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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 16, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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>> welcome back, you are watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. this is the start the most important week of donald trump's life, starting in a bit of a cloud of controversy controversy, the president-elect now in a standoff with the head of the cia, the leader of one of america's most critical allies, nato. and also civil rights icon and democratic congressman from gentleman, john lewis. moments ago a major development on that front. the president-elect emerging from a meeting with the son of martin luther king jr., his son, martin luther king iii, weighing in on this latest war of words between mr. trump and congressman lewis, who once marched with dr. king himself. mr. donald trump has attacked congressman lewis saying he was,
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quote, unquote, all talk. after congressman lewis said he did not think trump's presidency was legitimate. >> we did have a very constructive meeting. the seminole right of the modern civil rights movement was the right to vote. my father fought so diligently for it, certainly congressman john lewis and many others, jose williams fought for it as well. it is very clear that the system is not working at its maximum. and through an op ed that you may have seen we provided at least a solution to begin to address a broken voting system. that was the dialogue, most of the dialogue that we talked about constructively. we believe we provided a solution that at least will giver everyone an id. >> do you know if representative lewis still has the scars from the march on selma. were you offended by president-elect trump's tweet that accused congressman lewis
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as all talk and no action? >> first of all i believe in the 450e9 of emotion thing get said on both sides. and i think that i am as john lewis is a bridge builder, the goal is to bring america together and americans. we are a great nation. but we must become a greater nation. what my father represented, my mother represented through her life what i hope i'm always trying to do is bring people together. >> let's go to jeff zeleny. jeff, what more do we know about the meeting? what was discussed? was it more than a photoon? >> i think it was more than a photoon because donald trump of course did not come out with martin luther king iii as you saw there. we saw him getting out of the elevator, but then not taking questions. donald trump, clearly, i think did not want this moment to escalate into more questions about john lewis and things. but you her the topics there
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addressed in the meeting, voting rights first and foremost. i think you also heard mr. king saying that, look, he pledged to be a president for all americans, donald trump did, but he said we are going to have to evaluate that. so we know more about the heating right now from what mr. king said. donald trump of course didn't talk about it. his aides so far have not give a read out of the meeting. but i think it is clear that donald trump is aware of the fact that he is entering his presidency here with an issue with african-american voters by and large. and it's something that he wants to be liked. that is something i think we have to keep in mind here as we analyze his presidency. i think this is something he will work on. but the reality is picking a fight with john lewis is not a very good way to start. >> we'll have a conversation about that in a second. but onto the outgoing cia chief john brennan and this paback an forth. the stand off. trump is suggestsing it may have
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been brennan who leaked the unsubstantiated dossier. a tweet. what is going on here? >> we see the president-elect standing off with all the leaders of the intelligence community. and john brennan pushed back quite hard about what donald trump knows and doesn't know and about the fact, this suggestion he is the leaker. let's listen. >> what i do find outrageous is equating the intel juns community with nazi germany. i do take great umbrage at that. and there is no basis for mr. trump to point fingers at the intelligence community for leaking information that was already available publicly. >> john brennan is clearly firing back at this, brooke. the question is four days from now when donald trump inherits this intelligence community john brennan will be gone, of course. but the community still exists. so that is what is a potentially
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worrisome prospect here when the new leader the new president is really at war, at odds with his intelligence officials. it's something we have never seen before, brooke. >> jeff zeleny thank you. joining me now, steve hall, and david andleman, editor emeritus at the world policy journal, cnn opinion contributor and columnist at u.s.a. today. great to have both of you on. david let me begin with you, just on the fact that the tweets from mr. trump implying that john brennan may have the one behind the leak. how -- how dangerous is that? certainly as jeff pointed out, it's unprecedented? >> it is unprecedented. no question any time donald trump tries to drive a wedge between himself and the cia and his intelligence officials that's really bad. but that's only one of a series brooke, of this weekend of tweets and interviews that he did that really have suddenly distanced trump and potentially the united states from alliances
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and friends in europe and all over the world that have gone back generations. so it really is -- he is isolating himself not only in the united states within his intelligence and national security community, but also with people who should be his friends, angela merkel, the western alliance, the nato alliance, and so on. this is a precedent that is very, very dangerous. >> now i want to totally jump on how the public perception of his conversation with build and the times of listen done could impact angela merkel's standing. before i do, steve, to you, still on this -- on brennan and trump. and we know bob woodward. he was on fox news sunday. and he said, you know, trump has every reason to be upset for the release of this dossier. he said i've lived in this world for 45 years where you get things and people make allegations. he said this is a garbage document. and then he goes on, when people make mistakes they should
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apologize. bob woodward is a very well respected journalist. does his paint have merit in your opinion? >> well, there is a lot of questions obviously about this particular 35-page document but it seems to me the response is not to make the kind of di mean, words begin to escape me in terms of outrageous, crazy, whacko comment about the cia being nazi germany or john brennan. i worked with john brennan a number of years. i think he is an honorable guy. i doubt seriously there is any leaking coming from him or the cia. again, it is a the reaction perhaps of a bully with a black eye. we know that trump's sensitivity here is primarily with regard to the legitimacy of his election. so when you poke at that, that's the kind of response that you are going to get. interestingly you don't get a response like that when you start talking about the comments he made with regard to nato and that whole situation, the objects lessens of nato. why would he make comments like
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that? again the mind begins to boggle as to why these comments are coming out of our future president's mouth. >> that interview was rich. talked about nato, talked about russian sanctions and he talked about germany. our long time friend, key figure in the western allegiance. let me play some of this. this is what mr. trump said when asked who he trusts more, putin or merkel. here he was. >> who do you trust more if you talk to them? merkel or putin? >> well, i'll start off trusting both. but let's see how long that lasts. it may not last long at all. >> david, before i even move on, just -- let's just marinade for a second on his response. what did you make of that? putt skpin merkel. >> right. first of all it's extraordinary that he puts merkel and putin kind of in the same basket on an even keel. how is that each possible?
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>> he was asked the question, to be fair, they were put into the same sentence in the question, but still i hear you. >> right. merkel is the foundation of the western alliance. and one of america's great supporters on the continent of europe. and she's facing a very difficult election coming up this year for her future. if she goes down, the stability of all of western upcould certainly be affected. for him to equate and say maybe i'll prefer putin, maybe i'll prefer merkel. we'll see. that is an extraordinary statement to put the two of them in any sense on the same level in the same playing field. strategically or even personally. >> she -- you know, she has had this open door policy with refugees. trump has taken her to task on that, calling her policy a catastrophe. now we have sound. christiane amanpour interviewed secretary of state john kerry, here's his response po what we just played for you. >> well, i thought, frankly, it
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was inappropriate for a president-elect of the united states to be stepping into the politics of other countries in a quite direct manner. and he'll have to speak to that. as of friday, you know, he's responsible for that relationship. >> steve, how would you see this? you know, interfering in that election? david pointed out she has a fight to fight. she is standing. she wants to hold on to her job. but in terms of the u.s. relationship with germany and also public perception on this election. thoughts? >> yeah, that -- the part about the relationship with the united states and germany, and indeed all of europe is absolutely the most important thing. i mean, this is -- this is nothing short of crazy talk, all right? you have got a relationship that has lasted over decades and decades -- and i'm talking about -- i'm thinking from my background an intelligence relationship that has basically thwarted time and time again terrorist attacks against this country. you have nothing like that --
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matter of fact, arguably you have got quite the opposite with russia. qulut you have got the president-elect of the united states saying yeah let me think about this, maybe nato is obsolete. maybe that entire structure with our european allies with whom we have done so much not only on counter-terrorism but on a number of other topics to protect this homeland and let's put him on equal footing with vladimir putin i am at a loss for words. >> jared kushner who we you no know will have a west wing post could broker middle east peace, custom is something that he has no experience in. but he had no experience in helping his father-in-law win a presidential election. we'll see what happens. we have the leave it. we will continue. this is a very important conversation globally, i thank you very much. this coming friday, donald trump of course will become our 45th president. and cnn will have all day live
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coverage from the swearing in to the inaugural address, plus the parade, the balls, and the first couple's first dance. it starts friday morning at 9:00 eastern. coming up here on cnn, a major development today involving the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando. we have now learned that the wife of that attacker has been arrested today in california. those details ahead. also, quote, insurance for everyone. president-elect trump says a plan to replace president obama's signature health care law is nearly complete with the goal of insurance for all. who pays for it? we'll talk about that. and a final chapter for the world series champion team, the chicago cubs. a visit to the white house with noted white sox fan, president obama. how a presidential pardon was involved here. we're back in a moment.
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wis that they contourt tempur-peto your body.s... it keeps us comfortable and asleep at night. start the new year off right with the best sleep of your life. buy your tempur-pedic now for as low as $25 a month and a 90-night free trial. call or click today. welcome back. you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. president-elect donald trump has said he is just about ready to reveal his plan to replace the affordable care act to quote him insurance for everybody. now this is the same refrain has
12:17 pm
has campaigned on and pushed during this interview on cbs's 60 minutes. >> universal health care. >> i am going to take care of everybody. i content care if it costs me votes. everybody is going to be taken care of much better than they are taken care of now. >> the uninsured person? >> right. >> is going to be taken care of? how. >> i would make a deal with existing doctors and hospitals. >> who pay for it? >> the government pays for it. >> insurance for everybody. how will this happen especially since his party opposes bigger government. imjay lee joins me now. what does mean by insurance for everybody? let's start there. >> the truth is we don't know what he means by insurance for everybody. more importantly we don't know how he intends to achieve that. i thought it was telling in an interview. the second graph of that story
12:18 pm
said trump declined to reveal specifics. this is trump in typical trump fashion making big sweeping very ambitious promises. ist he is first saying that more people are going to be covered under his plan. and seg he is saying it's going to be done with less money that people will be paying less for their coverage. it's difficult to imagine how you would achieve that especially when you keep in mind republicans are opposed to bigger government and more government spending. hard to see how they could achieve that without actually spending more money to do that. politically it has huge political ramifications on congress. law make remembers trying to come up with a plan but don't actually have a plan right now in terms of how they are doing to replace what they roll back. >> it seems like they have plans, it's just not one singular unified plan. and that's what -- >> that's right. >> i imagine that's a key piece in making this so difficult for
12:19 pm
republicans on the hill right now? >> right. i think the reality is that repiece and replace obamacare has been a snappy political slogan. it worked very well for the republican party to russian on the slogan for many, many years. getting their party base very refused up saying this is a law that doesn't work and we are going to get rid of it as soon as possible. and you know, keep in mind that republicans have actually moved very quickly during this new congress to get that process started. we saw that procedural vote happen last week. and now they are getting started and writing the actual repeal bill. but i think the big question is whatever they do with the replacement, they are going to need democrats on board, some democrats, because they will not have the filibuster proof process once they actually move on to replacement part. so getting democrats on board on top of getting, you know republicans on board, republicans who are also feeling nervous right now, is going to be a very, very difficult thing to do. >> it was a fight for the democrats. it will be a fight for republicans. you will be in the weeds of it
12:20 pm
i'm sure. m.j. thank you so much. because you know, 20 million people are covered by it and it martz. coming up next here on this mlk day, president-elect trump meets with the son of the late civil rights leader, dr. king's son martin luther king iii there in the trump tower lobby. hear what he had to say about the words back and forth between mr. frump and congressman john lewis. plus, the fbi has arrested the wife of that pulse nightclub shooter. how they say she helped her killer husband commit mass murder.
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i'm brooke baldwin. back to your nows here. the president-elect donald trump just met with son of dr. king. he met with martin luther king iii there in trump tower, who of course, timing here, you can't miss it, whose birthday is nation is celebrating today. this comes as trump is embradenton in a war of words with civil rights icon john lewis. here's what martin luther king iii said after meeting with mr. trump. >> absolutely i would say john lewis has demonstrated that he is action. as i say, things get said on both sides in the heat of emotion. at some point this nation we have got to move forward. people are literally probably dying. we need to talk about how do we feet people, how do we clothe people, how do we create the best education system. that's what we need to be focused on. >> let's start the conversation there with sirles mckinney, a
12:26 pm
civil rights historian and a associate professor of his three at rhodes college in memphis. and you a gene scott, welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> professor, let me begin with you here, of course we would all agree with what mart mart third just said to come wrasse there in trump tower. but you also have congressman lewis, right, who is a civil rights icon, but he is also a democratic politician cowlings the president-elect illegitimate the week before inauguration. do you think he was looking to start something? >> i think he was doing what john lewis has been doing for the last 50 years. right, which is speaking truth to power. when you go back to his speech on the march on washington in 1963 rks he does the same thing. he says where is the political party that will make marches on washington unnecessary. he goes on to say that too often our political -- our politicians are morally compromised when
12:27 pm
they ally themselves with the forces of political, social, and economic exploitation. and so john lewis is a civil rights icon. but let's let's be specific about what that means. that means he cut his teeth and learned from people like ella baker, fannie lieu him aer, people who ought him the essential -- the netty of being able to speak truth to power. so these comments come as no surprise to me. >> all of that to say that we know mr. trump was supposed to be i think at the african-american museum, the new seem on the mall in washington today. instead we saw him meeting with dr. king son at trump tower. but you see how both of them responded, both mr. trump, we can throw the tweets up and how the president-elect has responded. let's play the sound from mike pence. >> for someone of john lewis's stature to lend credibility to the baseless assertion of those who question the legitimacy of this election is deeply
12:28 pm
disappointing. i hope he reconsiders it. >> what did you make of the two responses? >> i think what was most interesting about this entire response is that the president-elect was planning to attend, as you mentioned earlier, the museum today after saying that john lewis was all talk and no action. >> john lewis is all over that museum. >> right. not only is he all over the museum, inside of it, many people don't understand and don't know that in 1988, john lewis is the lawmaker that introduced the bill for that museum to be built. and so i mean you talk about the -- an epic need for a fact check, it will be really interesting to see what happens after this talk with martin luther king iii when he talked about issues related to voting rights, something that john lewis and other lawmakers harped on for a while. >> i'm glad you brought that up. and mark brought up the voting rights last time we were talking. you have called trump's response historical amnesia. what do you mean?
12:29 pm
>> donald trump is operating as if we all just got here, right? he's -- you for example it know. the individual who fed us a year and a half worth of racist birtherism, the person who wants to gut the obamacare, the person who is clearly a proponent of slashing and burning the voting rights act, the person who is on the exact opposite side of so many of those issues that martin thing iii purports to be on, the side of john lewis, right, it is a little bit like we are living in this unreality. right? is and so one of the memes you see going around, this is knots normal. right? so again going back to john lewis, right? lewis's comments are a way of grounding us, are a way of anchoring us to say that yes, this is not normal. we are in a very different political time now, we are in a
12:30 pm
time where we are having an open conversation about not whether or not a foreign nation tampered with our elections but the extent to which they tampered with our elections. so, again, you know, lewis's comments -- 50 years ago people thought john lewis was crazy. 50 years later we saw that john lewis was basically trying to get the constitution enforced. right? he was trying to bring african-americans firmly into the mainstream of american life. this is a very similar dynamic. we are in a situation now where somebody needs to speak truth to power, make the statements and create the space so we can have legitimate actual dialogue and figure out how to move forward. >> you mentioned birther itch. that was a punch in the gut for so many americans. if you look at his zbra he is essentially listening if you didn't accept my president why should i accept you. flipping it around, the backlash that steve harvey received for trying to have a seat at the table, he met with mr. trump on
12:31 pm
friday and the hate he has received from it sounds like his own community has been overwhelming for him. this is what he said on the radio. >> i have an obligation to take a seat at the table when invited. you know, change can only happen when we sit at the table. if we sit at the table, then we can have a say-so on to what's to be eaten on the menu. on a personal note, a lot of y'all hurt me. you really did. i didn't expect the backlash to be so vicious. if i'm going to keep getting stabbed at, then at least while you stabbing me you should understand my intent for each taking the meeting in the first place. it ain't about me and my personal gains. it's only that i care about the inner cities. >> so, you know -- you know, if
12:32 pm
steve harvey would say if you wanted to have a seat at the table, eugene, and then he gets babb lash from his own community, you are damn daed ifu do, damned if you don't. >> i think a bigger concern of the criticism was that if steve harvey, people like ben carson, if people like omarosa are truly invested in usualan policy issues they would recognize their people more equipped to deal with these issues. people were hoping they would get some experts and people who have experience in issues affecting black americans to meet with donald trump. >> it is a important conversation to have especially as we move into the next chapter in our country's history. thank you gentlemen. coming up next, secretary of state john kerry sits down for an exclusive interview with cnn's christiane amanpour. hear why he called president-elect transfer's comments to foreign journalists in a word, inappropriate.
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the widow of that orlando nightclub shooter has been arrested nod san francisco. authorities had long suspected noor salman played a role in the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. her husband was killed last june by a swath team after he opened fire in a popular guy nightclub called pulse, killing 49 people. he had sworn allegiance to isis. let's go to pamela brown. she is our cnn justice correspondent who has been working and got the scoop from the fbi. what was her involvement? >> well, brooke, fbi clearly believes she is complicit and have built this case with evidence proving this point according to the fbi. we're learning that the wife of the pulse shooter omar mateen
12:38 pm
was arrested in california this morning on federal charges of aiding and abetting her husband's attempted material support the isis and obstruction of justice. authorities i have spoken with say she believe they acted of her own free will and knowingly did something to obstruct the investigation. in part investigators believe she didn't tell the truth in some of her interviews with the fbi. and she had claimed she was coerced through her husband's abusive behavior but i'm told from authorities her story didn't stand up. another source i spoke with says the evidence will show that we're going to find out tomorrow in the charging documents that she was come police hit and had to know her husband was going to do something bad. we previously reported that she went with her husband in the week leading up to the mass shouting to scout potential targets. she was with him when he bought the gun that was used in the attack. at the time it was unclear how much she knew about her husband's intentions.
12:39 pm
she claimed she didn't know about his specific plan and claimed she was innocent, didn't have anything to do with it. but we also reported mateen went on a spending spree and bought his wife an expensive piece of jewelry before the attack and changed documents into her name. we have reached out to her attorney. we have not heard back. she will have her first court appearance tomorrow morning. we should also note that her arrest was first reported by the "new york times." >> pamela, thank you. president-elect donald trump slamming nato, calling it, his word, obsolete. he had a joint interview over the weekend with the times of london and the german publication build. this is what mr. trump said. >> i said a long time ago that nato had problems. number one, it was obsolete because it was designed many many years ago. number two, the country's weren't paying what they are supposed to pay. >> his comments. that was just a piece of it. you know, have rattled the alliance with top leaders across the world coming out criticizing
12:40 pm
that remark. but russia siding with the president-elect, slamming nato as confronting aal. let's go to barbara starr at the pentagon. barbara, trump's comments are in direct contribution to his own nominee for defense secretary, general james mattis. what was the global reaction to the comments here? >> here hearingite away from the germans, brooke. and remember germany is one of the u.s. military's closest allies in the world. and the german foreign minister today said there was bekilleder men and agitation about what the president said about nato, that nato as an aalliance is obsolete. it does put mr. trump at direct contradiction with both his incoming secretary of state and with his incoming secretary of defense. let's just go back and minute and listen to what james mattis, the incoming defense secretary had to say about nato at his
12:41 pm
confirmation hearing. >> we did not have nato today we would need to created it. nato is vital to our national interests, and it's vital to the security of the united states. it's vital to the protection of the freedoms of the democracies that we are allied with. >> so it's one thing here if you have a president-elect who says -- has already said that his cabinet secretary shouldn't worry about what he thinks. they should say what they think. you could maybe chalk some of this up to politics. but when it comes to military relations around the world this becomes very serious. because if mattis is out there talking to the nato allies asking for nato asissance fighting in afghanistan, fighting in isis, this is something germany has participated in. trying to work with other countries on counter-terrorism against isis and there is these
12:42 pm
bad feelings they are not too sure what the u.s. stands for, what the u.s. priorities are, if there are confusing signals this is how you get miscalculation in national security and international security problems. and i think most analysts and most u.s. military commanders will tell you that's the big worry right now, mixed signals, and the allies may be uncertain about how committed the u.s. really is. >> barbara, thank you. to a cnn exclusive now. secretary of state john kerry ripping president-elect trump over his comments on nato. as barbara was just discussing and in foreign policy in general. he gave his final interview to our christiane amanpour. >> secretary of state john kerry came into our studios for a final exclusive farewell interview. and he spoke expansively about some of the issues that the obama administration accomplished the iran nuclear deal, the climate deal and many
12:43 pm
other things. he also of course reacted to the trump interview which was done by a british and german newspaper. and he had strong words for donald trump as he put it weighing into other countries' politics, for instance for his comments on the eu and other countries may and should leave the eu. but also calling angela merkel's policies on refuse juice catastrophic. >> i thought frankly it was inappropriate for a president-elect of the united states to be stepping into the politics of other countries in a quite direct manner. and he'll have to speak to that. as of friday, you know, his responsible for that relationship. >> kerry also spoke at some length about the enormous help that the obama administration had tried to give the middle east peace process. particularly how they had stood shoulder to shoulder despite outward persons appearances with the government prime minister netanyahu saying it had given one of the highest leif of aid to israel and had tried over and
12:44 pm
over again to bring peace between israel and the palestinians but that as yet the israeli government, the palestinian leadership have not been able to have a meeting of the minds on that issue. >> christiane amanpour thank you, in london. >> on the topic of middle east peace, president-elect trump said he may put his soirm jared kushner in charge of brokering a deal there. we will take a closer look at the role kushner and his daughter ivanka trump will be playing in the administration. also ahead, a cabinet appointee backing out of her role after a cnn investigation. if you have medicare parts a and b and want more coverage, guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want. no enrollment window. no waiting to apply. that means now may be a
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of tomorrow possible.
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as president-elect donald trump prepares to take office in four days, he is renewing his claim that his social, a political novice, will broker a middle east peace deal. jared kushner, an orthodox jew, is married to trump's daughter, ivanka and has no previous dlptic experience. yet trump is saying yoet yard is
12:49 pm
such a good guy he will conclude an he is reel agreement that no one else can do. has a natural talent, he is amazing. he is a natural talent. gloria borger has a new cnn special report first daughter, ivanka trump. here's a peek. >> in jared, ivanka found a natural connection. they both grew up heirs to real estate empires. one my powerful and controversial fathers. and both were executives in their family businesses. >> they really create a force to be reckoned with. they spend a lot of time thinking, strategizing, plannings, they feed off of each other, their personalities truly feed off of each other. >> ivanka and jared married in 2009 at trump national golf club in new jersey. ivanka converted to judaism that jared grew up with and observes.
12:50 pm
>> it was something that meant a lot for her. but i think it also shows how seriously she took, know, the relationship with jared. and that was something that was, you know, obviously a very big deal >> in march 2016 and in the middle of her father's presidential campaign, ivanka and jared welcomed their third child theodore james. brother to arabella and joseph. >> she is a wonderful mother. she is fierce and devoted. she is up with them early every single morning giving them breakfast and being with them and putting them to bed. >> myself as the father of five young kids, it's really difficult. it's difficult work-wise. it was even more difficult on a campaign where information every five minutes, it's an up and down cycle. >> how does she do that? >> i think the conversion to judaism was a big part of it. observing the sabbath, from friday night to saturday night,
12:51 pm
there are no phones, no computers. i think that was actually probably very helpful. >> wow. gloria is with me now from washington. just talking about ivanka. we know her husband will have a role in the west wing. but whether she has a title or not, her dad listens to her, does he not? >> yeah. he wants her there. it doesn't matter. she may end up with an office in the west wing. she is now, as you know, working on all these child care issue, women empowerment issues. these are things she cares a great deal about. but i do think that ivanka and jared, to a degree, but especially ivanka, will really be a gut-check for her father. that's what the brothers say. and i believe that was the case during the campaign. we saw her and jared -- we saw them get very involved in the choice of mike pence as vice president. >> right. >> i think she'll also be his political antenna around town.
12:52 pm
she will not be tethered to the white house as much. i think they're going to be pretty social. remember, she brought al gore and leonardo dicaprio over to trump tower. >> right. right. >> if she did that, who knows what she can do inside the white house. so i think she is going to serve that kind of a function as well. and above all, brooke, she is loyal. and she protects him, and she will continue to do that, and that is what donald trump says he wants. it's loyal people around him. and who is more loyal than your family. >> what about just quickly ivanka the person. we heard about her brother talking about her conversion to judaism and how that really had a mark on her and her family. her parents' divorce i think was personal for her as well. >> very. you know, and all their adult children talk about the divorce as something that was really seminal in their lives. she was a young girl of like 9
12:53 pm
or 10. her parents' divorce was very public. it was in the tabloids every day. she was followed by cameras, et cetera. her brother, don jr., kind of protected her. but the three kids grew pretty close during that time because they were in the spotlight. and it was an unwanted spotlight. and they remain close to this day. >> we'll watch. gloria, thank you so much. your special report airs tonight at 9:00 on cnn, 8:00 eastern. we have news just in to cnn i want to get to you. the last man to walk on the moon has died. he was the commander of apollo 17 which landed on the moon on december 11th, 1972. he stepped out of the lunar module "challenger" and became the 11th person to walk on the moon. after his left no human person
12:54 pm
ever returned. he was 82 years old. coming up next in one of his final acts as leader of the free world. president obama welcoming the world series champions the chicago cubs. a peek at that coming up. your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around? what if you could love your numbers? discover once-daily invokana®. it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c. a pill taken just once in the morning, invokana® is used along with diet and exercise to significantly lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. in fact, it's been proven to be more effective at lowering a1c than januvia. invokana® works around the clock by reducing the amount of sugar allowed back into the body, and sending some sugar out through the process of urination. and while it's not for lowering
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12:58 pm
this is always so fun to watch. from world series champs to white house guests. today president obama honored the chicago cubs, who, as you well know, ended a 108-year drought when they beat the cleveland indians in the world series. the president admitted, of course, he is a die hard chicago white sox fan but said the first lady has been loyal to the cubs all her life. >> she remembers coming home from school, and her dad would be watching a cubs game. and the bond and the family, the meaning that the cubs had for
12:59 pm
her in terms of connecting with her father. and why it meant so much to her. and i almost choked up listening to it. and it spoke, i think, to how people feel about this organization and that it's been passed on generation after generation. and it's -- it is more than just sports. and that is not just true for flotus. my longest serving aide, anita, is a cubs fan. [ applause ] >> when they -- fan is not enough. when they won, the next day she said, this is the best day of my life. and i said, what about me winning the presidency? what about your wedding day? [ laughter ] >> she was like, no. this is the day. my chief speech writer cody keenan, cubs fan.
1:00 pm
[ applause ] >> in fact, there were a lot of sick days during the playoffs. one of my staff members was caught being interviewed at a bar outside of wrigley, and we're watching him being interviewed. you remember? >> oh, busted! thanks for being with me. "the lead" starts now. thank you, brooke. four days until he becomes president. and donald trump can't seem to stop picking fights. "the lead" starts right now. donald trump escalating his public dispute with the cia, telling one of america's closest allies that she is in a tie with vladimir putin. and telling the nato alliance that it is now obsolete. all within days of his inauguration. thousands of u.s. troops near the russian border, the kremlin calling it a threat. now putin is responding with some military might of his own. plus, the wife