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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  December 3, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. well, good morning, we are so grateful for your company as always. i >> it's great to be with you. china is calling foul after
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taiwan came calling for donald trump. >> the phone call between the leader of taiwan and the president elect broke with 40 years of diplomatic protocol. and china is sending a warning of sorts to washington. yesterday donald trump says the president of taiwan called to offer her congratulations to them. they talked about political and economic ties between the two nation. >> no president or president elect has spoken directly with the leader of taiwan since 1979. that's when america began adhering to the one china policy, that is. meaning they backed beijing's claim that taiwan is part of china. the call threatens to throw u.s. china relations into a tail spin. >> we want to go to cnn's jessica snyder. she's live at trump tower in new york. i know you've looked into this. talk to us about how china is reacting. >> reporter: you know, chinese
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for many foreign minister is calling this a play by taiwan. chinese state run television is saying this represents an unprecedented break from the one china policy. as soon as it happened china reached out to the white house just as donald trump tweeted it was he who received the phone call from taiwan's president. the spokesman from the foreign ministry of china is not mincing words. he said i must point out there is one china in the world, and taiwan is an inseparable part of the chinese territory. the people's republic of china is the legal government that represents china and that's an internationally recognized fac. the one china principle is the foundation. donald trump on the defense, taking to twitter, tweeting this
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saying interesting how the u.s. sells taiwan billions of dollars of equipment and i should not accept a call. kellyanne conway, defending that phone call. take a listen. >> again, i can't discuss anything beyond what's been publicly said. i won't do that. this is the president elect. this will be his administration. he'll be commander in chief and he'll be president of the united states imminently now. and he either will disclose or not disclose the full contents of that conversation. he'll aware of what u.s. policy has been. >> reporter: the trump team continually backing this call. in fact, we've learned it was steven yates, a heritage fellow and advisor to the trump transition who facilitated the call. steven yates was formerly an asia advisor. many lawmakers and diplomats and former ambassadors are speaking out against this call. saying this could upend u.s. chinese relations and also saying this could pose a
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dangerous threat to the united states itself. back to you guys. >> jessica snydechneider thank so much. >> let's bring in the gordon chang, and the author of nuclear showdown. gordon, let me start with you, you wrote online that trump's call with taiwan changes everything. and i want to read a section. you say, what trump has done is not reset washington's relations with china but put them on an entirely new footing. up to now beijing has kept the initiative and american presidents, especially george w. bush, they have merely reacted trying to build friendly reactio reactions in spite of bold chinese moves in the south china sea. you seem to like this? >> it's important. american policy on taiwan has been unsustainable. we have been undermining a free society helping an authoritarian
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state that attacks our values. at the same time we're working against our geo political ininterei interest to maintain peace and stability. china has been trying to dismembering his neighbors and proliferating nuclear technology to the north koreans. something has got to change. taiwan is an important ally and we've got to recognize that. i'm not saying that trump's policy is going to work. i'm saying our current approach is certainly guaranteed to fail. it's produced bad outcomes in the last few years. >> this is the true definition of whether or not you're politically correct. steven, democratic congressman chris murphy tweeted this. foreign policy consistency is a means, not an end. it's not sacred. thus, it's trump's right to shift policy allegiances, strategy and what has happened in the last 48 hours is not a shift, it's major pivots in
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foreign policy without any plan. that's how wars start. steven, do you think it really is that series, that's how wars start? i mean, it is, after all, just a phone call. >> that's true. but i think what this does, martin, is increase pressure on donald trump to get through that process of naming a secretary of state and senior foreign policy advisors around him pretty quickly. it's true that elections have consequences. and the president elect soon to be the president will have wide latitude of deciding what u.s. foreign policy towards asia and everywhere else will be. the problem is it's not clear right now whether these changes that appear to be taking place in american foreign policy are part of some strategic grand design that's been fully thought out, or whether they're just ad hoc changes taking place on a telephone call with a president elect. i think when president elect trump gets that foreign policy team around him, we know he's narrowing in the choice of secretary of state. he will at least be in a
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position of -- to have the foresight of information at his fingertips and go through the possible consequences of what appear to be potentially very big shifts in u.s. foreign policy. we going to move from a situation where america is trying to manage china's rise to a more confrontational policy as gordon was saying. that needs to be something that's discussed through a wider prism of foreign policy thought than just a conversation with a president elect on the telephone. >> gordon, a lot of these, you know, leaders of nations are trying to figure out where trump stands on a lot of things here. and it's still very cloudy. but is there a problem with a little bit of uncertainty? >> well, you know, of course there can be. the united states maintains the international system. people look to us for consistency. and that's important. but, you know, with regard to the chinese, you know, they have challenged the two previous presidents in the first months in office.
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april 2001 for george w. bush and march and may 2009 for president obama. and what trump has done essentially is saying i'm not letting them challenge me. i'm going to take the initiative. so this is important. i think the chinese understand the significance of what's going on. this clearly wasn't an arranged call. i think it was part of a policy that was thought out before. steven yates is analytical, thoughtful and has clear ideas. not everyone may agree with him. therefore, i think this is a change in the way the u.s. approaches the world. >> steven, let me ask you this, if you're china, do you believe that this was just a haphazard thing? >> difficult to say. i mean, we talk about china as if it's some monolithic entity. there are clearly different power centers in china as well. that's one of the sort of effects of this call. internal politics, does it raise pressure on the leadership to respond and become more
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aggressive towards the united states. you saw the reactions from the chinese foreign ministry which were fairly measured. they suggested it was a ruse by taiwan to get the u.s. president in trouble. i think that's a sign right now they're not committed to a course of action that would be aggressively responding to this call with the president elect and the president of taiwan. they're just waiting to see how it actually sort of plays out once president trump, once his whole government is in shape. i think the signs are that china is waiting to see a little bit. but clearly, as gordon said they'll be interrupting these signals. >> almost, by the way that the chinese responded blaming taiwan they were trying to give trump a way out. which he didn't accept. he went on and said why can't i receive a phone call. thank you both for joining us. >> thank you. well, it was a near miss trial and a controversial murder trial and could still be a mistrial as we head into the week. a jury deadlocks this morning in the case of a former south
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time and money along the way. so when you get there, you can enjoy it all the more. for less. surround yourself with savings at deliberations in the murder trial of a black man shot and killed by a former charleston police officer will continue but not until monday. after the jury just could not come to a unanimous decision. >> one juror is refusing to vote in favor of the a conviction, telling the judge in a note, quote, i will not change my mind. our boris sanchez has been following the trial. he's live in charleston, south carolina. where are things now with the jury's deliberations? >> reporter: good morning. yeah, right now we're basically waiting until 9:00 a.m. monday morning when the jury will reconvene to see if they could come to a unanimous verdict.
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yesterday was a rolling coaster back and forth between the jury and judge. it started around 1:00 p.m. when the jury asked for testimony from a specific witness. minutes later they told a judge it was clear they could not come to a consensus. the judge issued an allen charge, sending them back in telling them it was their duty to come up with a verdict. they came back out and that's where we got three separate notes from the jury. one from a specific jury said they could not in clear conscious convict michael slager. on the same note saying they could not look in the eyes of the family of walter scott and tell them he was innocent. there is deep division even in that juror. one for theforeman saying the 11 others are already decided. the third note from the foreman saying that juror was having issued and perhaps they needed to be removed. very, very dramatic day in court. ultimately, the jury telling the judge that if perhaps they had clarification on some laws, their might be able to come to a
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decision. we don't know what clarification they might need. because they eventually asked the judge to postpone the trial through the weekend. the judge conceded. after that, we heard from the family and the attorneys of walter scott, they had a very emotional message saying that this case goes far beyond their own family. listen. >> this is not a black family versus michael slager. this is the world versus michael slager. no matter what color you are. you know what justice looks like. and the one juror that's holding out will reflect, pray, look at the facts, look at all the evidence that we heard that was overwhelming. we believe that he'll see the light. we believe that justice will be here on monday. >> reporter: so a jury has four options on monday. one to convict him of murder which carries a sentence of 30 years to life. second option, volunteer manslaughter two to 30 years. third option, not guilty.
7:16 am
fourth almost which we almost saw, a deadlock. they could not come to a unanimous verdict and we get a mistrial. we could see this retried again in just a few weeks. >> all right. all eyes will be on that courtroom come monday. boris sanchez thank you very much. murder versus manslaughter. fear versus passion was one of the arguments. all of this playing into the deliberations. we're going to talk to mark o'meara about how all of this could affect the outcome here. stay close. i had frequent heartburn, doctor recommended prilosec otc 7 years ago, 5 years ago, last week. just 1 pill each morning. 24 hours and zero heartburn, it's been the number 1 doctor recommended brand for 10 straight years, and it's still recommended today.
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. a near deadlocked jury could lead to a mistrial in the case of former charleston south carolina cop on the hook for murdering a black man. michael slager is on trial for killing michael scott. mark o'meara is with us now. i want to ask you historically when you have a situation like this and send the jury home for 48 hours. now this lone juror has 48 hours to contemplate. does that amount of time when they go back into the deliberation room on monday often change anything? >> well, i think it could be very problematic. there's a reason why particularly in cases like this high profile cases we suquest
7:21 am
the the jursquors and make them through in whatever they need to go through in one uninterrupted context. any of the jurors go home for 48 hours, one they could be influenced by other sources. family, media, radio on the drive home. so i'm very worried there's that potential. i know they're supposed to keep away from everything and maybe they will. potentially that jury could go home, get a fresh breath of air and rethink. if i was the judge, i probably would have told them to stay deliberating on saturday. and work their way through it. you know, it's interesting to me, because we want to bind that juror. it seems that with 11 in favor of conviction it's that juror's quote fault or problem. we have to look to the fact that that juror was picked. i'm wondering whether or not they were properly vetted through the jury selection
7:22 am
process because, obviously, there was a real concern with this juror probably unrelated to the facts of the case. that wasn't properly vetted out in jury selection. >> that was the other thing i was wondering about. if you see the potential for this to possibly be a rogue juror or a juror that came in with, you know, the idea that i know what i'm going to do but i'm going to act like i'm not going to do it to get on the jury. >> we call those stealth jurors. >> thank you. >> i had a high profile case a couple years ago where we caught three very potential stealth jurors. we only caught them through a lot of work and social media investigations. yes, there are definitely jurors, particularly in high profile cases who want to get on the panel for reasons having nothing to do with community service or civic service. because they have an unspoken agenda that they want to infect the jury and the trial with. and it sounds like that may be happening here today. if that's true, we're done. it's going to be a mistrial and
7:23 am
we'll have to try the case again. >> i just want to reiterate here. this is a jury of 11 white jurors, one african-american. there were 55 witness whose testified. slager took the stand and argued self-defense which i know is unusual. the cell phone video has been the most compelling. many people have looked at that video and said they thought that this case was a done deal. just based on that video. is this, though, if this is not a stealth juror, is this an indication of how you can watch the same video but have such different ideas about it? >> yeah, we have to start with this premise. it's very difficult to convict a police officer of anything when he or she does something in the line of duty. we still as jurors and as people, we give them great deference. quite honestly i think that's
7:24 am
appropriate. in a circumstance like this, which is the bell weather case why all cops should have body cameras and we need this type of video evidence. we know without that video evidence the story by slager, who is certainly seems to be willing to make up stories like dropping that piece of evidence near walter scott, without a video, this would have been a completely different story. even with a video, juries are reluctant to hold police officers responsible. and this, i think, is the case that really shows that. because, look, i do criminal defense for a living. i looked at that video and said there is no justification for a trained law enforcement officer to have discharged his weapon the first time. nevermind the other seven times. yet, we have at least one juror who doesn't think so. and again, i believe it is not a
7:25 am
misunderstanding of the evidence. i think that juror came in with a preconceived notion that he, if it's a he, is not going to convict this officer no matter what the evidence. and that, that bastardizes the criminal justice system we have all lived by. a jury came in with that type of predisposition. that's why i almost want to blame the prosecution or the lawyers for not vetting that out properly in jury selection. >> hopefully on monday they'll come back, we'll find out what happens. if it does end a mistrial, i think a lot of the things you just brought up there are probably going to be looked at very closely. mark o'meara, thank you so much. >> thank you very much, enjoy. >> thank you. just again to reiterate, those are his thoughts. we do not know any of that to be true. that is what he believes based on what we've seen thus far. still to come, a meeting of trump and clinton aides at a harvard forum. you won't believe how it turned into a very bitter faceoff. that's next.
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breaking news from california. officials have confirmed a fire in oakland has killed nine people. and there are reports of people missing. firefighters responded to this scene just before midnight last night. it broke out in a building that houses living and working spaces. oakland fire officials say there was party going at the time of the fire. structural damage seems to be hindering search efforts inside of the building. cnn has a crew on the way to this breaking news story and we'll have more information as it becomes available. donald trump is scheduled to apparently have a quiet weekend at trump tower. there are no meetings or events on the callendar. he took a call between a president of taiwan.
7:30 am
that's the first contact since the u.s. and china established diplomatic relations in 1979. >> it risks infuriating china over its one china policy. which claims that taiwan is part of china. >> so we'll continue to watch that. let's talk about the fact that, ye yes, the elections are over. the bitterness, anger, the acrimacur acrim acrimony, not so much. >> you saw that in a harvard meeting of the campaign managers of both teams. the usually polite discussion turned into something not sure. >> you going to look me in the face and did that. >> it did. it did. >> do you think you could have had a decent a message for the white working class voters? this woman who has nothing in common. she flipped over 200 counties
7:31 am
that president obama won and donald trump just won. you think that's because of what you just said or because people aren't ready for a woman president, really? >> there was just one thing that both sides agreed on. that was to blame the media. so let's bring in simone sanders, a hillary clinton supporter and a donald trump supporter: simone, let me start with you, how does a discussion in a place like harvard of all places get down to this level? >> well, you know what? when tensions are high and emotions are still high. i think on both sides, it was a really nasty general election campaign. we have to -- from all sides, we were having conversations and still are about white supremacy, and racism. we didn't get to have any real policy conversations. donald trump tried it out. the women who had accused former
7:32 am
president clinton -- >> i don't want to rehash the issues. how did this setting devolve into what was a verbal fist fight? >> for all the reasons i just listed. the tensions were so high -- >> emotions are still there. >> there are real questions -- real disagreement from both sides as to how donald trump actually ascended to be the 45th president of the united states of america. >> let me bring in betsy. before i do, i want to play a little bit more sound from this forum. >> listen, listen, you guys won. that's clear. you won the electoral college. don't act as if you have a popular mandate for your message. more americans voted for hillary clinton than donald trump. so let's put it -- >> there was nothing that said the road to popular vote -- hey guys we won you don't have to respond. seriously. why is there no mandate? you lost 60 congressional seats since president obama got there. you lost more than a dozen senators, dozen governors, 1,000 state --
7:33 am
>> we're talking about this election. >> you're saying there's no mandate. >> i guess what simone is saying, betsy, emotions are raw. this was a hard fought campaign. there are many issues that we are left with a question mark. don't you think the trump campaign should be gracious in victory? >> i think the trump campaign has been very gracious in victory. but what disturbs me the most is to see the democratic party leaders and spokes people like simone are still making false accusations of racism. in fact, behaving like racists themselves for example, when the trump campaign nominated senator sessions to be attorney general. he is a civil rights hero. and yet right away they try today accuse him of being a racist. i even -- >> betsy -- >> a white person should not lead the democratic party. what could be more racist than that? >> well, betsy, first of all -- >> hold on, please simone. we're trying not to get back to the campaign. i'm trying to get -- betsy, i
7:34 am
just asked can the campaign by gracious? >> the campaign has been very gracious. >> no, they can't -- >> criticism -- >> the democratic party making false accusations of racism. one reason donald trump won is that americans are sick and tired offend reverse racism. and that's what they heard from hillary clinton -- >> do you know what, betsy -- i'm sorry. >> audiences -- >> we've got to cut this out -- >> told black people they are the victims of systemic racism and that was a lie. >> betsy, let's -- >> people of color -- >> simone hold on a second. i'll let you respond. you don't have to shout over me both, go ahead simone. >> people of color in america are victims of systemic racism. i think it's important to note that while the trump campaign, yes, they won. donald trump is going to be the next president. there are still some real underlying issues. the rhetoric that the campaign elevated. the fringe elements they brought into mainstream. like, these are things people in america are still dealing with.
7:35 am
that's why we're having conversations about racism and white supremacy. and the trump campaign and the republicans have to at least own that. so we can move forward. >> we don't own it because those accusations -- >> is there a way -- simone. betsy. is there a way you can listen to a counterargument, not shout back -- >> i did listen to it. but i don't appreciate the accusations of racism. because they are untrue and the only reason that people like simone constantly label their opponents as racists is they don't have an argument they can win on the merits. >> it's not a matter of people like simone. there are legitimate reasons jeff sessions was questioned. >> no. >> there are serious -- >> let's discussion. >> betsy just these peopled me. >> thank you very much. let's leave it alone. the future of marijuana in some states may be hazy now that donald trump has announced his
7:36 am
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could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at activists for marijuana use across the country could end up with battle with president elect donald trump's nominee for attorney general. that's because a handful of states, california and nevada maine and massachusetts passed laws legalizing recreational use of marijuana. north dakota, arkansas, montana, and florida passed medical marijuana laws. >> marijuana industry leaders want donald trump to keep his campaign promise to leave the matter up to the states. they've launched a campaign against alabama senator jeff sessions. at an april legislative meeting sessions argued the drug was dangerous. >> we need grown ups in charge in washington to say marijuana is not the kind of thing that ought to be legalized. it ought not to be minimized.
7:42 am
that it's in fact, a very real danger. this drug is dangerous. you cannot play with it. it's not funny. it's not something to laugh about. and trying to send that message with clarity that good people don't smoke marijuana. >> joining me now bill piper senior director of national affairs drug policy alliance. and the president of the opposition group smart approaches to marijuana. he was also, by the way, the senior drug policy advisor to president obama. thank you both so much for being with us. appreciate it. kevin, we know your group is urging sessions to crack down on governors to crack down on legalized marijuana. telling them it's a violation of the controlled substance act. let's listen to donald trump on the campaign trail. >> marijuana is such a big thing. i think medical should happen, don't we agree? i think so. and then i really believe you should leave it up to the states. it should be a state situation.
7:43 am
>> with that, the fact that donald trump shares the same position as president obama, what is your campaign doing? how are you going to try to get through to jeff sessions? >> well, the issue is, i don't think anybody wants to be in the business of predicting what a president trump would be. he's talked about law and order and he appointed the most vociferous opponent to marijuana as his chief official. we're not sure what's going to happen. i think we would agree it's an untenable situation. you have a federal law and states openly violating the federal law. they're doing it because there's a powerful industry like the big tobacco industry we had for over 100 years in this country and still have that wants to increase heavy marijuana use. they're selling gummy bears and candies and cookies and lollipops. they're marketing to kids. they're opening pot shops near schools. even though in a state like
7:44 am
colorado they're not allowed to do that but it's continuing to go on. this is not a situation that i think is something in line with public health. and what's interesting is that senator sessions, the clip you pl played was when he was agree ing with the attorney general nominee at the time loretta lynch who is also against marijuana. they're also in agreement with the national institutes of health. if you look at actually who is in agreement that marijuana is something that should be discourag discouraged. we don't want to put people in prison for low level marijuana use. we don't want to criminalize kids for using marijuana. the other extreme of legalization which is going on in a couple of states -- by the way maine is tied right now. it's a recount. >> i want to get your response to that and the thought that if sessions does continue to enforce federal law, what impact that has on states allowing it? >> well, there's no doubt that jeff sessions is a big supporter of the war on drugs.
7:45 am
if he's confirmed as attorney general he probably will arrest and rprosecute a lot of people for marijuana, even in states where it's legal. he's the most controversial of trump's picks. he was rejected by the senate in the 80s for a judgeship because of racist comments that he made. you know, he once said he thought the kkk was okay. until he found out they spoked pot. that says everything you need to know about jeff session and the people cheering him on. the reality is 28 states have voted for -- to legalize marijuana either medically or legalize it like alcohol or both. and i think that toothpaste is out of the tube. it's going to be hard to put it back in. donald trump said on the campaign trail he's going to let states decide the issue. sessions does believe the exact opposite. there is a question of who is in charge. that's why it would be helpful if trump issued a statement
7:46 am
clarifying he does in fact support letting states legalize marijuana if they want. >> if you look at the polling marijuana has got more support than donald trump does. >> okay, bill piper, kevin saban, i apologize we're out of time. so grateful you were here to have the conversation. when woo come back it's a big weekend for college football. andy scholes has all you need to know, andy? >> reporter: it's championship saturday. i'm in downtown atlanta. the site of the s.e.c. championship between alabama and florida. we'll have a preview of the big game coming up in this morning's bleacher report. american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next.
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7:52 am
many teams still trying to make their case that they belong in this year's playoffs. now win or lose today, alabama is the one team that's likely going to make it to the playoffs no matter what. they're taking on 15th ranked florida in today's s.e.c. championship game. now, for alabama, they've had an amazing season once again under nick saban. they're the defending champs. they've won four titles under saban during his time there. the coach says he doesn't necessarily love winning, he hates the alternative. >> i hate to lose more than i like winning. so this next game is the game we can lose. so what we did, i'm not in love with what we did last week or the week before that or the whole season. the challenge is the next game. because that's the game we can lose. and i hate losing more than i like winning. >> reporter: always an animated nick saban at the podium.
7:53 am
kick off for the s.e.c. championship is at 4:00 eastern. alabama, a 24 point favorite in this one. we have two more huge games tonight. clemson trying to lock up a spot in the playoffs, they're taking on virginia tech in the acc championship. in the big 10 title game, you have wisconsin and penn state. that kicks off at 8:00 eastern. last week the huskies making their case that they belong in this year's playoffs. washington and colorado playing in their first every pac-12 title game. the huskies up seven at the half. the interception, takes it the other way for the touchdown. washington defense just dominant. huskies beat colorado 41-10 to end the season at 12-1. just to recap, washington, they're likely heading to the playoffs as that fourth seed. alabama and ohio state. it's going to come down to whether clemson wins as they're the third ranked team and
7:54 am
whether or not wisconsin and penn state can do enough to convince the committee members they belong as well. i want to see upsets. i like chaos and i want the job to be really hard on that college football playoff committee. >> all right. >> andy thank you. >> much appreciated. after the break, we have more information on that fire in oakland, california. fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum. chewy delights. only from tums.
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let's up date you on the breaking news from california. officials have confirmed a fire in oakland has killed nine people. and more than two dozen people are unaccounted for. >> firefighters responded to a scene just before midnight last night. take a look at this, it broke out at a building that houses living and working spaces. dan simon is live in oakland. what are you learning this hour? >> reporter: well, hi, this is a significant tragedy. what has unfolded here in oakland, california. as you just said the chief of the oakland fire department has confirmed nine people are dead and there are reports that as many as 25 people are missing. i'm going to step out of frame so you can see what is going on. you can see those firefighters
7:59 am
here at the bottom of the structure, it's actually the corner building that caught fire. right now it is still unsafe for firefighters to enter that building and do a thorough search. they're going on the roof of the adjacent building to see how things look. we know a task force from the fire department here is underway to see if the building can be searched and to see what it may look like inside. we know that this was a work/live space area. there was a party that was going on last night. there were a lot of people inside. according to fire officials, it's very cluttered inside with lots of furniture and lots of artist's tools. this is said to be some kind of artists workspace where there's studios and people live here as well. again, there was a party going on last night. we know the call to the fire department occurred about 11:30 at night. and apparently it spread very quickly. and so we have quite a situation
8:00 am
unfolding. we'll have more details as they become available. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you very much for that update. >> thank you, yeah, and of course, we're going to continue to follow this throughout the afternoon with ms. fredricka whitfield who is here with us now. we want to thank you for spending your morning with us. >> been a pleasure, over to you. >> this ohio connection this morning. you feeling ohio strong, okay some. >> we do. we're buckeyes, we admit it. >> thanks so much have a great day. it's the 11:00 eastern hour. i'm fredricka whitfield, newsroom starts right now. all right. let's begin with that ten minute phone call that is defying decades of u.s. diplomacy norms. china is filing a formal complaint with the u.s. as president elect donald trump accepted a call from the taiwanese president. this marks the first publicly reported call with a lear


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