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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  October 17, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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u.s. olympic sprinter is shot to don't hear about what their parents might be talking about, death. tyson gay's 15-year-old daughter what's being said in their trinity died after being shot in schools amongst some of the the neck early sunday morning. other students and we are she was in the parking lot of a hearing about just how parents restaurant when a group of men opened fire. who are muslim american, how they are sort of struggling to trinity, a sprinter herself, was a rising track star. talk to their children about some of the things that they are hearing on the news when they an autopsy is taking place today turn on the tv. in kentucky. here's what two parents told us. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. >> some parents have raised concern about their children saying oh, well, do we have to good morning. leave this country or what's i'm carol costello. going to happen to us. i tell them no, you're not going thank you for joining me. anywhere. is this what scorched earth we're not living in that time. smells like? donald trump ramping up his claims that the election is a >> my son came to me one day, scam and that the results cannot be trusted. he's 8 years old, he said to me >> the election is being rigged. that daddy, if trump elected, is he going to kick us out. the process is rigged. this whole election is being rigged. >> remember this. it's a rigged election. i said i need to talk to him >> while trump's surrogates are because it's affecting my family now. backing him up, many republicans >> now, of course, all of this are backing away, including his could have political own running mate, mike pence, who tried to soften his claims. consequences. many of the muslim americans we spoke to saying that they are
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both trump and hillary clinton motivated more than ever before relying heavily on their running mates and surrogates today as to be politically engaged and they get ready for their final their ultimate goal is that they presidential debate. will go to the ballot box in clinton off the campaign trail november and make sure their and trump has just one event in voices are heard. green bay. this as his feud deepens with >> there are 3.3 million muslims living in america eligible to wisconsin's paul ryan and other gop leaders. vote. we will see what happens. many thanks. jason carroll live outside of all right. trump tower where he just caught the dark tone of this election up with trump's campaign is spotlighting a deep divide manager, kellyanne conway. what did she say? within our country. in north carolina, a gop office >> reporter: well, a couple fire-bombed and spray painted things. first, donald trump has been with a swastika and the words doing debate prep here at trump nazi republicans get out of town or else. tower today. he also did debate prep over the meantime, a wisconsin sheriff tweeting that the government and media are corrupt and it's weekend in new jersey and i quote, pitchforks and torches spoke to kellyanne conway, who time. was there, among some of his let's talk about this divide and other advisers such as chris the long-lasting effect of the christie and rudy giuliani about tone of this election. i'm joined by cnn presidential what she saw happening during historian, douglas brinkley. welcome back. debate prep this go-around. >> thank you. anything different that we saw >> you know, i know what you are this time in terms of debate prep that hasn't been done in the past? >> you saw that mr. trump won going to say. americans, you know, there have the second debate and he felt been partisan divides in america since the beginning of time. really great. mrs. clinton for all her since america was born. why does it seem so bad this
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considerable gifts seemed off time around? message, and we may have seen >> because we are alive for it. the best, most prepared hillary we can read about the civil war clinton in the first debate. we'll see on wednesday. but we weren't there. he loves these forums. we can read about what happened he loves these debates. he's the one out there ever in bleeding kansas when people single day, including today in worried about pro-slavery and wisconsin, tomorrow in colorado, talking to people at rallies, at free people coming there and trying to change an election in forums. he's not taking five days off the trail like she is. a state like kansas. but that's long ago. that's her personal choice. this is happening in realtime i know scarcity is her strategy. and modern media culture in the the less people see her the more 21st century and it's frankly they forget they don't trust her. >> reporter: he's been talking disgusting that donald trump is so much about the system being already claiming that an rigged. mike pence seemed to back down on some of that thought. election is rigged. i want to get your thoughts america stands for free and fair about this. where exactly does he stand on elections. we have an almost perfect record this? what part of the system on this in recent years and for specifically does he think is him to be doing this is feeding rigged and in what way? >> so anybody who reads the fuel and frenzy to people that newspaper online or in print or has a remote control probably don't know their public history very well. has recognized that in many ways, the fix is in for mrs. >> well, you know, there is a clinton when it comes to the sense of hopelessness in america mainstream media. right now. i went to my home state, ohio, i think people are smart enough and i talked with people in to figure out what they think is trump country.
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news. i think these days, particularly they voted trump in the primary with mr. trump involved, the and they do believe the country is on the edge of disaster. news is just presuming what for example, i talked to a man people want to talk about and i have noticed that she spent tens named brian rice who represents of millions of dollars just in steel workers in canton, ohio. negative advertisement. this is what he told me. her entire campaign is about trump. it's not about obamacare, not >> we are headed down a hill about isis and national that i do not believe we will security. it certainly isn't about economic growth and lower taxes. ever recover from. i'm not a bible thumper but i she is trying to avoid issues for the next 22 days in the hopes that this will just end up absolutely believe that there's a book written 2,000 years ago being about mr. trump. that's coming to pass right now. if it's a referendum on mr. trump, this country has not been i believe that we're in the end completely served in hearing times. i believe -- exactly what her vision is for >> you believe armageddon is these burning issues. coming? >> i believe there will be a we have the more compelling, magnetic candidate and we have the issues set in our favor final battle that it's been because 76% americans want to written. i believe it's written. take the country in a new direction. >> reporter: isn't he suggesting it's beyond the media, it's also we cannot stop that. whole great nations have something about the process collapsed at this time. we are in that area of collapse. itself, specifically? isn't he suggesting voter fraud or is he just suggesting that but again, it's one world it's just the media that he has government, one world order, one a problem with in terms of the world currency. system? we do not have the most >> there are any number of qualified people.
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factors. if there's compelling evidence out of 300 million people, those of voter fraud, obviously as two aren't the most qualified. early voting goes on -- >> okay. >> reporter: there hasn't been you heard him. any evidence of that. >> i didn't say that. i said if there is, that he truly believes that like the roman empire, america's time has come. certainly we would take action. >> well, i think that's his problem. i'm from ohio. >> reporter: certainly there has i'm a catholic. i go to church. been much back and forth between donald trump and house speaker i believe in my country and it's our duty to love america, take paul ryan and as you know, care of it and recognize all the donald trump will be in things the federal government wisconsin later today for a does to help us in our lives. rally there in paul ryan's home if one wants to be state of wisconsin, and i asked anti-intellectual and operate on kellyanne conway if there would a dark emotive quality that the be any meeting between the two men since both men have been so apocalypse is here, i don't want to raise my kids, i have three critical of each other. of them, i'm raising them to believe in america, to have hope paul ryan been very critical of in the future, to preach the donald trump and those vulgar gospel of utter despair and comments he made about women. donald trump very critical of paul ryan and his leadership hopelessness, you know, that's sad to me. abilities. i asked her any chance of the that people exist like that, two men meeting. that feel that way, sure. she said at this point, nothing what can you do about it, on trump's schedule to do that. though. you try to put forward like carol? >> all right. president obama has done, like so you were talking to kellyanne george w. bush has done, like conway about what mr. trump means when he says the system is richard nixon did, even when he lost the close election back in rigged. we have a tweet that donald
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trump sent out and i just want 1960, you believe in the to put it on screen for our american electoral process and viewers. he said of course there is a -- believe me, i travel as you do around the world. of course there is large scale we have it as well here in the voter fraud happening on and before election day. why do republican leaders deny united states as anyplace on the planet. what's going on? >> so you know, you heard what so naive. bryan said about our leaders. how can kellyanne conway say our leaders in america, they are that he didn't mean the not making some of america electoral process itself isn't rigged? believe that. is there one person out there >> reporter: well, it's a good that you can point to that could question. i think that points to what we do that? have seen so many times in the past. the candidate saying one thing >> it's not about one leader. we are not looking for a and surrogates saying something dictator, somebody to give us else or in some situations, salvation. what donald trump is doing is, trying to clean up what the in my view, anti-american at candidate has said. this point. clearly donald trump speaks from telling people before they vote his own mind. that the whole system is rigged, these are his thoughts. but you heard the thoughts from that plays into the hands of our kellyanne conway saying in her enemies. >> douglas brinkley, thanks so estimation, when talking about a rigged system, it was much. iraqi-led forces on the move specifically related to the toward mosul, trying to remove isis from their last major media and she also was also stronghold. we take you there next. pointing out that if there was using 60,000 points evidence of voter fraud, she said there hasn't been any so from my chase ink card
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i bought all the fruit... far, that that was something they would have to take up with. veggies... clearly this is once again and herbs another example of the candidate needed to create a pop-up pick-your-own juice bar voicing his thoughts and some of his surrogates voicing a different thought. in the middle of the city, >> jason carroll live from trump so now everyone knows... we have some of the freshest juice in town. tower this morning. let's talk about this. with me now, paul singer, see what the power of points can do for your business. washington correspondent for "usa today" , patricia murphy, learn more at columnist for the daily beast see what the power of points can do for your business. and roll call. welcome to both of you. patricia, what do you make of you're not a firefighter, if you don't fight fires. that? kellyanne conway saying one thing, donald trump saying another? >> well, it's certainly a or a coach, if you don't coach. pattern we have seen between donald trump and his campaign, and you can't be our leader, if you don't lead. his campaign especially with kellyanne, will try to take a our next president needs to take action on social security, or more traditional approach to controversies and she's trying future generations could lose up to $10,000 a year. to sort of corner off everything that donald trump has said. we're working hard, what about you? well, he's not saying the election is rigged, it's just hey candidates, do your jobs. that the media is rigged. keep social security strong. the media being rigged has just been a tried and true meme among republicans for decades. that's certainly nothing new. what donald trump is saying is something new. it's actually totally
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unprecedented for a major -- for the nominee of a major party to say in advance that this election is rigged. as we all know, it's very dangerous. it's also a way for him to personally inoculate himself from low poll numbers and going into it, if he thinks he's going to lose this election, if there's anything more telling to say that he does think he might lose this election, he's already . saying it's already rigged. i have to tell you his message is working among his supporters. i was at a donald trump rally in charlotte over the weekend and multiple, many, actually almost my accountant... everybody i talked to, offered ...he's almost like my dad in this weird way. yeah, i'm proud of you. unprompted, we already know the you actually did some of the things i asked you to do election is rigged. so his supporters believe this. the other day (laughs). [owner] ha, ha, ha. i think it's a very dangerous [accountant] i've been able to say, okay...'s the challenges you're going to have. direction to be heading going into an election. and we can get it confirmed through our quickbooks. i think it's something that and what steps are we going to use to beat these should concern all of us. >> i heard the same thing in the state of ohio over the weekend, obstacles before they really become a problem. a lot of people do think the system is rigged. [announcer] get 30 days free at but i think it's very important to point out that voter fraud is won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. not a problem in this country. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. i talked to the ohio secretary of state, the man in charge of no, i picked the wrong insurance company. elections in the state of ohio.
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the state of ohio has a with liberty mutual new car replacement™, republican governor. i know he's not supporting you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back donald trump but here's -- but including depreciation. the secretary of state is. he told me flat out he's going and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, to vote for donald trump. you qualify for a multi-policy discount, he said that there is no voter fraud in ohio, that you can go saving you money on your car and home coverage. to the polls comfortably. call let's hear it from his own lips. here it is. for a free quote today. >> i can reassure donald trump liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. i'm in charge of elections in ohio and they are not going to be rigged. our institutions like our elections are one of the bedrocks of american democracy. we should not question it or the legitimacy of it. it works very well in places like ohio. we make it easy to vote and hard to cheat. we have a bipartisan system of elections. frankly, it's the only place you can find democrats and republicans working cooperatively together. it's bipartisan. it's transparent. there's just no justification for concern about widespread voter fraud. >> so paul, do you think that will calm voters' fears,
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especially on such an important swing state? >> no. but the facts should calm voters' fears. there is not one national presidential election, there is 51 elections. every state and the district of columbia controls their own election process and in fact, in some of the critical swing states for donald trump to win, like florida, like ohio, like michigan, like wisconsin, those are republican governors who oversee the elections in those states. so if donald trump is claiming that the system is rigged against him, he's essentially saying that the republican governors and republican establishment in those states is rigging the election against him for hillary clinton, for some reason. again, the facts don't support this. there's almost no meaningful evidence of voter fraud anywhere over the past decade. there are a couple cases here and there. but it doesn't change it if the candidate's going out there and telling people there is fraud, there is fraud, it's all rigged against us. >> i want to point out something you said that i think is important. there have been studies on voter
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fraud, right. there was a joint study by professors from loyola marymount university and the university of florida. they found that between 2000 and 2014, there were 31 cases of fraud in one billion votes cast. the fight to force isis from its last major stronghold in one billion, there were 31 cases of fraud. iraq now under way. so patricia, i can lay out iraqi-led forces battling for control of mosul, iraq's second studies, i can lay out facts, largest city. they are making headway but i can't make people believe them and i wish that i could. inflicting heavy damage on isis troops. watch at isis fires back while >> well, nobody can make people believe something they don't want to believe. if you believe donald trump nick paton walsh reports from should win, will win, makes the the front line. >> reporter: this has been an most sense and loses anyway, effort with much international support. a lot of coalition planning -- it's very easy especially if that candidate is telling you that the election was stolen [ gun shots ] from them. it is important, though, i think democrats make a mistake of they dismiss out of hand the >> nick was not hurt in this elections are fine, the systems are fine, nobody worry. exchange. he wisely retreated. i think it's very important for meantime, inside the city of democrats, the president, the department of homeland security, mosul, more than one million to telegraph what has been done civilians are at risk. to ensure the election is fair, humanitarian groups could face bombing, sniper fire or buried
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that the votes that are counted will be counted properly. what is being done to make sure mines as they try to flee. that the election is not rigged. you certainly don't want to go arwa damon is live outside too far in the other direction mosul. and plant any seeds of concern or suspicion. but i think it's very important >> reporter: you can still see for people to know as these in the plains behind me areas doubts are being raised that there's no reason to be that the kurdish peshmerga concerned about it, and that they can be confident their votes are being counted pushed through earlier, engaging properly. in sporadic but fairly intense democrats shouldn't be dismissing it out of hand just fire fights with isis, also because it's coming from donald trump's mouth. various different villages where we saw numerous air strikes >> have to leave it there. taking place. there was also artillery fire, still to come, we are taking a step back in time, back to the rocket fire and still thick day in 2000, the results of that plumes of smoke, both black and election razor thin. white, across the entire plain. what lessons can it teach us about this year's race? some of it because of trenches ♪ that isis had dug and then filled with oil and set on fire. those are still burning. some of it because of the fighting that has taken place. but both at this point the if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, kurdish leadership as well as the leadership in baghdad, the isn't it time to let the real you shine through? central iraqi government leadership saying that they are introducing otezla (apremilast). making gains, that the plan so
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megared advanced 4in1... 1.5 million civilians still just one softgel trapped inside that city. delivers mega support. >> arwa damon reporting live right outside of mosul this perfect driving record. until one of you morning. clips a food truck. meantime, as you well know, the u.s. is leading the air then your rates go through the roof. coalition in this campaign and perfect. supporting the mosul offensive ♪ for drivers with accident forgiveness, with thousands of troops liberty mutual won't raise stationed around the country. let's talk about this operation. your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, brigadier general mark kimmette our claims centers joins me, former assistant are available to assist you twenty-four seven. secretary of state for political affairs in the second bush call administration. welcome. >> thanks, carol. for a free quote today. >> i know that there are 54,000 liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. iraqi troops, 40,000 kurds are now trained to fight isis in mosul, 9,000 of those troops made up of sunni fighters, christians, it sounds like all factions within iraq are coming together to fight isis. am i being too optimistic? >> no. i think that's right. that is one of the good things happening in iraq today that if they can agree on anything, it's that daesh is an existential
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threat so they are coming together to fight it. the real question is what happens after the fight is over. liberty stands with you™. >> (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) the joy of real cream you have 54,000 iraqi troops so in 15 calories per serving. how many isis terrorists are enough said. they fighting exactly? reddi-wip. (flourish spray noise) >> the estimates are between share the joy. 3,000 and 8,000 but it's important to note they are fighting inside of the city so in many cases, numbers don't make a huge advantage when you are fighting street to street, block to block, house to house. >> it sounds like it's an overwhelming mismatch but you're that's why a cutting edgeworld. university counts on centurylink saying that's not exactly true. explain to me how those 3,000 to to keep their global campus connected. 8,000 isis terrorists can fight an army of 54,000 effectively. and why a pro football team chose us to deliver fiber-enabled broadband to more than 65,000 fans. >> think how many people you can put in a narrow alley. that's exactly what isis is and why a leading car brand counts on us to keep going to try to do. their dealer network streamlined and nimble. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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try to make it so they are not able to push in with as many troops. they will also use improvised custom t-shirts and other great products for all of life's events. explosive devices, drop get free shipping and on-time delivery guaranteed. buildings, create a lot of rubble. they will be fighting inside the tunnels they have created. in many ways, they understand ♪ start today at there's going to be a much larger force attacking inside the city. they are going to try to take away that numerical advantage from the security forces. >> there are americans on the ground, right, advising these troops. how close to the action might they get? >> well, i think our government has made the decision that we are not going to put our troops in what we call the close battle donald trump insists the fight. couple of hundred meters at the election is rigged before a most. certainly outside the range of single vote is counted. small arms. in fact, nick paton walsh is he is delegitimizing our probably getting closer to the fight than our advisers are. democratic process and unsettled >> interesting. a bloc of voters. it's unlike anything america has so of course, america is also heard before. we are used to the peaceful transfer of power no matter what assisting with air power. when you are fighting within a
7:16 am
happens. let me take you back 16 years to city, when it gets to that point, how can those coalitions america's contested 2000 election, where the popular vote was so close, it went before the forces from the air help the troops on the ground? >> that's a very good point. u.s. supreme court. even though we have the most al cardenas was the chair of the precise weapons in the world, when you start fighting inside of a city, you have two great florida republican party back then. here he is on november 7th just dangers. after the state of florida was one, narrow areas where you called for gore. don't want to be dropping bombs >> we realized that it was on people's houses, and number really too early to call it. from the very outset we told the two, the fear of collateral damage. people at the headquarters of i think that we are going to be our party that we were not in agreement with the call, that we very very circumspect and use still thought we were challenging in florida and would precision weapons inside the city delivered by aircraft as prevail. after almost ten hours of that only when necessary. process, it seems like that's what happened. >> general, thanks so much for >> so you know it went to the your insight. we'll be right back. (flourish spray noise) u.s. supreme court and george w. (flourish spray noise) bush won the election. (flourish spray noise) today, mr. cardenas is urging us (flourish spray noise) the joy of real cream to remember al gore's graceful in 15 calories per serving. exit even though al gore still enough said. thinks to this day he was robbed reddi-wip. of the presidency. (flourish spray noise) share the joy. >> now the u.s. supreme court has spoken. let there be no doubt. approaching medicare eligibility?
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before yourself and that's what i expect of anybody running for the office. >> why do you think donald trump is saying that the election is rigged? >> i don't know what's in his heart. that's for higher authority to ascertain. but i will say this to you. it's damaging to america, damaging to how the world views us. it detracts from celebrating the fact that we elect our leaders. we have peaceful transfers of power. we do it with grace. the world admires how we do these things. the president and incoming president meet on the swearing-in day. it's usually a beautiful demonstration of love of country and the fact that we love our country above our party affiliation, we love our country above the candidates we prefer. we cannot tarnish that. >> put it in stark terms for us. put it in stark terms. why is it so important that we have a peaceful transfer of
7:20 am
power in the united states of america? >> bedrock of a democracy is the will of the people. if you ever undermine the will of the people, challenge it or put it into question, it's the very essence of our country that you are tarnishing. that cannot happen. we have never had evidence of it. there's no evidence of it. the majority of governors in our country are republican. states let the federal government run elections, local governments, we have supervisors of election, we have canvassing boards, we have checks and balances. they are mostly bipartisan. this is pure nonsense. shame on any american who believes that this election is rigged. saturday night live does >> al cardenas, thank you for what it does. it spoofs political elections. joining me this morning. i appreciate it. this past weekend was no different. this just in to cnn. >> i can't deny you coverage because of a pre-existing the fbi releasing more documents condition. from its investigation into number two, no lifetime limits hillary clinton's e-mails while which is a big deal if you have she was secretary of state. cnn is now going through those serious health problems. documents. when we find something, of and number three -- sorry. course, we will pass it along to
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you. women can't be charged more than we are businedoing that right n coming up, name calling and men for health insurance. claims of a rigged election. okay? and number four -- how will this fiery rhetoric impact the democratic process for years to come? if you're on medicare, you may want a lot from your healthcare coverage. >> so donald trump didn't get the joke. he tweeted quote, watched here's an easy way to get more saturday night live hit job on all in one plan. a medicare advantage plan from unitedhealthcare. me. time to retire the boring and unfny show. it can combine your hospital and doctor coverage alec baldwin's portrayal stinks. media rigging election. with prescription drug coverage and more, funny he didn't feel that way 11 for a low, or even no, monthly plan premium. months ago when he was on medicare open enrollment begins saturday night live dancing around with the comedians. october 15th and ends december 7th. with me to talk about this, cnn so call now. senior media correspondent brian our plans include an annual physical, most immunizations... stelter and dean obadalla. and more for a $0 co-pay. welcome to both of you. does it surprise you horribly and can include routine vision and hearing coverage. that donald trump would come out for prescriptions, you'll pay the plan's lowest price, and be critical of saturday night live? >> nothing surprised me with whether it's your co-pay or the pharmacy price. donald trump. but let's be honest. he has a history of attacking or pay zero dollars for a 90-day supply comedians who have mocked him of tier 1 and tier 2 drugs, with home delivery. before from seth meyers to jon in fact, our plan members saved an average of over $4,500 last year. stewart who he sued bill maher over a yojoke he told in 2013. the time to enroll ends soon.
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if you're on medicare, call now and get more... his war on comedy which he is waging, which he is going to with a unitedhealthcare medicare advantage plan. lose, is not shocking to me. ♪ i think it's stunning 22 days before the election when there's pressing issues he's choosing to wake up at 7:00 in the morning and tweet that snl has to be taken off the air. that's stunning. >> maybe he thinks since he's hosted the show can't possibly get any better. let's look at him dancing along from last year. >> oh, geez, brian. ♪ ♪ call me on the cell phone >> it's so funny. >> i could watch all day. trump likes to pick fights, then resolves them. wonder if he will show up on the show before now and election day. clinton or trump could make a cameo. >> that would be interesting. i would love to see that.
7:23 am
>> ratings boom if they go donald trump is coming on tonight, what's he going to say, what's he going to do. it really, all joking aside, there's the signs of a dictator who wants to crush comedians who mock him. i perform standup in the middle east. in the arab world you cannot make fun of the leaders. someone was arrested and his show canceled for making fun of the leaders of his country. even joking about this is going too far. sarah palin, she was abused by snl, took it with a grain of salt. that's the way politicians should do. we have a rich history of political humor. you should never say take it off the air. >> i don't know, malcolm gladwell talked about political satire and saturday night live and said that's not mipolitical satire because they are not taking a stand against anything. if you watched that bit, hillary clinton was just as pilloried as donald trump. they are not really taking a
7:24 am
stand for either candidate, are they? >> very good point. satire, you have insight hopefully as well as comedy. in this case, there were tough jokes about clinton but on snl, i think what might have really ticked off trump was the digital video about his daughter and his kids, the women in his life basically saying melania is going to leave him after the election. i can understand that would have been very personal for him and he would have taken offense to that but it gets back to that instinct to pick up the phone and tweet that even his aides really dread, that he weighs in on twitter and says snl should be canceled. that's the kind of thing even if he feels, even if he's insulted do we really want him to pick up the phone and share that at 7:00 in the morning on sunday? >> he's really trying to build this case it's mr. trump against the world. >> right. >> it's not just the media, it's also saturday night live, it's also some of his fellow republicans, it's certainly the democrats, the electoral process, everything is against him. >> i worked at snl for eight years. i didn't know we had the power through 20 shows a year to rig
7:25 am
the election. apparently donald trump thinks we can rig the election. if there was ever a year we all need to laugh it's this year. my life expectancy has been shortened by this campaign. we need to laugh. to your point, if was his issue, if he had tweeted i think it was unfair the way you portrayed melania people people would have been okay with that. he's so thin-skinned that it goes to judgment, questions and temperament. >> to your point, trump versus the world, we do need to view what he's saying and doing now as a series of excuses and series of setups. he talks about large scale voter fraud which is a lie, a, i think we have to call it out as a lie what is it like to be muslim as your guests have this morning but b, we have to recognize he's setting up or setting the stages american in this year of donald trump? predicting or expecting a mj lee went to three growing muslim communities and asked. possible loss and is dropping the bread crumbs along the way >> i have never seen the level to prepare people for that. of fear among muslim americans >> thanks to you both. the last and final presidential debate airs now than even at 9/11. wednesday right here on cnn. >> it creates an unfortunate our special coverage begins at 4:00 p.m. eastern. tension even if it's unspoken. we'll be right back.
7:26 am
>> i think the dynamics has changed and people are quite aware of what's at stake. >> okay. mj lee joins me now. you went to three different states. were you surprised at what you heard? >> yeah. what we wanted to do was find out how muslim and arab americans across the country are responding to some of the rhetoric they are hearing in the 2016 election and we saw widespread concern and even fear among some of the people we spoke to about what they have heard so far this cycle. the thing that i found especially surprising is that many of the muslim americans we spoke to said the climate now is worse than it ever was, even after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, 2001. we heard stories about women taking off their head scarves so they wouldn't be identified as being muslim american. we heard stories about muslims being attacked by strangers, essentially being told to go home, that they don't belong in this country. this of course is especially painful for some of the muslim americans who were born here and
7:27 am
america is really the only home that they know. one of the cities that we traveled to was minneapolis and we spoke to congressman keith ellison, the first muslim american elected to congress. here's what he said about the political environment after 9/11. you do all this research >> right after 9/11, we had a on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. president of the united states, your insurance company george w. bush, and i disagreed raises your rates. maybe you should've done with him on almost everything, more research on them. for drivers with but he went to a mosque and accident forgiveness, stood with muslims and said that liberty mutual won't islam is not the problem. raise your rates due to that is the kind of leadership your first accident. that our country needed at the and if you do have an accident, time. our claims centers are when i was a brand new elected available to assist you 24/7. member of congress, he extended his hand to me and said ellison, call i'm glad there's a muslim in the congress. for a free quote today. >> something else that we found liberty stands with you™. so striking and powerful is how children in the muslim american liberty mutual insurance. community are responding to some of the things that they are seeing on the news. i think a lot of the times we sort of assume that children
7:28 am
7:29 am
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checking some top stories for you at 57 minutes past. the hoboken train station reopens today at full service for the first time since that deadly crash last month. one person was killed and more than 100 wounded when a train failed to stop and plowed through a passenger concourse. despite reopening, repairs are still under way. the cause of that crash remains under investigation. a manhunt is in on fair tl banks, alaska for this man. authorities say he shot an officer and stole his patrol car. the suspect is said to be an alaskan native in his 20s. he's considered armed and dangerous. the officer, alan brandt, suffered non-life threatening injuries and is in stable condition. three people now in custody after the daughter of a u.s. olympic sprinter, tyson gay, was shot and killed. gay's 15-year-old daughter trinity died after getting shot
7:31 am
in the neck early sunday morning. she was in a restaurant parking lot in kentucky when a group of men opened fire. an autopsy expected to take place today. an update now on jaden and anais mcdonald, a rare set of twins born conjoined at the head. the boys are recovering from a 27-hour surgery that separated them. cnn was there exclusively as the boys' parents saw them apart for the first time. >> want to kiss him? >> hey, buddy. you look beautiful. you are even more handsome. >> they're so tiny and so cute. the twins' dad says both boys are stable. they are waiting until the boys become fully alert to know what the long-term challenges, if
7:32 am
any, they may have. just a reminder, the big debate is coming your way wednesday. we will be live in las vegas for all of that. on friday i take my show on the road, heading to columbus, ohio. i'm sure you will join me for that. it's going to be fantastic. thank you for watching me today. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. hello. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. we begin with things that are not true. just a short time ago, donald trump tweeted of course there is large scale voter fraud happening on and before election day. why do republican leaders deny what is going on? so naive. to be clear, there is no evidence of large scale fraud on or before election day. also to be clear, for fraud to sway this election it would likely have to happen in swing
7:33 am
states with republican governors. florida, north carolina, wisconsin, iowa, nevada, ohio, michigan,
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