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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 9, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. thank you for being with me this monday. you are watching cnn. count them with me. 11, 11 days to go until donald trump's inauguration. many are looking ahead at this week as the launch of his presidency. the president-elect has multiple major events in the coming days critical to his administration. you have nine of trump's cabinet nominees facing confirmation hearings this week. and one if not the most
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contention nominee up to bat first. i'm talking about attorney general nominee jeff sessions. that confirmation hearing is tomorrow. when you talk to critics, they say the senator from alabama has showed bashl bias in the past. then, to wednesday. mr. trump holds his very first news conference since july 27th. earlier, he gave a bit of a teaser going before reporters at trump tower for a split second exchange. beside the president-elect, alley baba founder jack mah. >> confirmation is going great. i think they will all pass. i think every nomination will be -- they are all at the highest little. jack was even saying, they are at the absolute highest level. i think they are going to do very well. >> there is concern about jeff sessions in particular. >> no, i think he is going to do good. high quality man. >> thank you. >> blink and you miss it. that was one of two times he did that today. by the way it's not just a big
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week for the incoming administration. the outgoing president will give his farewell address tomorrow. president obama will deliver that from his adopted hometown of chicago. let's begin with sara murray our cnn politics reporter there for us along the national mall. as we look to the big week ahead for the president-elect, first huge, huge news on someone who has been named to the trump administration who is married to a trump, tell us about jerry kushner. >>ert that. a source is confirming to us that jared kushner will get the title of senior adviser to the president. there was a lot of back and forth about whether the trump transition folks felt like they would be able to give him an official title, whether he would have to remain an official adviser. this suggests they can get around the anti-nepotism laws somehow and give him an official title. it is a not clear how they will get around it. maybe he will decide not to take a salary.
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maybe they will go to congress and ask them to waive the anti nepotism statute for a couple of key femme members. we are waiting the see how the trump transition and the president-elect plans to do this without running afoul of the antinepotism rules. >> maybe that will be answered on wednesday during the newser. let's talk about this week. we alluded to the confirmation hearing of senator sessions. run through the rest this week, sara, and who do you think will actually face the biggest battle? >> it is going to be a very busy week, brooke. of course the trump transition team is watching all these closely. you saw donald trump very optimistic all of his nominees will get through. that does not mean there are not going to be some fights. let's get some of the less contention ones off the table. devos for education, chow, mcconnell's wife, for transportation. ben carson for housing and urban
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development. wilbur ross for development. all of them will face tough questions but not as tough as those on the defense and national security size side. let's look at those folks. james mattis, johncaly for homeland security. mike pompeo for cia. and rex tillerson for secretary of state. brooke, you can bet that anyone in intel, anyone in national security is going to be used as referendum for how donald trump views russia and you how he views this declassified report on russia. i think the biggest fight on those is going to be rex tillerson. he is the only one we've really seen republicans raise alarm bells about. we'll see if he can woo them in the meetings and the private hearings but he is the only one that could werely face a battle when it comes to the senate. >> we will tape all of those live, the viewers can follow along. mr. trump isn't the only republican leader confident his nominees will succeed and get past the confirmation hearings, listen to this.
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>> everybody will be properly vetted as they have been in the past and i'm hopeful that we'll get up to six or seven of particular national security team in place on day one. >> let's go to our senior political reporter man you raj you on that note of everyone will be properly vet. there is this formal complaint, manu, by the office of government ethics here that's essentially saying maybe not everyone has gone through the proper channels ahead this week. >> that's right. this is a letter that came out over the weekend. a rather extraordinary letter from wall cher schwab, the director of the office of government ethics saying in this letter that he quote great concern over several trump nominees who have not been officially vetted and approved by the office of government ethics to ensure that none of their holdings, none of their assets would prep any sort of conflict of interest if they were confirmed to their positions. now, there are four nominees in question who have actually not
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been signed off yet by this office. debtsy devos to head the he had indicating department, johncaly for homeland security, wilber ross for commerce, and housing and urban development. the trump team says the paperwork has been submitted to the office of government ethics and senator mccome suggested they will be approved by the time -- the ethics work will be done by the time the senate actually votes on these nominees. now the democrats say that is not sufficient. they actually want this could be done before the confirmation hearings. and as sara just pointed out, there are a number of hearings that are taking place this week regardless, even though the fact that some of this paperwork has not come finished yet. this is one of many flash points we will hear from the coming days. >> manu, thank you. lieu the election you heard about mock debates. now the practice of mock hearings is underway.
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listen to what kellyanne conway said about how the transition team has been prepping the nominees. >> 70 hours so far of mock hearings. 2600 questions fielded by our nominees and our designate gnats. and we've met with 87 u.s. senators, including 37 democrats. we'd like to meet with the remaining democrats. >> on top of kellyanne there, objection yoes reports nominees have been confronted with fake code pink demonstrate traitors to help them practice if and when their testimony is disrupted. how do they prepare? with we now the man who over saw this publication, the survivor's guide for presidential nominees. he is dan blare, the president and ceo emerit u.s. of the national academy of public administration. and i should also add dan has been through a confirmation hearing himself. dan, nice the see you, sir, welcome. >> thank you, brooke, good afternoon. >> all right. so in reading about all of this,
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they actually call these murder boards, which i have a feeling is a surprise to our viewers. could you please explain why they are called that. >> they are called that because they are tough boards to go through. sometimes the murder boards are tougher than the hearings themselves. you are peppered by questions from 360 degrees. and this is part of the preparation process that a nominee needs to go through in order to put his or her best foot forward when they come before the senate. >> all about putting the best foot forward. part of that i imagine the number one rule, dan, if you are sitting there in the hot seat you never ever say anything bad about in this case donald trump. >> that's right. you need to know who your boss is and you need to remember who your audience is. the audience is definitely the senators presented before you, but also the audience are the viewers watching the hearing and the senior administration officials seeing how well you
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are going to do during these what oftentimes is called the wire brush process of senate confirmation. >> you talk about the 80/20 rule how only 20% of the testimony should actually be from you. what's the rest of it? >> well, the rest of it is that you want to be able to answer the questions succinctly forthrightly and don't answer more than the question that has been asked. you know, these hearings are for the senators' benefits. and you need to realize that when you walk in the room there is a reason that you are sitting down at the table and the senators are higher up on the dyas. they are in control. as long as you recognize that. and as long as you are prepared you will do fine in these hearings. >> it is a great point, the optics in the room how you are looking up at the people doing the grilling. you talk about -- this is hours upon hours upon hours of grilling. how do you have the stamina to go through this? >> well, these aren't people who
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have been picked off and plucked off of the street. these are people who have demonstrated expertise or demonstrated success in their business or personal lives. these folks are used to having -- are used to the rough-and-tumble of a business environment or a political environment. they are ready, and the stamina is there. i mean you saw secretary clinton last fall go through what, 12, 14 hours of a hearing? i hope none of these last that lochlk i don't think you will see any of the nominees unprepared when it comes to stamina. >> what -- last question, dan. what's the telltale sign that something isn't going well? >> well, it's the 80/20 rule. if you spend 50% or 60% of your time talking and explaining, that's not a good sign. so you want to let the senators do all the talking. it's when the senators start leaving the room, that's good sign because that means they have gotten their point across and they don't see any other reason to continue to
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conversation with you. so let them leave the room and let there be the fewer senators showing up the better it is for the candidate, the nominee. >> we'll understand all of this so much better tomorrow. thank you dan. we are also this afternoon following the breaking news out of orlando where this massive manhunt continues for a suspect accused of killing a police officer. a local deputy also died while trying to track down this gunman. paolo sandoval is on this for us today. what are police saying. >> reporter: this is personal for police in orlando. not only did they lose two officers, one of them in the shooting and another one in a traffic accident in the ensuing manhunt. but also a police captain survived a shooting while trying to confront the man. he is considered armed and dangerous. markeith lead lloyd was wanted even before today's shooting,
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suspect of murdering a pregnant woman. in fact, investigators believe sergeant clayton may have recognized him early this morning, attempted to make contact with him. that is when he allegedly pulled out a gun and shot her several times. we have seen this incredible show of support for law enforcement in orlando who are torn between grieving the loss of their fellow officers and also this massive manhunt. you see the powerful pictures outside the hospital early this morning as sergeant clayton's flag-draped body was removed from the hospital. her family members following close behind. she was a mother, a wife, and an active member of the community. today as this manhunt continues police in orlando are remembering somebody who was active in the community both in and out of uniform 678 her death marking the first gun-related officer fatality of 2017. brooke. >> bless them. they will find this perchl they will, they will. paolo, thank you. coming up next here on cnn, meryl streep, were you watching
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the golden globes? . meryl streep calls out donald trump. and trump fires back. what this and hillary clinton's moment on broadway last night tell us about america right now. also the man accused in the fort lauderdale airport rampage is in court for the very first time. the back story, the red flags. were they ignored? and just 11 days before trump takes the oath of office a u.s. navy ship firing warning shots at iranian boats. we'll tell you why. you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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welcome back. you are watching cnn. i'm broob. elect donald trump on another twitter tirade, this one taking on hollywood in particular. firing back at the one and only meryl streep, a known hillary clinton supporter. this was when she spoke back in july at the democratic national convention this summer in philadelphia 678 without mentioning his name at all and, also fighting back tears, streep delivered a scathing speech during last night's golden globess. she criticized some of trump's most controversial moments during his campaign, while she was accepting the cecil d.
11:18 am
millilifetime achievement award. >> there was a performance this year that stunned me. it was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter, someone he outranked in privilege, power, and the capacity to fight back. it -- it kind of broke my heart when i saw it. and i still can't get it out of my head. because it wasn't in a movie. it was real life. and this instinct to humiliate when it's modelled by someone in the public platform, by someone powerful it filters down into everyone's life because it kind of gives permission for other people to do the same thing. disrespect invites disrespect. violence incites violence. when the powerful use their
11:19 am
position to bully others, we all lose. >> that speech there was praised by many, but donald trump was not thrilled unleashing a series of tweets this morning. let me read what he tweeted. quote, meryl streep, one of the most overrated actresses in hollywood doesn't know me but attacked last night at the golden globes. she is a hillary flunkie who lost big. for the 100th time i never mocked a disabled reporter. i would never do that but simply showed him grofling when he totally changed a 16-year-old story he had written in order to make me look bad. just more very dishonest media. let's talk to someone else who lost their voice here, scott mads, scott, thank you for coming on and not sleeping through yourall your post golden globes partying. i wanted to understand, when
11:20 am
meryl streep gave that speech last night, we were looking at the faces for reaction. what was the mood in the ballroom. >> the mood in the ballroom, sorry, was this. everybody was so happy with her speech. no surprise. everybody knows that hollywood leans to the left. she got a tremendous amount of support for her speech, which was delivered with grace and class. now, this morning after everybody woke up and saw president-elect trump's tweets the reaction now among the scuttivscut executives that i've been around is that trump is acting like a baby. he is not taking the high road. he is not proving himself to be a class act. he should just not engage. you know, i don't see -- a lot of people don't see obama name
11:21 am
calling on twitter like trump has been doing. when trump announced his inauguration and a lot of hollywood were not going to the inauguration, instead of letting them not go trump had to call out the hollywood celebrities for not going to the inauguration. and that just draws mar bad attenti -- more bad attention to it. the overall feeling is that trump should take the high road, just focus on his job, and stop with the name calling. >> it just shows the further divide i think of this country, what we saw in hollywood last night. quickly, i mean in all these afterparties did you hear from anyone who disagreed with meryl streep? any conservative voices who favor mr. trump in hollywood? >> not from where i was. and between the ballroom and the afterparties, a lot of people were talking about meryl streep's classy -- their words -- not mine, although i do agree with that -- her classy answer seasons speech during that cecil b. demille award.
11:22 am
as if she didn't already have the admire skpags respect of hollywood, that just went up a big notch with that acceptance speech. >> scott mance go get your voice back. thank you for taking the time. while you have a number of members of hollywood slamming mr. trump in the wake of what merrill said at the golden globess there was another scene on broadway, much different atmosphere, for trump's former rival, hillary clinton, because she received multiple standing ovations at the final performance of the color purple. [ applause ] the audience erupted at the sight of hillary clinton, as well former president and daughter kmelsy were there.
11:23 am
so many people tried to get close enough during the show to give her a hug, a thank you, a selfie. jordaner is pony was in the crowd. he got a chance to meet hillary clinton. what a night, what a show, first of all, i saw it a couple of months ago. my goodness what a scene to be in the thick of. did you have any idea she was going to be there? >> no, not at all. we were tipped off a couple minutes before the show started there was going to be a major celebrity sitting near us. i said to my partner, what if it's hillary. we went no, and then she walked in. >> you shook her hand. >> yeah, she walked in. the crowd bent berserk. it was so much love and support. and it went both ways. hillary wasn't trying to be private. she was waving back at everybody. hugging people. shaking hands and i got to shake her hand on the way down. then at the intermission i told her what she meant to he moochlt i asked her to take a photo with
11:24 am
me and she happily obliged. it was really remarkable. >> you juxtaposed the scene if you got to be in the thick of with, you know, that hamilton show recently where vice president elect mike pence went to attend. i want to say he was booed by members of the audience. he also got a talking to by that hamilton cast. why do you think the total dichotomy of reaction? >> listen, i think hillary ran on a -- the point of color purple is it's a story about overcoming adversity and racism and sexism. i think hillary clinton ran on a platform of, you know, bringing the country together. i think all of those people responded to it. i think right now we're trying to hold on to some hope. and i think in that moment that's what it meant to people. i think we saw hillary and said, you know, there she is, there is this woman who was trying to bring us together.
11:25 am
and i will say it was also hard for me that although it was an honor to meet her, i wish i hadn't met her. i wish she was planning her -- getting ready for confirmation hearings for her cab net. i think as one of the most qualified people to ever run for the highest office in the land it is an incredible waste that these she is not getting ready to be sworn in in a couple of weeks. >> but she is not. the other guy won. i mean, having seen the color purple recently myself, did you take the message away too, for you, jordan? >> yeah. i did. and i'm going to -- at the end of the show they said, you know, please take this message away and hold it in your heart and try to put a little more love in the world. i looked at hillary at that point. and she was nodding. i certainly will. we are ready to move forward and fight where we need to fight. and keep making forward progress. >> jordan serpone thank you for the time. appreciate it here on cnn.
11:26 am
>> thank you. coming up next, the prosecution and defense both resting their case today in charleston, south carolina, as the penalty phase of that church shooting trial nears an end. what this convicted murderer said today in court. we'll take you live to charleston. plus warning shots fired at sea involving the u.s. navy and iranian boats. the latest from the pentagon when we come back. ever try something so good, you get hungry just thinking about it? at red lobster's big festival of shrimp, get your perfect pair for just $15.99. choose 2 of 6 new and classic shrimp creations, like bold new firecracker red shrimp. exploding with flavor? yeah they are. or try new creamy shrimp linguini, and new sweet bourbon-brown sugar grilled shrimp. flavors like these are big. and for just $15.99, they can't last. so hurry in.
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carolina, the racist convicted of murdering nine worshippers in a church during bible study rested his death penalty case without calling any witnesses. he also did not provide any evidence to convince the jury to spare his life. this after four days of emotional testimony from family members of the victims and a survivor of that mass shooting. let me bring in martin savidge who has been sitting day in and day out in the courtroom in
11:31 am
charleston. what happened today, martin. >> reporter: this death penalty phase of dylann roof trial has been full of surprises. today was another one. it began as expected, with the testimony of the last person to give a victim statement, which was felicia sanders. she certainly saw horror inside of that church. she was one of those who survived. but in that process, she watched her son be gunned down by dylann roof. she watched her aunt be gunned down by dylann roof. she only survived by lying in the blood of her son pretending to be dead while she cuffed her 11-year-old grandchild. those are the kind of compelling and deeply moving statements we've heard throughout. hers is certainly one of the most significant. then essentially what happened is the prosecution said we rest. the judge turns to dylann roof and says do you want to present any witnesses? no. he said, none at all. it was implied maybe he wanted
11:32 am
to make some kind of statement then. turns out, no. instead what he did, to surprise everyone, was he asked to have his attorneys back again. this is the man who said he didn't want attorneys, he would defend himself. now he wants them back. because going on right now out of the earshot of the jury is the charging counsel. they are going to go over the instructions give to the jury. it's technical. he apparently felt yes maybe i do need a lawyer for this. now the next question. will he speak tomorrow? or will his attorneys speak tomorrow? if he does speak in his closing statement, what will he say? his opening statement was less than two minutes. there is still a lot of questions on this one, brooke. >> stunning. no remorse. no attempt to spare his own life. martin savidge, we'll talk again tomorrow. thank you so much. in south carolina for us. just ahead here on cnn, the man accused in the fort lauderdale mass shooting from friday, he is in court today for the very first time. were there warnings that were ignored?
11:33 am
should guns be allowed in checked bags? we will have a bigger discussion about all of that. also ahead, brand-new details about what president obama will say in his farewell address tomorrow night from chicago. and as we are learning, it will include a warning about the next four years. your insurance company
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a u.s. navy destroyer fires three warning shots at iranian boats. the ship firing on these boats as it moved into the persian gulf. defense officials say several iranian attack boats started speeding toward this u.s. ship. this happened at least five times during the course of several hours. the u.s. ship tried to warn them with bells, wistels, smoke
11:38 am
flares but the rannians kept coming. they fired three missiles into the water and finally they stopped. nouk warning it could fire off a long range missile at, quote, unquote, any time. this on the heels of kim jong-un saying it is doving a weapon that could reach the united states. ash carter weighing in. >> their nuclear weapons and ballistic missile defense programs are a serious threat to us f. it were coming -- if it were threatening to us, yes, that is if it's predicted impact. >> or one of our friends or allies. >> yes, we would shoot it down. >> in a statement, north korea also said, quote, the u.s. is wholly to blame for the development of its missile program. but signalled a willingness to open up a line of communication with president-elect trump. so for more i want to bring in the president of the dannial morgan graduate school and the
11:39 am
special american envoy to north korea and served on the national proliferation center. welcome. >> thank you. >> pyongyang appears to be offering trump an avenue for future talks. i have heard you say it is time to sit down with the north koreans. what do you think a sit down between mr. trump and kim jong-un would look like? >> i hope that there would be preliminary discussions before the president sat down with kim jong-un to determine if the north koreans are serious about ultimately dismamgtsing their nuclear weapons program. that's the key, the core issue. if indeed they are serious, and they said they were in 1944 and in 2005 with a joint statement that said they were prepared to disimagine their nuclear weapons program with exchange for security assurances, aid, development, and lightwater reactors. if we can go back to the
11:40 am
decision of 2005, and they are committed to doing it i think sitting down with the north koreans makes imminent sense. >> we know last year north korea exploded its most powerful nuclear war head ever. to put it in perspective, from what i understand this is the equivalent of say 10,000 tons of tn, the detonated deep, deep, underground. how far -- with your knowledge, how far do you think north korea is from developing a nuclear weapon that could actually reach the u.s.? >> brooke, i think north korea has come a significant distance in the last eight years. we've looked at four nuclear tests. we've looked at over 50 ballistic missile launches. they are working on miniaturizing their nuclear weapons. and i believe, and i think a number of others do, that they are able to miniaturize the nuclear weapons we assess they have. >> to make it all the way over here? >> well, it is a question of mating those, if you will, those miniaturized you.
11:41 am
>> clear weapons to missile delivery systems. that's the significance of an icbm launch. if an icbm launch is successful it shows it can reach the continental u.s. it thereof becomes an existential nuclear threat to the united states. very significant. >> how do you think let's say in a matter of days it will be president trump. how do you think president trump will handle if north korea were to test a ballistic missile? >> hopefully, north korea does not test a ballistic missile. hopefully north korea gets the message they should look at coming back to negotiations so they do not launch that missile. certainly any missile coming towards the united states or an allior partner like that is a threat. and i think secretary carter made it very clear that the united states would ensure that that never happens. >> shoot it down. yep. ambassador, thank you so much. appreciate night thank you, brooke. coming up next, new video surface of the shooting at fort lauderdale international airport right there in baggage claim,
11:42 am
the accused killer is appearing in court today for the very first time. there are all kinds of questions about red flags. he himself raised in the past. plus, president obama right now preparing to give his farewell address in chicago. what will his message be to donald trump? mbone! sally! 22! ! tiki barber running a barber shop? yes!!! surprising. yes!!! what's not surprising? how much money david saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. who's next? tech: don't let a cracked windshtrust safelite.plans. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text"... you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most.
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so many families are grieving today. many without their loved ones after that deadly attack inside the baggage claim area of the fort lauderdale airport.
11:47 am
two of them grieving are grandparents, terry andress was about to start a vacation with his wife and celebrate his 63rd birthday. olga weltering was on her way to celebrate her husband's 90th birthday on a cruise when she was killed. today the shooter was told by a judge he could face a death penalty. we have some really disturbing surveillance video. here it is. this was obtained by tmz, showing the suspect pulling out the handgun with his right hand and just starting the shooting the shooting raises questions, how he was allowed access to a gun considering his history. authorities took away his gun two years ago following an encounter with the fbi.
11:48 am
we have the author of crisis of character, which is a book about his time as a secret service agent. thank you for being with me. this broke friday. but we talked about it all this weekend. he was in alaska couple months ago walked into an fbi office, tells them i'm hearing voices in my head, they are telling me to join isis. voluntarily checks himself in for a mental check. they take his gun away. he gets out of the mental evaluation, and he gets the gun back. why? >> yeah. so they determined, brooke, in that evaluation that they -- that he was okay, that they weren't going to deprive him of his second amendment right or his freedom of movement rights in the constitution. so eventually he ends up at the airport. and the video you showed, it is disturbing. and it's very sad. but the system didn't really fail up until -- the fbi did the right thing. he was evaluated.
11:49 am
the system only fade at the point where when he gets to the airport he either has a break with reality or listens to those voices. he takes the firearm into the bathroom allegedly, loads it, comes back out with it hidden in his waist band and you saw him in the video. he commits murder right in front of us. how do you stop that? you know, my experience as an air marshal for 13 years, we put the security heavy on the departure side where everybody comes in at the checkpoints. sometimes we neglect the baggage side. clearly, if there had been some law enforcement there maybe it would have deterred him from doing it or two maybe they could have stepped up and drawn their gun and stopped him. >> sure, it is a soft target. when we were watching this on friday it must be someone who walked into the baggage claim doors with a gun. and we were shocked to learn in fact he had properly filled out the paperwork, checked the gun,
11:50 am
and we see what happened. the next question is, so many people in this country had no idea you could absolutely lawfully check a gun, and ammo. >> yeah. >> do you think that that should change? >> no, i don't. here's how it works, just to give your viewers a better idea. >> sure. >> right now as we speak there are thousands and thousands of people, brooke, there are thousands and thousands of people traveling around the country with firearms in baggage. they are hunters, sportsmen, competitive shooters, gun collectors. the process is you show up at the airplane with an unloaded firearm. you ask for the paperwork from the airline, you tell them what you have. they do this every day. you fill out the paperwork. you show them and or a tsa employee that the firearm is unloaded and you are actually allowed to have some ammunition in -- like one box of ammunition
11:51 am
in with it because it's going into the checked baggage. but the gun cannot be load. so you have an unloaded firearm that's been checked. there may be some ammo or may not be ammo with it. the owner locks it up in front of them and then it goes into the checked baggage. it's happening now as we speak. there is almost never a problem with it. >> until friday in fort lauderdale. i'm sure this is the beginning of many, many more conversations. we've got to go. gary burn thank you for your time it is an important piece to discuss. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> meryl streep calling out donald trump. trump fires back. we'll talk live with someone who says the actress was wrong to go after him. hear why. plus, the trump transition team booting the long time announcer of the inauguration, a guy who has called them for 11 presidents. he says he is heart broken. he joins me live. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company.
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as donald trump prepares to take the white house next week after he puts his hand on that bible, president obama is preparing to deliver his farewell address tomorrow night. and he plans to do so before a packed house in his beloved hometown of chicago. thousands of people, look at, this lining up in the cold early saturday morning to get free first-come tickets. those limited tickets were scooped up as soon as the doors opened. i can tell you in his farewell address tomorrow night we know that president obama will reflect on his eight years. but we are also hearing he will offer some advice along with warnings looking into the future. let's discuss with someone who most the president quite well, former press secretary bill burton. good the see you, bill. >> hi, brooke. >> you are going to be in chicago tomorrow night. i want to get straight to the reporting we're getting from john king saying that president obama will offer his word is admonitions about the challenges
11:57 am
we face moving forward. admonition, warning, what do you think those warnings may be, bill, and how delicate do you think the president has to be in speaking up? >> well, you know, i think it would be fairly unprecedented for a signature president to go after the incoming president in any sort of direct way. i think we probably don't need to anticipate that. i think tomorrow's message, from what i understand from my friends at the white house is going to be very forward-looking. he hopped on the phone with some of us, i think some of this was reported out already, right after the election. and he said, you know, look, this election didn't go the way i wanted it to go, the way a lot of you wanted it to go. but at a certain point we have got to buck up, get back in the fight and did all the things that matter to continue to make progress in this country. i think this is going to be a call to arms for progressives and for the people who supported him and an underlining of the fact that, you know, when ordinary americans come together great things can happen. and that's how president obama got elected.
11:58 am
and that's how change is going to come in these years to come. >> you say call to arms. i know that the president was on abc this week, and he was talking about, yes, he bears some of the responsibility of the unraveling of the democratic party. do you think there is more? hindsight is 20/20, but should he have done more, bill burton? >> well, look, like you said, hindsight is 20/20. i think the president was doing everything he could when he started to stem the economy back up, save the auto industry, wind down two wars. there was h 1 n 1, there were pirates. there was a lot of things going on. he was focused on those things much more than he was focused on the building of the democratic party. yes, we have had big losses across the last decade across the country n. state legislatures, governor's mansions. there is a lot of work that has to get done to turn a corner and
11:59 am
get democrats elected again. i think president obama is going to do a lot of that work as he is going to make very clear what the stakes are. but i think president obama is going to talk about what is the path forward? how do we work together to make sure we protect the gains we have made and continue to fight to continue we make progress. >> i heard you off the top whether or not he would warn. i understand he would never speak ill of the next president, but certainly he will have some sort of message for the leadership of the country moving forward. no? >> i think the most important messages that president obama has for president-elect trump he is delivering personally n their phone conversations and one on one meetings. and i think that those conversations are probably most important in terms of the leadership of our country. thank the speech tomorrow is more going to be a speech to people like me and my friends and all the people who went out there and supported president obama and all the people who are in the middle and all the people who give progressive ideas a chance.
12:00 pm
and it's going to be a path forward and how we can band together and continue the fight on health care, on education, on the environment to make sure that we're doing the things that we need to do to continue to make progress. >> ten seconds. is there any piece of him that wishes he had four more years? or is he so done? >> i'm sure he feels there is more work yet to be done. >> okay. >> i think that he and mrs. obama are going to enjoy not being in the white house. >> bill burton, thank you. safe travel to chicago. >> thanks, brooke. all right. we roll along. hour two. you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. 11 days until donald trump's inauguration. many, many, though are considering though this week the real launch of his president presidency. the president-elect has several major events over the course of the next couple of days including significant confirmation hearings for nine of his cabinet nominees. one, if not the most contention nominee is up