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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  June 19, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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margin of error. they believe any pressure they can put on this might help. >> if it's a 50/50 vote, the vice president can become the president and break that tie. that's it for me. thank you for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next, breaking news, fired national security adviser michael flynn under new scrutiny tonight, failing to disclose a $100 billion deal he was working on with the russians. plus, a major staff shake-up possibly coming to the white house. is sean spicer out? and new details about the collision at sea that killed seven american sailors. how does a high-tech navy destroyer and a massive cargo ship collide in let's go "outfront." good evening, i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, a $100 billion russia bill. cnn is learning tonight that the fired national security adviser michael flynn is under investigation tonight over whether he misled government officials on his security
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clearance application about two more international trips. both made during the presidential campaign. one of the trips involving a nuclear russian deal worth $100 billion in saudi arabia. and tonight, top democrats on the house oversight and foreign affairs committees are demanding more documents from flynn. the committee's letter, which we've obtained, also charges -- and get this, they say flynn did not disclose a single meeting with a foreign government official for seven years. on page 74 of the government security clearance form, fs-86, it's a very clear question when applying for security clearance. it says, "have you in the past seven years been involved in any other type -- in any type of business adventure with a foreign national." the committee letter says flynn completely missed the question. they wrote, quote, in their letter, most troubling of all, we have no record of general flynn identifying on his security clearance renewal application even a single foreign government official that he had contact with in the seven
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years prior to submitting his application. we begin with new information about flynn's russian connections with manu raju. manu is at capitol hill. a very big letter here from the democrat on the oversight committee. why are these trips that they are saying that they failed to disclose or disclosed details about so important? >> reporter: well, there are two trips that are taken to the middle east by mr. flynn, including one trip in which it involved the building of nuclear power plants in exchange for $100 billion in arms that we purchased from some of these middle east countries, arms purchased from russia. this is something that russia apparently was involved with, according to this report from newsweek that these two members of congress are particularly interested in. there's elijah cummings of maryland and elliott engle of new york asking the attorneys of michael flynn to provide more documents.
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this comes after enormous scrutiny for michael flynn for not disclosing not just these middle east trips but other trips he's taken over the years, including trips paid for by russian-backed entities, including russian television network where he appeared at a dinner next to vladimir putin and also did not disclose that that was paid for by rt. one thing that they are looking at is whether or not he misled federal investigators by not disclosing these meetings, including these two mideast trips that are not at the center of these two house democrats. >> obviously it would be very significant, not just the trips themselves. they met with foreign officials and it was involving a $100 billion possible deal with russia. the letter also says, manu, the letter that you obtained, that flynn's security clearance was a very specific question. have you dealt with foreign nationals in the last seven years. he did not include a single meeting with a foreign official
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in the last seven years. how is this possible? >> reporter: well, that's a good question. it's a question we've put for michael flynn's attorneys as well. no comment yet from michael flynn's attorneys about these -- this disclosure by these two congressmen. but this comes as michael flynn himself is getting some scrutiny as well on the senate side of the capital, including president trump urging -- allegedly urging the fbi director to back off the investigation of michael flynn. erin, tonight we have learned that the senate judiciary committee wants to look into that aspect of michael flynn as well and whether or not president trump acted improperly in any way in urging the fbi director to back off that investigation of his former national security adviser. so michael flynn is getting a lot of scrutiny from the senate and house side as they look for more information about his role here, erin. >> thank you very much, manu raju. we have a member that will join
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us in a moment. first, jeff zeleny at the white house. any response to this new and possibly extremely significant news on general flynn? >> reporter: erin, there's no response to this specific news. here's why. at this point in this investigation, it's essentially every man for himself here. michael flynn was the national security adviser and he was central to this and now he's central to the russia investigation, of course. but the white house has its own problems of its own. they are not focusing on that. but the white house is also looking at messaging and staffing issues. again today, the white house daily press briefing not on television. they are trying to change the subject. they had a bunch of ceos trying to get people to focus on that but the reality is here, sean spicer, the white house press secretary, of course, was giving a briefing that was not on television. we could not have his sound -- his pictures at all. they are trying to limit all of this. now there are also questions
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tonight if his role is going to stay on. they are looking at potentially a different role for spicer. this could come down the road potentially -- not immediately, but there could be a new white house press secretary. i'm not sure what it matters because they don't want to focus on the russia investigation and that's all about things that are dominating at the white house. >> and it has everything to do with the investigation itself. the press secretary won't change that. thank you very much. i want to go to richard blumenthal, a member of the ju judiciary committee. i want to start with the breaking news on general flynn. he may have mislead information on the security clearance form, one that involved russia and a $100 billion deal with the russians. your reaction? >> well, these additional disclosures, thanks to cnn, emphasized how problematic the president asking comey to let flynn go would be and how
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serious the potential obstruction of justice -- more serious the flynn nondisclosures. his lies in effect on those security forms about contacts with the russians. the more deepening the ties to the russians and the pattern of secret and concealed dealings with him are and it is also important because flynn may know about additional source of information. >> i want to ask you more about breaking news. also, the breaking news from your own committee. because as you said, you see this as part of the reason why it's so important to look into the president and his motives when he asked the fbi director to let this thing go, referring to the investigation to general michael flynn. you heard manu raju reporting that your committee is in agreement on the scope of the investigation. is the obstruction of justice included? >> very much so. obstruction of justice has to be
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included because it involved potential malfeasance and wrongdoing in the department of justice. if there was an attempt to obstruct it, if people in the department were involved or officials in the white house, obstruction of justice, political interference with an ongoing investigation regardless of what the president's lawyer may say could make the president a target, a subject, a person of interest and so our hearing will very much involve potential obstruction of justice in the firing of comey and other actions. >> so on this issue with general flynn, congressional investigators have said that they have -- and i quote from their letter again -- no record of general flynn identifying on his security clearance renewal application even a single foreign government official he had contact with in the seven years prior to submitting his application. flynn, of course, was in the business and part of his business involved dealings as a
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consultant. could this have been an accidental omission, in your view? >> that may be his side of the story. that may be his excuse or defense. but general flynn has been around for quite a while and anybody who has worked with the government knows that a falsehood on that kind of security clearance form, a falsehood to an fbi agent is punishable by five years in prison. we're talking about a very serious felony for each one of these possible lies and i think that a prosecutor would find it very difficult to believe that this was simply accidental. >> you heard our reporting tonight that we're not getting answers from the white house in response to this latest news from general flynn and obviously we'd like to know their response to your committee and now you're saying that obstruction of justice is very much a part of this. we aren't getting those answers, though, because as we said, the
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press secretary sean spicer, could be leaving inside the west wing but this comes as he and his colleagues are not taking questions on camera. they are not even leetitting th media play their answers and it's a pretty unstunning and unprecedented situation. what do you think the reason is? >> there could be all kinds of reasons but thinking like a prosecutor, which i was for a number of years and state attorney general, what everyone says about this situation is potentially evidence against them and whatever they say, it will have no impact on what the outcome is. the special prosecutor is going to do his investigation doggedly and accurately because that's who robert mueller is and our committee, the judiciary committee, is going to do our investigation without regard to what the press secretary says or the president's lawyer, for that matter, saying whether he is or
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isn't a subject of investigation. >> senator, there is some very sad news this evening. the student held hostage in north korea, otto warmbier, died this afternoon. the president responded just moments ago. here he is. >> i just wanted to pass on word that otto warmbier has just passed away. he spent a year and a half in north korea. a lot of bad things happened. at least we got him home to be with his parents. it's a brutal regime. and we'll be rablg to handle it. >> senator, you're in the armed services committee as well as judiciary. you heard the president, it's a brutal regime and we'll be able to handle it. is that a credible threat and should it be? >> the larger issue is the growing military threat from north korea. my heart goes out to the family and certainly the conditions of his imprisonment were brutal and
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cruel and typical of the hard-heartedness and brutality of that regime. equally, if not more important, is the growing nuclear threat from the nuclear arms that that country is doing to develop repeatedly. they are testing those missiles and we need a strategy, which we have not seen. >> should we retaliate? >> i want to know more about what the considerations are before we talk about retaliation for this death. certainly the imprisonment of this individual, along with others, and the human rights violations, we need a strategy in how to deal with north korea. >> all right. thank you very much, senator blumenthal. "outfront" next, president trump tweets that he's under investigation by the special counsel but his attorneys say that he is not. why? plus, a high-tech u.s. warship colliding with a massive
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on his security clearance form about two trips to the middle east, one involving russia and a $100 billion nuclear deal, and the other, they are saying, in terms of the investigation itself, is whether he left off seven years of meetings on his security form. this comes as president trump's legal team insists that the president himself is not under investigation contrary to reporting. michelle kosinski is "outfront." >> reporter: mr. president, are you under investigation by the special counsel? the president today silent on questions over the possibility he is now being investigated by the special prosecutor in the expanding russia probe over his conversations with and subsequent firing of james comey. still, plenty of fallout over trump's tweet on friday. "i am being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director. which hunt." yet, trump's recent addition to
4:18 pm
his legal team, jay sekulow, got into it in a string of tv appearances and contradicted the president, denying that trump himself is under investigation. so how he would know that is unclear. >> now, under your theory, the department of justice, through its special counsel office, would be investigating the president for taking the action that they recommended him to take. >> well, a couple of things. i'm not arguing the substance. >> i just want to be very clear on what that is. >> the president of the united states says that's not true. he said he was going to get rid of comey no matter what the a.g. said. >> if you're going to spend so much time on this, why don't you pick up the phone and get the answer. >> you're asking me to pick up the phone on an investigation that we don't know exists. >> so the president said, i am under investigation even though he isn't under investigation? >> that response on social media was in response to "the washington post" piece. it's that simple. the president is not under
4:19 pm
investigation. >> then, he seemed to be saying the opposite on fox news. >> first of all, you have now said he's being investigated after saying -- >> no. no, he's not being investigated. >> you just said he's being investigated. >> no. chris, i said that the -- let me be crystal clear so you completely understand. we have not received nor are we aware of any investigation of the president of the united states. >> so let's deconstruct this presidential tweet a little more. the president said he's being investigated for firing james comey by the person who had told him to fire comey. to whom is he referring? a trump associates said he's talking about the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein who was praised by trump only weeks ago. today, sean spicer was asked, does the president still have confidence in rosenstein but he would respond only that the president has confidence in everyone who serves him in this administration.
4:20 pm
erin? >> mesh shelichelle, thank you. "outfront" right now, john dean, ana palmer, and former adviser to four presidents, nixon among them, david gergen. david, let me start with you. why is trump's legal team so consumed with talking -- coming out and talking and saying that trump is not being investigated? there's a report out, t"the washington post" report said that he is being investigated and trump came out and tweeted that he was. why are they out there creating more and more back and forth on this? >> i think they're creating a fog bank so they confuse everyone so no one knows where the investigation stands and the reason for that is quite simple. the latest story that's been portrayed so far, we've also followed the lead to "the washington post" and confirmed it, is that the path of the investigation, not only leads inside the white house but leads inside the oval office and that puts the president under a cloud. we've heard that he's been yelling at the television, that
4:21 pm
he seems very frustrated and he's angry and distracted as president. so there's clearly something going on. whether he's formally under investigation or not, it's very, very clear that the special counsel, as well as the committees on the hill, are now taking a hard look as to whether he has obstructed justice or not. let's be cautious and see but there's no question that they're taking a hard look. >> john dean, you have senator blumenthal sharing that his committee has now agreed on a bipartisan basis on the scope of their investigation and he made it very clear, obstruction of justice is part of that. so this is now coming from multiple places. >> yeah, i don't think there's any question that david is right. there's a lot of fog being pumped out here. >> so ana, let me ask you here on this issue on general flynn. we know two new things from
4:22 pm
general flynn. elijah cummings wrote this letter and say that there were two more trips he didn't disclose, one of which involved a possible $100 billion deal regarding russia and there was seven years of meetings with foreign officials that he would be asked to disclose on his security clearance form. he disclosed none of them. could all of this be oversight? >> it's a little hard to believe. i don't know. these are really serious forms. it's not that you're lying about whether you weigh 120 or 130 pounds at the dmv. this is trying to get security clearance for national security. he didn't list any single trip saying he never had anything that was of any significance. hard to believe. i think the other thing is, it's hard to believe that a $100 billion deal is not something that you would not remember that you would not need to disclose. >> john dean, what do you think his motive could have been if he left all of this off for doing so for general flynn? >> well, give him somebody who
4:23 pm
has the intelligence background that he does, the only conclusion that i can reach is he doesn't want investigators looking at his russian ties because that's where he seems to have the memory lapses of the greatest. but he also apparently left other off as well just to pretend like he hadn't been out of the country or had been dealing with foreign leaders. i think he's in a heap of trouble as a result of this. it's too many and too widespread to be a careless error. >> david gergen, what's the significance as with this new possibly very significant development into the investigation into general flynn? what is the significance? is there greater significance now on the president's request to the then fbi director jim comey to end this investigation into general michael flynn? >> yes. john dean rightly points out that he's in trouble and the trouble seems to be growing. let's be very clear.
4:24 pm
to mislead or to lie on your national security clearance form is a very serious crime. it is punishable by up to five years in prison and in his case, you know, to have this multiple number of omissions which are clearly misleading does make his very vulnerable. now, the president -- this puts all the more -- raises even a bigger question about why has president trump been trying so hard to keep flynn out of the investigation. it's clear he's wanted the special counsel to stop investigating flynn. and so it's a question that grows ever larger. why? why has he put so much into this and the answers are not very encouraging for the white house and so i understand why people in the white house are now so fearful. they're anxious and the president himself is frustrated. >> anna, there is no good answer to that question and when they
4:25 pm
said that the president was under investigation which started after he fired jim comey, he then came out and tweeted saying why he was under investigation. now his lawyers are saying that he's not under investigation. this is a big part of the issue, is his own inability to stick with the message on his twitter. >> right. any lawyer, any crisis communications person would say, put down your phone, stop with the twitter. but i think the reason why he does it, it's not about what you or the criminal lawyers or the investigation is doing, he wants to communicate directly to his supporters and this has been the medium that has been very successful. >> all right. thank you all very much. next, jared kushner, why is trump's son-in-law still holding on to so much of his business empire? we have new details on jared kushner and russia and his finances as we continue this focus this evening. and sean spicer telling reporters there could be an answer about the trump/comey tapes by the end of the week. but why don't we have spicer's
4:26 pm
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how? because our phones have evolved. so isn't it time our networks did too? introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. new tonight, jared kushner may be changing up his legal team as the russia probe expands. president trump's son-in-law and senior adviser is being advised by his current lawyer to hire another lawyer with appropriate experience to represent him. this comes as sources tell us that the special counsel is looking into a meeting between kushner and the head of a russian bank as part of the investigation into russia and the trump campaign. kushner's attorney says it's standard practice in a case like this to check into jared kushner's finances but what, if
4:30 pm
anything, is there to find? drew griffin is "outfront." >> reporter: his unofficial nickname at the white house is secretary of everything but another name for jared kushner could be the landlord of everyone. his family's real estate empire include 20s,000 apartments, 13 million square feet of other real estate across six states, the kushner company has a stake in everything from luxury penthouses in manhattan to modest apartments in ohio and new jersey. jared kushner even claimed a small financial stake in this mobile home in union, new jersey. no kidding. it's right here on page 32 of his 54-page financial disclosure form. the parklane mobile home park. you'd like to walk around the park with him? >> yeah. and show him the stuff that needs to be taken care of. >> reporter: his financial disclosure does show the president's son-in-law divested from several of his holdings
4:31 pm
including a controversial building at 666 fifth avenue. he's also resigned from his position in the family business this january. but as a whole, jared kushner remains invested in nearly 90% of his pre-white house real estate holdings. 124 properties, most now held in trust. >> is he still involved in these projects? >> i think he's got too much on his plate at the moment. you can't try to solve middle east peace and look at properties. but he has a financial stake in these properties. he's not divested from everything. >> reporter: the kushners continue to make big deals, just without jared kushner. his sister meg mentioned his name while pitching a development in new jersey. that role in the white house raises concerns when the kushners were trying to redevelop a potential real estate flop. that building at 666 fifth avenue is $1.4 billion in debt.
4:32 pm
the chinese deal fell through. the family still needs to refinance but jared is no longer involved. >> so what does this have to do with russia after all? none of jared kushner's 54 pages of financial disclosures. disclose anything about russia. cnn has been told by sources that the special counsel is focusing in on an odd meeting jared kushner had here in december at trump tower with the head of russia state bank. it wasn't just any russian state banker. it was a putin friend who attended russian spy school, a mega rich banker named sergey gorkov. gorkov heads one of the russian banks facing stiff sanctions from the united states and to add a little intrigue, mr. gorkov is not speaking. >> what did you really talk to jared kushner about when you met? >> no comment. >> reporter: the russian bank and white house have two different versions of what that meeting was about.
4:33 pm
the russian bank said they talked business. the white house says they talked future u.s./russia relations. and both versions have fueled speculation. if the bank's version about a business meeting is true, congressional democrats want to know whether kushner might have brought up his family's troubled 666 building and the need for a new loan which could cross ethical lines. if kushner's version about it being a diplomatic meeting is true, it raises questions about whether the bank brought up u.s. sanctions and appealed to kushner to drop them. >> i mean, it's pretty incredible when you look at all of it and the questions that they have regarding russia. how much do you know about what kushner is going to disclose to congress? >> apparently he will volunteer to disclose everything. his attorney tells us that mr. kushner did volunteer to share with congress what he knows about these meetings and according to a white house spokesperson, this is their quote. "jared takes the ethics rules
4:34 pm
very seriously and would never compromise himself and will recuse as necessary." >> so you went through the 54 pages. >> right. >> but you're saying in those 54 pages you don't see specific business investments regarding russia. but does that mean that you actually know whether he has business interests in russia or not? >> you know, it does not mean one way or the other, obviously. but we've asked this question directly to jamie gorelick, his attorney, and the white house. they have not gotten back to us. i wouldn't read into that. but right now on paper we can find nothing with jared kushner and his investments in russia. >> all right. thank you very much, drew. and i want to turn now to our senior political analyst mark preston. mark, you've got the special counsel doing a deep dive into jared kushner's business, although as drew was reporting, on the 54 pages of disclosures
4:35 pm
that we have, they don't see anything directly related to russia. there is that meeting that they're investigating and this comes in the context of what we're learning tonight yet another connection between michael flynn and russia. multiple meetings not disclosed. seven years of contacts with foreign officials not disclosed. how much trouble could this cause for president trump? >> it's already causing him a lot of trouble because he's now being taken off message in large part because of himself. he's decided to try to take on this special counsel himself. he's decided to take on the deputy attorney general at the skrus cities departme justice department. that's taking him off when it. comes to policy. long-term implications, there could be serious trouble for him. you have another committee looking at collusion and another looking at obstruction of justice and then, of course, you have the special counselor looking into his son-in-law. one investigation opens more doors into more investigations. this is going to go on for a very long time.
4:36 pm
>> we do know, correct, mark, that obviously it starts with russia but it's now expanded into the finances of the president and his close associates, obviously including jared kushner? >> no doubt about that. we have specifically from the left but from democrats we've seen them come up specifically and say that president trump is trying to use the office to benefit himself financially. we've seen lawsuits filed here in the district of columbia within the past couple of weeks from d.c. government and the maryland government as well. yes. >> thank you very much, mark preston. next, more breaking news on the oval office tapes. president trump saying there may be an answer to the question this week. this week. okay. why not tonight? why not now? what are we waiting for? and that deadly collision between a navy destroyer and massive cargo ship raising new and troubling questions tonight. >> the water flow was tremendous
4:37 pm
and so there wasn't a lot of time. names of my grandparents first. it gave me a leaf almost right away. within a few days, i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington. i didn't know that using ancestry would be so easy.
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breaking news in the white house, press secretary sean spicer today saying, quote, it's possible that we have an answer to that by the end of the week. of course, the house intelligence committee has given the white house a hard deadline of friday to produce any recordings that the president and the fired fbi director james
4:41 pm
comey. the question of whether there are tapes or not is one raised by trump himself first on twitter and one that he and his aides have answered multiple times in different ways. >> do tapes exist of your conversations with him? >> yeah. well, i'll tell you about that maybe sometime in the very near future. >> the president made clear in the rose garden last week he'd have an announcement shortly. >> he'll let us know. everybody has to wait and see. >> i think the president will address that in the week ahead. "outfront" now, long-time friend of president trump, rick scott. i want to ask you a bigger question about this because you know him and you've been with him. do you know if he's taping conversations in the white house and that he even has tapes of conversations with jim comey? >> i have no idea. i've been in the oval office. i have no idea. what i do know is he announced his cuba policy on friday. i rode with him to the event and back and all he does is he wants
4:42 pm
to learn stuff, he's asking questions, he's very engaged and he's focused on what he's doing. he was focused on the cuba policy, which is good for us. >> which may be true and you want to talk about that. but the tapes have nothing to do with anybody but him. nobody would have thought, to your point, of there even being any tapes had he not gone on twitter and said james comey better hope there's no traped conversations before he starts leaking to the press." >> well, president trump used twitter to get a message out. i can tell you i've talked to him about what he's trying to do and he's focused on isis and on america first and all of these things. we're not talking about comey or anything like that. he's talked about what he's engaged in and he's excited about what he's doing. >> have you talked to him about the problem with twitter?
4:43 pm
that was the same day he went on the twitter tirade and three of them blaming the media. does he understand that that's a problem? >> during the campaign, what i always told him, i said, look, the campaign is about jobs, it's about destroying isis, it's about supporting the law enforcement military and that's what i've always talked to him about. i think he has 100 million twitter followers and he believes -- >> i think that's katy perry. i think he has 30 million off the top of my head but he has about 100 million and -- >> i think he's trying to get his message out and i tell you, when i'm around him, i've talked to him about health care, cuba, a week and a half ago about infrastructure. he's very engaged with the issue of the day. i don't talk to him about
4:44 pm
anything else. >> which is interesting, because it's a different situation that he portrays himself directly to the people on twitter. he did have a meeting with the ceos of the biggest companies. apple was there, mark zuckerberg, tesla's ceo elon musk was not there. >> i think it's important to sit down with the president and tell him what you think. if you have the opportunity to go to the white house and sit down with the president of the united states, whether republican or democrat, show up. show up and tell him what you believe. no one's going to agree with everything you do. none of us do. but i would be there and i would show up and talk about what i care about. there's no question what i talk to him about. i talk to him about what is good f for florida. >> i want to play you something that the president said about you when you were together on
4:45 pm
friday. here he is. >> he's doing a great job. oh, i hope he runs for the senate. i know i'm not supposed to say that. i hope he runs for the senate rick, are you returning? huh? >> he did the same thing to me a week and a half ago when i attended an infrastructure conference with him. it's 2017. the race is in 2018. i won't make the decision until later. politicians seem to worry about their next job. i have 570 days to go in this job. i'm trying to make florida number one for jobs, number one for people being safe, we're number one for education. >> governor, i appreciate your time. thank you for being with us. and "outfront" next, new and disturbing details surrounding the navy destroyer crash in which seven american sailors were killed. was it human error? and jared kushner speaks publicly and think about that, it's kind of like kate
4:46 pm
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in the mirror everyday. when i look when i look in the mirror everyday. everyday, i think how fortunate i am. i think is today going to be the day, that we find a cure? i think how much i can do to help change people's lives. i may not benefit from those breakthroughs, but i'm sure going to... i'm bringing forward a treatment for alzheimer's disease, yes, in my lifetime, i will make sure. breaking news. president trump tweeting about the deadly collision of a navy destroyer and a container ship. the president saying, my
4:50 pm
heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with the seven u.s. navy sailors and their families. the japanese coast guard said it took nearly an hour for the crew of the container ship to report it had struck the "uss fitzgerald." this comes as investigator are trying to figure out how two ships collided. tom foreman is out front. >> reporter: the ship made a sharp turn around the time of the fatal collision with the american warship. it's not clear what, if anything, it had to do with the accident. we do know the crash was catastrophic. >> the damage was significant. this was not a small collision. >> reporter: the merchant ship is registered in the philippines on a relatively short hop from central japan to tokyo in the east. it's about 50% larger than the warship over here, and importantly, about three times as heavy. so it did not sustain much
4:51 pm
damage. but the "fitzgerald" did not fair nearly as well. immediately upon impact, there was a breach in the commander's quarters, just below the bridge. a radio room below that. below that, another machine space and importantly, let's go below the water here. there is a protruding portion on the freighter. and that came forward and rammed the military ship below the water, in an area where typically in the middle of the night where this crash occurred there would be dozens of people asleep. >> the water flow was tremendous. and so there wasn't a lot of time in those spaces that were open to the sea. and as you can see now, the ship is still listing. and so they had to fight the ship to keep it above the surface. and so it was traumatic. >> reporter: the ship was saved, but seven crew members could not
4:52 pm
be. the dreadful news coming back to the states on father's day weekend. xavier martin of maryland was 14 years old. >> it's very hard. my only child, all i have. >> reporter: dakota rigrigsby w 19. a fireman in virginia. >> he was a good guy, bottom line. >> reporter: also injured, the commander, brice benson. >> he was medevaced. his cabin bass destroy was dest. he's lucky to be alive. he's at the hospital right now undergoing treatment. >> reporter: both ships had radars against collisions. the "fitzgerald" to detect danger above or below water. so the primary question now for investigators, how did this happen? and there is this.
4:53 pm
while we know that part of the communications system for the naval ship was disabled by the crash, it now appears that the civilian ship may have taken up to an hour to report the collision. investigators will want to know if that is true. and if so, why? erin? >> incredible. when you look at that, it still is, why? it just seemingly does not make sense. tom foreman, thank you very much. next, when jared kushner speaks, jeanne moos listens. pressure. i feel it every day. but at night, it's the last thing on my mind. for 10 years my tempur-pedic has adapted to my weight and shape, relieving pressure points from head to toe. so i sleep deeply but feel light. and wake up ready to perform. even with the weight of history on my shoulders. find your exclusive retailr at
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yogig-speed you know what's not awesome? when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids. and these guys. him. ah. oh hello- that lady. these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh. sure. still yes! you can get it too. welcome to the party. introducing gig-speed internet from xfinity. finally, gig for your neighborhood too. jared kushner has been called president trump's secretary of everything. but have you ever heard him talk? here's jeanne moos. >> reporter: shhh, he's been seen but not heard. silently watching president trump sign orders. jared kushner is usually in the
4:58 pm
middle of the action, but publicly mum. sitting at the president's side, butter in a peep out of him. >> have you ever heard him speak? seriously, what does his voice sound like? president's son-in-law doesn't really sound like gilbert gottfried. because at a session with technology leaders monday, jared kushner finally used his vocal chords. so without further ado, drumroll please, we present the actual voice of jared kushner. >> the department of defense, for example, still uses eight inch floppy disks. the trump administration got it done. >> reporter: i don't believe it. this is like finding out mermaids have legs, tweeted someone stunned to find kushner has a voice. others drew parallels. jared kushner's voice sounds
4:59 pm
like a young michael sayer. >> mr. manager. >> reporter: kushner's silence was mocked on "snl." >> i'll send in my little kush ball, jared kushner. i know you don't like talking, but why don't you take it away. god, you're so cute. >> live from new york, it's saturday night. >> reporter: kushner is a guy with a twitter account but no tweets. a cover story in time with no interview. he once tiptoed past his wife as she was being interviewed. >> come on, jared. come on. >> oh, jared, you can't just walk in and not say anything. >> reporter: the silent sidekick has finally found his voice. >> it's working and it's very exciting. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> i wonder how much more we'll hear. thanks for joining us. don't forget, watch "outfront"
5:00 pm
any time, anywhere. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. "ac 360" with anderson cooper begins right now. good evening. thanks for joining us. we begin with the culmination of the nightmare that began more than a year and a half ago when otto warmbier was sentenced in north korea. he came home last week. he died this afternoon. he was just 22 years old. the questions surrounding his reported illness show no signs of fading. the latest now from miguel marquez who joins us. >> reporter: good evening. the body of otto warmbier is in the hands of the hamilton county medical examiner. the family of otto warmbier is certainly livid with the north korean government. president trump took a hand in getting


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