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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  October 12, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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thanks very much. >> be sure to follow me on facebook and twitter on jim sciutto or tweet the show. that's it for the "the lead." i turn you over to brianna keilar, in today for wolf blitzer, as always in "the situation room." happening now, sinister deal. donald trump launches new attacks on republicans who have abandoned his campaign after hearing reporting of him bragging about groping women. he is singling out house speaker paul ryan, accusing him of ignoring the will of the people and putting trump at a disadvantage by refusing to defend him or campaign for him. i will be talking to donald trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway in just a few moments. republican back lash. fighting inside the party is raging as some members are begging trump to lay off paul ryan and focus instead on hillary clinton. others say if ryan won't support trump they won't support the speaker. trump himself warns that, if he wins, ryan may be, quote, in a different position.
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is paul ryan's speakership in peril? wiki drip. the founder of wikileaks is now releasing e-mails stolen from the clinton campaign chairman on a daily basis, trying to interfere with the white house race. the documents show the campaign's inner workings, but so far no bombshell revelations. is wikileaks sitting on an october surprise? moscow meddling. the russians stealing personal information about florida voters. vladimir putin denies any attack on the u.s. political system and accusing washington of hysteria. what warning is the fbi sending out tonight? wolf blitzer is off. i am brianna keilar. you are in "the situation room." >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. we are following breaking news. the civil war raging right now inside of the republican party over donald trump, caught in the
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cross-fire house speaker paul ryan. he is the subject of new attacks by donald trump today, who suggested that ryan could lose his position if trump wins. now ryan is losing support from some republican house members who still back trump despite the recording of him bragging about groping women which caused dozens of republican officials to abandon him. trump calls his growing lack of gop support, quote, a sinister deal. the fbi believes russian hackers stole personal information about florida voters from vendors working for the election system. vladimir putin is refuting u.s. allegations that the kremlin is trying to interfere with the presidential race. he says the u.s. is using what he calls hysteria to distract from the information being leaked from the cyber it beinat. we'll cover it all with our guests including donald trump campaign manager kellyanne conway. our correspondents and expert analysts are also standing by. we begin with the trump
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campaign. cnn national correspondent jason carroll has the latest from florida where trump held two rallies today. jason, trump said that he is unshackled. today we are seeing that. >> reporter: clearly a number of gop leaders, brianna, did not want trump to go there, but he did. he continued to criticize gop leaders and specifically called out paul ryan. >> there's a whole sinister deal going on. >> reporter: donald trump in florida today dropping a new bomb in the gop civil war. >> wouldn't you think that paul ryan would call and say, good going? you think that they would say, great going, don, let's go. let's beat this crook. she is a crook. let's beat her. no, he doesn't do that. >> reporter: sharp criticism of paul ryan follows trump's twitter offensive on tuesday when he called the house speaker weak and ineffective. >> i wouldn't want to be in a fox hole with a lot of these people. that i can tell you. >> reporter: trump later suggesting ryan could lose his
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speakership. >> i would think that ryan maybe wouldn't be there. maybe he'll be in a different position. >> reporter: trump's unprecedented move attacking his own party so close to the election comes as his gop support continues to crater. a "usa today" study of elected officials finds 26% of them now do not support trump. that's 87 out of 331. after trump's fiery twitter rampage against the republican leadership, even trump's ally newt gingrich is saying, he wishes trump would stay on message and off twitter. >> i think he ought to quit tweeting by himself, period. i don't think you want a president of the united states who randomly tweets. you want someone who thinks it through, has staff check it out. i'm very much opposed to the 3:00 a.m. baloney. >> reporter: kellyanne conway insists it's time for gop leaders to step up or step aside. >> enough of the pussyfooting around in terms of, you know, do
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you support us or do you not support us. the fact is that, you know, some of the leaders have been very wishy washy. i think that paul ryan has a job to do to keep the majority in congress. >> reporter: conway held a private call with gop lawmakers who support trump today, with several telling her to encourage trump to focus his fire on clinton, not his own party. trump did focus most of his attacks on his democratic rival today, citing the ongoing release of hacked clinton campaign staff e-mails published by wikileaks and clinton's own e-mail controversy from her time as secretary of state. >> this is the most heinous, the most serious thing that i have ever seen involving justice in the united states in the history of the united states. we have a person that has committed crimes that is now running for the presidency. >> reporter: the trump camp further stepping up its attacks on clinton releasing a new ad
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charging clinton of adopting pay-to-play practices while she was secretary. >> hillary clinton only cares about power, money and herself. >> reporter: trump also telling the crowd here in ocala that, if he lost florida, he would be very upset with floridians and then, brianna, he said something else, something he's said before. he said that, if he lost the election, he said, it would be a big waste of time and money. and then he said -- he went on to say, if i don't win the election, he said, i am not sure what i'm going to do. brianna. >> very interesting. jason carroll for us in florida following donald trump. thank you. let's get more on the trump campaign now with cnn senior white house correspondent jim acosta. jim, you were at another location, another trump rally location there. he has not backed away from attacking speaker paul ryan today. you have been talking to your sources inside the campaign. what are they telling you? >> reporter: that's right, brianna.
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we should point out at the last rally in lakeland, florida, donald trump did not take a swipe at house speaker paul ryan. obviously he did earlier today as jason carroll pointed out in ocala where he suggested the speaker was part of a sinister deal to prevent donald trump from becoming president. talked to a couple republicans who advised the campaign, who said it's a bad idea for donald trump to attack paul ryan. one said if it sounds like donald trump is going after washington, that can be a good thing. but donald trump was more on message at this rally here in lakeland, brianna. again he went after hillary clinton and her e-mail scandal. and more emphatically than ever before donald trump said hillary clinton should go to jail, go to jail, for her e-mail practices. here is what he had to say. >> she gets a subpoena. she gets a subpoena. and after -- not before, that would be bad -- but after getting the subpoena to give over your e-mails and lots of other things, she deleted the
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e-mails. she has to go to jail. >> reporter: and there you heard it right there, brianna. when donald trump was talking about this sort of thing at the debate on sunday night his advisor came out afterward and said he was kidding, it was a quip. he can't do that. he can't put hillary clinton in jail. as a matter of fact, kellyanne conway, the campaign manager for donald trump, called it a quip. but it did not sound like he was joki joke here at all. >> we'll talk to her. jim acosta in lakeland, florida. >> we'll go to the source. trump campaign manager kellyanne conway talking to us about this. you heard what jim said there. this is just -- i guess more straightforward language that we are hearing from donald trump today where he says she has to go to jail. you have talked about how he is really talking about the process, a special prosecutor, that she should sort of go through the, you know, the process of i guess being checked out in a way that your campaign feels that she hasn't been.
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but he is not talking about the process there. he is saying, she has to go to jail. >> brianna, i was on an nbc show quoting the story calling it a quip. i thought it was a clever way of addressing it. what donald trump is doing is he is representing many, many voices across this country who feel incredibly frustrated that, yet again, there is a different set of rules for somebody named hillary clinton than the rest of us. people who have done far less than she has done imperilling our national security. destroying different devices, up to a dozen of them, with a am hae hammer. not knowing the "c" means confidential. we all know that. fbi comey left a lot out there. fbi director comey left a lot out there. he made sure he called her conduct careless and reckless. this is an active investigation. in the last two weeks there have been reports that five people
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involved with this aspect of hillary clinton's mendacity have taken the fifth amendment. the last time i wasn't trying to hide something. i wasn't taking the fifth amendment, a right to not incriminate myself in front of congress. so this is an active investigation. lots of americans very, very frustrated -- >> sure. sure. i know that they're saying that. we hear them saying that. this is a presidential candidate saying that. not only that, it's a presidential candidate who is claiming that he has the better temperament. yet polls show voters are very convinced he does not. why is he talking like this if he needs to prove to them that he has a good temperament to be president? >> well, voters in your cnn poll and elsewhere also just can't get over the fact that hillary clinton cannot be trusted. >> sure they can't, kelly anne but he is the one losing in the polls right now. >> when he was losing in the polls nobody wanted to cover the polling stories.
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>> we covered the stories. >> if she has a problem with veracity and trustworthiness and he's calling it out and using any number of examples to illustrate the nagging concerns people have about this woman -- with all of her advantages, brianna, i'll quote her. why aren't i 50 points ahead? good question. why is she not at 50%. she is outspending us 10 to one. >> he is talking about going around the democratic process. talking about jailing your political opponent is something that you -- >> he's not. he's talking about the result. no, he's not. you're taking it literally. you're stuck on this one thing. i love cnn. i'm on cnn often. i'm completely mystified why -- it's your show, you can talk about what you want? >> in a court of law, the end result is not determined before a trial. so if you're talking about investigating this -- i'm talking about what your candidate is saying, which is more important than what you are
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saying about this. he is saying she has to go to jail. he is not talking about she has to stand and be judged. he is saying she has to go to jail. >> and? in other words, what are you saying? you're saying that he had to stop and say here is how you get to jail. here is the process. it's completely ridiculous. >> es he's talking about a predetermined end result here. >> no. he is talking about what a lot of americans want to know. why this woman wasn't punished and why news outlets think this is okay. >> he is saying, if he were president, she would be in jail. >> you can keep interrupting me. i am trying to explain to you -- >> i am talking to you about -- >> what the heck has she said about him? should we go through the litany of things she accuses him of every single day as if that's at
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uplifting campaign she has promised and a lot of americans would love to hear? her entire campaign is about donald trump. when is the last time you heard her say anything plausible, credible. aspirational or uplifting is it, frankly, logical about the issues that voters tell cnn they want to hear about? what is her position on obamacare? does she think she would extend pieces of it? she flubbed that answer the other night. her husband told us in a moment of unguarded truth that it's a disaster, especially for small business owners. it's, quote, the craziest thing he's ever scene. obamacare is a huge problem. we just don't know what hillary clinton would do with it unless we read her website or her book because nobody asks her. she can trash this guy every day and never have to talk about a single issue. >> seems like your candidate also seems to have an aversion for talking about some of the issues and he's talking about -- >> he talked about it today. jason carroll told you that. >> many of the things he says
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designed to capture people's attention don't have to do with the issues. but i do want to ask you about something that our sources have told us. they say you had a phone call today with donald trump supporters in the house who are urging you to stop him or to have him stop attacking house speaker paul ryan and having this schism in the party. he did attack paul ryan earlier today. what is -- who is the target here? should it be paul ryan, or should it be hillary clinton? >> so that's a call i have regularly, and we had a great call, actually. i think donald trump is at his best when he is talking about the issues because we own the issue set. we're very much on the side of most americans on those issues, which is why hillary clinton doesn't talk about them. when he attacks hillary clinton's record. there is so much there, you can't even unpack it all in one campaign. she has a terrible record as
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secretary of state. she owns libya, benghazi. she should own syria, what's happening there. incredibly sad to all of us regardless of party affiliation. she owns the russia reset where she did the goofy thing walking over and handing somebody a device. she owns a lot of what's wrong with the 94 million people out of work. >> you talked about her having a record. if donald trump is elected he's going to want to have a record. part of that isn't it having a republican congress to help him achieve that? >> absolutely. >> why is he attacking the republican speaker? doesn't he want a republican congress? >> he does. he is doing a lot to help there be one. >> by attacking the speaker of the house? >> millions and millions of dollars. that money goes to the rnc -- >> how is attacking the speaker of the house helpful to him -- >> you keep saying he is attacking the speaker of the house. he said a couple of things and it's over. >> come on. he tweeted repeatedly. he called him weak and
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ineffective. so i mean, you want to give him credit for not attacking him at one rally? >> i heard jim acosta say in his last appearance donald trump didn't mention him at all. >> you're saying -- so that done? is he done attacking the house speaker then? >> what he's doing is what he's always done, which is he gives these long -- >> you just said he's doing something different. you are saying he's doing something different for not aattacking the speaking. >> i can't hear you. >> you said he's doing what he always does. you just said a that what jim acosta reported, which was that he did not attack paul ryan at the second of two events today, to be clear, he did attack paul ryan at the earlier event. so what i am asking you, then, is that something that we should expect more of? has he finished with all of the tweets and the comments about paul ryan? is he now turning off the spigot on that? >> the spigot? do you know what the theme of the first speech even was?
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has cnn covered it? it had a thing. i bet you don't because cnn doesn't cover it. it's did he attack somebody? did he tweet? you're doing a disservice to the american people by not telling them exactly everything, fully and fairly, of what one of the presidential candidates actually the only one who goes out and talks to voters on a daily basis about issues. >> you're not putting words in his mouth, ka. >> what did he talk about today? what's the theme of his speech tomorrow. >> what did he talk about last week. you can't tell me because he didn't cover it. >> he upstages himself. he upstages the themes of all of his speeches, almost. >> no. you cherry-pick what he says and want to talk about it for days on end with a breaking news caption. i don't think it qualifies as breaking news to talk about the same thing every single hour. on this one he'll do what he has to do. i would point out breaking news today, that you have at least three united states senators and
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a couple of congressman that we know about who now have taken back their sort of i guess their non-endorsement or their criticism from over the weekend and they've decided that you could still, as i have, as melania trump, as mike pence and donald trump has, criticized and find reprehensible what donald trump said in the video and accept his apology and still support him. the people who said they weren't going to support him now turned around and said they are. i guess they heard from their voters. that they want them to run as a ticket. >> we've been saying that there are folks who, on a call with house speaker paul ryan took issue with this, they want him to support -- they want him to support donald trump. they're looking at the poll number that shows a majority of republicans want there to be that support of donald trump. we have reported that. i just want to be clear about that. but when you had donald trump making a plan to appear with paul ryan in wisconsin, just days ago, and then all of a
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sudden he now says he is a weak and ineffective leader, that happened after he denounced this videotape where donald trump was bragging about groping women. why does he -- >> make sure you get that in there. >> i mean, i am just reporting the facts of it. why is it not -- how is that not just sort of sour grapes? >> how is it sour grapes? he didn't go to the event. actually, his vice presidential running mate didn't go to the event. i guess the calculation was if you're not welcome, i am not welcome. look, i work very closely with another wisconsinite, reince priebus, who is the head of the rnc, and who is helping us mightily to win this election. the rnc has been great to us. the campaign and the rnc work very well together. reince priebus and paul ryan are friends. i've considered paul ryan a friend. i respect him as the speaker of the house and that his house members have elected him as
2:20 pm
such. he has made clear that his job is frankly what john boehner's job was in 2012 which is to keep the house majority. i don't remember anybody running any stories -- why would they -- that john boehner, the speaker of the house in 2012 isn't on the plane or bus with mitt romney every day campaigning. it's not what they do. they go around and they raise money, and they help to support, protect their majority, maybe increase their majority, particularly those members, brianna, who are in tough re-election races and the open seats that perhaps are the first opportunities in many, many cycles to win a republican seat. that's what the speakers of the house do. i will repeat, though, donald trump has not stopped raising money. he raised $5 million plus yesterday. some of that money goes to the committees and it goes to the committees to help the down-ballot races, ostensibly even those who aren't supporting him. >> stay with me. we'll talk more after a quick break. right back with donald trump's campaign manager. kellyanne conway.
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we have more breaking news now. the republican party plunged into turmoil over donald trump, who is continuing to attack house speaker paul ryan. trump is also lashing out at hillary clinton saying at a rally a short time ago, quote, she has got to go to jail. back now with trump campaign manager kellyanne conway. i wanted to ask you about something that we have heard from a former miss arizona. she described her pageant experience with donald trump. here is what she said. >> our first introduction to him was when we were at the dress
2:26 pm
rehearsal and half naked changing in our bikinis. to have the owner waltzing in when we're naked or half naked in a physically vulnerable position and then to have the pressure of people who work for him telling us to go fawn all over him, walk up to him, talk to him. he just came strolling right in. there was no second to put a robe on or any sort of clothing or anything. some girls were topless. others were naked. >> so she is describing something back in 2001. you hear that. what's your reaction? >> there is no way for me to know what happened there. i would have no way. i am the campaign manager as he runs for president. i have obviously never been in a beauty pageant, let alone the swimsuit portion. i certainly wasn't involved in one in 2001. i don't know how you want me to comment on it with any type of credible voice. let's listen to donald
2:27 pm
trump's voice. he spoke with something similar in 2005. >> the funniest is that i'll go back stage before a show. everyone is getting dressed and ready and everything else. no men are anywhere. i am allowed to go in because i am the owner of the pageant. therefore i am inspecting it. >> you're like a doctor. >> is everyone okay? they're standing there with no cloe clothes. is everybody okay? you see these incredible looking women. i sort of get away with things like that. >> he is describing something that seems to match with what miss arizona of 2001 said and what we've heard from other pageant contestants. he is describing that himself. yes, i understand that you are his current campaign manager. the purview of your job extends beyond that. he is responsible for what he's said in the past. what -- >> everyone is. >> of course. what do you make of this picture that's been painted here by the former miss arizona tasha dixon
2:28 pm
and by donald trump himself? >> i can't comment on what she is saying because i am not her and i wasn't in the pageant. >> your candidate is talking about how he did what she described. >> brianna. i heard you. okay. well, no, he didn't say -- what she described was graphic and detailed. let's not conflate the two. i heard what they each said. the fact is that all you want to do, it seems, is talk about something he said ten, 15 years ago and, yet, we never, ever want to talk, particularly cnn where we offered up these women to you. we never want to talk to the women shamed and blamed by hillary clinton because they had sexual contact with her husband. some consensual long-time affairs including in the white house and others victims of predatory conduct. that somehow is not relevant. but donald trump on howard stern's show is relevant. you want me to believe that a critical -- >> we've covered it, kellyanne, we've covered it. i disagree with you. >> not really. >> it's a fact. we have -- we have covered it
2:29 pm
on -- donald trump is running for president. and -- >> so is she. >> we have certainly looked at your allegations. >> she was awful to those women. >> we've fact-checked that. if you go on we've gone painstakingly through the claims you're talking about and found that they were exaggerated. we want to talk about your candidate. >> i am sorry. what is exaggerated? >> i am talking to you about this. >> what is exaggerated? oh, you don't want to talk about it. that's my point. what was exaggerated. juanita broaddrick's rape claim? pao paola jones getting $850,000 in a settlement is exaggerated? >> i am asking you about your candidate. >> i know. that's my point. >> when he describes this, that he does this, and it -- it really hues to what miss arizona is saying, is it appropriate for him to talk about this, to kind of going into the pageant and
2:30 pm
women are in various states of undress -- is that appropriate? >> are we going to also talk about -- when somebody is first lady and treating people this way? a first lady of arkansas. you are proving your point about what cnn wants to cover and what it does not. >> we've covered it, kellyanne. i am hoping that you can shed some light on the thinking of a person that you spend a lot of time with. there are not many people who can do that, so i want to get your perspective on this. >> that's true. >> and whether this is appropriate. >> and maybe you want to ask me who it is i see day by day. this intelligent, clever, gracious, gentleman, frankly, whose family is making a huge sacrifice to run for president. nobody wants to talk about that. you want me to comment on something he said to howard stern in ten seconds 15 years
2:31 pm
ago. somehow i am an expert on it. i want to see the cnn poll that shows americans want to focus on that. i truly do. i truly do. i don't -- you know, it's always, he said this -- and the minute i raise serious, serious facts about hillary clinton and the way she has treated women. the "new york times" -- >> i know that you watch cnn. i know donald trump watches cnn. we have covered this. we covered this before the debate. and so i just take issue with what you said. he is running for president. >> certainly not -- >> we have looked at the claims that you are making. >> so is she. this woman who says, i have been fighting for women and fighting -- she has been fighting against lots of women. and she -- where is the product? we have millions of women in poverty, millions of women without health insurance. millions of women, part of the large percentage of americans what can't afford -- don't have $1,000 in savings god forbid they have an emergency. none of this is important? it's very important. this is your show, you can cover
2:32 pm
what you want. but let's not pretend it reflects what american women are telling everybody they want to hear in this election. >> i would love to talk about the issues. a lot of this is driven by your candidate. >> national security. i am ready. no, it's not. >> no. >> it's probably driven by ratings or clickbait. it makes no sense. i read the cnn polls. you can pull them up right now. it says what everybody else's polling says. what's most important to voters this year. it's national security, the economy, prosperity, job creation, education, health care, immigration. it's corruption. oh my goodness. if corruption is important to the varieties, loters, pay to p. 200,000 people dead in the haiti earthquake -- >> when does donald trump stop saying things like hillary clinton has to go to jail? he brings these things up himself. >> we covered it in the last segment. >> you're saying this should be discussed. why doesn't he make a pivot?
2:33 pm
why doesn't he talk more seriously as a candidate about the issues and not upstage himself. >> he did. >> he is upstaging himself. >> no. you are picking what you want to choose from 45 minutes worth. jim acosta and jason carroll told you what else he talked about today. >> kellyanne, you know if you give a speech as a political candidate and you want someone to focus on something, you don't know out something completely, you know, outrageous or inflammatory to take away from it. that's not the media's fault. that is the candidate's problem. >> nope. you're deciding what you think is important from that speech. and then you're conveying it to the world as being important from that speech. >> he said it's a sinister deal. he said she has to go to jail. these are -- this is of his own making, and you are saying it's not. you're saying that this is not donald trump's making, that he uses -- >> okay so if -- i didn't say that at all, brianna. what i am telling you are the facts. if he spoke for 38, 35,
2:34 pm
34 minutes, and you just keep repeating those two things, where the heck is the other 44 1/2 minutes? i'm asking you to cover everything he says. >> do you ask donald trump that? do you ask donald trump to say -- you know all words are not equal. when some are very inflammatory and grab attention and that is coming from the mouth of donald trump himself. are you asking him that? are you -- >> you know what? i also know there is a policy team upstairs that works their tails off to get it right on policy because they know that that's what americans want to hear. they must be reading the cnn polls after all that say that's what americans want to hear. if you want to cover it differently, that is your prerogative. i am merely making the case to you that, if he spoke for 45 minutes in two separate times today and you're covering things that he said for a total of 45 seconds or let's say -- four or five minutes. >> in all fairness. i'll tell you. you know this. i want the viewers to know this. what you cover in a speech is what's new, specifically, right?
2:35 pm
because we put donald trump and his stump speech on television all the time. what was new in his speech was what he said that we are covering. that's how you cover -- >> that's not true. >> hillary clinton's speech -- >> what was also new is the pay to play stuff in haiti. the anti-catholic bigotry coming from very senior hillary staffers, making fun of rupert murdo murdoch's catholicism and laughing at him that his rich friends wouldn't want him to be a evangelical christian. what a disgrace. anti-catholic bigotry. you're not covering it. i could be atheist and still be offended. >> i know you're busy. i don't expect you're watching cnn all the time but we have covered it. i want to ask you about that. because the hacks of these e-mails. and i know that you talked to the clinton campaign and they try to say, oh, it's hacked. the e-mails are what they are. it doesn't negate the content
2:36 pm
that should be looked at of course. i see what you mean on that and i agree with that as well. but there has been this hacking. russia, intelligence officials believe, is responsible for this. is that something that, for donald trump, where he is talking about, you know, he wants america to be stronger? is that something that he is okay with, the idea that a foreign nation is meddling in the u.s.? >> no. of course not. and we would have no knowledge any more than you, brianna, about the source of the hacking. we would have absolutely no knowledge. and when i saw -- >> he is questioned if there was a hack. >> -- hillary clinton telling the "new york times" -- when i see senior members of the clinton campaign telling the "new york times" and other outlets that they know who is behind this and who was tipped off by it, that's irresponsible as well. >> you know on friday the u.s. government pointed the finger at russia. so that's not just speculation. that is something that has come out. donald trump himself did this in
2:37 pm
the debate. he questioned if there even was a hack. he questioned if it was russia. so he's questioning the u.s. intelligence community. he -- he seems to be wondering if this even happened, yet you say he is concerned about it. you tell me. he is concerned about it. >> you asked me a different question. of course he is concerned about it, you asked me whether or not he is, quote, okay, i believe your question was, with a foreign government hacking our e-mails. and i said no to that. >> i see the questions as similar, so i am paraphrasing. >> are we going to put this back on donald trump? i'm sorry, brianna. are we going to put this back on donald trump. is he the hacker. is he the anti-catholic bigot? >> i am asking for someone who is running for the highest office -- >> let's give access and contracts to friends of bill. if they're really important they'll be wjcvip. willian jefferson clinton
2:38 pm
v.i.p.s. are we okay with that? i can't imagine anybody is okay with that. >> kellyanne conway you've been generous with your time. we appreciate you being with us today in "the situation room." >> thank you. nice to be here. >> there's always an invitation for you. >> thanks, brianna. >> thank you for being on. coming up we'll talk about what we just heard from donald trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway. we'll talk about our political experts and ask this. is the house speaker paul ryan perhaps going to be a casualty of the gop civil war? more breaking news. russia is now being blamed for another election cyber attack. this time in a critical battleground state and we're learning some new details. (man) it was his turn to buy the next round. it just happened to be during... (crowd cheers) ...a huge pick six. a play so big, years from now it will be known as simply "the pick." it's a shame, but it's also a badge of honor all true fans must endure. so sprint proudly, my friend, because we get you.
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we're following breaking news. donald trump's campaign manager just now in "the situation room" defending her boss' aggressive attacks on hillary clinton but dismissing his continuing attacks on house speaker paul ryan. i want to bring in our political experts. okay. first i want to talk about something donald trump said today, earlier today. he said "she's got to go to jail" about hillary clinton. he had said in the debate, wh he she said, well, we're lucky donald trump isn't in charge of the laws in the country. he said, you know, that you would be in jail. kellyanne conway has been arguing that he is talking about the process. then she seemed to admit he was talking about the end result. it seems like he is talking about a suspension of law and that, if he were president, she should be in jail. >> it's like a banana republic as some people have said. that's not the way our democratic system works. there is a peaceful transition of power and no rounding up of political opponents. i think initially, in talking to some trump surrogates, they
2:44 pm
seemed to suggest, oh, he was joking. it was a sarcastic thing he said in the debate. here he's doubling down and echoing the cries of his supporters with the lockup rallying cry. >> he is not kidding. it's' been saying this over and over again. when he said it on the debate stage in front of 65 million people he meant it. he said i'm going to have a special prosecutor. rudy giuliani, his top surrogate who knows something about the law said it as well. so he did mean it. >> at the rally today he couldn't have been more unequivocal. she has to go to jail. the crowd ate it up. for kellyanne conway to come on and say that he shouldn't be taking that literally -- >> it sounds very literal. >> she is supposed to be the straight talker. is he not talking straight? >> it brings up the question about his temperament. we've talked about this, rebecca. if he is trying to prove to people who have serious concerns
2:45 pm
about his temperament -- the polls show that -- why is he talking like that. i asked kellyanne conway about that and she said hillary clinton has problems with that too. he needs to work on this. >> having been at his rally in the pittsburgh area on monday. i saw it firsthand. they do believe, as trump is saying, that hillary clinton should be in jail. but for him to be using his platform as a presidential candidate to be sending that message while it does electrify maybe his core supporters who would be voting for him in this election no matter what, it's not reassuring people who haven't decided who they are voting for, and it isn't sending a good message about his temperament. what we are seeing from donald trump time and again is, whenever someone upsets him, he seeks retribution one way or another, either verbally or a threatening action like this. we're seeing it on the republican side now too. >> totally. exactly. he's been taking on house
2:46 pm
speaker paul ryan. when i brought it up with kellyanne conway she said, well, he didn't just do it. maybe not at this rally later in the day. earlier in the day he did. i don't know how much credit you give someone for talking about something earlier in the day and then maybe not mentioning it one time. what i don't understand for donald trump is that, if he were to win, he would need a republican congress. what is he doing that is so self-destructive? >> if they were to win and the republicans kept control of the congress, they would figure out a way to work together. probably be more transactional and all these attacks would go by the wayside. maybe. >> who knows. >> you asked kellyanne conway specifically about the conference call that they had today with trump supporters on capitol hill who actually explicitly said, you should -- that donald trump should focus on hillary clinton. not paul ryan. >> right. >> when you asked her about it, she side-stepped that as well. not clear if she can control the
2:47 pm
candidate. that's the real issue for kellyanne conway. she may say he'll stop attacking paul ryan. >> i asked her if she was the end of it. she wouldn't say that. because it seems she can't guarantee that. >> probably one of the most cringe-worthy parts of the interview is when we ran the clips of the former miss universe and teen pageant folks -- >> that he was basically peeping on them in various stages of undress. >> and bragged about it. kellyanne, we know her personally. she is a good mother and has good values. she says she can't comment on what this woman is saying. i wasn't there teen years ago. i don't know what you want me to say. what the woman was saying was pretty graphic in detail. a really tough position for her to be in or anybody, quite frankly, who works for a politician that has said things in the past that are so damaging and damning that ten years later they still have radioactive resonance. >> it's hard to defend the
2:48 pm
indefensible. thank you for being part of the panel today. i appreciate it. i want to ask you about what we're learning from the latest wikileaks disclosures of e-mails stolen from hillary clinton's campaign. we'll talk about suspicions that russia is trying to meddle in the election.
2:49 pm
2:50 pm
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2:52 pm
s >> breaking news coming into "the situation room." revelations of yet another election related cyber attack
2:53 pm
and who may be behind it. i want to bring in justice correspondent pamela brown. pamela, what are you learning about this? >> reporter: the fbi believes russia stole florida voters personal data. now the rhetoric between the u.s. and top russian officials is escalating over the hacks. tonight, russian president vladamir putin defending russia against allegations of hacking u.s. political systems, saying the u.s. is blaming the russians for its own game. >> translator: they started this hysteria, say thing hacking is in russia's interests. but hysteria is to only avert the attention from the american public from the nature of the information that the hackers posted. >> reporter: putin claiming it's not in russia's interest. >> translator: this is not our choice. we have never aspired to this. quite the opposite. we want friendly relations. >> reporter: russian foreign minister survey lavron says he's
2:54 pm
unfazed by the net of u.s. retaliation after the white house announced a range of options are being considered. >> are you worried about what the white house has suggested is going to happen? >> it's really -- it's not worth, i believe, speculating. if they decided to do something, let them do it. >> reporter: tonight, law enforcement sources say the fbi believes russians also hacked into a florida election vender and stole personal data. this comes on the heels of similar hacks in arizona and illinois. now the fbi is sending this warning to state board election systems. u.s. officials also believe russia is behind the e-mails published by wiki leaks. e-mails stole from john podesta. >> the kinds of disclosures we've seen, including at wiki leaks of stolen e-mails from people who played an important
2:55 pm
role in our political process, is consistent with russian directed efforts. >> reporter: the clinton campaign pointed to this tweet by trump confidant roger stop in august and what cnn believes he meant to say, trust me, it will soon be podeta aye's time in the barrel. >> i would say that russian interference in this election and their apparent attempt on behalf of mr. trump is, i think, of -- should be of utmost concern to all americans, whether you're an independent, republican, or democrat. >> reporter: roger stone said he had "no foremoj of the documents." donald trump saying that hillary clinton has got to go to jail. is he back to focusing on his rival after days of attacking fellow republicans? plus, a fiery plane crash on a
2:56 pm
busy street and investigators say it was intentional. who was the pilot and why did he do it?
2:57 pm
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happening now. breaking news. unchained melody. a day after donald trump declared his shackles are off, top supporters are pleading with him to attack hillary clinton and stop bashing his own party. tonight, trump is hammering clinton over what he calls his heinous e-mails but also escalating the war within the gop. tweaking the speaker. trump is portraying paul ryan's refusal to help him as something sinister, amid new evidence of the gop nominee's eroding support after "tape gate," and whether it will be a slash and bush until election day. russian involvement. vladamir putin is brushing off claims that he's trying to sway the u.s. election, calling it "hysteria." but tonight, we're learning more about moscow's alleged role in a cyber attack. intentional crash. federal aviation officials confirming that a small plane was likely driven into the ground on purpose. stand by for new information on the


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