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tv   New Day  CNN  January 9, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PST

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golden globes. just 11 days away from inauguration day. >> live in trump tower in new york, i know it's cold. what else is going on. policy issues such as national security and health care and policy issues facing millions of americans. >> donald trump and the republican controlled congress moving full speed ahead with an ambitious agenda. confirmation hearings begin tomorrow for some of the president elect's key cabinet nominees while the senate is expected to hold a series of votes this week to begin repealing obamacare but details on replacing the outgoing president's signature law still remain unclear.
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>> it may take time to get all the elements in place. >> he holds the first press conference in nearly six months but now the intelligence report on russian hacks expected to be a major focus but questions remain about whether trump accepts the reports conclusions. >> he's not denying that entities in russia behind this particular hacking campaign. >> hillary clinton was viewed by a majority of americans as unlikable. it has nothing to do with moscow. >> over the weekend, trump tweeting having a good relationship with russia is a good thing. not a bad thing. only stupid people or fools would think that it is bad when i am president russia will respect us far more than they do now. both countries work together to solve the many, great and pressing problems and issue of the world. for months trump has cast doubts
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about u.s. intelligence as russia was trying to interfere with the election. >> could be somebody else. >> could be russia or china and somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds. >> trump's skepticism dividing his own party. >> if after having been briefed by intelligence leaders donald trump is still unsure as to what the russians did that would still be incredibly unnerving to me because the evidence is overwhelming. >> he did not doubt the claim that vladimir putin posed to the united states. >> i don't think i underestimated him. if we get to a point where people in this country feel more affinity with a leader who is an adversary and views the united
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states and our way of life as a threat to him then we'll have bigger problems than just cyber hacking. >> and trump this morning going after meryl streep after she criticized him last night after she said he appeared to make fun and mock a disabled reporter. this morning trump saying the following about that on twitter. meryl streep one of the most overrated actresses attacked last night at the golden globes. he's a hillary flunky that lost big. for the 100th time i never mocked a disabled reporter. simply showed him groveling when he changed a 16-year-old story that he had written in order to make me look bad just dishonest media. the reporting in question suffers from a condition and how trump responded to that people will judge for themselves.
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>> thank you very much. let's move ahead. >> some of these cabinet nominees, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell warning democrats to just grow up. it's going to be an interesting week there. it's going to be a big week for the incoming trump administration here on capitol hill with a whole slew of confirmation hearings for trump's nominees here on capitol hill and that is exactly where the office of government ethics is sounding the alarm saying it has been essentially rushed through and seeing that many of the nominees. they said this created undue pressure and officials to rush through these important reviews.
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more significantly it has left them with potentially unknown or unresolved ethics issues shortly before the hearings. but the trump transition team is pushing back saying they're trying to solidify this process and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell saying he's not going to delanie of these. the hearing schedule will go on as planned and suggested this is sour grapes. >> we confirmed 7 cabinet pointments the day president obama was sworn in. we didn't like most of them either. all of these little procedural complaints were related to their frustration in having not only lost the white house but having lost the senate. i understand that. but we need to sort of grow up here and get past that. >> and nine of trump's cabinet nominees are going to face sharp questions here.
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including with senator jeff sessions for attorney general. trump's transition team say they are confident and believe all of their nominees will be confirmed. >> thank you very much. good to see you. let's begin with the trump feud of meryl streep. is this just proving why trump won. >> if she wanted to hurt him the best thing she could do is praise him because all this does is energize his base and chris, i think he loves a fight like this with a high profile hollywood celebrity and frankly there will be more water cooler conversation today at the work place as to whether meryl streep really is an overrated actor. that there will be on the affordable care act replacement
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so the impact is very real. >> in upside down world where we're living conventional lodging no longer applies. if she wanted to hurt him she would have praised him and that would have been for everyone. that's declassified. did that answer your questions about reports. >> no, absolutely not and i pay very close attention to a recent interview. he acknowledged that as general hayden said to me on saturday on cnn that report was a brick shy of a load. now i get the argument that says they would be giving up their sources if they were to tell us more but what made me uncomfortable was the way in which the media was reporting on that 25 page report as if they contained great substance when
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at least to my eyes, there was not -- it was all generalities. it was all sweeping assertions but i'm a trial lawyer. i want to see an affidavit. i want to see some type of thumbprint. i want some evidence. something i can hang my hat on and by the way, i believe it. i believe that russians were behind it. there's no substance in that report. >> don't you think you're misleading people? you know it's totally different. this isn't the fbi telling you why somebody is the terrorist. they're going to have to put forward things because they have to create a legal standard case. that's not what happens in intelligence. he didn't agree it was a brick short of a load. >> hayden did. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> and the nsa. >> he didn't agree with it. >> no, but he acknowledged. >> he did not acknowledge. >> he acknowledged there wasn't enough in the report to give
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comfort to the public. that's what he acknowledged. >> he said the reason that it's not in there is because they don't show what their method and sources are so they can help avoid protection but what you're ignore as good that lawmakers, another point that was made is that the leaders that do have access to the classified information have a duty to come out and say i love you but you don't get to see this stuff. i did the case is made and maybe that's where the gap is between what they can show and what we should feel we know is to be built. >> 15 years ago what you said would have been reasonable but it no longer cuts it and i think the american public is owed more and what i'm unsettled about is the way it's being reported on as if all questions have been answered. chris, there were like ten pages of that report having to do with
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the russian media outlet. >> i'm satisfied. >> on that we can agree. >> they did say they found digital fingerprints that point to keyboards with characters. what is the smoking gun that you're waiting to hear? >> how would i know, allison? unless i'm seeing the evidence but there surely is something. they could show the american people. we're asking the american people to believe the intelligence committee and committees and not the president elect. if there weren't this dichotomy between the incoming commander and chief and the intelligence communities at large it wouldn't be a big deal but where he has pretty much drawn a line in the sand i'm a citizen wanting to know who should i believe. >> he has given no you reason to reject the intelligence
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community. how does that golden your confidence that he is to be believed. >> so the response i would hope to see is the nsa, cia or fbi say mr. president elect take a look at this but instead it was sweeping generalizations and 25 pages of accusations without substance. in my opinion. and by the way, 99.9% of the american people aren't going to do what the three of us just did which is to read those 25 pages. i hope they will, and make up their own mind if they're satisfied. >> let me ask you another question, there's many cabinet picks that have not sort of turned in all the background check, the financial disclosures so are you comfortable that they're going to move ahead of confirmation hearings? >> well, i'm uncomfortable with the fact that there will be votes taken and hearings held
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again without all the evidence being held in the hands of questioner ins. do i think that will slow him down? no they'll ramp through all the hearings as quickly as they can. it's unfair to some members of the senate. look at a guy that's involved in the foreign relations committee and as a committee member in the jeff sessions hearing how can you expect he is able to jumble those responsibilities and be informed and ask questions that he is. it's too much too soon but will it slow down? it won't slow down. >> there won't be any votes taken until all the paperwork is in and then the question becomes is he just filing them. >> thank you. always great to talk to you. >> coming up on new day, kelly ann conway will be here in minutes to discuss, is it true that the president elect accepts these classified debriefs that
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russia was the source in we'll talk to her about that. >> also new surveillance video that captures the moments that the gunman opened fire inside fort lauderdale international airport. so you're learning that esteban santiago had a run in with the fbi in anchorage alaska in november. at the time they ordered a mental health check on him but then a month later he got a gun back from police. there was no court order that prevented that. he will appear in court. >> didn't have to happen. western states getting deadly storms dumping inches of rain. people are evacuating. about 1300 homes in reno. flood waters are rising. four people have already died. conditions in california. you have this really dangerous mix, mud slides and downed power
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lines. the storm right now is expected to last through thursday. >> north korea declaring it can test launch an intercontinental ballistic missile at any time and anywhere. north korean state tv citing a foreign ministry spokesman that wholly blames the u.s. for pushing north korea toward developing it's missile program. and ash carter called the report a serious threat and said the u.s. would shoot down any missile aimed at it or an ally. >> the senate set to act this week or repealing obamacare. just don't know what that is going to be in the future yet and to prove that point more republicans are voicing concerns about maybe doing this the wrong way. maybe you don't repeal before you're ready to replace. maybe you come up with a plan first and then act. we'll talk to a senator, next. you could spend your entire life seeking a moment like this. best not to spend your entire bank account.
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anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. >> confirmation hearings for president elect trump's cabinet nominees begin tomorrow but most
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of those have not been handed in. he is the member of the senate appropriations committee and senate budget committee. good morning, senator. >> good morning. great to be with you. >> i know that your concern about the reviews and the background checks not having been done, what's the hold up? >> i'm concerned because the committees can't do their job and they can't question the individuals if they don't have the ethics report or the questionnaires filled out or fbi report. these are the foundations for committee hearings and the foundation for doing our job under the constitution and we can't do it without that information. >> what's taking so long? >> a piece of it certainly is how late the nominations occur but i think there maybe a lot of foot dragging here. this is what we don't know. what is being covered up by trying to hold a hearing without getting the information before the members. that should be of great concern. that's why the series should be postponed until all the information is provided.
4:20 am
and we should follow that same example now. >> republicans say they did hold the hearings without that. for instance during george w. bush. she hadn't filled out or turned in all of her paperwork. ron paige, education secretary without all the paperwork. there is a precedent for this. >> there may be a few situation where is that occurred but look at the difference in elaine cowo and scott pruett. we know a lot about what happened in oklahoma. a lot of questions to be raised there. the complex international connections and business deals. close friend of putins raises lots of concerns. been antilabor nominated for labor. this is people who are really
4:21 am
not your normal nominees and we need that information. >> who are you most concerned about? >> each time i think about that a different name pops to the top of the list but i probably as a member of foreign relations i would start with rex tillerson and the head of a major oil company in charge. >> so what can and will democrats do to slow this down? these are scheduled to begin tomorrow? >> well, because we don't control the senate, we can't change the hearings. those can be pushed through but if there's an effort to push those hearings through and move the votes to the floor, then we can exercise our ability to use the rules on the floor which we can't stop the nominees but we can use a fair amount of time in the process of vetting them on the floor and take advantage of the rule that the american people need to know what's going on and we need to know what's going on. >> i want to ask you about a new
4:22 am
bill you just signed on to that would require the president of the united states to fully divest personal financial conflicts of interest. so you're asking donald trump to divest from his lifelong family business and trump organization? >> yes. the conflicts that his team has are going to haunt him. we're really doing a big favor for him and for the administration because without that every time an issue comes up there's going to be a shadow hanging over it. he has a conflict going on on the financial side and decisions about foreign policy. every time that something occurs internationally that's going to be raised. undermines confidence in policy and normally you do this with a blind trust and i know that the president elect is resistant to this idea but lit serve him so well and make a clean break.
4:23 am
>> resist it. it's just never going to happen. >> well, maybe, or maybe he is going to as he assumes the mantle of leadership realize there's certain responsibilities and he doesn't want the handicap that his investments certainly create. >> what are you expecting him to say at his press conference this week? >> oh my goodness. there's so many possibilities. i don't know if he's going to address the cabinet nominees. he might address health care or this issue of conflicts of interest and foreign policy. there's a lot going on in this world and many issues that are arising and my vote is that we'll see more press conferences and this one doesn't get cancelled. >> let's talk about obamacare because it sounds as though the senate is ready as early as this week to begin the process and
4:24 am
can change the simple majority. and done by committees and sent back to the senate so it's the start of the process. >> have you heard of any of the plans on the republican side? have you heard anything? >> this is really repeal and run. it would be catastrophic for our health care system because prices go way up and it will start to cause grave concerns about the future of medicare and
4:25 am
we're talking about a trillion dollars in funding for health care across america. not to mention the quality of life of 20 plus million americans. >> thank you so much. great to have you. chris will be hosting a primetime town hall this evening. they'll focus on the major issues and join us tonight at 9:00 eastern right here on cnn. >> one more reason it is a big week certainly for trump's transition. kellyanne conway joins us live. next. amel and start to cause what we call acid erosion. if there's a thinning of the enamel, the teeth actually
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help of an incredibly brave good samaritan and she joins us now. thank you for being with us. we know you just lived through this ordeal. how are you doing? >> i'm doing okay. >> so you were waiting at the -- you were at the baggage pick up waiting for your luggage. then what happened? >> then i heard gunfire. i recognize that immediately as gunfire. i looked for an escape or a place to hide and i tried to get out the doors. and drop down on the other part and laid there and prayed that
4:31 am
he wouldn't find me but he was definitely walking near my area shooting and i just began to pray, pray that my children wouldn't lose their mother and as i was praying a man climbed on top of me and shielded my body and as he did so he said i will protect you. >> oh my gosh and we're seeing a picture of him right now and his beautiful angelic smile there. that is 70-year-old tony. did you know him? had you seen him on the plane? where did he come from? >> i didn't know him. i hadn't seen him but he was standing nearby me. his wife was not standing by him at the time.
4:32 am
he could have dropped right where he was at but instead he chose in the process to shield another human being and save mid life. >> so when tony saved your life and basically covered you as a human shield he acted then what happened? >> he laid there on the ground for what seemed like another minute until the police arrived but i was told by another witness that the shooter was walking next to us and tony says there was a shot fired over us. i had my face to the carpet. i wasn't looking around. hi been praying and i was still praying. i knew that i would be safe. i didn't know if tony would be safe or if he would be hit but i knew that he was protecting me. >> we are happy to report that
4:33 am
tony did survive. he was saved. he protected you and he was also spared the gunman's rampage. tony is as it says here on a well deserved cruise right now we understand with his wife but his children have weighed in and said that it doesn't surprise them at all that he did this. this is the man that they know. what were you able to say to tony after all of this? >> immediately after, after the police arrived we felt that it was safe to get up i turned around and i thanked him and i told him how comfortable his shield was during this horrifying experience and i thanked him and i didn't get his name and number and i was able to peace together what happened and where we were and that he was the man that shielded me and
4:34 am
i thanked him throughout the day. we were in lock down and i talked with his wife and told them he was a hero. >> what did you say to your two children when you did make it home that day? >> i hugged them. i hugged them and they were very thankful. this could have been a different outcome for our family and, you know, i had three possibilities, dying, serious injuries or living and we are all just grateful for the outcome that happened in our family. >> what do you think tony will mean to your family. >> my entire family. all of my family and all of my
4:35 am
friends. we are all just really grateful to tony. he is a hero. he was my guardian angel. i have been praying for safety and he was the one that provided that for me. >> sure sounds like it. there are angels among us and tony is one of them. thank you very much for sharing your personal story with us and we wish you speedy recovery from this ordeal that you've been through. thank you. >> thank you. >> big week for trump's transition team. so what can we expect? will the president elect actually own the intelligence that russia motivated the hacks? will he talk about his conflicts of interest and what he can do to remedy them? what is going to be on the big agenda. we have kellyanne conway joining us next. wait a minute... hey... hold on, i can explain.
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federal officials say the shooting suspect had been treated for mental health problems at least once before in alaska. authorities confiscated his gun and later returned it. joining us now is republican congressman tim murphy. as you know i enjoy speaking to you but boy is it a regret that it's you and me after so many of these events. here we are again. this time, with interfacing with the government agency. obviously mentally ill. the treatment protocol is not there. alaska part of the problem.
4:40 am
they're very low on the list on how they deal with mental illness. >> the fbi that we don't see terrorists here so they say they're done. many states like alaska have an outpatient treatment law where the judge can require that someone stays in treatment but if a person voluntarily agrees you also have a criminal justice system in alaska where he was attacking his wife but it looks like those charges may have been set aside. several levels here which broke down. as well as you wonder what happened in the military, someone with ptsd.
4:41 am
they took his gun away and you're wondering do people connect these dots? we know the serious problems that emerge it wasn't that bad. alaska is very poor. and the problems go on and you wonder if anybody ever discussed with his family to say he needs help. >> a couple of stats to back up the suggestions about alaska. they have 89 psychiatrists registered in the state. the whole state. that's 8200 people. they had 1100 possible. >> or having a place to put someone. you said connect the dots. you could make the suggestion that there are not dots to connect because unless you're
4:42 am
mentally ill which as you know and for the audience he is an active audience. >> and emphasis on military and you see the clinical side above this. and there's no questions about getting it. and it's very high standard in these states and the danger of yourself or someone else. now that danger could disappear a few hours or a few days later and at least what the reporter knew is a man that said he wanted someone trying to control his thoughts. isis. perhaps there was dill lugss or hallucinations on top of the history of violence. we have talked about this. a person with those sorts of symptoms and a history of violence is 15 times.
4:43 am
and no hospital beds. they tried to move you out because they got someone else in mind. >> we get to the big, big question at first. people who have mental illness were likely to be a victim of violence and yet 50% of mass homicides do involve some kind of mental illness so you have to look at it, what do we do? it seems that you guys have no ability on the federal level and very little appetite except in a few big states on a state level so make any significant change to how people are vetted before they get guns so what do you do with this recurring pattern of someone has obvious man fes kagsations of mental health and they get treated or it's ignored and then get access to a gun and something horrible perhaps.
4:44 am
>> they have to say there's a history here instead of going for a voluntary commitment. what was involved with that and did they talk to family? we have family members that knew talking about he was furious or talking about he came back very troubled from iraq. his brother saying he had lost contact and wasn't responding to e-mails. that tells me that someone didn't talk to the family here and perhaps didn't get history or didn't pass history on. had they done that they would have had enough information to say he would have been involuntarily committed. >> is there a way to review how he got the gun back and made that a part of the decision process or are the hands tide legally? >> it's both.
4:45 am
i'm sure that's part of what they're reviewing now. who made the decision on what basis? and unfortunately one of the break downs is if you're taking someone they say, they take medications and that's a break down too. and if they have no place to treat, what can you do? and make sure that and make the decision with a certain level that makes you go on that list. >> that's amazing. >> a lot of times they don't. >> the burden of proof is still on the health care provider to justify taking a weapon and not on the person seen as mentally ill. >> representative tim murphy we know you're out front on this issue. god forbid there's a next time
4:46 am
that we have to discuss it in this context. be well. >> facing questions, president elect donald trump will answer questions from the press this week as his cabinet nominees face confirmation hearings on capitol hill. kellyanne conway is going to join us next on all of that. migraines steal moments from my life.
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. president-elect trump gearing up for a big week. he's going to become the 45th president of the united states, but 11 days, confirmation hearings begin for cabinet nominees. he'll give us first press conference since he won. there's a lot to deal with. let's discuss with someone at the center of the transition. trump adviser kellyanne conway. >> good morning. >> reince priebus says this morning, yes, after the classified briefing that the president-elect got, he does see the basis for identifying russia as being the motivator of the hacks. is that true? >> as the president-elect said in his statement on friday after the intel briefing, he recognizes that russia, china and others are constantly trying to hack into government
4:51 am
institution, businesses, individuals and we, of course, are against that. we don't want foreign interference from anyone into this country. this man, donald trump, ran successfully on america first. he means it including on this issue. we also just -- we can't get over the selective feigned outrage. china hacked 21 million personnel records from the office of personnel management, a government entity. the white house has been hacked, department of state, other agencies. we should be concerned about that. i think there's been selective outreach about russia only because some people want to conflate that with the election result which of course, mr. clapper said there was not the conclusion. >> politicizing something that should be dealt with primarily, certainly at first, as a national security issue, and even in that response, russia, china and north korea. china and north korea are not mentioned by the ice and their declassified report.
4:52 am
why include those other two and not just say, yes, he agrees this time it was russia and we'll have to figure out what to do. >> chris, if we're going to have a serious conversation about national security and intelligence, we should be talking about all the actors who have hacked and continue to attempt to hack. >> two of the three said by the intelligence community to not be involved. >> they have a larger part of the report related to russian television. the nut of this report is really five pages. if you look at it, i want to say there's no smoking gun when it comes to the nexus between these hacking activities and the election results. there are a lot of people on tv here and elsewhere trying to confusion people into believing that is the case. >> not here. >> not on this set, not at this moment. but chris, here is the other thing, where was the outrage and frankly where was the punishment equivalent to expelling 35 russian operatives which president obama did about ten days ago, where was that when
4:53 am
china hacked the personnel records, where was it when the president chose to say knock it off to vladimir putin instead of taking stronger action? >> i think that's a fair point to say they did things wrong. i just don't know why that is the response to where the president-elect's head is on russia. it does seem there's an intentionality on his part to insulate russia from exposure on this. >> no, that's not fair, and it's also not true. >> he's never mentioned russia, even after this. tweeting about all kinds of stuff this morning. >> he said over the weekend, if we can have positive relapgss with russia where it counts, where it actually benefits america, americans, her interest and her allies, we'll two that. an example that he gives and many of us give, if we can come together to defeat isis, not called the jv team that's on retreat. they just massacres christians on new year's eve in turkey. they targeted people of all
4:54 am
faiths. anti democratic, certainly anti woman and girl. if we can join together with other countries, including russia, on getting serious about defeating isis we'll do that. that's where the president-elect's mind is on russia. other people want to continue to talk about the hack. if you read "the new york times" or even "the washington post" over the weekend, chris, you quickly see that people were surprised that given the way the testimony went on thursday in washington, that the intelligence briefing on friday and frankly the publicly available report, there weren't any fireworks there. here is the direct nexus between -- they kept using the words that russia aspired to. >> that's the declassified report. our sources on the investigation and how the intelligence community feels is that they have zero percent doubt that russia was motivating the attacks. >> there's zero percent evidence that anything that was done affected the election results.
4:55 am
>> i have not even brought it up in this conversation. >> it's everywhere. to affirmatively debunk it is -- >> i get why you're sensitive about that. i get why you think it's objectively wrong,i get it, the politicizing standpoint of what it was. two things. one, during the campaign, fair is fair. donald trump as candidate was saying read the wikileaks, i hope wikileaks gets her e-mails from the server, put them out. no question he wanted that to happen. he was hoping it would impact. he encouraged it. >> he had nothing to do with it. >> i'm not saying he had anything to do with it. he certainly had something to do with encouraging people to look at it. that's the political as speshlgt. i'm saying why corner yourself on not acknowledging -- >> he has. >> he has never said, with all his tweets about all these myriad issues -- he'll talk about meryl streep, but not russia and say, had the intel briefing, russia was behind it, won't happen on my watch. >> look at his full statement on
4:56 am
friday. i hope everybody -- >> russia, china, north korea. >> he started out by saying i respect the members of our intelligence community, the great men and women who serve. he is reaffirming his commitment to work closely with him and his great respect, enormous respect we all had beginning with the president-elect, chris, for the men and women in that community. then he talked about how this is about the dnc being hacked. you and i wouldn't be having this conversation but for the dnc not having the proper fire walls. >> or if the hackers leaked what they got from the rnc. >> he's meeting with his team, and in the first 90 days he's going to ask them for a plan to beef up our cyber security. i hope you and i can agree that cyber security is woefully -- >> sure. sean spicer was saying, rnc wasn't hacked. where did you get that? >> the intelligence community believes -- >> they believe the attempt was made. >> trying to get them, too.
4:57 am
they don't know for sure. >> rnc had the proper fire walls, the dnc did not. >> i don't think they're 100% whether they got anything. >> it must have been newsworthy enough to be on cnn. the report that raised my eyebrows is the one that said the fbi asked dnc for access to its servers and the dnc did not accede to that. >> i think nothing you're saying is false on that. >> let's talk about merriyl st p streep, by the way. >> that's a distraction because i wanted to talk about it. >> seriously speaking, why didn't she use that platform to talk about the mentally challenged boy that was tortured on live streaming facebook by four young african-american adults. >> one wednesday difficult by miss creigh intoes, the other by the president-elect of the united states. >> you're going to equate the two? >> i don't equate them at all. one of them was a crime. >> that's right. that's a crime and i hope the book is thrown at them.
4:58 am
again, if she has a great platform and a worldwide audience at that moment, why not bring attention to that recent event? >> there's no controversy over that. >> there isn't? >> they've been charged with a hate crime. >> that's an active investigation. >> they don't deny doing it. if they do, it doesn't matter they were haters, hateful. they got busted for it by making that video which thank god -- >> do you agree with meryl streep that the most vilified people right now in are in hollywood? >> no. i think comparing the two is wrong for several reasons. i think hollywood does what it does and people can judge it. i find it odd, all donald trump then and president-elect trump now needed to do was say, hey, look, making that gesture about serge was wrong and i apologize. it would have been over. instead, these tortured attempts to say no, no, no --
4:59 am
>> he's saying that was never his intention. he said it many times. >> oh, he did that to other people too. >> i'm saying when you tune into the golden globes awards show, is it always appropriate to talk politics. they can say what they want, but they have to be held to account. that place, this network, frankly, all wanted the election to turn out a different way. >> is she wrong to say donald trump was wrong -- >> that's not what he did. >> he can say it a million. look at the video. >> why can't you give him the benefit of the doubt the way the benefit of the doubt was given to cnn polling, all its analysts. >> he's making a disgusting gesture on video -- >> not about that reporter. that's a fact. >> how is it not about the reporter? >> if he says he was not mocking, he was mocking the graveling. he said it again this morning. >> he's doing a gesture that goes right to the guy's
5:00 am
vulnerabili vulnerability. kellyanne, it's like you're trying to scare me off the point. >> i'm not trying to scare you off anything. >> he's making a gesture so keenly tuned. >> now you're giving oxygen to what meryl streep said. >> forget about meryl streep. >> that's why we're talking about it. >> he did that to cruz, also. >> it's all litigated. it's all talked about in the election. >> i don't waf our kids did thau imagine what we would do? >> i'm not going to bring my kids into this. >> i will. you have to listen to what the president-elect has said about that. why don't you believe him? why isn't it taken eight face value. 62% of americans according to cnn polling said hen can't tell the truth about anything. >> who was right behind her in that an sl sis? >> trump. >> given the benefit of the doubt constantly. >> when? >> you can't give him the benefit of the doubt on this and he's telling you what


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