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tv   New Day  CNN  January 19, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PST

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>> this is a job of such magnitude that you can't do it by yourself. >> it's going to be an amazing weekend. it's going to be something special. >> we're committed to keeping promises to the american people. >> nato is an alliance we will keep. >> nato has a way of fighting back. >> no one is interested in pulling the rug out of anyone. we have received efforts in a way that ties their views from the american people. >> do you believe that global warm as good a hoax? >> i do not senator. >> so donald trump is wrong? >> good morning. welcome to your new day. we're live in washington d.c. this is really happening on your screen. that was the sunrising behind the u.s. capitol. washington d.c. is such a beautiful city. i am struck by it every time i
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come back here. this of course is where donald trump will be sworn in tomorrow as the 45th president of the united states. the president elect hoping most of his cabinet nominees will be confirmed on day one. >> senate democrats have something to say about that. they're trying to slow down the confirmation profecess because ethical concerns facing several of mr. trump's nominees. all of this about the trump's administrations readiness to run the nation's federal agencies. we're just a day away from the inauguration. let's get to our coverage. we have cnn live on capitol hill. >> good morning to you, chris. president elect donald trump is pushing for his cabinet nominees to be confirmed quickly. republicans up here on capitol hill they want 7 nominees to be confirmed on friday just hours after donald trump is inaugurated. but senate democrats here are threatening to push the breaks on this saying that they will not rush this and really threatening saying that
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republicans here are trying to jam these nominees through. >> senate republicans push for confirmations of seven of the nominees on the first day in office. >> republicans are trying to rush through the hearings. they don't want people to know the true views of their nominees. >> focussing on ethics concerns of three of trumps picks in hearings. >> everything has been above board, transparent and legal. >> the nominee for health and human services tom price about stock purchases that could have benefitted from legislation he proposed during his time in the house. >> i know nothing about those
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purchases. >> diverse identified portfolio while staying clear of the six companies directly affected by your work. >> i didn't have any knowledge of those purchases. >> it's a very narrow specific company that dealt with implants. >> he puts it in the week after he buys the stock and cries out for an investigation. >> trump's choice to head the office of management and budget facing scrutiny after admitting he failed to pay $15,000 for payroll taxes for household employees and department of commerce nominee admitting that he unknowingly employed an undocumented immigrant. meantime trump's pick to head the environmental protection agency drilled on his views on climate change. >> why is the elect did not -- o
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be the ambassador with nations questioning russia's agenda and showing support of nato. >> that's how an administration works. you surround yourself with people that don't just say yes to what you think. >> today on capitol hill two more confirmation hearings are scheduled. rick perry for energy secretary and steve for treasury secretary and today the president elect donald trump will nominate former governor of georgia sonny perdue to be the potential next agriculture secretary. this officially marks the last pick for trump's cabinet. >> thank you very much.
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>> in a few hours the president elect will make the move from new york to washington ahead of the inauguration. how is he preparing? what's the latest? >> good morning. he'll be doing it on a military jet. not the trump jet that we have seen him fly so many times in the past but even as he heads to washington d.c. there's still some questions about whether or not his transition team is ready to meet the challenges that lie ahead. this after cnn has learned that particular team has been slow to interact with obama's national security council. the council has prepared a number of briefings and memos and it's unclear if team trump even read them. there's similar concerns at the state department. having said that trump spokesperson is saying they're
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ready to go. also noting that the deputy national security advisor has met with her counter part on many occasions. mike pence also pushing back on that saying their team is ready to go. ready to take on the challenges. ready to take on obamacare. >> i think you can expect that a president donald trump is going to hit the ground running on day one come monday morning and the first week there will be a series of executive actions. putting executive orders into place and repealing some executive orders and continue to work energetically with the congress to repeal and replace obamacare. >> well, pence says repeal and replace but still no specifics on exactly what they would replace it with but pence says it will be coming shortly. looking ahead to the president elect's speech his inauguration speech, some of the themes that he'll be touching on. some of those themes will be including job creation,
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defeating terrorism and americans common goals. allison, chris? >> all right jason, appreciate it. let's discuss. let's bring in cnn political commentator and senior writer for the federalist. cnn political analyst david gregory. cnn political analyst and washington bureau chief. and cnn political commentator and senior contributor at the daily beast matt lewis. >> if you weren't so accomplished he could catch his breath. you have taxes in there and jeff sessions and history and the first and most important issue. it may be the optics and the
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tone and is any of it enough to overturn the nominations in your opinion? >> that's the real question and the answer is likely no because democrats disarmed themselves by getting rid of a filibuster and so now you only need one for each of these. so schumer can push the time line but that's the power he has. they don't have that much power anymore because they did it to themselves. >> now the tables have turned. i get it. i understand that procedural issue but just an ethical issue why don't republicans seem to care anymore about somebody taking advantage of tax laws or having an undocumented immigrant in their home as a worker? why don't republicans -- why reason those deal breakers anymore. >> well, look, part of it is the fact that we are now very tribalistic and the nation is polarized and the nation goes out you stick with your team, right? so some of it is just pure partisanship and i would also say some of it is democrats
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playing politics and this is a show, they're putting on a show and you dig into somebody's background and stuff enough you'll find some stuff. >> he said what's good for the goose is good for the gander. >> yeah, chuck schumer who, by the way, supported the wall street bailout while taking money from bankers. so there's a lot of hypocrisy. >> you're saying everybody is dirty so the rules don't apply. >> i think we're now in a state of politics where you stick with your team. i'm not saying that it's good for america. the one example could be tillerson where you could have, rubio and mccain and lindsey graham standing up against him. otherwise i don't see any attrition at this point. >> hot button issues, russia being one and we see that the president elect has tension with republicans over russia so is vladimir putin a war criminal? you heard it from mccain and rubio and that's not where the administration is. it could be a real problem for
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him and you may see in the days to come that more republicans have a hard time with it and this is tough because he becomes such an important person in trying to figure out what they're going to replace obamacare with if they repeal it so there's a lot ridin on these things but there's no question whether it's not paying your nani or having an illegal immigrant in your home. >> i thought what was more problematic is he wasn't able to and ask about obamacare. that was very different than saying everyone is going to keep their health care which is what pence and donald trump said. >> it's also a defined term from coverage. you could get a plan. not you definitely will have a plan. >> you shouldn't say that everyone will keep their plan.
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it was a lie the first time and it would be a lie this time. >> let me ask you something, okay, go get the votes, maybe on tillerson. but this is about who you are and what you're about. unless congressman price can bring out his broker who says i can show you this was blind and he didn't know and here's why i made the choices of these very specific companies that do very specific things. absent that there is really, that i see, he said it's above board and ethical and legal and transparent. it is at best two of those. the laws are a joke and transparent because he put out his holdings and it was there for everyone to see. >> why do you say it's legal? the stock acts prevents lawmakers. >> they changed the laws and he's not getting caught up in that in terms of what he did with his stock but even if it's
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okay. even if it's that he had the right to do it, is it right for a bill to get pushed but if this doesn't stink nothing stinks. you're okay with this. >> you can be charitable and say this is not best practices. this does not look good. it's the appearance of conflict of interest and i think the broker information is important. this is why i bring it up. they have to concentrate fire on someone they can get six votes against. that's why the tillerson part of this is so interesting and the rubio part. they can't spread out and take down every single person over every single issue. >> why would the republicans -- why would the republicans okay putting him off? why was trump okay saying i know about this thing and i'm all right with this? >> we have to go back to something we said earlier. you have a president, an incoming president that didn't want to share his tax returns.
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doesn't see fit to die vest himself from his assets. something his billionaire friend was willing to do. >> price was important and instrumental and if barrack obama had kept tom dashel the whole obamacare roll out could have gone differently. tom price is one of the people on the republican side that despite the testimony. >> they might be willing to take the hit on him. >> they need him to make this work. >> betty devos is also not going as well because the democrats feel that she doesn't know about public education. what is going to happen there. >> i have no reason to think she's not going to get confirmed. she wasn't able to answer basic questions and none of her children went to public schools. no one has ever taken out a student loan in her immediate family. that's problematic but this goes to and i don't mean to say scoreboard but elections have
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consequences and donald trump said he was going to appoint someone to several of these agencies that was going to shake it up and she is a prime example of that. >> we've seen a movement here that's bipartisan around accountability and around challenging public schools. and she'll be a lightning rod. >> thank you. great to talk to you. >> as allison says every day, three hours ain't enough so tomorrow new day will begin an hour early tomorrow for the inauguration. >> finally. >> we will be here live in washington starting at 5:00 a.m. eastern. i hope you are. >> sometimes dreams do come true. meanwhile the senate democrats are ready to grill two more of mr. trump's cabinet picks in hearings today. so how many of the picks will actually be confirmed? by the time he takes office?
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trump's treasury secretary nominee and energy secretary nominee rick perry face senate hearings today. let's discuss this state of readiness. congressmen pete sessions and he is the chairman of the house rules committee and joins us now. >> thank you very much. good morning. as. >> as of noon on the 20th they're ready for the trump administration to get to work. >> first of all, mr. trump has picked a great cabinet and they're effective and they know what they're doing and they have a vision. they are going to work with the president, with congress, we're going to have not only a plan but we're going to sell to the american people the things that we do.
4:20 am
no more have we been able to fine out what's in there. no more passing the bill to fine out six years later it's a very understandable, direct group of people that understands their mission and what we're trying to accomplish. the cabinet is going to be ready and the american people want progress now. the things that we touch, we're going to own. because we're going to own them we need to do it well and the american people will see that we're prepared and ready. >> i'm concerned that a lot of the less flashy positions in different agencies aren't filled yet. not a concern to you? >> well, they will be. it will take a little bit of time. you have to get the main positions. >> let's talk about some of that. you always approached this in a very principled fashion. there was a time when not paying an in or any kind of tax issue would get you thrown out.
4:21 am
even tom couldn't be saved by the democrats and now you have two of them like that. why the change. >> i'm not sure i'm okay with it. >> it doesn't mean every single person in the vetting process but if they paid the taxes, even if they maybe found out someone was not honest with them, that's different than not paying their taxes. paying the taxes and attempting to follow the law is the key to the entire matter. >> all right. so you got to dig a little more there but that's almost an argument to delaying processes until more information can come and it seems that trump and co doesn't want that to happen. >> fair questions and the american people need to know we're following the law and we expect them to also. >> even if it extends the process. >> even if it extends the process. >> it's got to be done because the american people have to have confidence in what we're doing. >> that's true. >> people that are making decisions have to be open about that. >> no question about that.
4:22 am
>> proof that he is totally blind and i made these choices and here's why i invested in these unusually discreet companies that do unusually specific things that had a direct connection to legislation that come upright after purchase. boy does this stink this situation. >> it's worthy to look at in the evaluation process. >> how it today out to that bill
4:23 am
with democrats but just days after the purchase. >> what i would say to you is you should ask the questions. he should be required to put it in writing and you should be able to offer it and make sure that that's correct. i know tom price. i have known tom price for 50 years. he's an above board honest straightforward guy but every single issue must be vetted and looked at and i'm for that and i think whatever tom tells you can prove it. >> with tillerson, questions are obviously about was the coziness of the relationship that made business work well that could have compromised your feeling on it. >> i know rex tillerson well. i represented him at the congressional district. i know him and gave him his national distinguished award. we think great things about him. >> not just the leader of the boys scout organization but was in favor of opening boy scott community to gay scouts and
4:24 am
scout leaders. >> in fact, he did. in fact, he did. but here's what rex tillerson brings to the equation. he understands the economics of energy better than any other person in the world. he understands what is above ground, whatever under ground in saudi arabia and russia. he knows the strengths and the weaknesses. the things that he has done for that company and this country he will do again. he is brilliant. he is honest to a fault. and he will be forth right about what he would do and when he draws a red line he'll mean it and he'll work well and help the president in foreign affairs who can use some help. we all can but rex tillerson will be the star. >> so we were welcome here to talk about a lot going forward. repeal sounds great and what will happen, you know, to people that want change. every time you defund something,
4:25 am
someone becomes that because if you don't have the money to provide it. how do avoid the simultaneous replacement to allow that person that get their care. >> let me say this, the president elect is not speaking up on this issue and has said he will have a health care plan where everyone has coverage. >> a lot of your brothers and sisters on the right are shaking their heads. >> hold on now. >> well, american citizens. let's say this, that the republican party has better ideas and we must replace it before we repeal it. we must tell the american people what the plan is. we must lay it out for them. it could be simultaneous but it must be with a plan that's well understood. that members of the congress can go home and talk about it. that's how proud we are.
4:26 am
now have we completely decided which exact plan that is? no. i have a plan. world's greatest health care plan which truly has been not only a bill for some period of time but it allows every single person in the marketplace to have the same tax advantage which is the problem, the tax advantage to where they can purchase health care january 1st. >> that's an important discussion. you're welcome here to discuss it any time. pete sessions, republican from texas. good to have you on. >> breaking news for you, the u.s. military is in action targeting isis on president obama's last full day in office we have a special report from barbara star. where are the bombs falling? next. every day is a gift. especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto...
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u.s. bombers struck isis camps in libya overnight. these air strikes happening in the final hours of president obama's time in office. it's a story you'll see first on cnn. barbara star has all the breaking details. what have you learned. >> in the final hours of the obama presidency this may now well be the final military action personally authorized by president obama. u.s.b-2 bombers striking in southern libya overnight against some isis camps in the desert that the u.s. had been watching for several weeks.
4:31 am
flyers fleeing where the u.s. bombed south into the desert. this is an area the u.s. had been watching and went to the president and the u.s. military got his authorization to do this and those air strikes were conducted overnight. what is so significant is it underscores president obama's policy relying on bombers, aircraft, drones and in places like iraq and syria, ground forces, special operations on the ground in place like that to go after isis fighters and terror targets as they spread out around the world. this has been a presidency relying on special forces. relying on bomber aircraft and drones rather than large military euns on the ground. they do believe they struck what they wanted to hit and they'll now be conducting that assessment to see if they have to go back and restrike again.
4:32 am
allis allison. >> let's discuss this break news. thank you for being here. >> of course allison. >> why would president obama launch a strike like this in the final hours. >> the world doesn't stop and wait for us to have an inauguration and it's so important to have continuity particularly in the national security area and they took that opportunity but i think that it's so important that we maintain continuity. that's why i believe on friday afternoon right after the inauguration the senate is going
4:33 am
to take up the secretary of defense and homeland security and the cia. >> from everything you heard from president elect trump are you worried about continuity of a plan with his administration? >> there's 690 so-called executive level positions. so far 29 have been appointed. that's a long way to go and often the people on the second and third levels are where a lot of the decisions have to be made. apparently the transition team is telling people you're done tomorrow. without a replacement and in the nuclear system where we maintain weapo weapons, those people have been told they're going to leave. my opinion is hold on them for a few months until you can fill the positions. >> that sounds were have? . is this unprecedented in the
4:34 am
nuclear department to have people exit before somebody else is in place? >> it's unprecedented. this whole structure goes back to about the year 2000. so in the last several transitions they have been helpful. >> why is trump doing that? >> i don't know. i don't know whether it's him. whether he made that decision or whether it was somebody on the transition team but they also told all the political ambassadors you have to pack up and be gone tomorrow. let's make this, continuity is a big deal. >> this worries you? >> it does. >> another point the national security council said that they are dus appointed by mr. trump's team not engaging with him more. they prepared a whole bunch, a series of materials to bring the trump team up to speed.
4:35 am
>> anything can happen. there's rumors of north korea testing missiles and that's why this transition is so important and the president elect has to really understand that this isn't business as usual. these decisions, a mistake in the first few months could really have serious ramifications. >> mr. trump doesn't want business as usual. he ran on blowing up the model. the business model but what i hear you say as good that if continue knew city most important you're not sure -- >> particularly in the national security field. >> particularly in the national security field but you're not sure all the boxes are being checked. >> i'm not. i used to say the good news is i don't know what i'm doing and
4:36 am
the bad news is i don't know what i'm doing but governors don't have bombers and destroyers and people likely to come in and make trouble. >> 54 democrats i think at last count decided to sit out the inauguration tomorrow. they are doing it for a variety of reasons. how are democrats going to work with the new administration? are they going to compromise or obstruct. >> that's an open question. my sense is that they're going to agree when they can and disagree when they don't. for example, my personal feeling as an independent i was very fired up when i heard donald trump negotiating for lower drug prices. that's something i have been advocating for three years. a lot of people were talking about that. i'll be interested to see how that idea goes over with his colleagues in the house and the senate. they always resisted that.
4:37 am
for me i can't speak and i'll agree and if i don't, i won't. >> big issues such as health care or the affordable care act if the republicans start to appeal it some democrats say game over. all bets are off. then we'll tell you about how big it's going to be and what the rooms will look like. let's see what the replacement looks like and there's plenty of flaws in the affordable care act that could be fixed. let's fix them. call it trump care. i don't care what you call it but let's provide health insurance to people but don't start with repeal. >> how about king care? that has a nice ring to it.
4:38 am
>> it does. >> it's another contentious confirmation hearing on tap here in washington as mr. trump's nominee for treasury secretary will take the hot seat. who is he? we have a profile, next.
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>> it's time for cnn money now. she sat down for an exclusive interview. >> good morning, interesting. right? the last day on the job. if he is confirmed he'll become the next commerce secretary but another billionaire had that job first and we spoke last night and i asked her if president elect donald trump should get credit for the companies making announcements about bringing jobs back to the u.s. >> as a ceo you do not wake up in the morning and say i'm going to create a thousand jobs. these are opportunities that are created overtime so i think what
4:43 am
is important is not one announcement that's timed related to a tweet. what i think is more important is systemic change and creating greater opportunity for american businesses to create jobs and opportunity here in the united states which is something we have worked really hard on in this administration and obviously it's going to be a priority for the next administration. we may have durgifferent ways o going about it though. >> she is proud of the economy and conditions they're handing to the next administration. she has met with wilbur ross and she talked to him about being an outcider and coming in and being a game changer like she was. how he is surrounding himself with people that know how washington works. i asked what she thinks about him saying he wants to renegotiate nafta rightway. she has been a proponent of doing trade deals smartly and
4:44 am
it's not the way to go. two different world views here. this is what the handing over of the reigns is all about. >> thank you. >> donald trump's pick for treasury secretary is said to be grilled by lawmakers less than two hours from now. who is the former goldman sachs banker? christina has more. >> he was relatively unknown. one of l.a.'s many billionaires until donald trump tapped him to be the campaign finance chief. >> he is steven minuchin. >> former goldman sachs partner that headed up fund-raising for donald trump during the campaign. >> now president elect trump wants to give him an even bigger job. managing the country's money. >> our most important priority is economic growth. >> he has done exactly that for himself very successfully.
4:45 am
>> he came from money. drove a porsche in college and followed his father to goldman sachs and then made his own fortune. >> he deserves every accolade. >> more recently he produced movies backing films like suicide squad, american sniper and the lego movie but at goldman he ran the mortgage trading desk that helped him spot the deal of a lifetime during the financial crisis. he lead a group of investors that bought the failed sub prime lender in 2009 renaming it one west. as part of the deal the government agreed to cover most of the banks losses. >> one of the greatest examples of governmental partnerships and involvement in bailing out banks in history. >> that's your perspective. >> no, it's not my perspective. ask the government.
4:46 am
>> but some of the banks customers donts feel the same. angry protestors are accusing the bank of not having proper documentation. regulators question the companies foreclosure practices but he defends his record. >> let me tell you, one of the most hard aspects of my career was buying it during the financial crisis. >> they sold one west for a hefty profit. his share, $200 million according to bloomberg but critics say that record disqualifies him for the treasury job. >> he's the one that said i'm not working to make profits. and boy did he make profits for himself and his investors. let's squeeze all those folks who will lose their homes. >> incoming press secretary says warren is misinformed. he says he saved jobs and helped some people stay in their homes.
4:47 am
democrats also oppose minuchin because they say his relationships with hedge funds and bankers are lead him to go easy on the industry. he already talked about relaxing some rules. >> we want to strip back parts of dodd frank that prevent banks from lending. that will be the number one priority. >> for democrats those regulations are critical protections for most americans. >> what does he say as soon as he is nominated to be the secretary of the treasury? he wants to roll back reforms. let's go back to them. >> but supporters are urging americans to give him a chance. >> what do you think his first mission is going to be. don't screw up. >> i said it right. i don't know why it was in a cnn
4:48 am
piece. >> a montage. >> well, you said your peace out loud. >> boy oh boy. president obama sends a public warning to his successor at his last news conference. will obama's words resinate with mr. trump? and what were those words? we'll discuss with our panel, next. what? who's replacing me? splenda naturals? well... she's made with stevia. come on! stevia has a bitter aftertaste. hold on. splenda naturals is not bitter. she's as sweet as sweet can be, and calorie-free. again with the calories? it turns out people don't want extra calories. so that's it? no, we made you a cake. with sugar? oh, no. (laughing)
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i hope people pay a lot of attention to making sure everybody has a chance to vote. make it easier, not harder. this whole notion of voting fraud, this is something that has constantly been disapproved. this is fake news. >> that was president obama at his final press conference seemingly sending a message to president-elect trump about the false claims of voter fraud. how is his parting message being received? let us discuss.
4:52 am
j.d. vance, cnn contributor, author of "hell billy iksligy. former senator rick santorum, cnn political commentator. let's get it on! that's going the happen right now. rick santorum, your head was nodding in the negative direction when listening to that sound bite. you don't like it. why? >> it's the same old thing. president obama sets up these false narratives and you accept them because he says it, it's true. >> what's false? there were false claims of voter fraud? >> there were all sorts of legitimate claims of voter fraud. the idea that there is no voter fraud is ridiculous. >> and the idea that there were millions of people who voted illegally is also ridiculous. >> we don't know because we haven't had a justice department that's actually interested in this and wants to find out about it. let's be honest about that.
4:53 am
what we do know is that attempts by republicans to put in legitimate identification in order to vote have been hailed as bigoted, racist, trying to prevent people from voting where you have to have a similar id to get on an airplane, to buy cough syrup. yet, for some reason if you require that id for the most important thing a citizen does, which is to elect a president, you're a bigot. >> let's open it to the panel. the first is, as you well know, many studies has been done. there is no extensive voter fraud documented in any way. there's a palsity of cases that they've been able to prosecute about it. that doesn't mean you couldn't have more transparency. second, why doesn't the requirements for voter id extend to online. we do everything online right now. republicans, especially for the right, will not continue plate ut putting any type of motivation for the states to let
4:54 am
people vote more easily, same day online? >> two things. one, i think part of the experience of voting is to bring the community together, to actually go to a place and to vote and interact and do the kinds of things, that's number one. number two, i'm against early voting. i've always been against early voting because i think an election is about a particular point in time, and things happened in the last week, as we saw in this race, revelations come out. i think it's important for voters to have all the information. early voting, and paul may back this up in 2012, i think i would have been the nominee of the republican party had michigan not had early voting. i crushed mitt romney on election day, in fact, the last two weeks. they opened up early voting when i wasn't really in the race, and that happened. that happens over and over again where things happen late in a race and it's not reflectedality the ball lots. >> paul, do you have any issues
4:55 am
with what he said? >> every single issue. i'm glad he's here. >> thank you. >> i do two things every day. i read the holy bible and listen to what rick santorum is saying. >> whoa! >> senator, there was a justice department obsessed with this. when george w. bush was president, remember that long national nightmare, his justice department had a task force on volter fraud to try to prove this. i think they charged 78 cases, didn't even convict 78. out of probably a billion votes cast. it is a myth. the party behind us controls the building behind us, controls the house, controls the senate. 28 hours from now they'll control the white house as well. yet, they continue to undermine the free exercise of the vote. i find it astonishing. i guess it's because more people voted for democrats in the house and for the white house. so the system is rigged.
4:56 am
trump was right about that. it's rigged in a way that's transparent. we have this electoral college that rigs it to favor smaller states. the notion we want to cut down on democracy when we're here to celebrate it -- >> i didn't know we'd go so far down this rabbit hole. it's been interesting to hear both of you. j.d., what did you hear in president obama's final press conference? >> one, it was criticism of the idea that voter fraud affected the election in any significant way. i think that's right. i think senator sanitorium that there are occasionally cases of voter fraud. but the idea that it affects the outcomes, i don't see the evidence. >> did you hear that as a parting shot towards donald trump? was there a sub text there? >> there may have been sub text. the sub text i heard more than that is president obama, as he's done in the last month or so, criticizing his own party or encouraging his party to stay upbeat in the face of opposition. he kept saying don't get dejected, don't get cynical. that's been the message for the
4:57 am
past month. that should continue to be the message that democrats take. one of the things i disliked as a republican in 2008 is how we became so frustrated and cynical in the face of president obama. i think it would be a huge mistake for democrats to do the exact same thing that republicans did. >> how come you were not equally upset by our incoming president sheltering russia from responsibility for the hacks? >> first off, the idea that that russia had an impact on the election. >> i understand how it works for you. >> first off, i take issue. i've done this publicly and i'll continue to do it. that russia was responsible for hacks. first off, it wasn't a hack. it was a fishing expedition that land landed. there's no divergence of opinion
4:58 am
about who was motivating the hacks. >> i do some work in a cyber security area and have talked to a lot of people who have actually looked at this information. here is what they've told me from inside and outside the government. if there's a trail of bread crumbs that says this is the russians, it's probably not the russians. they're so good -- >> why would they would they all lie? >> unfortunately, that's what trump is worried about, the pollicization of intelligence. >> you don't believe the intel community -- >> i think the leaders of the intel community, i think, yes, they have taken the study that was done, which was not done by the government. the dnc hired an outside contractor to look at this, and they are not -- >> had nothing to do with the russian hacks or the election. >> yes, they are. >> it was totally different. >> the dnc didn't turn their evidence over to the government. they had a private contractor look at this information and say
4:59 am
this is what they've concluded. we based our intelligence estimates on that. >> hold on a second. rick, that doesn't make any sense. i'm talking about the intel community's consensus that russia motivated the hacks that wound up benefiting wikileaks and donald trump because he kept asking for people to read them. that has nothing to do with the dnc having lousy defense, nothing to do with to dossier of the intel community. totally different issue. >> the leaks were dnc e-mail leaks. the dnc has complicity. >> i'm saying do you act september the intel community -- >> they have complicity because they didn't protect their networks. >> i'm not saying the dnc did a good job. the responsibility for who is motivating those attacks, i don't get why you're sheltering russia. >> i'm not sheltering russia. one of the reasons i'm excited that congress will look into this, i think they'll get to the truth. the truth is, it's very clear to
5:00 am
everybody in this briefing that was done, they point out obvious things that make it clear that this is the russians. if it was obvious, i guarantee you the russians are so good, they are not going to be obvious that they're going to be pointed out. >> hey, paul, was this the easiest segment you've ever been in? >> well, if my fingerprints are on the murder weapon, it's obvious that i didn't do it. >> russia is that good they would not leave their fingerprints. >> this will be a chapter in the next book. >> i hope not. >> the fbi and five other agencies are pursuing kremlin money used, the story says, allegedly to benefit the trump campaign. >> we're out of time. on that cliff-hanger, thank you all, gentlemen. j.d., we'll owe you one next time. >> he was happy to stay out of this. crazyland on the other side. we're following


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