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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  July 10, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm poppy harlow. an admission from president trump's son that they were willing to accept russian help. in the summer of 2016, he met with a russian lawyer who claimed to have information close to the campaign. this woman claimed to have dirt on hillary clinton. >> not just donald trump jr. who attended, the president's son-in-law, jared kushner was there as was the campaign chair, paul manafort. all of this coming out as the president is backing away from his idea of a joint task force with the russians to fight russian hacking. it's drawing sharp criticism and sparked a new response from the president himself. the fact that president putin
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and i discussed it doesn't mean it can't happen, but a cease-fire can and did. what does this all mean? joining us, we are covering the story. susan malveaux is there. susan? >> good morning. there's a strong response inside and outside the white house. this story has been percolating the last 24-48 hours. statements coming from kellyanne conway, a top adviser and donald trump jr., himself. this, after the news broke from "the new york times" meeting that took place between donald trump jr. and a russian national. this happened at the trump tower on june 9th, weeks away from when his father became the republican nominee, not only in that meeting was donald jr., but the son-in-law, jared kushner, as well as the former campaign chair, paul manafort. numerous explanations why this meeting happened. at first, it was saturday that
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donald trump jr. said it was about russian adoptions. that was a critical issue, an important issue. then he changed the story, it was sunday, putting out a statement saying it was a woman where the individuals connected to russia with information, damaging information that it was supporting hillary clinton. said that it was nonsense, ambiguous. now, we are hearing from donald trump jr., this morning, tweeting, several times, this is the latest one saying there is no inconsistency in statements. meeting ended up being primarily about adoptions. i simply provided more details. clearly, there are people hitting back on that particular stand. we have heard from democrats and republicans from the various federal investigations and committee that is are investigating whether there is collusion between the trump
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campaign and russian officials, but the white house, this morning, putting out kellyanne conway, a trump top adviser to hit back and hit back hard. here is how she responded to our own chris cuomo moe. >> he stated he didn't know the name of the person he was meeting. he agreed to the meeting based on a contact to the miss universe pageant. get into the meeting and it turns into a pretext for russian adoption, according to his statements. the comments they are making about any type of information on hillary clinton were vague, they were meaningless. others exited the meeting quickly. the meeting itself was very brief. there was no information given. there was no action taken. there was no follow up. >> representative adam schiff of the house committee, one of many over the weekend calling for a better explanation, a fuller explanation, potentially calling in for those who attended that
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meeting with that russian individual to come before their committee. john? poppy? >> thank you for that. the kremlin, this morning, saying not only does it not know anything about this meeting between donald trump jr. and that russian lawyer, they say they don't know who the lawyer is. matthew chance is live in moscow. you were on the phone in the call the kremlin holds with reporters asking about this. what else can you tell us? >> reporter: they were quick to distance as much as they could between the latest scandal that has broken in the united states over the meeting with this russian person and members of the trump team. they are saying not only do they not know who this person is, but she certainly didn't act on their behalf. the spokesperson for vladimir putin, he says, look, russian lawyers hold in russia and abroad. the point is, yes, this lawyer
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did well, could well have met, you know, donald trump jr. and the other figures from the trump administration and had nothing to do with the kremlin. that underlines what they had been saying time and again, there wasn't collusion on any official capacity on the part of the kremlin to influence the u.s. presidential election or influence donald trump, should he become the u.s. president, because he did. this holds to what the kremlin had been saying all along. >> matthew chance for us in moscow. micha michael zeldin is here. jackie is here, and bob bear, cnn intelligence. jackie, i want the biggest of big pictures here. this story from "the new york times" and the statement from
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donald trump jr., for the first time, we see clearly someone associated with the campaign. in this case, someone in the trump family saying he was willing to accept help, campaign assistance from a russian individual. >> right. and it is very clear in that statement. this isn't what donald trump jr. was saying a little bit ago. you would have expected him to say, he had said, that he hadn't med with anyone or maybe he met with someone russian and didn't know the details, then adoption statements, now this. the fact that the story does keep changes, i know he reputed it has, does make this more suspicious, frankly. the fact of the matter is, congress is back in session. the senate and the house. they are going to have to answer what they are going to do about it. is this part of their investigations? this is something they don't want to talk about anymore. this is problematic.
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no matter how the white house or the trump organization for that matter tries to spin it. >> adam schiff, the ranking democrat saying i think all the people in that meeting, manafort, kushner and donald trump jr. should come explain themselves to us. bob, to you. looking at this from an intelligence perspective, this fits a pattern you have seen with the russians, basically shopping information. what do you mean? >> well, look. first of all, donald jr. went to this meeting to seek derogatory information. he admitted that. what he did was signal the russians, yes, we do need your cooperation to win this election. however that was translated in moscow doesn't matter. first of all, we have to recognize russia is a security state. people come to the united states, russians and get involved in politics, go back to moscow and report. at that point, the russians are
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going to, you know, listen, trump asked for our help. how it actually occurred, if direct collusion o occurred, whether it was roger stone, a trump adviser or carter page, we don't know at this point. again, it was a clear signal to the russians, the trumps were looking for help. >> bob, this isn't necessarily russian government official here. this is a lawyer. a woman who is a russian lawyer. she intercepts with the russian government f. she's a private citizen, you thu all this is true? >> the russians are smart. kgb is smart. they wouldn't send a kjb officer to a diplomat. they use proxies. nonofficial cia they call it. it's difficult to get
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intelligence on them, so they have plausible deniability. for kjb to go into this operation is plausible deniability. >> the way they describe her is a formidable operator with a history of pushing the kremlin's agenda. michael zeldin, looking forward, we want to get you on other report thag reporting that is break thag the hill has. the seven metrodomos that jamesy took after his meetings with president trump before he was fired as fbi director. four of them had markings that contained secret or even confidential information. this is according to the hill's reporting and this is according to interviews of officials familiar with those documents. remember, james comey is the one who said hillary clinton was, quote, extremely careless with
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classified information. if this is a fact, if some of these memos he gave to his friend at columbia law school, if they contain classified information, what would that mean for james comey? >> let's understand what the hill is reporting. if the hill is reporting that the memos that comey wrote and left with the fbi contained secret or other classified indications and stayed within the fbi, there's no problem. if what they are saying is that some of those memos were then given to the professor at columbia university and those memos contained classified markings, that is problematic for comey, he would be distributing information with classification protection and shouldn't be setting them outside the government. we have to see what he said he sent, a summery of some sort to
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columbia. >> i believe it is more than one. a good and important clarification. >> that's right. if the one memo he sent to columbia contains no classification information, then it's not a leak in the classified sense of the word. so, he's not really on the hook for that. we have to see how it flushes out. >> we are trying to do more reporting on this, jackie, the white house, kellyanne conway calls it a bombshell t president is tweeting. obviously, they may think it is important and distracts from the other story, donald trump jr. had a meeting with a russian lawyer. the other people in that meeting, jackie, fascinating, right? it's jared kushner who ran the data operation and who is still the son-in-law of the president of the united states and a senior adviser inside the white house. paul manafort, the campaign
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chair. you don't go with that level of juice. those people don't show up to an insignificant meeting. i have never seen that level, operation research unless they think something is going to happen. >> the explanation, they didn't know what the meeting was about raises so many eyebrows. as you said, at that point in the campaign, president trump, at that point, candidate trump was trying to consolidate republican support. he had just recently become the nominee. there was a lot of incentive to try to pull together a national campaign to take on hillary clinton. so, again, as you said, the fact that all these major players in the campaign, they weren't low level aids, were a part of this meeting, pulled into the meeting ups the seriousness of the fact that it took place.
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even if it's true no good information came out of it, the fact they attended is kind of all you need to know, they were seeking this information. >> bob -- >> and it took place at trump tower. >> before you go, the president reversing course on whether or not russia is a good, trustworthy partner to team up with on cyber security, knowing they have meddled in the u.s. elections and other elections as well. is there any scenario where that would make sense to team up with russia? i'm trying to understand what would motivate the president or talk about that in the meeting with putin, tweet about it and reverse course after he was slammed by his fellow republicans. >> well, poppy, this is just bizarre. i mean, the russians have never cooperated intelligence with the united states. i have worked with them. they sort of, you know, they play around with it and promise
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things, but never come up with anything. clearly, the country that attacked us in the 2016 elections, you can't go into business with them. it is like working with the japanese after pearl harbor to defend hawaii. it's nutty. he had to pull it. trump listens to the last person he talks to. it was putin in this case. he says, fine, you didn't hack our elections. let's get over this and move on to intelligence operation. he has no experience and is impulsive. it is looking bad for him. it looks like collusion. it looks like he is lrning to putin more than american intelligence. frankly, i have never seen that before. it's amazing. >> michael, jackie, bob, thank you all very much. several congressional investigations into russia's election interference. what is the reaction on cop toll
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president trump now appears to be backing away from a proposal to set up a cyber security unit, a joint unit with russia. russia has been hacking in and meddling with the u.s. election. >> see the tweets on your screen. they are very different approaches. last night, the president wrote the fact that we discussed it doesn't mean i think it can happen, it can't, but a cease-fire can and did, referencing syria. jeremy diamond joins us now from washington. why the reversal from this
7:20 am
president? is it because of the backlash he got from republicans like john mccain, lindsay gran and ben sack? >> it seems that way. it's important to take a look at the time line of how it happened. of course, president trump on friday met with russian president vladimir putin. they discussed a range of issues, including the russian meddling and following that meeting, secretary of state, rex tillerson spoke to reporters saying they agreed to form a working group to establish a framework to discuss cyber security issues. the president took to twitter on sunday. he went further and hyped up the so-called working group and talking about creating a cyber security unit with russia. that was moments before a lot of republicans took to the sunday shows and the reaction was pretty consistent. the consistent reaction was one of criticism. we heard from john mccain,
7:21 am
lindsey graham, saying it wasn't the dumbest idea he had heard, but certainly came close. we saw the president backtrack on twitter. you have the tweet he had last night up on the screen saying the fact that president putin and i discussed the cyber secure tu unit doesn't mean i think it can happen. it cant. then he referred to the cease-fire. this represent as continuing of the trend of the president muddying the waters on this issue. we have seen him be inconsistent on the fact whether or not russia was responsible for this meddling. one thing the president seems to have clear is that this cyber security unit with russia certainly was not playing well politically. >> you know 12 hour on sunday. jeremy diamond, thank you so much. add to this the news donald trump jr. held a meeting with a russian lawyer last year because
7:22 am
he was told he would have information helpful to his father's campaign. joining us to talk about this, bradsherman. thank you for being with us. first, your reaction of this story. >> it shows incredible naivety, ability that is almost intentional and demonstrate that is the trump campaign was anxious to get help from a russian connected attorney, a russian government connected attorney about hillary clinton. so, they revealed an interest in colluding, whether or not they colluded in that particular meeting. >> so, you are an attorney and also a politician who has been in congress a long time. all campaigns, most good campaigns have research and that is with donald trump jr. is pointing to in his tweet. the first to take a meeting
7:23 am
about an opponent. where is the illegality in your mind? is there illegality in your mind? >> if the meeting is exactly has donald trump jr. told us, i don't see illegality in this meeting, but raises suspiciouses. first the trump campaign benefits from a burglary, then they have a meeting with someone who is almost an attorney for the burglars. that doesn't prove that they were colluding in the cyber burglary but gets you one step closer. >> the dnc hack didn't become clear until after this meeting. that is what you are referring to. that happened after the meeting before that information became public. >> well, what the russian government learned from the meeting is the trump campaign was anxious to get information, even from the russian government about hillary clinton. whether they later provided that
7:24 am
information and colluded tooz how it would be used, that's what mueller is investigating. so, we don't have proof of collusion but we do have more smoke and more reason for investigation. >> so, you, congressman, have been one of the loudest voices to call for a moving forward of impeachment proceedings against the president. so much so that fellow democrats called you out on it saying you are putting the carriage in front of the horse, be careful with this one. your team put out a press release saying is this watergate 2.0. you are pointing to what you believe is obstruction of justice. does this change the calculus for you? >> this is slightly different than the articles of impeachment i have started. mine is obstruction of justice. we saw james comey's sworn and
7:25 am
believable testimony. he laid out the facts. they fit closely to the obstruction of justice. i think -- and trump's tweets indicate that he believes james comey told the truth and i believe he told the truth because i was there listening to him and he was speaking underout. those facts indicate that donald trump tried to use threats to stop an investigation, an important criminal investigation. i think that is a high crime. when you combine that with the fact that this is just an incompetent presidency that i think poses a danger to our country day after day, something else comes up. the latest being this idea of a cyber security unit with vladimir putin. i mean that's the bonnie and collide bank security system.
7:26 am
it's crazy. and it's just one crazy thing after the other, combined with a legally sufficient high crime. >> that's obstruction. that's where your article or your submission deals with. i bring this up because you brought up james comey t hill reported the memos written by james comey, some had information written on it that was classified. we don't know if they left the fbi or his possession. some was handed to a columbia university professor. do you have concerned based on this reporting about the fbi director that the memos could contain classified information. >> memos in the files of the fbi director contain classified information. the information he made public was not classified in any way but, instead, relate to the threats made against him. he was a man that wanted to keep
7:27 am
his job. >> he said hillary clinton's handling of classified information was careless. the question becomes, even if that classified information were in the memo he handed over to his friend in columbia, which he testified had no classified information. what about the handling of it. was it on a note pad? how did he maintain the documented? did he take them home? do you have questions as they pertain to this information? >> i have no questions at all. i have no reason to think the fbi director mishandled information. you can raise questions about anything. but, to say that there's classified information properly in the files at the fbi head quarters is not to say anything at all. >> all right. important distinctions there. congressman brad sherman, thank you for your time. besides everything to do
7:28 am
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congress is back at work today. they are focusing on bringing the health care bill, trying to bring it back to life, reviving it. this morning, president trump pressing the message, writing, i can't imagine congress would dare to leave washington without a beautiful health care bill fully approved and ready go. >> will mitch mcconnell be able to save it? ten senators oppose the bill. john mccain said the bill will probably be dead. mj lee joins us right now. is mccain right? >> what's for sure is the july 4th recess did not help
7:33 am
mcconnell. we have ten senate republicans who said they will not vote for this bill in the current bill, including john hoeven of north dakota. this is why mcconnell was so worried about sending them home without the vote. he knew they would face a lot of anger from constituents, attack ads, protesters. we have a group going up with an ad attacking lisa murkowski, and key senators waivering on the bill or vulnerable next year. there are two things to watch in the coming weeks. the cbo report that could be coming out. a revised cbo report reflecting the amendment from cruz. and how mcconnell takes it from his colleagues. does he think he can move enough
7:34 am
noes to yes? obviously, mccain saying over the weekend this bill might be dead and time to work with democrats. i think the next few days, we will find out is he alone in think thag? >> the ted cruz amendment would allow insurance companies to sell unregulated insurance plans that make it more expensive. it seems like mcconnell is banking a lot on that. isn't that going to infuriate the moderates? >> he is taking that seriously by ted cruz because it's sent to the cbo. this would allow insurance companies to put out offers not regulated under obamacare. this is very concerning to the moderate member who is already have concerns with the original bill and whether it protects people with pre-existing conditions enough. if this provision is added to the bill, the people who have medical conditions already, they could be more negatively impacted. the folks i'm talking to, look,
7:35 am
this ted cruz amendment may be looked at, but this is not going to be something that can add the yes votes to the tally we have now. >> always keeping your eye on the tally, the numbers and the votes. a stunning revelation from donald trump's son. he had a meeting with a russian attorney who said she had information that could help the campaign and dirt on hillary clinton. let's talk with our cnn political commentators about it. former white house communications director and ben ferguson. ben, what do you make of that? >> morning. >> morning. >> i think it's a simple meeting where they had information about an opponent. this is an individual they met with for that reason. they also talked about adoptions and issues with adoptions. so -- >> first of all -- just so, number one, the adoption issue is not just adoptions, it's a
7:36 am
sanctions issue, sanctions that the russian government want lifted there, so we call it adoptions. two, if it is so simple, and it may be, opposition research is opposition research, then why did donald trump jr. change his story not once, twice. he said in march, i'm sure i met with them, but none that i can think of at the moment and none i was representing the campaign in any way, shape or form. this morning, he admits he had the meeting as a representative of the campaign. itis not true. it's not so simple, is it? >> here is what i will say. if you have ever worked on a presidential campaign, you have a lot of meetings after you secure the nomination that want to meet with you. when you are doing 20, 30, 40 meetings a day, not an exaggeration, there's a good chance you might answer a question, hey, i didn't meet with anybody directly with the russian government. they didn't walk in and say i met with someone who said they
7:37 am
were from the russian government. he met with someone with information against their opponent. when i have worked on campaigns, i can tell you, there are many people i met with that i didn't know who they were at that moment. that's the nature of a campaign. when everyone is coming at you and asking you questions and want to meet with you, that's normal. >> but f you don't know who you are meeting with and you don't know how important it is, you don't pull in the chairman of the campaign or kushner, a key person around the president, his son-in-law and a key adviser. hold on, hold on, ben. jen has been waiting very patiently. my mother taught me patience is a vir which you. jen, all that said, we just had a democratic congressman on last block who has been pushing impeachment on the president and he said, quote, i didn't see illegality in this.
7:38 am
>> well, sure. let me say, i have done three presidential campaigns. this is not just receiving normal opposition research. they knew, give them the benefit of the doubt, at least she was russian and she was trying to present information on their adversary. that is an entirely different category. let's establish that here. i think it shows a willingness to collude, if not proof of collusion. i don't think we have that, baa willingness to. from what you referenced and the congressman that just came up, look, i think it's another log on the fire. it raises significant questions. mueller is leading the investigation. it shows us that there was an openness to working with the russians, to receiving information about them that would be damaging in a political campaign. russia is an adversary, not an average republican operative. that's the differentiation here. >> jen, who writes on a blog and articles on this and critical of the administration says it is
7:39 am
possible you could have collusion, actual cooperation at a certain level, between the russians and campaign and not have it be illegal. >> that's for bob mueller to determine and his team of high qualified lawyers. as you know, though, decisions about the president's future and the future of his team tlrks's a lot of politics involved in that as well. at a certain point, republicans on the hill have to determine whether they are comfortable with the level of cooperation, collusion, information received, prior knowledge, whatever you want to call it that was clearly happening either during the campaign, at a minimum, during the transition. >> jen, with all due respect, you have a lot of people that come with you with opposition research when you are running any campaign, even at the local and state level. >> how many presidential campaigns have you done, i would like to know. >> three different ones thank you very much. good try with that one. i have been a surrogate and
7:40 am
worked with george bush 33 and town halls. don't try to -- >> you must have a different bar where you receive information from. any campaign i have worked on never received information from a foreign adversary. >> ben first, then you get the final point. >> the obsession with the word collusion, when you have a meeting with an individual that says they have opposition research has gotten to the point where it's irresponsible because it's about trying to fit it into a narrative than looking at the facts here. when you look at hillary clinton, for example, you can argue there's collusion with the dnc to make sure bernie sanders could not win. does anyone talk about that collusion? >> we want to keep it on the russians. >> no, the narrative. >> ben. ben, i doubt you are speaking on behalf of every republican. i think most republicans wouldn't say it's acceptable to receive information from a
7:41 am
foreign adds va sar and use it against a political opponent. >> this isn't a government person. >> on a dnc and like the rnc on a republican campaign, it is entirely different. your comparison is offensive to the american public. >> it's not offensive. >> you guys can continue this, we have to go. there are disclosures. jared kushner was in the meeting. he needed to disclose it and he didn't. this isn't the first time. that is a big question mark for me. >> a russian lawyer. working on behalf of the russian government. worthy of an investigation. >> it is, indeed. >> thank you very much. we are going to a wrap. after eight months of brutal fighting against isis. the iraqi prime minister says they are close to victory in mosul. we'll take dwrou the front lines. your insurance company
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this morning, the prime minister of iraq says victory is a few yards away in mosul. it is the city that was in isis hands, the second largest city in all of iraq. >> soldiers are battling for the last few pockets of resist tense. they are using civilians in their own homes as human shields. nick payton walsh is there. you just returned from mosul and saw it firsthand. >> reporter: this is literally a matter of buildings, poppy. we have just come back from being 100 yards, maybe, from the river that marks the backhand of isis territory in mosul. it is extraordinary. the intensity of the fighting there. american air strikes coming and
7:47 am
shaking covering us in rubble. we saw isis fighters, it seems, coming out of the rubble, surrendering themselves being taken prisoner. that's how desperate they are. they are down to dozens of buildings, a small amount of territory are in their hands. this final fight appears to have delayed the final announcement by the prime minister. that victory is here in mosul. it doesn't stop them from coming up, touring the streets. christians of the city feel threatened minority, telling everyone to go to work. everyone is dancing in the streets, celebrations started despite the final moments of rubber stamping the fact they have declared victory. this, potentially is a very historic moment. yes, there will be pockets of isis in other towns, too. the fact they have lost the biggest population in the second biggest city of their country,
7:48 am
so close to losing it. their final territory here marks symbolically a heavy blow for the group. they are on their back foot and self-declared caliphate in syria. here in iraq, they suffered a substantial defeat. john? poppy? >> important milestone, but a lot of work to do. nick, fantastic work, thanks so much. we have a lot of news going on. we'll be right back.
7:49 am
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two resignations in two weeks. accusation of sexual harassment caused people their jobs. >> a watershed moment in silicon valley. dozens of women coming forward with allegations of harassment and sexism. a silicon valley entrepreneur sat down with lori see gal and told her of her experience with a powerful investor that crossed the line. >> came over after dinner and started out the normal, you know, just jamming on ideas. they brought whiskey over. it was in my apartment.
7:53 am
sure, i'll drink. dave kept pouring whiskey into my cup. before i finished it, he kept pouring it. i wouldn't keep track of how many drinks i had. they ordered their uber and left. everyone left, dave didn't. okay, you drunk? i have a guest room. he followed me into my room and that's when he started propositioning me, suggest thag we sleep together. i was like, no, no. like, what are you doing? i have a boyfriend, remember? this is not okay. i told him, i think you have to leave. i was leading him out, showing him the door, close to the door, he pushed me and pushed himself on to me and started kissing me. i kept saying no and i remember him saying, just one night only,
7:54 am
please just one time. i can't forget those words. >> what was going through your head? >> he knows i have a boyfriend. he has a wife. he had kids. oh, my god, what do i do. what if he uses more force on me? so, i was pretty shocked and didn't quite know what to do beyond just pushing him away. i felt like i couldn't speak up because we had this deal that we were going to do to bring an accelerator from southeast asia. >> you were worry first-degree you said anything, the money he was going to commit and the role he was supposed to play would go away? >> mm-hmm. that's where it's a problem. there was a huge power dynamic at play here. if you go on record in terms of career rep recushions. some people are fund raising, they don't want to jeopardize it. >> how do you feel now? >> i think there's more closure.
7:55 am
but, i still felt like this needed to be told. there's a difference between making an off color joke or sexist comment to actually sexually assaulting someone without consent, touching or kissing someone without permission. the gory details are what matter and make a difference. >> i reached out to dave who she said this incident happened. he didn't comment. he wrote a blog post before her story came out titled, i'm sorry, i'm a creep, acknowledging the bad behavior. if you look at the larger context, it's inexcusable for this to happen behind the scenes. it's been happening a long time. it's a watershed moment in silicon valley. you are starting to see these stories pour out. i have spoken to seven women with similar stories. you are seeing rep recushions and people lose their jobs because of this behavior. >> think about how much the
7:56 am
women have lost going through it, not getting funding, the trauma they have endured. glad you are bringing it to light. nan ks. donald trump jr.'s oldest son saying he met a russian lawyer who may have had information to help his father's campaign. we have new developments. stay with us.
7:57 am
i'm jamie and i'm the fifth great-granddaughter of benjamin rush. he was actually the only medical doctor that signed the declaration of independence. i myself am a nurse, my daughter is going to physician's assistant school. we're passing on family traditions. ♪
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hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. now we know a trump met with a russian in 2016 during the presidential campaign. the big question today is how significant is this revelation for investigator that is are looking into possible collusion? here is the bombshell in a nutshell, if you will. donald trump jr. revealing he had a meeting with the russian lawyer last year with known ties to the kremlin and the elder trump's campaign chairman and son-in-law were there as well. "the new york times" reports the russian lawyer promised dirt on hillary clinton. here, a short time ago, you have this, the president's son tweeting this with a clear dose of


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