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tv   Wolf  CNN  October 12, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hi there. i'm brianna keilar in nor wolf blitzer. it is 1:00 p.m. here in washington. wherever you're watching from around the world, thank you so much for joining us. up first, donald trump waging political warfare on two fronts. now taking aim at hillary clinton. he's taking aim at the republican leadership. all unfolding less than 27 days and counting until the presidential election. we are waiting for donald trump to take the stage in florida. rudy giuliani just finished up. you're looking at live pictures from ocala. wee monitor his remarks. a campaign rally in a must-win state for donald trump. also a second stop in the state later today, and his running mate mike pence is on the trail in virginia and north carolina. clinton's running mate, tim kaine, spending time in north carolina today campaigning.
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rallying supporters in colorado and nevada, and her husband, bill clinton, campaigns in iowa. you are looking at live pictures coming to us from indianola, iowa. the site of bill clinton's event this hour. we're monitor the remarks he gives and bring you any new developments's right now bring in cnn white house correspondent jim acosta. he is where donald trump will actually hold his income rally in lakeland. give us the latest, jim what this sort of new strategy or certainly new approach to campaigning donald trump seems to be embracing. >> reporter: hi, brianna, sorting feeling their way through it this next strategy, the next stage of the campaign for donald trump. he'll be here in lakeland, florida, later on this afternoon. he's about to talk in ocala here in the state in a few moments. it's interesting to note, brianna, he is still trying to
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get ahead of that tapegate, that "access hollywood" tape revealed to the public last friday, as we were walking into this event here in lakeland, brianna, there was a protestors outside the venue who was playing the audioof that "access hollywood" tape on speakers so the people in line waiting to get in could hear it. everywhere donald trump goes, this scandal is following him. also interesting to note, brianna, he is sort of figuring out how to deal with this. last night he was speaking in panama city, florida, did not talk about his battle with house speaker paul ryan at that event and instead chose to talk about that on fox news in an interview with bill o'reilly, said he would not want to be in a foxhole with either paul ryan or john mccain. john mccain announced over the weekend he would not be vettiot for donald trump. donald trump used a foxhole reference saying he would not want to be in one with paul ryan
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or john mccain. and taking a softer approach on "good morning america" saying the speaker of it's house has a job to do. protect the majority in congress. so it seems just by the sound of it, brianna, they're figuring out how to deal with this's one thing we'll look for when donald trump takes the stage here later on this afternoon in lakeland and in a few minutes in ocala. talking to at least one staffer with the trump campaign, he's going to continue to hit hillary clinton on the e-mail scandal, continue to his hillary clinton on the clinton foundation, the question is whether or not those questions, those lines of attack, can really counteract what is the a very damaging week that continues for donald trump. brianna? >> jim acosta for us. at donald trump's second event you see the big crowd behind him already gathering. checking in later. and donald trump taking the stage in his first event no
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ocala, florida, bring in my political panel. juana summers and a.b. stoddard, editor for real clear politics and david nokima for the "washington post." kellyanne conway is saying, speaker ryan has a job to do. okay? she knows that. this is someone who's one of donald trump's closest advisors, juana, who knows speaker ryan has a job to do. not just concerned about donald trump. he's turned his attention now to hanging on to the house which it almost seems nuts he has to concentrate on that, with the big majority they have. what does that tell you about what's going on inside of the trump campaign right now? >> first of all, kellyanne conway has been in the game so to speak a long time and understands what paul ryan's role is. what paul ryan said he'd do, focus solely on keeping control of the house is what he's done all along. right? scrapped an appearance with he and donald trump. never seen them appear together. the only thing that strikes me
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the only thing that matters is the candidate himself. kellyanne can go on tv, say what the campaign will focus on. say to two house members he'll focus more on hillary clinton and less on fighting members of his own party, but if trump doesn't do those things, her advice is worth nothing. say anything she wants. comes down to a candidate hoop oft who often times does not stay the course. >> where are they for donald trump, a.w.? does he have an objective or just doing whatever he wants? >> i think he's reactive, not strategic and likes to punish people he leaves that criticized him and do it immediately, and do it very firmly. so that's what you see on twitter. but steve bannon, who's the co-chairman of the campaign, or co-campaign manager with kellyanne conway is obviously risen in sort of prominence right now in terms of what breitbart as a publication has always thought of paul ryan and
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the leadership of the republican party. trump and bannon, whether bannon is doing it intentionally, whispering in trump's ear or trump doing it as reactionary, republicans want to enact republican legislation. they were doing it before trump came in and became the nom nich to the party. they want to do it now. trying to preserve majorities in their party. out of town hall in campaign appearances in the next month and can they say, yes, just locker room talk? they can't. they can't divorce themselves from the candidate. they need his voters. in a complete corner. what bannon intentionally i believe and trump indirectly are doing with this focus away from hillary clinton and a lot on the leadership in the establishment is, making it really hard if not impossible for the party to rebuild, should donald trump lose. >> a real problem. i cover a democratic white house. even if hillary clinton wins a
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dream come true to have this civil war going on and could undermine paul ryan's leadership. even if they hold on to the house, talk about enacting republican legislation. immigration reform something republicans leaders tried to get behind since four years ago know the asian-american electorate is growing fast. need to get this off the table. going forward, could undermine paul ryan's attempt to do that. trouble is e troublesome even if he holds on. >> i think the likely scenario most people think we'll end up here is very possibly a democratic senate. still very likely a republican house. and let's say that hillary clinton wins. what is governing looking like for her? if -- we've talked about broken government. this is going to take it to a whole new level? >> we saw how frustrated john boehner was, stepping down
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unexpectedly. paul ryan promised to marry the conservative wing to the establishment wing and trying to do that. hasn't been very clean or easy to do. now it's even harder. i think when you go forward, kind of back to square one four years ago. talked about trying to find a way republicans can come together and sort of do some things to show they can govern van agenda. paul ryan talked about that. going forward, in the place we've been in the past four years. little gets done. >> odder if donald trump were to win and he has, even if he has the, the party has control of congress, you're going to see this divide playing out, divided government, because of a divided party. >> absolutely. that's one of the things i'm watching. i covered paul ryan as a speaker and the 2012 vice presidential nominee and given this open rift and things year hearing from republican members of congress angry at him, the fact he's stepping away, not fully throwing support behind the n nomin nominee, watching to see if they
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support paul ryan. they'll vote again for house speaker in january, the full house votes. remember back to the vote in january, the last vote for speaker, paul ryan needs 118 votes. lost 10 republicans last time. if donald trump is elected, at odds with him, can he keep his speakership becomes a real question in the house. >> demming i talk to are worried about complacency. put out a individual jovideo. "the final meltdown" thinking democrats will say, oh, that guy, no way that guy's going to win. she's going to win. not make the effort to vote. do they have a major reason to be concerned? >> they should be panic-stricken. polls showing her 10 and 11 points ahead mean nothing. slammed with more e-mail wikileak dumps and as well as state department on november 4. >> four days before the election. >> showing voters who liked
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bernie sanders, voters who don't like. republican defectors, hate trump but won't get on the car to vote for hillary. easy to repress her vote. you have to make the case, the johnson/stein/mcmullen spoiler share in states could tip it to trump. this could tighten up again, if he gets back on the teleprompter. every reason to be scared. >> stay with me. donald trump could use more allies in the gop. yes, he could. right? he is declaring war on the republican speaker of the house. calling paul ryan very weak. calling him ineffective. now ryan may be paying a price for his refusal to back donald trump. and election day. just 27 days away. but with early voting, the election is actually already started in many states. we're going to look at the impact of those ballots, and the ground game, coming up.
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talk to your doctor about xiidra. house speaker pr superior in the cross hairs as donald trump does battle against the republican leadership. trump lashd out saying he would no longer defend the gop nominee. why he got mad obviously. ryan saying he would focus on
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salvaging the republican party in congress. joining us live, manu raju, creating waves on capitol hill to say the least. >> reporter: absolutly. ryan is facing a backlash within his own conference, amongst republican conservative member boss of this flap with donald trump. some threatening his job as speaker. one coming out publicly, a conservative from oklahoma actually voted for ryan last year when he ran for speaker. now he is threatening to withdraw support if the house speaker will not fall in line behind trump. this comes as other conservatives, too, have flashed their anger towards ryan, that his position he won't defend or campaign with trump. these conserves, concerns were raced on monday. read you a tweet playing on the screen. saying on twitter, bryden styid
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stakes paul ryan isn't nor trump then i'm not for paul ryan. why is this significant? if it keeps its house majority, ryan can only be the speaker if he gets the majority on the house floor or 218 votes. we had not afford many dweshgz s defections from the gop. one point, he is getting some support from some republicans who actually support donald trump. on a private conference call with trump campaign manager kellyanne conway, a number of republicans said to her, have trump back off his attacks on paul ryan. instead attack hillary clinton. so you're seeing this really creating quite a stir on capitol hill, and on that issue, kellyanne conway did not commit one way or the other about what donald trump will do going
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forward. >> manu raju, thank you for the report. back with our political panel sorting through this fallout we're seeing here. juana summers, a.b. stoddard and dave icmawina. i remember an aide that said to me, looking at the majority in the house, because of the way state legislatures are controlled by republicans and able to create districts in a certain way that in the absence of that, at times in recent years, the republicans actually should be in the minority, but they're in the majority and so they find themselves in this sort of odd situation, and it kind of gums up the works. but that's not going to change. so what is the way forward here for republicans? >> i think david made a great point before the break. we're heading into, no matter who wins at the top of the ticket in november what's going to be a pretty depressing, frankly, era of congress with not a lot of room for compromise
10:18 am
and actually policymaking. that's pretty sad. i think that, interesting to see if paul ryan can preserve his speakership. wynn the republican party a lot of factionalism and not working today. the party is not very united now. whether or not paul ryan can keep his speakership, whether or not he wauntsds to run for president himself one day perhaps is the number two slot in the ticket will be interesting. >> where have we been? where are we coming from? it can always get worse, i guess. it talk about this utah poll. it's unbelievable even talking about utah. right? so normally reliably republican. donald trump and hillary clinton tied at 26 and evan mcmullen, many across the country would go, evan who? he's at 22%. he is mormon. he's a byu grad. a former cia operative. he does have some government experience and he is pulling a lot of support. so when you look at this what does this tell you and what's
10:19 am
the impact it could have. >> well, it is remarkable. before mcmullen announced candidacy on the independent ticket, utah was looking competitive. mcmullin appeared, trump was back in the lead, and some people, you know, were voting for mcmullin, around 9% and it wasn't predictive. now it really could be decisive, because what i think maybe since the tape or since his bad debate you see republicans in utah who generally do not like donald trump. largely mormon, and they really are -- critics of his ways. of his style. i think rushing the -- now that hillary's not their only option, mcmullin will serve as a spoiler and putting her back in contention in utah is amazing. >> mitt romney not supportive of trump as we know whatsoever. sort of the mainstream big-named
10:20 am
republicans to not be support e supportive. to step back a second. the big question for republicans after this, if donald trump loses, just, will they have the big sort of reckoning as to what their party is and where it's going? and this is something president obama keeps talking about. the fever breaking. he predicted that if he was re-elected four years ago the republicans would, this fever would break and the republicans would sort of figure out when way then the want to go, van agenda that's positive-looking's the question going forward, whether they can do that. there's no evidence they can, but -- >> the fever's not breaking. no one's looking at november 8th and thinking, okay. we get into december, and everyone just snaps into a kum ba yah movement. there are divisions in the democratic party as well. >> right. >> we've seen on trade and other, and immigration, the leadership of the party is republican. to some degree on trade with the democratic party, leadership is not in line with the rank and file. both parties, you're right, have
10:21 am
to figure out what the priorities will be. >> republicans had a reckoning in 2012 after the election. after mitt romney and paul ryan lost to barack obama. had a reckoning. talked about people bringing into the fold, being a big tent party and out of lock step with some electorate and then the republican party nominated donald trump. interesting to see what the do-over reckoning looks likes after november. >> yeah. what do you think? >> a depressing prediction. i wrote a column -- >> the only kind we allow. >> basically saying, both one termers. not only because of age but don't represent their parties and savaged by the opposition party and savaged within their own party and each will step down in year three announce they're stepping down. that means the campaign begins on november 9th for 2020, and that's 28 days from now? >> oh, boy. >> wow. >> i still think what's important there regardless if you think president clinton would be compelled to step down or would lose. i think democrats view this as this split in driving a wedge
10:22 am
home, you saw president obama talking, republicans leaders, where have they been? now distancing themselves. favoring democrats, well established. you're seeing president obama continue to talk about that point. going to ohio and pennsylvania tomorrow. doing radio interviews. this is a -- a strategy that i think democrats think they can build on this and republicans don't seem to be, because they're protecting their own individual seats. they don't seem too concerned or can't figure a way past it and think how to win a presidential election. >> david, a.b., juana, thank you all. great panel today. and donald trump plummeting poll numbers, talking about this. kpo make election night a nightmare for republicans. not just the white house they're worried about. talking about the doomsday scenario for the gop. donald trump taking down republican candidates in down ballot races, turning over congress. both chambers for the democrats. your insurance company
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we have breaks news to bring you. know u.s. election hack connected to russian hackers. our cnn justice correspondent evan perez joining us with mother. >> reporter: brianna, we knew there were more hacks than we prevently reported. ars izona and illinois breached. another breach behind contractors, vendor, supporting the florida election system. a big deal. simply because it shows they're going beyond the resources, the computer systems of the states. they're going out and around to the vendors who support those states, and that potentially
10:28 am
exposes a lot more states to this problem, obviously. and florida is a perennial, you know, a battleground state. very closely watched. so the very big concern here is what was exposed? we are told that investigators believe some data belonging to florida voters may have been exposed by this hack. again, that was targeting a vendor, a contractor. >> some that data that, what? >> some data belonging to florida voters. >> okay. >> is believed to have been exposed to be compromised in this hack. it's still an ongoing investigation by the fbi. as a result of in is, though, the fbi and the homeland security department held an emergency call last week with all 67 counties in florida. all of the election supervisors there who run the election system to try to give them some tips, some information about how to detect whether or not hackers have got into their systems. >> the question is, are hackers able to get into the systems, and you said some data that
10:29 am
belongs to florida voters. able to get into the systems and manipulate the vote? >> two questions there. >> do we know that? >> get into the systems, and may have manipulated or tampered with -- >> may have. >> -- however, a lot of states, especially the states targeted, they do have backup systems and feel very secure. feel come election day, voters will be able to cast their ballots. the other question is, whether or not you can tamper with the result of the election. no one believes that is exactly, that that's at play here. more likely it's to be stuff to cause mayhem on election day, and concerns so people have doubts about the outcome. but the tabulation system, the voting systems, they're not connected to the internet. the assurance we get from the officials is that, that is not going to alter the outcome of the vote. again, there's some very big kearns about being able to get into the system pap statement from florida state which says they have no indication of a
10:30 am
florida-specific issue. their voter registration system database is secure, they say, and that they have in place many safeguards to make sure people can cast their ballots. >> evan perez. thank you for that report. we may be 27 days out from election day, but nearly half a million people have already voted. already been election day for them, and more are heading to polls today in the swing state of ohio where early voting kicked off this morning. there's one here to they is circulating in political circles that donald trump is going to war with members of his own party in an effort to push people away from the polls. like democrats who might assume that hillary clinton is going to win easily. so they don't show up. patrick murray is the director of the mothmouth university polling institute, polling giant. he is joining me now from new york to talk about this. so you hear -- i hear this concern from democrats, patrick. that democratic voters may become complacent. just heard one of our contributors say hillary clinton even having a sizable lead in national polls, while that could
10:31 am
inspire some complacency, it shouldn't, because she said that, that spread might not actually mean anything. what is the data telling you? >> yeah. it is complacency on top of the fact they don't like these candidates, including hillary clinton. it makes it easy for people to say, i don't have to hold my nose and vote. that's what they're worried about. what we're seeing, we just had a couple of swing state polls just start coming out with data after the tape came out last week. but even before that, we saw movement particularly in the swing states, like ohio and pennsylvania, that were going towards hillary clinton to begin with. and i think going towards more of it. might get to the point her lead is so large that i dealt very much that if some voters decide to stay home it's going to actually have an impact. the question is, are donald trump's voters doubling down? that's actually what looks like is happening right now. >> yeah. his supporters are just so
10:32 am
earnestly behind him. okay. so you mentioned that you've been doing this polling. we're seeing some of the effects of donald trump's comments. are you seeing any patterns, anything with certain demographic groups? what are you observing? >> well what we're seeing is it looks like white men, he's building his support among them. increasing support. that's been his big base all along. white suburban men and rural. he's been losing white college educated women. and that seems to be a gap that's getting bigger, that clinton's gaining among them. so it's polarizing that electorate and make sure you understand that in the past republican presidential candidates have won both of those groups. so right now he's actually widening the gap. probably between people who may even live in the same household. a husband and wife. probably -- we've actually seen polling suggesting that people aren't talking about politics or actually don't really know what
10:33 am
their spouse or significant other is going to do. >> my goodness. secrets in marriages. polls revealing all kinds of things. patrick murray, thank you so much with monmouth. we appreciate you being with us. >> my pleasure. hillary clinton knows what it's like to be donald trump's nemesis, but 28 years ago trump had another target. five young men accuses of a horrific rape. his call for the death penalty was pretty controversial then. it's controversial today as well. we will take a look at the case, and what donald trump has said about it. the heirloom tomato.
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that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. donald trump says he want to respore law and order to the country but he's understandered fire for his response for a notorious 1989 rape case.
10:38 am
took out full page ads calling for the death penalty to be reinstated. five young men convicted and later exonerated. donald trump refuses to admit they are innocent. the story from cnn. >> reporter: a gang of violent teens terrorized new york. >> the crime enflamed the city and the nation. >> they beat her with their fists, i believe a rock and a metal pipe. she was raped by four of these youths. >> reporter: arrested within hours of the attack, five teens, four black, one latino, all charged with the brutal rape of a 28-year-old jogger in new york central park. >> it was the scariest, scariest time in my life. >> reporter: one of the so-called central park five, just 15 years old, paraded in front of cameras. >> had this been the 1950s, i would have had the same fate. >> hung? >> i would have been hung. >> reporter: two weeks after
10:39 am
their high profile arrest donald trump took out full-page ads in four major newspapers calling for the death penalty to be reinstated. trump wrote, criminals mi s mus told their rights end. >> he was the fire starter, he lit the match. >> reporter: he served his full sentence, all did all, but none were guilty. >> men cleared after spending years in prison for a crime they did not commit. >> reporter: in 2002, serial rapist matias reyes came forward claiming he was solely responsible. his dna and description of the crime matched with no dna evidence linking the central park five to the crime, their sentences were reversed. >> when we heard that the verdicts were being vacated, it felt -- it was like the best feeling in the world. and -- that feeling quickly came and went. >> donald trump!
10:40 am
you can't hide! >> reporter: the central park five, families and supporters wanted an apology from donald trump. the billionaire refused, telling the "new york times" they confess now they say they didn't do it? who am i supposed to believe? those confessions parents and lawyers said were coerced. >> didn't give no food, no sleep for 43 hours. and that's how they did it. >> reporter: the five sued new york city and settled for $41 million in 2014. trump incensed calling the settlement a disgrace in an opinion clem saying, settling doesn't mean innocence but ind ditz incompetence on several level. politics at its lowest and worst form. >> i spoke to donald shortly after the city made a settlement with this men and he was outraged. >> reporter: michael deantonios "the truth about trurmp" follow
10:41 am
his rise to the gop ticket. >> he's not a person who takes in new information and then adjusts and accepts reality. the only reality that matters to him is his judgment, which was rendered many years prior. >> reporter: no matter how total the vindication for the central park five, there is still one thing they'd like to see. >> i keep saying to myself, one day donald trump is going to perhaps take a full-page ad out and apologize to the central park five. you know? that would be tremendous. that might make the -- this is funny. >> reporter: do you really think that's going to happen? >> i doubt that's going to happen. >> reporter: in a statement to cnns trump not only didn't apologize but said they add it admitted they were guilty. the case the case was settled is outrageous. denying any wrongdoing that night. the actual rapist is currently serving 33 years to life for a
10:42 am
series of rapes. interestingly not this one. by the time eadmitted to the crime, the statute of limitations had already run out. arizona senator john mccain referred to the case in a statement withdrawing his support for donald trump saying, in addition to my well-known differences with donald trump on public policy issues i raised issues about his character on the qian gold star family and earlier inappropriate comments about women. just this week he made outrageous statements about the innocent men in the central park five case. the white house pointed the finger at moscow for meddling in the u.s. election. now president vladimir putin and his top diplomat responding to those a accusations. we'll talk about that, next.
10:43 am
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with the growing tension over syria and hacking claims relations twee the u.s. and russia are plummeting at a rapid rate. today with an interview with
10:47 am
cnn's kristen acriskristchristi >> the flatters, as i said, but it has nothing, you know, to be, to be explained by the feds. >> reporter: are you worried about this proportional response that the white house suggested is going to happen? >> it's really -- it's not worth, i believe, speculating. if they decided to do something, let them do it, but to say that russia is interfering with the united states domestic matters is ridiculous. >> russian president vladimir putin weighed in at an investment forum in moscow saying there was a whole hysteria about that being of interest to russia, but there is nothing within the interests of russia. we have chief national security correspondent jim sciutto with me now. putin and lavrov's comments, and
10:48 am
russian hackers were behind his information related to florida voting results possibly. put this together for us. >> if this was on the battlefield, this is a multipronged attack. right? you have -- and they've been called out for it by the u.s. government. russia attacking senior officials, e-mails, communications documents, in the democratic party, and then via wikileaks in effect releasing them to the public on a virtually daily basis. you have repeated hacks of a number of state election systems. the suspicion has been russia for some time. today is the first time they've said publicly they now have evidence at least one stated is the russian voting systems. then public comments from the most senior russian leaders, putin and lavrov, you know, in effect poking fun of it. denying on one hand but you get a sense from comments, smiling and laughing as it goes along. i won't repeat it. it's sickening to repeat, lavrov
10:49 am
using the p word, talking about being a lot of p words around in the u.s. election and the russian embassy here in washington retweeting those comments out. they wanted maximum attention. >> reveling in it. >> yes. not they want to swing the election say to trump over clinton, frankly they don't know. they believe the intention is just to undermine the process. embarrass the process, make it look laughable. >> they want people to sort of -- they want the process of democracy here in america to be delegitimized in a way. can you trust the result? which is, we've seen in this election, it's not hard to get people to kind of not trust institutions for sure. >> right. the nightmare scenario. it's one thing to embarrass the process, have us you a talking about it and look laughable, but if on november 9th we wake up and there are doubts about voting in a key state like florida. just imagine? >> josh earnest commented on this. let's listen and talk about i
10:50 am
'ask. >> as per the only us is of the intelligence community is that russia was interested in destabilizing or at least attempting to destabilize the u.s. political system. the american people, again, can also be confident that the u.s. government will deploy significant resources to defend our electoral systems and dhs has already been working effectively with more than 30 states to fortify their systems. >> how does the u.s. respond? >> well, we heard yesterday from the white house saying they were -- they will respond proportionately. what is proportionate? i spoke to a white house official and they say it doesn't necessarily have to be a cyber a tack of the same scale back in russia's dresirection. it could be diplomatic or economic. this has been the favorite tool of the obama administration, we know with the invasion of ukraine, economic sanctions. they haven't taken cyber off the table. they won't say what it is but it could be a host of things. again, just to reiterate, what
10:51 am
is more sacred in the u.s. than the democratic system? particularly to elect the president. you have josh earnest saying there they're trying to destabilize. that's a pretty dramatic act by a foreign state, a foreign power, a nuclear-armed foreign power to direct at the u.s. i don't think we can underestimate the rail concern about this. >> i think you're right. jim sciutto, thanks so much for that report. tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern, cnn is airing a new film called "we will rise." michelle obama's mission to educate girls around the world. up next, we'll preview the film and talk about how it's changing the lives of girls. the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love.
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moments ago donald trump went after house speaker paul ryan again. take a listen. >> already, the republican nominee has a massive -- a
10:56 am
massive disadvantage. especially when you have the leaders not putting their weight behind the people. they're not putting their weight behind the people. instead of calling me and saying congratulations, you did a great job, you absolutely destroyed her in the debate like everybody said. you know, pat buchanan wrote the big article today, you saw it. i'm not bragging -- maybe a little bit. >> ywe're going to turn to othe news now because tonight cnn is airing an inspirational new film called question we will rise" michelle obama's mission to educate girls around the world and in it, first lady actresses meryl streep and freda pinto join isha sesay to meet girls
10:57 am
who are overcoming incredible challenges. >> when i look at you, you're so wonderfully poised and confident. have you ever had a problem with lack of confidence. >> well, my parents pay a huge part of that because they're always pushing me towards that, but i'm not sure i'm that confident yet. i'm nervous, really nervous. but i just try not to show it, as you could say, and sitting with women like you gives me the power to just be confident and speak my mind. >> isha is joining me now from new york. isha, tell us about what we're going to see tonight and how they got involved in this. >> this is a beautifully made film. it's going to leave people inspired and full of hope. they're going to laugh and cry, they're going to see girls share the intimate moments and talk about hopes and dreams and some challenges they're dealing with day to day but they may be facing challenges of cultural attitudes that don't think that
10:58 am
they're worth investing in or coming from poor families where finances are so tight parents are choosing to pay for boys instead of girls. these girls are still fighting. they're still moving forward and people are just -- their hearts will be full after seeing this. i got a phone call from a cnn executive late one evening, i was in my office at work and she said "do you want to go to africa with the first lady and meryl streep and freda pinto?" i fell out of my chair, was shocked, picked myself back up and said yes a thousand times, brianna. >> so when you're talking to these girls, for our domestic audience, everyone -- boys and girls go to school. so when you ask them what gives you the ability to challenge expectations, what do they tell you? >> that's the thing that's so
10:59 am
remarkable about these girls. i should say there was a special screening of the film at the white house yesterday and they flew in dozens of the girls who came and were in the white house for the first time and they spoke about that to me. it comes from within. it comes from this special place of just knowing they can achieve, that they are just as valuable, just as capable as boys. it's a very internal motivation but having the first lady involved and speaking these words of encouragement, brianna, these girls are aiming for the stars and they'll get there. >> it must have just -- what really struck you the most? this must have been amazing. >> i want to cry every time i talk about the film because it's that beautiful. it's just -- again, it's just how girls all over the world are exactly the same. they have big hopes and dreams, what they lack is opportunity but if you give them the
11:00 am
opportunity and the confidence they can do amazing things and i saw that for myself with these girls. >> isha, we will see them tonight, isha sesay, thank you so much. if you want to help girls around the world receive an education, you can do that. go to,/impact. that's it for me. i'll be back at 5:00 eastern on "the situation room." for our international viewers "amanpour" is next and for our viewers in north america, "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. >> brianna, thank you so much. i'm brooke baldwin, you're watching cnn, let's begin with the fact that i can not tell you that the war waging inside the republican party may be about to claim the most powerful republican in all of congress. cnn learned house speaker paul ryan's job may be under threat by a pro trump rebellion within his own party.