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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  January 2, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> seattle by 1, how about that? >> seattle by 1! >> my heart is with detroit, carol. >> thank you, i appreciate that from a pittsburgh steeler. -- captions by vitac -- president-elect trump has a secrep secret, kickisecrwi information other people don't know about allegations russia hackp hacked into the u.s. process. life to this. >> r >> i knp >> i kno it'sr it'sp it's a veit. it could be somebody else. i alpi also know things ot don't know. >> you'll find out on tuesday or
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wednesday. so should you mark your daybooks for a big news conference on russian intelligence in the next two days? what is it exactly that the president-elect knows? his pick for press secretary sean spicer was asked on "new day." >> he's going to talk about his conclusions and where he thinks things stand. he's not going to reveal anything that was classified. he can share with people his conclusions and his understanding of the situation to make sure people understand that there is a lot of questions out there. >> cnn's sunlen serfaty is live in washington with us. the president-elect will meet with intelligence officials this week, sunlen, and perhaps find out more. >> reporter: that's right, john. as he heads into the meeting mid-week, he's being, again, openly skeptical of their conclusions that they've reached, which points a finger at russia, doubling down
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publicly on his doubts. it was interesting that he's promising or making claims that he's going to reveal some information that he knows that other people don't know tuesday or wednesday of this week, still very unclear what exactly donald trump is talking about there. i think it is notable that you saw sean spicer, as you just played that sound bite of him this morning, attempting to clean up donald trump's words a bit, downplaying that he's going to reveal anything specific, talk about more just the broader conclusions of why he's reaching his own conclusion. in advance of the meeting with the intel community, many members of his transition team are debuting a new line of argument against those sanctions, the size and scope of sanctions slapped on russia by the obama administration last week. >> the question is, is the response of this administration, the sanctions they put on, proportional with the activities that have happened? and number two, is it a political response to russia or
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is it a diplomatic response? because we haven't seen these kind of sanctions in peacetime in our history. >> reporter: and spicer later went on to argue, he compared this to the 2015 opm hack. he said, look, that was by alleged chinese hackers. he said, look, they potentially hacked over a million records and nothing happened to them. a new line of argument here, arguing against the size and scope of these specific sanctions against russia. >> of course democrats would argue that russia used that intelligence, which the chinese, it's unclear whether they ever did, but that's a separate argument. sunlen, sean spicer on "new day" this morning was asked which obama measures and executive actions the president-elect would target immediately. >> reporter: he targeted a few topics that donald trump will focus on on day one. no surprise, a lot of overruling of obama regulations, executive
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orders, cleaning up what they think are mistakes of the obama administration. if you've been listening to donald trump at all over the last year and a half, you know obamacare is at the top of the list. they want a lobbying ban, and withdrawing from the trans-pacific partnership which trump the candidate called a job killing measure. >> sun sevlen serfaty live in washington, thank you and happy new year. confirmation battles may be brewing over donald trump's picks for his cabinet. cnn's dana bash, we understand democrats are looking at a list of maybe eight people, eight nominations they want to mix it up in. >> reporter: that's right, i'm looking at the list that ted baird and i got from a senior
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democratic source. it ranges from nominees like jeff sessions, one of their own, to rex tillerson, who is the nominee to be secretary of state, and others, the secretary of treasury, steve mnuchin. these are important cabinet picks. and what democrats are saying, john, and this is important, they're not going to try to block them right now. i mean, i can't imagine many of them voting for them in the end. but what they are saying is that at this point in time, they don't have enough information on a lot of these nominees. some of them, like jeff sessions for attorney general or tom price for hhs secretary, they have been vetted in public because they are already public figures. but people like rex tillerson, for example, the ceo of exxon currently, and a few others, are -- wilbur ross, for example, for commerce, these are people who are
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millionaires/billionaires, who according to the democrats have not given over the basic information that nominees need to give to the office of government ethics, fbi background checks and others. therefore that is why they are saying they need that basic information that they say they had not just from obama nominees, but from bush nominees, talking about recent history, and they need that before they can start with hearings and committee votes, never mindful senate votes. >> this is like kids, need versus want. do they need the information or is it just they want the information and the republicans on capitol hill say you're not going to get it? what power do democrats have to delay these votes or hearings? >> reporter: that's a great question. there are certainly some procedural tools they can use, each committee that has oversight over, you know, various nominees, has different rules and regulations. but look, the bottom line is
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that they i think at this point are trying to make a public show of the fact that a lot of these nominees do have, you know, not unlike the president-elect, kind of opaque backgrounds and really deep and wide business holdings. one example that a source said to me, wendy pritzker, from a very wealthy family, this democrat said she took six months to unravel her business adverti ties before they even put her name up for nomination. what they're saying is that certainly the trump administration has moved very fast to put his cabinet together, but perhaps so fast they don't have the basic ground they generally need and that it is tradition to give to congres along with that nomination. >> dana bash, thanks so much. joining me now to discuss, jackie kucinich, phil mudd,
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lonnie chen, steve cortes, and simone sanders. thank you all for joining me this morning. simone, let me start with you. you just heard dana report that democrats in the senate have this list of eight donald trump nominees. they're not going to seek to block them, dana is reporting, just maybe delay them, drag them out. is this what you want to see? what effect does that have? >> a very chilling effect, actually. republicans will tell you in 2008 they moved very swiftly to confirm all of president obama's nominees, and that this delay, if you will, by the democrats is just political posturing. but i think it's important that democrats come out in this new congress and demonstrate that they're not just going to go
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along with the trump get-along. perhaps we'll get information that we don't currently have right now because we don't know much about mr. trump himself and his business dealings, let alone folks such as tillerson. this will be really important. democrats are only going to be as good as the information they have. research will be very key here. >> steve cortes, simone just gave you your argument, that under president obama republicans confirmed those nominations much more quickly. that was eight years ago. i'll give you another name, merritt garland, who will not be heading to the supreme court. >> i think john, in fact, we'll reap what we've sown, which is victory. when i look at the team donald trump is assembling, i'm a child of the '80s, one of my favorite shows was "the a team."
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we've assembled a political "a" team. this was always a movement of outsiders and his cabinet will be that as well. some of people, you're right, don't have public profits necessarily, people like rex tillerson, betsy devos. i think that's a good thing. but clearly there will have to be more forthcoming from them than people in public life regarding the confirmation process. i'm confident they'll all be confirmed. >> jackie kucinich, simone raises a question about democrats essentially having steel in their spine. that is a consistent question. it's not a new question either, right? i think the stereotype of democrats on capitol hill for a long time is they may not fight the fight until the end or that republicans are willing to fight longer and harder on certain things. do you think democrats will find the fight here and let it last?
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>> they definitely need to unite. right now they're not united. when republicans were in the minority after democrats took over, they very quickly became a force to be reckoned with. they couldn't be ignored. they pushed procedural things through in the house, i won't bore you with all of that, but they did become a real political force and it helped propel them back into the majority in the house and later the senate. democrats, we have to see who is going to lead this effort and how much fight they're willing to give. and also picking their battles. you can't go after every single one of trump's cabinet picks or they won't be answer is seriously. it's going to look nakedly political if they don't choose their battles. >> eight is a long list, we'll see how many of them they fight on and for how long. phil, i want to shift gears to this issue of russian intelligence. we heard president-elect donald trump say he knows things other people don't know and that he'll tell us tuesday or wednesday.
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we'll leave that aside, when or if he'll ever tell us. when he says he knows things other people don't know, would that be information he's getting from his daily intelligence briefings? and if so, would that be different than the information that has been made public, in the release on october 7th, saying that russians hacked into the political system or different than the information the white house has on sanctions or different than information that the senate has, people like john mccain or lindsey graham? >> i think we're reading tea leaves, john. i don't think he's referring to intelligence information he's gotten in briefings. i think he's referring to people in his inner circle who don't come from the world of government, for example the nominee to be secretary of state with the russians, he may have a perspective on russian involvement that's very different from the intelligence community. i don't think it matters. the bottom line in my judgment as a nonpolitical person is the intel guys will come in and
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offer perspective based on what they say for years from the russian intelligence services. and the president-elect will then come out and say what they said is fine, i have a broader view that includes other perspectives so i'm going to put aside what the intel guys say and proceed with my warming relationship with vladimir putin. he's setting up the intel community. >> you've played a little politics in your time, i'm just curious, long term here, i've been asking this for weeks now, what's the political impact of donald trump continuing to be part of this fight, continuing not to accept what the intelligence community says about russian hacking, continuing to fight with members of his own party, like john mccain and lindsey graham, who want to hold hearings on this? >> he's showing he's not afraid to go against folks from his own party, even john mccain and lindsey graham who have definitive points of view.
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he's setting down a marker, how he's going to deal with the intelligence community, how he's going to deal with senior advisors around him. he's going to set policy with russian that may be different from president obama or other republicans. the wisdom of that we'll have to see as we go forward. the reality is the obama administration sanctions are in response, yes, to the russian hacking, but also to all of the activity that the russians have engaged in over the years with respect to collaborating with the iranians on syria or with respect to the annexation of crimea. those are the sorts of things that republicans have traditionally opposed. we'll have to see how this intraparty fight sorts out. >> you were not highly supportive of donald trump during the election. however, you're going to go to bed tonight and tomorrow you're almost literally going to wake up in republican heaven, the 115th congress will be sworn in tomorrow and republicans will begin this process, we haven't seen anything like this in a long time where they control both houses of the legislature, and on january 20th, the white house as well.
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you as a republican are going to get a lot of what you want starting tomorrow. >> yeah, that's right. i mean, tomorrow is really a remarkable day, because you're going to have the beginning of this unified control of government. frankly a lot of the policy agenda that we're going to see here over the next hundred days will run through the congress, whether it's obamacare repeal, regulatory reform, issues involving energy exploration as well, all those things are going to run through the congress. we'll have to see kind of the pathway that's taken and whether the nomination fights you talked about earlier stand in the way of republican progress on some really important issues. >> simone sanders, one of the things we've heard from donald trump, he's going to sign executive actions, he says, on tpp, wants to explore nafta. he get get some agreement with deputies he democrats here. do you think some democratic members, people like bernie sanders who campaigned on trade issues and in some ways sounded
8:16 am
similar to donald trump, should try to find common ground? >> i don't think they should. unfortunately there will be some members of the house and senate who look to find common ground with the president-elect, things like infrastructure or on trade, if you will. i think that's dangerous. i think we are in unprecedented times. and you can't trust the president-elect and his team. i think he's demonstrated he will say one thing today and another thing tomorrow, do a whole nother thing on thursday. my advice to democrats, i've been beating the drum, i've sent out so many e-mails saying these things, i'll say it again. we should not bunch. now is not the time to try and make alliances with the president-elect because he cannot be trusted. >> jackie kucinich, when will we see the donald trump news conference? >> oh, gosh, i hope soon. with any luck before the inauguration. they've said they would do that. but it's when donald trump wants it. he has been taking questions from the press pool. but as we both know that is very
8:17 am
different from a full scale kind of free for all which these press conferences tend to be. so i have to remind everybody, it's not for the media, it's for the american public, who has a lot of questions. >> thanks, guys, i'll see a few of you coming up. any minute now -- actually i just got word president obama arrived back in washington, dc. as that happens, the white house this morning announced a farewell address from the president. goodbyes are hard. what might be even harder, saving obamacare. new information on what the president intends to do on that, coming up. a huge manhunt under way for the turkish nightclub attacker. isis now claims responsibility for this attack. we have new details on the search for the killer, ahead.
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new this morning, isis is claiming responsibility for the attack on a nightclub in istanbul that killed 39 people and injured dozens more. the gunman is still on the run this morning. agencies report they have detained eight people in connection with the attack. cnn's ian lee joins me from istanbul. ian, a claim of responsibility and a manhunt under way. >> reporter: that's right, john. we're also hearing from the deputy prime minister saying they have hundreds of officers on this case, searching for the suspect. we're also hearing some more information saying that they now have the look and the fingerprint of the suspect. they say they hope that will lead to figuring out who he is and also if there was a network of people helping him. we do also have a new picture, although it isn't very clear, it doesn't very clearly identify who that person is. but one thing they also noted a
8:22 am
bit, defending their procedures, defending their security here, they said they foiled 248 previous attacks, just showing how much isis is targeting turkey. in the meantime, people are still mourning here in istanbul. family members are going to the morgue to collect their bodies. some people have been released from the hospital. one american was released. this is what he had to say. >> i don't want to talk about what happened inside the club. but, you know, i want to say this is a very good country, and it's so unfortunate that that is happening to you guys. i really feel for everybody here. for me, i wake up in the united states, i eat brac faeakfast. you guys wake up and have to think of this. it's so sad. i wish everybody here the best. i've only met very good people. >> reporter: he said they had to
8:23 am
wake up and think about this. this is something that a lot of turks over the past year have woken up to, the constant terror attacks. even on new year's eve, there was stepped-up security trying to prevent anything like this from happening. this gunman was still able to slip into that club, kill 39 people and slip away. that 36 hours is over now. there is still that massive manhunt going on. authorities hoping to catch him before he slips away, possibly into syria. >> ian lee in istanbul for us, thanks so much. ian mentioned the repeated attacks in turkey, one after another, including the assassination of the russian ambassador to turkey just a few weeks ago. joining us is cnn counterterrorism analyst phil mudd, back with us again. phil, it was interesting, isis claimed responsibility for this attack in istanbul on the nightclub. it's rare. in fact in some ways
8:24 am
unprecedented for isis to claim attacks inside turkey. why has that been the case until now and why did they go public this time? >> a couple of things, john. isis was hoping they could avoid an open war with the turks. as the turks have continued military operations in syria, as the turkish relationship with isis's enemy, russia, has tightened, isis has said what's the point of withholding claims of responsibility anymore, it's clear the turks are our enemies for life. isis is under a tremendous amount of pressure, geographically losing space, losing leadership, losing recruits, losing money. they want to stay out ahead of the propaganda game by claiming to potential recruits and donors that they still are big players, they can still conduct big attacks. there's multiple reasons, john, for them to make an open claim now. >> i want to get back to isis in a moment, but let's talk about
8:25 am
turkey. this is the second attack in the last few weeks. we don't know if isis was behind the assassination of the russian ambassador, but there was that, there was the attempted coup over the summer. this is a country that the u.s. has looked to historically for stability in the region. >> i think that's right. i think that's why you see the turks moving in a different direction. they've tried to stay on the sidelines for the reasons you've seen over the past 24 hours. they knew once they got into this war, the attacks from isis would come fast and furious. as the traditional allies withdrew, the turks said there's only one game in town, the russians. as the russians came in, they filled the vacuum and started bombing isis. some of the american-supported militias in syria. the turks said if we have to find somebody to side with, we'll find somebody on the battlefield in syria.
8:26 am
that's why we end up today. >> phil, you mentioned before you think one of the things that's happening here is isis is losing ground in certain areas, so they're staging attacks like this in istanbul as a pr offensive. i feel like that's the same thing we heard a year ago in the paris attacks, and the year before that in a different attack, that's what was said then. isis keeps on losing territory and keeps on having the ability to carry out these attacks. do they need the territory to be a viable and lethal terror organization? >> over the long term they do. and by that i mean in my world as a counterterrorism guy, five years, ten years, 20 years. over the short term they do not. clear distinction here, john. people rarely speak about this. the distinction between ongoing territory and being a terror group. in the age of social media, owning ideology, in cyberspace, there's a bunch of kids out there who watch youtube videos,
8:27 am
they see isis posting stuff on twitter. that tail where a kid in france or germany reads stuff online, a kid in america or canada. even as isis loses ground geographically, the isis phenomenon, the idea, will remain in europe and the united states because of the power of the internet. >> we should note there was another car bombing in baghdad today, perhaps dozens killed there. that reminds me, phil, i know you're an intel guy, not a military guy, but this assault on mosul we haven't heard about in a while. how significant is the battle for mosul? >> the battle is critical. they're two critical places we're talking about. raqqah, where the coalition forces have expanded air operations in the past few weeks, and mosul, where the iraqi military, especially militias, are moving in. there's progress on both fronts if you see those as the heartbeat of isis. 2 1/2 years ago, a blink of an
8:28 am
eye in counterterrorism stuff, 2 1/2 years ago we were talking about isis moving across western iraq with very little opposition from the iraqi military. so you can see maybe fits and starts in the offensive against them. i think it's inevitable, whether it's mosul or raqqah, that isis will lose. the question is where they go after, and whether they maintain that social media foothold i mentioned earlier. >> phil mudd, great as always to get your expertise, thank you. >> thank you. live pictures of joint base andrews. that is airs force one. that is also a man wiping a camera lens to get a picture of air force one, obviously not the nicest weather. president obama returning from hawaii where he had much nicer weather. hawaii of course the last time mr. obama went there as president of the united states. he's back with a business agenda coming up over the next 18 days. he's got 18 days left. first up for him, he'll head to capitol hill on wednesday where
8:29 am
he'll meet with senate democrats and house members, we're told, to try to figure out a way to save parts of obamacare. are we going to stay with this, guys? all right. we're going to come back to this when the president walks up and get a look at that. meantime, donald trump says he has inside information on the russian hacking into the u.s. election, information that others don't have. despite what democrats, republicans, and even the intelligence community says. so how will this affect the president-elect's relationship with the intel community? ahead, we'll speak to a former cia agent who actually ran again donald trump for president. p) achoo! achoo! (snap) (snap) achoo! achoo! feel a cold coming on? zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam. well you don't want to live with mom and dad forever, do you? then she says...bazang! ok, good one. uh, how do i check my credit score?
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president obama right now deplaning, walking off air force one with his family. they're returning from a holiday vacation in hawaii. that is the final trip to hawaii that president obama will make as president. you can bet he'll go back quite a lot there as a retired president. after all, he did grow up in hawaii. the president has a busy, busy schedule over the next few days. he's heading to capitol hill on wednesday where he'll meet with senate democrats and house democrats, we're told, to try to figure out a way to preserve or protect what he can with obamacare. we're taking a look, you can see the president depart, i don't think he's going to talk to us after that long flight. there's a wave from the first lady michelle obama. getting into the vehicle. they will head back to the white house where president obama has 18 days left, 18 days left as
8:34 am
president. we did just learn that he is going to give a farewell address. that farewell address will be january 10th in chicago. of course the city where he lived for a long time, after hawaii, a walk down memory lane for the president. let's go to the white house and bring in joe johns with a sense of what we can expect from the president over the next several days. joe? >> reporter: john, i think the most important thing on the agenda here in washington, dc at the white house in a lot of respects is the affordable care act. as you know, the president is headed to capitol hill on wednesday to talk to congressional democrats about what they're going to do when donald trump takes office and the new congress comes in and starts working to repeal the affordable care act. democrats, as a matter of policy, do have to figure out how they're going to proceed. the extent to which they're going to obstruct or try to
8:35 am
block all or part of any repeal, the extent to which they're going to cooperate with republicans on getting rid of some elements of the affordable care act, and keeping some others. and so that's kind of a complex question for them. the president wants to talk to them apparently about that. and some of the other things that republicans may want to change, fix, tweak, what have you. the president over the weekend was tweeting quite a bit, trying to sort of cement his legacy, if you will, talking about some of the areas that he feels were a success, including the affordable care act. there was this tweet that went out that said after decades of rising health care costs, today nearly every american now has access to the financial security of health care. so that's on the agenda. sudden, jo as you said, john, the president is going to chicago next week to
8:36 am
give his farewell speech. he'll meet with people who were with him back in the day, if you will. then we'll still have several days before january 20th. >> 18 days in total, joe johns at the white house, thanks so much. we're joined by maria cardona and back with us, former trump campaign adviser steve cortes, from "the a team." steve, we saw these tweets from president obama claiming credits for achievements he thinks he's accomplished over the last eight years. he says, as we look to the future i wanted to take a moment to take a look back at the remarkable progress you've made possible. and he talks about various
8:37 am
subjects, marriage equality, something that happened during his administration, you can't argue that. with all of these accomplishments, do you feel that the democratic party after eight years is stronger than when he came into office? >> well, i think, you know, clearly we had a big disappointing election just now. but i do think when it comes to the issues, john, the american people are mostly supportive of the democrats as a whole. let's remember that president obama still has pretty high approval ratings, higher than any the other recent president that has gone out of office after eight years. and let's also remember, and i know the trump people hate hearing this but it's a fact,
8:38 am
that hillary clinton actually got more votes by almost 3 million than president-elect trump did. so more americans actually preferred her view, the democrats' view of where this country wants to go or where they wanted to take this country than they did president-elect trump. so with that in mind, when you move forward, republicans have to understand they don't have a mandate, and that what president obama was able to accomplish these past eight years, he did with the support of the majority of the american people. and if they don't keep that in mind, they're going to be a complete failure for the next four years. >> even with what you're calling a mandate for president obama, democrats lost 70 seats in the house, they lost 11 senate seats, ten governorships, and obamacare, his signature legislation, may be repealed. steve cortes, that's a pretty
8:39 am
harsh criticism of the white house. but what about maria's notion that president obama does have a very high approval rating right now, people do think the country is moving economically speaking in a better direction. there's job growth right now. so he does have some things to brag about, doesn't he, steve? >> right, john, listen, i'll be the first to concede and to laud this president as being historic. the fact that this country once held slaves elected an african-american as president is a greatest that meant to him and to o -- a great testament to him and to the country. but particularly in the states, a democratic party which is in systemic decline under his administration, they've lost almost 1,000 state legislator seat. that's just astounding. the american people are voting quite literally voting largely for the republican agenda. and i think one of the reasons, by the way, that the economy is starting to perk up is because
8:40 am
people are already anticipating what's going to be coming next year, a simplified tax code, sensible regulations, and besides the policies, the intangibles are important here, a sense of optimism that we can once again grow. this president will be the only one to leave the presidency without a 3% growth, that has to stop. >> a lot of jobs after a lot of job loss, i will note, a lot of the gains made in the economy and stock market happened before november. >> not the stock market gains, that's not accurate. >> most of them. >> the stock market was up 6% as of november and went up more after that, so you're both right on that front. maria, obamacare, the president going to capitol hill tomorrow to meet with members of the senate and house democrats to figure out how to protect parts of obamacare. without control of either chamber and without the white
8:41 am
house, other than, you know, strongly worded letters in speeches, maria, what can he do? >> you're right, john, it's going to be a very difficult, i think, and challenging task moving forward for democrats to protect the majority of the affordable care act. what i think that republicans also have to understand, and i believe they do see this challenge as well, is that the affordable care act right now gives 20 million americans health care coverage and health care security that they didn't have before. and obamacare, the affordable care act, is constructed in a very complicated but solid manner, meaning if you get rid of one part, the other parts that republicans claim are very popular and they want to keep are going to fall apart. so i hope that what republicans want to do is not completely take it all away, and frankly trump has alluded to this, but that they will work with democrats to do what we have
8:42 am
said from the beginning, which is it's not perfect, let's work together to fix it, to make sure that the 20 million americans that have health care don't lose it, to make sure that americans with preexisting conditions can continue to get health care coverage, which is one of the big, big great things that obamacare has given us, and to make sure that kids can continue to be on their parents' health care until they're 26, expansion of medicaid, et cetera. hopefully republicans will keep an eye on that moving forward. >> it will be a complicated discussion. whether it's a one-sided discussion, we'll wait and see. thanks so much for being with us, maria, steve. happy new year. the president-elect claims he knows things that others do not when it comes to russian hacking. according to one of donald trump's biggest critics, that's an effort to manipulate the american people. that critic joins us live. plus a warning from north korea. the secretive regime claims it's close to testing a missile that could reach the united states. is this a real threat or just tough talk? stay with us.
8:43 am
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president-elect trump is continuing to question u.s. intelligence that says russia meddled in the u.s. election, comparing it to the failed intel in the lead-up to the iraq war. listen to this. >> i just want them to be sure, because it's a pretty serious charge, and i want them to be sure. and if you look at the weapons of mass destruction, that was a disaster. and they were wrong. and so i want them to be sure. i think it's unfair if they don't know. >> mr. trump also says he has inside information about the hacking or he has information that the rest of us don't know which he will reveal this week. joining me now is evan mcmullin, a former cia agent who ran for
8:47 am
president, evan, great to have you here. >> great to be here, john. >> you say, "if the media plays his game and repeats trump knows something over and over, many americans will believe it, that's exactly what trump wants." >> that's right, donald trump wants america to believe he is the ultimate source of information. we've seen this as he attacks the media, as he attacks the intelligence community. this is something that people with authoritarian tendencies, which i've said donald trump has over the last several months and beyond, this is what they do. they want to undermine other authorities, other sources of information so they become the only ultimate source of information. that's what he's doing. he claims to know things that no one else knows. i'm highly skeptical that he does. i'm very curious to hear what he comes out with when he does. but the game that he's playing is for -- he's dangling that out there, and then we in the media will discuss that over the next
8:48 am
few days. americans will hear it, millions of americans will hear it and they'll believe it, even though in the end i highly doubt he has anything of significance. >> what's the alternative? not reporting what the president of the united states says out loud? >> i get your point. but i think to listen to what he says and then come out with the information when it does come out. >> if. >> exactly. that's my point, if he has information he ought to be going to the cia, the authorities with it. after all, we're talking about a foreign adversary undermining our democracy, attacking our democracy. so he should go with that information to the authorities, not talk about it, not announce it on public television and not say what it is. for a variety of reasons i'm highly skeptical he has anything. i think he's painted himself into a corner by making this claim. i'm very curious indeed to see
8:49 am
what he has to see. but i think we're pulled into this trap of his and it's very manipulative. >> you say "never grow desensitized to this." >> yes, we cannot be desensitized to this. we talk a lot about it they say days. i fear that many americans don't understand how serious this was we have a foreign adversary in russia, knnot a country we've arbitrarily decided would be a foreign adversary. this is a country that undermines democracy and basic human rights around the world. they are attacking our democracy in a variety of ways. and we have a president-elect in president-elect trump who wants to align our country with that foreign adversary. >> two separate things, i want to get to both of these. on russia, he made quite clear during the election he wants a better relationship with russia, that's part of what americans voted on. >> other presidents have said the same thing, our last two presidents have also wanted a
8:50 am
better relationship with russia. if i were president, i also would want that. but there's a difference between pursuing that, hoping for it, and simply aligning yourself, adopting russia's policies, carrying russia's >> i want your perspective on this because you did serve in the cia. you know, when you hear donald trump question the intelligence on the russian hacking and comparing it to the intelligence on weapons of mass destruction and saddam hussein, what's your reaction to that? >> i just think it's disingenuous. the intelligence community makes a variety of judgments. i would say hundreds of judgments every day, and they do that based on years and years of experience and intelligence and new information coming in from human and electronic sources. it's not perfect. that's why we have them. donald trump is doing something else. he is attacking another source of information, another authority, another source of power. he is uncomfortable with that, and it's textbook, and that's what he is doing, and we need to
8:51 am
be very aware of it. >> i appreciate your view. that is your view of donald trump, obviously. you ran against him, so you are no fan of him from the beginning. it's always great to have you here with us. thank you so much. >> thank you. new year, new warning from north korea. they say they're closer to testing a missile that could hit the united states is this idol talk or the real deal? live did he pentagon next. , the search for relief often leads here. today there's drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. aleve direct therapy. seconds can mean the difference between life and death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it. the ability to collaborate changes how we work.
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north korea's leader says his country is testing an intercontinental blising missile. kim jong un says they will continue with increasing missile capabilities if the u.s. continues with what it calls threats and blackmail against it. cnn's barbara star, does the pentagon think this is real? >> this appears to be his new
8:55 am
year's resolution, to develop in intercontinental ballistic missile that could hit the u.s. what's the reality here? the pentagon says they know and they have seen the evidence of this, that north korea is continuing to test missiles, car heads and that it is trying to do this. i just want to read a little bit of what he had to say. he said that they were in the "last stage preparation of tests for intercontinental ballistic rocket launch. now, they have been able to do that in the past, but that is with a satellite on the front end. what they haven't been able to do yet, and this is the key, is to put a warhead on the front end, send it up, and bring it back down into the earth's atmosphere able to hit a target. that's what he has to master. all indications are that north korea is on the road to doing this. it's going to pose an interesting dilemma in the coming weeks and months. they are getting closer to the ability to do that.
8:56 am
as a result, u.s. intelligence is watching north korea around the clock. right now they say it's all quiet, but this could really change at a moment's notice. they could launch something. they could conduct another underground nuclear test. they had a lot of options on their plate, john. >> barbara, is there a sense that this is being timed for the presidential transition here in the united states? >> well, if not timed in particular, kim at least has given plenty of indication he is well aware of the election, the transition to donald trump. the feeling is that he may try and do something, possibly provocative, with another test in the final days of the obama administration. or he may try to do something in the initial days of a trump administration. >> we'll be watching this. thanks so much, barbara. >> sure. democratic lawmakers now gearing up for a fight. they're planning to target eight, eight, of president-elect donald trump's cabinet nominees, but can they do neglect really
8:57 am
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skblienchs hello. welcome to the cnn newsroom. thank you for being here with us, and happy new year. i'm pamela brown. well, 18 days and counting until president-elect donald trump becomes president trump, but the process of turning his most urgent plans and priorities and talking points into action starts just 24 hours from now. that's day one of the 115th congress. republican majorities in both houses, eager in most cases, to confirm the cabinet of the president-elect and to begin unwinding obama care. thfr


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