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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  July 5, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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-- captions by vitac -- we do have breaking news. the pentagon just released new information on the intercontinental ballistic missile by north korea. it has seen something it has never seen before. >> let's get straight to barbara starr. good morning. >> good morning. these are u.n. officials speaking exclusively to cnn who are telling us at this hour, the assess mnlts is that the north koreans fired a two-stage missile that has not been seen
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before by u.s. intelligence. u.s. intelligence will now classify this as a new north korean intercontinental ballistic missile, something brand-new to the inventory they haven't seen. why is that so important, of course, because u.s. intelligence tracking every move north korea makes. they ee trying to assess exactly what configuration this may have, how soon it could be able to actually launch and reach the united states, possibly alaska. what they now believe is that the salt light initially saw something called a kn-17. that's the big part of the missile that sat on the ground, liquid fuel. the satellite picks up the detail that that liquid fuel is pouring into that part of the missile. but at some point the north koreans attach a second-stage on top. that is the part that perhaps gave the missile the ability to reach intercontinental range.
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it added about 30 seconds to the flight of the missile. that's all important because originally the part that they saw was intermediate, a much lesser range. north koreans, pretty brilliant deception, suddenly put another stage on top and suddenly you have an intercontinental ballistic missile. so now this is being all assessed, we are told. they're looking at every frame of that video. every piece of electronic radar intelligence, satellite imagery, trying to determine exactly what this missile may be capable of, whether it can re-enter the earth's atmosphere as a missile. that's important because that's what would get it to a target. so a lot of questions still to be answered about what north korea has done and what road it is now on to being able to achieve its goal of attacking the u.s. john, poppy? >> barbara starr, thank you for
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the exclusive new reporting. critical information from the pent fwob. we appreciate it. the fallout from this missile test is one of several foreign challenges that faces president trump as he's in the air right now to europe for a set of crucial meetings. >> first he's visiting poland and then germany. obviously north korea will be something that's discussed everywhere during this meeting, but it also will include the president's first one-on-one with vladimir putin. that aside white house says this is his first meeting. secretary of state rex tillerson calling it a new escalation. suzanne malveaux with expectations heading into this trip, suzanne. >> one of the things we're looking at is provocation. we asked the president questions, shouting to hum before he left. he said, we're going to do very well. that's all he was able to say
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about that. the white house clearly wanting to project strength and independence to the world leaders. that is their goal here. whether it comes to climate change, immigration, trade, or even dealing with north korea. the president tweeting this morning a couple of times, saying the united states made some of the worst trade deals in world history, why continue with deals with these countries. also seemingly a dig, if you will, against china and the obama administration policy in trying to influence north korea's behavior with incentives from china, saying in this tweet, it grew almost 40% the first quart e. so much for china working with us, but we had to give it a try. what is important is that it seems the administration is certainly projecting the message here they are willing to go it alo alone, but also at the same time encouraging allies to join with
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them. the u.n. security council meeting, an urgent meeting, has been set for 3:00 this afternoon, but the secretary of state rex tillerson making it very clear saying global actions required to stop a global threat but at the same time saying the u.s. does intend to further punish north korea. john and poppy in. >> suzanne malveaux at the white house. thank you very much. joining us now, jackie kucinich. and a contributor for and world columnist for world policy review. jim, i want to start with you on the breaking news from barbara starr. this is a missile intelligence officials have never seen before. liquid on the bottom, solid on the top. the satellites have been watching it very, very closely. how does it change the diplomatic analysis, what the u.s. can and cannot do here? >> it's going to be under fire
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to address it. the reason i say that is there's a disconnect here, a policy disconnect. north korea is able to advance its capability pretty quickly. that train moves pretty quick. the policy tool we have for stopping that has been mostly sanctions. it takes a long time. and while we're waiting for more sanctions to be enforced, they keep working on their missiles. at some point the parties are going to have to come to the table but i think it may reenhance the bargaining situation. >> if you read president trump's tweet this morning, literally you'd think the united states is giving up on china, but he's hardly giving up because it would be hard to go against north korea alone.
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will they do it again and will that really pressure china to do anything? what would it take to actually move xi jinping's hand? >> it's really extraordinary, trump's tweet this morning. so much for china working with us. trump's campaign on the overly simplistic policy form proposals such as working with china to solve the north korean problem, as if nobody thought of it before he came to office. now it turns out it's not so easy. china has very conflicting objectives, very shut p and seemingly conflictive objectives over north korea. they don't want to see a war in the north korea, but they don't mind seeing peninsula divided, they don't mind seeing the united states and its allies, south korea, fretting over what's happening in the north. there's no question that north korea with all these provocations is strengthening
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the hand of china. china can make demands of the united states. china can ask for concessions in the united states in exchange for pressuring north korea. that's a very bad situation for the united states to be in now. i don't think anyone can contest that north korea has outplayed the united states, not just trump, but preceding presidents it was done under obama and bush. there was no pressure to stop north korea and now with the advance of the missile technology, it's very troubling and america's hands are very limited. the choices are limited. >> north korea, the land of no good options as it's been said as president after president after president has learned about this. jackie gu skucinich, what's interesting to me, they've
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talked, they like each other, but he's still not getting what he wants out of this. what do you think the president has learned maybe about his limits of personal diplomacy, and this is as he's heading in the air to g-20. >> he was warned. let's not forget when president obama was meeting with then president-elect trump, he said they would be a main problem. it shouldn't be a surprise, and i don't think it was to president trump. but let's say he seemed like he had more optimism after his meeting at mar-a-lago this winter with president xi. as you said, it's turned out to be more complicated. he's dealing with a bit of a different landscape. he's dealing with a south korean leader who's taking a softer line on north korea than his predecessor. all presidents learn on the job. he's also dealing with a state
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department that's not fully staffed, perhaps not as ready to deal with this problem as previous state departments because there are a lot of holes this the positions there. so it certainly -- we'll all be watching what happens over the next couple of days and to see what the president has learned because obviously this is in progress as we speak. >> jim, let's talk about the g-20 ahead this week and president trump and his critical meeting, his full bilateral meeting with the president of china. he's been very critical of the obama administration's handling of russia and he tweeted last week, the real story is president obama did nothing after being informed in august about russian meddling. that's not totally factual, but he's talking about that "washington post" story. my question to you is how can he then get away with not focusing on the russian hacking of the u.s. election with president putin? we know he'll focus on ukraine
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and syria. we don't know according to those in the white house whether he'll bring up russian meddling in the election. >> yeah. you know, it would be very difficult for him to handle this and have it come out well. just starting down that packet, that would be a bad forum. he will attempt to keep it focused the large policy issues. certainly russia is one. possibly syria and elsewhere. there are a lot of problems in the world, and they're tough to solve in any case. they're even tougher if the great powers aren't all together on the same page. there's plenty to talk with russia about in the areas of cooperation. anything said about the elections, that's going to be said private or handled in another way. this is double-edged. it's a foreign policy story and a domestic policy story. there's no way he can focus on that and come out ahead. i assume he'll try to bury it.
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>> the u.n. security council meets at 3:00 for an emergency session on north korea. can the united states realistically expect anything? >> the most the united states can hope for is a strong statement. we have seen that accomplishes nothing. it could be a show of support. it would be symbolic. it would be nice. it would be a big defeat for the united states if it cannot get a strong statement. but we're down to a point where practical results are more important than symbolic ones. you know, north korea is making very, very real progress here. it's developed a missile capable of reaching u.s. territory. statements from the united nations don't seem to stop that. >> all right. thanks so much for being with us, guys. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you, guys. stakes could not be higher. president trump to meet with russian president vladimir putin as tensions rise in north korea.
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president trump is in the air right now. he's en route to europe. this as tension with north korea escalates significantly. the u.s. now conducting joint military drills with south korea in the wake of north korea's successful test of a new long-range missile, one not seen before. >> and in a few hours president trump will meet with russia's president vladimir putin face-to-face. one thing that will not come up, at least according to the white house, russian election
7:18 am
meddling. thank you so much for being with us, sir. i want to get your reaction to the ominous testing of the missile. the statement are the president about china. is this the right response from white house? >> i think that the president has been operating too much out of tweets and not out of long-term planning. he's starting to realize that being the president of the united states, it's complicated. north korea, yes, they met a milestone and something we would never want to see. earlier he said it's not going to happen. it did happen. mr. president, now what's the plan. >> what concrete actions have you seen from white house that you disagree with or what actions do you want to see taken that have not yet been taken, congressman? >> i disagree and am disappointed with the actions the white house has taken, which is just a lot of strong talk,
7:19 am
tough talk. for example, when it comes to china, we need to say, look, you're the biggest trading partner with north korea. >> congressman, with all due respect, the actions were the sanctions against the big chinese bank. you have the military exercises. do you disagree with that? >> i disagree that that's enough. the president not dealing with china that the way it should. they can and should be our biggest ally when it comes to putting north korea in its place. >> congressman, as you sit here now, he's called strategic patience. he's called that a mistake. are you prepare. you're saying president trump is taking the stronger actions. was the stronger action on the stick? >> strategic sanctions is necessary. >> but as you're testing
7:20 am
intercontinental ballistic missiles, is that a sign in and of itself that president obama's policies fit? >> i wouldn't say that the former president's policies failed but i will say it's a confluence of what happened with north korea and by north korea. the bottom line is donald trump talks way to much when it comes to north korea or meddling. he points to the administration and instead say use are the president today and you've been the pretty going on 20 -- excuse me -- six months. therefore, what have you been doing? what's the plan. >> congressman, i have a hard time following your argument. you hesitate to criticize the obama administration who could have entered into these sanctions with china and did not. >> well, the bottom line is the previous administration did take a lot of actions. they did do much more than this administration did in any six-month period in my opinion.
7:21 am
>> not -- >> no. you're not talking about north korea, are you? >> what's that many. >> you're not talking specifically about north korea. what did the obama administration do? >> i'm sorry. i'm responding about china. the bottom line is north korea is a bad actor. the bottom line is this. what is the president's plan? what is he doing? i haven't heard the plan. forgive me. what is it. >> congressman, my question pertains solely to north korea. my question to you is should the obama administration have done more to sanction china, to put pressure on china sooner? >> well, when you look at it in 20/20 hindsight, perhaps they should have or could have. the bottom line is this. six months have gone by and the president has absolutely no plan. he said that missile plan was
7:22 am
not going the take place. it did, in fact, take place. they did admit it was a two-stage missile and it has intercontinental capability. now what do we do? >> he did pressure china and had a meeting with xi jinping and said it did not work. congressman, if we could shift to domestic policies here, you were part of a special meeting in georgia that discussed the possibility of replacing nancy pelosi as the house democratic leader. do you think that that's necessary? >> i do think those meetings are necessary. we're for the public. my question to my colleagues is are we putting our best foot forward? we lost the house in 2010. we didn't regain it in 2010 or 2014. we're fast approaching 2018. what are we doing to make sure our message is there, we are working for the people and the children. we care about health care and
7:23 am
those things. obviously we need to do a better job of communicating that. >> does that mean with or without democratic leader nancy pelosi? >> no one person is more important than this, we need to move forward with the best plan, best individuals and best honest message. >> can you do that with nancy pelosi, yes or no. >> as far as i'm concerned, we have to look in the mirror realize whether we can or can't and move forward with decisions. >> undecided. >> that's not an answer. we have to get to commercial. >> this is an answer, thank you. >> appreciate your time, sir. >> thank you. president trump, as we have been discussing has some big meetings coming in the coming days, including a face-to-face meeting with vladimir putin. what does he want out of this? we'll speak with fa lead zakaria next.
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two days till the president meets vladimir putin. what does the u.s. expect out of this. >> they expect russian cooperation. in case, quote, they're able to cooperate, we know that the trump administration wants to talk about ukraine and syria. let's go to math you chance. he's in moscow with more. also giving the breaking news and heightened concern over north korea. you really have russia and china in a united front on the opposition when it comes to north korea. >> the russians say the main thing for this first face-to-face meeting between president trump and vladimir putin of russia is that they establish a working relationship. it's incredibly important for the russians ha they get the sanctions from the united states lifted, that they normalize
7:29 am
their objective. you mention they want to talk about the possible areas of cooperation, the fight against international terrorism. they talk about that allot when it comes to syria. that may be an area that president trump wants to speak about. you're right, with the crisis unfoelgd on the korean peninsula, that's coming up as well. they're saying the u.n. security council should not be used for regime change. they've seen it in iraq and ukraine and elsewhere and strenuously resisted. they also want negotiations because it gives them a key role. they want to be part of the solution into this key crisis of international diplomacy. >> matthew chance in moscow. thank you very, very much. again, key leaders about to meet at the g-20 summit, which means we have a lot to discuss.
7:30 am
joining us now, the host of gps, fareed zakaria, rushing in just for the occasion. we do appreciate it. we're talking about president trump joining the g-20 to meet with vladimir putin for the first time face to fame, even though we know we met him before. what does putin want out of this. >> you know the odd thing about the way trump has handled russia is he's placed himself in a box where he can't do the kind of sensible reaching out and pragmatic deal making you have to do with any country. we're frozen on russia because he's been too worry about the optics, what it would look like. what putin wants more than anything else is to break through on that. his big goal has always been the end of the sanctions. when i met putin last july, when i interviewed him. what i was struck by, there was a moment when i was in the room
7:31 am
with the italian prime minister renzi and putin -- you know, this is before we were going on stage. putin really took that ten minutes of filler time to go at renzi and say, you know, you've got to get rid of these sanctions, these sanctions don't help italy. it doesn't help the italians. you're doing america's bidding. clearly he's very focused on these things and he's very determined. what trump should do is make sure he doesn't give anything on this subject because what you need is the russians to back off on ukraine, the europeans to be reassured. putin has a big ask. he has to be able to answer that carefully. >> knowing what putin values and respects, he respects value and respect. why would he do anything other than be tough with him on election hacking?
7:32 am
why on earth would he not send a very clear message to president putin on that? >> some of trump's behavior has been quite strange and defeating. why didn't he reach out on a big infrastructure plan that would confuse democrats. similarly on the russian issue, there is puzzle. why has president trump not taken what would seem to be a very statesmen-like situation to say i may have benefitted it this time, but i'm here to protect america's interest, you can't do this kind of thing. there's a mantle of leadership that has to be taken and president trump doesn't want to take it. it seems to me it has to do with the fact there is a very almost petty feeling that this would in some way cast a doubt on his victory. you know, there are many times when president trump has had the opportunity to be more
7:33 am
statesmen-like, which would have helped him politically, and he doesn't take it. >> he's exceeding ground with vladimir putin if he doesn't bring it up. maybe he will. maybe behind closed doors he'll address it. another one he's meeting with is president xi jinping. look. he had him come to mar-a-lago. they sat eye to eye. thought he had him on board. this morning president trump says china's not helping on north korea. >> on that it was a little bit like the saudi situation. you know, british foreign secretary in the 19th century once said countries don't have permanent friends. they have permanent interests. i think we have to remember china is not our friend or enmany i on this issue. it has very deep interest. it's right next door to north
7:34 am
korea. we have 50 treaties, china has one, north korea. we have to ask ourselves, how does it get to be in china's interest to do this, how do we align those interests, what kind of conversation do we have to have. i think thought because he served xi jinping chocolate cake he was going to reverse his longstanding support for north korea. no, that's not going to work. no. you have to figure out how does this work for south korea, how does it raise the costs and what's the deal. you think about the sanctions regime against iran. there was a big promise to all of those countries, china and russia in particular, if you put these sanctions in, we will riche out and negotiate with the iranians. there was kind of a quid pro quo. you've got to do that. you can't expect other countries will look at the world exactly as you do. china has its own interests.
7:35 am
>> president trump has chosen to first go to poland and meet with a leader who very much likes him and has a similar world view before he has gone to uk, canada, mexico, some of these key, key u.s. partners, and he'll get a very different greeting in poll land than he will in hamburg, in germany. chancellor angela merkel wows using his name saying these will be tough talks. >> i think again would be to go to poland and stand there as a representative of the united states and say, you guys have dub an amazing job coming out of communism. they're a poster child. they're one of the few european countries that pays their 2% that president trump always talks about. polish troops have been recruited from the start. they've been incredibly loyal
7:36 am
allies and he could use his trip to poland to affirm the importance of articles and to talk about article 5. the charter says if there's an take on one, there's an attack on all. president trump has been noticeably reluck ant to forthrightly say this. even though they're a populous leader, they're nervous about russia. they've been invaded by russia once, once wiped off the map. poland once did not exist. so for them this is all very real and if trump were to do that, it would be the right thing policy wide and it would zbechb be the right politics. it would make things look good. >> very good point. >> fareed, thanks so much for being with us. coming up, an ironworker in
7:37 am
wisconsin who wants to take his hard hat to the capitol. the problem? to do it, he's got to go through paul ryan.
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well, here's a union ironworker in wisconsin and he's gunning for paul ryan's job. watch. >> i've been an ironworker for 20 years. i work hard and i earn every penny that i make.
7:43 am
let's trade places. paul ryan, you can work the iron, and i'll go to d.c. we can do so much better together as a community and our future depends on it. >> all right. democrat randy bryce is also known as iron stash. you'll see why in a moment. he announced his bid for congress and joins us live. thanks so much, randy, and we do appreciate you joining us. that video has gotten tons of attention depicting you as an ironworker. paul ryan's spokesperson came out and said you're a liberal agitator in wisconsin. he is not a political novice. he is a three-time failed candidate who has been repeatedly running for southern
7:44 am
wisconsin voters for his far left petitions. ance that. >> there was gerrymandering that took place. i don't really consider those losses, complete losses, because i looked and i learned a lot of things from running those races. there was -- you know, i could just point to our launch to discuss things that i have picked up, and i would have to say that i'm a pretty quick learner if you look at how our campaign launch did take off. we managed o -- we brought in -- the numbers are still getle totaled up as far as how many brought in, but in 12 days we managed to get in contributions from every state in the country. over 16,000 people and the average contributions just over $25,000 a person shoo so, randy, let's talk with the erbs and start namely with health care because this is something you chose to focus in on in that ad that's gone viral. the powerful moment is your mother who has been battling
7:45 am
multiple sclerosis. let's watch. >> it's a very painful condition. it's like hot knives going through. you can't talk, you can't swallow. it's terrible. i'm going to cry. i'm on 20 drugs, and if i don't take the one that costs thousands of dollars, i don't know what would happen. you have to give me a bear hug. >> so you're critical of the house and senate gop health care plan. and, frankly, it doesn't sound like you think obamacare has worked for enough americans. you support for international care. why is that the answer given all the challenges it's posed? >> i think if we really want to worry about how to help american people, we need to find ways to make these solutions work, not look at excuses for why we can't get something done. when you look at things. you know, like my mom having aks is to health care, it's
7:46 am
something that we currently have that they're trying to take away. we're not losing it. losing it is when you misplace something. they're actively trying to take aware health care, which for my mom means literally independence. my father who's not pictured in the video has alzheimer's and he's in assisted living right now. if my mom doesn't have access to her health care, she can't go visit him on a daily basis. she can't go to the grocery store to buy things for herself. she's able to do that now. they're trying to take away not just from my mother but everybody's ability to get independence. >> you're not against what the republicans are doing. you're trying to go further than obamacare. you're for single payer. there's an analysis done by the urban institute which we haven't been able to double-check. you look at bernie sanders, it would cost $32 trillion over the next ten years.
7:47 am
even if that's half that, how are you proposing people pay for it? >> there's a fair share of people not paying their taxes. >> you want to raise $32 trillion in taxes? >> i'm not saying we have to look at way to just increase complete costs. that's a lot of things that we can look at as far as making things cost-effective. but, again, there's a lot of people that are not paying what their fair share of taxes are. there's corporations getting away with a lot that that would be quite a tax hike. that's an astonishing number, $32 trillion over a decade. let's get on a key issue given it's front and center for the white house. that is, north korea. how specifically should the trump administration deal the new threat for testing this new intercontinental missile that it's believed in a very short
7:48 am
time could reach the united states? what should they do? >> i don't have specifics. i haven't seen exactly what -- i don't have information on what north korea launched. i plan on -- we're going to take a trip later on this month to washington, d.c., to get better educated on the issues, and i hope to have more information then. i mean i have ideas and there's things i'd like to say, but right now it would honestly be speculation, and i don't feel comfortable just -- >> but you're running right now. randy, you're running right now for, you know, this seat, and you launched an ad, and this is a front-and-center concern for all americans p you have no specifics? >> well, i have -- i have no specifics on what's going on with north korea. i feel we have to defend ourselves. being a veteran, i'm very aware of having a presence there, and
7:49 am
i know that -- i also read ha our secretary nikki haley was talking about how inconvenience it was for her to have to deal with meetings dealing with north korea. i would say look at troops that have been there for over 50 years. we need to look at ways to take care of them when they come home. >> candidate randy bryce from wisconsin. thank you so much for being with us and the mustache truly is fantastic. thank you for your time, sir. >> thank you, have a great day. one of the surprises in the nba sweepstakes made the right decision. going to boston, coming to cs. now, some people don't like it, but they're wrong. we'll get you updated on all this in "bleacher report" next. , that's why you'll stay in this drawer forever. i can't live without you, and that's why i'll never ever wash you.
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on the fourth of july nba basketball star gordon hayward declared his love for the utah jazz. >> where is he going again? >> the boston celtics. >> this right.
7:54 am
congrats to you and the celtics fans. teams are rolling out the red carpet for one of the highly coveted players, gordon hayward. he used to play for the jazz. fans started a gofundme page to raise thousands of dollars to put up a billboard that says kwsh st#stayward. isaiah thomas was so happy he took off his shirt and started busting a move in the kitchen. as happy as they are, jazz fans didn't take hayward's decision very well. instead of firing up the grill, they were lighting up hayward's old jersey, lighting them on fire. here's a home run like you have never seen before. yankees' rookie aaron judge hit a ball so hard it cracked the
7:55 am
ball as it went over the fence. he's bigger than rob gronkowski. he's a beast. he needs one more to tie theiany's rookie record for the season. we're only halfway through the sn. that was set by the legendary joe dimaggio in 1936. avert your eyes if you're eetzly nauseated. joey chestnut won his 10th nathan's hot dog-eating contest on coney island. 72 hot dogs in ten minutes. that beat his old record. imagine shoving a turkey down your gout at one time. 56,000 milligrams of sodium. that's 36 times the recommended limit on the fda website. you can look, again, poppy, if you were steering clear of that one. >> god bless america.
7:56 am
>> coy wire, thank you. >> you're welcome. president trump is in the air headed overseas for a meeting with world leaders. >> the u.s. intelligence says it's a missile they have never seen before. new developments coming up. litt. -hold on, mom. no, wifi. wifi. it's not a question, it's a thing. take on summer right with ford, america's best-selling brand. now with summer's hottest offer. get zero percent for seventy-two months plus an additional thousand on top of your trade-in. during the ford summer sales event get zero percent for seventy-two months plus an additional thousand on top of your trade-in. offer ends july 5th. lobster and shrimp are teaming up in so many new dishes.fest, like coastal lobster and shrimp, with shrimp crusted with kettle chips. or new, over-the-top lobster and shrimp overboard.
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hockey. i'm monica ryan. the world goes ballistic. in just a short time. they're set to hold an emergency session over the intercontinental ballistic missile. it's something they have not seen before and it's something experts say could reach alaska. the secretary of state rex tillerson calling for global action. this is coming after


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