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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  January 17, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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donald trump saying the allegations against -- sorry, vladimir putin saying the allegations against donald trump are to delegitimize or undermine the president-elect. putin was speaking at the end of a press conference with the prime minister of moldova. he also said there was an internal political fight on the way in the united states even after the presidential election there is over. vladimir putin, the russian president, rejected allegations the russian secret services have for years gathered compromising information on donald trump. this was something that the dossier alleged. we did not know, he said, about his political ambitions years ago. just a rich businessman as security services don't chase after every american billionaire, he added. on the allegations of the compromising sexual material on trump, putin said that trump was a man who spent his life with the most beautiful women in the world. why would he need to socialize,
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he says, with russian prostitutes or girls of low social responsibility, as he put it, even though he added to some amusement in the crowd, they are clearly the best in the world. it was quite a frank and quite astonishing series of remarks by vladimir putin, the russian president. putin saying he doesn't know trump. he's never met him. he's got no reason to attack him or to defend him. but he chose this moment obviously just a few days before the inauguration of donald trump to speak out in this way. >> i just want to go back to, you used the word astonishing. as you're listening to vladimir putin saying these things, you've covered russia for a long time, what's going through your mind, matthew? >> it's just a really unprecedented situation. we've got very used to the idea of an american president and a russian president at loggerheads over a whole range of issues in the modern context about nato
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expansion, the conflict in syria, the situation in ukraine. we're on the cusp of what could be a pivotal moment in that relationship. and we've spoken about this a lot. donald trump has repeatedly gone out during his campaign and spoken very positively about vladimir putin. he's spoken about the nato, the military alliance being obsolete. he's spoken about working with russia when it comes to combating international terrorism in syria. this is music to the kremlin's ears. and you get a sense they don't quite know what to make of it, even though vladimir putin made his remarks today. others inside the kremlin and foreign ministry saying we're going to wait and see what donald trump does when he gets inaugurated and becomes the president of the united states. then we'll evaluate our relationship. >> all right, matthew. you stick around because we'll discuss further into the united states. it comes at a cur is time for mr. trump. he faces what may be an unprecedented split with the intelligence community that will
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soon report to him. the cia's director is now pushing back against some of trump's criticism. cnn's jason carroll live outside trump tower with more. >> he's not the only one pushing back at this point. donald trump has made repeated suggestions that the intel community was behind the leaks on that intelligence briefing he got about russia. and at one point, he compared the situation to that of nazi germany. that clearly raised a number of eyebrows. senator john mccain weighing in on this issue saying that that was not the type of language the president-elect should have used. and he really talked about how that type of language really hurts the rank and file within the intel community. >> it helps neither the intelligence community, which has not been infallible. we all know that. although they are vital. and, of course, this kind of
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confrontation cannot be helpful. and i also am worried about the morale of these men and women who labor out of the spotlight in the shadows defending our nation in the intelligence business. >> the outgoing cia director john brennan weighing in on this issue calling the president-elect's comments repugnant. he also said the following. tell the families of those 117 cia officers who are forever memorialized on our wall of honor that their loved ones who gave their lives were akin to na nazis. brennan who served in the cia for some 25 years under presidents clinton and bush and obama. basically saying when these types of things come out, he really draws the line saying that when leaking -- when more is being made about leaking and dishonesty, he says that's where he will draw the line. carol? >> jason carroll reporting live
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from trump tower. let's talk about all of this. jesse burns, associate editor of the hill, brian ballo, history professor at the university of virginia and co-host of "back story." matthew chance also joins me. welcome to all of you. matthew, you just heard what jason carroll reported. are russians abuzz about what seems to be a battle royale between donald trump and the u.s. intelligence agencies? >> oh, yeah. i mean, look, the kremlin is making no bones about this. they are saying that this -- they believe there is this internal political dispute under way in the united states, even though the presidential election is over. and they have said the various measures that the outgoing obama administration have taken was specifically designed, had been specifically designed to undermine the ability of donald trump to deliver on his promises to forge this detente with russia. we're talking about this
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dossier, we're talking about the expulsion of russian diplomats a few weeks ago over the holiday period and the sanctions on russia, the deployment of nato forces in eastern europe as well from the united states in particular. these are all designed, according to the kremlin, to undermine the future prospects of the relationship under donald trump with russia. and so, yes, they are very conscious of this. >> so jesse, once donald trump becomes president, will he change his tune? or will we hear more of the same? >> we haven't seen much indication he's going to relent from this push for warmer relations with russia. obviously going back to even july in that press conference of inviting russia to find hillary clinton's private deleted e-mails. this has been going on for months and he's provided no indication he wants to step away from this push for closer ties. that's issue to the chagrin of a lot of republicans on capitol hill that are still going to have to grapple with that in the
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coming weeks and months because they regard russia and they regard putin as a thug, as they would call him. so that's something that trump is going to be -- continue to be a divisive topic on capitol hill and with lawmakers. >> brian, from an historical perspective. donald trump ran as a republican. some republicans say he's not as a republican but still ran as part of the republican party. some republicans are embracing him with this talk of vladimir putin and russia. this is the party of reagan. so historically, is this just kind of strange at the moment? >> well, it's one of the few things that actually does have a precedent. viewers might remember, if they are old enough, that the republican party used to lean toward isolationism before world war ii, and it shifted dramatically to an internationalist stance after world war ii. it's not as though this can't happen. it's the way it's happening that
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is unprecedented. we, in essence, have a president-elect who is acting like the president before he's even inaugurated, and he is signaling, at least, what his policy changes are on major issues that have been in place for decades via tweet. and that truly is unprecedented. >> that truly is. and you can believe that vladimir putin, among others, are reading donald trump's tweets. matthew, back to you because i think many americans wonder what would a warmer relationship between russia and the united states mean? what would that look like? >> it's a good question. because we're in such unchartered waters, it's difficult to give a clear picture of that. one of the things donald trump has spoken about specifically is the possibility of allying with russia when it comes to the fight against international terrorism in syria. they've obviously spoken about
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this in the past even under the obama administration there were talks, military talks and political talks to see if russia and the united states could combine forces in syria to target military groups like islamic state. that would become -- they weren't able to reach an agreement but maybe they could with a donald trump who is much more amenable to joining forces, as it were, with the russians. donald trump also talking about a nuclear arms limitation treaty and he's spoke ben the possibility of lifting sanctions if russia cooperates in that regard. so we could see a dramatic transformation of the very rocky relationship that we witnessed between russia and the united states over the past several years, in particular. of course, in russia, there's also a consciousness that this could go the other way. donald trump is seen as somebody who speaks pro-russian sentiments at the moment but he's also unpredictable. and that sentiment at the moment which is positive towards russia could change very dramatically and russians are acutely aware
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of that. >> which is interesting because vladimir putin, too, is unpredictable, jesse. >> yeah, absolutely. and even those comments coming out today, you know, seeing both of these leaders on this stage defending each other from respective criticism in their own countries and kind of going to bat for each other before trump is even in office. this is a very interesting, really remarkable thing to be witnessing. of course, once trump comes in and takes the oath of office going forward, he's emphasized the fight against isis and on the international stage. that's one area where a lot of american voters still are deeply skeptical. a majority are very skeptical that he will actually be effective in the fight against isis. if he's going to push against that and try to make a stronger, more aggressive position on that, he views russia as a potential ally in that. >> can history tell us anything about two unpredictable leaders
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with a nuclear arsenal? >> the first thing that comes to find is nixon and khrushchev meeting in a kitchen in moscow in the late '50s and debating really who had the best economy and who could serve consumers the best. we're hassing for a debate about who has the best prostitutes if we're listening to vladimir putin. but, yes, history can tell us that, yes, once individuals, once president-elect trump is president, he is going to be far more subject to the bureaucracies that serve him and the laws that somewhat limit his discretion, although not so much in foreign policy. >> all right. i have to leave it there. matthew, brian, jesse, thanks so much. still to come -- donald trump heads to washington today, and he's lugging some extra baggage. dismal new poll numbers and a growing number of democrats snubbing his big day. g me? splenda naturals? look, she's sweet, she's got natural stevia,
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president-elect trump heading to washington just three days before he's sworn in facing historic low approval ratings and a growing number of democrats boycotting his inauguration.
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more than half of americans disapprove of the way mr. trump is hand ling the presidential transition. only 40% approve. mr. trump falls far behind his most immediate predecessors. they all had support above 60%. trump also facing a growing boycott among lawmakers. nearly 1 in 5 house democrats say they will not attend trump's inauguration on friday. cnn political director david ch chalion joins us from washington with the numbers. >> that boycott number growing. and it's not so much just that they're not showing up at the inauguration. it's that these members are coming out publicly and saying they're not showing up in boycott, in vocal opposition to donald trump taking the oath of office and becoming the 45th president. we'll continue to see if that number grows as the week goes on. >> you know, i think that -- is
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it really a good idea for so many democrats to boycott this inauguration? the cnn/orc poll shows this wide partisan divide between republicans and democrats and it just seems to be getting larger and larger. doesn't this add to that? >> it does somewhat. in fact, there's that poll number that just asks, do you think donald trump is going to do a good job as president or a bad job as president? and you can see how evenly divided the country is. 48% to 48% in our new cnn/orc poll. but i think what you are seeing in this boycott is sort of the end of the notion of a coming together, giving the new president this sort of honeymoon. the historic lows that you mentioned at the top, 40% approval and you put up that historical approval. he is more than double barack obama had arpproval at 84%. now you see donald trump.
7:18 am
not even george w. bush's 61% approval and that came after a hotly contested tied presidential election and a 36-day recount. this is an historic low and gets at donald trump's handling of the transition which seems to be a squandered opportunity. he talked on election night about bringing the country together. they have made unity the theme of the inaugural but that's not in how americans are seeing these last couple of months of this transition period. donald trump is not only not able to pull over democrats, but he's even losing a little bit of support since november from some of the core groups that helped get him elected. he has his work cut out for him and unlike other starts to presidencies that we've seen, carol, i think this is really important to note. the wind is not at his back. he now enters without running room to sort of get that first 100 days agenda going. he now enters facing some
7:19 am
political headwind needing to prove his meddle on the job right away rather than a little bit of running room to get out the door and get that agenda going. >> david, stay right there. i want to bring in other voices to this conversation. jesse burns is back. so is brian. i talked about the partisan divide and have some numbers to demonstrate that. i'll throw that question to you, jesse. so 80% of republicans approve of trump's handling of the transition. 8% of democrats feel the same. it's just like a huge chasm. when asked if donald trump will do a good job as president, 93% of republicans say yes. but only 14% of democrats think he will. i mean, what can donald trump do to overcome these numbers, jesse? >> well, they definitely do look daunting initially. and this is, obviously, coming off a bitter presidential election and traditionally after a few weeks, a couple of months you can move on. but that's not the case now.
7:20 am
we're seeing that with the inauguration and all the surrounding protests. it seems that there's even some enthusiasm for that compared to some of the events surrounding the actual inauguration. this will be something where he's going to have to -- coming into office realize he's got these different constituencies of trying to be the president for everyone. but he does have a very tough road ahead in terms of having to work with members of congress on both sides of the aisle, realizing that he doesn't have a lot of support on one side and is going to have to win that over. >> so brian, the divisions aren't just by party. we're split in nearly every way. geographically, gender, racially, education wise. his approval numbers of 30 points higher among rural voters. 20 pountss higher among men and 20 points higher among whites. what does that mean in terms of governing? >> it means trump has to be more
7:21 am
proactive in reaching out to some of the constituencies that probably did not vote for him. and i think it explains why his numbers, approval ratings, are at an all-time low during this transition period as your other guests have suggested. this is traditionally a honeymoon period but it takes two to honeymoon. what donald trump has failed to do is actively reach out to some of the very people who are at least skeptical, if not the people who have clearly opposed him. >> carol, we should note -- >> sorry. >> john mccain was on "new day" this morning and his analysis was spot on when asked what's behind these historic lows approva approval. john mccain says donald trump has been chasing everything, starting a fight here, getting on twitter and whether it is meryl streep or the intel
7:22 am
community, it has been a transition period that's been contentious in nature and donald trump, according to john mccain, has been sort of distracted by all of these things he's chasing. i think that does have some bearing here to look at why since we immediately asked these questions after the election in november, why even since then we've seen this slide. it's because in large part of the way donald trump has been conducting this period of time, this transition period. >> the question -- i'm glad you says that because i want to ask you this question as well. so it seems that donald trump really isn't interested in uniting the country. for example, he's tweeting about john lewis. like why not just let it go but he's slamming him again on twitter. that doesn't do anything to unify the country. >> he says he is interested in unifying the country. the reports out there about some of the themes of his inaugural
7:23 am
address suggest he might hit that theme. but you're right. i think that runs in conflict with not letting anything go. we've seen a total inability of donald trump, or lack -- complete lack of desire to just let certain picture goes by on the eve of you becoming the 45th president of the united states. you can let some of these go by but that is not in donald trump's nature which adds to this notion of chaos or contentious period during this transition. >> david chalian, jesse byrnes. new polling as we just showed you shows a divide in america. it's growing deeper. can donald trump bring the u.s. together as one, despite our conversation? a longtime friend of the president-elect joins us next to talk about that.
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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. the partisan divide in this country is at epic proportions. a growing number of democrats boycotting the inauguration. major protests planned. but one man is trying to bridge the gap. his name is tom barrack. he's trying to bridge the gap. he encouraged mr. trump to go to mexico to talk about that wall. and he fields call with trump with worried ambassadors and investors. i'm joined by president-elect donald trump's longtime friend and the chair of his presidential inaugural committee. welcome, tom. >> great to be here.
7:29 am
>> nice to have you here. you've known mr. trump since 1994. what would he make of these poll numbers? >> well, i think he's pretty much disregarded polls. and i think what you see happen in the campaign as the polls were, at best, inaccurate and pretty useless. so i think he's just concentrating on saying, look, let me get back to work. approval ratings, people can vote with their feet once i'm in office. i'm the president-elect so the approval of what i'm doing now in transition is pretty irrelevant because the facts are not very evident. >> well, i ask you this because these poll numbers seem to bear out in light of what's happening as mr. trump's inauguration approaches. close to 40 democrats will stay at home. a slew of performers have backed out of performances. i'm talking about jennifer holliday because of the reaction from her fans. bruce springsteen cover band, the b-street band. they wanted to be respectful of mr. springsteen's politics.
7:30 am
rebecca ferguson backed out over a dispute over what to sing at the inauguration. we saw a member of the mormon tabernacle choir singer quit because she didn't want to perform for mr. trump. that doesn't really speak to unity, does it? >> most of those facts are wrong. the good thing is i'm not an agent, i'm a -- y they are. bruce springsteen was never offered a position. >> the b-street band. >> i'm not here to argue over celebrities. we have the best three celebrities. presidentobama, donald trump and washington. the rest of this is the beauty of the system. god bless america that we can have an inauguration. we're not talking about a candidate. we're talking about the president of the united states. we can have grown representatives of their constituencies who are elected in order to abide by the laws of the united states say i'm not
7:31 am
going to participate. it's the beauty of the country. nowhere else could this happen, and could those nonparticipating politicians stay in office. so i think it's great. the protests are great. i think people coming here is great. i think the debate is interesting. the man now is president of the united states. the debate is over. everybody needs to grow up. we can only be attacked by the inside, not by the outside, and it's time for america to join together. and that will happen over the first 100 days of this president-elect's who will then be president's regime. he's made the best transition picks. these men and women are first class. washington is -- >> before we get into this. i want to talk more about unity. i think it's mrpimportant to un the country. and it doesn't seem as if donald trump has reached out in any way to unify. he is still counterpunching, fighting back, still not letting things go. so how does that kind of thing
7:32 am
promote unity in the country? >> well, look, it's in little pieces and i agree. it's difficult taking things out of context. let me give you an example. the diplomatic corps in washington has felt unattended for eight years. and it's not president obama's fault. it's just the way that it happened. so this president-elect said the first thing i want to do is give a touch of my cultural sixth sense to this diplomatic corps and a tribute to them. so tonight the first dinner of the week is really for them, for the diplomatic corps taking place at the mellon building, the site at which nato was signed by harry truman. so that sensitivity of uniting starts with unwrapping chapter one, which is -- would you like to see my cultural adaptation and concern for foreign policy? here's where we start by tributing those of you who are in this art of diplomacy. and the week unrolls that way.
7:33 am
all i'm saying is he's not yet the president. this has been the most unbelievable president-elect cycle known to mankind. >> are you saying his rhetoric and his twitter habits will change after he's inaugurated on friday? >> no, i don't think they need to change. his rhetoric and twitter habits got him elected. what we're not seeing in the news feed is the rest of america who are cheering for this man saying whatever it was, we need some change. not that president obama was bad. not that the 535 congressmen and senators are bad, but what we've had needs to move off center. he's moving it. and if he moves it with twitter, so be it. it's been effective for him to date. >> i know that you have tried to invite different voices into the tent. you've tried to unify the country through donald trump. we've seen leonardo dicaprio come visit donald trump, kanye west, martin luther king iii
7:34 am
come and visit mr. trump. democrats, though, suspect this is kind of all for show. can you tell us anything concrete that has come out of these meetings? >> yeah, it's a great question, carol. and, honestly, my heartfelt belief is that if people understood how much this man listens, the trepidation would dissolve. and lenardo dicaprio happens to be a great friend and the ambassador for global warming at the united nations. and he was very skeptical with what was going to happen in the administration. and quite honestly, i was sit with him. why don't you tell the president-elect yourself? he said really? i said yes. i got him on the phone. he and the president-elect had a discussion. the president-elect says i'm open to listening to all points of view. this was really about the paris treaty and what's going to happen. and so a dialogue started.
7:35 am
leonardo representing a point of view that's very important for him to adapt to. a regime which may have been resistant to it. but what we need is the dialogue. and he's a pragmatist. he is a deal doer but he's very smart and very attentive to people. i'm just hopeful that over time, we unwrap his ability to listen and adapt to the constituency that hasn't supported him. and i promise you, he's intent on doing that. he's going to do the things the constituency that supported him asked you to do. it's the constituency -- >> i've got to tell you, though, tom, n it's nice to see him speaking and listening to people with different points of view. but a lot of people in the country right now are scared. they're anxiety ridden. they want to hear something from him that says to them that, you know what? it's going to be okay. the country is going to be fine. i'm going to get a grip on foreign policy. i'm going to deal with russia in an effective way. people want to hear these things
7:36 am
from him. instead, we're just hearing from the combative donald trump. the, i'm always right donald trump. >> look, here's what i would suggest, and i understand it, and honestly, i'm trying to be a voice of just saying let's just take a time-out. rex tillerson, general mattis, mike flynn, katie mcfarland, his entire team are first class professionals that have very soft and steady hands on all the issues people concerned with. let's just allow him to get his team in place and define a plan that the foreign policy public can then digest and let's see what happens. but let's just unite for america for a moment this continued political bander, and i understand the feeling is that the president-elect himself is fueling this because he continues to be adversarial on
7:37 am
issues he's concerned with. >> he's entrenching americans in their camp. that's what he's doing. don't you think? >> look, i don't think he's entrenching americans. i think with 144 characters, it's a very difficult for americans to get a feel of what's the emotion around these comments. and that is the issue. switching from candidate to president, 144 characters may not be enough. so what i'm hopeful for is once he actually becomes president, at 11:23 on friday, that a different -- not a different donald trump, but a different interpretation of all of the policies that he has through his great cabinet and team will then start calming and settling nerves as well as defining bright lines. i really -- i tell all my friends and i'd like to tell you, everybody just show up. whether you like him or don't
7:38 am
like him, this transition of power, this moment where president obama leaves the white house at 11:00 and president trump shows up at 3:00 doesn't happen anywhere else in the world. we should pay tribute to the place, to the democracy and the ability that we have to criticize it all. >> all right. i have to leave it there. tom barrack, thanks so much. oh, wait, tom, before you go. can i ask you about the weather? my executive producer really wants to know because it's supposed to be very rainy on inauguration day. >> i have great news for you. cnn has the best meteorological program in the world. i was just consulting with all of your people and they promise me that cnn will dictate no rain, 55 degrees, beach chairs, suntan lotion. it's going to happen. please, just show up. >> we will show up. but do you have a contingency plan? >> yeah, we do. we have a contingency plan not for rain because rain, if it's not cold, is actually okay.
7:39 am
if you remember, president reagan had to move into the rotunda. and we have a contingency plan like that for him. but leonardo is trying to intervene on global warming to make sure it's sunny for him so he can have a better dialogue. >> you're funny. thanks so much. i do wish the cnn weather people could control the weather, especially here today in new york. thank you, tom, for being with me. i'll be right back. with new hers bursting with argan oil of morocco and notes of jasmine sure to put more life in your hair and your head. new herbal essences let life in"
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new confirmation hearings this week bringing new controversy. eight cabinet level nominees will be in the hot seat. up today, interior secretary pick ryan zinke, betsy devos, but it's the man donald trump tapped to get rid of obamacare
7:44 am
that's raising serious concerns. manu raju live on capitol hill with more. >> hey, carol. before wednesday's hearing for mr. price, already getting lots of controversy for shares that he, tom price, actually purchased in health care companies while serving as a congressman from georgia. those health care shares coming at the same time pushing legislation on health care issues. the most recent controversy, impurchasing up to $15,000 of stock in a medical device manufacturer. at the same time as pushing legislation that would delay key medicare rule that would actually have hurt the medical device manufacturer zimmer biomed had that medicare rule been taken effect. after the publication of our report, trump's campaign pushing back saying that this controversy was much ado about nothing. only a small amount of stock and they say a number of the shares were purchased through a broker.
7:45 am
now one element of this is that mr. price held on to shares in that medical device company even after that bill was introduced last year. but now that he's poised to become health and human services secretary, if he's confirmed by the senate, he's now promising to divest from that company. a sign he recognizes the conflicts of interest that it could present if you continue to hold on to that stock. donald trump has tapped tom price to be the top man on the hill to replace obama care but a number of hill republicans are telling me they're not clear yet on what donald trump is proposing. trump himself telling the post this week that "washington post" this week that his plan would ensure that everybody gets health insurance. a number of republicans say they don't know what he means by that plan. they are saying they want to actually focus on reducing cost, not necessarily expanding coverage. so a lot of confusion on capitol hill. and what donald trump wants to do and what the hill republicans
7:46 am
want to do and one note, mike pence, the vice president-elect up on capitol hill today to meet with members of congress. perhaps they can start to unify behind their plans for obamacare, repeal and replace, but right now, they're not quite clear on what the next step is. >> manu raju reporting live, thank you. still to come in the "newsroom" -- >> when you hear the word feminist -- >> that kind of makes me cringe. i personally don't think of myself as a feminist. >> that final glass ceiling for women remains intacts. i sat there with a diverse group of accomplished women to talk about feminism today. and whether a woman will ever sit in the oval office. that's next. . and together, you had the kid of your dreams. now you can put them in the car of your dreams... for a lot less than you might think. with a certified pre-owned mercedes-benz, you can enjoy legendary safety, innovation and performance at a price you can afford. and that's a pretty sweet dream.
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this saturday, hundreds of thousands of women will converge on the national mall to send a message to president-elect donald trump. we're here. we're watching you, and we're ready to fight back. the truth is, the state of sisterhood at the time of trump is confusing. some women are crushed. they say trump's whip is a step back for equal rights. others, not so much. i spoke with women from across
7:51 am
the political spectrum about the ultimate glass ceiling left unshattered. when you hear the word feminist -- >> that kind of makes me cringe. >> that word has an incredible bad rap. i've even seen women get caught up when they're asked, are you a feminist? i don't think of myself as a feminist. >> a feminist can mean so many different things. >> i consider myself someone who works incredibly hard. does not matter about my jnder. >> feminists would say that's the definition. >> i just don't like that word. >> is it time to dispense with the word feminist? >> oh, no, no. i think people need to get over the misperceptions about what the word means. >> i think the word feminism became defined in ways a lot of women don't want to be defined. they don't want identity politics. >> how would you describe the state of women today? >> i think it's hopeful.
7:52 am
slowly recovering. i woke up election day, i'm never going to have a female president in my lifetime. >> i think we're waiting to see what's going to happen next to see how quickly roe v. wade is going to be overturned. >> some say we have a high tolerance of sexism in this country. >> oh, we do. we are one of the only developed nations that has never had a woman president. >> there were a lot of other factors that played into hillary clinton not winning the election. you know, there were a lot of big stories that she had to grapple with. so i don't know if we can exactly look at the results and say america can't elect a woman. >> do you think that we'll see a woman president in our lifetime? >> i don't know. never say never. i hope so. >> there's hope for it in that it will come around. it really will. we had our first black president. he served for eight years. i don't think she was the best person, despite the fact she was
7:53 am
a woman. >> were you surprised that hillary clinton didn't have more female support? >> yes and no. i think white women were more invested in protecting their whiteness than womanhood. they weighed their options and decided to go with power. >> some say since the majority of white women voted for donald trump that all those terrible things he said about women were okay with them. >> i think a lot of people voted with the issues in mind and maybe turned a blind eye to some of those other comments. >> there are things that donald trump has said that i didn't agree with. >> so in your mind you could ignore those things? >> i could, and i did. that's why i voted for him. >> it's just depressing to me that it's still a man's world. >> the power in the world does rest in the hands largely of men. we still don't have, do we, very many women global women ceos. we still don't have on corporate boards 50% participation by
7:54 am
women. >> more women need to enter congress and the senate. more women need to be governors. >> i think what you'll see over the next four to eight years is more women say enough. i'm not going to do work and not get equally played. i'm not going to fight about reproductive rights over and over and over again. >> what action do you think mr. trump will take to assuage these women's fears? >> i think he already has taken some great action. some of the people he's appointed are sensational. >> like? >> i think lind macman. elaine chao, betsy devos, kel ann c lyanne conway. >> we need him to shoot down the things he's said in the past and say those aren't things i stand behind. i don't stand behind the bigoted remarks i've made. >> do you want to hear that in his inaugural address? >> here's hoping. i think we all want to hear
7:55 am
that. >> we do. we don't yet know what the trump administration will achieve, we do know that one of his closest confidantes has been and will be his daughter ivanka who says these passionate about fighting for wage equality, child care. i know one thing, women from all different spectrums will be watching and listening. finally today, spotted in washington, a moving van outside of the new home of the obamas. it's in the kalarama neighborhood where they plan to stay until their younger daughter finishes high school. but they'll not be heading there friday after the inauguration. the president will travel to palm springs. he says he and his wife michelle have, quote, some catching up to do. he's also looking forward to not setting an alarm. i can relate to that. that's for sure. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "berman and bolduan" after the break.
7:56 am
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hello, everyone. i'm john berman. kate is off today. so much for a honeymoon. the transition is normally a time the government, the country, the world, warms up to the incoming president. he has that glow of victory, that sense of expectation, that new car smell. this morning after a 2 1/2-month whiff of the donald trump transition, people are saying they're not sure they like the scent. we have live pictures from washington right now. that's the west front of the capital. as the president-elect prepares to head to washington today, european leaders are anxious that alliances might be abandoned. china is angered that traditions will not be respected. more than 50 democrats in congress are skipping the inauguration. and this morning the american people are saying they are not impressed. not yet at least. donald trump will take office as the least


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