. republicans are aware of it. they're looking at some of these polls that are really bad for them. in utah, deep red state donald trump is cratering. that's probably just the beginning of what we're about to see coming in this next week. >> i know like georgia is actually in play now it's it's a fascinating election. i got to end it there. you're going to join me in the next block to talk some more so stick around. still to come in the "newsroom," it's a decision that could have a major impact on the 2016 election and today, it's in a florida judge's hands.
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next hour a federal judge will hear arguments on whether to further extend florida's voter registration deadline as democrats and republicans grapple for lunch in the country's largest swing state. hurricane matthew halted sign-ups when it slammed into the state last week. prompting democrats to request
6:18 am
more time for people to register to vote. the republican governor, though, rick scott, who was chairman of a super pac backing donald trump, denied their request. a judge overruled scott's decision, and extended the deadline to today. and now that judge will decide whether to grant yet another extension. cnn's martin savidge following the story. he joins me now from atlanta. good morning. >> good morning, carol. you know usually i try to stay away from such hyperbole as the stakes couldn't be higher. but the stakes couldn't be higher. i mean we are talking about the largest battleground state that has the smallest of political margins in the most explosive of election years. and so, the argument going forward here is that if there are even just a couple thousand people that somehow because of hurricane matthew were unable to register to vote in time it could change the balance of the outcome of the state of florida, don't even want to talk about say what happened in 2000 and thereby could have a major impact on the outcome of the entire presidential election. so, that's the foundation of where we start when we go into
6:19 am
the courtroom of judge walker today. remember, he was appointed by president obama. governor rick scott of florida is a republican. so you could see how politics might be at play here. essentially the governor said no need to extend the deadline. however, democrats came forward and said no, we do and want that deadline extended and the judge gave them essentially a 24-hour extension. those will go into the courtroom and argue if they want more time, why they want more time. we're hearing from the state of florida, through back channels, that no matter what the judge decides, even if it is to grant more time beyond 5:00 today, that the governor at least, and the state of florida, is not likely to argue this. an interesting point it seems that most of this desire to have the deadline extended is coming from democrats. however if you talk to political experts in the state of florida they will say the greatest areas impacted by the threat of hurricane matthew were actually republican areas. so if you extend the deadline,
6:20 am
does that mean you're actually allowing more republicans to register? and if so, what is the strategy on the part of democrats with all of this? so, that's what's at stake as the court hearing begins about an hour from now. carol? >> all right. martin savidge reporting live for us this morning. thanks so much. you know, democrats desperately need people to go to the polls. that's why you hear them urging voters not to shirk their civic duty. one bloc of voters clinton is counting on is women. mainly because trump is struggling to overcome those comments caught on tape. although mr. trump denies he has any problems with those comments. >> but you're behind with women. are you going to target -- >> i'm not sure i believe it. what women want, you know we do the child care program that really ivanka wanted very, very much. my daughter ivanka wanted it. i agreed with her 100%. women want secure borders, they want safety. they want law and order. they want a police department that's allowed to do its job. they want justice for all. they want a lot of things that
6:21 am
everybody else wants and hillary clinton can't do it. >> okay. so let's talk about this, abby philip and ron brownstein join me again. thanks so much. so, abby, mr. trump is not concerned about his comments. but his surrogates continue to struggle to explain them. listen. >> -- it was locker room banter. i mean that's what it was. it was two, alpha guys in a thing. by the way, it's totally unacceptable. and he acknowledged that. and he apologized for it. but you know, two guys by themselves in private at some event, you know, going back and forth. >> the fact is that men at times talk like that. not all men. but men do -- >> we have made that to be sort of a part of a culture, a 50 shades of gray culture in today's society that men can talk like that. >> as i was growing up people were always trying to talk about their sexual conquests and trying to make themselves appear, you know, like the --
6:22 am
you know, casanova. i -- i'm surprised you haven't heard that. i really am. >> see abby, women who are upset about mr. trump's comments don't want to hear excuses. they want to hear something like, you know, there is no excuse. those comments were foul. i don't know what was in my head. but i apologize from the deepest part of my soul. but that's not what women are hearing. >> right, carol. i mean, this is a situation where an apology would suffice. but instead you have a whole army of suggest gatts out there really muddying the waters in a way that is not advantageous to donald trump. they're always every day putting out something new that can be taken and people are asking, wait, what? is that really what you mean? so that the point is, republican leaders want donald trump to apologize. they want his surrogates to just say he is sorry. he didn't mean to say that. it was inappropriate and be done with it. but instead this keeps dragging
6:23 am
on and on and on. and women who are watching this are -- are, many of them are saying you know, maybe this is locker room talk. but, i don't think locker room talk is what i want in my president. and that's, that's the sort of tough spot for donald trump. there is only one solution, apologize. >> here's the thing. here's the other thing, okay you know these comments came out and he said them like in a microphone he didn't know was hot, right, but it's the -- but he said other comments about women, and it's like, it's like the piling on, right, so that you have to sit back, some women are saying, and, and look at the totality of what mr. trump says about women and how he refers to them and then you maybe some woman would conclude maybe he doesn't look upon me like a human being. maybe does he really care about me as a person? roone, isn't that it? >> yeah, yeah it kind of fits in from the beginning the clinton campaign and all of the advertising aimed at women have focused on donald trump's attitudes toward women much more
6:24 am
than his policies. there's been a little bit about the abortion and women should be punished which he later backed off on. but it's been about his comments, what it means for women, their role in society, their daughters. look, women are not a monolith. they are not a bloc. you can't look at all women, you know, in the same light electorally. from the beginning donald trump has faced huge problems among women of color. there's a big gender gap among minority voters. he does somewhat better among minority men. what's happened in the aftermath is that the problem he had with college educated white women, who are usually democratic leaning, has exploded. i mean our atlantic prri poll out this week and the nbc "wall street journal" poll have hillary clinton leading by about 30 points among college educated white women. the biggest advantage emp for a democrat among those voters ever carol is eight points. and then the last group is the blue collar white women where donald trump has been leading usually among them in polling throughout the campaign. they usually vote republican. and those are the voters who if they leave him i think are the
6:25 am
ones who turn this from something that is bad to something that is really bad for republicans because those are the voters that could push his vote down into the mid 30s. >> so, so one of the things that kellyanne conway said on "good morning america" this morning abby as as a way to reach out to women and convince them to vote for mr. trump is this ad that they're now running and we're going to show you what it's like but it shows hillary clinton stumbling and coughing, and and almost falling over going up the steps. um, kellyanne conway said there it is the ad so you know the ad so there she is coughing and you're going to see her stumbling up the steps. so kellyanne conway says, she was asked whether that would actually appeal to women. here's what she said. >> we're calling into question her record as secretary of state. >> right there you're making fun of her health. >> no we're calling into question whether she's got the stamina to lead. and i think that's an posh issue. it came up in the first debate. >> so abby how will -- how might that go over with women voters? >> well, i mean i think
6:26 am
kellyanne probably started in the right place, which was that women voters are, you know, perhaps even more than other blocs of voters, very concerned about the economy. they're very concerned about security. they're very concerned about issues, and so, this ad i think doesn't really go there. it really does focus on this jarring image of hillary clinton kind of stumbling into that van and needing help up a staircase. you know, i don't know why the trump campaign believes that this is sort of an issues-focussed ad. maybe they have some polling that shows that. but i think that they would probably be better off focusing on sort of a bread and butter issues that i think actually do work with women voters. especially in this kind of environment where it's so toxic that that's likely to turn off everybody, not just women. >> all right. abby philip, ron brown -- go ahead, quickly. >> real quick. if you add up everything, the attacks on ryan, that kind of ad, the put her in jail kind of comments from the debate what it
6:27 am
all adds up to is i think the trump campaign has given up on the idea of converting voters within the existing electorate and putting all of their chips on driving a radical increase in turnout among the most alienated voters, the most disaffected from washington, the most disaffected from clinton because this is not about converting those white collar white voters who are the principle barrier to him now. this is all of this seems aimed at voters who don't usually vote and are the most alienated from many things happening in american society. >> he get that he wants to energize his base to get out there to vote but on the other hand he might energize women to get out there and vote against him. >> yeah, sure. >> so it's a -- it's an iffy strategy, right? abby philip, ron brownstein, thanks to both of you. still to come in the "newsroom," donald trump says he's bouncing back from the leaked tape of lewd comments but you can't say the same for billy bush. when i was a little kid, i made a deal with myself
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and good morning i'm carol castillo. thank you so much for joining me. sources telling cnn at billy bush could be out at nbc by the end of the week. while the morning news team may be getting ready to show him the door the joke writers on the tonight know seem to be welcoming him. >> a new national poll found that democrats now have a significant lead over the republicans in the congressional races. republicans said there's only one man to blame for this. donald trump said, exactly, billy bush. >> brian stelter is following the story. i'm not going to laugh because this man's going to lose his job. and i guess a part of me is surprised by it. and another part-a bigger part of me is not. because what he did with donald trump was inexcusable. right? but, you kneel. >> it's a business calculation, isn't it? it's the only logical business calculation for nbc.
6:33 am
given that bush's reputation has been tanished by this. it's been stained, and if you see him on the air, if he was to be on the show tomorrow, you would see him and all you would think about is donald trump. a person who is close to him, spoke with him last night, said billy bush knows this is an unsurvivable perfect storm, there's no way for him to stay at nbc right now. but this is all about the election context, isn't it? this audio tape, this videotape that aired in 2005, the year it was taped, it would have been a very different reaction. it still would have been disturbing. still would have been uncomfortable. but right now the election context is what's causing nbc to have him head toward the exits. >> let me ask you business because i never got the impression that the folks at nbc, especially on the today show were especially happy that he was coming to the show especially during the olympics, billy bush said that stuff about ryan lochte and got into a fight with al roker and things were not all like fabulous between -- >> that's always the factor. that's right, morning tv it's all about chemistry. it wasn't a lot of chemistry early on between billy bush and
6:34 am
his toll eegs. that was sort of the sub text of this decision. he didn't have a lot of fans internally and he wasn't established enough internally in order for anybody to be rooting for him to keep him there. there's that element as well. i think really it's a business calculation by nbc. the viewers might be turned off seeing him on the air. meanwhile of course, donald trump, you know, is, is continuing to fight on, there's an interesting contrast between bush and trump in this situation. obviously there's no business that donald trump reports to right now except sort of the voters. >> right. brian stelter many thanks. okay so she is donald trump's top surrogate. she's often in the spotlight. and she's even been praised by hillary clinton. but donald trump's daughter ivanka has been at the center of some uncomfortable moments with the candidate. deborah feyerick has more for you. >> thank you, everyone. >> reporter: donald trump has every right to be proud of his daughter. ivanka is a successful ivy league educated businesswoman, author and mother. she's now helping run his campaign and introduced her father at the republican convention.
6:35 am
yet at times his fatherly praise is downright cringe worthy. like on the view in 2006. >> said that if ivanka weren't my daughter perhaps i'd be dating her. >> that's so weird. stop it. >> you know what you are -- >> reporter: far from protecting his daughter from being talked about as a sex object he has encouraged it multiple times. on howard stern's radio show in 2004 and then again in 2006. >> by the way your daughter -- >> she's beautiful. >> can i say this? a piece of ass. >> she looks more voluptuous than ever. >> she's actually always been very voluptuous. she's tall. >> reporter: in may ivanka described herself as a feminist on cbs after a scathing "new york times" article about his alleged negative treatment of women. >> is there unending commentary on the female form? >> no. no. i've known my father obviously 3450i whole life, and he has total respect for women. >> please welcome the lovely ivanka trump. >> reporter: still even ivanka
6:36 am
seems confused when talk show host wendy williams when asked about things the two have in common. >> what's the favorite thing you have in common with your father? >> either real estate, or golf. >> donald? with your daughter? >> well i was going to say sex but i can't really -- i can't -- >> reporter: donald trump has always been proud of his daughter. >> i'd call collect to his office. i was probably ten years old. he would pick up the phone, every single time. and he'd put me on speaker phone. wouldn't be a long conversation. he'd introduce me to whoever was in his office. >> reporter: and he was front row which ivanka took to the cat walk during her short-lived career as a fashion model. still, donald trump repeatedly points out how hot his daughter is. saying last year in a rolling stone article, yeah, she's really something. and what a beauty that one. if i weren't happily married, and, you know, her father -- >> my daughter ivanka. >> she is, yeah. >> she's six feet tall. she's got the best body.
6:37 am
>> she's hot. >> reporter: ivanka continues to defend her father and has said he's not sexist. earlier her twitter account showed a little heart liking an article about her father's decade old comments to howard stern. the trump campaign referred us to ivanka's brand managers and a source there tells us it wasn't ivanka herself who likes the article, it was a simple mistake by a staff member. cnn has reached out to the trump campaign for a response to the comments themselves. deborah feyerick, cnn, new york. we'll be right back.
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the horrors of the war in syria, sometimes seem to be hold best with images like this one. a little girl, she's 8 years old, you can see she has blood pouring down her face. oh, and she's crying out for her daddy. her name is aya. a man asks her what happened. she says a bomb hit her house. pro-rebel activists posts this
6:42 am
video online and it's now gone viral. a look at aya in a different light on the left a picture of her at school on sunday one day before the airstrike hit her house and wounded her. her mother, father, and three siblings also hurt in the bombing. they're okay but their house is completely destroyed and now, now they're looking for some place to live. as tragedies like this keep happening in syria the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov tells cnn that a new round of talks on trying to get a cease-fire will take place soon. he sat down to talk about that with christiane amanpour. >> mr. lavrov, i want to show you this picture. >> sure. >> this went viral in august. this is a little boy who has a name. this is not a terrorist. this is a boy who is surrounded and besieged -- >> absolutely. >> -- in aleppo. what do you say to the civilians who are simply asking for the right to not be bombed? that is a war crime, sir. >> it's really a tragedy.
6:43 am
and they must insist that the moderates who want to protect them, they must separate themselves from nusra. >> pope francis is also speaking out in a desperate bid to save area's children. cnn's vatican correspondent delia gallagher has more on that. she joins us live from rome. hi, delia. >> hi, carol. just a few hours ago, out in st. peter's square, the pope made an impassioned plea for an immediate cease-fire, he said, an immediate cease-fire in syria, in order to evacuate civilians, and especially children, he said, who are trapped, still under bloody bombardment. so the pope making one of his most impassioned pleas for syria, as he has done, frankly, carol, since the beginning of his pontificate. but this time, very forthright, saying that those who are responsible must come together, must put together a cease-fire,
6:44 am
and must respect it. because if you remember in september, a cease-fire agreement failed. he said the conflict is inhuman and must be ended. even if you cannot find peace in syria at this moment, at least we can agree that we need to get the children and those civilians, those images that we've all seen by now, something needs to be done about it, and pope francis using his pulpit here hoping that those responsible will hear his words, and will come together. he's calling for an immediate cease-fire. carol? >> delia gallagher reporting live from rome. i'll be right back. when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today,
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checking the top stories for you at 48 minutes past, hurricane matthew has left behind death and devastation in north carolina and it's not over yet. at least 19 people have died in that state because of the storm, and the rising floodwaters. in some areas, rivers are rising three to five inches an hour. the federal government has declared disasters in 31 of the states 100 counties. one woman and her five children were stuck in a car on i-95. they nearly drowned when water poured in to their car. she told cnn's paolo sand val what happened. >> i was feeling water coming up to my neck. i'm stacking things in the car to put the babies on. like i started finding like cardboards and kind of like making like a chair out of it. sitting the kids on it so that the water wouldn't reach them. and then i started to scream and like all the way back, onto the highway for people to see us. they started swimming onto 95. and
6:50 am
one by one. >> lawyers for the main suspect in last november's paris terror attacks are quitting the case. they tell cnn affiliate bfmtv salaam plans to in vok his right to silence and if he can't talk they won't defend him. he's in solitary confinement near paris. the attacks, the deadliest terror incident in france's history killed 130 people. just released toxicology report says an unarm oklahoma man shot to death by a police officer had the drug pcp in his system when he was killed. an attorney for terance crutcher's widow called the report a distraction and immaterial to the crucial issues of the case. officer betty shelby pleaded not guilty to felony manslaughter in his death. samsung facing a jaw-dropping financial loss over its galaxy note 7 smartphones. the south korean electronics giant is slashing third quarter profit estimates by more than $2
6:51 am
billion. samsung has permanently stopped producing and selling the note 7 after some of the smartphones including the replacements burst into flames. if you have been watching the presidential debates and sometimes can't believe what comes out of the candidates' mouths, brace yourself. you are about to be shocked with the lip service from some online parody sites. cnn's jeanne moos explains. >> reporter: the candidates were hard on each other but not this hard. >> hey, hey, hey, have to say you suck. >> that's just stupid. >> reporter: nor were they this nice. ♪ had the time of my life no i never felt like this before ♪ >> reporter: two debates, two parodies. i have been waiting for so long now i finally found someone to stand by me ♪ >> reporter: stand by me lyric -- >> congratulations. great job. >> reporter: -- was actually a sarcastic comment in a real
6:52 am
debate. the funny thing is this u.s. election spoof wasn't even made in america. a dutch video artist did it. >> i just noticed the way these candidates were strolling around the stage and i just felt this needed a song, really. it's a courting ritual in a way. ♪ saw the writing on the wall as we felt this magical fantasy. >> reporter: with a magical fantasy of a different sort, bad lip reading is back with a new video. >> well, i can do this. >> reporter: actually trump was saying this. >> wrong. >> that is absolutely proved. >> reporter: bad lip reading has been around for five years now. >> well, yeah, i can do this. >> i doubt you're quite that good. >> reporter: hillary did actually wink sarah palin at that debate. commenters commiserated we are doomed.
6:53 am
this makes more sense than the actual debate. >> you know you want to lick my feet. >> that's psycho. >> reporter: the video producer who does these bad lip readings wants to remain anonymous. >> favorite way to eat chicken. >> raw. >> reporter: actually, donald's favorite way to eat chicken is with a knife and fork. the public eats up these parodies, forget "dirty dancing." ♪ we take each other's hand >> reporter: the debates are dirty politics and could use a jeanne moos, cnn, new york. coming up in the next hour of "newsroom" the title of donald trump's newest ad, corruption. with just 27 days until election day is this part of his plan to suppress clinton voters? we look into that in the next hour of "newsroom." sprint. sprint? i'm hearing good things about the network.
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tonight, cnn films presents "we will rise." michelle obama's mission to educate girls around the world. join michelle obama and others on a journey to meet adolescent girls determined to get an education. >> my goal as first lady was to make sure that i was the best first lady i could be, so i made sure that every day i came to my job, that i brought a level of passion and confidence and trust, and i try to operate from that place every single day. maybe those are some of my strengths, is the ability to just be me, no matter where i
6:59 am
am. you don't have to be somebody different to be important. you're important in your own right. people want and need to value you because of who you are, because of your story, because of your challenges. that's what makes you unique. >> don't miss cnn films "we will rise" tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. donald trump at war, launching his own shock and awe bombardment. his target, the very party that nominated him and two prominent republicans who have abandoned his campaign. he ripped senator john mccain himself a former presidential nominee, and he turned on house speaker paul ryan, the most powerful republican in congress. expect trump to wage war again today as he stumps in the key battleground of florida. running mate mike pence
7:00 am
campaigns in virginia and in north carolina. among the democrats, hillary clinton visits swing states colorado and nevada while husband bill clinton kicks off a two-day bus tour of iowa. v.p. nominee tim kaine is in north carolina. meantime, trump and clinton are sparring over some e-mails stolen from her campaign. trump now says they show she was in cahoots with the justice department. right now, hurricane matthew plays into another election debate. a federal judge is hearing a case from florida democrats. they say voter registration deadline should be extended so those affected by the storm will not be shut out on election day. let's dive deeper into trump's assault on john mccain and paul ryan. two key republicans who defected after trump's most recent scandal. here's what trump had to say last night beginning with the speaker. >> what i want to do is i want to win for the people. the first sign of a little bit of difficulty, he unendorses. i wouldn't want to be in a


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