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tv   New Day  CNN  April 24, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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care. the disconnect with congress and trump comes as polls show his approval hitting historic lows. it depends how you measure it. we will take you through the truth of the numbers. day 95 starts with a crysthri c week in the presidency. we start with cnn's joe johns live at the white house. >> reporter: good morning, chris. five days to go. reality now apparently setting in on the slim likelihood of getting a do-over on health care with the house of representatives. now apparently settling on a strategy to bring the first 100 days to a smooth landing rather than a tumultuous government shutdown. >> the president has been pretty straight forward about his desire and need for a border wall. he will do the right thing for
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sure. i suspect he will be insistent on the funding. >> reporter: the white house setting up a showdown with congress five days before a position tensi potential government shutdown. demanding the border wall is included in the spending bill. >> the burden to keep it open is on the republicans. the wall is in my view immoral, expensive, unwise. >> reporter: democrats scoffing at the demand as hill republicans speculate if the fight is worth the political capital. >> that is a fighting worth having for 2018. >> once the government is up and running and stays up and running, we have to fight this out over the next year. >> reporter: president trump insisting american taxpayers need to foot the bill for the wall now, but eventually at a later date, mexico will be paying. a different message than the campaign bluster.
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>> the american people will not pay for the wall. >> mexico will pay for the wall. >> reporter: vice president mike pence ending his overseas trip a day early to help out on capitol hill. despite the president's attempt to downplay the importance of the 100 day mark, trump's stop proving the administration thinks the milestone is significant. officials telling cnn the president is expected to seen a flurry of executive orders this week culminating with a rally in pennsylvania on saturday to mark the 100th day in office. >> he is fulfilling his promises. >> reporter: and trying to prove the president is taking action given the lack of legislative accomplishments. >> historic accomplishments in the first 100 days. all anybody wants to talk about is health care. >> reporter: despite the revival of obamacare, but there is no expectation of a vote before
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friday. >> it is a marathon. not a sprint. we're hopeful for this week. again, it is not something that has to happen in order to define our success. >> reporter: trump's budget director downplaying expectations for wednesday's announcement. >> you will see on wednesday for the first time is here is the principles. >> reporter: what does seem clear is the administration officials are saying the president does not at the end of the day want the government to shutdown. meanwhile, in another note, the president expected today to have dinner with about a dozen ambassadors to the united nations security council. this comes after the united states' work and confrontation with north korea over its nuclear ambitions. chris and alisyn. >> thank you, joe. there are new polls. it shows the approval rating hitting historic low. abc news poll shows 42% of
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americans approve of his job so far. nbc news, the poll shows 40%. this is the lowest approval rating for any president at the 100-day mark in decades. let's bring in the panel to discuss all of it. we have cnn analyst ron brownstein and david drucker. david, let me start with you. is there a connection between the historic low approval rating and what he will accomplish this week and beyond? >> i think you could say obviously because his approval with democrats is so unusually low that the notion he will be able to work with them on anything, never mind health care. infrastructure included is low. that could have an impact on the presidency over the next couple years. if you want to look at how the approval ratings are distributed nationally, it is uneven. if you go into republican house
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districts and republican members trying to put distance between themselves and him and criticize him when warranted, a lot of republican voters think highly of him. think he is doing a good job. >> he has a 96% approval rating with republicans who voted for him. no buyer's remorse. >> correct. the supreme court confirmation meant a lot to them. for many of them, that was the key reason to vote for trump. if you are looking for members of the party to abandon him, you will not see it. if you are looking ahead to 2018 and if they can gain senate seats, the prospects are still good. the president hasn't lost voters in his party. >> ron brownstein, he can't grow. that's what the headline is from the polls. the base is in good shape. he doesn't have to worry about having his own turn against him.
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there was d.j.t. 100. that was kushner's big job. get the president's 100% approval. expand his base. it is not happening. why? >> that really is the key dynamic here. we see a very consistent and very distinctive pattern in the polling with president trump. with the election results and general election and primary. they all tell us the same thing. he has a powerful and viseral hold on voters who feel they are left behind or disrespected by economic change and culture exchange and demographic change. he has a hard time growing beyond that. you look at the polling and it is hard to imagine the support from the majority of the country. he is a plurality president from the beginning. the critical question from both parties is that enough. he had 46% in the election.
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holding that which is where he is, that means majority of the country pretty clearly from the beginning is uneasy with the idea of him being president. it frames the question with democrats. the biggest question they face is not if they can peel away large numbers of people supporting trump who are not feeling buyer's remorse. can they consolidate people with the expression of unease. >> given that democrats don't seem to support president trump. republicans do. what does that mean for health care and tax reform and funding the border wall? >> when it comes to issues of health care, you know, both sides of the aisle really see some fix a need to come forward. it is how you fix health care and who may have to pay more. those are the issues he has for health care. he has to bring both sides
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together. he found out when it did not happen on the seven-year mark of the affordable care act. the border wall. this is a big issue. now we're hearing jeff sessions coming out and talking about, the attorney general, there is money possibly to help fund a portion of the wall. it is not about building the wall, but the funding to maintain the wall. he brought up the immigration issue which is good for trying to find a fix. the issue is the payment. not only that, you may have one group of his -- you may have his base supporting this wall issue and the fact that mexico is not going to pay for it right now. you still have that issue of republicans who are fiscal conservatives who are concerned about the exploding price of the wall. you talk about infrastructure and other things. it is back and forth about cost. this president gets weighed down when you have people who are looking at pulling back on government and not having as
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much money to pay out. i think that is his problem right now for both democrats and republicans. >> david, he is also stuck and he keeps saying he is getting the wall done. he sets up his expectations on it. in terms of what he has to do this week at the end of 100, what is the mark for him? we know they will put out a flood of executive orders. we know what was said in the past. all that matters is what comes out of your mouth in minute. what does he have to get done this week? >> i think the key marker for them this week would just find a way to get the government funded. don't let that breakdown into a government shutdown scenario. at least it will show a measure of competence and control at the top in washington. look, i think the reason that trump is faced with the yes, sir abo questions about the 100-day mark is he set the bar so high.
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>> is that okay? >> it wasn't somebody else. >> we have examples of when the president himself used that as a marker. watch this. >> on november 8th, americans will be voting for this 100-day plan to restore prosperity to our country. >> just think about what we can accomplish in the first 100 days of the trump administration. think about what we can accomplish in the first 100 days. >> there are those that said i have done more than anybody in 100 days. >> i don't think there is a presidential period of time in the first 100 days where anyone has done nearly what we have been able to do. >> there you go, david. >> well, here we have a -- >> it about sums it up, david. thank you very much. all you have to say is it is what it is. >> it's a condo project. it looks beautiful.
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he said it would be ready in march. it won't be ready until july or august. i think the most interesting things that can come out of the week aside of the 100 day business, because his supporters will be fine with him. opponents will not be fine with him. whether he meets the marks or n not. take the watch with the obamacare subsidies. these are the things that republicans don't want to fund, but utilize. if they don't come up with a solution in the government funding bill, you have insurance companies to exit markets and cancel plans. it will fall on republicans because of where these districts are and because they are in charge of government. we will see if trump can work a deal with democrats for his border wall funding. this gets us back to the problem of the polarization. he doesn't have a relationship with democrats. this is the other side of yes, the polling is not distributed evenly. because he has no relationship and particularly opposed to him, it is hard to work a deal.
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>> you wrote a good piece about that, david. you can google in "the exami examiner." ron brownstein. >> certainly david is right. president trump's approval rating is so much lower than the opposite party than any incoming president at this point makes it difficult for democrats to work with him on almost anything. the fact that seven of the ten senators up in 2018 that trump carried felt fine with neil gorsuch is less indication they have less leverage than expected. i would point out if you look at health care and the wall, there are significant divisions among the republicans. the wall street journal with a survey. they could not find a single border state or senator in either party who want to go to the wall for funding the wall in the continuing resolution. it is something that polled at 33% in the quinnipiac polling.
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half of non college whites. few among anybody else. there are divisions within the coalition on the economic nationalist components of the agenda. >> interesting, panel. thank you for all of that. stick around. we have more questions for you. we have one answer. the answer to why does the 100 days matter in the presidency? because president trump said it today. that's why. that's the first answer of the morning. from health care to tax reform, what will get done if not this week, just within the 100-day milestone that will give legitimacy to the president's promise. our panel discusses next. (vo) love. i got it. i gotcha baby. (vo) it's being there when you're needed most. love is knowing...
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your designs, quality products, free shipping. get started today at all right. so the hope for the white house is to cross off two major traffics before president trump's 100th day in office which would be this saturday. they want to pass a spending bill and pass a health care bill in the white house. what's going to happen? let's bring back political analyst ron brownstein and april ryan and david drucker. quick show of hands. do you think both those get done this week?
3:18 am
okay. good. professor brownstein, the next question. who will people blame if it doesn't get done? let's put up numbers for context and you take us through how it matters. if it doesn't get done, these are the washington post numbers. you see the breakdowns on trump. then are republicans, interestlinterest ingly. then what do you make of those numbers, ron? blame game matters. >> unify control of government has been fleeting over the last 50 years. since 1968, no party has controlled the house and senate and white house for more than four consecutive years. it was common. william mckinley and theodore rooseve roosevelt. there is a reason why it doesn't happen. you know if you are in control, you are a very clear target. if conditions are not getting better in the way people expect f you can't deliver on what people expect, you get a
3:19 am
backlash from your voters. if you do deliver on what you ran on as obama in 2009 and 2010, you often generate a big backlash from the other side. we are polarized. the republicans are in a difficult position on something like health care and the wall. if you don't do it, you demoralize your voters. if you do do it, you have the wall in support of 30% and you do what the country doesn't want. it is hard to hold unified control much government. as they work through the legislative challenges, you see why. >> april, explain to us why president trump and reince priebus seem to be so optimistic about health care when we don't have much evidence there's a consensus? reince priebus was on "meet the press" yesterday and he was talking about the accelerated
3:20 am
timeframe when they will get it done. let me play that. >> i would like to have a vote this week. i think the leadership knows we like a vote this week. on monday, we will still be here working for the american people. whether health care repeal and replace comes on friday or saturday or on monday, in the grand scheme of things, it's a marathon, not a sprint. we are hopeful, but it is not something to happen to define our success. >> why set up the expectation, april? >> you know what reince just said, we're hopeful, but not setting the bar at this week. so bottom line, this president when he was a candidate, campaigned on getting rid of obamacare. repealing and replacing it. with that, he has to come in and try to show that he is doing it. they have to show optimism. even as much of their party is
3:21 am
concerned with how they roll this out and how they make it work. it will not happen this week. still a lot of concerns about the details of it. when you talk about the subsidy, that is a big issue. that's one of the main reasons why obamacare worked and is a problem. because a lot of people needed those subsidies to be part of the forwaaffordable care act. there is a lot of back and forth with the affordable care act and calling it trump-care. they have to show the picture they are winning. >> they need. it. there was a come know they'domi. they have to add who told president trump he could get a vote this week. >> reince priebus is still saying it. >> reince priebus is saying they want it. i'm saying in house. the next wave of this guy is out or this woman is out.
3:22 am
the function is who told me who went out and side this will happen next week when it would never happen. that takes us to the 100-day mark. >> that's what i'm saying. that's the bottom line. they like the significant moments. you know, a seven-year anniversary. they felt they would repeal and replace. now the 100-day mark. they like the dates. when it falls. it make a bigger pronouncement that you fail. they may need to pull back on the big pronouncement days. >> trump likes the sell. he likes the expectation. >> he likes the made for tv moment. i think the tax reform announcement is a perfect example of the opportunities they have, but presidethe troub get into because they want to go grand. the president says we are coming out with the tax reform plan next week. we get a couple days and find out it is wednesday, then wednesday or thursday.
3:23 am
then mick mulvaney said over the weekend, we don't know if we're going to be able to tell you if it is revenue neutral. we don't know if it will support border adjust buiability. it is not revenue neutral or not. if you tell us you are coming out way tax reform plan and then start to dial back saying it is a discussion of principles. we will finally tell you where rate cuts are. the truth is, this may be tax cuts. and three months into an administration if you are not ready to rollout exactly where you are on tax reform and give congress your clear direction, you are doing more harm than good. you are throwing cold water on your own announcement. >> ron, nobody thinks there will be a government shown. correct me if i'm wrong. that is not what anybody is threatening. chances are, they will kick the can down the road. this will not be a solution for a budget. this will be a continuation of
3:24 am
another week or two or something to that effect. >> they would continue. i think david is on the hill more than i am. depends how much the president wants to insist on the wall. that would be -- i cannot imagine the wall -- significant funding for the wall not provoking a big fight in keeping the government open. the big questions are still down the road. i do think that the one-two punch of whether they can get health care and hishistorically they can get a bill by moving to the right. they can sooner or later, build a majority. the issue is building it through the senate. then revenue neutral or tax cut? they will have to figure out. >> panel, thank you very much for all of that. we have other news to tell you
3:25 am
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right now a u.s. citizen is being detained by north korea. he is the third american held by the regime. it is raising tensions even more as an american carrier strike group approaches the region. cnn's ivan watson is live in seoul, south korea, with more. ivan, what do we know? >> reporter: okay, this is a professor by the name of tony kim, chris. he had been teaching for several weeks at the pyongyang university of science and technology. he was on the way out of the country leaving saturday morning from pyongyang international airport and that is when the north koreans grabbed him. we don't know why and we don't know the charges they may press against him. once the north koreans do this, judging by past behavior and trends, it is very, very serious. the other two americans that are
3:30 am
currently in custody are university of virginia student named otto warmbier and another man named kim dung khu. they face either 10 or 15 years of hard labor. there have been other americans and foreigners who have been snatched in the last couple of years. almost always from pyongyang airport and at the very least, they usually face weeks if not months in north korean custody. when they have been released, they had to make a videotape con investigation or apology. we are following the case and bring you updates. >> ivan, please do. thank you very much for the update. french voters rejecting the establishment. choosing a novice and populist in the run-off for president. what this means for the outcome in may when "new day" continues.
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♪ i'm in a new york state of mind ♪ >> reflective of the emotions we feel. >> we ain't going anywhere. >> we play for an audience of police and fire and emergency rescue workers. they needed a boost. i put a fireman's helmet on the peep a piano. i needed that to concentrate. >> it is an anthem for new york city. i didn't think of that when i wrote it. >> the events that trans pierpi. >> the music will also remind us it is possible. somebody has to put this into words and emotions. that is what anthems are made of. >> "sound tracks" songs that defined history.
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the results are in and france's two most unconventional
3:36 am
candidates are headed for a run-off on may 7th. what does this is a abosay abou and europe and the world? we have cnn's christiane amanpour joining us live from london. give us your take on what happened this weekend. >> look, everybody was watching this with a microscope because it would say a lot about the state of the world as you described. europe is breathing a sigh of relief. polls were right. macron, who was one point ahead of le pen, actually came out two points ahead of her in the first round. what is this? for the first time in 60 years, since world war ii, center left and center right, socialists have failed to make it to the second round. you have the very, very far marine le pen national front and the other.
3:37 am
not the extreme left. you have the center. emmanuel macron. he talked about reforms and managed immigration and talked about sticking with europe and free liberal trade and economy. unlike his opponent, marine le pen who is talking about suspends all immigration and pulling out of the eu and ditching the euro and going back to the franc. they would say it would bankrupt france. you have two competing visions for the run-off into the second round on may 7th. >> how do you handicap the next round? does macron have a big advantage? what do you see in the future? >> what we have seen in europe is a gradual push back of the wave of nationalism and p
3:38 am
populism. what we had in austria, a mainstream win. in the netherlands, the center win in the netherlands. that is what people hope will happen in france. in order to handicap what will understand from all of the other candidates who lost in the first round, they are asking their voters to vote for macron. they said france cannot vote for a barely concealed racism and se xenophobia. we cannot vote for that extreme. that is what all of the other candidates assume. they assume the voters will go to macron and the polls say in a second round, he would beat her. they say 60% to 40%. you never take anything for granted. we just don't know. we will report it. we will wait and watch and see. of course, the very far extreme
3:39 am
left candidate who made a surprising surge, he hasn't indicated which way he will advise his voters. we will have to wait and see. people around this neck of the woods believe it is the beginning of a push back toward some sort of normalcy, but also knowing that there is a need for reform on many levels. >> you point out, christiane, there are all of these comparisons being made with the dynamic of donald trump and hillary clinton and now macron and le pen. and seeing if there will be a big surprise in france. of course, there was a big surprise with brexit. this is the era of surprising things being able to happen. >> absolutely. i think 2016 was that era. you had brexit which went the way it did. many believed opened the flood
3:40 am
gates. almost gave permission for the populist moment to go on. if it can happen in the land of keep calm and carry on and the land of cup of tea, it did happen. i would have to say we have seen a gradual push back. some political leaders in europe, is this a return to common sense politicpolitics? from this, there are real issues in france. they must figure out the employment laws. this under pins the existence. eu and liberal political and economic and trade world order in existence since the end of world war ii. at the same time people understanding this needs to be
3:41 am
done. >> it was interesting this first set of numbers seem to reflect those flurry of terrorist activity last week. seemed to send a flight to a calmer head. it could send them to something more extreme. >> i know when something like that happens, we go into a massive panic and meltdown. when you look at what happened in britain, we had the same kind of maniac who mowed down people on westminster bridge and knifed a police officer to death. people understood that there was limited and we're living in the era. as one of the politicians said, we are into an era of gangster era neighborhood terror. nobody believed this was an isis planned attack. this man was known to authorities. he threatened police before. people in france took it for what it was. scary. something that has to be sorted out.
3:42 am
it wasn't a terrorist attack that affected the vote. >> christiane, thank you. and are there no regrets to the 100-day mark to president trump? we will break it down and tell you what is good news and what is bad news. bryan denton: we spent almost the entirety of the next 10 hours under fire. you know, everybody was very focused, looking out the window,
3:43 am
scanning for car bombs. being outside of a vehicle was suicide. to say that i wasn't operating at a constant level of fear, i'd be lying to you. if i didn't believe in the importance of journalism, i wouldn't be able to continue to do this work. ( ♪ ) i'm bryan denton, photojournalist for the new york times.
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breaking news. defense secretary james mattis arriving in kabul.
3:46 am
he is slated to meet with government officials and including the afghan president. he will visit the headquarters to train forces. this visit comes days after the military dropped the moab the mother of all bombs, on isis terrorists in afghanistan. the state department calling for the investigation into the death of an american paramedic on an accident working in eastern ukraine. this is the first death of osce. the u.s. urging the kremlin to honor a cease-fire agreement in the region. heart pounding video of rain ravaged tennessee. firefighter has to go in flood waters and rescue a intelligent. trapped and clinging to a light pole. he was fortunately pulled to safety. kid's okay. powerful storm ready to strike. cnn meteorologist chad myers.
3:47 am
the kid was bike through the waters. the first responders say if you don't have to be out there, don't go out there. >> putting first responders at risk. you are getting in the way of other rescues by doing silly things like that. this will be a big day today. we almost have tropical-like moisture coming onshore here. a low pressure system dragging up the moisture from miami, florida. you know how hard to can rain in mia miami. this is not miami. this is north carolina. the rough terrain will make 6 inches of rainfall. this is not a matthew 25-inch rainfall. there will be flooding and roads washed away. 6 inches of rainfall in less than 24 hours. we saw the pictures in tennessee. they will come out of north carolina tomorrow, alisyn. this is heavy event. >> thank you, chad.
3:48 am
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two new national polls reveal president trump has h historically low approval rating. among those who voted for him, those numbers are soaring. look at the screen. 96%. do you regret supporting him? they say no. let's bring in the contributor and columnist, salina zito. she is in ashtabula, ohio. and j.d. vance.
3:53 am
z salina, how do you explain the numbers? the historic low, but with, you could argue, unprecedented resolve among the base. >> i think what we're seeing is essentially nothing has changed since november 8th at around midnight where trump voters are really happy and optimistic. the people that did not vote for him are sort of in shock and can't believe it. people that didn't vote for him still can't believe trump supporters are happy and optimistic. in american politics, geography is everything in polling. if you look at the polling numbers. if you look at the inner cities and first ring out, suburbs, he is in about 29% or lower in
3:54 am
approval ratings. if you go into the second and third tier out, the rural areas, his numbers are soaring. like you said. incredibly positive. >> the people you talked to, what are they enthusiastic about in the first 100 days, salena? >> first of all, they love the supreme court pick. they are just incredibly pleased with that. they are also looking at the way he approaches government. they like he is an outsider. he is disrupting. they like he is not doing things the way they are typically done. they understand that because he's not a politician and because washington has had, you know, decades and decades of sort of the grind where not a lot of things are getting done and not a lot of legislation is
3:55 am
getting done swiftly. they are okay for now. this can change. all presidents end up having a problem with their supporters. for now, they're fine at the pace in which his legislation is getting done and not getting done. >> he wanted to grow. that's one problem. one of the headlines is he is not expanding the way he wanted to. j.d., i was at the group in new hampshire all weekend long. that's why they voted for trump. i was with a bunch of trump voters. he hasn't helped us. where is it? other people are on hard times. i'm waiting. he would make my wages higher. i'm waiting on that. if he doesn't deliver, he will lose. same test for every president? >> absolutely. i think the thing we're seeing and it is hard for us who obsess
3:56 am
over every single day of the news cycle. it is a chaotic first 100 days. a lot of people are giving him time to see whether they're lives are made better by the trump presidency. we see chaos. they may like that. what they are waiting for is whether he makes their particular circumstance better. a lot of them say maybe it is chaotic. maybe we like that. maybe we don't. fundamentally, he hasn't been in office long enough to see results one way or another. >> we checked in with trump supporters since before the campaign and during the campaign. obviously during the presidential election and during the 100 days. one of them told us it is like christmas every day. they think. because of the executive orders and the way he speaks about their issues. however, coming up in the 7:30 east coast hour, we have our latest check in with some of the
3:57 am
diehard trump supporters. something like 96% of people who voted for trump would do it again. no voters remorse. one man on the panel really believed in him and who does have some regrets. >> he's in the 2%. >> he's in the 4%. 96%. >> 96%, 2% and then i don't know. >> i've offer what he is feeling today. >> i voted to send him to washington strictly because i thought he would make change. nobody would push him around. you know, he's used his power against people. i think that's wrong. it's been a disaster in the first 100 days. if i were to vote again tomorrow, i would not vote for him. >> salena, stylishly, he wished he would have something different. >> a lot of people -- first of all, people don't use twitter
3:58 am
the way we do, right? a lot of people are like i'm working most of the time. i don't pay attention to that. when they do catch it in the news or newspaper, no, they don't like that. in terms of what he is trying to do, again, like i said, they are happy. also, i should mention that a lot of people think and i tend to agree with this that the 100-day thing is sort of the false number. even though he has said in my first 100 days i'll do this. nobody is holding that number to them. people have this sort of two-year number in their head. s that seems about normal. >> right. once again, j.d., we are seeing an issue made relevant because the president made it so. he made the 100-day thing big. fdr started the 100-day measure. he did it because america was in
3:59 am
crisis. he wachnted to show he could matter. that is relevant today. what do you think is the measuring stick if president trump got it done? do you think it is the mid terms? >> i think the mid terms will be the first measuring stick. there will be another measuring stick in 2020. the thing i encourage people this think about and if you turn against him. ares lives getting better? is the opioid epidemic getting better? do people feel like the towns are getting better? that drove the election. the regional inequality. my hometown is not growingnatio. those are the metrics that get judged in two-year and four-year ti
4:00 am
timeframe. we know donald trump will make something important one day when it suits him and unimportant the next day when its doesn't suit him. i suspect that will happen here. a lot of his voters are looking at this in a longer time frame. the thing that folks do well to remember, a lot of the marginal trum trump voters in ohio and pennsylvania and wisconsin, they be were obama voters in 2012. they gave him the opportunity. i think they will give trump the same opportunity. he may not meet the standard. if he doesn't, the republicans will pay for it. >> important to remember, he departme didn't win because he turned democrat. he won because hillary clinton did not get the democrats she needed to. >> great to talk to you. >> because it is time to measure the president. we will hear from some of the diehard trump supporters. how do they feel he


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